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Poor Service And Support - Make Sure Your Warranty Has Substance To It
Posted by Seanmichaelmiller on 10/04/2013
TOANO, VIRGINIA -- We purchased roughly 1,200 square feet of really affordable laminate and had it professionally installed. Within months of installation, we started to experience buckling in the material, creating trip hazards throughout the house. Unsure whether we had an installation or materials issue on our hands, we sought the assistance of Lumber Liquidators to get to the bottom of it.

Our hope was that they'd send someone to our property to take a look at the floors. Instead, after weeks of dodging our emails and phone calls, we received a generic response indicating our warranty was void for any number of reasons and that the matter was closed. I'm preparing to dispute the charges on my credit card, to initiate contact with the Better Business Bureau and potentially to sue them in small claims court.

I don't know whether it's the cheap product or the installation that's caused the safety hazards we're dealing with in the house, but I do know that Lumber Liquidators doesn't care one way or the other. So what's their value proposition?
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Posted by dan on 2013-10-04:
I worked for laminate floor mfctrs for many yrs. Buckling is caused by either moisture or installed without an expansion gap. Either one would void a warranty. Floors don't just buckle. There was either water spilled or app
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-04:
The tipoff off me was the words "really affordable laminate". Laminate under the best circumstances is an iffy proposition, but "really affordable" laminate sounds scary. Many of the complaints, and there are many, against LL aren't a lot different than yours.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-04:
We purchased a very high quality laminate (not from LL as I don't think they even sell the good stuff). It was something like six ply etc. Then we used our own installer. He laid down a vinyl base and left a pretty large expansion joint under the base boards. It has been down for years now with no issues, knock on wood. Reason for my posting the comment is you really do get what you pay for, both with the laminate and labor.

That being said LL are pretty sleazy and will deny claims just about every time. Their terms get them out of just about every claim filed. Terrible company to deal with.

Best of luck in small claims, LL is going to show up with their terms and conditions that you agreed to when you purchased the flooring.
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Worst Customer Service Experience
Posted by Mjdziuba on 07/31/2013
CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased $13,000 in flooring for my second home in another state. I also used Lumber Liquidators installers - $6,000+ estimate. The order was shipped in multiple deliveries because they couldn't get the order correct. The stair treads were never completely delivered correctly. The store manager Mike refused to help us and we had to enlist the corporate customer care team. The installer thought he could complete the job in 2 days and because it is a second home we have to pay every time our caretaker opens and closes our home. He has been there 10 times and the project is not completed. We were still missing 2 stair treads. I called the store and Mike the manager told me he had 2 in inventory and because of all the problems would ship overnight for free. The package never arrived so we called on Wednesday for a tracking number and was told we would get a call back. My wife called 2x on Thursday for a number and never received a call back. I called the store later and they gave me a tracking number.

On Friday I called Fed Ex only to learn there was never a pick up. I called the store on Sat and was told Mike would call me back. The installer called and talked to Danny who said the treads were in the warehouse and I could pick them up. I called Danny to confirm I could get them and ask why I was lied to about the treads being shipped. Danny got angry, said some inappropriate things about bodily harm to me and removed the treads from their inventory system so I couldn't pick up. The installer got fed up and bought 2 treads from another store and is scheduled to come back again to complete the job. My wife returned the unused flooring and glue to the store after it was approved by customer care. They charged a 20% stocking fee and were angry at my wife saying they would now miss their quota for the month and made here wait 1 hr before they would remove from her car.

When I called Customer Care to tell them about this latest issue their response was "I never lied to you". This has taken over 45 days, I have spent 10's of hours on the phone trying to fix, and incurred over $400 in fees to open my house for the installer and is still not complete. They clearly don't care about service regardless of how big your order is if you do business with them manage your expectations accordingly.
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Posted by JoeKay on 2013-08-02:
I guess you never read all the zillions of complaints about Lumber Liquidators on this and other complaint sites. Tsk Tsk. I recently went into one while looking for flooring (just for the heck of it) and didn't see anything special and the prices were not even close to the ones I got on line with free shipping.
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Horrible experience!
Posted by Dunjic on 05/26/2013
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I’m a contractor and was recently introduced to manager at 540 Old Brookpark Rd, Cleveland OH.

Purchased floors for couple of jobs at store already. Sales people could barely close order and loading material was real adventure, but I did not think much of it. However on my next visit after waiting in line for more then an hour (three customers in front of me), manager enters the store and picks person behind me in line to help. After I politely stated that it was my turn, he started yelling and lecturing me in front of everybody and asking: “Who am I to come to his store and tell him how to do his job?” Actually I had to agree to his terms so he would finish my order and my time would not be wasted, but needless to say I’m never going back there again.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-05-26:
I have a very hard time believing that you waited "in line" for more than an hour. When you exagerate things like this it does not help the validity of your complaint. Now if you posted "I waited in line for what seemed like more than an hour" your post would get its message across to the readers without turning them off. Just sayin.
Posted by Roger Gibson on 2013-06-26:
I hate Lumber Liquidators. They are the worst people in the world to deal with. Hope you spend your hard working money wisely and go to your local floor dealer. You will be treated much better and your warranty would mean something. Lumber Liquidators warranty means a BIG FAT ZERO!!!!! They do nothing for you if you have any type of problems with your floor, except you will get blamed from them. Be smart and go elsewhere.
Posted by Barbara Gibson on 2013-06-26:
If this is the same manager I know that runs Cleveland and Canton, he is a jerk. He is very rude with people and he acts like he is king of the world. I believe you buddy. Lumber Liquidators is absolutely horrible. Run, Run, Run!!!! Spend your money elsewhere.
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LIARS @ Lumber Liquidator
Posted by Tm6858 on 04/22/2013
CHEETOWAGA, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware, biggest SCAM operation running from the Lumber Liquidator Store located at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga NY

Bought our flooring from LL at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga store and had it installed this past Feb 2013. When we initially went there, we were met by the store manager "Dave" (He was very sick at the time, remember!) and informed him we were looking for a floor that would not scratch as we had two small dogs. We stressed to Dave the manager and flooring expert that our main concern was not so much the flooring or cost, but that did not want to invest in something that would scratch. Dave showed us some floor samples and said to us "it will not scratch from your dogs, I have a dog and the same flooring in my house and mine has no scratches". We trusted you Dave and being you were the manager and a corporate representative for LL and a expert in flooring, we again gave you our trust and purchased approx. $5000.00 in flooring from you.

Well not more than two weeks after it was installed, we noticed scratches on the floor. Scratches that Dave, the purported expert, said would not happen. We immediately called our installer John Minor and upon his inspection he stated “I’ve never seen a floor so badly scratched and so quickly in my 9 year career, this is bad". Folks this floor wasn't down 5 weeks. We were given some scratch removal product from LL, and let me tell you it is sh**, it did nothing to remove, fix or even hide the numerous scratches. We called LL and spoke with Dave who gave us the standard answer, “You have a problem, call the 800 number, file a claim, it's out of our hands". Thanks Dave.

Well we did contact the 800 number and spoke with the so called "Customer Relation Specialist" John (No last name given). He informed us of the procedures to file a claim, it required us to take 10 pictures of the damaged floor, fill give a detail explanation of the damage and send it to him. We did everything required. I asked John "When will someone come out and look at the floor". John said "no one will come out and look", and we should hear something in about 10 days or so. So we waited, during which time we put booties on our dogs feet and again tried to rub out the scratches with the LL scratch removal solution. Well folks guess what we received 10 days later in the mail, you guessed it, we received a standard corporate form letter from John, (no last name on letter) and you might guess it basically said "Sorry not our problem" . Comments like "No additional action regarding this matter, as this is not a warrantable claim". Additional comments in the form letter were surprising such as " A thorough review has been undertaken by LL Inc. regarding your concerns of scratches and fading within your floor" ( Riiiiiight) and " it should be noted that while laminate finishes are scratch resistant, there are no claims of the finish being scratch or dent proof".

I guess Dave's claim to us as manager within LL Corporation that we would not experience scratches is not a claim of no scratches? A corporate employee is not held accountable for direct mis-representation. Oh, wait, just say anything (Lie), for a sale and screw the customer, John (No last name) will just send them a corp. form letter later, who cares. Well folks we are just simple people here in Western NY and trust those who give their word, particularly when they represent themselves as so called experts.

Here is my advice to my fellow consumers:
DO NOT GO TO LUMBER LIQUIDATOR AT 3801 HARLEM RD. in CHEEKTOWAGA or any LL store. THERE IS NO WARRANTY WITH THIS CORPORATION, don't believe a word out of the mouths of anyone who works there, anyone who represents LL, any written documents from LL, any advertising from LL, anyone who does contract work for them, anyone who provides or calls themselves a "Customer Relations Specialist". Should you do, you too will be writing a review like I am today, $5000.00 later, heartbroken, having being treated so badly and having a floor that is a piece of sh**. Don't do this to yourself, it is your home.

Finally, you got us Dave, hope you and your pathetic staff got a good laugh at our expense or at least you spent the commission paycheck well. I can only hope that the NY State Attorney General’s Office gets people like you who lie to the public, misrepresent product and falsely make statements, people like you who support scrams like Lumber liquidator Inc. does to the good folks of Western NY and takes the appropriate legal actions. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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Poor Service
Posted by Hobsjohn8963 on 02/19/2013
I ordered stair noses and have been told on three occasions the wrong date for delivery. I am still waiting. This is the worst service I ever experienced and I will make sure that I and no one I know order from this place. Home Depot and Menards are factual and reliable. This is the worst customer service I ever experienced in my life.
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-20:
Helpful review and voted as such. This is why I hesitate to shop at retailers with names that include "liquidator", "discount", "bargain" and the like.
Posted by face it on 2013-02-22:
Sorry you had to find out the hard way Hobsjohn8963 that this is just business as usual for Lumber Liquidators.
Posted by face it on 2013-02-22:
You may also want to consider having the formaldehyde and Urea levels checked in these stair noses before you install them.
Posted by Arlene Wisti on 2013-06-14:
I'm not giving myself a chance for experience. Considered going to LL. Reading these reviews changed my mind.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on 01/22/2013
My wife and me went today to check out there prices. We had all the measurement's. Waited for over twenty minutes. They had two people working and a room full of customers. We got tired of waiting and walked out. We will not be going back there anytime soon. We will go somewhere where they have good customer service.

I go by that, if their service is no good the product can't be much better.
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Posted by face it on 2013-01-25:
Wise decision to avoid buying materials from Lumber Liquidators. Consider your self lucky to not be the next "What do I do now" story/complaint.
Posted by deb_green8 on 2013-01-27:
Agreed. I have learned my lesson well with this Company. I have also learned to review and talk to professionals before buying a product.
So disappointed. Now, I'll have to wait until I have the money before I replace this horrible laminate. Oh well, there are always rugs......
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Lumber Liquidators Hires Hack Installers Leaving the Customer High and Dry
Posted by Gavin822 on 01/22/2013
PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA -- I am having a nighmarish experience after selecting LL to install an pre-engineered maple floor. From the git-got it was a disaster. The installer for the job did not correctly estimate the job (he missed the second story of our house) I had as-builts and provided a copy so he could finish his estimate. 2 days into the job he says he doesn't have enough wood and blames me!

It gets worse, he runs out of wood and leaves the master bed room floor unfinished! I trip over loose, unsecured boards getting to my dresser every morning. We can't get more wood for 3 more weeks, installer says its not his fault, Lumber Liquidators just shrugs. We knew he installed it wrong so we hired a 3rd party inspector who verified the installer voided the pre-engineered wood warranty by installing end joints less than 6" from an end joint.

Again Lumber Liquidators shrugs and tells us to work it out with HSS the company who hired the installer. The only remedy is to pull up the flooring and start over. 2 months have gone by and we are no further from getting a resolution than the day the installer walked off the job.

Avoid Lumber Liquidators and pay a little extra and get a local flooring company. I know I wish I did!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-22:
I guess I can understand that Lumber Liquidators is only supplying the flooring, not the installer. It stands to reason that it's better to purchase the flooring and installation all through one entity as then you don't have one point the finger at the other.

The Spanish have a saying that, when translated, states, "The cheap comes out expensive." Sounds like what you're running into here.

Best of luck.
Posted by gavin822 on 2013-01-23:
Actually we did use Lumber Liquidators hand picked installer when we signed up for their GE Credit line. Installer messes up and LL is no where to be found. They won't stand behind their customers in a pinch. The expect you to work it out with the hack installer I guess.
Posted by face it on 2013-01-24:
Lumber Liquidators has never wanted to assume liability for installation from their inception. Before HSS was brought in the picture installers would earn trust and a solid back ground of satisfied customers and they would be chosen by the staff working the store for recommendation to the customers. After the corporate re structuring of Lumber Liquidators, they brought in HSS to shield themselves from any installation liability. Hss advertises a warranty for installation and takes a large percentage of each job (15% of the job total that the installer must pay as well as tax,insurance,workmans comp, financial bond, labor wages, and all other costs associated with running a business)when the warranty is 100% the liability of the installer. With that fact and the fact that one can join the HSS installation program provided you have a decent credit score and are not a felon, outside of that you are required to have no actual product or product application knowledge. Which is a recipe for disaster for the homeowner duped into believing they will have a seasoned professional in their home. With very poor quality material and some of the most nearly unobtainable manufacturers installation requirements, it leaves the opportunity for the slightest variation from manufacturer recommendations to be deemed as "improperly installed" there for releasing all liability from Lumber Liquidators (manufacturer/distributor) and HSS (Installation coordination/payment processing) and placing 100% of the liability on the installer that would average from $10-$15 per hr after paying HSS 15% and all other associated costs. Also factor in the lack of experience you describe of the installation crew you where arranged with via HSS.

Is it possible you just got a "green" installer that had little or no installation experience/knowledge? Of course it is, but as I was an installer for approximately 24 years (12 with lumber liquidators, 4 with HSS)as well as the re assignment of various trades during the countries recession allot of competent trades men where forced to expand into areas they had little knowledge of, such as carpenters turned flooring installers. Then organizations like HSS further fueling, or rather flooding, the industry with their completely unnecessary presence and a influx of under skilled labor does nothing for the consumer.

In short form: any customer of lumber liquidators is better off hiring a local reputable installation company outside of the LLI/HSS network. Also if the number of complaints against LLI and HSS is not enough to deter the informed shopper away from LLI complaints ,such as this one, will repeatedly appear.

Contacting the BBB will do very little as LLI and HSS are both accredited business with the BBB (google accredited business BBB) they simply pay their way to a deceivingly higher score than they deserve.

I am truly sorry if this response paints a gloomy picture, but it is nothing more than the unfortunate outcome of yet another paying LLI customer left "holding the bag" and HSS and LLI free and clear with your hard earned money in hand. It is sickening really, but yet it goes on day after day and is business as usual for LLI and HSS.
Posted by gavin822 on 2013-02-18:
I appreciate your take an would agree we would have gladly used a local installer with a good track record, but was duped into using Lumber liquidators installers provided by HSS. We are coming on 3 months since the incompetant installer (who boasted of 20 years experience) and we are still wrangling with HSS to compel the installer to come back and recorrect all the errors that voide the wood warranty. We are probably headed to court at this rate. I am sadder but wiser through the whole experience and will make sure to only use reputable local installers in future.
Posted by face it on 2013-02-19:

Best of luck to you gavin822. I would like to hear what happens after the court date. I truly wish you the best in recovering your losses.
Posted by IDK on 2013-04-08:
All big box retailers use these services like HSS, you will run into the same thing over and over again. LL isn't the only one. And you see it with all typs of installation, not just flooring. Appliances, cabinets, doors, windows, etc... The pay is so cheap for the installers, they never get decently qualified or experienced installers . They can only keep second rate labor. Or worse. The products they sell are usually junk, that even a qualified installer may have trouble with, and when you have second rate labor installing a second rate product, it's a recipie for disaster. And don't expect the big box retailers to stand behind any of it! They don't. Their contracts and warranties are written to protect them 100%, they are basically worthless to the consumer. Not to mention that you usually pay much more not only for the product but, for the labor as well, using these third party installation companies like HSS and others.
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Floor Buckling After 7 Months of Being Installed
Posted by Ronald.kifer on 07/07/2012
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Last year lumber liquidators installed 8 areas in my house with the thick flooring. In April noticed an area of the floor buckling. Contacted customer service and they forwarded the information to warranty. Now this next decision was made from the pics I took, no one had been out to even look at the floor. Warranty dept said it was an install problem. Grace [snip] sent out another partner company to look at the floor last month. They are saying there is too much moisture in the floor area, of which is the computer room. I made the comment that apparently the installer did not do the proper test for moisture and went ahead and did the install anyway. By the way the original installer has to this day never contacted me. As for the out come after spending $6000.00 I have no resolve on this problem, not even a call back from Grace [snip] with what will be done about this. I sent her an email and still not response. Do not buy from lumber liquidators their warranty is crap. I actually am considering on suing this company for
their negligence in this. Ron Kifer
Read Company Response
Company Response on 07/09/2012:
LL Response: The installation concerns are upsetting and we've asked The Home Service Store to reach out to you. Keep in mind moisture intrusion can occur and there can be many causes that have nothing to do with the installer, so please keep an open mind as the warranty covers any concerns where the installaiton is at fault, but does not protect against issues that are not installaiton related in nature. We agree this must be frustrating, but to make a blanket statement about the warranty like you did ignores the possibility that the problem may be your own and not a product, or installation concern at all. We appreciate your shopping with us and the floor looks great from the photos I viewed. No matter where you source materials from, if there's a moisture concern within your home it would react this way until the source of the problems corrected. A representative from HSS will be contacting you shortly.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-09:
Whether or not you take legal action against them or not, you can quickly file a complaint at http://myfloridalegal.com and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
Posted by face it on 2012-07-09:
Lumber Liquidators uses a company called The Home Service store to do installations (mainly due to the fact that Lumber Liquidators does not want to take liability for installing there own product!) They advertise a 1 year workmanship warranty. Lumber Liquidators nor The Home service store actually have any part in the warranty. The liability is pushed of to the installer each and every time. If the finish cracks-the installer did it, if the boards warp-the installer did it, if the boards split-the installer did it (see a common thread there?) If the moisture content was indeed too high,from my experience, it would not take a year for the problem to show. Was the installation over concrete? or a crawlspace/basement? Concrete can be quite temperamental in that concrete always transfers moisture (at much higher levels than a plywood sub floor does) The usual course of action is that either HSS or LLI will send out a so called independent inspector to survey the issue and then blame the installer, just to make it more official.

Not knowing the particulars of this installation it is hard to say what the actual problem is. Is the floor glued or nailed down? is it a floating floor? is it an engineered product or a solid? Most people (naturally so) do not know the different manufacture requirements for specific products (ie: slope of floor, deflection of flooring, moisture content, humidity content, type of glue, etc. etc.)Also note that the materials manufactured for LLI have the strictest limitations in the industry!
To avoid further out of pocket expense you might try to research your product online and see what the outlining manufacturer recommendations are. Then you would have all the information to make a solid decision as to what is causing the buckling. Or possible hire and inspector your self to see what is the root of the problem. Out side of that I am afraid that taking legal action (more money out of your pocket) is about all you can do. The BBB will do nothing to help, the federal trade commission will only file your complaint for reference in the event that action is being taken against a company, the Attorney General of your state will also only collect data for reference purposes. You might try a local news "trouble shooting" hotline? Tho I would not hold my breath and expect that source to do much good either. Best of luck to you and your floor.
Posted by Jenna on 2012-10-20:
Lumber Liquidators will do anything / say anything to avoid honoring a warranty. As "face it" said above, they will always push the problem off onto the installer and/or the end user and say it is not covered under warranty. Yes, Lumber Liquidators, I have tried for an extended period of time to get your company to appropriately deal with your defective products but your practices are deceptive (at best) and your employees are well-trained at ignoring, denying, and dismissing consumer complaints.
Posted by L on 2013-03-16:
People need to bombard them with cards to the board of directors, ty pennington, hgtv, bob villa. There own company people, E.B.Haskell, Rebecca Whitlock, Brian Pullen, Jack Berry and the list goes on. I am planning on sending them all thankyou cards for selling me a crappy floor and a piece of flooring that they can do whatever they want with it. I know what my suggestion would be. A good, honest lawyer needs to investigate there business practices and go to the people who have been scammed by them.
They are seasoned professionals without any ethics and they need to be taken down and exposed.I am amazed that they can sleep at night, after ripping of hard working people.
Posted by Carolyn Johngarlo on 2013-06-28:
We live in Houston, Texas. Our whole house has wood floors in it. The first floors put in were the den,dinning long hallway and the wine room. We had no problem with these floors. This was back when you did not have to use The Home Service contractors. This contractor first made sure the floor were level. Then they put down a moisture barrier and then glue. Last year we had 4 bedrooms done. All 4 of those rooms have buckled. The installer used a new moisture glue combination. We had an inspector come out. His report showed that there was a lot of moisture in the master bedroom. He also indicated that the installer did not leave enough expansion room from the molding. The inspector said that the installer should have compensated for the excess moisture in the master bedroom. We called Grace. She did nothing. Finally I sent a letter along with all of my receipts and the inspection report to the CEO of Lumber Luquidators. After buying all new wood again. Grace called and said the installer would redo the floors. The installation would only cost us $200. We had to sign a release. Guess what. All of the floors have buckled again. I think we should contact 60 minutes or 20/20. If you need to contact me my email is c.singletary@sbcglobal.net. We should all get together and report them to the press.
Posted by S on 2013-06-29:
We too bought hardwood floors from LL in Houston. The first installers were HORRIBLE. No moisture test done, L L actually sold us solid hardwood which should never be sold in this area I later discovered. The reason is due to the moisture/humidity in the Houston area. The first installers did not put down any type of moisture barrier. Told us our floors were not level. The solution was to jackhammer our slab. Unreal. The floors buckled within one week. HSS replaced the floors with the same exact flooring. Solid. Different installers this time who did put down a moisture barrier. Guess what, the floors buckled again. Installer came out and removed the bad boards leaving us with holes in our floors. He stopped returning our calls. Realizing we no longer wanted anything at all to do with ll we contacted several other flooring companies in the Houston area. Each told us the same thing - a moisture test should have been done, solid hardwood is a definite no, and the moisture barrier used was a joke. Contacted ll again. Basically no response from anyone. We decided to spend the money again ourselves and do it the right way this time. Moisture testing proved our home should not have had any type of hw installed. If we had known this from day one we would have never invested $12k in the original flooring. We are now in the process of having tile and carpet installed. Not what I wanted but the safest option. NEVER EVER buy from lumber liquidators. This has been one of the worst and most expensive experiences I have ever had. We've now spent a total of $25k for flooring. Lesson learned - go with a local reputable company.
Posted by carolyn johngarlo on 2013-07-29:
We have had the same problems. Every since they started using the moisture barrier glue combination. Of the 4 floor we had installed last year. All of them have buckled. We have replaced the Master Bedroom twice and it had buckled again. We have 4 other large rooms where they put the moisture barrier down and then the glue. We have never had a problem with those floors. I have decided to have someone check in to the moisure barrier glue product they recommend. I am tired of spending money. I think this would be a good story for 20/20 or 60 minutes. If anyone wants to join me. Just email me at c.singletary@sbcglobal.net.

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Customer service sham - reverse blame
Posted by Aandjelec on 05/08/2012
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- WOW what crooks We bought 900 sq ft of this and in a total of 36 boxes. We started to install after installing 28 boxes of the same color we come to the finish of 9 boxes TO MY SURPRISE THEY WHERE ALL OPPOSITE COLOR I MEAN NIGHT AND DAY color And unfinished. I would only assume the tuck loader would have half a brain and when loading does make sure I'm getting the same lot. considering I bought at the same time wow no brainer. To top it off I call customer care and they start asking me questions of how it was installed and what glue I used Really!! turn it on me. I ask them what does this have to do with the color of the wood ? The reply was it is the general questions we ask so I ask for the manager name and the reply there all in a meeting. so in the end they have no wood in that color other then what a bought and now I'm fed and my customer is the victim. I thought to my self has LL been around for around week ?

I'm I on a episode of the 3 stooges (DO WE CHEAT-EM AND HOW)

p. s.I can't believe "they try ed to say I made the wood change color may favorite was when they put me on hold for 45 minutes and had to sit in the parking lot fore seven hours.

In response to LL feed back at bottom-

They lie they never fixed the problem I DID and when they called i was bribed with in store credit i never told i them would shop there again (LL pleas don't right things that are not true And in witch they told me i was to receive the $300 in store credit 3 day ago i have still not been taken of
do you self a fave shop some where whit some honesty and integrity they do not make good on there end believe me. When they transfer you some one maned Shel-ly this person never called me and never sent the in store credit. This problem could have been easily avoided and cost me over $500 and my men had to take a 2 day sit at home (no Pay) that helped there family's

LL keep the lies coming

P.S.It nothing to with the product it had to to with the shop not taking the time to check the (lot) and giving a $2000 order the care it deserves.

(Smoke and mirrors)

Read Company Response
Company Response on 05/10/2012:
LL Response: We spoke with the customer today after several missed phone calls between both parties. We feel the pallet received did in fact have some boxes included that were not a match for the lot delivered. This would have been unknown at the time of receipt. We explained that Customer Care asks a series of questions to uncover the problem, but in this case the customer was out of patience and found little help in answering questions. He agreed the agent knew little about the whole story because he was in a rush to correct the problem. I had the team in a meeting to drive a customer service initiative to improve service, so it would have been appropriate for the agent to ask for a call back number in this rare instance where coverage was not available a training initiative. After speaking with the customer they agreed and became very frustrated by the project delay caused by the 9 boxes in question. LL has since made this situation better and achieved customer satisfaction. No matter where you source materials this can happen no matter how big or small the order may be. We happen to sell more flooring than anyone else and instances like this one are a rarity. Thousands of transactions occur each day successfully and with a great deal of satisfaction from price, quality, service, and support before, during, and after the sale. The customer will be returning for another purchase and a second opportunity for them to see how well our “normal process” works. The customer also understood bamboo can have color variations as most natural products do, so we addressed the problem and turned a negative situation into a positive experience.
Company Response on 05/11/2012:
LL Response to Bamboo concerns: We spoke with the customer and corrected the error with the mixed product, and the customer very satisfied with our response. We have taken action to resolve other concerns mentioned and always appreciate customer feedback. Thousands of transactions occur each day without the slightest problem, but when something goes wrong where LL is responsible, we make it right. They will return for future purchases and it's from this kind of repeat business we earn a customers trust when making good on a bad situation.
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Posted by face it on 2012-05-16:
Of course the company response would make it look as if they care. When in all truthfulness they do not. They are a large corporation and unsatisfied customers are a calculated risk. They know full and well the quality of the products they sell and they know how to get around a situation by "passing the buck" They are not to be trusted. Go with a local independent store for real customer service. Lumber Liquidators is not to be trusted.
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Stay Away!!!!!
Posted by SWD on 02/08/2012
WESTBURY, NEW YORK -- Unfortunately, I wasn't samrt enough to read the reviews before placing my order, because now I see how many others around the country had a similar experience.

Oversold product based on the square footage I provided. Brought back sealed unused boxes. Refused refund or even store credit--very narrow window vis-a-vis returns.

I see that others as far away as Seattle had the same experience.

They are real nice until they get your money, but watch out, once they have it - - Rude and discourteous

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Company Response on 02/09/2012:
At the point of sale we disclose the return policy clearly on the invoice; in fact customers are required to initial the policy to avoid this exact situation from happening. You either chose to ignore the policy, or the item purchased is one noted on the invoice as follows:
Returns/Exchanges: Returns or exchanges are not permitted on opened boxes, close-outs, odd lots, final sales, special deals, special orders, clearance items and laminates. To be eligible for a return or exchange, the product must be in its original condition and have been properly stored. Installed product is considered accepted by purchaser and may not be exchanged or returned for any reason. Shipping and delivery charges are non-refundable. Any additional shipping costs relating to a return or exchange are the sole responsibility of purchaser.
Exchanges are permitted within 30 days of receipt of the product without a restocking fee. Defective product may be exchanged, prior to installation, within 90 days of receipt.
Requests for returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of the product. Approved returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee with the exception of moldings and trim. Special orders are not returnable unless the product is defective.
Without knowing who you are makes it difficult to tell if the policy applies to your purchase, but we make every accommodation possible not unlike other sellers. We apply the policy equally across the country and you’ll never see the millions of people who buy from us post because they reviewed the policy, understood what their responsibility was for returns, and what is allowed for returns and happily installed their floors without concern. If you would like to call Customer Care and share more information we may be able to help you, but this type of posting is one sided and does not fully expose the facts of your purchase. Our policy is written on the invoice, on our website, posted in the stores, and accompanies any online orders. We’re not in business to upset customers, but we also realize some customers may post in this way to get a reaction. We present the above facts and invite you to call Customer Care – the people who can best listen to your grievance and provide solutions based on facts of your purchase. Slow down, read the information we provide, understand what you’re buying, follow the warranty, read the installation instructions, follow the care instructions, and you’ll be assured a great flooring experience.
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Posted by face it on 2012-02-12:
(Company response:At the point of sale we disclose the return policy clearly on the invoice; in fact customers are required to initial the policy to avoid this exact situation from happening.) Lets take a look at that. First off the customer is waiting in line, then dealing with an employee whose only objective is to collect the money and get the people out the door. Most of the time ( as I have witnessed ) the customer is frustrated/fed up/or innocently never expects any sort of "issue". After paying for your purchase the customer is given a receipt and on the last page of this receipt are columns of "policy" set forth by Lumber Liquidators. I would say it is safe to say that if the customer could see the conditions/policies before making the purchase that most of them would walk away. And rightfully so!! In other words most people do not read the fine print. You are not dealing with a friendly local guy/business that you can come back to when you have a problem, you are dealing with a faceless corporation that has no concern about there customers as long as they get paid. They can sugar coat it all they want, it is plain to see where the paying customer falls in there list of priorities. Dead last , if the amount of concern for customers even makes the list.

Companies/organizations such as this need to be boycotted by all Americans!! There objective is 100% profit, all else is a calculated loss. And if your issue does not meet there ridiculous "policies" you, the paying customer, are left holding the bag. The largest percentage of what they sell is imported. They do not participate in the common good. And they request you to call them, on there terms, to fix there problem. Something sounds SO WRONG with that? or is it just me?

Posted by Starlord on 2012-02-12:
Sorry, I see nothing wrong or 'sugar-coated' about the comapny's response. Just because you purchaqsed clearance mqaterial or for whatever reason, then chose to ignore the stated policy, it is not LL's misdeeds that created this situation. This appears to me to be a standard policy for returns of materials. Deal with it.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2012-02-12:
"Oversold product based on the square footage I provided"... Curious about what this means. Sounds like the OP gave them a number and they provided product based on that number given to them.
Also how long would be an appropriate return window?
I can understand the company asking the OP to call them since there is no mention of who, what, when or how the OP made the purchase. How are they supposed to help this particular OP if they don't even know who SWD is? I believe the company's response is appropriate for this situation. Now when someone reads the review, they have a preview of what the policies are ahead of time.
Posted by Texas Dan on 2013-07-10:
Wow! I'm really surprised at LL response
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