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Buyer beware
Posted by M=2 on 11/25/2011
We wanted to put in laminate wood flooring we seen Lumber Liquidators add for 39 cents a squar foot. we went to see they did not have enough to do a whole room more would have to be ordered. they accomplished their goal to get us in the store. we bought flooring for kitchen at app. 1.39 a square foot. after trying to install two times we realized the pad that is adheared to the back was put on crooked and couvering the groove that the next piece snaps into we pulled it up yet again and called the store we bought it at. they stated they could not refund but could ordered more it would take 2 or 3 weeks to get. its 1 week till Thanksgiving this year last week. we said unexceptable they said we could pick a different color but we would have to pay the difference in price. they told us if it was damaged they could refund but this is not damaged. I stated no its worse than damaged its made wrong. NO REFUND ! SO BUYER BEWARE I LEARNED A LESSON TODAY! IT COST ME OVER 250.00 DOLLARS THEY WILL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN OR HOPEFULLY ANYONE I KNOW!!!

Read Company Response
Company Response on 11/28/2011:
LL Response

Our terms and conditions are clearly stated at the time of purchase and LL will gladly accept back ANY material deemed defective if uninstalled. In this case a single piece of flooring is not going to stop the project and could be considered waste, or easily replaced with a box by the store. We hold manufacturers accountable for any defective material. The communication here with the store would suggest we like to make customers unhappy and that's not how we've come to be the largest supplier in the country. Call Customer Care and any associate will gladly help you so we can learn more about this issue. Lumber Liquidators sells brand new product, in some cases exclusively, and also sells liquidation items, odd lots and other items to help consumers enjoy more product for your money than the big box stores offer. They'll likely direct you to the manufacturer where LL stands before the manufacturer ready to help our customer first. It sounds like there's more to your story and we're willing to help and encourage you to call us right away. Use the number on your invoice and we'll make it right. It's unfortunate this is where you felt you needed to go for help, but we're not backing away and stand ready to assist you. On behalf of the company, please accept our apology if this problem interfered at all with your holiday plans. Customer Care will be placed on alert awaiting your call…something no big box stores prepared to do!
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Posted by face it on 2011-11-26:
the issue you described is not all that uncommon. The pre attached pad being out of alignment. The major difference here is that Lumber Liquidators will do nothing to remedy the problem. Any of the big box stores would replace you material rather quickly, that is if you actually had a problem with there material. The quality control measures taken by major manufactures is far greater than what is produced for lumber liquidators. Most of the material they carry is what was returned to other retailers as unacceptable(odd lots or seconds). The advertising of this company is deceptive, giving people the illusion that they are buying grade A material when in fact they are not. I am sorry that you had this problem. I truly wish each and every person thinking about making a purchase at lumber liquidators could see these reviews before hand. I have always said the proof is in doing business with them, if you dare!
Posted by Dutcandy on 2011-12-09:
I agree with Lumber Liq. carrying seconds, they take no responsibility for anything. They blame the consumer for problem. I have had bad experiences with them, I really thought they knew what they were doing, but I was wrong, never again. The big box stores will take theirs back, no questions asked.
Posted by face it on 2011-12-11:
Here we are again. Yet another unsatisfied customer of Lumber Liquidators (any one else seeing a trend here?)
lets break down the company response: they state "Our terms and conditions are clearly stated at the time of purchase" Which simply said means that we put terms and conditions on your purchase due to the fact that we are fully aware that we sell material with defects and we protect ourselves by making the customer sign (initial) that 100% of the liability falls to the consumer! This is a "grey" area as they state any product uninstalled can be returned. If the product has obvious problems (scratches, gouges, splits,etc.) that anyone can plainly see, then that in and of it's self is about as basic as it gets. Of course you would return something you purchased if it had problems of this nature. But! if you have a product that has issues that are not so easy to detect (moisture related issues, milling issues, etc.)The only way for the DIY homeowner(as well and less experienced contractors) to know these conditions exist is to attempt to install the material. Can you see the "problem" there?

Secondly, they invite you to call there call center and explain your problem with an associate. One simply needs to look over the ample complaints in regards to customer service to know just how shallow of a response that is.

Also there statement : "It's unfortunate this is where you felt you needed to go for help, but we're not backing away and stand ready to assist you." Use your own judgement on this, but what I see is "information like what is available on this, and other sites, is damaging to our bottom line profit. So instead of telling the general public about you experience, call our trained "scripted" call center so the "ball stays in our court" and we can control the issue.

And then there response says : "In this case a single piece of flooring is not going to stop the project and could be considered waste, or easily replaced with a box by the store."
The industry standard in regards to waste with hard-surface material is 5% (200 sq.ft. + 5% waste =210 sq.ft.) So the occasional "bad piece" is common. Two things jump out to me after reading this portion of there response.
1) it appears as if they are saying "if you have one bad piece bring it back and we will exchange it for a whole box" which is a direct conflict to there "terms and conditions".
2) It appears as if they are criticizing the consumer saying "a single piece of flooring is not going to stop the project" There is no possible way for them to know wither or not that one piece did or did not stop progress on this project. There are occasions when you come down to the end of a project and the successful completion is hinged solely on that one last piece.However uncommon, it does happen.

Also for anyone out there considering using Lumber Liquidators installation services (the home service store HSS) PLEASE!!! spend a few minutes and search the internet for "the home service store complaints" for valuable information to fuel your decision.
Posted by Dutcandy on 2011-12-11:
thank you for confirming I am not the only one having problems with Lumber Liq. floors, I was in alot of contact with them prior to buying the floors, but now that there is a problem after only 3 months, they seem not to be interested in helping me at all. I will never buy there again.
Posted by disgusted too on 2011-12-19:
I have had an ongoing fight with this comapny as well. They sold me wood flooring that is splitting and cracking everywhere a few months after installation and refuse to give me my money back, I now have a lawyer. This company should be shut down for their horrible, second rate products they pawn off to consumers as first quality, then they send the same response to everyone with the "warranty claim" and environmental issues. Bait and switch! Their customer service will do nothing for you, trust me, and the "heads" of this company will not either!!!! And they will blame YOU or the installer for any issues you have, and not their garbage products that may look good for a month or two, then just fail miserably. They are a horrible company and should not be allowed to be in this business anymore, any complaint website is FILLED with the same complaints...BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Daniel on 2013-03-28:
I am a flooring contractor. To this day, I have had only horrible experiences when installing products my customers bought from lumber liquidators. LL always blames the installer, when their garbage second rate flooring either cups,peels, or simply will not go together when my installers attempt to install it. LL has every excuse in the book as to why their products simply don't hold up.I never have problems when I buy from other places whether its a big box store or a small flooring store, only at LL. Go figure....
Posted by LL Nightmare on 2013-06-09:
Hi everyone, here is a tip for you all. It will work most of the time. If you buy product from LL and notice product defect and cannot support or refund, but instead LL blamed the installer. Keep all your receipt and note conversation who you been dealing. Get an attorney right them a letter and if they not response, bring them to court. I know it tougher for most of us, but here is the trick. LL locate through out the states, they don't have their own attorney in every state, and once they got sued, they need to hire an attorney that practice in that state to defend for them. It will cost them at least 20k each case and waist their times. Most of the floor claim is less than 20k, so do your math guys. What would you do if your were LL.
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Customer Abuse
Posted by Jpetula57 on 11/23/2011
NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Lumber Liquidators on the recommenation of a colleague. During my first visit, I explained that I was going to floor two levels of my house. Due to budget constraints, I would buy enough flooring at the end of each month to complete one room. Any remaining flooring would be saved for the next room. Below are details of my experience with Lumber Liquidators (New Cumberland, PA) that have frustrated me to the point that I will no longer do or recommend business with this company.

1. June, 2011 - I opened up the first box of flooring to start the first room. The box was in rough shape and it appeared boards were missing. Since this was my first time installing wood flooring, I thought maybe Bellawood packed their boxes loose. Though, and with hindsight, this box was suspect since it was wrapped in plastic. As I opened other boxes, I realized the boxes are packed tight and indeed the first box was missing approximately 33% of the boards. I absorbed the loss and learned my lesson: check boxes carefully before they are loaded into my car.

2. July, 2011 - I unloaded flooring for the second room. I discovered one of the boxes labled as 'Odd Lot' [mixed mills] with a reduced price. I had paid full price for all of the boxes so this caught my attention. I called and was informed that mixed mills means the differences between board could be up to 1/8 inch. I was further informed that these differences are typical with wood floor. Reading the companies website, I learned that installing 'Odd Lot' flooring voids their warranty. I had to return to the store to replace this box with the correct box. No apology, but a clear message that I was lucky that I was not being charged a restocking fee. Strike two! I was starting to feel that perhaps this was not an accident.

3. August, 2011 - I went to store to get flooring for third room. It was not in stock and had to be ordered. I was informed I would be called the following week when the shipment arrived. No phone call. I called two weeks later. I was informed I would be called when the shipment arrived. A month later I called. I was informed I would be called when the shipment arrived.

4. November, 2011 - I contacted customer care with the concerns I listed above. The next day an e-mail alerted me they were looking into my complaint, but they had contacted the store and my flooring was in. That evening, there was a message on my answering machine from the store that my flooring was in. When I arrived at the store to get the flooring, I learned that the floor was not in because what was sent did not match the correct mill code.

5. November 23, 2011 - After three months, I finally got my flooring. I explained my frustration to the store manager. I am halfway through my remodeling and stuck with a decision to finish the project with this product (feeling that the company does not treat customers with respect) or throwing in the towel and finding a different product that is a close match to finish the remaining rooms. The manager did not resolve any of my concerns and stated he called me last week to inform me that the flooring had arrived. I check my phone log for the entire month. He did not call my phone number last week. He either lied or misdialed. Based on my experiences to date, I doubt it was a misdial. I also have not yet heard back from their customer care.

It is my opinion that this company does not want my business or value - and respect - its customers. I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. Hindsight is 20/20. At least I know to avoid this company for any future building or remodeling projects.
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-11-23:
have you checked online to see if "Bellawood" has a place for you to order from them directly instead of going through LL?
Posted by face it on 2011-11-25:

I am sorry you had to go through this. This company has an astonishingly long history of not taking care of there customers. I only wish you would have seen these reviews before spending your hard earned money with them. I can tell you that contacting the BBB will do nothing. The FTC will not do much either, unless you have a large group to support you claims. The sad thing is that each customer ripped off by these crooks knows how poorly they have been treated by this company, but as of yet no action has been taken against them to force them to either close there doors or make right the wrong they have done!
In regards to what is acceptable and what is not with the milling of the wood, you can check out www.nwfa.org but you must join to get any information. Having installed hardwood for over 20 years now, I can tell you that Lumber Liquidators is the only company out there that I have ever delt with that will not stand behind there products. They claim to take each complaint and work to resolve any issues, What's your view on this claim?
I could go on and on about the things I have seen them do over the years, but the fact remains as true today as ever...the proof is in doing business with them if you dare!
Posted by face it on 2011-11-25:
also: in regards to the milling issues of up to 1/8 of an inch. That is true if you go out and buy one brand (Bellawood) then you get another brand (bruce) and try to install them together. But for any quality milled wood products the milling difference will be much less than 1/8 inch. Yet another plain and simple truth that the products they carry are just junk.
Posted by face it on 2011-11-26:
Bellawood is manufactured directly through and for lumber liquidators.
another little known fact is that a store manager can order new cardboard boxes (no product just the box it's self) and then when a damaged box comes in they can re-box an item to make it appear as if it is new and unopened.
Posted by LL Nightmare on 2013-06-09:
Ask them for compensation. Bring them to a small claim court
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Company Responses
Posted by Revengeofthenerds on 04/17/2011
My husband and I are going to install flooring and thought we would go to Lumber Liquidators. That will no longer be the case. What really made up my mind were the responses by the company. Their responses were rude, demeaning and quite cocky.

If this is how they handle their potential clients online I don't ever want to deal with these arrogant idiots!
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Posted by face it on 2011-04-17:

I want to say to you how glad I am that this forum was able to assist you in your decision. I wish that many more people where able to see what crooks this company is before they get drawn in by there lies and misleading advertising. You are 100% correct in your evaluation of them.
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Bad Return Policy, Inflating Order, Quality Lower Than Display In Show Room
Posted by InvestigateBeforeBuy on 12/29/2010
Before you buy from Lumber Liquidators, Google "Lumber Liquidators Complaint" - Then you will be equipped to do business with them in a way that MAY be satisfactory. Lumber Liquidators' return policy is that they will not accept returns after 30 days. When it comes to putting in a floor, many people's floors are not done within 30 days, and even if they are, they probably have no clue that if they don't make the return within 30 days that it will be refused. Do your own measurements - read the complaints on Lumber Liquidators - with their assistance in determining the order quantity, you will have way too much left over that you probably will not successfully return. Lumber Liquidators has good prices and good selection, but their quality is not as good as they advertise - just read all the complaints and make an educated decision.

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Posted by saj80 on 2010-12-29:
Very good post. While I am mostly satisfied with my floor, I agree: I now have 4 boxes of leftover flooring, per their estimate, that I couldn't return, and had a lot of waste left in order to find good quality boards. That being said, I would order from them again, but stick to my estimate of materials needed.
Posted by karleebarlee on 2010-12-29:
You might be able to sell your left over flooring on craigslist or something like that.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-12-29:
I found this of interest especially for someone doing remodeling. Products are ordered in advance and when a schedule is behind they might find themselves unable to return something. As far as overage, many times if one does his own measurements he will find himself short, especially with carpeting due to seams and the like. It is seldom exact and appears to be waste. Save the leftover boards. You might be pleased to have some on hand should you need any replaced.
Posted by face it on 2011-01-03:
Thank you "investigate" for that post. I urge people everywhere to post there dissatisfaction with Lumber Liquidators so that , just maybe, enough people will voice there poor experiences with Liquidators that they will either be forced to change things to the consumers benefit or ultimately drive themselves out of business. The amount of complaints I have seen from customers in regards to product and service that are either ignored or dismissed is truly troubling. People do not waste your money!! they draw you in advertising great product at unbelievably low prices, when a simple GOOGLE (OR SIMILAR) search will show you that is not at all the truth!
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"Unstable" Bamboo... Claim Denied
Posted by Debrandall653 on 03/21/2014
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- Well, to sum it up, I got screwed and they did not buy me dinner first! I purchased 1400 sq ft of bamboo in May 2013. I received the flooring in June. The flooring sat in my home acclimating for approximately 6 weeks. My licensed and experienced contractor (who works for LL) laid the flooring and it looked beautiful.

About 3-4 weeks later it began to gap AND cup. Not just a little bit. I notified my contractor and the Lansing MI store manager and they came together to insect my floor. After humidity readings and looking at the floor, everyone agreed the floor looks terrible and there is "something very wrong" with my flooring. I was reassured that LL would stand behind their product and replace the flooring. Ha Ha Ha!! I filled out the standard claim form and March 17th I received a denial letter regarding my claim stating it was instillation and or environmental issues. I also received a lovely Xerox copy of "Flooring 101" which I will be sure to forward to the Lansing Mi store to give to their installers. I am now in the process of the "licensed flooring inspector", which is not cheap, and a litigation attorney. This company is the worst. NEVER USE LUMBER LIQUIDATORS
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I'm Glad I Read These Reviews First
Posted by Justinlgoodale on 02/27/2014
BANGOR, MAINE -- I was literally 1 week from going to Lumber Liquidators and buying 700 Square feet of Hickory hardwood flooring until I read this.

It makes me sad because they seem to have nice wood at a good price, but there are just too many bad reviews and the milling issues mentioned regarding width variances concern me greatly. I guess I'll look elsewhere because the LAST thing I want or need is a nightmare company to work with when installing a hardwood floor. Why is it so [snip] hard to find a good company these days that cares? It never used to be that way in my pappy's day.
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If You Want to Lose Money Go Lumber Liquidators
Posted by Sammramezani on 02/09/2014
I bought flooring from Lumber Liquidators. They sent someone to measure and he measured 400 square feet extra.

I have 15 steps in my house, they sent 35 and another $2,000.00 extra worth of material that I have no use for.

We tried to make a return, but they said they don't take it back. They said we had to 'eat it'.

So, if you want to lose money, go to them.
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Customer Service Abuse
Posted by Shopluvr on 02/04/2014
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to the Raleigh NC store to buy in-stock flooring. I asked about the return/refund terms before the purchase. I was told by a female employee I could return the flooring as long as it was unopened. I was surprised about the lengthy multi-page receipt which included a full page of fine print though. I signed in several places on several sheets of paper for the purchase, took the flooring, and left the store. About a week later I needed to return the flooring. I was told that I would be charged a 20% restocking fee. When I questioned the 20 % restocking fee, the manager, Jason, approached me and mocked me for not reading the fine print on one of the pages of the receipt document. I was very shocked at his outrageous behavior, but continued to question the fairness of the policy which had not been fully explained when I questioned the female employee who had completed my receipt the week before. I told the manager that she had not advised me about the restocking fee, but the manager insisted in a belligerent way that I was to blame for not listening. At one point he leaned across the counter and threatened me. He kept his hands on the counter but his face was only about 10 inches away from me. He insisted I sign the return agreement but refused to sign it himself. When I asked him to sign it he placed an "X" on the signature line and threw it under the counter. One thing I don't need to find in a retail environment is an angry, obnoxious, belligerent employee behind the counter who threatens me by saying, "I know your address." This manager acted in a way that would make a customer question his psychological stability. I don't know yet if he actually refunded my purchase price as he refused to sign to acknowledge my return.

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Posted by Paul on 2014-02-05:
That multi-page contract was a warning. I always try to browse fine print top to bottom before signing.anything, but especially when making a purchase. When you asked about refunds, the woman should have told you about the restocking fee - but unfortunately, she did not. After seeing many reviews of this company I am sadly not shocked at what happened to you. The worst part is that if this is surplus stock for liquidation, charging a restocking fee may not be legit.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2014-02-06:
If a csr tells you a specific policy is applicable, the reply should be..."please show that to me in your written policy statement"..if unable to, the csr's statement means nothing,.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-02-07:
" I signed in several places on several sheets of paper for the purchase, took the flooring, and left the store."

You agreed to all their conditions by signing in several places.
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Bad Product
Posted by Trash4539 on 01/31/2014
Purchased & installed $5,000 of this snap together floating floor product. Now after approx. 4 months product is pulling apart due to what appears to be shrinkage. Let product sit in home 3 weeks before install. BEWARE
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Buyer Beware!
Posted by Cheripettet on 01/06/2014
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- Spent $3,500.00 on a "crap-tastic" bamboo flooring and another $1500.00 for a qualified wood flooring professional to install it. Shortly after it was installed it began contracting an alarming amount. So much so, that I have 1/2 gaps at the doorways and it has pulled away from under the woodwork in several rooms. I explained the situation to the guys at the store and they told me that there was NO WARRANTY since I didn't have their breathtakingly expensive installers put it in. They agreed when I showed them pictures that it was bad, but their advice was to put transition pieces in where the floor has separated between rooms, which of course looks terrible, (speed bumps everywhere in the house) and when it warms up, the floor expands according and begins to buckle. I am going to end up throwing it all away and buying flooring from a reputable source. Note: if you don't write a positive review on their web site, they don't publish it. The flooring has since been discounted. I have had two wood flooring experts over and they just felt bad for me that I got ripped off. Both agreed the issue was defective material and can not remedied.
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