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Lumber Liquidators
3000 John Deere Rd
Toano, VA 23168
1-800-366-4204 (ph)
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Horrible experience!
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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I'm a contractor and was recently introduced to manager at 540 Old Brookpark Rd, Cleveland OH. Purchased floors for couple of jobs at store already. Sales people could barely close order and loading material was real adventure, but I did not think much of it. However on my next visit after waiting in line for more than an hour (three customers in front of me), manager enters the store and picks person behind me in line to help.

After I politely stated that it was my turn, he started yelling and lecturing me in front of everybody and asking: 'Who am I to come to his store and tell him how to do his job?' Actually I had to agree to his terms so he would finish my order and my time would not be wasted, but needless to say I'm never going back there again.

Lumber Liquidators Hires Hack Installers Leaving the Customer High and Dry
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Rating: 1/51

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA -- I am having a nightmarish experience after selecting LL to install a pre-engineered maple floor. From the git-go it was a disaster. The installer for the job did not correctly estimate the job (he missed the second story of our house) I had as-builts and provided a copy so he could finish his estimate. 2 days into the job he says he doesn't have enough wood and blames me!

It gets worse, he runs out of wood and leaves the master bedroom floor unfinished! I trip over loose, unsecured boards getting to my dresser every morning. We can't get more wood for 3 more weeks, installer says it's not his fault, Lumber Liquidators just shrugs. We knew he installed it wrong so we hired a 3rd party inspector who verified the installer voided the pre-engineered wood warranty by installing end joints less than 6" from an end joint.

Again Lumber Liquidators shrugs and tells us to work it out with HSS the company who hired the installer. The only remedy is to pull up the flooring and start over. 2 months have gone by and we are no further from getting a resolution than the day the installer walked off the job. Avoid Lumber Liquidators and pay a little extra and get a local flooring company. I know I wish I did!

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Rating: 1/51

S. HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- We had this floor installed last year upon their recommendation. We followed all instructions and used installer they suggested. Our floor is cupping, squeaking and coming up. The 30 yr. warranty and their customer service is a joke. They have done nothing and blame it on moisture even though they used moisture barrier. I have researched and found hundreds of complaints online. STAY AWAY from them. Be like us and use all possible outlets to warn consumers. Since they fail to respond to customers, warn others and maybe they will wake up to customer complaints.

Resolution Update 03/16/2013:

I have received a full store credit to replace the floor.

Floor Buckling After 7 Months of Being Installed
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Last year Lumber Liquidators installed 8 areas in my house with the thick flooring. In April noticed an area of the floor buckling. Contacted customer service and they forwarded the information to warranty. Now this next decision was made from the pics I took, no one had been out to even look at the floor. Warranty dept said it was an install problem. ** sent out another partner company to look at the floor last month. They are saying there is too much moisture in the floor area, of which is the computer room.

I made the comment that apparently the installer did not do the proper test for moisture and went ahead and did the install anyway. By the way the original installer has to this day never contacted me. As for the outcome after spending $6000.00 I have no resolve on this problem, not even a call back from ** with what will be done about this. I sent her an email and still not response. Do not buy from Lumber Liquidators their warranty is crap. I actually am considering on suing this company for their negligence in this.

Company Response 07/09/2012:

LL Response: The installation concerns are upsetting and we've asked The Home Service Store to reach out to you. Keep in mind moisture intrusion can occur and there can be many causes that have nothing to do with the installer, so please keep an open mind as the warranty covers any concerns where the installaiton is at fault, but does not protect against issues that are not installaiton related in nature. We agree this must be frustrating, but to make a blanket statement about the warranty like you did ignores the possibility that the problem may be your own and not a product, or installation concern at all. We appreciate your shopping with us and the floor looks great from the photos I viewed. No matter where you source materials from, if there's a moisture concern within your home it would react this way until the source of the problems corrected. A representative from HSS will be contacting you shortly.

Worst Customer Service/Worthless Warranty
By -

STAY AWAY FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. Bought 700 SQ Feet of Summer Retreat Teak Laminate Flooring. Here are the highlights of my complaints. GAPS were forming only after few weeks of installation. Had a professional with 20+ years of experience inspect the flooring and he concluded that the locking system in the flooring is very very weak and that might be causing the gap. Called LL to file a claim. The claim representative never answered any of my calls, voice mails or emails. The only way to get through to the claim representative was to call the 800 number and ask for the claim representative.

With the case not going anywhere after a few weeks, I had to threatened the claim representative with my intention to file a complaint to BBB, FTC and Attorney General to get the case moving. When I was finally able to get through, I was told immediately that they had determined that gaps were caused by installation error or humidity just by looking at the pictures. After me further question on how they determine that, they finally agree send an inspector to examine my floor. Hm...I wonder why they agreed to an inspection.

The inspection report was pretty bias. It was pretty obvious that the inspector are looking for any slight installation error and blame the gaps on that. In this case, the inspector said the gap was caused by no joint stagger and support it by including selective pictures. The inspector took a lot of pictures of the gaps and many of them do show joint stagger in it but was not included in the report and made no mention of it. The whole process took 2 months and that's after many many calls.

WARRANTY IS WORTHLESS. Only covers Manufacturing defects and you will only get STORE CREDIT back. So if your flooring is defective then you get store credit and chances are you will end up buying more defective flooring. Their warranty process is a sham. See above.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Had to return some product and was told that corporate will send out a check for the refund in 3-5 weeks. IT TOOK 7 WEEKS just to get my refund and that's after a few calls to their 800 number to push for the refund. If I had not called, I wonder if I would have still gotten my refund or god knows how long it would take. The only explanation that I got was that their Accounting department had technical difficulties.

I have read hundreds of COMPLAINTS on Lumber Liquidators and they have much commonalities in them. Very Bad Customer Service, Worthless Warranties, Quality of the product is not consistent (you might get quality flooring if you are lucky).

Bad Wood and A Terrible Install
By -

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I bought the wood from the LL store in Pensacola FL. I picked the wood up and put it out for seven days as instructed. The installers (hired through LL) showed up and said the wood was bad (warped and cut to differing widths). They delivered new boxes and assured me that this wood was good. After 7 more days, the installers showed up and began the install. I told them three times which way I wanted the wood to run. They still started putting it down the wrong way. I told them to change it and one of them went off the handle and argued that I told him to do it that way. I said no I didn't and told them to do it the right way.

He got so mad that the other two guys had to take him home for the day. His home was over an hour's drive one way from my house. The other two returned and started putting down the wood. The wood they pulled up was thrown together in a box with glue all over it. It was ruined. The next day they returned with the hot head and put the rest of the floor down. They did a poor job. Some of the wood was cut wrong and was not covered by the quarter round. There are defects in the floor. One of the boxes suffered from the same problem as the first (warped and miss cut wood). The installers installed it anyway. You can see the bowed and miss cut wood in the floor.

I bought enough T-Molding to do all the doors and they failed to do three of them. They did however take the extra T-Molding with them when they left. The worst thing of all is the glue they got all over the floor. It will take months to clean it all off. I notified the regional installer manager that I wanted my T-Molding back and she assured me she would have it returned. Never heard from her again.

I also sent this message to the Lumber Liquidators Store Manager who assured me he would send the message on to his regional manager. I doubt if he ever did because I have not heard anything from them. I do not recommend Lumber Liquidators to anyone who cares about the quality of their floor!!

Company Response 04/05/2010:

Boards will vary in width as you cannot measure each individual board since wood is a hydroscopic product, it will take in and release moisture changing the dimensions of the boards, so a more common and acceptable practice is to lay out (rack) one box to see if there are milling issues. If there's a problem, we'll take them back and hold the manufacturer accountable as we did in your case.

If you used the installation services through HSS and were not happy with their work, the installation comes with a warranty and you should call the number provided and file a complaint. There's always two sides to every story and we can appreciate you may not have had a good experience, and I'll use the points you made about the direction of the flooring as an example. Installation wise it may have made more sense to install the flooring a certain way considering doorways or long runs, so the rub here may have been the installers trying to protect your investment over a personal preference regarding direction.

Either way it sounds like this was not a good experience and store as well as Customer Care will always do what they can providing assistance to help your project go smoothly. If you're missing material - Call the store or Customer Care and we will expedite delivery for you. Always participate in the installation process so the final quality is exactly what you want and you'll have a better experience in the future.

The worst customer experience
By -

BURLINGAME -- Here is my experience: I arrived at Lumber Liquidators to pick up my hardwood. I went to pick up 19 boxes of flooring. Only 18 boxes are loaded. ** explains to me that one box is beat to hell and that I could either 1) Buy the smashed box at a discount or 2) Have a new box drop-shipped to my residence. Since I need the full 19 boxes I choose to have the box shipped to my house. So far sounds fair.

On a side note when I show up LL has absolutely no twine or rope to tie my SUV hatch closed so I can accommodate all of the long boxes. They tell me that I have to use the hard plastic "wrappings" to tie my hatch closed and that usually customers "shop up with a truck" to pick up the flooring. In my entire life I have not seen a hardware store, tile shop, lumber yard ever that could not give me a 10 cent piece of twine to secure the product.

Anyway, when I get home and unload the boxes I notice immediately that another of the boxes is beat to hell along the side with a huge rip in the box and splintered flooring coming out the hole. I immediately called back and talked to **. ** said he would tell ** (the "customer service" representative that we dealt with for the flooring) to order a second box to be shipped out to our house. He explained that when we receive the new box to simply bring in the damaged box for an exchange.

Well Friday comes and only one box arrives. It is pretty late in the day so I wait to call until Monday. On Monday I speak with ** and he tells me that there is nothing he can do. He explains that he shouldn't even provided me with the first replacement box and that everything is "as is". I explain to him that the damaged box was hidden when it was loaded and there was no way I could have inspected it before it left the store. Long story short is that LL took my money for useless wood. They are extremely rude in person and on the phone and have no interest in helping the customer. The manager, ** almost made my wife cry.

I understand that this is a liquidation out the door type store and their prices reflect it and that they can't be as flexible as a full retail store. However, they surely shouldn't be able to rip you off and they certainly don't have to be JERKS about it!!! Avoid this store at all cost.

Company Response 03/22/2010:

I would have to agree that your accounting of a visit to this location was not in line with our expectations for service after the sale. The store should have been more accommodating and helpful, including the way we handled your damaged box issue.

On your invoice there's a number to call LL Customer Care. When a negative experience occurs we're here to help overcome these types of situations so we can learn from the experience and make changes. I will note the issue and share it with the person responsible for store operations and would like to have you call our CC department and let an agent know you need two boxes of material. Provide the label information and we'll help you. You'll need to show proof the boxes were damaged and a photo will suffice. We're sorry to hear this happened, but a call to Customer Care would have been the right step to take in this situation. We hope the rest of your project goes well and sincerely appreciate the feedback so we can do better.

Morning Star Bamboo Click
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- We purchased the bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators on July 18, 2015. When we were installing it I noticed the annoying cracking noises it made when you walked on it. I thought it would subside after a few weeks. Big mistake. The floor is scratching very easily and two boards split and the finish is dull. The have no customer service. Won't send anyone out to look at the floor.They sent a form to fill out and to take photos.. How can I send the cracking sounds it makes without having someone take a look at the floor.

They are just blowing people off.

Stranded Bamboo Flooring Failure
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- We installed 3/8" x 3 stranded bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators. Our floor got wet maybe a 4 oz of water, and now it is cupping this flooring is no good and is NOT WATER RESISTANT. Plus talked to sales representative at Lumber Liquidators and they Do Not warranty the floor if it gets wet! This should have never happened if it was a quality bamboo floor! The sell of this floor was that it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms etc, but don't get it wet???? Crap!

Lumber liquidators says these floors do Cup and should not get wet. Funny, they say it can be used in bathrooms & Kitchens.. Hmmm Think water is in these rooms ??? !!! Like I said, DO NOT BUY 3/8" STRANDED BAMBOO FLOORING FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS THEY DO NOT BACK THE PRODUCT AS ADVERTISED !!!!!!

Widths of the Wood Are Not the Same
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Do not buy from Lumber Liquidators, this wood is garbage. I bought the wood and when the installer started putting it together, he notice some thing and show me the wood is cut at different widths. It's off 1/8 so it leaves gapes in between. As well lots of twisted boards and no protection between the boards in the boxes so the don't scratch. I can't believe it other company do it with cheaper wood. Stay away from them, they are selling poor quality wood at high prices. I pay 7.20 a square foot so it not cheap wood just [snip] wood

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