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Not honoring sale pricing.
By -

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- On Aug. 29th at 2:30 am I stopped at Meijer to pick up some pizzas. I grabbed 6 pizzas that were marked 3 for $10 with the ticket stating the sale date 8-29-10. The six pizzas rang up totaling $30.00 I notified the clerk she stated to me the sale did not start until 6 am however they set the sale between midnight and 6am. I asked her to honor the pricing and she refused. I asked her at that time if I could speak with the night manager. He walked over to the register and instantly was rude stating he would not change the price and that it didn't start until 6. He turned and walked away refusing to honor the sale price marked and also refusing to talk to me regarding the issue.

At that point he went upstairs overlooking the registers and was talking down to me below telling me I'm wasting my breath as I was talking to the cashier asking his name and a number to get in contact with his boss. When he heard me asking his name he yelled down in front of his employees, my friends, and other customers that I needed to "leave the store and stop being an **". I ended up having to have a cashier go to the pizza aisle with me and find pizzas that were on sale until 6 am from the week prior however they were not marked for any sale at this time.

I contacted both the district marketing director and the store director. They assured me I would have no more problems with him in that store, apologized for his actions and gave me a $20 gift card. I entered the store the next 2 Saturday nights and have had the same issue with the sales. I have also witnessed other customers with the same problem and this manager being very rude.

Corporate has not returned my last 2 phone calls regarding this night shift manager and the sale pricing. I was greatly embarrassed by having been called an "**" in front of my friends and customers at such a loud volume and such a great distance away. I will not be shopping with Meijer anymore however for future customers this issue needs to be addressed.

Meijer sucks, I'll NEVER go there AGAIN!
By -

BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- I have had problems w/ Meijer before, and complained to the manager, and nothing was done, so after this experience, I'm done, and will drive 10 miles out of my way to go to Walmart. I was in the self-checkout (of course, the regular line had about ten ppl in it.) I scanned 1 thing and noticed my ice cream bars, the box was wet on the side, so I asked the lady if I could go get another. She came over, and rudely said, looking at it, "I don't think it's INSIDE the box, you can go get another, I don't have anyone to send back."

So I went and came back, she had scanned my items, she was looking at the screen and saying "there is an item missing,, that wasn't rang up." I said, "well you rang it up," after like 5 minutes I was like, "let's just cancel it and start over." She YELLED at me and said, "DON'T PUT THINGS ON THE BELT!" I grabbed my stuff and said "I needed to go exchange my ice cream, b/c it was melting," and I ran back to get different ones. When I came back I went to a reg. register, not wanting to deal w/ her again. The line had 10 more ppl in it. I stood there for 15 mins. all the while watching ALL these employees just standing around TALKING, looking at all of us in the line.

I was fuming by now, and I just left my cart there and walked out. I went down the road and happily paid DOUBLE for the same items at Felpauch, sometimes it doesn't pay to try to save money, and tomorrow, I WILL be going into the store, to talk to a manager. I am a waitress, and if I EVER gave customer service like THIS, I would be FIRED INSTANTLY! And I am sick of ppl treating customers like this when WE pay their salaries. In this economy, they should be happy ppl are spending money in their stores, not treating them like CRAP!

Beware Of Gas Pumps At Meijer
By -

WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- I stopped at the gas station of store #181 on 12/10/09. I put my card in the machine and thought I pushed the PAY OUTSIDE button. I never get a paper receipt as it just is more trash for the world. I then drove to the Meijer store #181 on Polaris Parkway which is across from the station. I was enjoying my shopping when they called my plate # over the PA system. Imagine my utter shock when ** informed me that I had not PAID for my gas and was listed as a DRIVE OFF!!!.

At first I did not believe her as I did not know you COULD GET GAS AND NOT PAY FOR IT! Evidently at the Meijer station #181 you can pump and drive off. I asked how this could happen as I "put my card in the slot and got gas". She said that I must have accidentally pushed the wrong button and the guy inside the store allowed me to get gas manually.

I had mittens on so I guess this is possible but what if I had not shopped at Meijer? I would be a felon and possibly lose my driver license over a machine error! ** was very nice about it but I told her my concern was not paying for the gas. No problem. My problem is being ARRESTED OVER GAS I THOUGHT HAD ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR! I had no receipt so my only hope of being exonerated would be hopefully a camera of me stupidly putting my card in and thinking I was paid in full.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET THIS TO SOMEONE WHO CARES AT MEIJER! I do not want one single person to have to go through this humiliation possible theft charges! I will never buy gas from a station that does not have prepay only ever again simply because there is no protection for me!

Products Frequently Out of Stock FOR A LONG TIME!
By -

Over the past three years, Meijer has really had some shortages of their regular products. Keys! I tried for about 4 months to make copies of a key that they told me was one of the most popular keys. Each time I'd check they'd say they still hadn't gotten that particular key number. Needless to say, I had the key copied at another store. Still I kept checking since my kids were always losing their keys and when I'd find out about this as they were going to bed, Meijer was the only store open that makes keys. Last I checked they still hadn't gotten them.

The same thing happened with a certain brand of frozen pizza. Just a plain cheese pizza that most kids like. I even spoke with the manager of the entire store who said he'd make sure they had this within a weeks. Well, that took three weeks, which compared to the key wasn't too bad. Of course, by this time I'd already begun to be "conditioned" to put up with this waiting game since we customers no longer come first.

Most recently, last night to be specific, I finally found a one-cup coffee maker and was really excited to find a coffee maker that I didn't have to have shipped. I'd been looking all over for this one-cup maker and here it was; actually there were two of them on display. Problem was, there were no other ones in boxes with the directions, etc. A very kind young stock boy couldn't figure out where the price tag on the shelf was, and even he seemed a little perturbed by this. He called the manager who told him over the phone that that item must be out of stock. Well, of course! I should have guessed.

So, it's okay to just say, "Oh well, guess we don't have what you're looking for. Too bad. Goodbye." The young stock boy seemed to have more professionalism and courtesy than the manager who couldn't take the time to even suggest if or when this item might be in stock again. And one final comment: Did Meijer lay off a lot of workers? The one good thing I could say about the store was that the store was very clean and well-organized.

Since I last shopped there about a month ago, something has changed! The aisles and shelves and freezers were absolutely a mess. (Granted in today's world, customers have gotten sloppier as so many are racing through life just about as fast as they can go. So, I'll give Meijer a small excuse for this since its hard to keep up with this new movement of societies lack of manners.) Plus there were many, many empty areas. Once again, maybe the overnight stockers hadn't arrived. But wouldn't this mean it's time to hire some more employees and do some stocking during the daytime?

U-Scan and + Paint Dept Problems - all within 24 hours
By -

MIDLAND, MICHIGAN -- Again the U-Scan was not working properly. How can I trust it to be computing correctly??? After pushing the help button, waited and waited for a clerk who could not get it working, then she left to take my debt card to another till. I waited to get my receipt and she disappeared to another department and I finally had to go and inquire to find it. We live near the store and our family typically spends up to $200.00/wk there. If I choose to have a clerk check my groceries out, I must walk all the way down to the center of the checkout lanes to find one who usually has several people in line, then walk all the way back to the doors at the other end to leave.

How is this convenient for disabled, elderly, individuals with health/post surgical issues or people with children to care for too?? Very poor corporate strategy--Meijer has lost the vision for quality customer service. Then this morning I telephoned Meijer to see if a specific product was carried in the paint dept. The person who answered said his phone was about to die. I quickly told him what I needed then his phone died. I've called back repeatedly but no one ever answered. Why would the telephone book list a telephone number for a specific dept. number to call and then the store use phones that go dead at 10:00 in the morning?

Customer Service is not a primary goal for this corporation. A few years ago, Meijer changed their layout and things are not placed sensibly in the store-still trying to find things-makes shopping a frustrating chore! For instance, pepperoni always kept above the sausage, bacon and in the spiced meats now kept by the frozen pizza. Obviously, if you are buying pepperoni, you are probably making it from scratch, so why would you look for it in the frozen pizza section?

Why would some of the Tostido chips be found in the produce section, but the same chips not be found in the regular aisle with all the snack chips (duh, I know, because that is where you might find fresh salsa). So why not put the bacon in the eggs aisle and the milk with the cookies, bread with peanut butter and jelly, where does it all end! Meijer is operating just plain stupid... Walmart is the same distance and one can always find sales people. I'm returning to Walmart-same distance to my home as Meijer-without all the bizarre-crazy stuff.

Store Takes Check; Gas Station Doesn't? And Then Won't Take MC?
By -

YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN -- I have completely stopped buying at Meijer over these incidents. I ran out of gas, and walked to the nearest gas station, which was at Meijer. I had my checkbook, but had left my ID in my vehicle about 2 miles away. They flat-out refused to honor my check at the gas station because I could not present my ID. I then walked INSIDE the Meijer location, bought about $20 worth of stuff, and wrote my check for $20 over, without ID, and used the $20 to purchase the gas.

I then walked back inside the Meijer location, and asked for the store manager, who assured me that it was in fact NOT the rule for the gas station to require ID on all checks, only if prompted by the system. (I had been writing checks for gas for about 5 years at this location prior to this incident, and I don't recall ever having been asked for ID.) About a year later, at another local Meijer gas station, I had one of those prepaid debit card/Mastercards. It had about $50 on it, and I only wanted to put $20 in my tank.

I tried to swipe it at the gas pump, and it wouldn't work. I went inside to see what could be done about it, and they said, "Oh, it's probably because it's a gift card, just pump your gas and then we'll run it inside." Well you can guess what happened next- I put $20 in my car, and the system wouldn't take the card for the gas. Their systems do not allow you to pre-pay for gas in the store with a credit or debit card. I had $20 in my tank and no way to pay for it.

They told me I couldn't leave to get money unless I left the car there (and I can't go anywhere without the car), but the cashier let me use the phone to call someone else to give a credit card number over the phone, which was very nice of her. I then went INSIDE the store and used the rest of the gift card on products in the store without a hitch. So from these experiences, I have completely stopped shopping at Meijer, whether inside or out.

One Bad Experience After Another
By -

WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I have really had it with Meijer. It is one bad experience after another. Their Meijer brands are a complete flop. In this past 2 year or so since this new store opened, I have had Meijer brand mouthwash that dyed my teeth blue, bought chicken breast at great prices but when I miss the sale, I get freezer burn and I paid more than double for it. Anti acids that I save a couple of dollars on maybe 20 percent savings but I have to take 3 times the amount for it to work. That is not a savings. It is in fact a scam. I have had with this chicken scam too. When it is on sale, you cannot miss the price and when it isn't on sale you cannot find a price on it.

Whatever happen to plain old Crest toothpaste? They never have it. I have to go to CVS to get it. But they have 20 different options if you want Crest. I bought a pan for the Thanksgiving dinner and get home. The wife asks me "where is the lid?" I tell her "they don't have lids. It just the pan." She runs up there and is told they do not come with lids. Now that the season is over they all have lids. They consistently overcharge me on their sale items. In fact at one particular visit it was so bad I just walked away. I wasn't going to stop the cashier for every damn sale item. I cannot find anything in that store. It took me years to get acquainted with the other store.

That took me years to get acquainted with that one too. Now in 2 years I find that I still waste more time looking for the items I need than it is worth. The company has really lost touch with their customer service. I heard that on their busiest days, Meijer makes a Million days a day. Add that up and tell me why I should have the choice of 6 self serve checkouts or 3 long lines with a cashier? Tell me why with Meijer's own claimed profits I can find competent help that can direct me to a product? Well anyway you don't have to tell me why I will not be giving Meijer my business.

My Ruined Thanksgiving
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- As a long time shopper at Meijer on Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio I was appalled at the treatment I received when I reported to the manager about what happened to me on Thanksgiving. As I always shop there, that is where I purchased my Thanksgiving Turkey.

I picked a large turkey out of the lot of them and paid for it and took it home. Come Thanksgiving morning, I proceeded in making my dressing, stuffing the turkey, and put it in the oven. I was having dinner guest of about 20 people for dinner and wanted everything to be just right. I let the turkey cook as normal and poured the drippings out several times to make my gravy with.

Everyone started arriving and we at that time carved the turkey. At the first bite of that turkey everyone started going for the water. That turkey was so hot that it would burn your mouth and I do not mean by the heat of it. None of my guests could even eat it. The gravy over the potatoes was just as hot and you can only imagine the dressing that came out of the center of that bird. We had to throw it away. No one could eat it. My dinner party was ruined. So we went to Denny's and I paid for turkey dinner for all my guests. I was so embarrassed, to say the least.

I went to the manager of the Meijer store and told him my dilemma. He then informed me that what I had selected was a Cajun style turkey. I had never even heard of anything other than a good old-fashioned regular turkey. Anyway he was very abrupt with me. Said that I should have read the package closer and I would have known what I was buying. Treated me like some stupid person that really did not know what they were doing. Again he had embarrassed me.

The turkeys needed to be clearly marked and put in their own location for people that wanted that type of turkey instead of thrown in with the regular turkeys. The manager and this experience has me very upset and doubtful that they will ever get my business again... Thank you for letting me advise the people to Watch Out For cajun turkeys in your grocery store.

Auto batteries and milk
By -

WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a car battery late on a Saturday night. My son came out of work and someone stole his right out of his car. Of course Meijers is the only place open at midnight to buy such a product. I went there. I found a good deal or so I thought on a battery. After being run up at the register I found I was charged an extra 8 dollars on the bill. I was told it was for the exchange. What exchange? I wasn't exchanging one. Then I was told it was like a core charge and I had to pay it in advance to bring the other one back. I told the cashier I didnt have one to bring back and explained why.

I was then told to just go to the service desk and explain it to them and they could help me. I was tired and it was now going on 12:30 at night and I get up at five am and my son was stranded all alone in a parking lot. I ended up going back the next day. I was told this was store policy. How can they charge you for something you are not going to even return. I was then told "just bring in another one." Sure everyone has an old extra dead battery lying around.

That night I also grabbed a gallon of milk. Opened it up the next morning to have with my coffee to only find it spoiled. I also took the gallon of milk back with me. To only be told how did they know I didn't leave it out all night to get spoiled? After really getting mad now due to the battery and now the milk. I finally got a different gallon of milk.

I am new to shopping at Meijers as this one just opened up on mound and 13 mile in warren. I'm new to the neighborhood and it seemed nice and close. I also ended up returning the battery for a full refund and a explanation of why I was returning it. Its not fair meijers was going to make an 8.00 profit off of me.

I went someplace else and purchased one for even cheaper. No charge for a mystery battery to bring back. I was told "you were only charged this if you did bring one back for them to get rid of it for you." Will never shop at Meijers again. So much for that credit card... Sent it back to them with complaints and explanations. No response from them either.

Customer Will Never Shop at Meijers Again
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- They threatened to have me arrested for couponing. I was only using manufacturer coupons if cashier and register take coupons then I'm not doing anything wrong. They really lost a very good customer. I did all my shopping at Meijer for the nine people who live in my home. I purchased all my food items, dog food, all household, school clothes, school supplies, most of Christmas shopping. Almost every cashier knows me by name. There was a girl who works at service desk and she always treated me very unkind and I'm sure she had a lot to do with this.

And I've heard many other people complain about her and the general manager does not do a good job. I have been shopping at this Meijer since the day it opened but never again and I also worked at this store as a vendor but I quit my job just I wouldn't have to return to this store.

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