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Midas Ruined My Engine
Posted by Jdckhr74 on 09/09/2012
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I took my truck to Midas and the customer service representative suggested a radiator flush and oil change. Prior to stopping there, no problems with truck, no leaks, a good running truck. Paid 120 dollars. I drove to Walmart and noticed fluid pouring out of front of truck; took back and they reassured me it was just from a crack in windshield washer fluid receptacle. I Started noticing yellow leaks after that first visit (and customer service representative had refused to sell me the 4-oil change prepaid card during that original visit). For the next 2 weeks, kept taking truck back for leaks; they had one excuse after another. Told me it was just residual from a messy, radiator flush. Normal, they said. Last Friday they stated there was a tiny hair line fracture somewhere top, front of truck which caused continuous yellow leak underneath and that I should just let it leak and come into the shop every week and they would top off the fluids. "All Chevy's have leaks like this", the mechanic said. "I have a Chevy truck and mine has leaks", he said. Of course, I asked why we just did not fix this right away. Won't it get bigger and won't it cause damage, I asked. Yes, it could ruin the engine, but we will still only charge you the low price of (after negotiating with them) of 375 dollars, they said. I insisted on getting the hole fixed. They tried to get me to leave instead of fixing that day. I asked the mechanic if he wanted to do the job and if he had the capability of fixing this. He said he did. Next, the manager insisted that they drive me somewhere off the property as this was a 4 hour job, at least, but that I would have to find my own way back, as 5pm was his busiest time and they closed soon after that. I left with the woman customer service rep; I expressed my doubt and concern about my truck, giving them another opportunity to bow out. She assured me all was well with my truck and that these Midas guys are the most honest, outstanding of all 3 Midas shops she had worked at. I called 2 times from the location where they drove me, asking if they were able to fix the hole and to treat my car as if it were their mother's The manager reassured me that the mechanic was so good, he could do this in his sleep. I next had to argue with the manager for a ride back to the shop. He was a jerk. The woman from the shop called and said she would pick me up at 4:30. I waited in the hot sun from 4:15 until 5.00pm with no one showing up. I had to call again and she finally came. When we got back to the shop, the hood on my truck was open and the original mechanic and another one pulled up a truck to block my view from seeing what they were doing. I walked past the truck and looked over. The mechanics were frantically and feverishly spraying something under the hood, and then quickly wiping the bumper with a rag. He pulled it to front parking lot as I refused to pay without an explanation of what they had done to that hole and my truck. (By now I had known for sure that they had done no work that day and that they had done the damage during the original visit and were putting me off, trying to get me to go away, well aware of serious damage to my vehicle. ) The mechanics and woman and manager were huddled together talking about something serious. When they looked up at me, it was a look of horror, like that look when a doctor has bad news about your loved one after surgery. I was sick to my stomach. The mechanic opened the hood and tried to show me where they had supposedly fixed the supposed hole front, top of truck."And you can see that we sprayed right here to fix the hole",he insisted. I saw nothing, but was still hoping I still had a truck. I asked the mechanic if he truly did work on my truck and if so, did he really work on it for 4 hours. He said he only worked on it for 2 and 1/2, but that they go by the job/the book and that I was being charged for 4 hours (they did not work on my car and that is why they wanted me off the property, to pretend they were fixing it) I knew that I had to pay them in order to retrieve my truck, so I payed. (they also knew that I have been unemployed for over 3 years and I do not have much money)I made sure that they assured me there would be no more leaks now. The woman said, "Nope! no more leaks!" I drove home, looked under front of truck and now there were 2 larger leaks. The yellow fluid was just not leaking, but pouring out. I called manager right back and asked what they had done to my truck and that they had ruined my truck. He insisted I bring it back in the morning. I told him I would take it to a friend to look at and he ORDERED me to bring it back to them. The next day I called the Chevy dealer who told me he would look at it. (he thought maybe they cracked the radiator when they did that original radiator flush, which was an expensive job to fix) and he thought that is why they kept trying to get me to stay away and ignore the leak. I took it into the Chevy dealership. The manager and a mechanic spent 4 hours checking out the truck and they determined that Midas had caused damage to my engine and they expected the engine to seize in a week. He told me it was dangerous to drive and I had to get tow. We had also called the Midas manager from the Chevy office, asking why I had paid 375. what was I paying for. Midas manager had another story, diff. than the leaky story. That is when Chevy manager stepped in, introduced himself and let Midas know what they had found. I then told Midas manager that I knew this finding was no surprise to him and that I had to go and would let him know how I decided to handle this situation. I left without a vehicle at all. Now, no transportation and no resolve to this yet. I am sick about it, devastated, feel like a fool, except that the joke is on them for playing such a "leaky" game. DO NOT GIVE MIDAS YOUR BUSINESS. PERIOD. THEY DO NOT HAVE QUALIFIED MECHANICS AND ENGAGE IN DECEPTIVE PRACTICES, STEALING MONEY AND TIME AND THE DIGNITY OF THE MOST VULNERABLE IN SOCIETY
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Posted by jonthethird on 2012-09-10:
I do not know what CO has, but in CA we have the BAR. A complaint to them causes red lights all over the business, as the BAR can put them out of business.
Posted by curtis Nichols on 2013-12-07:
Midas ruined my car engine also. They installed a timing belt to tight by not adjusting tenson kit. Same story. They timing belt slipped off two days later. They talked about what they did not know for two weeks, raising the price to fix engine. The only person I could take to small claims court was the shop manager. The owner was incorporated and lived out of town. Midas had three different mechanics working on my car the whole time in shop over 2 weeks. Small claims court ruled in favor of Midas because I filed small claims on wrong person. In order for me to be compensated I would have to prove owner helped mechanics fix my car. Do not leave your car at Midas the employees can legally do what they want. To much money and time proving the owner harassed you by ruining your car.
Posted by Michelle on 2014-01-21:
CONSUMER BEWARE. Brought my car in for oil change on December 23. Not only would they not honor my coupon (my oil was too expensive), but they destroyed my car. Went to Florida. Came back on Dec 29.On January 5, car wouldn't start. Mazda picked it up. Told the oil filter was missing--fell off, the oil drained, engine ceased, needed a new engine—7,000. Filter must not have been installed correctly or the bolt was hand tightened. There was evidence of no damage to the car caused by me. Called Midas Corporate Jan 8 to submit a claim. In the meantime, Midas Regional Director denied my claim. Called Midas again on Jan 11. Told a call from owner was imminent. Still no call. No car since Jan 5. No one wants to take responsibility. This is so unjust. Midas has lost its touch. Please beware. Go to your dealership for any work that needs to be done on your car. Worst thing is that my daughter can no longer take part of the morning talk show at her school because I don’t a have car to get her there. Everyone I spoke with at Midas lied to me and treated me like an ignorant female. They pushed me to Mazda and my insurance—both feel it is a slam dunk case against Midas. Is there any justice for the little guy? I will update you if the owner graces me with a call. Have to see a doctor over the stress. Lost 2 days of work. I know it is just a car
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In for Oil Change Came Back With Damage
Posted by Rgetz1 on 09/15/2013
WIND GAP, PENNSYLVANIA -- Took my car of 3 months in for its 1st oil change and when I went to pick up there was a piece of paper stating front end damage. I asked about it and was casually told it was like that when I dropped it off. I questioned it and was told they would check security videos as this damage was found on a routine walk around. There was other damage to this car that was noticeable that I knew of, but Midas didn't have that one written down. it has been over a week since they claimed no negligence on their part and I asked to see these security videos and yet no one gets back to me and even their customer service hotline seems uninterested.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-16:
What kind of "front end damage"? That sounds like the suspension, which shouldn't occur during an oil change (or be visible duing a walkaround), because a test drive shouldn't be necessary.

What is the exact nature of the damage?

I have had my car serviced at this location. It is their practice to note things like they did, but I am unaware of them damaging cars.
Posted by rgetz1 on 2013-10-08:
There was a a very noticeable dent on the passengers front panel. it has been a month now and Midas of Wind Gap has not returned 1 phone call or allowed me to see the surveillance video they claimed to have.
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False Advertisement!
Posted by Tinaboss15 on 08/16/2013
SAN ANTONIO -- Midas auto service experts : at 1769 SW loop 410 San Antonio : had a promotion going on where you pay up front & get a free oil change and coupons on discounts for future services. When I went in to cash my free oil change they then changed the rule of the game and that I had to use the coupons in order that I had to pay again for half of my oil change before I could move on to the next coupon when I asked if thats what it said on the coupon book and he said no that no one had complained that was I :-/ I then asked to speak to a manager or owner and I get A guy named Dan. Oh my, if you could ask for a guy with less customer service you would get Dan he is a poor excuse for a manager! He then tells me same thing that is company policy and I asked again does it say it on the coupon book and he said no but they are not sold by us they are sold by 3rd party. I then said well someone has to approve them and he said that he approved them. So, why should I have to pay for his lack of communication and he told me no one else has complained! So here I am trying to get 2 cents in. What have I learned? Never to buy anything that sounds to good to be true.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-08-16:
How long are those coupons good for? I mean, if you only get an oil change about every 6 months...and you have to pay for two oil changes before the free one. Wouldn't it be at least a year before you can use the free coupon?
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Midas Does Not Care
Posted by Ta491 on 06/13/2013
HANOVER PARK, ILLINOIS -- I took my minivan in for oil change and tire rotation. We have this van for last 7 years and took it to a different shop for repairs in past. Well, we moved to Hanover park IL and thought MIDAS is close to my house lets give them a chance to earn my business.

They did the oil change and tire rotation but left the center wheel cap loose on two wheels. The caps fell off in a week after tire rotation, which never happened before in past 7 years. Now it is going to cost me $70 to replace the caps unless I go to a junk yard and get them from there cheaper.

When tires were rotated with wheels, the mechanic did not look at the front brake pads nor he recommended anthing regarding brakes. My rotors got damaged a week later because pads were completely worn off which could have been replaced at the time of tire rotation without extra cost of rotors.

I promise to not go back to MIDAS ever again.

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Avoid Midas Like the Plague!
Posted by Earnestbunbury on 04/18/2013
RALEIGH, NC -- When I moved to Raleigh I got a LOT of offers in the mail for $25.00 for free this-or-that; pizza, mani-pedi's, oil changes, etc. I had a lot of oil changes for $19.95, but I thought, hey Midas is a 'brand' name, I'll use their $25.00 free coupon. They changed the oil and rotated the tires. Their cheapest oil change was $34.00 or something, so I picked that, since I was already there, the ten dollar difference being no big deal. When I went to pay I was told my total charges were $49.95!

I reminded the guy that I had a coupon and he corrected the bill to $29.95. So, for your free oil change with a $25.00 (use like cash!) coupon costs $29.00. He printed out four sheets of paper explaining WHY it costs $29.95, but I was too tired to put up a fight and just shrugged it off as a lesson learned. From now on I will ask to pay for services first. Bottom line, AVOID places like this and just go with some good local mechanic, if such people exist.

My new mission in life is to put this review on every web site that reviews auto repair places and try to cost them WAY more than the 30 bucks that I got ripped off.

In marketing class in college they told me that one of the reasons there WERE marketing departments in business was because of the immense damage even one disgruntled customer could do.

I'm trying to see if what they taught me is true.
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Terrible Service
Posted by Walkinbyfaith7 on 04/05/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Midas 3232 N Durango Las Vegas NV
I bought a living social deal for "free" oil changes plus extra free or discounted prices for 25$- I was sold. We went in yesterday and they insinuated WE were trying to scam THEM with the punch card we bought in which THEY offered on LS. WTHeck?? After getting past that, they claimed they couldn't/wouldn't change the oil in our new car because it was "unsafe" to drive and needed repairs before it could even be considered for an oil change. Needless to say we didn't buy the BS, and left.

The next day we took the truck in (should've known better to go back), they took the truck back and claimed my truck only took synthetic oil; which again BS from them. I've never put synthetic in my truck and didn't want the synthetic. They said it was the only choice and put it in anyway. They charged us 42$ for the 7 quarts of synthetic that I didn't even want. They charged for the filter that on the punch card clearly stated the filter was included. The only thing we expected to walk out paying was taxes and disposal fees. Instead, with our "free" oil change coupon we walked out paying 40$! Just for oil and a filter!

I disputed the charges and the guy behind the counter didn't care about a thing I said, in fact he was messing around on the computer while I was trying to get answers from him. He obviously didn't care and probably was happy that they got away with scamming yet another customer. I was pretty livid walking out. No care for the customer, just bringing in money and ripping people off.

We will never return and hope to gosh living social refunds our punch card vouchers; they're completely worthless.

I highly recommend finding an honest auto shop. We love Sun Auto (we go to the one off N Durango and 215). They're honest and treat loyal customers well. I'm disappointed in my self for getting a flashy deal over our regular shop. Shame on me for straying away and shame on Midas for the bad business they conduct.
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Posted by JAKFK on 2013-04-05:
The issue with Midas, Meineke, Mister Muffler, Jiffy Lube, etc...is that they generally pay their employees minimum wage with commission incentives. The more they can sell you, the better their paycheck. I try to avoid such places at all costs.
Posted by Rene on 2013-04-09:
I went to the one on 79street 5 Ave. Miami,FL For a car inspection. The agent was not friendly. He lack customer service skills and the environment was uncomfortable.They should just replace him with a machine. Avoid going there.
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A customer who was inappropriately touched by Midas.
Posted by Sicca1025 on 10/03/2012
NORRISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- To start I am pissed that I had to give these F@#%s even 1 star to create this comment. They deserve a negative 10 stars. I must say I will never, ever bring my car to another Midas as long as I walk this earth! I suggest you do not either. I have had 3 cars and every time I bring my car to Midas they find a way to a$$-rape me with no lube! I am not the type of person to write reviews but after this last experience I cannot help but say something. I was drawn to Midas recently because of their advertisement offering oil changes for 21.99 I'm sure you've seen it. Against my better judgment I brought my car in because I thought that was a good deal although I am not a fan of the company, I thought because it was a new location I would have a better experience. I brought my car in and was helped pretty quickly since I was the only person there. This should have been a red flag hinting for me to get the f$^k out of there! I told the man I wanted the 21.99 oil change. He asked for the year, make, and model of my car, took my keys and then drove the car back. 15 minutes later another man comes out and says that they cannot do my oil change for the 21.99 price the oil I need for my Toyota cost $80. UMMM first WTF was the point in asking me the year make and model of my car if you didn't already know what oil that model needed? Dumb dumb doing my paperwork should have told me in the beginning what this ordeal was going to cost me so I could walk away if I wanted. Second you d**k what happened to the 21.99 special that was advertised?????? I let that slide even though on their bulletin board in the store it said the price for this "specific" oil that I needed was 59.99. Later the man comes back and asks to rotate my tires as apart of their complimentary customer service. So again I was skeptical but I said why the f#^k not? At least they are offering something FREE. After they rotated my tires the dude comes back and says oh yea those tires we rotated to the front need to be changed soon, they are going bald. You crackhead why in the F#$%$#^%@@K would you put bad tires on the front of the car? Are you trying to kill me? Thanks a**h**e for my S***TY, DEADLY, complimentary customer service. Job well done!
I wish I was done here but I'm not. When I got in my car there was oil stains all over my steering wheel and on the inside door of my car and on the roof! What were they doing??? F#%king the oil can in my car?? wtf?????!?!?!?!? Although very pissed off I let all of this go. Until today when I was driving my hub cap magically popped off. I hadn't hit any pot hole and I was driving under 35 miles per hr. So after my fiancé carefully inspected it he realized that the piece that clamps onto the tire was broken off. I didn't notice when I left Midas because they popped it back on in hopes that I wouldn't notice. Well guess what a**h***s I did! Do not be fooled by Midas false advertising, the prices are not what they say they are and their customer service is about as pleasant as being gang raped in prison. When they say they have the "Midas touch" that must be what they are referring to.

A customer who was inappropriately touched by Midas. Don't let this be you.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-03:
Unfortunately, the appearance of profanities throughout your comment caused me to stop reading.

My only observation is each Midas is different. I had work done at a Midas several years ago and the shop did an excellent, custom job on a tricky exhaust system on my 280ZX turbo.

I also had a wheel alignment done at one near me 2 years ago - also an excellent job, done professionally. YMMV
Posted by Bill on 2012-10-03:
Lesson learned. Steer clear of Midas, Jiffy Lube, Sears, etc. Either do it yourself or find a small local shop with some integrity. If cost isn't much of an issue take it to the dealer. They're the only ones I will let touch my Honda.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-03:
"UMMM first WTF was the point in asking me the year make and model of my car if you didn't already know what oil that model needed? "

Probably because they didn't know it the information off the top of theirs and it would be prudent to look up the information and to do that they needed the make and model.

"After they rotated my tires the dude comes back and says oh yea those tires we rotated to the front need to be changed soon, they are going bald. You crackhead why in the F#$%$#^%@@K would you put bad tires on the front of the car?"

Funnily enough, if you were were to buy two new tires, you know where they would put them? The rear. The reason being that putting the worn tires on the rear is a good way to cause oversteer particularly in slippery conditions. So the good tires go on the back. They were doing you a favor.

I humbly suggest that the OP take the time to learn about car maintenance before going on mostly unfounded (IMHO) profanity laden rant.

I do agree that there was no reason there should've been oil in the interior of the car though.
Posted by Kris10 on 2012-10-03:
Wow, Um, while i respect that you had a bad experience, i found your review to be in very bad taste. Next time, take the time to calm down and write a well thought out, informed, and less profanity ridden piece. I am sorry you had a bad experience, but those kinds of deals (the 21.99 oil change) are usually for a specific kind of oil and for cars which can use that. Maybe do some research before deciding to go to one of these places next time. Local garages usually do a pretty good job and don't over charge like these chains do.
Posted by Sammy on 2012-10-03:
Title of review is misleading. While you may feel the service was extremely bad and you feel you were ripped off, you were not "inappropriately touched" by anyone there. Please be careful about the use of such terms, it could be construed as slander by the business.
Posted by Sari on 2012-11-25:
I found this funny. No offense to the OP but I did giggle.
I just took my car to be serviced at a Midas against my better judgement as well, the oil change discount lured me in because last time I tried it at home i ended up not being able to get the oil plug out.
Anyhow, my check tire pressure came on after I left midas which they were super nice while I was there, even gave my starving hungry munchkin a breadstick from their personal lunch since they were taking so long to change my oil. Anyhow I thought nothing of it because of the temp change outside. My light comes on when the temp gets super cold, I put a bit of air in and fix it.
I walk out today to take my room mate to work and oh look my passenger tire is flat. No I didnt run over anything.
I guess its a blessing in disguise though, the last people to put a tire on for me stripped each one of my lugnut posts, so now my tire wont come off nor will the loosened lugnuts. So Ive just been bent over and f$%ked with very little lube myself.
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Rip Off
Posted by Lidels on 09/26/2012
Put synthetic oil instead of required by instruction, oil. Asked not flush coolant, they did it. Ask to fix airfilter assembly, they forgot it. Simple things take them hours to do. Avoid!
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Posted by Kacab on 09/16/2012
GROTON, CONNECTICUT -- Aug 31, 2012 Went to Midas for an oil change(first time), tire rotation, and have all fluid levels and belts inspected. Paid the coupon price and went home. Two days later when I was going out, notice puddle of oil on the driveway.

Husband checked for a leak and found the drain plug needed 4 full turns to tighten it. Two weeks later after a 700 mile round trip to Maine, another puddle of oil. Husband again checked everywhere for leaks. Finally found that the oil filter was not screwed in tightly. NOTHING like this has EVER happen at either the car dealership or the other places I've had my oil changed. Looking at the receipt it only listed "oil change". Now I don't know if they checked anything else or even rotated the tires.

So much for trusting Midas. Never will again.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-17:
Yay, I do my own work like this. If I didn't, I would have to find a shop I trusted and use it exclusively. Fortunately you were observant, and no serious damage was done except to your trust.
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Discourteous Manager
Posted by Sexycoolmama99 on 09/13/2012
NEWBURGH, NEW YORK -- After coming in 2x for an oil change I returned to Newburgh Midas for an oil change which I had a 19.99 coupon for. The manager on duty, DAN, would not honor my coupon & in fact printed out a receipt for 32.64. When I explained that I've come in w/ a 19.99 coupon before & the price never skyrocketed to $32!!! Dan's excuse was "have you seen the price of gas?"

Dan is very unprofessional, rude,& incompetent in customer service! If you walk in & DAN is @ the counter, TURN AROUND & RUN! Thanks to DAN I will never patronize another Midas & will be sure to tell my family & friends!
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