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1.5 out of 5, based on 13 ratings and
39 reviews & complaints.
Company Profile
National Floors Direct
40 Robbie Road
Avon, MA 02322
888-400-3566 (ph)
(508) 580-8553 (fax)
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Destroyed My Property
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- National Floors were given a deposit for install of laminate floors and carpet for hallway stairs. Salesman was very nice for sale and bad mouthed Empire Floors. Install date was given, when installers arrived I was informed immediate payment before they could start any work. I was totally shocked by a contractor getting paid in full before completion. Well I know why they, NFB, requires this as they send to your home non speaking English sub contractors who do not understand what you say to them.

They damaged newly repaired drywall and paint job that had been taken over 3 weeks to be done only to be ruined by the installers and to top it off, they damaged my bedroom furniture putting very large scratches and chunks of wood out of sleigh bed and dressers and night table. You try to tell them what they have done, meaning the installers - they laugh, say ya ya and walk out of your home. You then call customer service to make your complaint and your conversation is with a very rude obnoxious customer service agent who pretends she is in charge and supervisor of customer service.

NFB then tells you to read line #25 that the contract says your walls and furniture will be subjected to damage such as dings, dents, scratches. Then your stair carpeting is to follow the very next day. They have you stay home for the entire day. Give you time frame and do not show up nor do they call you. So now you have already paid in full for your laminate and carpeting. They come to your home, they damage your furniture, your walls and take your money, then you need to chase them to finish the work and never will get reimbursed for all their damages.

Beware. Do not hire National Floors Direct, my next procedure will be contacting attorney general's office, Better Business Bureau and more than likely a claim with the court. I have been horrified by what the installers have done. I was told by customer service who called me next day to take pictures of damages and have the next installer take photos, to date installer hasn't showed up, I was told not to clean their mess they left behind but after 2 days it has been cleaned. I am still waiting on installer of carpeting for stairs and no one has called about damages.

Disgruntled employee with real good insider advice
By -

I want to start off by saying that if you are looking for flooring or carpet in any way do not go to National Floors Direct. This is a very corrupt company that takes advantage of consumers. I worked for Empire Today and they actually look like angels compared to this company.

This company has every right in their means to just go to the right price immediately. They really don't understand basic business practices and they have to steal the information from companies like Empire to have any kind of identity. I was forced to lie to customers on a regular basis and they literally tell their "flooring professionals" to lie to the customers to buy. If the reps don't then they get yelled at and threatened by a very immature & inexperienced manager named **. It truly is a sad spectacle.

I was lured in to this company by the owner Steve "Sam" Rosenberg making me a ton of promises that he never kept. They didn't even bother to notify me that I was terminated (which I suspect was because they couldn't even pay me anymore) I didn't even get a reason. I just didn't get paid when it came time for pay day and I called relentlessly with nobody to respond. They had someone in customer service call me to let me know.

To back up what I am saying and their credibility. I had over 4 expense checks that bounced. 2 were made right the other 2 I am taking to the authorities. They have been cut off by all of their suppliers due to owing them an insane amount of money and extremely slow payment. I was calling and talking to 2-3 customers a day being told to lie to them stating that the carpet was in "production" or that Armstrong was "out of stock". They have to pay before they get delivery from any company.

While all the sons and father Sam drive BMWs and Mercedes the real heartbeat of the company, the suppliers, struggle to get any money at all from NFD. It shows the lack of discipline and disregard to customers rights they really have. Also if you have a contract with them and you are just reading this. You make the educated decision to not do business with them. Just know that even within your legal 3 day right to cancel. You will have a very difficult time getting your money back. If you do good luck with it clearing your bank. Good luck! Disgruntled.

National Floors Direct Compliment
By -

NARRAGANSETT, RHODE ISLAND -- We are the proud owners of a modular home that came with lino & rugs. Knowing that there may be a problem with the seam under our rug, we were very apprehensive about the job from the beginning. We came into our 2009 tax return and decided to have hardwood put in our living room even with these concerns still looming. In came Empire, Home Depot and National Floors. Empire was competitive but still too high for our budget. Home Depot never was able to get the measurements done because the laser was too much for the estimate person.

The Depot never bothered to follow up so we continued on without there quote. Then came the 3 Cent Villain National Floor. The salesman was rough around the edges caused some first impression concern. HE came armed with only one selection of hardwood samples, thankfully it was only what we were looking for so we paid no attention. When we were just about to close the book on him out came the price of $1700.00 for a 14' x 16' with possible seam troubles toward the back of the room. WOW we were prepared for a rip off, it never came.

We placed the order with a $50.00 down and our adventure began. On the install day No Show! Well at least they only got us for $50.00 we were thinking. I all ready had my review ready. But wait they came the next day ready to install with 5 guys standing at our front door. Against my better judgment I let them start since we were very anxious to have the job started & finished before a family party later that week. I mentioned to the install foreman that there would be no payment until the job was finished to my satisfaction. No Problem I was told!

The job was finished in 5 hours to our complete satisfaction with no trouble coming from the seam where the house was joined. I cannot be happier with the install and price even though there was a communication problem at the start. It is sometimes easier to write a bad review since we are unhappy. I try to write a good one whenever possible. I will have NFD work on our living room and keep you posted on the progress.

They don't listen & Used Car Sales Tactics!
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- After calling the 800 number to set up a appointment and telling them exactly what I wanted, (types of wood) I had an appt. Last night in my home. The representative smelled of cigarettes smoke and may have been drinking alcohol prior to stepping foot into my home. After some customary small talk he started into his sales pitch and was not listening what we were telling him what we wanted. He came into the house with only one sample board which was a 180 of what we were looking for!

After a few more minutes he admitted that he did not have hardwood we were interested in (this wood is very common and available at two other floor companies I have looked at). The bottom line is I did get a quote for a simple oak - which was comparable to another quote I had in hand. But this is where they really pissed me off...
The measurement of the room is 11 1/2 feet by 23 feet = 264 square feet to round it up I used 12 feet by 24 feet = 288 square feet which will allow for leftover etc.

The rep then went took the measurements and said he had to go out to his car to call his "boss" and figure the quote (sound like a used car dealership). He came back in 10 minutes later and said, "He was able to get a great price due to his boss telling him that they just got in a new shipment and have to unload it asap and they could apply it to us." The quote was $2,000 higher than what we had from the other floor company! I then asked a few questions and then he started to cave like a house of cards... They dropped the price $1,200 right away.

He based the quote on 320 square feet, not the 288 or the (264 which is the actual size). I caught him in a lie and deceptive practice! He said he must have measured the room wrong! ** he did this to pad the quote by more than $500 - how could he be off by by almost 40 square feet in a small room. You could park a small SUV in 40 square feet of space! He then tried to close and tried a bunch of other **! My advice is don't use this company, they are unprofessional, liars, cheats and old school used car dealers! They get customers comfortable in their homes and then use the next day installation close... The homeowner is blinded unless they are aware of these crooks.

Inflated Prices! BEWARE!
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Rating: 1/51

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had National Floors Direct come to my home for an estimate on hardwood floors. The price started at $3600.00 for a dining room and a hallway. We told the salesperson we had to think about it and would contact them on Monday. He said he needed to call his office and let them know. After his call to the office he said that they have a "promotion" and could offer us the job for $2800.00. At first it sounded like a good deal but now I'm thinking why didn't they tell us about the "promotion" first? We again told the salesperson we would think about it and call them in the morning.

So another call had to be made to the office before he left our house, and wouldn't you know it there is another offer... $2200.00. Because now he said the manager would give us the "contractor" price if we would sign the contract NOW. "Offer is only good now. Once I leave, it's void". They took off $1400.00!!! Are you kidding me???

I have to admit I was a little excited. We stuck to our guns and told him if we were interested in the offer we would contact him, but after reading some of these comments I WILL NEVER take them up on that offer. If you think it's too good to be true it probably is. WATCH OUT FOR THEM!

Worst Customer Service Ever!!
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had a problem with my installation and they acted like it was my problem and not theirs. They cost me more money to delay my carpet than to install it. I called in and spoke with a lady (I'll provide name later) who said, "Yup, I'm the only supervisor". Here was the absolute rudest person I ever spoke to. They wouldn't offer any type of discount, but don't worry they offered a gift card, said they would put it in the mail that day.. Yup no gift card.. will report them further. Worst company ever, will never order from them again. I'd rather go somewhere else for the rest of my carpet. Not worth all of the hassle!

Ready to Sue
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- How totally disappointed I was with my recent installation. I have NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT do my entire house. When they were done, one of the techs put the door on the rug and soiled it. He gave me his name and number and told me to call him the next day if the stain didn't dry properly. So, I did. He refused to come and help. I called the 800 number and got the run around... The girl actually said, "if I send this to the owner, it will get denied"... and that is a direct quote. I emailed her repeatedly over the next 2 weeks and have yet to get any resolution. I am very disappointed and will ensure that NO ONE I know EVER uses this company again.

Being that I have several builders in my family, that is quite a lot of people who purchase carpeting. What ever happened to professional responsibility and doing a good job? Is this company so lame that they can't even stand behind their word? I mean, really. It makes me nuts that THIS is the work ethic of this country at this point. So sad, that in order to make a point, I have to ramble on and on to a bunch of people I don't know in hopes that may be ONE of you will hear my warning and realize it isn't worth the hassle.... Screw the discount - I would rather have security in knowing the job was done properly and that they stand behind their word.

The Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With
By -

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I just wrote a comment to NFD website, but I am sure no will contact me as I have received absolutely no customer satisfaction from them to date. I wish I read this website before investing my time and money on getting a rug and hardwood floor installed. Both experiences were a nightmare, from installing the carpet at midnight on a Friday night, to having the floor installed incorrectly. After numerous no shows and zero customer service, I felt the need to warn others that you should NEVER do business with this company. There is no one, supposedly, to contact to complain but a Customer Phone Rep.

I asked to speak to the VP or President of the Company and was told there was none. It is a family owned company and they wish not to be named. Gee, I wonder why they don't want to be named - it is such a shoddily run company, I can't even imagine how they are still in business. Anyone who is reading this - please take heed and get your carpeting and flooring elsewhere - save yourself money and headaches - I would never recommend their service to anyone!!

Buyer Beware
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- I had scheduled an appointment with National Floors Direct for 7 pm on a Friday and put a deposit on a floor installation. On Monday, I was informed that I needed a new furnace so I cancelled my floors (within my 3 day time frame). I thought I may use them in the future. This has changed my mind. I was told by a representative that my deposit would be refunded within 10 days. It has been over 6 weeks and I was forced to submit a request for dispute to my credit card. It is unfortunate that this company cannot be trusted to keep their word.

Bad Experience
By -

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- I recently had a bad experience with a hardwood floor company called NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT. First of all, I decided to take advantage of their no payments, no interest for one year deal. Once approved they immediately get their money. Let it be known that they haven't done any work yet. Then they hire subcontractors to do the work. You don't have a clue who you are letting into your home. They were in so much of a hurry to get the job done that they get careless in your home with your expensive stuff.

For instance, one guy was removing the existing carpet and rolled the carpet against my expensive sofa and sliced it in three spots. I told him about it and he pleaded with me not to tell his company and that he will make good on the damage. Yea right, try to get your money from a guy who is probably living from paycheck to paycheck. Oh he has insurance but doesn't want to use it in fear of his rates going up. Con man! What a snotty way of doing business. I wouldn't use these guys for nothing.

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