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Pep Boys
3111 West Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19132
215-229-9000 (ph)
215-229-5076 (fax)
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$600 of Work Including Brakes, Oil Change, Belt, Air Filter and Battery Terminal
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Rating: 2/51

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I am disappointed in the service I got at that store. That store from my experience is all show but no substance to making a customer happy with the work done. For the past few times I have gone there there is always a lapse in performance on the help in the garage to get their tasks done and lack of management to make sure it never happens again.

Today when I picked up my car I asked them everything was done and the counter person said yes. I go to my car to find out they never bothered to top the fluids where they missed checking the washer fluid and the other fluids which were low too, but they remembered to charge me for everything else that needed fixing the car that cost me today $600. The last time I was there for an oil change they forgot the reminder in the windshield. The time before that I had a similar experience with fluids not topped off. It seems they don't care about the customer and I experienced the rudeness from one of the employees today with what I am about to tell you.

As soon as I noticed they did not top the fluids today I drove my car to the bay in the garage where my car was. A man who works for them was driving a customer's truck drove behind my car. He yelled out the window of the truck and said "You can't park there and block the bay." I said, "You didn't top my fluids and I am first before you get to this other customer." I was pissed too that I spent 4 hours for my car and I am not going to be told to move aside. He told me to move anyway. I said no. Another employee in the garage who I address the issue before the man in the truck yelled at me - told him that I come first. I still pissed.

If they like hiring people who don't dot their I's and cross their t's that is your choice. My choice will be to go somewhere else to get the full service I paid for and not to keep checking your employees work out in the garage. My wife keeps telling me not to go there because she had similar experiences in the car being tied up all day and to the next and I tell her the price you can't beat and I like going there. I guess I should say, I get what I pay for.

Rude People and Bad Service
By -

PORT JEFF STA, NEW YORK -- I have been a customer for many years at this Pep Boys. Until the last 4 months I have not experienced any problems. But they have misdiagnosed now 2 different cars, and charged me money for those evaluations. First was my car, towed into the shop after it broke down. They tested the car and said I simply needed a battery. I drove the car to the store and home and to work the next day. I left work that night and again the car broke down. After a second 2 hr tow wait, again to the shop they said they retested the electrical system and must have given me a bad battery. They installed a new one, and I left.

I went back and forth to work the next day, however, the next morning the car broke down on the way to work. Another 2 hr wait for a tow, back to the shop. Waited for a 3rd evaluation and the 3rd mechanic comes in to inform me not only do I need another battery, but the problem was the alternator. They made good on it by obviously paying for the 2nd and 3rd tows (19.99 ea) and didn't charge me labor on the alternator.

A few weeks later I went in for a simple oil change and also to complain my belts had been loudly squealing since the alternator work. They changed the oil and told me they checked the belts and there was nothing wrong. (They squeal to this day.)

My daughter's car went in on Mon. We told them it needed a tune-up, but that there was a shimmy in the front end of the car. They told me it would be 89.99 to evaluate. We said OK. The man, **, said all he had to do is get the keys, have her sign the order on the little screen and he would print out the order and give her a copy. I step away to the ladies room. I came out she was there waiting, we went to breakfast. I asked her for the paper and noticed another 19.99 charge in addition to the 90 dollar one.

He also put down she needed brakes instead of the tune-up we told him about and wrote down her engine light was on (we said it flashed because of the tune up) and that the car was shaking violently (it was a shimmy) - I asked "What is this?" and did he say anything to her. She said all he said was to sign the screen. Needless to say when we got back, I complained about the extra charge, he said he told us about it. The disagreement ensued and they removed the charge. They then informed me they couldn't help me that it was her differential. We would have to take it to a transmission place.

The next day we took it to Aamco. They evaluated the car (for free) and told us they don't know why Pep Boys said it was the differential, there was nothing wrong with it. He suggested to take it to another mechanic. Day 3 of our saga, we went to another shop, recommend by a friend. The shop evaluated the car (for free) and found it was the left outer tie rod causing the shimmy. (Please note Pep Boys did a Steering/Suspension evaluation too which was the extra charge we found out it wasn't included it the car evaluation.) Finally the car is fixed after 3 days and 3 shops.

I called the 1800 Pep Boys number to lodge a complaint for the 90 charge for an evaluation that was totally useless. They gave me a complaint number and said I would hear from them within 48 hrs. About 45 minutes later the Service Manager, ** called me from the PJ shop and was angry. He was rude and in the end told me "Just come get your refund, because you're really not worth the aggravation." I went down there, walked in, he greeted me with a smile, until I told him who I was. The smile left his face to anger, told me to follow him, (to the register) he told the girl to give me the refund for the amount on the paper.

He leaned over to her ear and said "2 and 3 party evals and she wants a refund from us? This is **." and he walked away. That is the last time I will ever go there for anything. It's sad it used to be a nice, knowledgeable shop, but they've had mechanics leave and the talent is no longer there. I have a new place to go for car work and if I need any auto goodies I'll go to the new Autozone that just opened across the street. I called the 1800 PepBoys number back and the person was very uninterested in my experience.

Poor Service
By -

I went to Pep Boys for an oil change and because the lights on my dashboard were very dim. I figured if I went to a regular service station and told them about the dashboard lights I would be hit with a new alternator or some expensive repair. I figured Pep Boys (don't make a commission - Just work there. I still don't know??). I hoped it was just a light bub and they would know what they were doing. Or at least they wouln't try to sell me the store.

After waiting on line 25 minutes to put in my order I was told to come back in 2 hours. When I came back I had to wait in line again to find out if my car was ready. I was told to sit in the waiting room. (Another half hour.) A mechanic came in and asked me what was the trouble with the battery. I told him the dashboard lights were dim. He came back quickly and told me "the battery wasn't charging." So of course I bought a new $90 Bosch battery. My car is a 2001 Prizm with very low mileage (23,000). But how long do batteries last?? I don't know.

After waiting another hour I paid and was ready to go. I was happy that the problem was solved. When I left it was dark and guess what. THE DASHBOARD LIGHTS were still dim. I should have turned around and went back but I had enough waiting around at Pep Boys for one day. I decided to go to a service station someday. For another 2 months I was always nervous driving the car fearing it would break down at any time. Then one day I found out the problem. There is a knob that dims the dashboard lights. I didn't know about it. It is low on the left side of the steering wheel with an icon that looks like a cigarette lighter. I don't smoke so I never had a reason to touch it.

I still don't know how it was moved. I know it's my fault for not being more informed about every knob in my car but the point is why didn't they do the right thing and try that first?? They could have had a customer for life. But to make matters worse when they do an oil change they are supposed to top off all the fluids. It only snowed twice where I live so I was confident when I took a trip upstate I would have enough windshield wiper fluid. I was in for a surprise to find out on a trip It was empty. I had to keep pulling off the road to wipe it. Until I could find a place open to buy it.

So my point is they lie and they don't top off the fluids. I would of paid them extra to fill it up at Pep Boys just let me know. Anyway Pep Boys will waste your day waiting around and you don't get what for pay for.

Wonderful Service
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Rating: 5/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Yesterday, 10/5 I was the typical female in distress. The wonderful men at Pep Boys located at 7030 S. Cicero came to my rescue. A very special thank you to ** for taking me to my car to give me a jump. Once we were in the store the customer service was excellent. He turned a bad situation into a good experience for meeting some great people. A special thank you to ** for all your help!!! You are great representatives for Pep Boys Customer Service.

Place Is VERY Slow
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- To change the battery and oil it took over an hour and a half because he had trouble with the battery... seriously you shouldn't be a mechanic then I could do both those things in a half hour and also all the customers that walked in after us left before us... **.

Battery Replacement
By -

Rude Cashiers/Rude Managers that talk down to you. Cashier was busy socializing in front of the manager with her friend and acts as if you are a burden by asking for help. Manager talks down to you about a battery that was purchased 3 years ago with a 3 year warranty and winds up selling you a new battery and not replacing the defective car battery that his machine tells him is defective and must be replaced. All of this happened at Pep Boys in Brooklyn NY on 9-9-2011 store #0247, on 4th Avenue. AVOID THIS PLACE, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS UNHEARD OF TO THEM!!!

Pep Boys, Hicksville: Bald Faced Liars
By -

HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK -- I went into Pep Boys one evening to have a battery installed. They quoted me $15. After installation they handed me a bill for $50. When I questioned the price they said $29, twice the quoted price due to a "difficult installation." Under duress, I paid the bill to get the car back. I filed a complaint with corporate and went back to the store to talk with the store manager. He sided with the Boys, saying they quoted me the fee for the additional labor required for the "difficult installation." They did not! When I argued with him that they did not, he told me to "watch my mouth" and that he was going to "take me to court." Crazy, eh?

Only when I pointed out that they incorrectly installed the compartment cover, failing to secure the anchors and support bracket did they agree to refund me the $15 additional fee. I am extremely dissatisfied with Pep Boys and do not recommend them to anyone!!!

Waste of Time and Money
By -

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I brought my Mercury Sable into Pep Boys in early 2010 for repair 3 times for an apparent electrical short. I had recently installed a new battery so when the first thing they suggested was that I replaced it I asked them to make sure that it was indeed the battery. The assured me this would be done. "Yep, it's the battery." 3 days later my car was dead again. 2nd trip: "Yep, it's the alternator." Are you positive? "Definitely" was the response. 2 days later the car was dead. They were never able to figure out the issue partly because I spent A LOT of money with them already with the "guarantee" that it would be fixed.

Also their rewards program is really hard to use. The in store people have no idea how to actually use the program and emails to the Pep Boys people online achieved nothing. I'd rather them tell me that they don't know what the issue is instead of going down the line of most obvious parts one by one while I bleed money. MY RECOMMENDATION: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. They lie and are incompetent at best.

PepBoys Made a Bad Situation a Lot Better
By -

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- I recently posted a complaint about my experience when having a battery installed. Someone read the complaint and contacted the store manager from that location. He in turn called me, offered to swap out the wrong battery for the correct one at no extra charge. I was in and out in 18 minutes. Upon leaving I was also given a free oil change for my next trip. My car was even brought around front for me. I was very pleased that they tried to make up for a bad first experience. With so much effort involved, I had to come back and let everyone know that they really tried to correct the situation. THANKS PEP BOYS...

Unhappy With Service
By -

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- I went to Pep Boys to have my battery checked. When the guy walked out to check it, he told me the car wouldn't crank. He quoted me prices for 2 different batteries. I told him that I would go ahead and spend the extra 10 dollars to get 24 extra months. When I asked an approximate time, I was told I'd be the next car in line. I waited approximately 15 minutes and no one walked out to check my car. The manager (that was beside the co-worker the entire time) pulled a car around back and put his car ahead of mine. When I told the manager that I had been told I would be next, his response was "Yea, I'm bad about that."

After being there 45+ minutes and paying 20 dollars to have it installed, I was ready to check out. In the process of itemizing my total purchase I realized that they installed the wrong battery... I was so tired of the situation, I simply gave up... Communication is the key to success and I do not feel that anyone listened. I was not told correctly of where I would be in line and the battery that I agreed to purchase wasn't installed in my car...

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