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Priceline's Fraudulent Practices - Beware!
Posted by MisterB on 08/31/2010
I used the "name-your-own-price" service of Priceline.com and named a price for a 4-star hotel in Las Vegas of $69 per night for five nights. I received a confirmation for the Luxor Hotel at $69 per night and was informed that there were "Taxes and Service Fees" of $55.20 per night and I was charged $400.20 for the five-night stay. The confirmation informed me that any other incidental charges, such as room service, parking, telephone, minibar, etc. would have to be paid by me to the hotel at the time of my stay. When I arrived at the hotel, however, I was informed that there was a mandatory "Resort Fee" of $14.50 per night that I would have to pay (in addition to the $55.20 of taxes and service fees for the five-night stay). I was informed that it covered free local phone calls, admission to the health club and a free daily newspaper. I told the hotel that I did not want any of those additions to my hotel room and that I had named a price of $69 per night plus taxes and that was all that I wanted to pay. I was told that I did not have a choice and that I must pay the $14.50 per night. I said that I wanted to cancel my reservation because I was tricked into believing the room would be $69 per night and it was in fact going to cost me $83.50 per night. I was told that the room was not refundable.

When I returned home, I contacted prceline.com's customer service and customer relations (apparently the company's higher level of customer relations) departments. They were completely unhelpful and just kept saying the same thing over and over again - there was a statement in the small print that said that you could be charged by the hotel additional incidental fees. I said that I read that statement to mean optional fees that I choose to incur such as parking, telephone, Internet, movies, minibar, etc. I argued that if its a mandatory fee than its part of the cost of the room and should be part of the price of the room and not HIDDEN from the purchaser. I noted that I was never informed that I would be charged a mandatory $14.50 fee per night until I arrived at the hotel. I was not informed of this charge on-line, nor in my confirmation that I printed out, nor in the email that I received the next day from Priceline.com. The "customer service" personnel just said that there was nothing that they could do because I had been given all of the terms of the deal. I argued that if they did not inform me of a $14.50 per night mandatory charge in addition to the taxes and the $69 price I had "named", than I was not informed of every material item. Like robots, they kept saying that I had been given all of the material terms of the deal.

To me, Priceline.com is a scam in that it deliberately and knowingly uses hidden fees to misrepresent the cost of the price of a hotel room. It deceives you into believing that you are paying one price when in fact you will pay a much higher price. They think that its ok to do this because they warn you in small print that there may be additional fees that you may be charged without stating what those fees are. This is fraudulent activity and Priceline.com should be ashamed of itself.

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Posted by Ben There on 2010-08-31:
Many hotels in Vegas and Orlando charge these resort fees - they are always paid at the hotel when you check in regardless of how you book.

Here is where Priceline spells out these fees right above where you initial and pay for the trip:
The reservation holder must present a valid photo ID and credit card at check-in. The credit card is required for any additional hotel specific service fees or incidental charges or fees that may be charged by the hotel to the customer at checkout. These charges may be mandatory (e.g., resort fees) or optional (parking, phone calls or minibar charges) and are not included in your offer price.
Posted by Carrie on 2013-07-15:
I agree Priceline scams it's customers. I,too, had the same experience. I agree optional fees should be charged but mandatory should not be allowed. Our hotel was40 percent higher when resort fees were added. There is no way to know in advance what resort fees will be. Priceline can make any excuse but they simply don't care about customers. Beware of Priceline.
Posted by Danny on 2013-09-13:
I was about to make the mistake of "naming my price" scam. I filled my info out until I reached the credit card info part. I stopped and started thinking: If I write my cc info down I will have more chances to loose than win. I search for reviews and "bingo", found all this helpful information. Sorry all of you had to go through that. Thank you for your posts.
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Don't Use Priceline For Any Bookings
Posted by Anjalipai84 on 01/03/2013
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I booked my hotel accommodation in Hawaii through this 'forbidden site' called Priceline, couple of days back. My trip is due in March 2013, I had to cancel due to some reason. They would cancel and not provide a single penny in refund. I can't move reservations to any other dates in future.
NOT AT ALL CUSTOMER FRIENDLY, Do yourselves a favor don't book on this site ever.

PS: They do not have any great deals or prices!

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Posted by Alain on 2013-01-03:
This is exactly why I like to book directly with hotels, airlines, etc. You may (or may not) get a lower price with these third party contractors, but if there's any problem, they keep your money and don't offer a bit of customer service or assistance.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-03:
It's very truthful that these third party sites allow for no adjustments or cancellations. That is something one must expect when booking with any of them.

Book direct if you want to save the hassle.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-01-03:
It wouldn't even cross my mind to ever use Priceline, but in the interest of fairness, they tell you ahead of time that your purchase is final and cannot be changed or cancelled.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-01-03:
Most hotels will come close to the deals Priceline and the others offer. When you figure in all the fees, hidden charges, it is best to book direct or through a travel agent. That way you have recourse if something is wrong.
Posted by PaulR on 2013-01-08:
After a number of failed attempts at bidding a specific price for a hotel in Ft Lauderdale, I followed the advice of the site and expanded the search to an other area of the city. The bid was successful but the system had changed the date request to a period of time 2 weeks prior to my original request. I immediately called Priceline back and they are refusing to change the reservation. I fully explained the fact that all prior requests were for the Feb 1 date and that Priceline itself , through a programming or other error, had altered the specific date of the reservation to Jan 11. They continue to state that they have a contract that I agreed to the specified wrong date. Very frustrating and perhaps a fraud.
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Filthy Hotel Room
Posted by EMTJenC on 04/08/2006
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Me and a friend booked rooms through Priceline for a recent roadtrip to San Antonio. Below is a letter I have forwarded to Priceline THREE times with no response. I have also left voicemails, no response.

To whom it may concern,

A friend and I embarked on a trip to San Antonio this past weekend. Prior to leaving, we booked our hotel rooms through Priceline. We had used your web site before and trusted it, as well as trusting in a national hotel chain. We booked our rooms (2 rooms with 1 queen sized bed in each) at the Rodeway Inn on W. W. White Road in San Antonio. My first concern was that my debit card was debited for the amount before I had even left Indiana, let alone laid eyes on the hotel room. We drove 1200 miles and 17 hours, arriving in San Antonio around dinner time. Upon entering the office we were greeted with some unidentifiable foul odor. The desk clerk spoke very little intelligible English. He was unable to answer the questions we had about the hotel or the surrounding area or city. We checked in, received our keys and headed to our room.

Upon entering, both rooms were very warm as the air conditioning had been turned completely off. The rooms were unimpressive, but not unbearable at that point. As we began unpacking and getting around, it became apparent that things were headed downhill. Below is a list of "offenses" in each room.

My room (141): The carpet appears unvaccumed. There are black shoe prints on the bathroom floor. There is a small smear of what appears to be blood on the wall by the TV. There is no alarm clock. There is pubic hair all over the toilet, under the seat. The counter is dirty. The mirror is splattered. There is a lot of hair behind the door in the corner. The tub is very dirty. There is a ring in the tub, about 6 inches from the top. The shower curtain is so moldy and dirty, it is stiff at the bottom (I took a shower with the shower curtain open so as not to come in contact with it). The bathroom fixtures are grimy. There is a buildup of dirt on things such as light switches and door handles. There were long black hairs on the towels. The bed is poorly made. The linens and pillows have seen better days. There is also an unidentifiable substance dripped down the side of the toilet bowel. We are unable to connect to the Internet via the advertised high speed. There is a large gap around the door, you can see the light come in around the door.

My friends room [NAME REMOVED] : Most of the above, she did have an alarm clock. Plus there was also a crusty white spot on the floor. Upon inspection, it seemed to be vomit. There is also old food in the refrigerator.

Before leaving for dinner, I called the front office about the condition of the room. The manager was abrupt and unwilling to hear me out. Just said "I will take care of it." We stopped by the desk on our way out to pick up a map, and I repeated my complaint. Once again, he was unwilling to hear out the specifics.

Upon returning to my room, I found they had wiped up the footprints and cleared the hair off the toilet. The rest of the items were untouched. I called Comfort hotel's 1-800 number and spoke to a reservations agent there. He offered to move us to another hotel that night, but we were too tired to think about that. We booked 2 nights in a Comfort Inn around the corner and we bunked down for the night. I hardly slept at all, as my air conditioner started making a strange noise in the night. Also there was an ongoing commotion outside.

That morning, I attempted to contact Priceline, I left a message on a voicemail I finally made my way into but my call was never returned. Upon attempting to get the 2 nights credited to my card, the hotel manager stated he was unable to do so. I had to go through Priceline. This was a frustrating situation, as now I had to pay for ANOTHER hotel room. He was unwilling or unable to tell me who had taken the money out on my card.

Upon checking in at the Comfort Inn (Big Improvement!) I attempted to contact my bank. Finally they were able to tell me that a company named "Travel Web" was responsible for the funds transfer. I attempted to contact the 1-800 number the bank had for Travel Web, but after 25 minutes on hold, had to give up. I was now $150 short in spending money.
I am extremely disappointed in my entire experience. I am especially disappointed in my inability to get through to a person at either Priceline or Travel Web. I am also disappointed in the fact that the hotel was located in such a bad area. We were 2 single women traveling alone and did not feel safe at this hotel. When I book through a respected company such as Priceline, I expect better. I certainly do not expect the surprises that I received. This experience definitely put a damper on the vacation, and I was unable to buy the souvenirs I had hoped to purchase due to my funds being tied up. I have contacted Comfort Inn regarding the condition of this hotel, and have plans of contacting the health department, as well. I have told this story to anyone that will listen, and have warned them about booking with Priceline. I want to deal with a company that will take care of me, not leave me high and dry in a scary hotel room. Comfort Inn did more to make the situation right than anyone connected to Priceline. I will NOT be dealing with Priceline again, and would like to take steps to be reimbursed for the night I stayed there (I feel that if I am in a hotel room that is so bad I can't sleep, the purpose of having a hotel room has been defeated), as well as the two nights I didn't.

My friend will be starting her own paper trail regarding her stay.

Thank you,
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-09:
You didn't say if you took pictures or not. Next time you see something like this, run to the store real quick and buy one of those disposable cameras if you don't own one. This way when you dispute the charge you have proof how disgusting the room looked.
Posted by Shakra on 2006-04-09:
I just looked up the hotel and it is listed as a one-star hotel. Stop with your frivolous complaints. This was bad judgment on your part and has nothing to do with Priceline. I'm sure your friend loves the fact that you have named her on the internet. Another bad judgment on your part.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-09:
Priceline took your money and your card information, that in itself is a crapshoot for you if you don’t check the ratings on the hotels and/or the places you want to go. Even after all that checking the hotels are a crapshoot anyway. “It’s like a box of chockalott, you never know what you’re going to get”. Sorry about your experience.
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-04-09:
These online travel agencies suck. I’m spreading my horrible experience I had with EXPEDIA. Please read my case to avoid being the next victim of EXPEDIA:


and http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=12466
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-09:
Doe, we don't care about your "travel experiences." Stop posting your garbage. (tr)
Posted by wearecruisers on 2006-04-09:
There goes pirate/biz trash talking again. Go outside in the rain, do a handstand and drown.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
Sorry WeirdCruisers, but maybe you're not aware that DOE keeps cutting and pasting the same "advice" on every thread he posts on. Why don't you take a long walk on a short pier!
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-04-20:
BUt it is working. I'm spreading the facts about EXPEDIA. Visit www.victimsofexpedia.com and then tell me if you want that for you.
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Worst Booking Experience
Posted by Karenprivera on 03/04/2014
Priceline is the worst if you are going to book using a third party please pick a good and reliable company like Expedia for example and you won't have to deal with this people. I booked a hotel using Priceline just to save a few bucks over Expedia, thinking I would have the same experience....BIG MISTAKE...I spend over $1500 on my booking to Cancun, to get there I had a connection flight and unfortunately my first flight got delayed and I missed my connection and since it was the last flight of the day I had to be rebooked for the next day. I have traveled all over the world and things like this happen that's just a fact of life, so I called Priceline to see if they could call the hotel and advised them of my predicament, and to let them know that I would get there the next day and to either help me extend my stay for one day since I was getting there a day after or just refund one night stay, obviously customer service is not a priority to this company, first the girl kept saying no you have to call the hotel directly and see what they can do, lady if I wanted to deal directly with the hotel I would have made my reservation directly with them I'm in the us and I don't have an international plan please help me, and all she kept saying was no, I cannot do that, it was so ridiculous. Them she said oh but if you don't get there tonight the hotel will charge you for the first night as a fee for being a no show, so I said great so then I will be refunded the remaining balance right...she said no there's no refunds on your booking, so them I said ok so can you guarantee me that I will be able to check in when I arrive at the hotel tomorrow for my remaining nights, again, she said no I cannot guarantee that. Unbelievable. I said, so to make sure I get this right, you are saying that you took my $1500 and you cannot call them to help me, you cannot change my reservation for the next day, you cannot guarantee that when I arrive I will get a room at the hotel since my reservation will cancel since I won't arrive today and you cannot refund my money? Wow.. I had a similar situation with Expedia and the experience was the complete opposite, they showed they care, they call the hotel for me and everything was worked out in a fair way....how was this fair Priceline???? That's my question. In conclusion I had to buy a international calling card call the hotel on my own and the hotel was great about it they help me with my reservation....I would never book with Priceline ever again...lesson learned. From now on I will only book directly with the hotel or with Expedia or similar companies that are there for their customer that truly care about providing you a great vacation. Priceline never again...and I will tell my story to everyone I can to try and make sure you don't ruin anyone's vacation again. Shame on you!!!!

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Priceline.com Is a Rip Off!
Posted by Wnorland on 03/04/2014
I booked two nights in a hotel in Buckeye through Priceline.com. Upon checkout I was given a receipt that detailed what the charges were for the room. I was shocked to discover that the regular rate for that room was $94.79 and Priceline charged me $114.25. Not only did I not get a discount rate, I paid more using Priceline than if I had booked directly with the hotel. Beware, consumers.
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Watch Out They Double Book You for Hotel Rooms
Posted by Timothyclarke2003 on 12/03/2013
Booked a room in-route to California. We decided to stop in Las Vegas for the night. We booked one room at the Sante Fe Station Casinos - for two double beds, said the room had free Internet. When we checked in we were informed that we had two rooms booked asked if we wanted both. We said no we only had one booked. We were told we already paid for that one as well as they billed us for it already. We were told to call up Priceline as they were the ones to bill it the hotel could not help us.

Called Priceline and so far we have been on hold for 15 minutes and counting. We are not sure what there is to figure. A couple with a young child come into town we only booked one room what is there to figure out. Why would we book two of the exact same room at the exact same time on the computer. Makes sense to everyone but Priceline. Okay so it took 18 minutes for someone to tell decide to refund our second room. Naturally even though even though we did not use the second room it will take up to 7 days to refund even though they took it out immediately they cannot give it back. She was saying "Are you sure you want to cancel it you won't be able to use it again?" I was like what does she want us to do invite strangers in to use the room for the night. I don't get it.

Guess whose services we won't be using again.

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Horrendous Customer Service. WILL RIP YOU OFF.
Posted by Crissy_08 on 11/27/2013
CONNECTICUT -- I will never use Priceline again. NEVER. Customer service is a joke. Admittedly, I made a careless & stupid mistake. I was reviewing the cancellation policy, & accidentally clicked on the "cancel reservation" button instead of "do not cancel". So, they charged my CC for one night. FYI - There is no "are you sure you want to do this?" warning. I called IMMEDIATELY after & was told that there was nothing they could do for me, (i.e. no cancellation reversal, can't stay the night I was charged). When I asked to speak to a manager, they stated that there wasn't anyone to transfer me to. They couldn't care less about their customers. I've emailed them, but haven't received a response yet. However, the email confirming the cancellation was received after my expensive mistake was made. Oh, "that's an automated response" you say? Well, the email to reset your password should be also, but I never received it. Yep, I checked my Spam folder. Read the other bad reviews here, & save yourself the time and money.
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Never, Ever Use Priceline.com
Posted by Pcessig on 11/14/2013
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- I have been a loyal and frequent user for the past year. Most of the bookings were fine. I learned that when you have a problem, you are on your own. Tonight, I arrived at a Hilton booked through Priceline and was given a room without a bed. You think I am joking? I am not. They gave me a hospitality suite with a pull out sofa. Priceline was willing to call the manager of the hotel the next day to see if the hotel would issue a refund. Priceline "customer relations" read the same things off a script but did nothing to solve the problem. The customer relations representative even refused to let me speak to a manager.

All the script told her was that I could write a letter to Executive Services in CT and put it in the mail -- seriously, no 800 number; no email address. The only explanation is Priceline doesn't care what sort of room you get and if you get a bad one (or, as in my case, one without a bed) you are on your own. Buyer Beware!

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Paid More on Priceline Than Hotel Direct
Posted by Edkearney123 on 11/14/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bid on a San Diego hotel room with name your own price which states up to 60% off room rate. The hotel room I received will cost MORE than booking the room directly from the hotel on their website. I bid $75 per night through Priceline.com. When I called the hotel, they said a room with 2 beds would be $20 per night more because I booked through Priceline for a rate of $95 per night. The hotel direct rate is $84 for both king and 2 double bed rooms. I called Priceline and they said they only guarantee a room, not bed types. I will never bid blind again. No more Priceline for me!
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Posted by Pete on 2013-11-14:
I have traveled a bit and I check specific hotel price where I am going. I then check the 3rd party sites and I've never found a rate cheaper than the hotel's rate and in many cases the 3rd party vendor's rate is more (as you found out). Plus, many hotels have a liberal cancellation policy (you can cancel your reservation without any penalty up to 4 pm of the day you are to arrive) but the 3rd party vendor's put in a one day charge so they can make money (their job).
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BEWARE Using PRICELINE for Room Selection With Its Hotel Partners. You Are at the Bottom of the List!
Posted by Jim.keller on 10/24/2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Using Priceline primarily for all our travel arrangements within the US and abroad, we actually selected our stay with Hilton Americas (Houston) as we have done several times before and completely satisfied, Priceline's hotel partner. This was perfect for the long anticipated Buble' Performance at the Toyota Center which is adjacent to the Hotel. We confirmed our reservations for a non smoking ($350) room well in advance, mid-August through Priceline for the October performance.

Upon what we thought to be our seamless check in, we were provided a room on the 9th floor. Exiting off the elevators one could not mistake this was indeed a "smoking floor". Walking through a there was hallway glass door thinking this to have separated the smoking from non smoking rooms. It was quite evident passing through that, this actually was indeed the sectioned off smoking rooms. The nicotine stench was so incredibly bad I seriously doubt this to be acceptable for those who smoke. Don't misunderstand being the type that is totally appalled, or think that smoking is reprehensible, i/we are not. This was completely overbearing and quite honestly certain a health consideration at this point, seriously.

We returned to the front desk to have a room change with our provided confirmed reservation in hand of a non-smoking room as indicated on our confirmation, black and white "2 Queen Beds Parkview Nonsmoking L-Shaped Work Desk/Serenity Bed-Lux Linens Mp3 Clock-Peter Thomas Roth Bath Amenities". Our representative indicated that the hotel is fully booked and does not have another available room. We're not talking about an ocean front room here much less park/city view, but something that deal directly with health considerations.

Being that we have arrived early, my suggestion to the front desk, certainly there are non-smoking rooms available to those who have yet to check in? "This is correct, however those are available for reservations made directly through us, and our contractual agreements made through the attending conference NOT through a "third party" such as yours in which case we treat that as a "request" ".

We then get to the "manager" level to which the response was, "we do have available rooms, and can accommodate your stay, however available non-smoking rooms are for those guests who directly secure that through us and are "reserved". You will need to contact your "third party" This is not my problem, we're done (as he throws up his hands)!

With that, we were "kicked to the curb" with no accommodations, nor alternative arrangements made by Hilton or Priceline. Needless to suggest, they couldn't have in part to other hotels in the immediate are being fully booked the same.

So, here we are on the streets of downtown Houston, no room, hours before the performance, separated from our group, transportation issues, missed dinner reservations and yes, late to the performance having to seek out other arrangements on our own.

Of course we follow up with Priceline who actually provided an immediate refund and get this, a "$25 token" of their sincere regret of how we as a Priceline client was handled as this is not in accordance with partnering hotels and advised that their executive services department who follow up with Hilton Americas.

So who is actually at fault here? Priceline, hotel or equally both. To be quite honest, and will contradict myself, but when a large company as Priceline throws out $25 voucher to its client for the misgiving.... Well, it's quite insulting. I show up with my Priceline confirmation in hand that clearly indicated "non-smoking" and there is available non-smoking rooms, yet the hotel says I'm "third party", thus provided what the hotel wants to offer with no remedy to have immediate resolution than leaving it up to the hotel and so sorry after the fact, here is your $25 token and refund and wipe their hands clean of it, just as the hotel. This leaves a lasting impression of what both these companies did to ruin what was thought to be a memorable evening.

Now then, since they are partners in crime in this respect and it's not about the monetary expense, I would rather have these two companies attempt correct the matter in providing an experience that was originally planned.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-24:
What surprises me is that you have not run into trouble with PL before. Read through complaints - many are similar to yours. These third parties have a bad rep for the customer not ultimately getting their room selection.
Posted by jim.keller on 2013-10-24:
We've actually had very good luck with Priceline in the past and had confirmation in writing the hotel dismissed altogether. The point i guess is that Priceline does NOTHING to those partnered hotels for the agreements they have to generate bookings they would not otherwise have. Hilton accepted the non-smoking reservation, they should have honored that. the customer gets the "shaft" from both sides.
Posted by dan on 2013-10-24:
What you should realize is the hotel is pricelines customer, you are not. You were very fortunate to get a refund from Priceline. Unfortunately sometimes hotels will assign their less desirable rooms to PL guests. I think they were being generous. As in similar complaints it sounds like you didn't even get to the room before you decided its not for you? Perhaps with the a/c on you may not have noticed any smoke once inside your room
Posted by jim.keller on 2013-10-25:
Complete contrary, we did in fact open the door to the room which i assumed to have made the hallway stench as bad as that was. Who really smokes in hallways anyway? We about fell over. A/C and/or smoke ventilation would not least minimize this, i assure. Actually, at this point both Priceline and the Hilton are attempting to make this right. We'll see.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-25:
It's not just 3rd party vendor guests that get the lower grade rooms. If you're using say Amex points to book a stay, you may end up next to the elevator or worse. Cash is king, those paying the full rack rate are going to get the better rooms, just a fact of life.

We used some Hyatt points at a stay in San Diego. At check-in the clerk said you have a lower floor room next to a dock area. She suggested that for $20.00 since we were Gold members were could by an upgrade. We paid the $20 and ended up in a corner mini suite on a higher floor. Sometimes you can work the system a bit for something better. This Hilton had no more rooms, so the OP was sol.

Booking direct with Hilton probably would have ended up with a better room, with a better price. Stay far away from PL and all the other 3rd party travel sites. They offer very little that you can't do better on your own.
Posted by jim on 2013-10-25:
Ok, we are getting somewhere, let me add....The Hilton's management has followed through with a with a very positive outcome and at least on their part made a repeat Hilton customer. I think some reading the post missed the point that the hotel only had non-smoking rooms available to those who booked through them. We even had written confirmation and their available rooms to boot for those who have yet been checked in, but chose otherwise NOT extend that to the Priceline client. Now then, actually Priceline is also following through as well, perhaps they are truly partnering up making a positive outcome out of all of this crazy mess that could have otherwise and easily been avoided by simply extending a room as been reserved.
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