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WORST Company - DON'T USE!
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Rating: 1/51

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- After trying to plan a vacation thru Trivago, we were sent to, and from there all we got is problems and hassle. Their site said after we tried to purchase the hotel room we got an end page that said that "They could not complete our request but our card would not be charged." We got no email confirming this. No confirmation number. NOTHING. Except almost IMMEDIATELY, we had $126 charge pending on our debit card.

So, curious, we called the Priceline phone number. And were put through an automated system of HELL. It took us five (FIVE) calls to actually get to a person, and when we got to a person, the female was outsourced from some other country and we could barely understand her due to her thick accent!! She confirmed our reservation was NOT made and that "Our card would not be charged".

When we confronted her about "Hey, we WERE already charged, please explain," she then reverted to the "Well, we have to charge the card to make sure the card will work first, and all charges will be reversed in 3 to 7 business days". Right. Except our trip is supposed to be in five days, and now because you won't offer an IMMEDIATE refund, we can no longer go on our trip because Priceline is holding our funds. We can't book another hotel room when you won't release the money!! We are calling our bank first thing tomorrow and pressing fraudulent charges against Priceline.

When we asked the non-American "customer service" lady about this point she stated that that is the policy and she can do nothing to change it. We will NEVER use Priceline again. NOT. EVER. Stay away. If you find yourself on Priceline's website from Trivago, immediately turn around and run screaming. Priceline will do NOTHING to help you but EVERYTHING to take your money without reason!!

Scam Scam and More Scam
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA -- We booked a hotel a couple of months ago, paid in full at the time of booking in order to get a better rate. Arrived at the hotel on our reservation date and saw that the posted rate in the hotel lobby is $10/night cheaper than what Priceline charged me. So what is the point of using Priceline at all - to insert a rude 3rd party in between me and the hotel and complicate the process of any cancellations or changes?

I asked Priceline that question and they claimed to provide pricing and availability advantages of which I received neither because the hotel HAS a room available for the cheaper price but I can't have it BECAUSE I PREPAID A 3rd party scammer and can't cancel my existing reservation at the higher price. STAY AWAY FROM THESE LOSERS AT ALL COSTS!!!

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Rating: 1/51

Stayed at the Shores of Panama in Panama City Beach in January 2016. 3 night stay, $282! Thought well, not too bad. Called the day before my trip to Priceline to see if any other charges would be applied. Was told NO, not once but TWICE! That was the GUARANTEED PRICE! LIES!

Checked in to a rude staff at the Shores of Panama (I do not recommend staying here roaches were in room. Which we took pictures of) I was charged an additional 394 dollars when I checked in! Was livid at this point! Also parking you had to pay for. To use the amenities at the Shores of Panama was 30 DOLLARS A DAY! Just to use the pool! Or even the beach access! Craziness! I called Priceline to try to tell them this was false advertisement and Priceline reps after reps, were rude! Priceline did not inform me of any of the hidden fees! Will never use Priceline again! And will tell everyone and write reviews EVERYWHERE!

Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a hotel through their express deal and could not get the service but still charged. Terrible customer service and it is plain scam.

Airport Hotel IAH
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Rating: 3/51

IAH, TEXAS -- I am a commuting airline employee based in Houston and frequently use Priceline hotel bidding if I have to stay overnight. On this occasion I bid and received Super 8 at IAH which was listed as an airport hotel but they do not have airport transportation. I don't believe that Priceline should list an airport hotel that does not provide airport pickup. It defeats the purpose of Pricelining if you have to pay for a taxi at an airport hotel. Beware if you are bidding a hotel at IAH it may not provide airport pick-up.

Worst Booking Experience
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Rating: 1/51

Priceline is the worst. If you are going to book using a third party please pick a good and reliable company like Expedia for example and you won't have to deal with this people. I booked a hotel using Priceline just to save a few bucks over Expedia, thinking I would have the same experience.. BIG MISTAKE.. I spend over $1500 on my booking to Cancun. To get there, I had a connection flight and unfortunately my first flight got delayed and I missed my connection and since it was the last flight of the day I had to be rebooked for the next day.

I have traveled all over the world and things like this happen that's just a fact of life. So I called Priceline to see if they could call the hotel and advised them of my predicament and to let them know that I would get there the next day and to either help me extend my stay for one day since I was getting there a day after or just refund one night stay. Obviously customer service is not a priority to this company. First the girl kept saying, “No, you have to call the hotel directly and see what they can do.” “Lady if I wanted to deal directly with the hotel I would have made my reservation directly with them. I'm in the US and I don't have an international plan. Please help me.”

And all she kept saying was “No, I cannot do that.” It was so ridiculous. Then she said, “Oh, but if you don't get there tonight the hotel will charge you for the first night as a fee for being a no show.” So I said, “Great. So then I will be refunded the remaining balance right?” She said, “No, there's no refunds on your booking.” So then I said, “OK. So can you guarantee me that I will be able to check in when I arrive at the hotel tomorrow for my remaining night?”

Again, she said, “No I cannot guarantee that.” Unbelievable. I said, “So to make sure I get this right, you are saying that you took my $1500 and you cannot call them to help me. You cannot change my reservation for the next day, you cannot guarantee that when I arrive I will get a room at the hotel since my reservation will cancel since I won't arrive today and you cannot refund my money?” Wow. I had a similar situation with Expedia and the experience was the complete opposite.

They showed they care. They call the hotel for me and everything was worked out in a fair way. How was this fair Priceline?? That's my question. In conclusion I had to buy an international calling card, call the hotel on my own and the hotel was great about it. They help me with my reservation. I would never book with Priceline ever again, lesson learned.

From now on I will only book directly with the hotel or with Expedia or similar companies that are there for their customer that truly care about providing you a great vacation. Priceline never again and I will tell my story to everyone I can to try to make sure you don't ruin anyone's vacation again. Shame on you!!

BEWARE. Using PRICELINE for Room Selection With Its Hotel Partners. You Are at the Bottom of the List!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Using Priceline primarily for all our travel arrangements within the US and abroad, we actually selected our stay with Hilton Americas (Houston) as we have done several times before and completely satisfied, Priceline's hotel partner. This was perfect for the long anticipated Buble' Performance at the Toyota Center which is adjacent to the Hotel. We confirmed our reservations for a non smoking ($350) room well in advance, mid-August through Priceline for the October performance. Upon what we thought to be our seamless check in, we were provided a room on the 9th floor.

Exiting off the elevators one could not mistake this was indeed a "smoking floor". Walking through a there was hallway glass door thinking this to have separated the smoking from non smoking rooms. It was quite evident passing through that this actually was indeed the sectioned of smoking rooms. The nicotine stench was so incredibly bad I seriously doubt this to be acceptable for those who smoke. Don't misunderstand being the type that is totally appalled, or think that smoking is reprehensible, I/we are not. This was completely overbearing and quite honestly certain a health consideration at this point, seriously.

We returned to the front desk to have a room change with our provided confirmed reservation in hand of a non smoking room as indicated on our confirmation, black and white "2 Queen Beds Parkview Non smoking L-Shaped Work Desk/Serenity Bed Lux Linens Mp3 Clock-Peter Thomas Roth Bath Amenities". Our representative indicated that the hotel is fully booked and does not have another available room. We're not talking about an ocean front room here much less park/city view, but something that deal directly with health considerations.

Being that we have arrived early, my suggestion to the front desk, "Certainly there are non smoking rooms available to those who have yet to check in?" "This is correct, however those are available for reservations made directly through us, and our contractual agreements made through the attending conference NOT through a "third party" such as yours in which case we treat that as a request."

We then get to the "manager" level to which the response was, "We do have available rooms, and can accommodate your stay. However, available non smoking rooms are for those guests who directly secure that through us and are "reserved". You will need to contact your "third party". This is not my problem, we're done” (as he throws up his hands)! With that, we were "kicked to the curb" with no accommodations, nor alternative arrangements made by Hilton or Priceline. Needless to suggest, they couldn't have in part to other hotels in the immediate are being fully booked the same.

So, here we are on the streets of downtown Houston, no room, hours before the performance, separated from our group, transportation issues, missed dinner reservations and yes, late to the performance having to seek out other arrangements on our own. Of course we follow up with Priceline who actually provided an immediate refund and get this, a "$25 token" of their sincere regret of how we as a Priceline client was handled as this is not in accordance with partnering hotels and advised that their executive services department who follow up with Hilton Americas.

So who is actually at fault here? Priceline, hotel or equally both. To be quite honest, and will contradict myself, but when a large company as Priceline throws out $25 voucher to its client for the misgiving.... Well, it's quite insulting. I show up with my Priceline confirmation in hand that clearly indicated "non smoking" and there is available non smoking rooms. Yet the hotel says I'm "third party", thus provided what the hotel wants to offer with no remedy to have immediate resolution than leaving it up to the hotel and so sorry after the fact, here is your $25 token and refund and wipe their hands clean of it, just as the hotel.

This leaves a lasting impression of what both these companies did to ruin what was thought to be a memorable evening. Now then, since they are partners in crime in this respect and it's not about the monetary expense, I would rather have these two companies attempt correct the matter in providing an experience that was originally planned.

Don't Use Priceline for Your Hotel Bids
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Rating: 1/51

I was a first time user of Priceline - and how very disappointed I am about their rating of the Best Western Hotel in Bossier City, Louisiana on Lake Street. Priceline rated this hotel with two and a half stars and I bid on this hotel ending up with a fair to high price for this hotel. With the events that unfolded once we arrived vs the money I paid.. I thought I was in a SciFi movie.

Priceline took my hard earned money and misrepresented a "good deal". Priceline spends millions of dollars on advertisement and then just a few blogs with photos can put the kibosh on all the wonderful marketing efforts they just spent - if you will take heed from me. The Best Western you sent me to had roaches, a bad clogged hairy shower drain, a rip in the sheets a foot long and a big cigarette burn on the bedspread. I am not exaggerating - I have photos.

This was supposed to be one step below a three star hotel like Wyndham or the Hilton... Are you kidding me? The staff was very polite and tried to accommodate us for what had to be embarrassing as I had photos to share which will back up all the above but it is what it is.

Priceline - you - should be ashamed of yourselves. You also included a hidden charge in your service that I am very upset over not to mention the misrepresentation of the hotel rating. William Shatner, shame... Shame... I would have expected more from Captain Kirk. Pull yourself from this debacle. Mr. Spock would be proud.

Fraudulent Hotel Reservation
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Rating: 1/51

DO NOT USE PRICELINE! I originally booked a 4 night stay on Priceline. After making the reservation I received an email from Priceline asking me if I would like to "Add a Night to your stay". I added an additional night to our trip from the link provided in the email. Priceline said that initiated two bookings and they charged me for both bookings even though I only stayed in one room and the hotel only requested payment for the one room. I talked to Priceline customer service and they said it was a legitimate second booking but if I wanted to write to the executive offices to present my case I was welcome to do so.

I contacted the hotel I stayed at, who informed me they submitted the days I stayed and was paid. I asked them if Priceline paid them for the additional booking, they said no. The hotel also informed me that they discourage people from using Priceline because it is also difficult for them to get paid from Priceline and often receive Priceline credit cards that get declined which the hotel has to then hound Priceline to get paid themselves. Priceline has kept the additional booking amount of $590.00. I am outraged and need the $590 back that Priceline feels entitled to keep so that I can afford to feed my three boys this month.

Priceline feels it is acceptable to steal people's hard earned money. I wish I had checked the internet first before using Priceline as thousands of complaints and reviews have been posted all over the internet. Based on all the online complaints Priceline is stealing millions of dollars from its customers. Obviously the company's moral compass has been broken for some time. DO NOT USE PRICELINE! I have posted this theft on Facebook and it has been read and forwarded by over 400,000 people in just a few days. Please forward this post to anyone you know that is looking to travel.

Priceline's Fraudulent Practices - Beware!
By -

I used the "name-your-own-price" service of and named a price for a 4-star hotel in Las Vegas of $69 per night for five nights. I received a confirmation for the Luxor Hotel at $69 per night and was informed that there were "Taxes and Service Fees" of $55.20 per night and I was charged $400.20 for the five-night stay. The confirmation informed me that any other incidental charges, such as room service, parking, telephone, mini bar, etc. would have to be paid by me to the hotel at the time of my stay.

When I arrived at the hotel, however, I was informed that there was a mandatory "Resort Fee" of $14.50 per night that I would have to pay (in addition to the $55.20 of taxes and service fees for the five-night stay). I was informed that it covered free local phone calls, admission to the health club and a free daily newspaper. I told the hotel that I did not want any of those additions to my hotel room and that I had named a price of $69 per night plus taxes and that was all that I wanted to pay. I was told that I did not have a choice and that I must pay the $14.50 per night. I said that I wanted to cancel my reservation because I was tricked into believing the room would be $69 per night and it was in fact going to cost me $83.50 per night. I was told that the room was not refundable.

When I returned home, I contacted's customer service and customer relations (apparently the company's higher level of customer relations) departments. They were completely unhelpful and just kept saying the same thing over and over again - there was a statement in the small print that said that you could be charged by the hotel additional incidental fees. I said that I read that statement to mean optional fees that I choose to incur such as parking, telephone, Internet, movies, mini bar, etc. I argued that if it's a mandatory fee then it's part of the cost of the room and should be part of the price of the room and not HIDDEN from the purchaser.

I noted that I was never informed that I would be charged a mandatory $14.50 fee per night until I arrived at the hotel. I was not informed of this charge online, nor in my confirmation that I printed out, nor in the email that I received the next day from The "customer service" personnel just said that there was nothing that they could do because I had been given all of the terms of the deal. I argued that if they did not inform me of a $14.50 per night mandatory charge in addition to the taxes and the $69 price I had "named", then I was not informed of every material item. Like robots, they kept saying that I had been given all of the material terms of the deal.

To me, is a scam in that it deliberately and knowingly uses hidden fees to misrepresent the cost of the price of a hotel room. It deceives you into believing that you are paying one price when in fact you will pay a much higher price. They think that it's OK to do this because they warn you in small print that there may be additional fees that you may be charged without stating what those fees are. This is fraudulent activity and should be ashamed of itself.

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