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Insurance Scam/Don't Buy
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Rating: 1/51

I had a court date scheduled in Spokane WA, the judge changed the date. I was OK with this as I purchased insurance and thought all was well. It is not READ the disclaimer in insurance policy, basically if you're not dead or close to it, your loss their gain. What a deal. Stick with real airlines directly. If ANY question on the dates or flights your trying for, as if you're not dead set, it's a solid deal. DON'T buy the ticket or count on the insurance, it's a JOKE.

Very dissatisfied, will never recommend or use again and they would of made this up by rescheduling the trip, charging the difference. They would have had much of my future business. SAVE YOUR MONEY on car rental too as they cannot cancel as Priceline will not let them. This was over a week in advance and only 4 days after the purchase.

Lack of Star Consistency
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Rating: 1/51

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I want to preface this review to say that I really like Priceline and I think you can get some excellent deals. I will relate a recent experience where the posting did not reflect what I paid for and I am very disappointed at their lack of response. I do not work in the hotel or travel industry so I studied the website and their offerings and in good faith chose a 2.5 star hotel. The 2.5 star hotel examples listed are: Holiday Inn Express, Marriott Springfield, etc. The 2.0 star hotels include Comfort Inn, Ramada Inn, etc.

I was awarded the Comfort Inn Maingate in Orlando. According to the rating system, Comfort Inn is a 2.0 star hotel. Here is where my story with the Customer Care/Relations Service beginsā€¦ I called Priceline immediately after receiving confirmation of my hotel stay. I spoke with ** who apologized and told me she can't do anything to what I bought because I purchased it with the knowledge that the reservation can't be changed or amended in any way. I agree, I did purchase with that knowledge, but my purchase was not what I purchased. I bought a 2.5 star and not a 2.0 star hotel.

Twenty minutes later, I asked for a supervisor, she transferred me after a long wait. ** came on and apologized and said he would look into it. He called back 15 min. later and apologized but said according to their rating system, this particular Comfort Inn fell within the 2.5 rating description. I was aware of the amenities offered, but the problem lies with it being stated as a 2.0 instead of a 2.5 hotel. He then explained that Travelocity and others rated this Comfort Inn as a 3 star hotel. I was not purchasing from the others, I was purchased from Priceline and I was looking at Priceline's star rating.

He then offered me a cash bonus which I later found to be $50 for a future hotel bid - but there is a catch, the voucher must be used by April 30 and only $10 will be applied per night up to $50. This is not useful for me because I will not be traveling in the next 4 months. I was not satisfied with ** explanation and resolved to call him again the next day. He gave me an 800 number and did not give me his direct line when asked. I call the number he provided, ** answered and asked about the nature of the call before she can connect me. I waited 30 min. (thank goodness there is now a speaker feature on the phones) before a customer care rep, (didn't catch name) answered the phone.

I asked for ** and he said ** cannot be requested. I explained the situation and got the same response. He repeated everything that was on written on the notes from the day before. Whether the information on the website was right or wrong, I was stuck with what I paid for. I was not happy but they would not budge. The representative will expedite my request. I will be using the hotel in less than 2 weeks, so I will update if I hear from Priceline.

What did I learn from this experience? If you plan to use Priceline, choose a higher star rating than what you see posted - this way you won't be as disappointed. Don't bother calling. Just eat what you got. I wasted close to 2 hours on the phone. The staff has a script and will repeat over and over again what you already know.

Priceline reps are very well trained. They will apologize and say they understand but... they will not bend even if the customer is right. They will turn the conversation around to make you see it their way even when the website posting is clearly on your side in black and white. I used to recommend Priceline when I need a hotel, but this experience has prompted me to try their competitors. If they acknowledged that their website was not clear and that they will upgrade and that I would have to pay the difference, I would be happy. But unfortunately, Priceline left a less than desirable impression with me when trying to resolve a problem.

The cash bonus for another booking was a nice touch, but the probability of it being used is probably small, so they don't have much to lose. If they want to make the consumer feel good - they should either pony up a $50 cash bonus in the form of a check or allow the customer to upgrade to the next level (spend more $$) if the customer was in the right. Don't make the customer feel duped. The 2nd representative I spoke with said he will "expedite" my request. Let's see what Priceline will do next. I asked them to upgrade to 3 stars.

Finally, I have a feeling a 3 star or higher rating may not charge a "fee" to help make up the difference they would have made on the hotel room rate. The margin of gain is smaller for the lower priced hotels than for the larger chains. The rating I provided for Priceline for this one customer service experience is 1 star. In the past, I would have given it 5 stars (above the 4 star best rating).

Beware of These Scammers!
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Rating: 1/51

Just a warning to everyone: If you're searching on Priceline and close out make sure you clear your cookies before going back on. If you don't they see you've been on before and raise the price 100$ per person!! And then when you email customer service they feed you a line about fluctuating prices. Please. I'm on my laptop with one price and my iPad with another and seeing two completely different prices. Beware!

Review Your Contract!
By -

Hi, I've been reading the reviews from people using Priceline as well as their experience at customer service. I want to explain and give my point of view of some comments... The 1st one: Overcharged for my Hotel stay
12/2/2010. I recently purchased 2 nights at a hotel in Taos, NM through I received a bill from the hotel upon checkout that was more than $55.00 cheaper than what I paid through Priceline. I asked about the difference and the desk clerk told me that was their going rate for the room and that I should contact about the difference.

I called Priceline only to be given a standard line about how they obtain rates from hotels and that they would not refund me the difference on my stay. I have spent a lot of money with Priceline but I will NEVER use them again. Their customer service is the worst! First of all yes, the hotel provides a cheaper rate to Priceline, OF COURSE! Otherwise Priceline wouldn't make money, or what is a company for if they'd work for free?

About the lower rate, and this person calling Priceline and stating that this rate is the hotel's rate... I'm sorry, but it is not, if you'd asked the hotel what is their regular rate I BET you the rate you were given is actually less expensive than their regular rate. Now about this. BOGUS advertising 8/16/2010. Here's what they say in their advertising:

"When you book a Name Your Own PriceĀ® Hotel, Flight or Rental Car we not only guarantee the lowest price we guarantee a BIG DEAL! We are so confident that you won't find a bigger deal on some other site, that the Big Deal Guarantee is available all the way until the day before you travel. That's not all, the Big Deal Guarantee also covers Flight+Hotel Vacation Packages. How To Claim Your Big Deal Guarantee.

Call and tell us where you saw the lower price. Priceline will verify the price and availability right there on the phone. 1-800-PRICELINE. 1-800-774-2354 (U.S. or Canada). 1-212-444-0022 (from anywhere else). The Legal Stuff. See more details below by product: Hotels, Flights, Cars, Vacations, Book a Big Deal! If you find a lower price for the same reservation, we'll match the price and give you $25!!"

Well, here's the real story: We booked with them for a car in LAX and named our own price. Several times it was rejected, but finally accepted. Then Hotwire sent me a price drop notification, about 10% less than the price. So I called about their Big Deal Guarantee (In fact,'s regular lowest price was lower than what I paid). The Customer Service lady referred me to Danielle in Customer Relations.

Here's the Real Deal: It seems like nobody gets the bonus or the guarantee. Just because you find a lower price, on the same class of car, same equipment, same dates, etc., you still don't qualify. It has to be from the same company's regularly advertised list price. But I said that "the "SAME" company I'm dealing with is and you have a much lower advertised regular price." "Too bad," she says. It was really a "HA-HA GOTCHA MOMENT!"

Why would a company like this stoop to such unethical practices? Who knows? But I know that no one should patronize a company like this, unless they want to be treated so badly. I'm a senior and money is tight, and the savings would have been important to us. Very disappointed in and their people and their marketing double-talk. Be warned, like so many other. IF YOU'D READ the best price guarantee policies, which I can see you did, but didn't paste the COMPLETE policies, you'd realize why you may have didn't get it. This is what is says.

"If you find a lower published-price for the exact same itinerary, WITHIN 24 HOURS OF BOOKING, Priceline will:
Refund you 100% of the difference, or cancel your reservation so you can rebook at the lower price. Plus, we will give you a $50 Priceline Vacation Package Coupon for your next trip."

My only advice to all customers is to READ YOUR CONTRACT! Yes, you all complain about the Priceline policies "cannot be changed or cancelled", no, and this is because there is a contract, you signed up agreeing for that contract, YOU DID IT! When you sign up whatever in life, you can't break that contract AT ALL...

Besides, there is not only name your own price reservations, there are some other type of reservations where you can have a hotel with the cancellation policy displayed so you don't have any problem at all, but if you choose to NAME YOUR OWN PRICE, have on your mind that YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CANCEL THE RESERVATION OR CHANGE IT. Read whatever the contract says, and I don't mean it just in Priceline, I mean it in every places. You guys think that you can do whatever you want to, but life is not like that, there are some rules you need to follow.

Priceline Forced Counteroffer "acceptance" and No refund policy
By -

Beware of bidding on Priceline. I would avoid them entirely, but if you use them: Take each step slowly and take screenshots, or better yet a video camera of you operating the computer.

Earlier this year, I bid on an expensive last-minute air-ticket on Priceline. The first time, my bid was not accepted. They suggested I allow additional stops and/or raise my price. I did this and after a long wait was taken to the "congratulations" confirmation of purchase page. However, it was for a higher amount than I had bid. (Moreover, I had quotes from Expedia and Delta for less than this amount). Within the minute, I called their toll free number to cancel. The representative said she could not do anything. Subsequent automated emails revealed that they had made a counter-offer which supposedly I had accepted. Their customer service even sent a copy of a web-page which I had supposedly initialed and submitted. Except I never did this. To this day, I don't know if it was fraud on their part or a freakish browser error.

Over the next day, I contacted Priceline by email and phone, only to be told they would not do anything, even if I supplied browser records and proof of my already better offers. They were extremely firm, unsympathetic, and unwilling to even investigate the possibility of an error. This latter fact and the fact that no information and typing other than initials are required for the counter-offer is what makes me suspect fraud. Browser errors can also happen, but their refusal to even look into it is revealing about their agenda. Hint: Integrity and customer service is not a part of it.

I do wonder if they prey upon last minute travelers especially with this forced acceptance of the counteroffer. With just days to departure I had to decide to keep their over-priced ticket (the itinerary was actually perfect, just not the price) or to risk purchasing a second ticket (for about $950 in addition to the $1200 they had forced on me).

In the end, I decided to stick to my guns, and buy the second ticket. I did this shortly after getting off the phone with Priceline and my credit card company the first time. I paid with the same credit card, in order to help prove that I already had a better offer available to me at that same time and that I had been serious about buying a ticket at that price.

So, my final recourse was to file a dispute with my credit card company. I had called them immediately after my first call to Priceline, but they couldn't do anything to prevent the charge. They also couldn't start the dispute process until the charge posted.

Several days later, with the trip already underway, the charge from Priceline posted officially. I then started the dispute process.

My credit card company took explanations and sent paper work for more. In the meantime, I had done my best to document the other offers I already had in my browser, and to preserve as much of that as possible. I sent them copies of what I had. They put a hold on the charge for the duration of the investigation. A couple months later, I had to fill out more paperwork, and wait again for Priceline to respond. About three months later I had the charge refunded. I don't know what response they received from Priceline. It may be that the credit card company just absorbed the charge.

The double booking was also a problem when traveling since there were two reservations under the same name on the flights. Since Priceline wouldn't cancel the ticket, it was necessary to discuss with the airline in advance. The airline couldn't cancel it, but it at least gave them the opportunity to overbook the flight if desired. It was also prudent to arrive extra early to allow time for this again at departures.

My strongest recommendation would be to not to use Priceline, and especially not without a video camera capturing your actions and the screen.

Horrible Experience. Scam Artists. Dishonest Company.
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Didn't receive the room that I pre-paid from The hotel charged my card even though I had a pre-paid reservation. They charged it at a much lower rate and Priceline wouldn't honor the difference. I will never use them again and neither should you. You've been warned.

They Oversold the Hotel and Cancelled Room at 11:20 pm, Night of Check-In
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a hotel with Priceline and was called at 11:20 pm the night of check in. They informed me the hotel had no room available to me and there was no other rooms within a 40-mile radius. They did nothing to help me and only refunded amount paid.

Deceptive Service
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Rating: 1/51

I was given a motel in an adjoining city instead of the one I selected. Priceline refused to correct the error; I lost all my money.

Priceline Was Totally Unable to Make Adjustments/add to Our Vacation
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Rating: 1/51

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We tried to add to our vacation and Priceline would have charged us an additional 460 just to add to our vacation - without the additional vacation charges... that is just the charge for the change. They had no ability to make any adjustments, which we were willing to pay for. If you want to add additional days you get charged the penalty no matter what. It is the worst business plan ever and cost all of the businesses and hotels that we would have gone to and spent money at, lots of money.

Price Line Nothing but Vultures
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- They tried to charge me for a hotel reservation I did not make.

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