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Did nothing for us after a claim
Posted by Maggie1 on 09/29/2007
My family has been good paying customers of Progressives for a number of years now.While their customer service is friendly enough and answer the phone promptly when needed they do nothing for you in a time of need. Friendly only goes so far.

Let me explain... one of our cars was unfortunately hit and totaled by a completely uninsured motorist. (Yes uninsured amazingly enough in this day and age)Thankfully no one was hurt physically but the emotional toll has been big. We lost our main car, spend days taking cabs for now and getting rides from others. Why? Progressive has not even paid us for the towing fees when the car was hit. We got ZERO -just a nice man saying that our only option is we need to go to court to try to collect money for damages- that is the only way since their is no company to sue. So basically what I am saying is we paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to this company for years and we don't get a dime out of this. Forget that UNDERINSURED motorist part written into the policy-I inquired about that. That is only if someone is actually insured in an accident.
What we came out with was a letter from Progressive to bring to a court stating they would have paid us book value for our car if the other man had been insured.

So ladies and gentlemen,please be aware that this could happen -you pay premiums you get nothing in your time of need. Hopefully we win this case as the other person was clearly at fault but I've been told by others it may be hard to actually COLLECT the money.

Thank you for giving us a chance to vent here. It's not been easy having to unexpectedly shop for a car now with ZERO down payment.Progressive is okay but beware if you have to file a claim.

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Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-09-29:
Didn't progressive offer uninsured motorist protection when you first signed up? That's the only coverage that would have benefitted you in this case. Sorry about you situation, we all take our transportation for granted until it's not there one day.
Posted by Maggie1 on 2007-09-29:
No,they did not.It is only if someone would have gotten injured that we would have gotten something via the UNDERINSURED clause in the coverage.I inquired to Progressive and they told me that.UNDERINSURED only covers bodily injury.
The really sad thing is that the accident happened THE MONTH the policy renewed so of course we had to send in a larger than average payment-all for nothing.
Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-29:
What type of coverage do you have - liability, comprehaensive and/or collission? If the other driver was at fault, comprehensive and collission should have covered your loss. The insurance company would have to sue the other party to recover. And does your state require liability? If the other driver didn't have the required by law insurance, you can notify the Public Safety Dept.. of your state and the other persons license should/will be suspended til he pays up and provides proof of insurance. Good luck. I really do feel your pain....been there......
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-09-29:
In MOST states, Liability INCLUDES uninsured/ Underinsured motorist coverage (Would be listed as UM/UIM on your policy/card). Not all, but as far as I can remember, a vast majority do. But then again, I could be off, I was only licensed to sell insurance in one state. :)

You didn't say what state you are in, the only state I can think of that doesn't require insurance is Wisconsin, but there has to be proof of so much money in a special bank account for accidents.

Even if you only had liability on your car, I can't understand why progressive isn't helping you.

Try contacting your states insurance comissioner.

And as an FYI- If you live in a state that requires uninsured motorist coverage, like Minnesota, you will be able to make a claim against your insurance company. Your insurance company pays when the other driver doesn’t have any insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for many (but not all) of the things that the other person’s insurance would have paid for if it existed.
Underinsured motorist coverage is not the same as uninsured motorist coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage applies when the person who caused your accident has insurance but the limits aren’t high enough to fully compensate you for your losses.
Posted by Maggie1 on 2007-09-29:
Just to add the man did get ticketed at the scene for not having insurance and it's clearly stated on the police report,etc so we should win this in court.I have all the proof we need.To make matters worse he cancelled his insurance two weeks prior to this happening.(I even got a printed letter from his old company stating this)
The good news is I am told by DMV that this means he would have a suspended license and would have to go through the process of getting it back again.
Thanks for everyones input and if I can I will let you all know what happens with the judgement.
Posted by steve101 on 2007-09-30:
Chances are that even if you win, the at fault driver is a deadbeat with no money. Thats why he canceled his insurance.
Posted by geather-c on 2007-10-01:
AH! come on anybody who has insurance with George(liberal,commie)Soros deserves what they get.so take it and feel no sympth.HA! HA! HA! now do you bank with bank of America(mexico)?
Posted by Maggie1 on 2007-10-12:
Update-the man who hit us asked for an adjournment of the case (you are allowed ONE)said his lawyer is not ready!
I can not imagine what a lawyer would do or why he would get one-probably bluffing-this man is totally liable for the damage to our car. Guess he felt he had to try-what a ridiculous situation.

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Boat problems
Posted by Wardmike23 on 10/01/2012
ROCKPORT, TEXAS -- 7-21 hit a submerged object at full speed, hit it hard enough to shut down the motor, got it started and limped it to the dock. When I got to the dock found out that my reverse was gone. Dropped boat of at dealer to check it out. mechanic calls me 8-7 and ask me what the heck I hit {never told him I hit anything} tells me the gear case is shot {reman $2100} I call my agent and file a report. 8-8 get a call from the inspector to let me know that SHE is going out to look at my boat. 8-9 she calls me back and tells me that she is writing up a estimate for repairs and she will call be the next day. 3 days go by and no call. I call her and she won't return my calls, call my agent and he tells me that she is still working on it and she always returns calls. leave for vacation for a few days. get back home and am driving by the dealer so I stop in to see how repairs are going. they have not heard a word from my insurance. I start calling from the parking lot and know answer and know body will call me back. I finally get her to answer and she tells me her boss has my claim so I get his number and call him. The boss is looking at the pics that she took and tells me it won't be covered because its wear and tear. I asked if they can send another person out to look at the boat for a second opinion and he tells me no. We had a polite conversation wright up till the point that I asked him if he was a boat mechanic of if she was, he gets a attitude with me and tells me that the boat dealer and I are in this together trying to get a claim { first time my boat has ever been to this dealer} and that maybe my mechanic does not know what he's talking about that's when I got a attitude. After he hung up on me I went back inside and had a talk with the mechanic and let him know that they are denying my claim, that's when he shows me 3 other lower units that the same guy denied there claims also saying its where and tear, one of the props had all 4 blades bent the wrong way. As off today I have been calling them everyday and know calls back. The dealer calls me this afternoon and tells me that the brp evenrude/johnson service representative showed up at there shop for a visit they asked him to look at my lower unit and tell them what's wrong, less than 5 min he tells them that its impact damage. So I guess I will be back on the phone with these idiots tomorrow next step is for me to hire a marine surveyor with my own money. I think that a mechanic with 30 years ex. and the service representative for johnson may know what there talking about. Just my 2 cents on Progressive

Well I called them all day again yesterday and no answer, about 300 the boss calls me back. I ask him where do I go from here and he tells me they are done with it so I told him that they need to step up and fix the boat and that they never had a problem cashing my checks. Well here we go again with the normal wear and tear BS. He tells me that the shaft is not bent so that's why that won't cover it. Well we go round and round again then I asked him how the prop got spun of the bearing and Wait for it he says well that's from impact damage. Now it just shoots out of my mouth and I had to tell him that he is a #%&^* idiot. Then he pulls this out of his @##$ that the gears were not installed correct {first time I have heard this one} I let him no that I bought the motor new and the gear case has never been opened. Anyway I told him I was hiring a marine surveyor and a lawyer and that's when he gets the attitude again and tells me to do what I need to do. Well just before we hang up I tell him that the service representative was in and looked at my motor and says its impact damage then all of a sudden he has a change of attitude. I just left it at that and hung up. Well today I called the surveyor to find out some info. at the end of our conversation he asked me what insurance I have so I told him and says oh so your dealing with I not going to put there names on here but he already knew about them so maybe there is still hope. My dealer called me today to let me know that they were back in looking at the boat and wanted to know what the service tech had told them. It should not be this hard..

Well as of today I am giving up. I hired a marine surveyor to check the lower unit and Progressive hired one also. They both agreed that the damage was done from impact damage then there surveyor throws in that it "MAY" have been from more than one impact. I call my Progressive agent that I am dealing with and he tells me that its not covered because it "MIGHT" have been more than one impact. What happened to normal wear and tear, bearings installed wrong, Anyway the next step is to hire a umpire to set down with the surveyors and what he decides is it. That's going to cost another $600 dollars. I was also informed that if he rules in my favor that they will only pay for half the repairs due to the motor being 12 years old, well repairs are $3300 I have spent $325 on the surveyor, it will cost me another $300 on the umpire then my $500 deductible its not worth it to break even plus my boat storage that I am paying is not cheap and they want their money if the boats there are not. Anyway I have sent this link for this post to my agent and I also attached it to the other Progressive post on this site so maybe somebody else won't go through this. Now that this is over I won't you guys/gals that have Progressive and use your boat at the coast from Port O-Conner and south these are the 3 folks that you will be dealing with if you have a claim. These folks have lied to me at every turn the worst customer service I have every dealt with, won't call me back for days. Anyway the parts are on order and I should be back on the water soon.........

Well I just called Progressive to cancel my policy and now somebody cares, she tried hard to get me to stay, they want me to talk to somebody in charge in the claims department tomorrow that should be fun...

Well it just gets better all the time, I get a call and when I answer the guy says this is Progressive and I was asked to call you{never says his name} well I explain the problems that I have had and start naming names and then the guy stops me and ask me
"so what's your complaint" at this point I tell him to have a good day and we hang up. I had the call on speaker so my wife could here and the whole time I am talking she is laughing at me. After I get of the phone I ask her what's so funny, she pulls a paper out that she has been keeping notes and phone numbers on and looks at the number on my phone and tells me that I was talking to the head Idiot that we have been dealing with at the coast. Anyway we had a good laugh and its over.. My brother called to cancel his policy yesterday and when they asked him why he told them about me so now that want him to talk to a regional manager today...
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Progressive? Never again
Posted by Espressoman on 08/14/2009
My son and I both had our trucks vandalized a few weeks ago; we both had 2 tires slashed by neighborhood punks. I have State Farm, my son has Progressive. The Progressive agent just left our house (after taking almost 4 weeks to get here), and told us my son would be getting nothing back from his claim, because the cost of buying tires IN THE SAME CONDITION AS THE OTHER 2 ALREADY ON THE TRUCK, was less that his $500 deductible. They wanted us to buy USED tires to replace the slashed ones, which were less than 1 year old. He had already bought 2 new tires because Progressive told him not to do anything until the agent saw and evaluated his slashed ones. So he was expected to sit and wait 4 weeks waiting for the adjuster to show up before he could use his truck! His couldn't wait, of course, and his cost for 2 new tires was $1200. He had a $500 deductible, and Progressive says they will pay nothing. I my State Farm agent the day we found the slashed tires, and they told me to go buy 2 NEW tires and send them the invoice by fax. I had a check in 4 days, for the full amount of the tires, minus my $250 deductible. Progressive? How about renaming them Regressive! State Farm never even sent someone to examine the tires. Is State Farm more expensive than Progressive? Not when Progressive refuses to pay their claims!
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Posted by saj80 on 2009-08-14:
How much are the tires? If the cost is less than the $500 deductible, Progressive is responding in a manner State Farm would, if your deductible with them was higher. Once State Farm receives your invoice, you will not receive full reimbursement, but only the difference between the cost of the tires and your $250 deductible. I don't see anything in your complaint that would indicate Progressive is in the wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-14:
Insurance will always only pay the value of the tires at the time of lose unless your policy coverage says otherwise. Even tire guarantees are prorated for the amount of wear that is on them.

Why didn't your son keep the tires that were replaced and just store them until the adjuster finally arrived?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-08-14:
If you have witnesses, sue the neighborhood punks for the full cost of the tires.
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Posted by Mimuziks on 07/17/2003
I applied for insurance through Progressive. I have 2 teenagers neither one has EVER had a drivers license. My quote was $400 more just because I had teenagers in my household although neither has ever drove. I have NO tickets in 20+ years of driving. My credit isn't so good due to a divorce but I've paid my auto insurance. I don't understand why insurance isn't based on my driving record alone?

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Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-02-02:
call geico!
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-03-31:
Unfortunately, a lot of people are being blamed for what a few people do. The credit score discount is offered by many insurance companies as a risk-avoidance tool. Based on surveys, field reports, etc, it has been determined by most insurance companies that people with lower credit scores are a higher risk for claims. Therefore, those people with a lower credit score don't get a discount. In some states, I think having a low credit score is a fine, which I believe is completely wrong. As for the teenagers in your home, if they don't have licenses, you shouldn't be charged for them. State your case that they DO NOT have licenses, and if the company insists on charging you more "just because," then switch companies immediately. Don't put up with a bad insurance company/agent--there are many of us out there who work our butts off for our valued customers, even those with low credit scores & teenagers. Good luck.
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-09:
Just having those teenagers living IN THE HOUSE can sometimes bump up your rates. Regardless of license status. Knowing they're in the house with access to your keys is enough. Depends on the state where you live.
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Rude Lying Claims People at Progressive Insurance
Posted by Ruthjim65 on 10/23/2012
MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OHIO -- Rudest people ever crooks from owner down 2 claims people. Peter [snip] is stupid or just doesn't care how these crooks that work for him lie, cheat and steal from people. The same people pay him millions of dollars every year. They spend millions on that stupid Flo commercial and won't fix or pay 5 or 6 thousand to take care of paying customers. These people will be out of a job someday you can't lie. cheat and steal from people forever. Claims people sent my car to three of their preferred shops. My car was never fixed to satisfactory running condition. Really rude people at Progressive. liars and thieves.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-10-23:
Depending on the damage, some vehicles can never be repaired back to the way they were pre-accident no matter how much money you throw at them.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-23:
Why was the car sent to three different shops? What was not repaired that you felt should have been, and what was the explanation when you complained?
Posted by ruthjim65 on 2012-10-25:
trmn8r they keep wanting me 2 take it 2 another shop i told them 3 is enough if 3 shops cant fix it maybe it cant be fixed.they dont care about anybody,s car they get bonuses for all the money they cheat the customer out of.i was talking 2 an honest claims person he told me all the tricks claims ppl use 2 cheat the customer delay dont pay deny the damage .this claims person told me they make good money but they are so greedy they cheat the customers every chance they get.
Posted by jim on 2013-02-01:
progressive rude dishonest claims ppl cheat and lie and steal from honest customers renee lewis liar and a thief
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Wrong Way DUI Driver Hit Us
Posted by Ktay on 04/20/2011
If you have Progressive insurance, cancel your policy. A drunk driver hit our brand new car while driving the wrong way on a one way street. Progressive got us a rental & repaired our car in less than a week. We were told that we would get our $500 deductible back once "we gave them a police report" to clearly identify who was at fault. My car is not the same as it was before it was hit & the uninsured motorist part of our CAR INSURANCE only covered bodily injury not my car. When I asked them about this odd coverage they said my husband has to tell them that he wants that coverage.

Last time I checked full coverage was supposed to cover everything in full. Progressive insurance FAIL! This whole experience has cost me time, frustration and $560.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2011-04-20:
No matter how great the repair job is, the car is never the same after an accident. My parents have traded in a couple of vehicles for that reason alone.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-04-20:
They are telling you right. Uninsured is for medical. Comp/Collision covers your vehicle. The amount of the deductible is something you select when you take out the policy. You can get $0 deductible but the premium will be significantly higher.

You do have the option to sue the other party for your deductible and any out-of-pocket expenses as a result of their negligence.

In your review you indicate they will waive the deductible if you provide them with a police accident report. Did you do it? Sounds like they are being vary fair with you.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-04-20:
I didn't know that uninsured was only for medical. That stinks! If nothing else, file a civil suit and take the drunk cretin to court.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-04-20:
UM also has UM property damage. You may have had to ask for it, but its very inexpensive. You should ask your insurance about diminished value due to the accident
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-20:
Id definitely be sure to sue the hell out of those scumbags. Its bad enough these a-holes get behind the wheel of a vehicle drunk, but dont even have insurance on the darn thing. Bunch of scum. Im sue them, but Im sure theres nothing you would get out of them.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-20:
clutzy -> that isn't always true. I had a 1982 Nissan 280zx Turbo. A guy in an AMC tank rammed my car into a curb in 1988, which ripped the front wheel off. He drove away. I made it 1/8 mile on 3 wheels before the smoke from the 4th, sitting sideways under the car, made me stop.

I was fearful the car was history. The repair was over $8000. The guy told me when I went to pick it up I was "lucky" I had the accident. I was like "huh?", but he was right. It ran *better* than when I bought it with 12,000 miles. That same guy did 3 repairs on different cars for me, paid by insurance. All were done meticulously, and I am a picky person. So it is possible, with the right frame straightening, new parts, and the right body work specialists and equipment. The only thing that wasn't like new was the durability of the finish, if hit by something like rocks.
Posted by ticia232 on 2011-04-21:
Why haven't you submitted the police report? No insurance company is going to take someone's word about what happened (thank you scammers and liars) over a report about what actually happened. You would be out nothing, and it wouldn't add to your premium (which may go now that you were involved in an accident.)

My brother has progressive and full coverage and has been involved in two not at fault accidents. The first hit the back of his car on the freeway, and the second T-boned him at an intersection. He has not payed anything for the repairs because he gave in the police report from both.
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From Amica to Progressive Accident 101
Posted by MJAReed on 02/12/2010
I recently switched to Progressive Auto Insurance from Amica Auto Insurance.
Murphy's law: I get into a minor accident which resulted in another car clipping my passenger side mirror. Total cost about- $40.00
Not a big deal, but to be safe went through the motions of insurance claim.
First I contacted Prog. through their online claim. A representative contacted me three times that day.
Once we touched base, I gave a recorded incident report.
It was at this point they said they would be sending me a written report to fill out and draw a diagram. Through email I downloaded the form, filled it out and faxed it to my representative that day.
Progressive then emailed me with the Contact information for the other cars insurance company (Travelers)
I called them as instructed and left Another recorded accident report statement.
Travellers Ins. then sent me an accident report to fill out Repeating the Same information I said, and wrote for Progressive and said to Travellers.

Now I feel like my statements and written information is redundant and inefficient.
Aggravation is peaking, as I'm paying monthly payments to this Insurance company but feel like I'm doing all the leg work for this claim. Now, it could be because I'm inexperienced in this area. However... I have been in one other accident, filled out my info online, spoke to a representative once online and everything else was taken care of.
I'm beginning to think that the reduced prices at Progressive comes at quite the cost.
If you don't get into an accident insurance with Progressive is fine. If you do get into an accident, you better hope you paid for them to do all the work.

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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-02-12:
Another mirror would have cost you less than your deductible, and would be easy to remove and install. I broke a mirror off once (pulled out of the garage too close)...I found another mirror for my car off of eBay, and put it on myself.
Posted by saj80 on 2010-02-13:
When you buy insurance via Progressive online, you are becoming your own agent. What you are doing is what an agent would normally do, but you have made the decision to use Progressive (assumably to save money), so when there is a claim, you are responsible for preparing all of the requested and necessary information.
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Progressive Insurance Update
Posted by Gov.helps insurance companies on 12/15/2007
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I have been posting about how bad progressive is screwing its customer base.Well heres an update. After suing them and after four years I find out they have a lifetime warranty on there work. I called them and told them about the terrible work they did on our truck and they said bring it in. Well guess what all the complaints and bull they repainted it, straightened the door and fixed the water leak in the rear door.

All this after they told a judge in court that all repairs were done correctly than to fix it four years later. Beware progressive like most insurance companies will scam you.Im not just saying this it is a fact, Most people say oh! I've never had a problem with mine. Wait until you get hit and if you don't know repairs. You only think its right. Got news for you... wrong!!! Please excuse my grammar.

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Posted by Ponie on 2007-12-15:
Not only will I excuse your grammer, I'll excuse you gramper, too.
Posted by gov.helps insurance companies on 2007-12-15:
what the heck do you mean .
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-12-16:
Since when did Progressive start working on cars? Did you chose the mechanic to work on your vehicle or did Progressive? If you picked them then it's your fault for getting a shotty service, if Progressive picked them, then you have the right to go after them.
Posted by Tali on 2008-09-30:
Hello I am writing in regards to what this person is saying about Progressive. I am in the middle of this issue with them and the bank also. Mine is just starting. I cancelled my policy with Progressive on 9/23/08 (payment was due on same day). Needless to say, I checked my bank statement online and they had withdrawn 95.17 instead of the 91.17/mo payment. I call em and they say they will put the 95.17 back in. Luckily, I hadn't written any checks or bills out right then or else. Ok so I checked my balance yesterday AM and guess what!! They took out 91.17 (remember I cancelled policy on 9/23) and guess what folks NOONE had seen anything like this happen before (so they say). First young lady I spoke to yesterday AM was as confused as I was looking at it yesterday . Ok so my motorcycle payment bounced today sometime (I checked acct this AM and it hadn't cleared yet) so I check it 10mins ago and payment had bounced. I am really upset and I swear AIG was a better company than this (even with all the junk they are into right now). Jeez!!! So, if u use Progressive folks, DO NOT USE AUTOMATIC DEBIT!!!! Trust me, I don't have a reason to lie. Ask the person in front of me on this board. Thanks and good luck. Hope this helps you all.
Posted by knows better on 2012-07-02:
Never sign their or any insurance company's Authorization for Consumer Disclosure Form. It is the most powerful legally worder sheet of paper Ive read in ou give them the right to use everything in your life for the rest of your life and to tell ANYONE they please. Read carefully
Posted by ok on 2012-07-02:
Question any insurance company if theysubscribe or use Clooze a database of insurance company ratings and info about you! yr bank infor etc
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Duplicate charging of customers
Posted by Koolcats on 12/04/2001
LIMA, OHIO -- Progressive bases my insurance rates according to the population and number of accidents in the area where I live.(This was told to me by a Progressive Rep.) I had two accidents within one year and neither of them were my fault. My rates increased. How could this happen if I was not at fault? Progressive says I am rated on my frequency to be in accidents as well. So, according to Progressive, everyone is rated on the number of accidents that happen in their area. If you happen to be in two or more of those, you also show a frequency of being in accidents and you are charged more for insurance by Progressive regardless of if you were at fault or not. A co-worker told me that this is the same company that charges you higher rates if you have bad credit, even though you have never missed a payment to them. I guess Progressive knows that you are a bad driver if you have trouble paying your bills. I honestly feel that I would rather share the road with somone that pays for insurance every month before they make their credit card payment. They may not have enough money to pay both, but at least they are responsible to the other drivers. People with bad credit and no credit should not be penalized with higher rates as traffic offenders are!
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Posted by punkin535 on 2004-03-19:
all insurance company's using your credit report as a rating factor---and all company's rate each zipcode differently because of the amount of accidents that happen in that area, and are you sure you weren't at fault AT ALL.
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Former employee
Posted by on 08/30/2011
I worked for Progressive for 7 years. I saw so many problems and mistakes I would never insure with Progressive. Their call centers are like a human factory. Progressive's advertising is a huge scam. They claim to give you the price of other companies as well as Progressive. What people don't realize is when you get a quote your credit is checked. If you have bad credit, amazingly the prices of the other companies are LESS than Progressive. What it really means is Progressive doesn't want your business, so they throw you to another company. If you credit is good, then the Progressive quote is always LOWER. The call center reps are treated like robots. Every call is recorded and reviewed. They will give a bad review if you don't say the exact wording in the scripts they provide. I even had a manager follow me into the restroom to check and see why I wasn't on the phone. They have all these ridiculous measurements such as your average handle time ( how long you are on the phone with a customer ) Your available time ( how long you are not on the phone ) Every single word you say is reviewed and judged. It's all about taking as many calls as humanly possible. Most every caller is upset about something, price, service, etc. Working an 8 hour shift leaves you totally drained and exhausted from arguing with customers all day long. Stay far away from Progressive.
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-08-30:
You have my sympathy. Unfortunately, you have just described the majority of call centers in the country (and others as well, I'm sure). Unfortunately, that is what mega-corps call "customer service"; reading to callers from a script.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-30:
I can't think of a single insurance company that doesn't consider one's credit when putting together a quote..or if the person has too low of credit, handing them off to a secondary insurance company.

Customer service reps average length of employment is around 18 months. It's a thankless job and as you stated, exhausting...and the pay aint great. You lasted 7 years...that says something about you and your work ethic.

Posted by leet60 on 2011-08-30:
+10 just_cause. I see a lot of "disgruntled employee" in the original post. I have worked call centers for almost 20 years now. While it is stressful and you are held to what look to be impossible standards to the average person, all the goals and standards are obtainable. In short, like any job, it is not for everybody.
Posted by veryupset on 2012-03-26:
Yes I agree with the original comment. I too worked for Progrssive and I have worked in several call centers and Progressive was the worst call center that I have worked in. I lasted a year and was so glad to leave and I left on good terms. The public should scruntinize the company before signing on with them. Especailly one as unethical and with out integrity!
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