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A Little Bit of Bait and a Whole Lot of Switch
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- Here is what these people do. They offer a "Free Sample Bottle" where you only pay for shipping and handling for $4.95. Then when you call in, you discover that the bottle is enough for.... 15 days!!! Not even enough of the product to enable the buyer to do a trial equal to the time frames they presented in their radio pitch. Soooo when I asked to buy a second bottle so I could actually purchase have enough product to do a fair test, they quoted an astronomical price and would only offer the product at a normal price if I committed to their quarterly shipping program where you have to buy $125 worth at a time.

"But I just want to buy enough extra of the product to do the test which you want me to do...!" "Sorry but to actually receive that much of the product you have to sign up for our quarterly auto ship, or pay $2 a day!!!" I was so surprised at the utter stupidity of their marketing reasoning that I decided to write this and call my station.

Hey Purity, you just spent the precious goodwill that you advertised, promoted and spent money to earn. A new client calls in.... what an opportunity to have someone pick up the phone wanting to give a fair trial to your product (and your company) and then... you blew it. Instead of making it easy for people to fairly try it out, you instead immediately want to expand the sale and sink a deep long term hook. Shame on you!

Company Response 02/09/2015:

Thank you for your comments. We aspire to create a win-win relationship with our special free bottle offer and with all of our customers. We are sorry that your experience was not what you had expected. That is unfortunate, as we are devoted to creating very satisfied customers. Please know that even one displeased customer upsets us. Below are a few points that we hope will clarify our position, and we look forward to helping you in the future if you are so inclined.

  • When you dial into one of our 800 numbers that offer a free bottle, we will sell the free bottle only with no prerequisite to go onto any continuity program. The customer merely pays for shipping.
    o If you should choose to save money and try our advertised product on the continuity program we do invite people to join our super saver program – and you can cancel anytime.
    o On our auto-ship program, the product typically costs about $1.25 a day.

  • We have a dedicated, well trained customer service team standing by to please our customers. Any questions or comments can be easily managed thru customer care at 1-888-769-7873. The hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm ET, Friday 9am-7pm ET, and Saturday 9am-5pm ET. With an A+ rating from the BBB, we can assure you we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

  • We are proud to do business in America, employing many people locally here on Long Island. We is quite charitable as well. We are devoted to product innovation and do not compromise for quality. We embrace good values such as integrity, respect, consideration and more. We serve our community and sponsor events to raise awareness for health and charity.

  • We donate money locally, nationally and globally – taking our civic responsibilities seriously.

  • We has a mission to make America a healthier place to live through health aging. We enjoy incredibly high customer satisfaction ratings, and we are dedicated to providing elite nutritional supplements, which follow the science.

  • Our superior quality vitamin formulations are scrutinized by our leading Quality Assurance department. We follow all cGMP regulations and guidelines.

  • We believe we offer people a terrific opportunity with our free bottle offers. Some are 15 days and some are 30 days. You just pay for shipping, and get to put the supplement to the test. We feel this is a very fair arrangement. Win-win. If a customer is not fully satisfied, we are pleased to provide a refund or cancel all future orders. We're not sure why this is being perceived as a “bait and switch.” It is perceived by most of our customers as a fair and generous offer. And that is our motive.

We have legions of very satisfied customers, and hope by better understanding our approach to conducting business you will see it as a wholesome, fair, friendly way to introduce our products to customers. We hope you might even consider one of our supplements in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to call me direct at 516-301-5023.

Thank you,

Joel Joseph
Customer Care Coordinator

Complaining Unable to Cancel Autoship and They Overdrafted Me!!
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I ordered 'free trial' product, paid nominal shipping fee. Then, I called to cancel 'autoship' and could not navigate thru the myriad of prompts in the auto-system; unable to get a person on the phone. Auto system said next delivery would be November, so I figured I had ample time to try to get a person on the phone, or perhaps I would actually enjoy the product by then and want to be on autoship... Just had no money this month. They hit my account for $125 and I got text alert from bank that my account was overdrawn, and THAT fee is $36.

The check I wrote to school for my son's lunch then caused ANOTHER overdraft fee of $36. FINALLY got a person on the phone who: A.) constantly interrupted me, B.) constantly talked over me, C.) offered me a refund of $60. I declined her offer of a refund, as that doesn't even cover the two overdraft fees. I told her she lost a customer. How frustrating that you can't email customer service, get a live chat or a person on the phone so as to avoid this problem.

Company Response 01/30/2015:

We apologize for this experience. We hope everything was resolved. If not, please call our Customer Care Coordinator, Joel Joseph, directly at 516-301-5023 or our customer care line at 888-769-7873.

Shady Company
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I ordered a couple products from Purity Products and decided I was no longer interested in taking them. I called to cancel and the girl went round and round about what a good deal it is and even lowers the price. I keep telling her I want to cancel. She offers to change my super saver to another product. We chat about this for a few minutes but in the end I say "please cancel, if I want something else I will call back."

I assume the account is canceled and lo and behold a few months later, here is a charge for auto ship. I call and am told I am wrong I did not cancel my products. I repeatedly asked to be canceled and was not. A very shady company if you ask me. Beware of their "FREE" products!

Company Response 08/07/2014:

We want to resolve this issue. Unfortunately we don't have enough of your contact information to track down the order. We will review the call. If you did not want to be enrolled in our autoship savings program, and discussed that with our representative, you should not have been billed anything further. Please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He will make sure that this is resolved immediately and to your full satisfaction.

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Rating: 5/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had an exceptional experience with Purity. I didn't take any products from this company until after I got pregnant and couldn't take the prescribed prenatal vitamins so I got on the Perfect Multi and it's been amazing for me and my unborn. (: And I also have my mother taking Ultimate HA which is helping a lot with her joint aches and pains. My Dad is taking the HA Joint and is having success with it, and my uncle is a health freak and is LOVING the Certified Organic Juice Cleanse.

I have had no problem ordering or canceling and I do not feel that this is a scam at all. You pretty much know what you are getting into BEFORE you even hang up the phone with the agent. If you don't understand what you are getting they will be more than happy to explain - in my experience.

Company Response 01/30/2015:

Thank you for the feedback!

Very Happy
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Rating: 5/51

I have been using Purity products for a couple years now and my representative Marcel has been always great for me. I love their products and will continue ordering from them. Only twice in my time, I have experienced a ship charge that I wasn't suppose to pay but they fix it on my next shipment always. Go! Purity Products Go!

Did Not Work
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Rating: 1/51

My husband thought would take this product - the green tea one and he was perfectly healthy. He thought it would help as a boost for his immune system. Turn out, when he started taking them he got hip and leg pains so brutal he couldn't barely take it. He took them for 3 weeks, when he stopped taking it the pain instantly disappeared. What is that? If you look on the company address they are from PLAINVIEW on TERMINAL drive... Scary.

Unauthorized charge of $184.65
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- Heard infomercial, received product to try. Did not realize that the products (Maca Super Formula and Vital Brilliance Formula) can cause sudden diarrhea. Very embarrassing at the workplace. Allowed company to auto-ship product, thought the charge would be about $65.00. Surprise! $184.65 charged to my credit card. Needless to say I have to devote a lot of time and effort to get the credit card company to stop payment.

Company Response 01/30/2015:

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our customer care line is 1-888-769-7873. We hope this was resolved. If not, please call our Customer Care Coordinator Joel Joseph at 516-301-5023.

My Experience With Purity & Their Products
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Rating: 4/51

CALGARY, ALASKA -- As a company Purity Products has screwed up in their service to me. They've occasionally sent me stuff I've either never ordered, in a way I did not order it, and during periods when I've voluntarily suspended my shipping. The later was usually due to not taking the prescribed daily amount daily while being on the Super Saver program with auto shipments. Each time any of the above happens I find it a pain to have to deal within the first place. On the other hand, each time I've contacted them regarding these matters they have corrected the situation in an agreeable manner. I've dealt with them for years.

These so called "pain" incidences might occur a couple times a year. They should correct these shipping situations so they don't happen. Regarding their product HA (Hyaluronic Acid). Speaking of pains: Years back I would awake in the middle of the night with a sharp stabbing pain in my knee. The regular routine was to get a frozen gel pack from the freezer, go back to bad, put the gel pack on my knee, and eventually go back to sleep. I bicycle and, since knees are important to cycling, I wanted it fixed. I went to my GP, physiotherapy, chiro, had infrared radiation, but they didn't work. (No disrespect intended toward people in these respected professions.)

Eventually, I came across HA as a potential solution. I signed up with Purity Products Super Saver. In two or three months no more pain. I've since bicycled across the continent on a loaded bike. Never have I had a recurrence of that sharp pain, or anything like it, since taking HA. I realize this is designed to be a whining site. I think it's better to solve a problem. Yes, I too would like Purity Products to de-bug their shipping issues to absolute perfection. As it currently stands, I have to ask their customer service agents to fix these things - and they do. HA tablets probably do not cure baldness or poor life choices, but they did fix my issue.

(Speaking of bugs that can be fixed, I think this very site could easily accommodate Canadian addresses.) With respectful regards.

Beware of All Mega-Potency Products!
By -

Most companies selling nutrition supplements create marketing programs to exaggerate the potency and usefulness of their products. For example, this morning on the car radio I heard a Purity Products "expert" waxing eloquently about the multi-health benefits of AFX. He stated that this product has 6,000 times the antioxidant value of vitamin C! If that is factual, then this product is possibly poisonous to your body! Whatever antioxidant potency nature created in food for your body is what is RIGHT for your body! That goes for ALL nutrients! Do not ingest multi-potency anything. Need extra vitamin C? Eat more foods containing vitamin C.

The supplement industry mostly sells you synthetic nutrients. They are chemicals. The FDA authorizes the industry to claim ascorbic acid as being vitamin C. It is not! That is a lie. It is merely a single factor of the vitamin C complex. When you consume 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid as vitamin C it acts as a drug in your body. It might make your infection symptoms cease, but it won't answer your body's deficiency and need for vitamin C complex. All symptoms are the body's communication that you have a deficiency, or toxic overload.

Self-disciplined people who do detox programs twice a year, eliminate addictions to carbs and sugar, and consume wholesome foods, tend not to have disease. There are genetic issue exceptions, of course. "Eat to live--not live to eat." "Eat only food that spoils, and eat it before it spoils." This Purity AFX product, and all others in the industry similar to it, are counterfeit - all their study claims notwithstanding. American society has a "disease"-care system, not a "health"-care system. Do you know that the FDA is registered as a private corporation? It is not a people's regulatory agency. It's management staff mostly all come from the industry it supposedly regulates.

Speak to your congress representative about that. He or she may or may not be on the take, but speak up anyway. The entire system is in serious need of detoxification!

Company Response 10/18/2010:

When it comes to antioxidants – the more powerful the better. Like Vitamin C, the AstaREAL Astaxanthin in our new Asta FX formula is derived from natural sources such as salmon and shrimp. Our formula contains 4 mg of Astaxanthin per serving and has also been proven to be up to 6000 times more effective than Vitamin C and significantly more potent than Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, EGCG and Co-Q-10! Why is this so important? Antioxidants are nature's way of fighting “free radicals” in our bodies. Free radicals are molecules that are destructive to our cells and tissue. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, so the more potent the antioxidant the more beneficial it is to our bodies.

As for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, we agree with you that a person who eats a well balanced diet every day would most likely not need to take nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, for most, eating a well balanced diet is not always possible or practical. For example, according to the Vitamin D council, many people have Vitamin D levels in the winter months that are 1/3 of what they are during the summer months due to a lack of sunshine, which is a natural source of Vitamin D. That's why nutritional supplements are so important, they help fill in the gaps when we fail to get all the nutrition our bodies need every day.

Yours in Good Health,
Lori Michel
Quality Control Manager

Purity Products HA Formula Scam: Credit Card Billing Fraud
By -

MICHIGAN -- These people are liars. We tired this product one time, called them back and said thanks but no thanks, it did not help with the joint problems ad advertised, and we told them in no uncertain terms to not ship us any more product. Months later, out of the blue, they shipped again, and billed our checking account 80 bucks! Now we have to wait two weeks to get our money back and they have the gall to lie to us and tell us that we authorized delayed shipping which is total BS, and an outright bald face lie.

The customer service department told us that we would have to pay for return shipping if we wanted to get our money back. What a bunch of liars. This company engages in highly unethical and in my opinion illegal activities - if they take out money from someone's checking account without permission that is nothing less than stealing. We have to waste valuable time on the phone trying to get our money back and waste more time going to UPS to ship back product. Don't trust these telemarketing scammers, if you call them after hearing their ad radio ad as we did, you will be on their list and they will lie and ship your product you never ordered if you choose to not order again.

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