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Don't order any sample nor product from this company
Posted by on
PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I made a big mistake by ordering their free sample which I paid $9.00 Canadian dollar. I received my sample which I started to use. less than two weeks later, I received, to my surprise, three more bottles and charged 100$ to my Visa, I spent one day on the phone and was told to take it back to Purolator and return it and they would refund half of my money and after they received the product they would refund the other half. I went back to Purolator and I was told that I had to get the account number of the Purity Product. I called back to Purity Product customer care and was put on hold 30 minutes for them to find the product number. After another 20 minutes a manager named Andrew answered me and gave me the tracking number and his extension number. He told me that the tracking number would be adequate for Purolator to return the product to them. I went back to Purolator and they laughed at me because they had no idea what I was talking about. I feel like a fool. Without their account number, I could not ship back. I came home and called them again, I was told that they were in a meeting and customer care would not answer phone calls until after one hour. At this time, I had spent more than 5 hours to deal with this matter and it totally ruined my Saturday. Around 4 o’clock, I called again, I was put on hold another 40 minutes to listen their commercial, one of manager named Jason answered the phone and told me that I had to cover the shipping to ship it back, period!! What a scam. Don't trust this company. I even don't trust their product any more. Please make sure read the paper with free sample, you will be surprise that it doesn't matter how many times you told them that you wouldn’t order anything until you call them, they ship to you automatically and charge your Visa right away.
Company Response 11/8/2010:
First let me start by saying we take your complaint very seriously. The order you placed was one of our free bottle promotions. This program is successful because it allows customers the opportunity to try a product before they purchase it. Joining the super saver continuity program is a great option that we make available for customers who want to continue using a product after evaluating it. Super saver offers significant discounts, free shipping and guaranteed reships on a predetermined schedule. It is a practical choice for anyone using a supplement on a regular basis. However you are never obligated to continue receiving orders. As a matter of fact, all of our phone conversations are recorded for quality assurance so if you believe that we sent you a shipment you didn’t ask for, we can go back and monitor the call to make sure the offer was presented accurately. If you still have an unresolved issue I ask that you please contact our Customer Care Management Team directly at toll free 1-888-769-7873, they will make sure this matter is taken care of to your complete satisfaction.

Yours in Good Health,
Lori Michel
Quality Control Manager
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Skye on 11/06/2010:
I'm confused. If the free sample cost $9.00, then it's not really free. How did you pay by Canadian dollars, when on the site, they say orders shipped to Canada, must be paid in US dollars?

Contact them again. You can use the customer feedback form:


Or use their other sources for contact
hallorna on 10/11/2012:
Purity Products has so many complaints. They kept charging me after I called them and cancelled all orders. I even emailed them several times. They still sent me a few more orders cause they said I had to talk with a customer service representative. So strange they said they had my emails. I guess if my attorney sent them a certified letter to stop charging my credit card they would tell him to talk to a representative. They need to follow the law. My credit card company set up a dispute claim. Purity Products give such lame answers! CREEPY COMPANY!
littlemama06101957 on 05/22/2013:
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This company is a rip off
Posted by on
I called to order a free sample of there vitamin D supplement, and was told about the automatic enrollment, at which time I was only authorizing a 4.95 charge, and was very specific, that there was to be no more charges unless I phoned them back to order more, the lady on the phone made me feel very uncomfortable, after talking with my husband, I decided to cancel this free sample, I checked with my credit card company and they did put a charge of 5.25 on my credit card on the same day. I have tried to cancel the order 4 times now and they say they have no record of me on file, now they just put me on hold and ignore me This company is a rip off! Very misleading keeps you on hold for a long time to cancel. and then tell you they have no record of me but they charged my credit card, this scum bag company is scamming people everywhere there is no recourse but to cancel my credit card. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF FROM THESE SCUM BAGS AND GO TO WALMART, plus its about ten times cheaper
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Anonymous on 10/30/2009:
It's a scam if they require a credit card or bank account number. You'll never get your money back, not from them anyway. You could try and dispute the charge with your credit card company.
whitebirch on 08/20/2013:
I have been using Purity Products for approx: 25yrs. I believe if the product is bad...then its a rip-off. I never had that experience of a bad product. It's all good from were I stand. The only bad experience I had was with an unexperienced rep. which allows the company to appear bad., but having been with them so long..I understand that there is a training process. Product before reps. To say the company is a rip-off is just wrong. There products are outstanding!!
Marty on 08/31/2013:
This charging of the credit card is a ripoff, not because the products are better or worse than say, Life Extension, which I have used, but that the so called FREE item
involves charge to your card, but you don't find that out until a sales person stresses you out with a high pressure sales pitch to get all the money they can from you. I am susceptible to impulse buying in the first place, and a slick sales person can really capitalize on this. When you've hung up and the pressure is off, you feel violated, almost like coming home to find you been burglarized. So the bottom line is, don't respond to TV ads, PERIOD! I am not knocking Life Extension, because they don't do this, but you are required to pay 75 dollars to join so you can purchase their cutting edge anti-aging supplements. I ended up buying 300 bucks a month worth of their products. Purity is on my radio as I write this with their FREE offer spiel, that's what prompted me to look for complaints. My Three Cents is in my "favorites" section, and I will consult them prior to any out of the ordinary purchases.
cynthialaforty on 10/24/2013:
The free bottle is not charged extra if you are already getting nutrients from them, they include it in your next order. I love Purity products...makes me feel responsible about my health
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Sent Unauthorized Automatic Shipment
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
For the last few years I had been managing my mother's and my sister's Purity Products accounts. Neither of them really take the product anymore, but wanted me to keep their options open for later and preserve their pricing (which you only get if you are on auto-ship) Purity wouldn't let me suspend the auto shipments, so I had to move the shipping date every 3 months. In the beginning I had to call in and talk to a representative to do this...a hassle...and then later I changed the date online.

My shipping date was August 5th and I went online on July 28th and moved the date ahead as usual. This morning I was awoken by my bank telling me I was overdrawn. I don't keep much money in that account, but I knew I wasn't overdrawn. I went online and saw that Purity had sent my order even though I had changed the date.

When I contacted a representative (and then a supervisor) they said I hadn't changed the date and they sent out almost $130 worth of products. They offered me 25% off or a shipping label to send it back. All fine and dandy, but that means a refund weeks from now and no reimbursement of the $70 bank fee they caused.

I usually take a screen shot of every time I move the date but this time I didn't. Of course . . . They told me that their system tells them when someone logs in and it didn't show that in July. Well, if that's the case how come only one of the orders shipped, my mom's, and the other order, my sister's, was accurately canceled????? Sorry guys, that one obviously doesn't fly.

So anyhow . . . I finally got them to cancel my accounts and they are sending me a return postage. Refund hopefully to follow in a few WEEKS (If not I will post it here). SOL on the bank charges.

Told them I would review the company - they didn't care - so here it is for what it's worth. Just remember folks, any company that lures you in with a free sample and then requires you to do auto-shipments is usually not reputable and you WILL get sent something you don't want sooner or later.

Save yourself a lot of hassle, and possibly bank fees - go down to a good health food store and buy what you need, when you need it. I have no indication that their products are superior to anyone else, or that their prices are better. Save the hassle, the unwanted shipments and possibly the bank fees.
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They Say" You Get a Free Trial, Pay for Shipping Only" That's Just So They Can Reel You In
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MANTENO, ILLINOIS -- They said they were giving out a free trial offer - if you liked it you could make future orders. But to receive the trial, you only have to pay for the shipping. How dare they!! the method they use here is to get a hold of your credit card number. They took my credit card and ordered numerous amounts of their product that I did not approve!! and debited my account for something I didn't even order - when I tried to cancel no one would pick up for a long time - 24/7 hour service is just an answering machine. I tried to delete my credit card information and cancel this order and their online site would not let me do neither!!! SHAME ON THE RADIO STATIONS FOR ADVERTISING THEIR PRODUCT - people are sick and looking for alternative methods hoping they will get some relief of their illnesses with these products - tired of getting prescription medicines that are toxic to our bodies from doctors who won't take the time to fix the root of the problem but only to cover up the symptoms. People are really sick!! It's sad that professionals take advantage of the weak and who are hopeful...
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andbran on 01/16/2014:
this is actually a very old scheme. as the old saying goes"if it sounds to good to be true it is"
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Purity Is Unethical Period. Very Hard to Cancel Subscription, Company Kept Charging My Card After Cancellation.
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PLANEVIEW, NEW YORK -- I did one of those two week trial things, and BIG MISTAKE. I should've known better, but they have an A+ BBB rating lol and seem to run a legit business but once again I was wrong. After I cancelled within the two weeks, I was still charged $180 that I had to dispute, they did pick up their phone and seemed to address the issue so I'll give them credit for that. BUT a business that will knowingly scam customers hoping they can get one over or some people won't notice is NOT a business people should support!
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Posted by on
Received an internet trial of Purity Products. Was called out of town and when I returned tried the product for two weeks. It caught in my wrinkles and made me look sun fried. I emailed the company and told them what had happened and cancelled. Received no further emails. One month later my account got deducted for the full amount of the product. I emailed them and was told that return intructions had been emailed to me which I didn't find on my emails. They offered a fifteen dollar return. If you have wrinkles, beware. If you want your money returned, beware.
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Scams Under One Umbrella Company?
Posted by on
Interesting that Purity uses the same technique that was used on me when I tried to order the free bottle of ACAI. I did get the "free" bottle with other products that I did not authorize. It was difficult to get the company to take the charge off my credit card. The worst part was when I got a strange bill in the following months. I contacting this new company, they claimed that I joined when I ordered my ACAI. This company was even more difficult. After about 9 months of fighting with them, I ended up in a 3 way conversation with them, myself, my credit card company. My credit card company back me in full and got ALL the automatic payments refunded. The question I now have is if the "free" sample is all under one organization that runs the same scam using different products.
Company Response 3/22/2010:
Dear Bugzy823,

We are very sorry for your obvious frustration. Please know that while your complaint is legitimate, you are lodging it against the wrong company. Unfortunately we are not sure which company you purchased the ACAI product from. There is usually some paperwork that comes with the shipment and most likely it would contain some contact information. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you but we recommend that you try and contact the company that charged your Credit Card. Best of luck.

Lori Michel
Quality Control Manager
Purity Products
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Soaring Consumer on 03/18/2010:
I saw on the news a few months ago, indeed it is one big umbrella company and scam.
geishagirlshirl on 08/21/2012:
Had same problem with Acai. Credit card co helped in same manner as yours but what a nightmare. Was just about to order something from Purity but after the reviews, I won't. The product really sounded good - Nite Vites but don't want the hassle.
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You'll Be Sorry! Act Immediately To Stop This Scam!
Posted by on
On 03/07/2010,I called a radio station to take advantage of a free 1 month
supply of a fish oil-vitaminD3 combo. I had to pay a4.95 S$H fee, to get the product, so I used my debit card. DUMB!!!!!!!! After doing this, I was informed, by accepting this offer, I would be shipped a 3 mo supply every 3 month I explained that I was a low-income person and preferred to place my own order when I could definitely afford to do so. The person I talked to said I would have to call to cancel. I called, the number was no longer in service. I thought ",Oh no, I feel so dumb, I think I've been scammed."So I got online, keyed in Purity Products scam. CONFIRMATION, I'D BEEN SCAMMED!!!!

So I called my bank and had already been charged for shipping and handling, so I lost my debit card and reported it, went to my bank and changed my account number.

So I'm only out 4.95. This was a lot of trouble but it could have been worse, a valuable lesson was learned for $4.95, for which I'm grateful.
Company Response 3/9/2010:
Dear B.B. Belle,

After reading your complaint we would like to start by apologizing for your frustration. We would also like to provide you with contact information for our Customer Care Management Team. They are eager to resolve this issue for you. The Toll Free # is 1-888-769-7873 Ext. 5023 Joel Joseph, who is our Customer Care Manager or Email joel@purityproducts.com.

We work very hard to accurately present our promotions, fully detailing the benefits of the product as well as the specials. We also record all phone calls and so we can go back to make certain that the offer was accurately explained. We are extremely confident in the quality and efficacy of our products and would not want any customer to miss out on the opportunity to try a free bottle. You are never obligated to receive future orders. Purity Products has been in business for over 17 years. We are a leader in the industry and we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau due to our Strong Commitment to Customer Service and because we quickly resolve any customer issues.

We respectfully ask that you please contact us again and we will make certain that this issue is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

Thank you in advance.


Lori Michel
Quality Control Manager
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/08/2010:
When they told you you had to call to cancel you should have stopped right there. Hope you got it stopped.
hallorna on 10/11/2012:
Purity Products is in crash control. I have seen so many complaints about them. Too bad I started reading about this after they kept billing my credit card without authorization.
FEAZNUTZ on 08/17/2013:
Wow, I was hoping for good reviews about this company... I was getting ready to place an order.... But now, I think I'll leave them alone... AND KEEP MY BANK ACCOUNT SAFE!
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Purity Products Vitamin D Offer
Posted by on
Thank You for the posted comments on this company. I was about to order their "30 Day Supply" FREE offer. Just pay the shipping ($4.95) and no problems they will ship same day. Sounded a little "Fishy" that I would get such a great source of Vitamin D and also Omega 3 Fish Oil for only shipping charge. The radio ad stated that they were superior quality products and only available through this special offer.

Well, thanks to my Irish skepticism. I found this site and read the comments. Thank You!, Thank You!. You have saved me so much torment.
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SCAM! Once they have your credit card number, you'll see all kinds of unauthorized charges!
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
Like everyone else, I heard the "free' offer on the radio. The products sounded good so I called to order (April 2014), knowing there was a $4.95 shipping charge. I was informed of future automatic shipments for the same product and a $49.95 charge, but I figured I'd deal with that once I got to try the product.
After 2 weeks, I hadn't had a chance to really try the product like I wanted, so I phoned them and canceled any future shipments.
Everything seemed great...until I noticed an unauthorized charge a few months later for $49.95 to Alpha Clean. I had no idea what this was, so called my credit card company to dispute the charge.
Two month later, I noticed another unauthorized charge of $49.95 to workoutdaily.com, so I again called my credit card company to dispute that charge.
While combing thru my bills, the representative also found a $49.95 charge from the previous month that I had not caught- to raspberryhealth.com.
Now the pattern of the scam was obvious, and as we sought to take action against the fraud, yet ANOTHER charge of $49.91 appeared from something called Simple2Pay. The Credit card company immediately closed my account and set me up with a new credit card number.
So beware people- Purity is like an octopus with many tentacles on it's arms and you won't even know what got you!
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