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Same Old Crap
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Was initially skeptical and THEY confirmed it! You try it they bill you BEFORE the 30 trial is over and then YOU WAIT to see IF you get your $$ back
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ppresponse on 2013-08-23:
We are sorry you feel that way. We have been in business for over 20 years and have more than two million customers and are still growing because of our commitment to excellent customer service. Many have enjoyed the benefits of our free bottle promotions. If your issue is unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
John Ford on 2014-05-25:
All of the scripted interviews ( lame at best) are written, designed and engineered to attract the listener that "will try anything once". As the interviewer ( highly skilled salesman) talks with the guest ( also part of the carefully written scam pitch) , notice how the host will say words like, "WOW..INCREDIBLE.. AMAZING ! .. REALLY? a WOW"). Please don't misunderstand. This whole scripted set up is designed to be a trap for your credit card. Once you enter the "TRAP", there is no getting out without canceling your credit card. By then, several hundreds of dollars are out of your acct. Be very clear that the guys you hear on the radio are all part of the set up scam. Is this legal? Yes. Is it ethical ? No. Did they take money out of your acct? Yep ! Purity people will not call me as they know i am on to them.. I admit they are good at how they "craft" their paid radio shows and that the products seem to be able to cure anything you can think up. At the end of the day it is SNAKE OIL. And they are SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. Stay clear of the TRAP.
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Purity Is Unethical Period. Very Hard to Cancel Subscription, Company Kept Charging My Card After Cancellation.
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PLANEVIEW, NEW YORK -- I did one of those two week trial things, and BIG MISTAKE. I should've known better, but they have an A+ BBB rating lol and seem to run a legit business but once again I was wrong. After I cancelled within the two weeks, I was still charged $180 that I had to dispute, they did pick up their phone and seemed to address the issue so I'll give them credit for that. BUT a business that will knowingly scam customers hoping they can get one over or some people won't notice is NOT a business people should support!
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Save Money by calling to cancel
Posted by on
PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- Why pay $39.95 for the omega 3 super pill - you call to cancel and the offer their so quote employee pricing of 23.97. Don't be scam into paying full price of 39.95 when you can get it for 23.97 - as with most of their products. Call to cancel refuse the 1st offer - let them put you on hold to get the cancellation # and then they will come back with the so quote employee pricing. Another way to save is get the 23.97 price - order 2 btls on the super saver program and once you get the shipment - call to get a RGA - they will offer you 25% 1st to keep - if you decline, they will put you on hold to get the RGA # which the already have - its the order # plus the representative ID - and then say "my supervisor has authorize me to offer 50% for you to keep - which is BS - they can offer 50% right off the back. - no supervisor needed. So remember call to cancel - get the employee pricing and then once you get a shipment - call to get a RGA - refuse 1st offer of 25% to keep and make them give you 50% off. So you get say your 2 bottles of Omeag 3 super pill for a total of 23.97 once they credit you back the 23.97 (50% to keep).
Company Response 5/21/2009:
Dear Jahn,

Thank you for your feedback. I certainly hope you took advantage of the special discounts that were offered on the Triple Action Omega 3 Super Pill, our Newest Flagship Omega Formula. Each serving provides you with a super concentration of Omega 3 Fish Oil, along with premium quality Co-Q-10 and the recommended 800mg of Plant Sterols – 3 important nutrients combined to make this a very unique formula. We realize that trying the free bottle wont always provide enough time to fully evaluate the benefits of the product and so if we were able to encourage you to continue using the product for another few months by offering some additional incentive, then we are confident that a good decision was made by all. We recommend when taking this 3-in-1 Super Formula that you take it consistently, every day for best results. Thank You. Lori
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Quality Products, Honest Service
Posted by on
PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND -- I have ordered and been taking the HA joint formula for some time. I truly enjoy the effects I have noticed over a short time period. It has greatly helped me with my osteoarthritis. Even though I have arthritis all over in multiple joints, I have notice the stiffness has lessen and allows me to get up out of bed everyday. It doesn't erase all the arthritis but it makes it more livable than when I wasn't taking it. I ma not trying other products of theirs to see how effective it works for me.

When I needed to change an order. I had no problem and it was done efficiently. I will be trying a 15 day trial of one of their products, if it doesn't work for me, then I have found no problem in canceling the easy saver auto shipment. I have done so in the past. Everyone's body is different, along with the prescription medications they are taking in trying these supplements. I am a happy camper.
Company Response 4/15/2009:
Thank you very much for taking the time to write such nice feedback about our products and service. We want you to know that we appreciate your comments and are very glad to hear that you are enjoying our H.A. Joint Formula. I am also happy to hear that you are trying other products as well. One of Purity Products most successful ideas is providing our customers the option to try a new product before buying. It's a unique program that customers seem to enjoy and benefit from. I'm sure you'll find just what you're looking for, but if you need some guidance, our professional and knowledgeable Customer Service Staff is standing by to assist you. Warm regards. Lori
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mattpoo on 2010-11-17:
Thanks Purity Products for a rebuttal from a satisfied cutomer, there seems to be so many people unsatisfied with either the effect of the product or customer services of your store. I have been a regular customer for years and you do an AWESOME job. minus the people who have gotten auto billed when explicitly told they did not want to be.

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No Way To Change Type Of Shipping And No Tracking Numbers
Posted by on
I signed up for three different orders on Purity Products Super Saver program. When I Signed up I specified that the pills be shipped through the mail ( USPS ). I live over a quarter mile from the highway and the UPS truck can not come up my driveway.

The first bottle came USPS. Then nothing else came for over a month. It turned out that the only bottle sent USPS was the first one. The other bottles were on the UPS truck they had been trying to deliver them for a month. Every shipment they say they are going to send through the mail then they ship UPS. To make matters worse I receive no e-mail notice of shipment or a tracking number. There is a order tracking page on there web sight. It is supposed to use your phone number to follow packages to date it doesn't work.

I have tried several times to get my orders sent USPS and have given up.

Now I am having trouble canceling the orders.

Purity Products customer service is extremely poor.
Company Response 4/15/2009:
Dear fosteem1,

First let me say I am very sorry for the problems you have been experiencing. At Purity Products our goal has always been to exceed our customer’s expectations, and we work hard in this pursuit. Unfortunately we seem to have fallen short in this instant. I’d like to offer an explanation (not an excuse) for the problems you have indicated in your complaint. In October 2008 our entire company went onto a new database. As you might imagine, we did experience some problems with the new system. I’d like you to know that we have taken these problems very seriously and have worked hard to resolve them. I would like you to also know that we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to make you a fully satisfied customer. Our Customer Care Management Team has attempted to reach you – I am also posting a personal reply to you as well asking you to please give us another chance to make this right. I hope you will allow us to show you that Excellent Customer Service really is our #1 goal. Thank you in advance.
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fosteem1 on 2009-04-18:

After calling several times to cancel my subscription I finally got someone that didn't hangup on me mid cancel.

I explained the problem of not getting the shipments and he said that he would personally see to it that I got my pills by mail (USPS) with a 14 dollar per shipment discount. I told him I would give it a try. If it didn't work I was still going to cancel.

Well two days later I got the pills by mail. WITH A $14 ADDITION TO THE BILL FOR EACH KIND OF PILL. And the next day my brother received at his house a duplicate order shipped by UPS. The UPS guy had figured out that we are related and asked if he could drop it off there.

So now I have 6 MONTHS WORTH of pills. And I am back to trying to cancel the subscriptions.

Brother what a mess.
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Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- First I want to say that it appears the product Evoxin does indeed work. Perhaps it is the placebo effect. I do notice weight loss in just a few days. That said, I heard the add on Christian radio so I felt secure in providing my credit card information. I did not provide info. to my checking account because its easier to close a credit card than to change banks. OK so I ordered based on the fact that I would get a free bottle to try if I only pay shipping. It was only after I provided my credit card number that I was informed that I would be automatically enrolled in a program that would ship a 3 month supply I think in one month. Wait that is not what I want! I was told that I had to call another number to cancel. When I called that number I was given an extensive sales pitch to which I repeatedly replied hey I can order online if I am satisfied. The guy seemed to get an attitude and continue to go around with me about how much more I would pay online.

Hey in this economy you order when you can afford it not automatic billing! It was not a great experience!
Company Response 4/16/2009:
Dear Lenie,

Thank you for your interest in our products. I’m glad to hear you are having good results with Evoxin CG Formula. I apologize if there was a misunderstanding regarding our Super Saver auto-ship program. We offer this option to all customers when they take advantage of the free bottle, which automatically saves up to 40% off the retail price (plus free shipping). It should have been explained to you that our Super Saver program is optional, but if you did enroll, you would be guaranteed the pricing benefits mentioned above as well as the flexibility to modify, delay or cancel your order at any time. We do record all calls for quality assurance and can certainly check to make certain that the offer was presented accurately. Additionally, if you call Customer Care to cancel a Super Saver order, it should have been cancelled immediately and confirmed with a cancellation #. We do have many customers that prefer to order on-line, at their convenience, so we also offer some coupons and other special promotions that you can take advantage of as well. If you need a Super Saver cancellation confirmation, or coupon / promotion information or any other assistance, our Customer Care Management will be happy to assist you personally. Thank you. Lori
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Purity Product Vitamins
Posted by on
Do not buy from this company. They misled me and charged my checking account a week early. When I tried to fix the matter, I spoke with a man by the name of [snip]. I kept telling him what I wanted. He was rude and did not listen. Very unprofessional company!
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Subscription Started Without Authorization
Posted by on
When I called I wanted to try the samples, they said we are only charging shipping. Instead they started a subscription without my authorization or knowledge. When I called to get a return authorization label for the first shipment which I wanted to refused but UPS doesn't do that once they leave it on your doorstop, they said that I had started a subscription and that I had 15 days to cancel and that information was in the original sample package.

Nothing was in the sample package except recipes which I informed them of this. They keep repeating this information instead of just giving me the credit I wanted and taking the product back. Don't deal with this company. They are not honest up front.
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rhondam718732 on 2007-06-28:
AGAIN, unless you are 12 or don't get out much, how could you not be aware that MOST of these companies give you free samples/trials then an automatic subscription kicks in that you are charged for???? EVEN if they swear up and down they only charge shipping. Start proctecting yourself and don't fall for this or just cancel within the time allotted.
Better Business Would Eliminate the Need for this Comment on 2008-08-01:
I completely agree with the comment above regarding Purity Products. I called to get our "free sample" (which I actually paid HIGH shipping costs for) and they told me I was going to start being sent regular shipments of the product unless I called to cancel. My husband called to cancel, sat on hold for 15 minutes, and then they refused our cancellation because "we don't like to cancel until you've tried the whole bottle. Call us back when your sample is gone." So I called back to cancel after the whole bottle was gone, sat on hold for 15 minutes, and then they wouldn't speak with me because my credit card has my husband's name on it. You would have thought I was calling to withdraw money from someone else's bank account or to make important changes to someone's mortgage information rather than to simply cancel this product I never wanted shipments of in the first place. This company does NOT like people to cancel it's products as you can tell from my experience...they make their money by sending products to people they never wanted in the first place. Unless you want a complicated process, don't even bother trying their free pdoduct in the first place. They will answer the phone instantly when you are placing a free product order, but they won't cooperate and keep you on hold for a long time to cancel. I have tried contacting Purity Products customer service twice since my bad experience with them, but they don't bother to respond to concerns even though their website says they respond to customer complaints/concerns within 48 hours.
cars0153 on 2008-08-19:
I have been in the middle of a 4 month dispute with them. They lied to AMEX saying I ordered the product. I ordered something for $29 and the bill came in at $144! I tried calling them to return asd well as email and got totally bounced around and on hold for 25 minutes.
I asked them to send me a return label and they refused. Told AMEX and the issue I though was resolved because AMEX received a return authorization number.
I had to pay for shipping today to return product I didn't order!
Called AME and was told they would handle this!
BUYER BEWARE! Stay away from this company
Ginnie on 2012-08-06:
I finally got them to return $$ for items I did not sign up for - and the next day after their check cleared - they took out the payment again - I hope this company is reported to someone!!!!
What a scam - especially on seniors
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Astra FX saved my life!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA -- I read these comments.. I really don't understand them. I have had nothing but great customer service from Purity Products.

I started taking the Astra Fx about a year ago. I had just turned 60 and could not get off the couch to get to work. I do have a bad reaction to everything! but this stuff is magic! My experience is that Purity Products is a great company! Thanks
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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
I contacted Purity products by way of radio ad. I told them in no uncertain terms did I want to be added to the "SuperSaver" promo. I only wanted to try the product for $4.95 shipping and handling. The operator assured me that I would not be billed later for any auto delivery products. I haven't even received the product yet but I will not order from them again because they seem shady.

I really don't trust this so I will be cancelling my credit card information.
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ppresponse on 2013-10-23:
We are sorry you feel that way. We have been in business for 20 years, have more than two million customers, have an A listing with the BBB, and are still growing because of our commitment to customer service. If you did not want to be enrolled in our autoship savings program, and discussed that with our representative, you will not be billed anything other than the shipping charge for the free bottle.
Told the same lie on 2014-02-04:
I was told the same lie and after receiving the product, the fine print on the invoice for $4.95 said I was enrolled in their super saver auto ship after I too specifically requested not to be. The real kicker is when I called to cancel, they asked if I wanted to be contacted after they reviewed the initial call I placed to order to see if I did ask not to be on auto ship! Unbelievable!
bob on 2014-07-27:
Glad I read these. Advertising fish oil vitamin D in ga.
Suggest anyone aggrieved contact the Federal Trade comm.
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