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Hideous customer service
Posted by Maggieb on 09/13/2007
SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I had used Qwest DSL for 5 years successfully without problems. Then I had one problem where I had to contact customer service and it all went to hell.

My new DSL modem stopped working. After hours on the phone, I was told that it was a line problem that allowed a lightning strike to burn out the modem. The person I spoke to on the phone was obviously reading from a script and didn't understand anything about DSL or what I was saying. She put me on hold a dozen times and then we would have to start over again with the conversation since she would loose track.

They ended up sending me the wrong modem. Another hour on the phone just trying to get someone to talk to who understood the problem.They swore they would get me a new modem by Thursday and that they would send someone to install it. The technician came on Thursday before the modem did and already had such a modem in his truck. He said that they could have just sent him over on Monday to replace it. I then spent another hour just trying to get someone to tell me how to send back the bad modems. All in all, I spent about 6 hours on the phone to get the matter resolved just about ready to pull my hair out.

Qwest seems to have two different customer service units - one local that know what they are doing and one remote (outsourced?) where the English is poor and they just read from scripts without really knowing what they are doing. The whole experience cost me 4 days of DSL access which translates to 4 lost days of business. Couldn't even find a complaint department to contact. Worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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Posted by Anon0385 on 2008-01-04:
I was a former employee of Qwest's. The complaint dept address is:
Qwest Communications
ATTN Corporate Offices
8901 California St
Denver Co 80205

Alot of the reason for bad customer service is because the way they treat their employees that are taking your calls. People that are vomitting sick arent allowed to leave to go to the doctor if they have a history of absences & they are pressured to make sales quotas each month. The customer is supposed to come first but under this sort of pressure it doesn't always happen.
Posted by Maaurius on 2008-01-17:
"Qwest seems to have two different customer service units - one local that know what they are doing and one remote (outsourced?) where the English is poor and they just read from scripts without really knowing what they are doing."

There are outsourced groups that can help with simple problems but if they are unable to resolve it you can always request an american rep. And you were not talking to "customer service" you were talking to tech support. Tech support is the only outsourced department.
Posted by former long time sales & service rep on 2008-11-28:
Former Long Time Qwest Sales and Service Rep.
The SEC cited Qwest's extreme pressure to make the numbers at all costs. This is a company-wide practice.
As time went by fewer and fewer customer service reps worked there - they were fired. Managers and Union Stewards would repeat "If they're not buyin' they're flyin'" Meaning if the customer is not buying something then get them off the line any way you know how.
Absolutely rotten-to-the-core place to work.
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Promised, Billed, And No Delivery... Qwest And Follow Through...
Posted by Suni on 12/12/2008
GRANTS PASS, OREGON -- I live in an geographic area with limited to no cell phone reception to my home... And the only DSL carrier and landline provider in the area is Qwest...

About two months ago, in response to advertisements to save money via bundling services, I made my first mistake: I called Qwest to ask about their bundled services. And, I ended up bundling, supposedly getting three features bundled -- saving me money, of course -- plus 300 minutes free long distance per month -- and we canceled my out-of-state long distance carrier while we were at it (me being assured multiple times by the person doing that, that I needed to do nothing further -- he did ALL the canceling). Well, not much really happened after that phone call... Caller ID, a new bundled feature, never worked. The old long distance company continued to bill me. I continued to be billed by Qwest for in-state long distance. I am not sure if the over-all cost of my phone bill was reduced at all...

In the meantime, thinking positive, I called Qwest to get the caller ID working. Well, again, supposedly someone worked on that but not successfully. Qwest blamed the lack of caller ID on my equipment -- some of it new within the last year, having and certainly capable of caller ID... ( i.e. good equipment from a reliable company).

Having not learned my lesson, I decided to complain to a Qwest customer service representative who, again, tried to save me money by making some changes to, this time, my internet service. To my complete satisfaction, the next bill from Qwest was lower but not for long: This month the bill doubled...

Again, thinking this matter could be fixed, I immediately called Qwest. The representative I spoke with tried to fix things -- I think. I'm not sure. I was having grave doubts about Qwest by this time. After being placed on hold for the third time while she tried to "dot all my 'i's, and cross all my 't's", I disconnected the call. This woman was beginning to sound like the first woman with whom I spoke -- the one who bundled the first set of services two months ago with little result. Who knew what I would really get and how much I would be charged this time around? I wasn't going to chance it.

After hanging up and (a) considering the situation for some time, (b) getting connected to Qwest Internet service where I could study my bill and change services myself if need be, (c) investigating other possible phone and fast speed Internet carriers in my area (no solid options there), and (d) finally finding this site and learning that, indeed, I am not alone, I realized I was being charged for a change in Internet service THAT I NEVER GOT. And what's new with that... I didn't get the other promised services either; however, I also didn't get a big bill paying for services that didn't exist unlike this time.

So this morning, I phoned Qwest. When the automated service answered my call, I relentlessly pushed 000000s until I was put through to an actual person. When that person wanted to assist me, I gave him no information despite his persistence other than "Connect me to the billing department." Of course, he did not transfer me to the billing department -- I expected this boggled response.... after-all this was Qwest where boggling is standard practice and the customer never gets what she wants. I KNEW what I was dealing with: Perfection in service is NOT what they are building their reputations on...
But, the next person did connect me to the billing department. I explained my case to the billing department. I was being charged (since Nov. 1) for a service I had not received. The billing representative looked. He saw. And he actually verified that "she" had, indeed, disconnected one set of services but never connected the new services (par for Qwest), that I was being charged for a change that had never happened and, in fact, I should not have been charged for even if it had happened... So, the billing representative indicated that he would credit my account, change things back, not charge me next month, and even save me some money on-going every month, AND give me some confirmation numbers that, indeed, these changes were taking place.

Well, of course, promises are promises... And we all know Qwest. Promises are their stock in trade; it's follow through that's iffy.... well, maybe even.... rare. So its wait and see for me (and I will check out my account on the internet, too, to see if any changes were made.... charges dropped, etc., etc.) before I know what actually took place this morning. Perhaps I will actually pay Qwest less and get at least what I used to get before I bundled... and got nothing, anyway. In the meantime, there may be hope coming in the form of a new broadband service to my area... connecting phone and internet... And perhaps I can finally bail on Qwest... I know the technology is out there... I am dreaming of one of those small satellite dishes attached to the house with a flow of signals connecting me to the internet.... talking through the computer... I know this can be done... It's out there somewhere... and for a reasonable price!
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Worst company ever.
Posted by St413 on 02/17/2008
I signed up for internet with Qwest because of a good deal. Do NOT be fooled by this. After a month of no problems, my internet started working when it felt like it. It would be out for weeks at a time and I was constantly on the phone with technical support. Wait, I take that back, because I am a mac user, they would immediately turn me away due to "legal reasons". I finally became fed up paying for internet that never worked and decided to cancel my services. After being on hold and dealing with VERY rude customer service agents, I was told everything was cancelled. That is until I received a full bill in the mail. When I called, I was bounced back and forth between departments, without being told why, and spent 15 minutes on hold. I found out my services were never disconnected and I was told that they would do it and backdate my account. I have just received ANOTHER bill for services I did not authorize to be added for over 60 dollars.

I have never been angrier or more dissatisfied with a company in my life. It has given me more headaches and frustrations that I should deal with. All for internet.

Do not, under ANY circumstances, sign up for any services through Qwest. You will only spend time on hold with the company trying to figure out why they keep screwing up.
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Posted by tander on 2008-02-17:
I have had qwest for over 20 years, phone service that is, also I have had their dsl for over 5 years with no problems but I have noticed their customer service has changed to more foreign help people that don't know what is going on but just hang up and keep calling till you get an american speaking person LOL
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DSL ALways Disconnecting
Posted by LindseyMP on 09/19/2007
My DSL connection through Qwest keeps systematically stopping and starting. After switching modems and working on wiring we spoke with another customer that is experiencing the same problems. Qwest claims they do not know what the problem is.

Doesnt make sense to pay for a service that doesn't work.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-09-19:
Cancel Qwest and get Verizon DSL.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-19:
The major problem with DSL is 'line noise'. Call the phone company (not the DSL support line) and tell them you hear noise. Ask them to notify you when the problem is resolved.
Posted by StudentHenrico on 2009-05-30:
and they say they have 99.99 percent line reliability, its impossible to make that statement, because they cant monitor all lines in all local areas that they "service"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-30:
Student, you realize you are commening on posts that are two or more years old??
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Qwest should just NOT exist!
Posted by M17alex73 on 10/28/2011
I'll make this short and sweet. I cannot for any reason in the world get a good connection with these guys. Internet lags like a mother, playing PS3 online is a joke, and it's just all around lame. I use to have Cox and it was amazing compared to this. DON'T GET IT!! You'll regret it.
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Posted by CenturyLinkHelp on 2011-10-28:
If we can get some basic info on your service, we can escalate the issue internally. Please email us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com with your name, address and account number and we can take a look.

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Qwest - Notorious for False Advertising
Posted by Mecky on 07/29/2011
Qwest is the worst company for service and customer service on the planet. I have been with them for 18 years because I have no other provider. They are notorious for false advertising. They will sign you up for a program touting it is "price for Life" and when your bill comes, it is not what they told you. I lose my dial tone almost once a week and sometimes have to wait hours for it to come back. When I call them, they try to blame it on my internal systems and tell me they will charge $85 to come out. Why are they charging me when their system is broke? They won't let you speak to a supervisor ever.

I am sure it is because they are fielding so many complaints because their company and service suck!!!!! AVOID THEM AT ALL COST.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-07-29:
We have line backer protection on our service. This way if they ever do have to come out, it's a covered visit, and won't come out of our pocket.
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Quest Sells Your Info!
Posted by Earthling on 06/24/2011
Quest sold our business info 2 weeks before they even turned it on. Our first ten phone calls on our business line were cold callers.

Don't use quest for your business phone service unless you don't mind being interrupted from business to tell salespeople no thanks.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-24:
that would be not so cool. i would also be mad. can you get on the "do not call list'?
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They are scam artists, will rip anyone off anytime they can.
Posted by Dabetzer on 06/24/2011
PHOENIX, AZ, ARIZONA -- We ordered their service online, then decided to cancel it three days later. Two weeks after that an installer still showed up and said he hooked up our service....even though we weren't home. Now they are saying a modem was delivered and we will be charged for it, even though we cancelled before anything was even installed. Their customer service people are rude and they will rip you off even if they have to lie or install service you never wanted.
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Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-06-24:
And what did the little box the website make you check before submitting your order say about their cancellation policy and procedure?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-24:
Great review! Very helpful!!
Posted by TalkToQwest on 2011-06-29:
Hey dabetzer, this is B with the Talk To Qwest team. I'm sorry that this is the experience you've had with us. If you still need help with your bill, send me an e-mail to TalkToUs@Qwest.com, and I'll be happy to help with whatever I can.


Talk To Qwest Team
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Wrongfully turned longtime customer's account over to collections agency.
Posted by Rizzom on 06/18/2011
OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- To Whom It May Concern,

I cancelled DSL service with Qwest in February 2011. At the time that I cancelled, I was told that I would not have to return the modem because I had purchased it. This made sense to me, as I had easily paid for value of the modem several times over during the many years I was a Qwest DSL customer.

However, a couple of weeks after I cancelled my service, Qwest sent me UPS shipping labels to return the modem. I dropped off the modem at UPS on March 28, 2011. I have delivery confirmation from UPS that states that the package was delivered to Pueblo, CO April 4, 2011 at 1:34 PM and signed by DOUGLAS.

On May 13, 2011 Afni sent me a letter stating that they were a debt collector attempting to collect a debt on behalf of Qwest. When I called Afni to discuss the letter, I was told that the debt was owed for the modem mentioned above. I told Afni that I would like to dispute the debt and provided them with the UPS tracking number, which shows proof of delivery.

I received another latter from Afni May 24, 2011; which stated that Afni had verified the debt was valid, and intends to continue to pursue collection of the debt.

On May 24, 2011 I contacted Qwest customer service and talked to someone who gave me the ID KLMason. She told me that she worked in Qwest Billing, and that she could not find a record of the returned modem; and that there was nothing else she could do.

I am finding that in every detail in this matter, Qwest has shown poor customer service ability. From telling me that I would not have to return the modem, to turning the account over to a collections agency to denying that they had received the modem, despite the clear UPS paper trail from me to the Qwest facility in Colorado; it is difficult to find anything that is not disappointing about Qwest in this matter.

I have begun to pursue legal options with Afni. The federal government is very clear about what those options are. It seems that I could pay the amount requested, but I returned the modem and I believe the facts are clear in the matter. I would have no reason to lie under oath regarding such a thing, particularly because Qwest sent me shipping labels; but also because the modem is essentially worthless, not only to me, but also in the general sense the value of the device in question in year 2011. The federal government has various mechanism in place to protect honest consumers like myself from being harmed in circumstances such as this.


Name Removed
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-20:
A lawyer might be interested in helping you with this. Contact one for a free consultation and see what they say.
Posted by Rebecca on 2011-07-12:
Qwest has tried to get a $200 ETF out of me for internet service. I objected
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Qwest DSL Service
Posted by Schoon1 on 06/15/2011
I have two DSL lines for my business -- so that if one goes down I can keep operating on the other one. Two days ago, both went down. I got on the phone -- no help at all. Best suggestion -- both modems, entirely coincidentally, went down at exactly the same time. Next day, both came back, all by themselves. Actually they weren't totally down, if I waited long enough, then clicked "view source", I did get some content. On rare occasions, I could get something to show up on the screen.

Then tonight, same problem. Very snippy Qwest representative told me that the problem is that the static IP address I've been assigned is wrong, and tomorrow morning I need to get it switched to another static IP address. This is, of course, absurd. And, two of the people I talked to said again that both modems, very coincidentally, went down at the exact same time. Problem is, it's a monopoly. There's nobody else to talk to.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-17:
Report this to: http://ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm and to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints
(this serves at least to keep a running tab of complaints against a company and eventually someone notices and does something about it).
Also, try contacting Qwest HQ (1801 California St., Denver, CO 80202) at 800-244-1111.
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