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Have Ryobi Leaf Blower Less Than a Year of Use. Will Not Start.
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Have used this blower less than a year. Will not start. Spent to much time with tech support, did every thing they told me to do no luck... Now they say I need a new corroborator.!! At my expense. Never buy a RYOBI tool. No help from the company. Very rude operator. Asked to speak to someone else was cut off. My bad luck for not buying a name brand product.

Ryobi support stinks
By -

SUBJECT: Power tool parts inquiry — MODEL NUMBER: Rvi2000
08/26/11 23:08: I doubt you really do Tom. The good news is that you won't last long in your role with this type of support. Think about it, how much would it have coat the company to keep the customer happy versus how much it costs gains new customer?. Penny wise dollar foolish. Also, studies show that one unhappy customer tells 10 people. That's a lot of bad press. I guarantee you that with the internet, I will tell more than 10 people about Tom C. And Ryobi support.

Hope your feel good about saving your company $10. Oh, you should shown your manager this one before he reads it on the internet. Have great day! You represent a Chinese company real well. They'd be proud.

08/26/11 09:20:

We are sorry you feel that way.

If you change your mind and we can be of any assistance to you with our products in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,

Tom Clinkscales
One World Technologies, Inc.

08/25/11 21:41: Gee thanks for standing behind your products Tom! I too am in the CS business, and would at least make a reasonable offer to keep the customer happy. I guess I'll return it a buy a Honda generator after the storm. Best wishes

08/25/11 10:10:

Thank you for your purchase of a Ryobi lawn and garden product, and we are proud that you have chosen Ryobi for your lawn and garden needs.

Owners manual downloads are available on the Ryobi home page under the SERVICE & SUPPORT link. A printed copy can be obtained at no charge by contacting Ryobi customer service at 1-800-860-4050.

http://www.ryobitools.com/product_promotion/discontinued_manuals/generators/RYI2000T_413_trilingual. pdf

Replacements for missing items from floor model or display purchases can be ordered through the master parts distributor Gardner, Inc. in Columbus, OH at 1-877-545-4110.

Best regards,

Tom Clinkscales
One World Technologies, Inc.

08/24/11 21:52: Hi,
I just purchased the above generator from Home Depot, and due to the impending hurricane, the only model left was the floor model. Unfortunately there was no box or accessories.

Can you please send me an owners manual and the accessories, kit that comes with this generator. Thank you so much.

Ryobi Lawn mower -- stay away
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I have made the mistake of buying one of Ryobi's electric lawn mowers (from Home Depot), which I used approximately six times before it shorted out and had to go to your service center for repairs.

It has now been there for more than one month, and I was told it may be another 3-4 weeks before I can get it back -- this is during the mowing season-- which makes it difficult to take care of my lawn.

I was told when I took it in, that this type of machine is in the shop frequently and because of that replacement parts are backed up. At this point I anticipate this machine will be back into the shop many times over the next three years of its' warranty.

I am surprised at what appears to be faulty engineering and hope this is not an example of the quality of the rest of the Ryobi product lines.

Anyone thinking of purchasing a Ryobi lawn mower should think twice. The warranty sounds good, but if it spends an inordinate amount of time 'in the shop' --- what good is the warranty after all.

Ryobi Wheeled String Trimmer T430
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I purchased a Ryobi Wheeled string trimmer from Home Depot. I got it home, fired it up and it is just what I was looking for. Until, I shut it off and tried to restart it. It would not restart until it cooled down.

I contacted Ryobi customer support and told them that it was a POS and I was going to return it and never buy another Ryobi Product.

They responded with, "Sorry you feel that way."

I responded with, "Is that all you have to say?"

Their response, "We are not here to engage in useless chat. You made it obvious how you felt and was going to return it."

What kind of customer service is that???

No response as to we would like to fix the problem for you if we can.

Just they did not want to hear about it.

In this day and age you would expect a company to do everything possible to take care of a customer.

I promise you I will NEVER! buy another Ryobi product.

Buyer Beware if you do!

Don't buy Ryobi
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I purchased a Ryobi line trimmer model ELT1100A from Bunnings at Albury onTuesday the 5th January 2010. After 30 minutes of use it failed to operate.

On Wednesday the 6th I returned it to Bunnings & was asked if I wanted a refund or replacement. I said I would like to take another one. They were very helpful. After 20 minutes of use it also failed to operate.

On Thursday 7th I returned the trimmer to Bunnings. I had made my mind up that I did not want another Ryobi product. The staff were stunned with this event & suggested I take another as this was very unusual. I relented. After 10 minutes of use it also failed to operate. I returned it to Bunnings once again & requested a full refund to which I was obliged.

I was staying 30 minutes from Bunnings so my extra time & travelling was very annoying.
I now have serious thoughts of purchasing any Ryobi products in the future.

I suggest a total recall for this model as there is something definitely wrong.
I would like to know the outcome of this.


Why Not To Buy Ryobi
By -

I just bought a Ryobi Whipper Snipper today I get home I have the fuel ready I put the fuel in. Prime it 10 times like instructions.

I no tools do not start first time so I have this in mind.(It was my job for 6 months to use these tools).

I try to start this tool and I fails to start 32 pulls(I no this because I had a bet with my mate how many pulls it takes me to start it).

Then 2mins into the use a small bit of grass stops this poor bit of machinery in its tracks.

I cleaned out the grass and tried again and again I left it for 30 minutes tried again nothing checked fuel checked spark still nothing?
This has to be the worst bit of machinery I have ever used and I have electric Whipper Snippers spoke to a few ppl and they say the same thing.

Do not buy any Ryobi products at all. I think the Japanese need to pull there s*** together. There whaling ours seas ramming our boats and been making s*** products for last 30 years. I will for now on make sure every single thing I buy and my mates is not Japanese and I mean including food everything.

Message is here I'm a stubbin prick and will create myspaces facebooks anything piss you off.

Now I paid 158 dollars for this.

Insulting Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HAWAII -- I used their product four times total. On the last time, the motor overheated and would not start again. Called their "Service" Center and was told they have a "you-broke-it-you-bought it" policy. Well, I have a "you-treat-me-like-dirt-I-take-my-business-elsewhere" policy. They finally, begrudgingly, replaced the trimmer and left me a message that, "They're not likely to replace this again." How do you say adios in Japanese? SAYONARA, Ryobi. If I want to be insulted, I can always call my ex for free.

4 Cycle Add a Tool Gas Edger/Trimmer
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Received as a gift and used this approximately 10 times then would not start. Called Ryobi- no help from them. Took it in to a repair shop- they told me they get these in all the time and cannot find a permanent fix. It started twice at the shop- I paid them $30 repair bill and started it once after that then it quit starting again. Don't buy this unless you are experienced at small engine repair.

Problems! Problems!
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Rating: 1/51

I bought this item from Home depot two years ago. I haven't used it since. The line breaks off or gets slung out so quickly. You're either trying to dig it out of the head or add another string. My gripe is the same as others. Just fix the problem. Please!

Absolute Junk Get Off the Planet !!!!!!
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