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Worst computer repair and corporate customer service I've ever dealt with
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- I originally contacted technical support for a bad video card on a PS3. They arranged to repair the unit out of warranty for a fee. A refurbished unit was sent to me but the four screws holding the hard drive to the removable tray were overtightened so that they could not be removed. I had it for two days. I contacted them and they arranged to take the unit back, apologizing and offering a free game for my trouble. I shipped it back. Four weeks later I followed up and found out the system was being held because they claimed there were bugs in it. I protested explaining that this was a new unit. They finally relented and gave only a 30 day pass to the PS network instead of the physical game. They overnighted another PS3 but it had the same overtightened screws. I called back and their solution was instead of repairing the hard drive and tightening it to the proper specification to send me a new bay and screws so the original drive was still not repaired and stuck in the cage. They refused to take it back and fix it. Corporate agents refused to help beyond this and had no regard for how I felt about the company. One hung up on me. A supervisor refused to help and they wouldn't even give corporate contact information where to send a complaint. I've dealt with Lenovo, Toshiba, Microsoft and HP. I've heard horror stories of people having units not serviced due to accusations of insects or delays but I couldn't believe it happened to me. Sony's customer service for the PS3 is the worst I've ever had. I can't recommend anyone buy a PS4 now because of this horrible experience.
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Sony not honoring extended warranties for PS3 playstation 3
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- This is to inform anyone who purchase a product from Sony preferably
their gaming machine the PS3 aka Playstation 3.
Be aware that if you purchase a warranty from Sony be it a year extended 3 year extended or so on they will not truly honor your warranty.
They change their policies almost every month and make guaranteeing quite
a joke.

If you have knowledge on gaming then you know Sony released about a handful of different playstation 3 machines. If you no nothing about gaming
then I feel for you as you may get caught in muddy waters then come across
this informative info.

I spoke with a Sony supervisor in charge of honoring the decision
to stand by the product they sell and to make a long story short
he explained that Sony does not honor PS3 machines more than 3 years
old no matter if they were purchased from a store like Gamestop or Best Buy
and sold let's say within this year and with proof of purchase along with
a Sony extended warranty that you can simply buy from the psn aka the playstation store. That being said I didn't have any knowledge on PS3 and the evolution it has gone through due to FAILURE and being DEFECTIVE for the reasons the company made so many versions of this gaming machine.

Now that I did my research I found out that the PS3 I own is the one before the PS3 slim came out for distributions. Regardless PS3 slim owners got the same spit in the face from Sony's sterner style.

At the end of all this Best Buy accepted my return for an exchange on a
Microsoft Xbox 360 and I can say I am pleased with the result.

I did researching as well and it seems Microsoft is smart about their marketing and warranty services which makes them all the more reliable to us the customers for whatever issues we may have with their products.

I just wish I had the supervisors I. D number from Sony so that he can be a public figure to whom I am sure many had issues with.

Sony is garbage.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 10/21/2012:
Allow me to educate you a bit on the subject; The changes made to the PS3 over the years wasn't due to any inherent defects, they were made because the parts got cheaper to produce as time went on, the parts also got smaller (the CPU/GPUs went from a 90nm process to a 65nm process, and now, to a 40/45nm process), in layman's terms this means that the consoles run cooler and require less power to deliver the same amount of performance, this means that they can use smaller, less powerful PSU's (among other components) and make the casings smaller as well, all while reducing price to the consumer. That's not to say that the PS3 is 100% bulletproof, it's not, but compared to it's primary completion,it's hardware is much more reliable overall.

Anyway, about the warranty, Your warranty was through Best Buy apparently, and that's who you should've gone with from the get go. Let BBY and Sony deal with each other. But I defintely think that if you had a warranty, they should've replaced the PS3 with another one.

"At the end of all this Best Buy accepted my return for an exchange on a
Microsoft Xbox 360 and I can say I am pleased with the result. "

Ummmm, Red ring of Death ring a bell?

For what it's worth, my PS3 has performed admirably for years (250 GB Slim), IMHO it's far superior the 360 for my needs, It plays blu-rays, it's ridiculously easy to use media server, it's much, much easier to upgrade the HDD than the 360, and it plays games. Though to be honest, I don't use it for games very often, as, being a "real" gamer, I game on the vastly superior PC platform. Sorry, but playing BF3 at slide-show like 30 FPS, with 8 year old DX9-level graphics, doesn't impress me. #PCElitist
shadygaby21 on 10/22/2012:
This was written solely for anyone having issues with Sony about the warranty on ps3 consoles.
Not about the costs of producing the machine or
having Best Buy take me up on warranties over Sony
as it is Sony's product and they are supposed to
honor the quality of each product they release unless the machine itself has been tampered with
and so forth.
As for your last comment if you want quality
and performance build yourself a PC gaming rig.
FoDaddy19 on 10/22/2012:
I was merely addressing the

"That being said I didn't have any knowledge on PS3 and the evolution it has gone through due to FAILURE and being DEFECTIVE for the reasons the company made so many versions of this gaming machine."

Comment you made. Obviously, if you felt it necessary to bring that up, then your review was not just solely for anyone having issues with their PS3 consoles. I was simply explaining why your accusations were not correct.
shadygaby21 on 10/23/2012:
It was brought up to add to the many who made complaints as you can google search yourself on the so called accusations.followed up by doing youtube searches on the many issues and problems if your really looking to defend Sony in a imaginary court.
FoDaddy19 on 10/24/2012:
The failure rate for PS3's is actually lower than most other similar electronic devices (TV,Blu-Ray player, etc). For the PS3, the failure rate within the first two years is about 0.5%. The industry average is 2%-3%. Just because you can find a couple dozen people complaining online, it doesn't mean that there's a widespread problem, you're only dealing with couple dozen people vs. the millions of units sold. You would need much greater sampling numbers to have better idea of what's really going on.

Fun fact: The Xbox 360 had a failure rate of about 16.4% as documented here

I'm not looking to defend Sony, I'm not actually a huge fan. I'm just attempting to clarify you erroneous statements about the product.
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Poor Quality Six Axis Controllers
Posted by on
UNITED KINGDOM -- After getting a PS3 last Christmas with one controller I bought another in order to play 2 player games. After a couple of months of playing call of duty 4 the analogue sticks stopped responding. Anyone that plays call of duty will probably know what I mean, you have to click in L3 to sprint. After a while the button stops responding or responds erratically (works sometimes then not at all). When this problem occurred I then bought a further two controllers to replace the defective ones. Sure enough the same problem arose with the replacement controllers. I would like to make clear that these are the official ps3 controllers from Sony! I now have 4 broken controllers and cannot play games that require analogue controls. The problem even affects games not requiring analogue use because sometimes the analogue stick is stuck in position (i.e. making your player run out for a throw in when playing Pro Evo of Fifa). To play games normally I now have to purchase new controllers again!!!

I am unsure of the details regarding warranty of Ps3 accessories but surely Sony cannot be allowed to sell controllers that break easily during regular gameplay. I tried to e-mail Sony directly to inform them but could not obtain an address after a considerable amount of time spent searching all of their sub categories on the website. I am writing this review to inform Sony that their PS3 six axis controllers are poorly made and I do not appreciate being ripped off. I paid the money in the first place for a product that works, I do not expect to have to replace it three times within the first year.

For people who have experienced this problem write a review and let it be known that Sony Playstation do not provide value for money.
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Poor quality plastics on the Playstation Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller
Posted by on
Over the past 4 months I've had to buy 4 controllers because of the plastic support around the left thumb knob keeps breaking as result of general normal usage. The plastic is weak & need to be re-enforced or a better plastic should be used.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/29/2011:
Tell Sony about this at:
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