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Doing Business With Sony Is Just Dangerous! - Backstage/Post-Purchase Service Is Dissatisfied
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- The following message is the Corporate News I found regarding Sony Backstage service (which is not true... please continue to read my recent experience with it after this corporate news): "€œBackstage is a great example of our commitment to providing the highest level of personal service and support," said **, a Sony Style vice president. "œNo matter what your level of knowledge, this service will simplify computer buying and maintenance through one-on-one assistance from VAIO product experts."

The service includes complimentary product consultations and personal tutorials, as well as expert advice to help people find the VAIO PC that best suits their specific needs. Backstage representatives are also able to assist with facilitating both in- and out-of-warranty services, such as troubleshooting hardware, and repairing or replacing components and products." In November 2008, I purchased SR series laptop from Sony Style. In addition, they convinced me to purchase Backstage and explained me many benefits about its Backstage, so I spent another $100 for it. As of today (March 2009), I have found a few problems with Sony laptop.

Last week, I have scheduled an appointment to have Sony's Backstage specialist to look at my laptop. And, this past Saturday, I brought my laptop to Sony Style where I bought my laptop, and it locates at Orlando, FL (Millennia mall). When I stepped in the store at 12:30pm, people who worked there did not even greet its customer; finally, someone, the assistant manager, asked me do I need any help (her eyes were not looking at me, and at the same time, she was trying to find other things - very rude).

I told her that I have an appointment with Backstage specialist; then, she called him. I explained my laptop problems (some minor problems, such as sometimes I cannot find network to connect to the Internet, cannot print documents as PDF, laptop takes a while to shut down, and what is the "C++ RunTime Error")to him, and I told him that Runtime Error problem has been fixed itself after a month or so for some reason, but just for future reference, if it happens again, I would like to know how to fix it. He asked me to leave my laptop there and will return it to me at the end of the day.

So, I was window shopping for a few hours and I decided to check the progress, so I went back to the store. He did not work on my laptop, and he was doing something else. I was still patient and gave him a few more hours. Around 7:00pm, I went back to the store. He was out for dinner, and store assistant manager just grabbed my laptop from the back office and returned it to me and asked me to sign the paper. I asked if I could know what caused these problems and I would like to know if it happens next time how can I fix it. She was not friendly and impatient, and she said "well..he said your laptop is good to go. I don't know. Oh~well, he is on his way back and you can ask him". I said OK.

When I spoke with Backstage specialist, he had ice cream on his hand. And, he was rush going into the back room. He just told me "I deleted some of your stuff to make the computer shutting down faster and other problems have been fixed." I asked him what caused those other problems, he did not answer it. Then, I check my computer performance, he really did NOT fix any problems, instead, he asked me to send my laptop back to the manufacturer; however, they might not fix the problem and will send it back to me!!!"

He did not teach me how to solve any problem I mentioned earlier. Then, he went in to the back office and leave me and the store assistant manager outside. Assistant manager was especially unfriendly. She talked without having a smile. This is a very unpleasant experience with Sony. I spent my whole day in the store (since I live far away from it, it's impossible for me to go back home and pick it up later), but I got nothing fixed. The Backstage costs $100. It is definitely not worth $100. Sony's employees have different attitudes to people who are about to purchase and people who come back for post-purchase service.

On Saturday, I also brought my friend's Mac laptop to Apple store, all I can say is Apple store's customer service is great! My friend purchased Mac laptop online (not even from Apple's online store), but they are willing to fix the problem and replace a new cover for FREE. Everyone in the store are smiling and greeting customers! At first, I did not like Apple a lot, now I love it and will do business with Apple instead of Sony! Customers do not have to spend money to get yelled at or be ignored by store employees.

Again, before you purchase BACKSTAGE, please think many times before you do it. Otherwise, you will regret it. Remember, before you purchase products from them, they always smile to you, but when you come back for service, you'll see their different attitude!

Don't buy a Sony VGN-SZ680 laptop
By -

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Thinking of buying a Sony Laptop? Don't. I purchased a brand new Sony Vaio VGN-SZ680 laptop on August 4th, 2008, in addition to a three-year warranty for over $350. I spent more on this computer than I ever have on a previous laptop (all of which were Dells), because I had heard great things about Sony products and wanted to buy a "top-of-the-line" product for graduate school. I had heard horror stories about how difficult law school is for first year students, and thought that by purchasing a more expensive laptop, I would be spared any additional stress from computer issues. My calculation could not have been more wrong.

Just over one month after purchasing the computer, on September 9th, I contacted Sony about the blue screen fatal errors that had been occurring roughly once per day for the previous week. At this point, they sent me a box and I shipped my laptop to the service center in San Diego. I had to remove all of my files from the computer and then reinstall all of my software and drivers upon receipt of my computer roughly a week and a half later. At that point, I assumed that the problem had been fixed. It had not.

Within a day of using my returned computer, the same blue screen error occurred. At that point, I called Sony and spent over an hour being passed from one technical support person to another, and then was promised a call back from a person in a supervisory role. Later that day, I received a call from a technician in San Diego who told me that he would try to access my computer remotely to better assess the problem.

Because his server was down, after around 45 minutes on the phone he told me that he was unable to access my system and would call me back in a half hour. I waited for his phone call and he never called. After an hour and a half, I called him back and left a voicemail, which he did not return until the following day. I then had to restart the process of being passed through several Sony representatives, and finally was told that someone would be sent to fix my computer onsite.

I was able to arrange an appointment with a local technician, who spent several hours replacing the motherboard and then returned the laptop to me. Six days later I experienced the same error again. Not only did the error occur again, but then my computer would not turn on. Each time this error occurred, I lost data and, more importantly, I lose a tremendous amount of time. I spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone with several representatives at Sony that day. I was told that I could send in my computer for a 3rd attempt at repairing it, which meant that I had to go without a computer for another two weeks.

I find it unconscionable that Sony would not take better care of its customers – I spent almost as much of my first semester without the use of my computer as with it. To say that I am dissatisfied with my experience with Sony would be a tremendous understatement. I had deadlines to meet with my schoolwork that I have been unable to complete because I did not have access to a computer, and because I spent approximately 15 hours dealing with the repercussions of my computer not functioning correctly.

I requested a full refund of my purchase and was told my request was denied. I then requested a brand new computer, as I paid full price for a brand new computer and having it “fixed” three times (in the first 2 months) equated to my getting a refurbished product. Sony denied this request, despite the fact that I did not buy a refurbished product. It is clear that I bought a lemon. Don't buy a Sony Vaio.

To Reship Or Not To Reship
By -

I purchased a customized Sony Vaio laptop in the first week of March via credit card and also purchased a warranty for the computer which is a separate order. The computer was shipped out a week later with my correct address and correct zip code, however, it never made it to its destination so it headed back to Sony. As I found out, I quickly contacted Sony and the deliverer about the package. I wrote emails explaining the circumstances, and Sony responded with them resending the package as soon as possible. They just needed authorization. But lo and behold, Sony does not resend undelivered/undeliverable packages.

The consumer needs to make a new order. I called customer service and asked about my computer that was supposed to be delivered. They responded and said that we don't deliver items returned. And that they refunded the expense back, 7-10 business days, it took 12, the warranty apparently takes even longer, and it was purchased the same day, same time.

I talked to some customer service agents (low end of the totem pole) and explained what had happened and tried to get an explanation for why they wouldn't send back the computer. The first agent told me that it was in a warehouse but didn't know where (liar). His supervisor told me that I would receive a delivery coupon and that was it. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a child, depend on a personal computer to get school work done and if they would have told me about the no resend policy before now.

All the supervisor said was "I apologize and that I (he) understands, but that is all I (he) can do, authorized to do." So I asked to speak to another person higher up. He said that he was the last person that could be reached verbally, but if I wanted to write a letter, considering that I live in Hawaii, would be the only way. So it would take even longer for me to get a response via mail then it is worth it.

So I called back the next day, keep in mind every conversation was longer that one hour, and basically all that was said was "I apologize and I understand." It is like they do not really need to know or say much to be a supervisor. So I called back and I talked to a man with a thick Texas accent. He was polite and told me everything that I had already heard, sort of like a broken record. Told him the same as I told everybody else. Single parent, ordered computer 3 weeks ago, sent back, talked to Sony customer service, response was promising, money was refunded, package unsendable.

I just didn't and still don't understand why it is so difficult for a customized computer to be sent back. That supervisor was still going in circles with the same crap, "I understand and I apologize, but it is our policy, we don't send back reshipped packages." I asked him to call me the next day if he talked to his boss and could do better besides the free coupon. He called back and left a message, he said he would call back later that day, nadda.

I called the next day and the same was expressed, nothing changed. All they told me was to make another order. I told them that I couldn't because I was using my credit card and that the transaction has yet to be put back on my card, so I still couldn't order a new computer from Sony nor any other company, so not only did they not send me my computer but I couldn't even order a new one.

They apologized and understood my predicament, but still insisted on giving me a free delivery coupon. Then I asked if I would have had it engraved (an option that is free) would it have been redelivered to me. They said yes. I was still trying to figure out what the difference was between engraved and not engraved, but I guess if it engraved you will get the article no problem, but cannot sell it back later down the road. Don't get it engraved, you might not receive it, but if you do receive it you can sell it back.

I was telling them because all the "supervisors" were trying to tell me just to make an order and they will ship it out, no hurried assembly, just free shipping. So I was stuck between waiting another ~2 weeks for a package that I already been waiting for for 2 weeks, plus the week it took to assemble, but it is already made, but to save money they are going to make another similar computer, doesn't make any sense. So now I am going on to other paths to talk to higher individuals. No letters, I don't know that last time I actually wrote and mailed a letter off. Not fast enough.

School is almost over, a month and a half left, still a father and still no computer, and still no time to spend after hours at school. It is impossible and still am between a rock and a hard spot, because the retransaction electronically is taking longer than 7-10 business days for both warranty and computer.

So no matter how many times Sony customer service tell me that they can reorder it, I don't have the funds and time is very valuable. But Sony doesn't care. They are a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives on consumers, but pays no attention to their needs, no matter how simple they are. Sony will just apologize and say that they understand. Perhaps they apologize for being useless and they understand that they are useless.

The Worst Service Ever from Sonystyle!!
By -

I ordered a PSP Daxter edition through on 12/4. This item was intended to be a Christmas present for my 6 year old son. At the time of my order, the item was back ordered but estimated to ship on 12/13. Due to the tight timeframe, I contacted customer service to inquire about the validity to that ship date. Although no promises were made, I was told that Sony is usually very accurate with dates. With Sony's great reputation as an electronics manufacturer, I expected great service and felt confident to continue with the order.

From 12/13 onward, I continued to check my account on-line to be sure I would not be left without this item at Christmas. There was no shipping information on my account, nor had I received any communication about shipping delays from Sony. I contacted Sonystyle customer service and was told that the item was still back ordered and no shipping promises could be made.

So, I found the same item at a Best Buy 20 miles from my house and drove out of my way to be sure I would not disappoint my son. After making the purchase at Best Buy, I contacted Sonystyle to cancel my existing order that still presented no shipping information. When I spoke with the rep in San Antonio, she said that although there was no shipping information on my account, the item was in the Carson warehouse and was "picked" for shipping and therefore could not be cancelled.

I asked when the item would arrive and initially could not receive confirmation that it would arrive by 12/24. After expressing my extreme dissatisfaction to this rep, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that "the supervisor will not tell me anything different" and was repeatedly refused the opportunity to express my frustration about Sony's poor service to a manager.

I have never experienced such disregard to customer feedback! After continued dialogue with this rep (who continued to not allow me to speak to a manager), she changed her story about the shipping and told me that shipping would be expedited to be in time for Christmas and that I could not cancel or return the item which I no longer needed. Given no other option from this rep, the only choice I had was to return the item upon its arrival. After that very disappointing experience with customer service, I then noticed that I was charged 2 times for this PSP and the extended 3-year service that I had purchased.

So...I contacted customer service AGAIN to find out why I was charged twice for this item that I still had not received and no longer even wanted. The rep in this dialogue was much better, but could not provide any resolution to my problem either. She confirmed that the item shipped from their warehouse on 12/20 and that it was in FedEx's possession. So, any delays at that point were due to problems with FedEx. She placed a tracer on the package with FedEx and the item finally arrived on 12/27 - after Christmas!! AND...I received two PSPs even though I only purchased one!!!

Hence, the double charge on my credit card!! And now I am calling Sonystyle's 800 number and have been on hold for over 30 minutes. This has been a terrible experience. I expected much better service from Sony and can assure you that I will NEVER purchase a Sony product again.

Redeem Codes
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Rating: 3/51

I got this message from my friend and it included a redeem code which is not working.

Sony Bravia Is Expensive Junk
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I purchased a Sony paying more for a TV than necessary. Don't make the same mistake. I have other flat screen TVs that are better quality and cost about half as much as the Sony. Don't purchase a TV based on the name. There are others that are less expensive and have much better quality and customer service. I would never buy a Sony product again!!!

Expiration Date
By -

I recently bought a Sony BluRay movie with included Digital Copy and learned a lesson the hard way. I was attempting to install my digital copy and the product key would not work. So I emailed Sony told them what the problem was and could they give me a valid product key, this was their response:

"Thank you for your email. We appreciate your interest in Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) products. Bonus Digital Copies are available for one year after the movie has been released to stores. Unfortunately, this title was released over a year ago and the digital copy is no longer available. On the back of the cover, the system requirements are listed for the download. There is a sentence that includes when the digital copy must be redeemed by. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Not happy with this news I responded with this: Dear **, while I appreciate the fact that you, as a Sony representative responded to my email, I was not exactly thrilled with your response. If Sony is going to put the requirements on the back cover they should put it in LARGER PRINT, ESPECIALLY AN EXPIRATION DATE. Some customers, like me, are actually buying this because of the included digital copy. A sticker with an expiration date right under the words DIGITAL COPY which is what it says on the FRONT cover would work better, but then I'm guessing customers might see that and not purchase it in the first place.

In other words **, I did not get the memo that said "Read the tiny print on the back cover first or you might not get what the FRONT cover says you are paying for." It is also hard to believe that Sony has no way of giving unwary customers a code to download their digital copy after mistakenly purchasing a Sony movie with an expired code. So, if that is how Sony is going to take care of their customers, I guess then I am free not to buy Sony's products. It's no skin off your nose anyway.

I will however start telling people about Sony's digital copy policy so they don't make the same mistake I did. That is the awesome thing about the Internet, you can reach so many people. That should help cut down on emails like mine in the future. So now you know, read the minuscule print on the back cover of any Sony movie or the digital copy you think you are getting may end up as another coaster for your coffee table.

Sony Warranty Is Worthless
By -

N December of 2009 I purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop for my daughter to use in college. Cost of laptop was $697.11, wasn't a cheap one. On September 23, 2010 (9 months later) the hard drive crashed. The computer has a 12 months parts and labor warranty. The problem with the hard drive was determined by a reputable computer company in Starkville, Ms where my daughter attends the university.

I contacted Sony on that date and advised them of the problem. I was told that they would ship out a replacement hard drive within 2 to 3 days and I should receive it within 10 to 14 days. I asked if I could pay for expedited shipping since may daughter had a lot of research and other documents for school on the old hard drive that she needed badly and the technician installing the new drive was going to try to salvage the data. The answer was no they could not ship the part in any other manner.

On 10/06/10, when the hard drive had not been received from Sony, I called them again. I was advised that they had conducted some sort of software upgrade on their own business system and that the hard drive had not yet been shipped. Again I was told it would be shipped in 2-3 days with a delivery time of 10-14 days. I went up the ladder through three supervisors before I finally received a commitment of a delivery time of 5 to 7 days.

On 10-12-10, when the hard drive had still not been received I called Sony back a third time to get a tracking number on the part. I was told eventually told some 25 minutes into the call (most of which was on hold) that technical support could not provide the tracking number they would have to transfer me.

Finally 33.21 minutes into the call an employee answered the phone and advised me that the hard drive had still not been shipped. I admit I went ballistic. It should also be noted that Sony had not contacted me back either time to advise the hard drive would not be shipped... just left us hanging. So now almost 1 month later and further into the semester my daughter still cannot use her computer because Sony cannot complete a simply task of shipping a hard drive that is covered under warranty.

I will never purchase another Sony product of any kind because of the customer service experience. Any company can have a defective part or product. What separates the good companies from the bad is what they about it. Sony Customer Service is without a doubt the worst I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. As of 11/15/2010, I still have not received a replacement hard drive from Sony nor have they even bothered to make contact with me. These people DO NOT CARE they just simply ignore customer warranty needs.

Defective product, horrible customer service
By -

I purchased a high end Sony Vaio laptop in May 2010 for over $3000 and paid an additional $400 for a Sony 3 year extended warranty. Within seven months after the purchase the laptop became unusable because the Nvidia video card had failed requiring the motherboard to be replaced. When I called the Vaio support line they scheduled an on-site repair visit and assured me that the repair will be done within 3 business days as stipulated in the warranty. Based on this information I postponed two important business presentations for which I needed to use the laptop.

The nightmare began soon after. No one showed up for the repair after 3 days or the following weeks. I called Sony countless times to inquire about the repair and was never able to break through the stonewalling of the Philipine-stationed gang which represents Sony Vaio. Every time I called I had to retell the story only to find out that they used my call to reset the clock to give themselves another 3 -4 business days before someone would purportedly call back, but of course no one did call.

When I asked for details about the delay or to talk to a supervisor they would refuse or become rude. Eventually when I managed to break through to a supervisor named ** I found out that the reason for the delay was that a part was "back-ordered" and that no delivery date is available. ** promised to call back within 3-4 business date to give me an update. He never called back.

Next time I called there was another supervisor named **. ** continued to give me the runaround and refused to tell me when or if the laptop will be repaired. He would not say if it will take one week or one month or one year. He absolutely refused to give me a loaner stating “policy”. So I am still stranded without a laptop. If you are shopping for a laptop don't be fooled by Vaio's good looks. Their product is unreliable and their customer service is a scam.

Fraud By Sony Ericsson Service Center
By -

I am an unfortunate and a poor user of Sony Ericsson Mobile phone who is being harassed by your service center in New Delhi, India. I will request you to please help me. "I have purchased one SOny Ericsson P1i on 5th May 2009 from Cariano Telecom for a huge 19500/-(rs nineteen thousand five hundred only). All my friends were insisting that I should go for a NOKIA if I am spending that much but still I trusted Sony and invested in that. But after the painful experience, I think they were right. Even they have the right to tease me and they do.

My handset started giving few problems like losing network very often and display also used to go blank. I deposited the handset in your service center RT Outsourcing Ltd. situated at District Center, Janak Puri, New delhi on 13/March/2010 vide work order no SE310RJK11547 and after 20 days I received it back on 03/April/2010. It was still with same problems with an added problem that memory card was also not working now. I deposited the handset back again on 24/April/2010 vide work order no SE310RJK12423.

When on last Friday I went to service center, I was shocked by the rudeness of service center in telling me that the handset will not be covered under warranty since LCD was broken. I was in a fix since after 1 month of depositing the handset your expert engineers came to know that LCD was broken of a WORKING HANDSET which was handed over to your service center in perfectly working condition.

I am left with no option and choice except to speak to higher authorities like you and update you regarding the FRAUDULENT PRACTICES being followed by your service centers. I will request you to immediately look into the matter and I will like you to help me on 2 things: I want an apology from Service Center for the fraud and harassment done to me. I will now not take this handset model (P1i) since your service center has told me that the model is OBSOLETE and that no parts are available for repairing. Waiting for reply **.

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