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Sony Warranty Is Worthless
By -

N December of 2009 I purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop for my daughter to use in college. Cost of laptop was $697.11, wasn't a cheap one. On September 23, 2010 (9 months later) the hard drive crashed. The computer has a 12 months parts and labor warranty. The problem with the hard drive was determined by a reputable computer company in Starkville, Ms where my daughter attends the university.

I contacted Sony on that date and advised them of the problem. I was told that they would ship out a replacement hard drive within 2 to 3 days and I should receive it within 10 to 14 days. I asked if I could pay for expedited shipping since may daughter had a lot of research and other documents for school on the old hard drive that she needed badly and the technician installing the new drive was going to try to salvage the data. The answer was no they could not ship the part in any other manner.

On 10/06/10, when the hard drive had not been received from Sony, I called them again. I was advised that they had conducted some sort of software upgrade on their own business system and that the hard drive had not yet been shipped. Again I was told it would be shipped in 2-3 days with a delivery time of 10-14 days. I went up the ladder through three supervisors before I finally received a commitment of a delivery time of 5 to 7 days.

On 10-12-10, when the hard drive had still not been received I called Sony back a third time to get a tracking number on the part. I was told eventually told some 25 minutes into the call (most of which was on hold) that technical support could not provide the tracking number they would have to transfer me.

Finally 33.21 minutes into the call an employee answered the phone and advised me that the hard drive had still not been shipped. I admit I went ballistic. It should also be noted that Sony had not contacted me back either time to advise the hard drive would not be shipped... just left us hanging. So now almost 1 month later and further into the semester my daughter still cannot use her computer because Sony cannot complete a simply task of shipping a hard drive that is covered under warranty.

I will never purchase another Sony product of any kind because of the customer service experience. Any company can have a defective part or product. What separates the good companies from the bad is what they about it. Sony Customer Service is without a doubt the worst I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. As of 11/15/2010, I still have not received a replacement hard drive from Sony nor have they even bothered to make contact with me. These people DO NOT CARE they just simply ignore customer warranty needs.

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Rating: 1/51

??, INDIANA -- I sent the below response to ** on Wednesday and never got a response. The agents assured me once again that the disc would be at my house yesterday and “a shocker” it was not there. Can you please help me? At this point I just want you to send me 3 Bluray players that will run my Netflix and send a return box and I will send the 3 I got back to you. Just so you know I am copying as many people as I have to until I get assistance and something done.

** I have tried to find someone to talk to regarding my experience with Sony. Here is my story: I purchased 3 Sony BDP-2100 Blue Ray players at Walmart at Christmas for my children. When I hooked the 3 blue rays up I could not get Netflix to work on them, so I called your customer support and they were very polite and helpful. They told me that the blue ray player needed an update and that they would have to send me a disc to do the update. (We did not have a computer that would download the update) They told me it would be 7-10 days.

I waited and then had to call back because they didn't arrive. The next agent said they would resend it and it would be 7-10 days. Again it never came, so I called back in. I was then told it would be here by yesterday (1-28-2014) for sure. Well it never arrived so I called back again today. I asked to speak to a manager because at this point I am requesting to send the 3 blue rays back to Sony and they can send me 3 blue rays that work.

Agent - ** told me that I could not speak to anyone, but eventually agreed to file a complaint. Which I have no idea if that was done. I have been calm and pleasant through this whole experience until today. Can I please get something done? The reference numbers I have been getting is **.

Other notes: Walmart will not take the items back because it is an electronic and past their return policy time because I have been waiting for Sony to follow through. The agents have been very nice and polite like I have been with them because I know it is not their fault. I just can't get anything done and as a consumer I can't use the product I purchased. Just frustrated! Please help!!! Thanks!

Fraud By Sony Ericsson Service Center
By -

I am an unfortunate and a poor user of Sony Ericsson Mobile phone who is being harassed by your service center in New Delhi, India. I will request you to please help me. "I have purchased one SOny Ericsson P1i on 5th May 2009 from Cariano Telecom for a huge 19500/-(rs nineteen thousand five hundred only). All my friends were insisting that I should go for a NOKIA if I am spending that much but still I trusted Sony and invested in that. But after the painful experience, I think they were right. Even they have the right to tease me and they do.

My handset started giving few problems like losing network very often and display also used to go blank. I deposited the handset in your service center RT Outsourcing Ltd. situated at District Center, Janak Puri, New delhi on 13/March/2010 vide work order no SE310RJK11547 and after 20 days I received it back on 03/April/2010. It was still with same problems with an added problem that memory card was also not working now. I deposited the handset back again on 24/April/2010 vide work order no SE310RJK12423.

When on last Friday I went to service center, I was shocked by the rudeness of service center in telling me that the handset will not be covered under warranty since LCD was broken. I was in a fix since after 1 month of depositing the handset your expert engineers came to know that LCD was broken of a WORKING HANDSET which was handed over to your service center in perfectly working condition.

I am left with no option and choice except to speak to higher authorities like you and update you regarding the FRAUDULENT PRACTICES being followed by your service centers. I will request you to immediately look into the matter and I will like you to help me on 2 things: I want an apology from Service Center for the fraud and harassment done to me. I will now not take this handset model (P1i) since your service center has told me that the model is OBSOLETE and that no parts are available for repairing. Waiting for reply **.

Sony TV's No Customer Service
By -

I purchased a 32 inch flat screen Sony TV approximately 2 years ago for $900.00. The picture on the TV suddenly went red and slowed. The sound is fine. I took the TV to a repair shop (not Sony authorized) and was advised that the TV was not repairable. I had to pay this shop, of course, to look at the TV and offer their opinion.

When I telephoned Sony Customer Service I was placed on hold and then went through a chain of 3 people who all asked me for the same information even though they had transferred me and given me a reference number after they had added my information into their computer. The connection was poor and I had a difficult time understanding the representative on the other end of the telephone... no surprise there... it turns out that I was talking to someone in the Philippines... that's where Sony customer service is located.

The only advice offered to me was that I needed to go to a Sony Authorized Repair first and if they determined that the set was not repairable I would have to contact Customer Service again and they would then advise me (based on the problem with the set) if they would do anything in the way of aiding with repair costs and or replacing the set or they would do nothing since the set was out of warranty. They advised me that the warranty was only a year (during the year that the warranty is still in place if they have to replace your set it is at a discounted rate... not a free replacement). I telephoned an authorized Sony repair shop and the cost to look at the TV is $99.00.

Nice gimmick... for $900.00 I expected the set to last longer than 2 years. By the way, the set was in a bedroom and not used on a constant basis. I purchased a Sony thinking that they were a reliable company with a good product... never again... no brand here I come... maybe their customer service will be more local, speak English and offer some assistance other than for me to spend more of my money on their product with their authorized service dealers without any commitment from Sony. I wonder how much money Sony gets paid every time a consumer uses the services of their authorized repair shop?

Sony NAV-U 94T suction cup
By -

RICHMOND HILL -- Aug 24th 2009 - Sony NAV-U94T. In October 2008 we purchased 3 Sony NAV-U94T navigation systems from the Sony store at the Markville Mall, in Markham,Canada I use mine the most since travel to the US often. On my 1st trip to the USA I installed the suction cup on to the windscreen and then attached the GPS. After a few hours drive the sun was strong and I saw the GPS system coming off the windscreen as the rubber on the suction cup could not handle the heat. I installed it on the dash board and it stayed put. After each trip I would remove it the unit completely and store it away.

After 5 trips now the suction cups does not stick on to the dash board, when installed it stay for about 15 seconds and the whole system falls apart. I went to the Sony store and complained, the guy tells me you have to take the suction cup to the head office at Victoria Park,Ont, Canada. Prior to going I called the office to confirm what info they want me to bring along. I spoke to a guy called ** on 8/24 around noon and to my surprise he tells me there is nothing that could me done about it, we don't manufacture navigation systems anymore your options are to buy another holder at a dealership or use a 3rd party suction cup which will server your purpose.

I could not believe what I heard I said to him you manufacture and sell product of inferior quality and discontinue it when your sales are down and the customer who purchased them are stuck with it. He says there is nothing that I can do sir. As customer we always end with the wrong end of the stick. I hope someone at Sony will read this and to those who purchased Sony navigation systems you have 3 more customers to add to your ship.

It will be nice to see Sony taking responsibility for the product they sell and replace the defective suction cups. I'm really lucky cos I found the receipt and it is under warranty. Now if Sony doesn't replace the part they know what's coming next, the guy in a white shirt and tie & black suit :)

Amateurish, Possibly Criminal Customer Service
By -

Sony used to be such a great company, what happened? How do I even begin to tell this CS nightmare story? Parts of the Web site take 30 seconds to load. Not a very good first impression for a technology company. The estimated ship date for my laptop was shown as the 20th while ordering, but shown as the 13th on my sales confirmation. Two days after ordering, I received an e-mail stating my order had been cancelled because "Product not as expected." Huh?

The office hours for customer service on my cancellation notice were 5 am to 9 pm PST: I called at 7 pm but it said they were closed. Later on while I was out, a CS representative left me a voice message with his name, number, and extension. Nice right? But when I called the number he gave, the automated system didn't give me an option to enter an extension, so I got a random person who told me to call a different number.

Called the different number and waited for another representative (Total time spent on hold so far, 40 minutes.) I asked why my order was cancelled, and she said: "Your credit card was rejected, uh, no wait it was something else... (pause)... Oh, it says that 'product was not as expected.' "What does that mean?" I dared to ask. "I don't know" was the helpful response.

The sales representative reentered my order for me. OK, at least we're making progress. Then she offered me a "special:" If I ordered an extra accessory, I could get the 3-year extended service warranty for free. I needed an extra mouse anyway, so I accepted. BUT, when my confirmation e-mail arrived a few minutes later, it included a $180 charge for the warranty that was promised to me for free!

I called CS again (waited on hold 30 minutes) and asked a new representative what was going on. He said HE HAD NEVER HEARD OF ANY EXTENDED WARRANTY SPECIAL. So am I to conclude that the first sales representative deliberately tried to rip me off?? I just hope I actually get my laptop, the VAIO is supposed to be a good one...

Phone Update Killed My W900i
By -

When Sony Ericsson first released the W900i walkman phone, I got one and was pleased with my purchase. User-friendly, solid-feel and intuitive, I was so pleased that I got two other SEs for my children. However, it had difficulties running with its PC communication software, specifically the one that allows one to use a PC to send SMS through the W900i. Using the phone's software update service, it consistently told me my phone software is up-to-date.

After over a year of use, I found the update service in Sony Ericsson's website. I installed and downloaded the software, did everything as instructed to update my phone, and the update went smoothly. Immediately after that, my W900i cannot be used to make calls unless the wired handsfree kit is used. I did the update several times more, using 4 different PCs, did resets of the phone multiple times, lost my phone contacts in the process, all to no avail.

I called the Sony Ericsson hotline for help and the first thing I was asked was whether I have read the disclaimer. I went to the Sony Ericsson service centre and they wanted to charge over $40 just to determine if it was a software issue. I called the Sony Ericsson hotline again and asked to speak to a manager. They promised to have the manager call me over the next few days. After waiting for over two weeks, I checked again and was told again that a manager will call me soon.

After over a month of waiting, during which time I resorted to using my old trusty Nokia, I decided that no one in Sony Ericsson is interested in my case. I upgraded to a Nokia 95 8G and my problem is solved! I hope this serves as a warning to folks who trusted Sony Ericsson and want to use their software update service.

Unable to Deliver
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Rating: 1/51

On Thursday March 21 I decided to order a product from Sony. This product was the Walkman 262 series. My other MP3 player had broken and I looked for something that I could purchase in a pinch for my workouts. I placed the order on the 21st and purchased the extra expedited delivery. The description of the expedited delivery is... "Delivery WITHIN 1 business day following shipment". They didn't process this order until the following day. The 22nd. then shipped via FedEx.

Only problem is FEDEX doesn't deliver on the weekends. But UPS does!!! The product will not be delivered until the 25th which is a Monday! UMMMMM, I believe this is 2 BUSINESS DAYS!!! I paid for the extra, and Sony REFUSES to own up to it and REFUSES to refund my expedited shipping costs. I am a business owner. If I don't deliver a product on time, the customer is ALWAYS right and I admit to my fault, and meet the consumer half way. Sony DID NOT! I will Never buy another product from them.

Damaged Sony 300 CD Changer
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a brand new Sony cd changer in the box for my son which was in Iraq. When he arrived home we gave it to him. It would not play and I contacted Sony and they gave a hard-luck story telling me they could not do anything because the 1 year warranty had expired. I further told Sony our son just arrived home from Iraq and it was just taken from the box and will not operate at all. They could have cared less. Do not purchase Sony products, for they are junk and are not reliable. We thought we purchased the best for the money we spent for this new unit.

Very Very Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- I bought this phone online. It worked fine for 3 months and then it started having problems. I've emailed the Vendor many times on information regarding the International Warranty and was told to contact Sony Ericsson. I have talked to them many many times and they keep saying that they cannot repair the phone since it was from Hong Kong. They couldn't even give me the contact information on where to send it to be repaired. I paid $170.00 and no one will give me the information I am looking for.

The last call I made to Sony they gave me an E-mail address in Hong Kong, but when I went to use that, it didn't work. Now I'm back to where I started from. I've never had to deal with such incompetence in my whole life. You would think Sony merchandise is Sony merchandise, no matter where you purchase it from. They should be able to repair it or at least give me the information I need to use the International warranty on THEIR product that I was offered.

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