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Unlimited Data Service - Like Being Charged for a Buffet and Not Getting to Eat.
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MIDLAND, TEXAS -- About two months ago I switched my phone service to Sprint and have completely and totally regretted it. I went into the Sprint store and specifically told the sales clerk I needed better service than I am getting with AT&T. I work in the oil fields of west Texas and I was having problems with my phone getting a good data signal in a big portion of the area in which I work. The sales person showed me some great coverage maps showed Sprint having at least 3G in most of the areas I work.

So I switched my entire family to Sprint PCS. Unfortunately I did this right before going on a vacation. Also unfortunately for me I had read an old website from when Sprint had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee instead of the 14 day guarantee they have now (wonder why they shortened it?). I also let them buy back my AT&T phones as part of their technology entrapment... I mean buyback program. Let me state here that while I was unhappy with AT&T's coverage, when it did work it worked well. I could easily stream Netflix videos or read the news with AT&T's 3G on my iPhone 4.

As I said we went on vacation. We drove to Florida. There were places the phones worked great. There were places they didn't work at all. I didn't think much of it - after all I had seen a map showing the places I would be using the phone were all in great coverage.

So I get back to Texas and start to realize how bad my service really is. My home is nine miles outside Midland Texas and I find out my home is in a roaming area and I have no data connection (lucky I have WiFi or I would be completely out of luck) when the Sprint map clearly shows I should be in Sprint calling area and a 4G network area to boot. Not only that but my children's phones have stopped working. It seems if you go in and out of roaming too often a software glitch causes them to lock down. My son's phone has had to be fixed four times. Last time they erased all his apps and wallpaper doing it.

I would accept the fact that my home is in roaming (even though the map shows otherwise) if I got good service in town. My supposedly 4G town of Midland Texas has very little data coverage. I can't load a webpage at either local Walmart. No service at the mall. Sometimes 3G at work. No service downtown. The list goes on and on. It is just as bad in other west Texas cities. Odessa Texas is as spotty as Midland. Andrews and Kermit are both horrible. In most parts of Andrews I can't even get voice service. The one place I have a little service is Wickett.

Remember I specifically told my Salesperson I wanted better service than AT&T. Sprint has known about these problems for a long time it seems. Everyday they have customers in their store complaining about these problems. One salesperson tells you they have two broken towers causing all this grief, but they can't tell you if or when it will be fixed.

Another says that its because of the population growth here in west Texas, but Verizon sure doesn't seem to have a problem keeping up, and another says that Sprint is upgrading in the area and it is slow because of that, but it has been going on for months. All I know is I and everyone else on the unlimited data plan are paying for service we are just not getting.

The Galaxy IIs is a great phone but 90% or what makes a smart phone smart is lost without a data connection. CNN, Associated Press, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Andorra Radio, Soundhound, Wikipedia and others are completely useless. So much for unlimited data. It is like paying for a buffet and not getting to eat. Unfortunately my family will be paying for this buffet for two more years. Its not right.

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After years of what is exampled in summary below, I want to terminate my line with Sprint. I have made two phone calls this morning to Sprint, have been disconnected one time. I called from a landline in the call center where I work, and can only surmise that the call was disconnected by Sprint, not dropped or lost. I have been advised this morning that at this point that Sprint does not seem to be willing to waive the $160.00 early Termination Fee.

Let's do some math. We have been Sprint customers for 6 years, or approximately 72 months, give or take. We have paid, on average, $130.00-$140.00 per month to Sprint over that duration. That sums up to $10080.00, or thereabouts. We have purchased multiple devices at full prices as well, rather than simply taking advantage of free upgrades. We have, in the distant past, successfully referred friends and family to the Sprint/Nextel network. All in all, we have been good customers, albeit late in payments at times.

I am not interested in paying the $160.00 Termination Fee, and if this is my only option, then both my husband and I will cancel our lines, and Sprint will lose any future revenue from my husband, who intended to keep his account active despite it all. Beyond that I will post this letter on the internet in every possible venue and forum, and will post the many, sordid recorded interactions with Sprint to my YouTube page.

I understand it is not classy to make threats, and I loathe having to do so. Unfortunately I have no choice in the matter, since no reasonable concessions have been offered. I'm truthfully sorry to be ugly to you and your compatriots. I just want to drop my line, and being penalized for it after spending well over 10K as a customer - well, that's bad business.

I have been a Sprint customer for about 6 years, and I absolutely cannot wait to terminate the relationship. I will spare you as many of the details as possible. Suffice it to say, over the years the service has been low average at best, and very disjointed. Each time a simple situation would arise (activating a new phone, purchasing an upgraded phone, swapping out a phone, getting a return envelope), it required hours and hours of dealing with Sprint employees - many of which are unfriendly and inefficient.

There is no synergy between departments and I never felt any true concern from any representative or supervisor or tech that I have dealt with. I actually get a little sick to my stomach when I know I have to call and deal with Sprint for any reason. I push it off until the last possible moment because it is always so unpleasant; you have to be ugly in order to get the help you deserve.

Here are some of the issues we have dealt with over the duration: Sprint sending replacement phones that were broken themselves. Sprint unable to activate my brand new, upgrade phone, telling me it was because my MSID # had already been assigned to someone else. How was that possible on a brand new phone? After 3 hours some supervisor figures it out and activates it in 10 minutes. Sprint putting an $80 credit on our account without our permission or awareness in order to ‘sell' us an upgraded phone. This caused major billing issues later, which required hours of my time to rectify.

Sprint sending me a Nextel phone for my free upgrade, only realizing when I called to activate it that it was not a device compatible with our Sprint plan. Another night of talking to Sprint for hours. Local Sprint stores refuse to ship back defective devices. Local Sprint stores unable to assist in matters beyond simple new plan/upgrades and purchases.

Sprint billed us $275 for unreturned equipment, on a phone they are selling for $179. Not only is that ludicrous in itself, but there is another example of Sprint's poor service. Our HTC Hero stopped working, so we took it to the local Sprint store. They advised us it was broken, and arranged for a replacement phone and return kit to be sent. They would not, at the store, take back the defective device.

The phone and kit came, and within the 30 day return window, we called Sprint to let them know we had lost the return envelope and needed another. We were on the phone with Sprint reps for hours, and after several attempts to ‘email' us a new return label, there was still no success. The area where the image of the label should have been was blank, with a small red X in the top left corner. We were advised the situation would be elevated. Nothing happened.

We went again to the local Sprint store and tried to return the Hero. They would not take it. We went again to the local Sprint store when another employee was working, and he agreed to call customer service for us. Again a new return label link was emailed - this time directly to the Sprint store employee. When he tried to open the label, the image again was missing. He told us they would elevate the situation, again. Last thing he said as we were walking out was ‘Good luck with that'.

When we got home I called customer service, and after 2.5 hours, 5+ people, and repeating my story about 8 times, we have this solution: Someone in the ‘tech' department is supposed to physically mail us another label, today. Also, we have been billed $275 plus tax for this phone, and won't see a credit for that until our next bill.

Both of these solutions require me to do work, and follow up, versus Sprint doing those things for me. I have no choice - my money is at stake here. There is nothing anyone at Sprint could even do or say that would prevent me from cancelling my contract. I have an estate in probate that will pay out soon and dumping this company will literally be one of the first things I do.

Good Luck getting help with your bill
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I have been a Sprint customer since 1997. Every time you changed a plan you had to renew your contract. So I stuck with Sprint all these years. I had my parents phones on my line. I lost my father in April of 2006. I called Sprint. They kindly removed his phone from my line without charge. Then October 2006 I lost my mom suddenly and they refused to remove her phone because it was under my name. So I kept her phone activated. I was also keeping it activated to catch anyone calling her line to tell them the news. I missed a lot of people when she passed because I did not have a clue who to contact.

Flash forward to earlier 2009. I transferred my main line to my husbands plan over at Verizon to save money. I had to keep the spare phone activated through Sprint. I was paying under $35 a month with taxes. I used it 1 month out of all those yrs when my sister came to visit from out of state. I called when I transferred my other phones to see when my contract ended with it so I could transfer it to Verizon to keep it activated for the number because I was still getting those random calls asking for my mom. I had it in my head - it ended November 29 rather than January 29th.

I've been trying to contact Sprint to try to see if I could pay them the 2 months I owed them. They kept sending me a bill for 220.00. I've been calling since it happened and get no where with no result. Now I've been sent to a collection agency threatening to ruin my credit unless I pay them. I called Sprint right after and tried to get it settled AGAIN. I got a "ticket" put in the system for review. I've been offering to pay them the 2 months since it happened.

I think its unfair and greedy to want 220 vs 70 which I would have paid. They offer a prorated termination fee now since November of 2008 when I was still with them but they won't extend that service to me because I was a customer before it changed. Yet when their stuff changes before we are automatically put on contract without notice. When I signed up it was 150 then it went to 200 without telling me.

I'm in Contract Hell. Sprint Should Be Ashamed
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Well as if it's not [sic] my husband was taken advantage of at the store when he first purchased an iPhone 5c that he was talked into and lied to about. The salesman told him it was the only 4G phone out there - the best, the greatest phone ever. He lied. It is a crappy phone. You cannot find accessories for it. I've had two since July. Against my better judgment my husband purchased the wireless Bluetooth speaker - the Harman which she was talked into by the salesman at the store. He also purchased a few OtterBox cases and a cell phone.

We did the easy pay, ended up returning a case and a charger only to find that we were being charged for OtterBox for a iPhone 5S at the grand price of 89.99+ tax and we do not even own an iPhone 5S. They shill had us paying for everything from June to the end of August. We complain to ** service several times. Customer service told us that the store had to remove the charges - of course the store told us customer service had to remove the charges in the middle of a $600 bill.

My husbands phone, brand-new Galaxy goes out. We fight and fight and fight with them, end up getting an HTC M8. Still dealing with the billing - a gentlemen at the corporate office shirt as they would take care of it every month. Since July we have gotten A $400-$500 bill which we have had no choice but hey because they threatened to shut our cell phones off. Now that we have paid a $463 phone bill for this month, my husband calls Sprint to speak to them about an easy pay transaction.

Customer service proceeds to tell him he cannot use his easy pay until the cell phone bill was paid which the bill is $463 and some change. My husband told them there was a check in the mail which there was. The customer service agent talked him into doing a check by phone and assured him that when our check arrived to their office it would not be processed and reminded him that the calls are monitored and recorded. Needless to say imagine my surprise when a few days later I see two charges for $463 and some change out of my bank account again.

We call Sprint customer service. They tell us they have to do an investigation. It could take up to seven days to this refunded. My husband was highly agitated and told them he needed this handled ASAP. You said they were handling it and would give him a call on his cell phone. Well a few days later with no call he called customer service again and customer service tells us we have a $400 credit on our phone bill but we paid $463 and a credit is not what we needed. We needed and deserved a refund. Needless to say they said they would open an investigation but yet I thought that was already being done.

My husband was highly highly ticked off and the lady that he spoke to - her name was ** - she kept telling him well it could take up to 48 hours to even get a claim opened. Finally he got her to agree to open an investigation ASAP. My husband asked four or five times to speak to her supervisor. She kept saying "My supervisor is not available."

She asked him if there was anything else he could she could do for him. He told her he believed that [Sprint] compensate him for all of the excruciating trouble that they have put us through. ** said "Well if there's nothing else have a good day." My husband said "Really, are is that the way you were going to treat us?" She said "If there's nothing else I am disconnecting now" and hung up!!!

Sprint lies to its customers. "READ THE LIVE CHAT SHOWING JUST ONE INSTANCE."
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Well for the last 3 or 4 years the service has been getting worse and worse. But the first thing that made me really mad was I had a mifi box which is a wifi box basically. It was very slow even if I made sure no other computers were on it. So they send me another one totally free. I had to take it to the store. I had an unlimited plan.

The man at the store told me that 6g was a faster speed not that it was a new limit for the same exact speed of the old box so "stupidly not knowing any better" I agreed and signed and I was actually out of contract and was not knowing I was signing a contract for two more years, but I was actually giving up my right to unlimited data (although turtles move faster than their data speed) I was getting 6g worth of data for two years.

No I may not have understood that there was no such speed as 6g but I do now. AND I WAS VERY ANGRY TO SAY THE LEAST. I was going to school and their data connection would not work. So I ended up paying $350 and going to Verizon which has much faster speed - by the way and buying a modem and having to get a contract there. Of course the man at the store says he never said those things to me. Honestly I may be guilty of being naive about that being a speed but logically why would I of my own will knowingly give up unlimited data.

Now I had a Galaxy S4 pay per month plan, $600.00. Well three months into it I plug it up and the next morning it did not charge - they looked at it. I take care and it was in mint condition. So I receive a refurbished phone for replacement - so I am paying $600 for a refurbished phone. They had to send me three different phones before one worked properly. During all this time my calls are dropping, my data connectivity barely works and they tell me I just need to be patient because its not their fault that they are rebuilding. WELL ITS NOT MINE EITHER AND I'M STILL PAYING A PRICE FOR A SERVICE THAT USED TO BE GOOD!!!

So yesterday my phone gets stolen - I have insurance. I don't want a replacement of that phone so I do a live chat with a "customer care"- liar that says "What if we let you just get another brand new different brand of phone?" I steadily am letting her know I just do not like the treatment and service that Sprint provides and I will let the insurance take care of the problem.

She asks why and I go through the whole story of all the things that I have experienced with Sprint and believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg. What I am saying right now does not even come close to all of it. Anyway so she bounces out of the chat so I can't have a copy and she again ANOTHER SPRINT EMPLOYEE can lie and make it vanish.

So I go into the Sprint store this morning and they look in their computer and they say "Well you cannot have a new phone." I don't know anything about that and they don't make appointments. It is just strange to me how a company who is so well known can treat people so bad. I will not be paying for that phone and I pay my monthly insurance, so they can honestly deal with it. I will not ever get another in contract phone again especially not from Sprint.

They should call their new Spark Technology, snail technology and if it could go to the moon and back in 2 seconds flat my only hope would be that the atmosphere destroy the company on their way out of our stratosphere!!! I hope someone reads this and understands not to make the same mistakes I did. They will be really really great and sweet to you... until you are their customer.

Don't believe me, just go into their own website and read from all the other disgruntled customers and if you ever go into the store you will notice before you leave and even have a chance to evaluate their service they make you do a survey saying you got really great customer service and they do make sure you check excellent. A week later you are now their contracted customer. They treat you like you are crazy and they don't know why you are upset at all. That is how they fake their high rating.

Do an experiment go into a store where they make a sale, someone will come up with an electronic board for rating right before that customer walks out the door before they even have a chance to see if they like the service. But if you are an unhappy customer, well they don't even ask for a rating.

This Company Deserves To Be Out Of Business. I Have Never Dealt With Such Negativity.
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KANSAS CITY, KANSAS -- I know that many of us have had issues with Sprint. My incident is no different than many of the other requests, and I would like to share it. I will also share that I have emailed Mr. ** and gotten no response (Social Responsibility Executive) instead I got the feedback from another Executive who wasted no time dismissing my claims. Sprint should just allow people to leave once they have shown that they care for none of us. So many posts are centered around customer service and lack of cell service that it is baffling.

Here is my story... I have been a Sprint customer for approximately 9 months. In that time I have made sure to keep insurance on my phone, as experience teaches us it is better to be safe than sorry. I was denied a phone of equal design, after it was identified to be faulty merchandise. Typically, I would not care, but I explained to the manager that I was headed out of town and would be driving for seven+ hours - this was after I was told that I could pay the $100 deductible and get it next day (even though they were not sure what the cause of my malfunction was).

In addition, I had to wait two hours for them to tell me that there was no damage inflicted by me, rather the phone was faulty. In this case, I explained that I was going out of town, would be on the road for 7 1/2 hours, that I needed a form of communication, as well as, the GPS Navigation application installed on my Samsung device. I was told that nothing could be done - that either I could pay the $100 deductible or wait the 2 hours that it would take the technician to check the phone. Once it was checked, I would not receive a phone for 3-5 business days.

You see, my issue is not with the customer service entirely, because they tried to be nice, but my issue is with this company that has received approximately $1,012 from me over the course of 9 months. I pay for service, insurance, and I EXCEPTIONAL service.

After explaining that I would be going out of town, I fully expected that my phone would be delivered next day, or in the very least, I would be able to go to another location and receive the same phone DUE to the fact that I was going out of town, would be driving by myself for seven+ hours. As a single woman communication is everything when hitting the open road. My frustration comes in because the staff DID NOT try to help me. They did NOT try to contact upper management. They did NOT try to get my phone to me overnight versus the 3-5 business days. In addition, I live 27 miles away from the store that I visited, (closer to work).

Here is the correspondence that I received no answer to: This reply is unacceptable. As a customer, I do not understand how a multimillion dollar corporation easily forgets about the little guy. I feel like my request were within reason, but the fact that your company has not made any amends and from the looks of it, does not plan to. This response has prompted me to seek a review by the FCC.

In addition, I would like my contract with Sprint to be made void and the repercussions of the elimination of said contract at this earlier date to be nonexistent,. Please consider this my formal request to be let out of this contract. Bottom Line: I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

Sprint PCS Customer Service Changed Contract period without my knowledge
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METRO DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- In approximately January of 2012 I contacted Sprint PCS to find out why my monthly bill was increased. I was told I was losing a service credit and that it was not currently being offered, but to check back in February 2012, as the credit could potentially be offered. I was very upset as I was not informed of the change and as a long time customer (over 10-15 years), wanted to know why this was arbitrarily dropped without my knowledge.

The representative apologized and indicated that she could offer me a one time $100 credit that would be applied to the bill. I grudgingly accepted, indicating to her that it was not the same as my current billing, as this $100 credit was not the same as my monthly payments, and would soon run out. She asked me to check back in February.

I called back in February, and explained the situation, and asked about my billing and was basically told the same thing, that the service credit was no longer being offered. I indicated to the customer service as well as the retention staff that I would not be renewing, as I didn't like the way this situation was being handled for a loyal long-term customer.

Early in May of 2012, I was online, reviewing my account, and noticed that someone had renewed my out of contract account, without my knowledge! I immediately phoned customer service about this and was told that, the person who issued me the $100 credit on my account, did this. I was outraged! The customer representative never explained to me that she was renewing my contract for an additional year, in exchange for a $100 credit; I would have never accepted!

To make matters worse, the representative I spoke within May said that if you give us the $100 back, we will place your contract in "out of contract" again! Oh my goodness, what a sleazy proposition. I indicated to the service representative that it was not the condition under which I accepted the $100; it was a retention act, as I knew it...nothing to do with the contract. I am very close to reporting this to major media as well as the Better Business Bureau... I think you call what they did to me, bait/switch... How unethical!

Sprint PCS Service Review - Legal Documented Proof That Sprint Is A Scam - Please Read Sprint Complaints
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OAKLA ND, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a loyal Sprint customer since 2003. But because of their consistently fraudulent charges, bad customer service, and last but not least, dishonest charges on my phone bill for calls I never made which Sprint cannot provide documentation as evidence for, I cancelled my Sprint membership by refusing to pay my bill and switched over to Verizon in 2008.

Sprint Is A Scam And I Will Prove It To You With Legal Documentation - Class Action Lawsuit Against Sprint PCS 2010. If you did not get a class action lawsuit notice against Sprint PCS, Please go to Google and type "Sprint Lawsuit" and you will see what I am talking about. You can get a hold of me if you want by replying to my post and I will help you the best I can because I am in this Class Action Lawsuit against Sprint for the crime they committed against me.

Now does this sound ethical to you? When was the last time you got a phone bill from your cell phone company (Sprint) that doesn't show the itemized charges for every single outbound call that you make? That is the big problem I had with Sprint in 2008 which was the year I canceled my service by refusing to pay for the outlandish bogus charges on calls I never made. I will prove to you with documents that the Sprint complaints are valid and they are in fact a scam. I am urging everyone not to do business with Sprint anymore if you want to avoid the hateful feelings of anger and resentment that they have instilled in me for a long time.

My name is ** of Oakland California and Sprint knows who I am. I am not afraid to reveal my identity for the crime they have committed on innocent people like myself and others. And like I predicted, Sprint was recently slapped with a class action lawsuit for fraudulent charges...LOL. They got what they deserve. I just got my 2010 class action lawsuit notice in the mail which I am in the process of filing so I can get a refund of those fraudulent charges in excess of $1,000.

Please pay close attention to my unbelievable story on how Sprint PCS screwed me over to the point where I couldn't sleep for days because of emotional distress. Not only did they have the audacity to send my bill to a collection agency to ruin my credit, they did the most unthinkable crime to humankind that no one can ever imagine. Would you like to know what they did to me that will make your blood boil over?

Do You Remember The Sprint Promotion For $99 For Unlimited Calling Where You See The Pathetic CEO of Sprint Boasting This Promotion As The Best Cell Phone Deal? They stole that idea from Verizon. In case you are wondering, I am now a very happy Verizon customer. Why? Because unlike Sprint, Verizon provided me with an itemized listing of every single call that I have made going out. This way I know I am not fraudulently charged for calls I never made. What happened to Sprint? Sprint committed fraud by hiding those itemized calls so they can fabricate a number in thin air that you are supposed to pay. Fraud. Scam. Ripoff.

Did Sprint Give Me The $99 Unlimited Calling Deal When It Came Out After Being A Loyal Customer Since 2003? Unfortunately No! This really angered me. After being a Sprint customer since 2003, Sprint finally launched their $99 unlimited calling promotion in 2008 because they were trying to compete with Verizon who was the first to drop their unlimited calling plan to $99. So you can see how desperate Sprint was trying to stay competitive. Prior to dropping the rates, Sprint's unlimited calling plan was $199. Can you see how outrageous that was. It wasn't worth paying that kind of money for unlimited calling.

So instead I purchased a block of time starting out at 300 minutes. This way if I went over my allowed minutes, I would be protected by the additional 300 minutes block of time. But unfortunately, in later part of 2007, I was exceeding my 300 minutes. So I got penalized with additional charges. I had no problem with that. I was content with that. As a matter of fact, a Sprint representative called me back to suggest that I buy a 700 minute block of time for safety purposes. I decided on 900 minutes instead just to be double safe.

During the early part of 2008, my average monthly call volume was in the 700 minute range. I remember very vividly that for three months in a row from February to April of 2008, my average calls never exceeded 800 minutes based on the average 700 minute range I was in. And I know it was only that time in my life when my call volume was at its peak because of some important business I had to take care.

But Guess What Happened? You Are Not Going To Believe This. It Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack. In the month of May of 2008, I got my Sprint bill showing that I went over the 900 minutes by 200 minutes!!! I already knew right away that Sprint was fraudulently charging me in excess of 500 minutes. What the hell happened? And what was really aggravating as I explained my problem to a Sprint sales rep, they never provided me with an invoice billing showing those out-going calls I have made. I am a reasonable person. If Sprint could provide me with evidence of those calls, I would have paid it happily. But did Sprint step up to that challenge? Sadly no!!

I Made This Challenge To Sprint - But Sprint Didn't Have The Guts To Step Up To My Legitimate Challenge. I dared Sprint to provide me with documented evidence that I did go over the 900 minute mark. Would you like to know what the results were? Nothing. All I got was a bill just showing that I talked for 1,100 minutes and they cannot provide the documentation like Verizon to show every single outbound call that was made for the month of May of 2008. Is this fraud or what?

I even told them that I would be willing to pay those bogus charges if they can show me the proof. But unfortunately, they didn't have any proof at all. As a result, I cancelled my membership and enrolled with Verizon. The next thing you know my unpaid Sprint bill was sent to a collection agency. They ruined my credit by committing a huge crime against me: fraudulent charges!! That is why I am taking all my energy to write about my horrible experience dealing with Sprint.

After Being A Loyal Sprint Customer Since 2003, Did Sprint Offer Me The Unlimited Calling Plan for $99? Unfortunately, the reps told me "No" because I was already locked into the old plan and as a result, I had to pay $199 for unlimited calling. They had the nerve to tell me that the $99 unlimited calling plan was only good for new customers. Is this a scam or what? This is how they treat their loyal customers? This is outrageous!!

Let me repeat this one more time so you can really understand this really clearly. If you were a Sprint customer before the $99 unlimited calling plan went into effect, Sprint told you that you were stuck at the $199 plan until the time of your renewal. Only new customers benefited from that new promotion. This is the ultimate crime against human kind I have ever heard in my life.

Are You Aware That Sprint Has Recently Announced Their $69 Unlimited Calling Promotion? Guess Who They Got That Idea From? You guessed it. Verizon. Verizon was nice enough to offer me the lower cost plan despite I was in their higher cost plan of $99 unlimited calling. Verizon knows how to treat their customers right by allowing everyone of their customers to take advantage of any discount that is being offered through the promotional airwaves. Did you noticed that they did not restrict their offers only for new customers? Everyone benefited.

Where was Sprint when I needed them to make me this same kind of offer? That is why Sprint is the worst Cell phone company in the world with bad customer service in which your customer service calls get disconnected on purpose. Have you heard of sales reps asking you for your phone number just in case you get disconnected? Sprint never returned my phone call every time I tried to resolve a dispute with them and got suddenly hung up on for no reason.

At least, Verizon would have returned your phone call. Why is this important? Because it takes a lot of energy and time to explain your problem to an agent and then when you get hung up on, it is frustrating to have to call Sprint again to have to explain the same problem over and over again to a different call center agent. Is this frustrating or what? This is the kind of bad customer service experience you would have with Sprint.

As You Can See That Everything About Sprint Is Bad. The Only Thing Good About Sprint Is They Get Less Dropped Calls. But my question is this? Is the so-called wonderful Sprint service of getting less dropped calls worth the agony of getting ripped off and bad customer service?

I already have completed the Class Action Lawsuit form and in the process of submitting it back to the Settlement Agents who are handling this Sprint Lawsuit. My advice is to stay far away from Sprint as possible. If you have been a Sprint customer since 2007 and did not receive your class action lawsuit form against Sprint, please reply to my post so I can help you. Sprint is going to go out of business. It is just a matter of time of how many people they continually to piss off in the process.

Use ANY cellular service - besides Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Sprint's reputation is quickly and pathetically drowning in complaints and word is out on the street to avoid them like the plague unless you just HAVE to use them. Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what you have signed up and pay good, hard earned money for and EXACTLY what Sprint promises to reliably deliver - get used to it until someone either buys them out or they go completely under. As of right now, I'm on my third or fourth Sprint joy toy - I've lost count in the excitement - and words cannot describe to you the anger, frustration and humiliation that this company has delivered to not only myself but to MANY other fellow Sprint "customers" that I am acquainted with.

This greedy conglomerate has apparently lost focus on what the words CUSTOMER and SERVICE mean and will seemingly do anything they legally/illegally can to get you off of the phone, transferred to a vacant phone in another department, humiliate you, patronize you, treat you like an idiot, give you a canned, scripted, driveling response while simultaneously doing their utmost best to give you the run around or just simply hang up on you.

Not to be outdone is the "service" they offer. Dropped calls, missed calls, dropped GPS signals, duplicate SMS transmissions, lost SMS messages, bug-laden phone software, phone lockups, the single-most pathetic data transfer rates ever encountered from a "cellular-data-provider", spotty coverage, minimal signal strength (no matter WHERE you are) and last but not least is their most appreciated and famous characteristic - their "WE JUST DON'T CARE" attitude.

WHEN you experience your issues with them - and YOU WILL - best of luck to you getting anything more than "dead-air" or scripted patronization for a response. I've lost count on how many times, I've emailed them, called them, etc. - all to no avail. They actively REFUSE to do anything but patronize me and everyone else I've shared similar experiences with - therefore I've determined to warn as many people as I can about them and hopefully one day before they go under, they'll realize they cannot just dump on and treat people like trash.

Horrible Customer Service
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I have been with Sprint for the last 5 or 6 years and it was only because at first I thought they had the best phones. I didn't have many problems with them in the beginning. It seemed if I had a problem I would call and they would fix it. I even worked for Sprint for all of a about... hmmmm 4 months and that's when my problem started.

Any who fast forward to 2006 I believe. I decided to take advantage of the Sprint and Nextel merger and got a Nextel phone (when they were still technically separate but together) because I wanted the chirp feature. I didn't have to pay an ETF and I had my phone in a few days. Everything was fine until my phone started just randomly shutting off like it was a computer.

It got to the point where I would sit and watch it just shut off for no reason. I would say the problem was with the phone of course but I decided that I was done dealing with Nextel because the service I received when trying to call them just sucked. I wanted to go to a different carrier but I still didn't like the phones some of them had. There was a phone that I saw but Sprint was the carrier. So after much consideration I opted to go back to them. The biggest mistake ever!!

In November of 2007 I switched back to Sprint but was at first told I would have to pay an ETF. I asked why when I didn't have to before and was told because Sprint and Nextel is now combined but wasn't before but that keeping the phone on would be cheaper than cutting it off now because my contract was due to be expiring in June of 08. I told her I would think about it but decided to activate a new line anyway.

The first weekend in December, I called Sprint to have them disconnect the first Nextel line I had and to keep on the one I just activated last month. I was aware of the ETF and didn't have a problem with it. I was assured the line would be disconnected. I then lost the phone but since it was SIM operated I reported it lost so that no one else could use the phone. I was assured the phone would be set so that no one could use it. I continued to call my Nextel number to make sure the phone was off and it was not.

After about 3 or 4 weeks, I called them back asking why it wasn't cut off. The customer service lady was nice and explained that they only suspended the service. She apologized and issued me a credit for the service charge and another credit for the inconvenience which totaled about 100 some odd dollars. Whatever she did in January of 08 cut the Nextel phone off and it no longer showed on my account on the January bill so I thought it was all taken care of.

Well I get a bill in Feb of 08 where all of a sudden not only is the Nextel phone back on my account but they tried to charge me back charges from Jan until March of 08. Since I don't look at my bill regularly it took me a few weeks to realize what happened. I called and was needless to say upset about this because I assumed that after talking to the last girl everything was corrected. After countless times calling and speaking to 3 different people, I was assured the issue would be resolved and that the phone would be disconnected but I would have to pay the ETF.

I disputed that now seeing as though this was the 3rd time I had to call to get this line cut off and that I was not paying that fee 3 months after the fact. I was informed it would be taken care of. I was transferred to someone in the cancellations departments who tried to argue with me about paying that fee and me reporting my phone lost. She tried to say I only called to report it lost (in December) and that I did not call to request it be cancelled. She tried to be smart at the mouth but my mouth is smarter and I let her have it before she could even finish that stupid statement.

She put me on hold and then came back with the "Oh I'm sorry. I did check further and you are correct". So I told her again that I was not paying an ETF and she tried to dispute that saying that now my contract was not until November of 08. I told her that she is insane if she thinks that is true and that I will not be stuck with this phone until then. She then agreed to give me a credit for the charges for the cancelled line and was going to disconnect the service and issue me a credit of the ETF. I waited on hold for almost an hour until finally the line started ringing and just kept ringing. Needless to say she transferred me somewhere else and didn't do what she said.

I called back again around Easter and explained this same story over to two people. The first person seemed to be too consumed in his background conversation so he just put me on hold and transferred me somewhere else without letting me know. The second person was polite and said he would issue me a credit for the charge for the Nextel phone (that still wasn't off) again. Here it is April and after 4 months of calling Sprint my Nextel phone is still not off. I complained that this was ridiculous and that all I asked was for them to cut that phone off and no one there seems to know what they are doing.

I was transferred to this account manager whose job is to keep customers from going elsewhere. Needless to say she is in the wrong business. She tried to argue with me again that I only asked to get the phone suspended and not cancelled in December. I had to basically yell at her to let her know that I didn't fall out the womb yesterday and that I know the difference between suspended and cancel but suggested that she should ask the employees there if they knew because obviously they didn't.

She offered to credit me three months worth of service but that she would not waive the ETF for that Nextel phone. I told her that for the last time I would not be paying that fee. In turn she only credited me for 2 months (because they issue me a credit in March) and the phone is now off this time. I am upset because this could have been resolved in December but instead it has taken this long to get something done.

I still don't believe this is the end all be all of this mess but one thing is for sure - I am now canceling both lines of service and I will not pay the ETF on either one. I've already contacted Cingular and I will gladly pay for a new phone that is the same as my phone that I just got 5 months ago to get away from Sprint once and for all! I never thought I would find so much stuff just by typing in the word "Sprint Sucks" into Yahoo. This company does suck and if they keep it up will be out of business!

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