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Sprint PCS Service - A nightmare to resolve
Posted by on
NEAR SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA -- Maybe it's appropriate I'm writing this on Halloween eve as my experience with Sprint has been nightmarish. It began three years ago in St. Joseph, MO when Sprint ran an ad in the local newspaper offering a phone with 1400 anytime minutes for about $40. I stopped by the local Sprint PCS store, signed a 2 yr. contract, and walked out with my shiny new "free" phone. As I signed, I was told that unless the phone was used within county boundaries, roaming charges would apply. (the so-called "Alamo" plan) No problem-I seldom traveled outside the county.

In April 2006, I traveled to Oregon & California to visit relatives and ran up a large roaming expense and paid it without complaint. In May 2006, I decided to relocate to the Portland, OR area and in June stopped by the Sprint store in Oregon, OR, a Portland suburb. I asked to change my plan and was handed a new two year contract to sign. Reluctantly, I did, and now had 1000 anytime minutes (400 less than the old plan) with no roaming for about $65 a month. I was having problems with the phone keeping a charge and asked if a new free phone was available and was told the only ones they had would cost me starting at around $35. I declined and asked about buying a replacement battery for the Samsung unit and was told they cost $60.(available now after market for $1 plus shipping) I declined that offer too and left with my new 2-yr. contract and old phone still with a MO area code.

A month later a job offer took me to California and until the construction project ended last November I kept my phone religiously on the charger and managed to get by OK. Afterwards, I relocated to Green Valley road in rural Sonoma County 60 miles north of San Francisco and discovered to my dismay that cell phone reception was nil. No cell phone companies have towers nearby. I stopped by the local Sprint store in Cotati, CA for help and was nearly chased to my car by the sales rep. urging me to sign a new 2 yr. contract without resolving the problem-I was also told the same $60 replacement battery story except they would have to order one. My residence is in a valley topped by 600 ft. hills and it was impossible to call out or receive calls. I could get minimal reception by climbing atop one of the 600 ft. hills and dubbed one tree up there "the cell phone tree" as it was the only spot near my home I could usually call out.(I'm 56 yrs. old and climbing the steep hill takes nearly 30 mins.requiring a major physical effort) I could also drive 12 miles into Sebastopol and make calls there, which I sometimes did. After missing too many important calls (which negatively impacted my livelihood) and using only about 10% of my monthly minutes, I decided enough was enough, I would terminate my Sprint account and get an AT&T land line.

On October 8, 2007 I tried to contact via internet (Hughes Satellite) the Sprint customer service site but gave up after several attempts and receiving a "technical problems" message at the Sprint website. The following day, a neighbor was kind enough to let me borrow his land line phone and I got through to customer service. The C/S rep first suggested I change to a reduced minutes plan, then suggested I might SELL my account to someone else,(WHAT, am I supposed to be a salesman for Sprint!?) she also suggested Sprint maps showed I should have reception and I asked her to call me right then to verify my non-reception,(I had my cell phone with me) she said she couldn't. I told her I disagreed being charged an early termination fee but needed to terminate my service immediately as I had ordered an AT&T land line. She said she would have to transfer me to finalize my request and suddenly I got disconnected-I had waited nearly an hour going through all of the phone prompts, music on hold, and didn't want to abuse my neighbor's courtesy. I typed an urgent request letter that afternoon and mailed it by certified mail the next day. A Sprint employee, "Philip", signed for it on Oct. 15th.

Two weeks have passed without a response. A new Sprint bill arrives in the mail yesterday, so here we go again. I finally have a land line phone and called customer service today. I first get an outsourced call center and speak to someone with an Indian accent, he transferes me to another location and I talk to Carla, a cust. service rep. I hurriedly go through the details, give my last four social security digits, and Carla says she will take care of my request. Success at last? NO...Carla says I will still owe a $150 early termination fee plus another month's service bill which will be at the end of the next billing cycle ending Nov. 21st, I believe. She said she could not terminate my service immediately as I requested because the billing system would not process the service termination request until the end of the monthly billing cycle. Neat huh? So, I'm going to be charged for TWO months of NO service ($130) and get a farewell gift charge from Sprint for another $150! By this time I was highly upset and asked to speak to her supervisor, she said OK, but the facts will remain the same. At this point I no longer cared about anything except getting this ordeal over with. She said I could fax her my electric utility bill and she would review it with her supervisor. (I did fax it, but what difference will that make?) These are the true facts to the best of my knowledge and I'm prepared to testify to their veracity under oath in a court of law, if required. In my 56 years, I've never dealt with a company like Sprint and honestly hope I never will again. My blood pressure must be off the scale today and I feel physically ill.

Living in the boonies does have one advantage-no trick or treaters tonight, unless Sprint again ignores my service termination request. I feel like I've got a leech attached to my wallet.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
Please read my review:


Good luck.
chemman on 11/01/2007:
You should use the info in Too Good's review, it is very useful. By the way, they can stop your service before the end of the billing cycle, they just choose not to so they can keep you full payment for the month. I had my service stopped two days into my new billing cycle and they refused to refund my money for the rest of the month's cycle, until I contacted the BBB, then they decided that they did owe me the money and sent it out rather quickly after being contacted by the BBB. Good luck!
"Sprint Victim" on 11/02/2007:
Thanks for your kind advice. I've already wasted way too much time and effort in trying to get this matter resolved to want to continue wasting even more time trying to get back whatever money I'm entitled to reclaim. Yes, they should have stopped my service on Oct. 9 when I first requested it and then should have stopped it on Oct. 15 when they received my certified letter, not to mention stopping it yesterday. (which remains to be seen)If they still persist in ignoring my request, I shall seek a legal remedy in a court of law and have already been in touch with a class action attorney to forward my Sprint bills back to day one. Honestly, I cannot take any more emotional abuse from Sprint-dealing with them is like living out a bad episode from the "Twilight Zone". The day they go out of business (of course, even then their executives will get their multi-million dollar golden parachutes)will be a happy day for consumers-until that happens, Sprint will continue to prove that P.T. Barnum was absolutely correct in his assessment of the average citizen.
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Data Charges.........Never used data!!!!!!
Posted by on
I have been a Sprint customer for 10+yrs and have never had a problem until recently. I added 2 lines to my existng account in Dec. of 2008. 2wks before Xmas to be exact. Upgraded to everything family messaging. One a gift for my son. Phone was in the box in my dresser drawer not being used. Happened to get online to check my account & noticed that ph # was being charged data charges. Called Sprint explained situation to them basically told me I was lying but eventually removed charges.
In May of 2009 I reduced my minutes from 3000 to 1500 shared. Got my bill for last month & I am being charged $50.00 in data for the 3 phs. I was stunned!!! Went on line to check this upcoming bill & again am being charged for data. Called customer service was told they are showing that I have used Vision data and that they have proof of this. I asked how could this be when I have done nothing different with my ph. in regards to sending or receiving pics. have never accesed the internet b/c I do not have that for my plan.
Basically called me a liar & told me there was nothing he could do, asked to talk to a supervisor. Was put on hold for 25min or longer. Supervisor basically said the same to me. I explained to him that I have been a loyal cust for 10+yrs & if I had made these data charges I would gladly pay for them as I did a few years ago but since I did not I feel that I shouln't have to pay for them. Said there was nothing he could do for me that I had to go to a Sprint store & have them run a diagnostic test on phones & if it comes back that phs. are at fault not us then store has to call them & the will credit my account. I then said it seems awful strange & fishy to me that as soon as I lowered my minutes so I could lower my payment that all of a sudden I am being charged for data usage to bring it right back up to the same payment amount as I HAD WITH 3000 min.
Oh& the data charges for this month has gone up $3.50 overnite while we were sleeping but they have proof that we are using vision data.
If this problem doesn't get resolved, as soon as my contract is up I will go with another carrier.
Also buyer beware if the salesman tells you if you go with the everything messaging plan & you can send & receive pic mail don't believe him you can but.... only certain pics. can't send them unless you save them into media then send. if you don't you get charged!!!
so.... if your thinking about going with Srint DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/07/2009:
I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB.

If you can't get it resolved through them I recommend contacting your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

Obviously if you didn't use data, you shouldn't be charged for data, and they will not be able to validate their claims that they have "proof".
madconsumer on 07/07/2009:
the carrier has the data records that can prove ussage. have all the 3 phones been checked for data ussage?
Soaring Consumer on 07/07/2009:
How can usage be proven on a phone that was in an unopened box? Or when everyone was asleep and nobody could have possibly been using the phones?

It can't be proven, unless the records were forged or there was a computer error.

To my understanding, if they don't have data on their plan, they wouldn't have the ability to use data to begin with.
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
I had a similar experience with Sprint regarding a boxed, unactivated phone I owned being used. I was told I was lying, and hung up on. It was resolved, and I might add that it is very pleasing to sternly show them up in a store full of potential customers, when you are able to show who is the ones truly doing the lying. Sprint customer service sucks!
Eloise on 07/07/2009:
Someone in the house could easily use the phone at night or the phone that is sitting in a box. The company has a record of the phone number or phone numbers, the time the conversation started, ended, and the total numbers used. It is a matter of public record.

Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
In my case, and not sure of the poster's, the phone was never even activated by me. The plastic wrap wasn't even removed.
It had been sitting in a closet for 3 months when the hellacious bill arrived, and someone even made changes to my plan.
chell_123456 on 07/08/2009:
I too am having problems with being charged for data and have not been using the internet. When I called CSR, they told me that they have proof that I used the internet and that they are unable to refund me. I have 3 lines, one of which is my mom's phone. She doesn't even know how to use the internet and yet they refuse to do anything about it. This sounds like something that needs to be looked into. How many other people are being charged for data that they don't use? This may be the beginning of a lawsuit
tinydancer89 on 07/14/2009:
sprint customer service is crap. always check your bill, regardless of carrier. I've had similar problems with Verizon running up extra charges that were never used.
Anonymous on 07/17/2009:
I see that many people in other forums have the same problem with data charges associated with pictures and videos as I have just encountered (recently changed my Sprint plan to the 1500 anytime minutes Everything Messaging Family).

Upon having doubt that I was going to have the same problem as others, I called Sprint customer service and expressed my concern before the plan even took effect. Well I think many of you on here know how that goes... The rep told me that all text picture and video messaging would be included and I would be billed nothing in addition to the text/pic/vid service that was completely unlimited. Not satisfied that he knew what he was talking about, I did the online chat and got the same answer (which I was expecting), but I just wanted a transcript of the conversation in case they tried to screw me on the data charges. I highly recommend to everyone to do the online chat and save the transcript for proof of what the rep says you will not be charged for. After all, it's easier to fight a battle when you have ammunition!

Well guess what happened while sending pics and videos... I was watching my account online from day one of using the text, picture mail and video mail and I saw the dollar meter spinning out of control very quickly for data usage (note that text only messages did not incur a data charge.) I should have expected this problem anyway since I read posts on the bait and switch before I even changed my plan. I called Sprint this time to tell them about the charges and they said they could not see the charges until my bill cycle ended. I did not say this to the rep, but was thinking ---> What the ****??? You mean to tell me that I have more detailed info on my account visually and readily available to me than the rep who works at the company supplying my service??? Anyway, they said I would be issued a credit for the data charges. Though the rep could not clarify why I was getting charged for data. At the end of the conversation I asked if these charges would continue to re-occur and he was not sure and transferred me to tech support. I spoke with the woman in tech support about the issue of data charges when sending pics and videos. She told me that anytime I connect to the internet for any reason I would be billed for data unless I have a data pack!!! She actually tried to get me to add the data pack for $15.00!!! I told her that the only way to send a pic or vid was to connect to the internet! I explained exactly that I have a LG Lotus and the steps to send a pic are 1) take the pic, 2) select the send button, 3) select a contact from my address book, 4) send... Well at that last step is where it needs to connect to the internet... I told her that my plan states that it includes unlimited text, pic, and vid messaging. She was silent for a few seconds (probably since she did not know what to say). Then she said that the $0.20 message charge is what is unlimited, but the data is not. After that I just told her to block the internet and we will just use the text messaging which is the only messaging that will not include rip off charges!!!

I also want to add that after looking very closely at my contract terms of service, I did see this as quoted.

"Messaging (text, picture and video): Standard message rates are charged when a message is sent or received, whether read or unread, viewed or unviewed, solicited or unsolicited. Unused monthly plan messages do not carry forward. Certain messages, including those to 3rd parties to participate in a promotion or other program, will result in additional charges. International messaging rates may vary. There is no guarantee that messages will be received, and we are not responsible for lost or misdirected messages. Most text messages are limited to 160 characters. Messages may incur an additional data charge of 3¢/kb."

What do you mean "Messages may incur an additional data charge of 3¢/kb"??? Is that the dialog that Sprint's marketers or lawyers stuck in the contract that protects them from a class action suit? Sure looks like it to me!!!

So, everyone on here with the problem of having something that you can't use... I share your frustration! Quite honestly all the data use charges and data packs are a load of crap! Technically everything that the phone transmits and receives including voice IS DATA, as it uses digital technology to function. They just break everything down as feature services to charge more... Good luck to everyone who has to go through these ridiculous hoops of frustration and wasted time to get the product you were supposed to be buying.

Check out http://forums.buzzaboutwireless.com/baw/board/message?board.id=OffTopicRantsandRaves&message.id=7471#M7471 I have a version of this comment on that thread as well. Review the thread from page one...
daybyday on 09/23/2009:
I too was charged for data plan with sprint. I of course called customer service and was told that it would be removed from my bill. So of course I check my bill online a few days later and charges are back. So I again call sprint on hold for over 60 mins and how do I know how long. Well because I actually watched a 1 hour program on T.V while I was holding. Well once again talked to the rep and explained my phone was broken, had been broken and was still currently broken during the time I was billed so how on earth could I be charged data when I can't even make a call. My god some snaped me flip phone that's how broken it was. Well this time I was told that if there charges were there then I did it. AKA I was a liar. Well I asked for a supervisor who said OK they would clear it. This went on over and over and each time sprint didn't do anything. I am now in collections because of this nightmare. Come to find out that a certain model of there phones ended up being defective and was charging data usage. It was an LG model they sold. They still refuse to remove the charges even knowing this. The fact that not one call was made during the data charges not the fact that the data charges were for a times period of like 4 days never a break in cycle once. I told the agent seriously billing hours started on Sat and usage ended on follow Wed. $600.00 in charges for the 4 days. No downloads but data usage. A JOKE OF A COMPANY
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Sprint Call Centers Are Full Of Sweethearts
Posted by on
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- So I stopped receiving signal on my trusty sprint phone (more or less because it is an outdated piece of junk). So I remembered last time I was in Radio Shack they stated I would be eligible for my upgrade for a new phone in July. So the phone stops working toward the end of April and I'm left paying a bill for service I cannot receive. So I go into the sprint store thinking that I can get set up with a new phone. Wrong. They charge 250.00 for the brand new phone I want and I'm only eligible for 75 dollars off. But in 2 or so months id be eligible for 150 dollars off. I wanted them to waive the two month waiting period considering customer service and common sense would lead me to believe it wouldn't be a big deal. WRONG!! They rep at the store (she was nice enough and very helpful) informed me she had her hands tied. So I have to call this customer service phone # from the crappy sprint phone attached to the counter by an annoying retractable cord. The first guy I spoke to was very slow at speech and acted like he was able to help me. He then said I was already eligible for the promotion and acted shocked that the store representative told me differently. He proceeded to ask me the mailing address so he could send me my new phone. I declined being that they already had the phone I wanted at the sprint store.

I asked the sales rep if he worked off of commission.(being a sales person simply out of respect I would let him mail me the phone if he got a credit). He answered no simply(lie!) and when I then asked "can I get the sprint store rep so you can convey I'm already eligible for the $150 upgrade offer rather than the $75 offer?", he answered "Yes, I can do that for you in a shaky tone".

I went to go find the Sprint store rep who had disappeared into the back, I then had to wait several minutes for one of the other reps to page and id have to wait for her to come back. While waiting I went back to the phone only to discover he had hung up. I was pretty much livid at this point. So I dialed again and the girl I reached basically said that she was unable to waive the 2 month waiting period but she would see what she could do to get me into a new phone. I immediately tired of having to tell my story over and over again politely made it clear I was going to cancel my service and get a better deal through a different phone company. Rather than telling me I was a valued customer she immediately got an attitude with me and said "sir I was going to see what I could do you but... YEAH Id be more than happy to transfer you to cancellations".

I stopped her not wanting to have to go through this whole painful story again and said "You didn't give me that impression" To which she replied "I was going to help you but you want to disconnect". I then wanting to get it done and over with told her to mail me the phone. "I need to charge your credit card $200.84 for the price of the phone and I will credit $75 back to your account". I simply accepted the charges and disconnected the call. Its been a day and I saw the charge for the phone online, however I have yet to see the $100 that was to be credited. Shame on you sprint for not enforcing policies that prevent me from being crapped on by their overworked and probably underpaid employees.
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User Replies:
bigboxworker on 04/29/2008:
You asked for something you didn't deserve, I'm surprised they even gave you the light of day, for such ridiculous demands.
DRKELSO on 05/02/2008:
I work customer service and trust me, I was not being ridiculous. This is a beaurecratic oversized monopoly and if they are going to lose my $80 a month over some POS phone that it probably only costs $20 to make.... then in my opinion they deserve to lose my business.
jktshff1 on 05/02/2008:
a bureaucratic over sized monopoly is not going to care about your 80 bucks
DRKELSO on 05/02/2008:
I'm not arguing whether or not they should care. I already know that they don't care.
jktshff1 on 05/02/2008:
so what is the point?
bigbox put it plain and simple, and the poster stated that the phone was "an outdated piece of junk". You knew that when you signed the contract.
Sorry 'bout that.
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Sprint $50 / $60 month Cell Phone Plans are a Lie!!
Posted by on
TEXAS -- For several years, I have had a sprint cell phone. Though half my calls end up disconnecting on me due to 'signal failed', I kept the service because Sprint customer service reps kept promising me that a new antenna was 'imminent' in my area...been waiting two years for that 'imminent antenna'...Anyway, 3 months ago my son learned he needed to move from Dallas to Lubbock, so I added a phone for him to my account. The plan was for $60 a month...Seemed straight forward...cut and dried...Would just cost me an extra 60 bucks a month...Then the nightmare began...The first bill came...It was over $700!!! They said all kinds of charges were tacked on...none of them related to 'exceeding the number of minutes allowed'... but a lot of it having to do with a slew of calls to and from California... We don't even know anyone in California!! My son used to sale cell phones, fortunately... He went through numerous customer service reps... spent literally 10 to 15 hours tracking through hundreds of charges... line by line...and finally got the bill down to a more reasonable rate...still way more than we'd agreed to on the $60 plan... but he was just worn down...Sprint promised that they'd take care of the billing problems and the next bill would reflect the $60 a month plan that we'd signed up for...Wrong...

The next bill was nearly $1,000!!! Again, numerous calls to California and places we knew no one...It was bizarre...Plus, on the $60 a month plan...why were they charging me for a lot of this stuff anyway? Again, dozens of hours were spent tracking through the mess...line by line... and promises were made to fix the billing... My son thinks his phone information has been cloned (form of ID theft) and this is contributing to the problem... Sprint says this never happens... My son says...sure it does...all the time... Then, the latest bill came out... You guessed it...over a $1,000 this time... So, once again my son has started to fight with customer service reps... We've had it. We're ready to just kill the service to both phones now...But..they want to charge a $250 disconnect fee to terminate each phone...Plus, they don't want to talk to my son anymore because he 'raised his voice at them'....and less I forget...They say we owe them the +$1,000 ....

So much for my $60 a month plan...In every instance, we've encountered customer service reps who claimed their hands were tied...The bill was correct...we owed the money even though our plan was for $60 a month...then got passed to the next rep to hear it again or get a few dollars shaved off and then passed to the next rep...I don't want to take the ding on my credit, but am at a point where their indifference and unwillingness to honor my $60 a month agreement...is wearing me down. Their service is and has been crappy to begin with...I suspect these weird bills have something to do with my son's original phone activation occurring in Dallas Texas and his residency now being in Lubbuck... every call he makes is perceived to be 'out of region'..or visiting rather than home...

All I know is this... If I can save one family from this hell, my work here is done.
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User Replies:
GWbiker on 01/05/2008:
Does your Sprint plan INCLUDE free nationwide long distance and FREE roaming? I have Sprint and I've traveled through West Texas where cell towers are few and cell phone signals are sparse. Carefully scan your Sprint invoice for ROAMING charges.
CrazyRedHead on 01/06/2008:
Yeah, when your in West Texas it isn't hard to roam on Mexico towers, which is considered international calling.
planosam on 01/06/2008:
could this be what is happening? Started out with Texas wide coverage...Then had nationwide coverage...and still the charges keep ballooning..and nobody seems to know what is happening...My son called executive services and they are supposedly wanting to create an entirely new account for me now because again, no one cann figure out what is going on...what a mess...and as it stands...I can't use my phone...When I try, I get redirected to financial services...sigh...I hate sprint....Have a plan for $45 a month..an extra $5 for text messages...free nationwide coverage...and this magically becomes $1000 in a month...right...
chris513 on 01/07/2008:
seriously, check your plan...I pay 50 bucks a month for nationwide long distance, but, I have to pay when I roam (PS, I have a number from the east coast, and I live on the west coast, so if there was a problem like yours, I am certain I would notice it)...agree with GW, check the roaming part of the contract...regardless, this is a harsh situation...I hope everything works out for you.
planosam on 01/08/2008:
Sprint disconnected the phones today despite their agreement to leave them connected while we resolve the disputed bill. Just one more area where their word has meant nothing...I've received a number of emails since I posted..The most interesting came from someone who'd experienced similar problems while in West Texas like my son. Apparently, West Texas antennas are scarce (not surprising) and calls are sometimes picked up from California and even Mexico antennas...This might help explain our mysterious 'California calls'...
TyBoAdams1982 on 10/23/2008:
A fraud case was probably opened and rejected, because that the calls were probably being made from that phone. Did you ever consider your son was making these phone calls and acting like hes not?
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
ILLINOIS -- My fiance had Sprint service for two years. When we moved to another state, he contacted Sprint. we wanted to be sure that we could add free roaming to the account since we would not yet be changing the number. When he spoke to the CSR he explained that he needed to add free roaming to the account and he was told this was a 10$ charge. She agreed that YES this could be done and YES it was only a ten dollar charge. She said she charged the account and it was "all taken care of". You can imagine our surprise when we see an enormous bill the next month on our bank statement. (He had automatic withdrawal) He contacted Sprint. He asked for his bill to be reimbursed since he was told that we would have free roaming. The CSR told us that there were no notes on the account that he even made the call. She said that not only is free roaming not 10$ but it is also not even an option! Why would the first CSR tell us that it was a 10 option and it was all taken care of? So the CSR told us that we would need to speak to a manager. But the manager was busy and she did not know how long we would be put on hold. So she explained that the Manager would call us back. Two days later...no call.

He called Sprint again. And again had to explain the situation to another CSR, because there were no notes on the account of the first call. She kept putting him on hold and asking a manager what to do...then she would come back and try to sell us a package that included lower roaming charges. After 40 minutes of going back and forth that we do not want another plan, we just was our money reimbursed she put us through to an assistant manager.
The asst mgr told us that he could reimburse the money but that we would need to sign up for another 2 year contract. We told him that we did not want to sign up for another two year contract. We wanted our money back for the charges and the account closed. He was very impatient and rude. He told us that he would reimburse it still, but he would need to call us back. We asked for his name but apparently, he can't give us that information. he also said that they do not give case numbers. he said that he would call back in two hours. Two DAYS later....no call. We called back and again had to deal with explaining our situation. And again the CSR kept trying to sell us another plan. We were transferred several times and each time needed to re-explain our dilemma.
Finally, we spoke to someone who said they would reimburse our bill, and close our account. the next month we realized that our bill was not reimbursed it was simply deducted from the next bill, which included calls that were made from before we became aware of the roaming charges. And there was a .50 cent balance. AGAIN we had to call Sprint and explain the situation. The CSR told us that she would wipe the .50 cent balance and there were no more charges. The next month, we get yet another bill for almost 12.00$. This was the .50 cent balance and taxes and standard charges. We tried to call but since our old cell phone number no longer worked we could not get through to a live operator. Every time we would call it would ask us to put in our Sprint phone number. We tried to go online but could not even find an email address for customer service. We finally got through after being transferred 5 times.
After we explained our story to friends and family, it seemed everyone had a BAD sprint CSR story. I can't believe that a company this renown could handle Customer Service so poorly. We have wiped our hands free of Sprint and will never use their services again. I know now that it is worth the extra money to pay for excellent customer service.
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User Replies:
KateM on 01/10/2006:
My ex had Sprint had it just blew me away how awful their customer service was. If the CSR you spoke to wasn't incompetent or rude, they were both. It just blew my mind that it appeared to be POLICY to be unhelpful. That might even be bearable if their service was good but he was constantly missing calls and dropping calls and wouldn't have service in all sorts of places. I say BEWARE OF SPRINT!
Consumers Rule! on 01/11/2006:
Imagine, bad customer service even happens in places like hospitals where your health and even your life might depend upon being able to get proper help when things start to go bad with the care you are receiving.

Our experience with most customer service entities is having to deal with incompetent, poorly trained reps, who barely have command of proper English.
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Sprint: An Unfriendly, Unworkable Company
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- If you are considering joining sprint, consider the below two scenarios that have happened to me as a loyal customer.

1st: A year ago, I received a notice on my phone that service would be cut off. Upon talking with a Sprint Representative, I learned that this was because I made a call one evening at *8:59 PM* (no, I am not exaggerating)that was roughly two hours long. Because it was 1 minute before my anytime minutes, all of that phone call was billed to my Anytime minutes. Though I spoke with many different managers and supervisors, the bottom line for them was that I owed them $270.00 for that phone call. There was no willingness to put all but one minute of that phone call on my unlimited evening minutes. I wrote to many different people to voice my complaint and didn't even get a call back.

2nd: My purse was recently stolen. So was the cell phone inside of it. Sprint gave me the following options: Continue to pay the monthly premium until my plan expired (which only was prolonged because last December I changed the number of minutes in my plan and of course had to renew another one year contract),pay a $150.00 cancellation fee, renew another two year contract and get a $150.00 mail-in rebate, or pay the full price of another phone & keep that until next December. They made no effort at all to understand my situation, and at one point in the phone call the manager I was speaking with asked me whether I would blame the cable company if my TV were stolen. To which I could only say that one can cancel cable service at any time and only be billed for maybe another month, but still, you can cancel that service.

3rd: With no rollover minutes, I've been in many situations where for 8 months of the year I don't even use half of my minutes, and then 2 months of the year I go over them, leading to astronomical phone bills. If I pay for all of those minutes each month, shouldn't I be able to keep them for when I talk more?? Only makes sense. And, it only seems to come from a progressive company that respects its customers.

I would never recommend sprint, and have had a number of negative experiences with the company, leading my to think they are entirely unsympathetic and unfriendly. This is why I will pay the cancellation fee and join a company with much better customer service.
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tander on 06/28/2005:
I hate to say it, but that's why they stress to make sure you start your phone calls after 9pm, because if its before you get charged, I always start using mine at around 9:10, so as not to be charged.
kula on 06/30/2005:
I can not believe this!! The exact thing is going on with my daughter and a stolen phone. I was on the phone with 2 supervisors today and cannot believe the TOTAL lack of any type of customer care. They also gave my daughter the same routine about the stolen phone and either paying the $150 cancellation OR ADDING an additional line and paying an extra $30.00 per month over the next 15 month balance of the contract to keep the contract open on the stolen phone! The same reply was given to me about not their fault the phone was stolen. What they fail to acknowledge in the example they used on you with the TV set, if your Tv was stolen the cable company would not continue to charge you cable service fees for the stolen one AND the replacement. If your car was stolen, the insurance company does not continue to charge you insurance for the stolen car, nor the garage charge you to continue on with warranty repairs. Sprint is rotten!! I would highly suggest you file a complaint with the FCC as I have done. You may do so online by going to http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html
Sprint has 30 to 45 days to issue a reply regarding the complaint to the FCC.
Sprint pulled an added little goodie on my daughter. The Sprint rep in the store, told her if she wanted the replacement phone she had to go with a new contract as well, (she is a college kid working her way through school, and she is very naive) She had to either continue on with the current contract and pay the added $30.00 per month for 2 phone lines (one for the stolen one) or pay the $150 cancellation fee. OR sign a new 2 year contract. The supervisor admits this results in a new commission for the sales rep. then denied she said this. Supervisor also said Sprint IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THE STORE REPS TELL YOU!! What a company.
RAMOS on 09/12/2005:
It is unfortunate what happen to you guys with that whole 9pm thing. It is definitely true that if a call is initiated at 8:59pm, it is a daytime call and will be billed as such. The bad thing is that the contract does define nights as calls made after 9:00pm. (9 o clock and 1 second).
About the phone issue, they are only obligated to provide the service, and a contract does not necessarily suggest any right to a handset. Insurance is always recommended as that is the only way to guarantee a replacement phone. Sprint can only enforce warranty from the manufacturer and sell phones. A lost phone puts you at a severe disadvantage especially if no insurance is active on the account.
Everything sprint does currently is pretty much standard with all providers. Hopefully, you did your research before switching or else, the same situation could happen with another provider. Remember, everyone gives you a free phone with a 2 year contract. Ask them what happens if after 11 months, you loose your phone and see what they say...good luck.
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Stay Away From Sprint Pcs!!!
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SONOMA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been in Sonoma since 1988, and have used Sprint since 1992. The service now is slow, unreliable and intermittent for both Broadband and cellphone usage. Sprint has basically oversold the product and totally lacks capacity to handle the volume, and therefor the product is useless!
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yukka ya on 06/15/2013:
Very well said!
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Check Your IP Often Folks
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U.S.A -- Hi folks as some of use now mobile phones are like walkie talkies or cb radios. Allocated services use "base stations" to communicate just like cb's do. Examples of personal base stations are cordless phone chargers 3 to 4 mile handheld w/talkies and your local police station services concrete companies etc. I guess what I'm saying here is don't think that hi tech expensive phone is secure when things like text to talk apps and Kkype are out there to transmit to the world your personal affairs and private conversations. Are government didn't create this handy little device for our convenience. Why do you think everyone can get a free one through them. Just a word to the wise. Not saying cell phones are not great devices. Just don't think everything is private as you think they are. I kind of found out the hard way as I live near a truck stop and beware of those humming transformers as they are UHF broadband. Have a nice day.
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MRM on 12/09/2011:
Thanks, Warren, for enlightening your readers! Some of the points you've made are mind boggling.
Kris10 on 12/09/2011:
I'm sure this will make its way into the 'other comments' but I have to say that 'humming transformers' just put the image of Optimus Prime bopping down the street humming a tune in my head. :)

Good info! Do you have some examples though? Or a link?
DebtorBasher on 12/09/2011:
Absolutely! If you have a police scanner, it can pick up all kinds of private conversations though cellphones and cordless phones but here is another you may not be aware of. Police scanners can broadcast everything that is said INSIDE your home through baby monitors! YES it's true. The privacy of your home is not private if you have a baby monitor in it. BEWARE!
madconsumer on 12/09/2011:
very helpful review!!
trmn8r on 12/09/2011:
WoW. Big brother really IS watching if you are connected. Did you ever set up a camera in your home DB?
DebtorBasher on 12/09/2011:
No, I don't want one in my home. Check with Alain, I think he video tapes me from his tree watch.
trmn8r on 12/09/2011:
Heh heh. The competition! The DB chronicles, on YouTube. I can dream.
clutzycook on 12/09/2011:
When I was growing up, we lived right next to the interstate. There were several instances when the stereo in my room would pick up CB radio (or maybe even cell phone, I'm not sure) conversations.

And DB, I guess the moral of your story is--don't commit a crime in your house without turning off the baby monitor first :)
jonthethird on 12/10/2011:
Most cell phones are now digital, as opposed to the old analog. Baby monitors, older cordless phones, etc, are also analog, and their signals can be received by scanners. Digitals are not 100% secure, but require additional (costly) equipment. As for transformers humming, it can be for various reasons. The main one are magnetic fields generated which cause the parts to vibrate. Or it can be magnetostriction. Then there is corona discharge (you hear that from power lines.) UHF broadband? Not heard of that
warrenray on 12/12/2011:
About checking your ip means make sure your signal if from your service provider. Not the one your highway patrol may be on. Read up on allocacted phones they reach out to what ever signal is stronger.Those transformers jtt.power sometimes ten thousand homes with dailup and that's public like wifi that's what a cellphone does dial up internet. Ha ha. Its not about big bro. Its about your rigts to privacy big bro can just pull u over and scan your grannys picture on yur device. Or maybe that certain sumthan your buddy was going to check on for ya. ha
warrenray on 12/13/2011:
I guess that's one way for us to communicate. Say J.P.
joyce on 05/03/2012:
Don't be so sure it is not big brother.They can already see you at home through your fiber optic cable t.v.so make sure you are decent and they can also see through your house so you can run but not hide.Why did they really make us all get those black t.v.boxes a few years ago or else we would have no t.v.?Why is the sky full of satellites? At night you can see at least one it is in the lower atmosphere and shines very brightly and has both a green light and a red one it is in two segment's.Recently another one has gotten closer to the bigger one.On a cloudy night when you can see no stars most always you can see the satellite.I have been watching it for about four years and know where it is at certain times.You have to be careful where you go on the computer as there is an evil group of people somewhere who have a way of using the emf waves or something like that to use mind control for evil things.They get you at eye level and use a hypnotic spell and you never know it.They say it has already been done to thousands of Americans and already in the mid east where thousands of soldiers lay down their weapons and walked forward.A year or so back I got on one of those sites when looking for something in the medical field it even said so,I left in a hurry and never went back.My computer has messed up and sent me back to the Google home page 3 times while typing this.So I watch all cell phones and my computer cause we are never alone it's all monitored.

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I Emailed The BBB On A Sunday At 5pm And Got A Call At 9am The Next Morning
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For some reason sprint was not taking my payment out of my bank account, I did not notice until my service was disconnected for non payment. I called them and the representative said my service could not be restored unless I pay the early termination fee right then, and then a deposit of 50 dollars. She assured me I would get the 200 early termination fee refunded within six weeks. I agreed and my new account was started. Oh yeah, did I mentions that I was on the phone for a total of 5 hours with 4 different people because every time I was transferred to a new department, they would hang up on me! I would call back and have to explain my situation all over again the next Indian that answered. Anyway, 8 weeks came and went with no refund, so I called them and spent another hour on the phone only to be told that I was never told that and it was impossible to return my money and they didn't know why the representative told me that because it was not in the account notes. I asked if it was on the recording of the calls and they said there was no way for them to access specific conversations with the way there system was set up. I was so frustrated that I emailed the BBB on a Sunday night and by 9 am the next morning a supervisor called and said she reviewed my account and would be sending me a refund within 10 days.

I recommend threatening them with the BBB if all else fails. My refund arrived 10 days later.
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Soaring Consumer on 04/18/2009:
Voted helpful. Very good followthrough to get the promised resolution.
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Phone bill -- $784.22
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SOUTHERN PINES, NORTH CAROLINA -- Leaving for two weeks in Costa Rica, I was told my current cell would not work outside the US. I then rented an International pcs. Instead of just one, they sent two by Fedex and came from a vendor in Canada.

I activated one and put the second in a closet at home. When my July bill came, I found I was charged for 32 minutes for a Canadian call and 32 minutes for a Japan call. I disputed these calls and asked for a detailed bill showing my sole calls to Nebraska. I asked three times for a new bill. I received two unchanged bills and since I had Sprint on automatic pay at my bank, they were paid. My next two bills were normal and then in December I received a bill for over $600. They claimed my phone was lost and not insured. I had not returned the phones as I had not seen any evidence of my renting the phones and I was afraid of letting them out of my possession. I was NOT using them. Since I had return labels to send them back to the original vendor and mailing envelopes, I took them to the DHL store and they were shipped back and received.

My next bill was over $700 and again it was many phone calls to their reps and I was always assured that the billing would be corrected. I finally in desperation went to their kiosk at the Southpost at the commissary at Fort Bragg, nc. Their representative spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Sprint, was transferred 12 times to different reps and in the end, nothing was accomplished. She was told nothing could be done.

Today I received a Collection Agency Alert. I am planning to file with the Attorney General of NC. I was diagnosed with lung cancer on Dec.18 and have been undergoing tests and decisions for radiation treatment and I don't need this stress.

Do I need to hire an attorney and file a harassment suit?

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