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Good Luck getting help with your bill
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I have been a Sprint customer since 1997. Every time you changed a plan you had to renew your contract. So I stuck with Sprint all these years. I had my parents phones on my line. I lost my father in April of 2006. I called Sprint. They kindly removed his phone from my line without charge. Then October 2006 I lost my mom suddenly and they refused to remove her phone because it was under my name. So I kept her phone activated. I was also keeping it activated to catch anyone calling her line to tell them the news. I missed a lot of people when she passed because I did not have a clue who to contact.

Flash forward to earlier 2009. I transferred my main line to my husbands plan over at Verizon to save money. I had to keep the spare phone activated through Sprint. I was paying under $35 a month with taxes. I used it 1 month out of all those yrs when my sister came to visit from out of state. I called when I transferred my other phones to see when my contract ended with it so I could transfer it to Verizon to keep it activated for the number because I was still getting those random calls asking for my mom. I had it in my head - it ended November 29 rather than January 29th.

I've been trying to contact Sprint to try to see if I could pay them the 2 months I owed them. They kept sending me a bill for 220.00. I've been calling since it happened and get no where with no result. Now I've been sent to a collection agency threatening to ruin my credit unless I pay them. I called Sprint right after and tried to get it settled AGAIN. I got a "ticket" put in the system for review. I've been offering to pay them the 2 months since it happened.

I think its unfair and greedy to want 220 vs 70 which I would have paid. They offer a prorated termination fee now since November of 2008 when I was still with them but they won't extend that service to me because I was a customer before it changed. Yet when their stuff changes before we are automatically put on contract without notice. When I signed up it was 150 then it went to 200 without telling me.

Horrible Customer Service & Get NOTHING RESOLVED!
By -

I bought this phone back in '07, had problems with it, took it to the service repair center and they told me I had the wrong warranty and my phone was not repairable. The girl who sold me the phone at Sprint gave me the wrong one and obviously was not Intelligent in Sprint Warranties! So I got screwed over due to the stupid customer service. Anyway I got my old Sprint phone turned back on that I used in previous years since the stupid RUMOR phone WOULD NOT WORK! It turned off randomly. The keyboard didn't work. The volume button did not work, neither did the camera. So I paid a warranty for nothing.

Well luckily 2 months later my Rumor started working and it was hell all over again. On this past Sunday my Rumor came up with a white screen and made it not usable and therefore I could not read anything on my screen except for just a few centimeters of room at the bottom. So I went into the store - first the guy was a jerk to me, talked down to me. Trying to get me to upgrade instead of fixing the issue with my phone. I HATE SPRINT SO WHY WOULD I UPGRADE AND BE STUCK WITH THEM FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS!!!! STUPID PEOPLE!

Anyway so I left the store after the guy would NOT give me Corporate's number and called the claim number he gave me only to be given the wrong number and then had to deal with Customer Service, Account Services and Tech Support. The first 2 people I spoke with actually understood what I was saying and when the other representative from tech support got on she talked to me as if I was mentally challenged and was NOT helpful in any way!!

I just wanted my phone replaced - I didn't want to upgrade or get a new phone. I just wanted the same Rumor phone-- turns out they stopped making it (Not shocked by this) and came out with the LG RUMOR 2 that sells for 29.99 and you buy one get one free. Hence I paid $96 in warranty and they could not replace it with the old phone! The new phone would cost way less for them but nope they wanted me to pay a $50 deductible to get the stupid phone that didn't work. What is the point of a warranty oh yeah so when I took my phone in yesterday to get the other phone turned back on they flagged my warranty and didn't tell me!

So I got screwed over and currently on the phone with them for another 2 hours-- getting nowhere. They just want me to upgrade and I'm NOT ready! I am so tired of Sprint just beating around the bush - its so annoying. SUCH A LONG STORY BUT OVERALL SPRINT DOES NOT WANT TO REPLACE THE STUPID PHONE - JUST WANT TO UPGRADE AND I FEEL AS THOUGH THEY DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE CUSTOMER - just in it for money money money! Never ever buy the Rumor phone. It is a waste of money and will fail you.

No Two Reps Give The Same Answer...
By -

I admit it--I don't have the best credit thanks to a student loan default that has since been rehabbed but is still on my credit. Sprint was nice enough to extend me a contract anyway, with lots of fine print that I didn't learn about until it was too late, but since I have the service I figured I'd deal with it. I've never found their customer service to be stellar (and I work for a company that prides itself on customer service so yes, I have high standards) but what's happened to me since December has my blood boiling.

I've used other companies, including AT&T, who I found to be very good until I moved to an area they didn't cover and a rural company called Unicel. Both had decent customer service. Sprint is by far the worst company I deal with--and I use Comcast!

I found out I qualify for a discount through my employer, something I didn't know when I got my plan. I talked to a representative who offered me a 15% discount, only when I went online through our corporate perks system I discovered the actual discount was 20%. I called the dedicated line for corporate packages and a nice gentleman asked me to let him handle the order of upgrading my service and adding a line and he'd personally make sure that I got the discount right away.

First of all, the third line was not added to the right type of plan, so I was overcharged. Sprint fixed this pretty much right away so I wasn't too upset. Then the discount failed to kick in. The representative I had been dealing with stopped returning calls/e-mails and no other representative could find any record of any promise of the 20% discount. My bill got behind by less than a $100 and my service was randomly shut off. Every representative I talked to claimed I could only receive a 15% discount and that it would take up to three months to apply. Random charges were added to my bill that I didn't authorize for services none of us used.

I finally e-mailed their customer care since no representative over the phone or chat was at all helpful. I received a reply from a helpful representative who told me she was sorry for all of my trouble, applied a credit to my account to make up for the discount I never received and promised to apply the 20% going forward. Then I received a call that I missed asking me to let them know when I could talk to someone because they needed a little additional information to process the discount. I e-mailed them back with a better time...but no response.

I chatted with a representative online about some other issues that were unrelated and during the conversation asked her if she had any notes about what information was needed to apply my discount and instead of taking down my information she decided to apply the 15% discount to my account without my asking for it, so now every time I e-mail Sprint about the promised discount they keep telling me they have no record of it and "we can see you are receiving a 15% discount..." and no matter how many times I try to reach the original representative or cut and paste the e-mail I received AND the link from my work website to the real discount every response from Sprint claims that they have no idea what I'm talking about and that they can't help me further.

Add to that crappy coverage, crappy overpriced phones and constant overbilling I can say that Sprint fails miserably.

To those "Sprint employees" who post here, mistakes happen, yes, but if I made half the mistakes or gave half the misinformation the reps I deal with make/give, I'd be looking for a job.

Honeymoon Is Over; Terrible Service
By -

STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA -- Been a customer of Sprint's for about three years. Prior to April of this year, we had what I would consider to be a "normal" relationship with our cell phone company. We didn't have cell service at our home, but no other company we had been with previously did either. Otherwise, a normal amount of dropped calls or weird occurrences. That all changed when we got four new phones and renewed for another two years.

I should have seen the warning signs when I called to get information about what phones might be able to provide the features I was needing and the pushy sales representative insisted I make a decision right then, and when I declined because I wanted to discuss with my husband, he wanted his phone number so he could conference him in. I refused, so he insisted that he call back later so that we could complete the sale. I should have run like **, but I didn't. After all, I couldn't flush them after two reasonably good years over one unpleasant incident!

Rep called back, and I ordered the phone. Since I was without a phone, I was in a hurry to receive it. After almost a week with no phone that they had said would be shipped by FedEX, I called to check in and learned that the phone was on backorder. I cancelled the order and told them I would go the nearest Sprint store and buy one there. They assured me the order was cancelled and no phone would be received. Guess what? Two days later said phone arrives. I refused it. Wrangled and tangled with them for weeks to get the bill corrected.

We moved and decided we needed more features on the other three lines. Hubby called local Sprint store, and the employee told us about their Talk/Data 1500 plan. Said we would be able to use all four phones as modems in this plan. I called and spoke with representative who told me the same thing. I went to the store, reviewed the notes from my conversation with him - no changes. All phones would be able to be used as modem with no additional charge. He added that if there were charges, just to let him know and he'd take care of it. I agreed to make the change to the plan at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Got August bill, and, of course, it was screwed up. Three of the phones were on the new plan which was implemented in the middle of the billing cycle, resulting in overbilling. The fourth phone was on the old plan. The representative also neglected to mention that they were advance billing the new plan. The overall effect was a shocking bill. I emailed the employee at the Sprint store, who never emailed or called back. I called Sprint and spoke with a CSR. She issued a credit and supposedly squared away the phones on the plans. Ha.

Today I tried to configure my husband's phone to use as a modem on his laptop. After all, we'd been paying for the service for over a month, right? I downloaded the broadband package, hooked up the phone...nothing. Got online to check my account and realized that the plans were still screwed up. In trying to resolve that, I learned that the three lines that were on the new plan did NOT have phone as modem capability as I had been told.

The lady I spoke to was appalled at the service we had been receiving and said that my old plan had that capability, so we switched back to that plan, and she was going to make sure we had the bonus modem capability at no charge. I was happy until I thought that I didn't ask if there was a kb/sec charge. So I called back.

Of course, I couldn't speak to the person I had spoken to minutes before. The lady I spoke to said that neither plan had that capability, but I could add it for a mere $45/line. I said "If I can't have the service/features I was told I could get for the amount of money I was quoted in the store, then I wanted to cancel the account and had no intention of paying termination charges." Of course, they wouldn't agree to eating the termination charges.

I have spent literally hours on the phone with Sprint trying to resolve issues that were created because their sales and service representative either flat-out lied or "misrepresented" what their plans/features included. I am so frustrated and would NEVER, NEVER recommend Sprint to anyone except maybe my stepmother.

Sprint's Customer Service Is Horrible!
By -

I have been with Sprint for years, multiple lines, unlimited spending limit. I have had four different phones, and all seem to have problems receiving calls. Funny how the phones seem to start having problems within a year of owning them, when you are eligible for a complete upgrade at 2 years! Now this is with all companies, but why would you only honor new customers with a new phone, and make loyal, existing customers wait, or pay full price, in order to get a new phone that works?

Yes, I have insurance, which is great if my phone is damaged because of my negligence. But if the phone stops working properly because of manufacturer defects, customers shouldn't have to pay $50, on top of the $7/mo, and settle for a used phone! Then I'm told if I'm not happy with their service, I can pay $175 to cancel my account and go to another company.

OK! I'll pay the 175 and go to a new company, where I will get a BRAND NEW PHONE, and be treated with respect! And Sprint can lose the $400/mo in business that I provide. I mean, I need a new phone and have to pay about the same price for it, since I don't "qualify" for an upgrade, so I might as well use the $200 on cancelling my account and going with a BETTER company!

Why is it every time I call Customer Service, I get a person who barely speaks/understands English? Answer - because Sprint employs people overseas to take customer service calls! Yes, some representative are located here, but for the most part, they are out of the country! So not only are they taking jobs away from US citizens, but are also insuring that we get less than great service.

I have nothing against any religions, cultures, and so on. But, when I have concerns/questions about something, I'd like to speak to someone who can hold a conversation IN MY COUNTRY'S FIRST LANGUAGE!!! Why should Sprint be allowed to pay less for employees, when we aren't charged less for having to deal with them?!?!

Another common complaint... The charges on my bills are always incorrect, in Sprint's favor of course! Well, if the same people who take the customer service calls are the ones that handle the billing, then we've definitely figured out the problem! What a freaking mess!!

Is it me? Or does Sprint have the smallest and worst phone selection ever?!?! If it wasn't for them merging with Nextel, Sprint would probably carry a total of 5 phones to choose from, not including color choices! Come on!! Between overcharging for service, phones, and skimping on the cost of customer service employees, can't they afford to provide a decent selection of phones?

I read a comment on this site from a girl who works as a customer service representative at Sprint. She went on to explain how hard she tries to provide the best service for the customers she deals with. I'm sure she's a great representative. Now if I could get her every time I called in, I'd be set!!

By the way, she also went on to say how other companies get the same complaints, as much as Sprint does. And how does she know this? Well...she too has a cell phone WITH ANOTHER COMPANY!!! RED FLAG??? With the employee discount and "great service", why wouldn't she have service with the company she works for? Needless to say, I'm cancelling my account!

Horrible Customer Service
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I have been with Sprint for the last 5 or 6 years and it was only because at first I thought they had the best phones. I didn't have many problems with them in the beginning. It seemed if I had a problem I would call and they would fix it. I even worked for Sprint for all of a about... hmmmm 4 months and that's when my problem started.

Any who fast forward to 2006 I believe. I decided to take advantage of the Sprint and Nextel merger and got a Nextel phone (when they were still technically separate but together) because I wanted the chirp feature. I didn't have to pay an ETF and I had my phone in a few days. Everything was fine until my phone started just randomly shutting off like it was a computer.

It got to the point where I would sit and watch it just shut off for no reason. I would say the problem was with the phone of course but I decided that I was done dealing with Nextel because the service I received when trying to call them just sucked. I wanted to go to a different carrier but I still didn't like the phones some of them had. There was a phone that I saw but Sprint was the carrier. So after much consideration I opted to go back to them. The biggest mistake ever!!

In November of 2007 I switched back to Sprint but was at first told I would have to pay an ETF. I asked why when I didn't have to before and was told because Sprint and Nextel is now combined but wasn't before but that keeping the phone on would be cheaper than cutting it off now because my contract was due to be expiring in June of 08. I told her I would think about it but decided to activate a new line anyway.

The first weekend in December, I called Sprint to have them disconnect the first Nextel line I had and to keep on the one I just activated last month. I was aware of the ETF and didn't have a problem with it. I was assured the line would be disconnected. I then lost the phone but since it was SIM operated I reported it lost so that no one else could use the phone. I was assured the phone would be set so that no one could use it. I continued to call my Nextel number to make sure the phone was off and it was not.

After about 3 or 4 weeks, I called them back asking why it wasn't cut off. The customer service lady was nice and explained that they only suspended the service. She apologized and issued me a credit for the service charge and another credit for the inconvenience which totaled about 100 some odd dollars. Whatever she did in January of 08 cut the Nextel phone off and it no longer showed on my account on the January bill so I thought it was all taken care of.

Well I get a bill in Feb of 08 where all of a sudden not only is the Nextel phone back on my account but they tried to charge me back charges from Jan until March of 08. Since I don't look at my bill regularly it took me a few weeks to realize what happened. I called and was needless to say upset about this because I assumed that after talking to the last girl everything was corrected. After countless times calling and speaking to 3 different people, I was assured the issue would be resolved and that the phone would be disconnected but I would have to pay the ETF.

I disputed that now seeing as though this was the 3rd time I had to call to get this line cut off and that I was not paying that fee 3 months after the fact. I was informed it would be taken care of. I was transferred to someone in the cancellations departments who tried to argue with me about paying that fee and me reporting my phone lost. She tried to say I only called to report it lost (in December) and that I did not call to request it be cancelled. She tried to be smart at the mouth but my mouth is smarter and I let her have it before she could even finish that stupid statement.

She put me on hold and then came back with the "Oh I'm sorry. I did check further and you are correct". So I told her again that I was not paying an ETF and she tried to dispute that saying that now my contract was not until November of 08. I told her that she is insane if she thinks that is true and that I will not be stuck with this phone until then. She then agreed to give me a credit for the charges for the cancelled line and was going to disconnect the service and issue me a credit of the ETF. I waited on hold for almost an hour until finally the line started ringing and just kept ringing. Needless to say she transferred me somewhere else and didn't do what she said.

I called back again around Easter and explained this same story over to two people. The first person seemed to be too consumed in his background conversation so he just put me on hold and transferred me somewhere else without letting me know. The second person was polite and said he would issue me a credit for the charge for the Nextel phone (that still wasn't off) again. Here it is April and after 4 months of calling Sprint my Nextel phone is still not off. I complained that this was ridiculous and that all I asked was for them to cut that phone off and no one there seems to know what they are doing.

I was transferred to this account manager whose job is to keep customers from going elsewhere. Needless to say she is in the wrong business. She tried to argue with me again that I only asked to get the phone suspended and not cancelled in December. I had to basically yell at her to let her know that I didn't fall out the womb yesterday and that I know the difference between suspended and cancel but suggested that she should ask the employees there if they knew because obviously they didn't.

She offered to credit me three months worth of service but that she would not waive the ETF for that Nextel phone. I told her that for the last time I would not be paying that fee. In turn she only credited me for 2 months (because they issue me a credit in March) and the phone is now off this time. I am upset because this could have been resolved in December but instead it has taken this long to get something done.

I still don't believe this is the end all be all of this mess but one thing is for sure - I am now canceling both lines of service and I will not pay the ETF on either one. I've already contacted Cingular and I will gladly pay for a new phone that is the same as my phone that I just got 5 months ago to get away from Sprint once and for all! I never thought I would find so much stuff just by typing in the word "Sprint Sucks" into Yahoo. This company does suck and if they keep it up will be out of business!

Sprint PCS Customer Service Changed Contract period without my knowledge
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Rating: 2/51

METRO DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- In approximately January of 2012 I contacted Sprint PCS to find out why my monthly bill was increased. I was told I was losing a service credit and that it was not currently being offered, but to check back in February 2012, as the credit could potentially be offered. I was very upset as I was not informed of the change and as a long time customer (over 10-15 years), wanted to know why this was arbitrarily dropped without my knowledge.

The representative apologized and indicated that she could offer me a one time $100 credit that would be applied to the bill. I grudgingly accepted, indicating to her that it was not the same as my current billing, as this $100 credit was not the same as my monthly payments, and would soon run out. She asked me to check back in February.

I called back in February, and explained the situation, and asked about my billing and was basically told the same thing, that the service credit was no longer being offered. I indicated to the customer service as well as the retention staff that I would not be renewing, as I didn't like the way this situation was being handled for a loyal long-term customer.

Early in May of 2012, I was online, reviewing my account, and noticed that someone had renewed my out of contract account, without my knowledge! I immediately phoned customer service about this and was told that, the person who issued me the $100 credit on my account, did this. I was outraged! The customer representative never explained to me that she was renewing my contract for an additional year, in exchange for a $100 credit; I would have never accepted!

To make matters worse, the representative I spoke within May said that if you give us the $100 back, we will place your contract in "out of contract" again! Oh my goodness, what a sleazy proposition. I indicated to the service representative that it was not the condition under which I accepted the $100; it was a retention act, as I knew it...nothing to do with the contract. I am very close to reporting this to major media as well as the Better Business Bureau... I think you call what they did to me, bait/switch... How unethical!

Sprint wants me to Pay for their Mistakes
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I had a Samsung Moment that I purchased at a corporate store. Several months later it stopped holding its charge. I went to a repair store not knowing it was actually an independent repair store and was told it could not be fixed. They exchanged the phone instead of having a new one mailed to me because it was unsafe for me to be without a phone for days. Within 30 days the new phone malfunctioned and its start and end call buttons did not work properly.

I called Sprint and was told that they would not exchange the phone because it was from an independent store instead of their corporate store. I tried to explain that I couldn't return it to the store it had come from because they had exchanged it as a favor to Sprint's corporate office and weren't going to take it back. The person on the phone started yelling at me. I asked if I could cancel my service and send the phone back to Sprint in exchange for having my termination fee waived. An accounts representative got on the phone and yelled at me. I was nearly in tears and got off the phone.

I later spoke to a representative who told me I could call Samsung and have them replace my phone under manufacturer warranty. When I spoke to Samsung they said I had to send my phone away for three weeks and that if the phone was irreparable then the warranty was voided. I am a Mayo Clinic patient and a young disabled veteran and can't be without my phone. My only option was to find a new phone carrier. It was a huge issue to change service and to go through all of this. I also had to pay connection fees at T-Mobile and pay part of the cost of a new phone all because of Sprint's bad service.

I later spoke to ** in Sprint's Executive and Regulatory Services to ask that my $160 early termination fee be waived and was informed that this was not a possibility. He says that they told me to take it to a Sprint repair store but refuses to provide me with copies of the notes from my own account documenting that saying they are proprietary information and would require a subpoena. I spoke with ** today, a higher level executive, and she told me they would only drop the early termination fee if I moved my service back to Sprint. No way!

Sprint Willful Overbilling
By -

More than a year after spending $300 for a wireless pc card and agreeing to pay $60 per month, I lost the pc card. After searching in vain for six weeks, and of course not using the device, I called Sprint and reported the dongle lost or stolen. Sprint told me that they would list the device as lost or stolen and block its usage. I was told that the only way I could close my account was to pay the bill including early termination fees in full. And so even though I had not used the device at all in six weeks, I did pay my bill in full for $168.34.

Then, the following month, I got another bill from Sprint for an additional $120. When I called Sprint to ask about this bill, I was told that even though the device was reported lost or stolen and blocked from usage, Sprint charged me for another month of usage, plus other fees that I had been previously told were paid in full. When I replied that it made no sense that I was being billed an additional month for a device that was blocked, Sprint said that they would get a supervisor on the phone.

I held on the line for an hour and twenty minutes until the battery went dead on my phone. I called another time to resolve the issue, but was left on hold for 40 minutes that time. I realized that not only was Sprint intentionally charging for services that were not delivered, but they were intentionally avoiding all attempts to get a resolution to this matter. For all I know Sprint is going to try to bill me again next month for another month that the device was blocked.

Sprint did tell me that if I don't pay the bill, they will send it to collections and ruin my credit. I pay my bills. But, out of principle I'm going to fight this one. $120 is not a lot of money, but if Sprint rips off a million people for $120 that is a lot of money. I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I have filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. I have mailed two certified letters to Sprint (with no response).

The terms of the contract state that I have given up my right to civil litigation, and must submit to binding arbitration. I have requested binding arbitration from Sprint, with no response. I have contacted two local television stations (ABC 15 Investigates, and 3 On Your Side) and hope to get an on screen interview with both. I am now in the process of posting my story on 30 different complaint forums like this one. Sprint does this because they know that these corporate practices will be profitable to varying degrees in 99.99% of the cases. Unfortunately for Sprint, I am that 1 in 10,000.

Poor service, poor customer service, erratic billing errors, and poor retention.
By -

PUYALLUP, WA -- TERRIBLE COMPANY!!! I was with Sprint since 2003 and when I signed my last contract in 2008 it became a firestorm of frustration and poor service. I signed up for two additional cell phones because it specifically SAID on the contract that the $9.99 per line was supposed to be waived. Well, from my first invoice I had to fight to get them to uphold the contract. Month after month I would find erratic fees that had no explanation. My bill was supposed to be $89.99 per month, but sometimes it would be $350 with no explanation at all. I do not use any of the extra services, so there is no reason for the additional charges.

Fortunately, one of the reps in the Sprint store was always there to help me out and readjusted my bill for the erratic charges. Unfortunately, the representative finally got sick of their crap and quit, so I was left to deal with this terrible company on my own. I truly feel like the ** up letting her go because she was the only reason I stayed with the company for so long.

To combat the unfair charges, I showed retentions a copy of the contract that I signed and they simply told me that they didn't have to honor it and they made up excuses for why it wasn't good enough to waive the fees. They are very rude, inconsiderate people and I absolutely can't wait till my contract expires so I can switch to Verizon - I hear they're great!!! I should also mention that Sprint's service SUCKS and half the time I couldn't even get my phone to work. I have the LG Rumor and shortly after purchasing it, it wasn't long till it started acting up.

I can't stand this company. They fully suck across the board. I am anticipating the day my contract ends, because there is NOTHING they can do to keep me after I'm no longer obligated. Isn't it funny how, if a CUSTOMER signs a contract THEY have to honor it NO MATTER WHAT! Yet if the cell COMPANY signs it, they only have to honor WHAT THEY WANT TO!

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