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My Thoughts
Posted by on
Now, before you begin to read this informative, and decide to rant and rave about your opinions about what I have to say, I'd like to state your opinion is important to me, and I'd love to hear what you have to say, HOWEVER, I will also inform you before you read this, if you are any type of human being that feels it's necessary to insult, make rude comments, or start fights, I'd like to have you stay away from any and all of my opinions, because YOUR opinion does not matter to me, if you cannot state in a proper and considerate way.

That being said. I've chosen today to right about Sprint Customer Service. That wonderful cell phone company within the United States of America. Before I get to far into this, I would like to point out the following. I am not an employee of Sprint, or any retailer or third party company that deals with Sprint. I am not being paid to state what I'm going to be stating in this bulletin, and it is my soul opinion, as well as I do NOT have Sprint as a Cell phone service. So you're probably asking yourself, why would someone who doesn't have, work, or isn't being paid to say the following, be bothering or know anything about it? Well, I a computer, and a lot of spare time that makes me research various things and find reasons to debate. While reviewing some interesting sites, I came a crossed ad's about Sprint, information, and other peoples thoughts. I was absolutely annoyed with some of the comments and rude thoughts people could say about other people they've never met. So I wanted to bring some interesting idea's into those minds of yours. These don't just pertain to Sprint customer service, but also to all contact centers out there.
1) The person you're speaking with, is probably not located in the same state as you, and likely isn't located within anywhere near you. This is for good logical reason.
2) The person you're talking to has done nothing at all to you at the point in time where they answered your call, so why not allow them a chance. You don't know who this person is remember, so for all you know this person you're speaking with could be a family member, or a family members relation.
3) Yes, you will get someone who speaks another language. You will get people who are hard to understand, and you will be frustrated at this. However, how is this anywhere near being Sprint, or the client your calling's fault? People need jobs. Whether that job be something fancy like you claim to do, or working at a call center, it's a job. You need money, as does the person who you're talking to at the other end. If you're the type of person who get's easily frustrated attempting to make someone understand you who doesn't speak your language perfectly, then hang up and call back!
4) Why call someone while you're upset? You yourself know it's human nature to get upset when something goes wrong, or isn't how you feel it should be. So why would you take your anger out on someone who doesn't know you, and you don't know them. Again, remember, they've done nothing to you, only state their name and ask how they can help you! When someone is trying to help you, why would you want to sit there and yell at them? Yes, you're upset, and angry at something, but why would you sit there and take it out on someone so innocent.
5) You catch more flies with Sugar then Vinegar. I'm sure you've heard this. I'm sure you've said this! Most people have. The people you're talking with on the other end of the phone are regular people right off the street. These people are just people who have gone through the training and been given the information that is required to try to help you get your issues resolved. You could have no customer service at all, you could then get a bill that shows you've used 200 minutes over you're allowed, and you know what! If it wasn't for customer service, then you wouldn't get the chance to tell them why and they wouldn't be able to try to help you out! Believe it or not, but those "a$$holes" you're talking to could easily hang up on you and say "screw it". Those "bitc#es" could just as well say no, pay your bill you did it. However we all know that you were innocent and that you never actually did go over your minutes, even though you spoke on the phone for 40 minutes with your mother, 30 minutes with your girlfriend, but guarantee you never used them! Seriously, the crap that those reps probably sit there and laugh about, while we complain and tell them we didn't do it!? They have systems that can prove whether you did or not. So just stop lying, and being rude. You're human, not an a$$hole.
6) Remember when your little girl, or boy first got their job? They we working at McDonald's serving fries, and they took a little longer to get everything together. The next night, they come home upset because they were yelled at, screamed at, called every name under the sun. All because some fat ass didn't get their french fries in less than 3 minutes? How'd that make you feel? Pretty upset huh? Well think about the people that are just starting out new in a call center? Do you honestly think that the people in call centers are their because they just know everything so they should be doing things perfectly? Perhaps they've been their a while, perhaps the person you're talking to just started working their, and that night was their first time on the phone. You were the first person they talked to. Wouldn't want to leave a bad impression?
7) The person you're talking to on the other end of the phone, chances are you'll never talk to them again, and you don't know where they're from, the only thing you know is their first name. However - They know you're full name, your address, phone number, how old you are, and control whether your phones work or not. So think twice before telling them off and being an a$$hole. Maybe that's why your Bills so high?

So you took the time to make it down to hear I see, or you just skipped through it because you don't want to know the truth. Either way, I hope some of this information you've read helps you think twice about calling up your phone carrier and telling them where to go, or tell them what to do, and remember, you're an adult, don't act like your going through the terrible 2's again!

-- My Thoughts
A Friendly Person
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 06/14/2009:
"Well, I a computer, and a lot of spare time that makes me research various things and find reasons to debate."

this says it all.
PepperElf on 06/14/2009:
... and this "computer" chose to "right" about Sprint.
and then signed it a "friendly person"

So um, is this letter-writer a computer or a person or ....

... omg! NO! it's the BORG!

*tosses Riker at it!*
Take one for the team, number one!
*runs and hides*
Alain on 06/14/2009:
Does the collective have a 'fix-it' borg available?
PepperElf on 06/14/2009:
it's in the assimilation department
msnanny on 06/14/2009:
Whatever it is it only wants opinions that agree with its own :)
Alain on 06/14/2009:
Assimalation is fun!
jktshff1 on 06/14/2009:
really don't give a rat's rear what a computer has to say.
Anonymous on 06/14/2009:
Your claim that Sprint customer service agents are not in the same state . . that is a correct statement. Most if not ALL of Sprint's customer service agents are outsourced to India and the Philippines. How can you state this is not Sprint's fault? They made the decision to move the jobs out of the US to a company located overseas.

You say you do not work for this company? That deems the rest of your post (no offense) a nonsensical rant on topics you know nothing about.
Anonymous on 06/14/2009:
I agree with some of the points made here, but not with the statement that it isn't Sprint's fault that a customer rep may not be able to speak clearly. If they choose to outsource, it is their fault.
lessthanzero on 06/14/2009:
Ease up on the Meds. Why would you even want to comment about Sprint if you have no experience with that company. Let me guess, you work in a call center...............
Anonymous on 06/14/2009:
resistance is futile...
Ginger_in_VA on 07/17/2009:
I have worked for Sprint for almost 9 years now and I have for the majority of my time with Sprint it has been taking calls from Customers. Their main complaint....their bill is too high. The second highest reason for complaint...they want a new phone and don't qualify for an upgrade yet. The last main complaint...their service has been interrupted because of nonpayment and their of course are others but for the majority of the customers calling in, those are the three main call drivers.

Do I like my job at Sprint? Honestly, it pays my bills or at least keeps my head above water for the most part and in the area where I live, for a woman especially, the pay is decent. When I first started working at Sprint I couldn't believe that I was making as much as I was as I was going from working at a bank barely making over minimum wage to at least doubling what I would be making there and now I understand why. The verbal and emotional abuse that we receive on almost a daily basis is something that NO ONE should have to go through and if I wasn't a single mother and needed my job for my childs health benefits as well as to be able to provide for her...I probably wouldn't work there now.

MOst people that call in with billing disputes never have the bill in front of them...they haven't "looked over the bill in detail"...they just saw the balance and KNOW that it is wrong and demand and adjustment. Sometimes when I break down the charges for a customer line by line...whether they like it or not...they do then understand the charges and understand that they are legitimate. If I give a phone to my 11 year old daughter and she talks for 1000 minutes and yet she has a 500 minute plan...is it Sprints fault that my bill is so high? IF she downloads 10 ringers and some games ...maybe subscribes to the horoscope promotion that she saw while watching tv that is 9.99 per month..should I call and demand a credit for that as well? NO. If I give a phone that is in my name to someone...I am responsible for their usage and unless it is a setup error that the representative did (which is possible but should be fairly easy to prove) then I AM RESPONSIBLE for those charges.

Now I do listen to every customer that calls me and I understand the that the majority of the time they are upset and that is the reason that they are calling so I try to not let it hurt me or offend me by the way that they are talking to me but if people would remember that all I am doing is my job and I am a person too...maybe they would not behave the way they do when they call in upset. I guarantee you that the situation for both of us would be a lot more productive than it is if you call me cursing and calling me names and DEMANDING things that could actually cost me my job if I did. How would you feel if I did that to you at your job? Ask yourself this before you call in the next time...CAN YOU PROVE THAT IT IS SPRINTS FAULT THAT YOUR BILL IS SO HIGH? If not...then call in and allow us the opportunity to assist you and figure out how we can help with the situation because that is what we are there for! I find no greater joy than to know when a caller hangs up that they are happy with the outcome but sadly, the outcome that they want is just not possible. We are not allowed to hang up on a customer...and I have sat and been called everything but my name but would you do that to me if you were looking me in the eye face to face? I highly doubt it. Another thing that keeps being mentioned in this forum is "out sourcing"....guess what guys....we don't like it either. I have to work to keep my job everyday and I do the best job I can to prove that I am worth keeping. I feel that quality of a customer care representative should override what you could pay to get a cheaper one but sometimes it doesn't seem to matter. IF Sprint or any company for that matter can pay me 15.00 an hour but pay someone in India for example 7.00 and have the same outcome why wouldn't they? You can call and get me and I can explain why your bill is 300.00 even though you may not like the reasons why if it is overage or downloads or other legitimate charges but at least I am being respectful to you, compassionate because I have actually been in your shoes with a high phone bill myself and understand how frustrating it is...but if you are going to curse and hang up on me the same as you would someone in India...then why would Sprint care because when you rate the representative and give us 0's just because you didn't like the answer, even though it was honest and correct...then why does it matter where we are from. I am in Virginia and I work hard at my job. I love talking to people all over the US. I take pride in what I due and love to troubleshoot a customers phone when it is not working and know they are happy that I fixed it before they hang up. But please remember the next time that you call in whether it is Sprints error or not, we are human beings that deserve respect and we are their to work for you and help you in the best ways we know how. Sometimes however, its just not possible to give you what you ask for.
PepperElf on 07/17/2009:
nooo you've been assimilated! resist! resist!
NPNJ on 08/11/2009:
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I have been with sprint for the last 5 or 6 years and it was only because at first I thought they had the best phones. I didn't have many problems with them in the beginning. It seemed if I had a problem I would call and they would fix it. I even worked for sprint for all of a about.....hmmmm 4 months and that's when my problem started. Any who fast forward to 2006 I believe. I decided to take advantage of the Sprint and Nextel merger and got a Nextel phone (when they were still technically separate but together)because I wanted the chirp feature. I didn't have to pay an ETF and I had my phone in a few days. Everything was fine until my phone started just randomly shutting off like it was a computer.

It got to the point where I would sit and watch it just shut off for no reason. I would say the problem was with the phone of course but I decided that I was done dealing with Nextel because the service I received when trying to call them just sucked. I wanted to go to a different carrier but I still didn't like the phones some of them had. There was a phone that I saw but Sprint was the carrier. So after much consideration I opted to go back to them. The biggest mistake ever!!

In November of 2007 I switched back to Sprint but was at first told I would have to pay an ETF. I asked why when I didn't have to before and was told because Sprint and Nextel is now combined but wasn't before but that keeping the phone on would be cheaper than cutting it off now because my contract was due to be expiring in June of 08. I told her I would think about it but decided to activate a new line anyway. The first weekend in December, I called Sprint to have them disconnect the first Nextel line I had and to keep on the one I just activated last month. I was aware of the ETF and didn't have a problem with it. I was assured the line would be disconnected. I then lost the phone but since it was SIM operated I reported it lost so that no one else could use the phone. I was assured the phone would be set so that no one could use it. I continued to call my Nextel number to make sure the phone was off and it was not.

After about 3 or 4 weeks, I called them back asking why it wasn't cut off. The customer service lady was nice and explained that they only suspended the service. She apologized and issued me a credit for the service charge and another credit for the inconvenience which totaled about 100 some odd dollars. Whatever she did in January of 08 cut the Nextel phone off and it no longer showed on my account on the January bill so I thought it was all taken care of. Well I get a bill in Feb of 08 where all of a sudden not only is the Nextel phone back on my account but they tried to charge me back charges from Jan until March of 08. Since I don't look at my bill regularly it took me a few weeks to realize what happened. I called and was needless to say upset about this because I assumed that after talking to the last girl everything was corrected. After countless times calling and speaking to 3 different people, I was assured the issue would be resolved and that the phone would be disconnected but I would have to pay the ETF.

I disputed that now seeing as though this was the 3rd time I had to call to get this line cut off and that I was not paying that fee 3 months after the fact. I was informed it would be taken care of. I was transferred to someone in the cancellations departments who tried to argue with me about paying that fee and me reporting my phone lost. She tried to say I only called to report it lost (in December) and that I did not call to request it be cancelled. She tried to be smart at the mouth but my mouth is smarter and I let her have it before she could even finish that stupid statement. She put me on hold and then came back with the "Oh I'm sorry I did check further and you are correct". So I told her again that I was not paying an ETF and she tried to dispute that saying that now my contract was not until November of 08. I told her that she is insane if she thinks that is true and that I will not be stuck with this phone until then. She then agreed to give me a credit for the charges for the cancelled line and was going to disconnect the service and issue me a credit of the ETF. I waited on hold for almost an hour until finally the line started ringing and just kept ringing. Needless to say she transferred me somewhere else and didn't do what she said.

I called back again around Easter and explained this same story over to two people. The first person seemed to be too consumed in his background conversation so he just put me on hold and transferred me somewhere else without letting me know. The second person was polite and said he would issue me a credit for the charge for the Nextel phone (that still wasn't off) again. Here it is April and after 4 months of calling sprint my Nextel phone is still not off. I complained that this was ridiculous and that all I asked was for them to cut that phone off and no one there seems to know what they are doing. I was transferred to this account manager whose job is to keep customers from going elsewhere. Needless to say she is in the wrong business. She tried to argue with me again that I only asked to get the phone suspended and not cancelled in December. I had to basically yell at her to let her know that I didn't fall out the womb yesterday and that I know the difference between suspended and cancel but suggested that she should ask the employees there if they knew because obviously they didn't.

She offered to credit me three months worth of service but that she would not waive the ETF for that Nextel phone. I told her that for the last time I would not be paying that fee. In turn she only credited me for 2 months (because they issue me a credit in March) and the phone is now off this time. I am upset because this could have been resolved in December but instead it has taken this long to get something done. I still don't believe this is the end all be all of this mess but one thing is for sure, I am now canceling both lines of service and I will not pay the ETF on either one. I've already contacted Cingular and I will gladly pay for a new phone that is the same as my phone that I just got 5 months ago to get away from Sprint once and for all!

I never thought I would find so much stuff just by typing in the word "Sprint Sucks" into yahoo. This company does suck and if they keep it up will be out of business!
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Terrible Customer Service and Billing
Posted by on
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I am writing as a very, very disgruntled customer of Sprint. I had been a customer of Sprint for years until about 3 years ago when I switched to Nextel(which had just merged with sprint so it was basically the same company) only because they had a phone that I wanted. I've always had some ups and downs with the company but I've normally been able to get things resolved in a timely manner until recently. I was having a lot of issues with the phone I had which was the Nextel i870 and had called sometime in November 2007 to ask when my contract would expire because I was thinking about looking at some other companies. I was told by the customer service representative that it would end in February 2008 so I figured I could wait until then so I wouldn't have to pay the early termination fee. After experiencing several more problems with the phone and not being able to use it most of the time, I went into the Sprint store in Annapolis, MD to get the exact date of the expiration of the contract because at that point I really didn't have a reliable phone to use. The customer service representative looked it up and said it wasn't until July 2008. I told her that was incorrect and just left the store. I got into my car and called the Sprint Customer Care number and pressed the option for contract expiration/terminate service. A customer service representative answered and questioned why I wanted to leave the company and if there was anything she could do to keep my business with them. I explained to her that I had the Nextel phone which no longer worked right so I had to get a new phone whether it was with them or if I had to go to another company and that I was not paying the early termination fee or paying the outragous prices of a new phone with them for not being a new customer. She told me if I stayed she would let me get a new phone at the new customer price. So, I decided to switch back to a sprint phone that I saw in the store and liked. The original cost of the phone was $399 but the new customer special they were running was for $99. I was put on hold while she connected a financial representative on the phone with us so I could pay off the remaining balance for the Nextel account which was $104.28 and then we started the process for the new phone which the cost was just added onto my sprint account. This all took place on Friday, January 11, 2008. I received and activated the new phone which was a Palm Centro on Tuesday January 15, 2008. On the morning of January 16th, when I went to make a call I was played a message that said I needed to contact customer care; the service had been interrupted. I called to see what the problem was and was told that I had exceeded my spending limit and had to pay $75.28 to bring it under. I just figured it had something to do with them adding the new phone on the account so I didn't really question it and just paid the money while I was on the phone with them; the service was restored. On January 18, 2008 I went into the Sprint store in Annapolis, MD to add another line onto my existing account. I bought the phone(palm centro) and activated it while I was in the store...this is where all the issues begin! I told the representative I wanted to transfer the phone number I alredy had to this new phone. I had a Virgin Mobile pre-pay phone which is also an affiliate of Sprint. I had already called Virgin Mobile's customer service to ask if this could be done and they said yes. The representative at the sprint store wasn't too clear on how to do it so he called customer care and was walked through the process. I bought a couple accessories and prepared to leave the store but before I left out I tried to make a call and the phone wouldn't work. I then asked another representative in the store what the problem was and she said that it can take a couple hours sometimes for the phone to get fully activated and up to 4 hrs for all the services on the phone to work properly. I didn't see a problem with that because when I activated the other one I was told the same thing. I spent about 1-1/2 hrs at the store that night. After two hours had passed the phone was still not working; this would be my firt of MANY, MANY LONG calls to sprint customer service for this particular line. I spent about 3 hrs on the phone with customer service that night trying to get the phone working. Apparently there was a problem with transferring the number so they gave me a temporary number to use in the meantime. I was told that because of all of my trouble for the night the first month of service would be waived for that line. I called the next day to find out the status of the number transfer and was given the run-around. This went on for several days until I finally said just cancel the transfer request and I would just keep the temporary number they had given me. After going through all this I called to make sure they had noted the account about the waived first month bill and to no surprise there was nothing. I went back forth about this until I finally reached someone who just gave me a $60 credit on the bill. Not only had there never been a notation about that but the whole entire service plan was wrong as well. So, she fixed all of that and I asked for some type of confirmation for my records and she sent me an email stating everything. A couple days later I go to check my balance this time on my phone and I see $399. I called to ask what was going on and the service rep said that it was a credit. Now I have no idea of where this credit came from. I figured that was for them to deal with so I left it alone. About 2 weeks later my phone is turned off again this is the 2nd time. I call to find out why and I'm told because the phone has gone past the spending limit but they don't know why because there's a credit on the account. I'm then told I have pending charges on the phone that totaled almost $800...stating something about charges for a lost phone and equipment as well as other charges. To kind of sum this all up, as of today, which is February 17th, I'm still battling over this. During this time I have spent numerous hours on the phone and even in the store trying to get this resolved. My phone line as being turned off 5 times and the other line once. That's 6 times we've had service interruption in ONE MONTH! Just to really give you another example of all the headache and drama I've had; just today which again is Feb. 17th in between talking to the service rep on the phone trying to once again figure out what the problem is I've been online monitoring my account and it has gone from me owing $377.47 to $227.47 to $77.47 and the last time I checked it it said that Sprint now owes me $22.53. I also received another confirmation email from sprint saying they have credited my account $400 which would have been the cost of the lost phone/equipment that should have never been there. Yet, I have also once again received a text message on my phone saying I'm approaching my spending limit and need to make a payment, so I'm guessing tomorrow my service will be interrupted again! Now does this make any since??? All I want to be able to do is use my phone like any other normal person and pay my monthly bill without any hassle. After all this it would have been worth just paying the early termination fee and being rid of sprint!
Resolution Update 02/25/2008:
I am assuming the issue is now resolved. They have credited the account back the $400 that they charged for the supposedly lost phone which left the account with a slight credit. Hopefully this will take care of everything and I won't have any future issues with this account. I will be holding on to all of my emails that I have received from them as well as all the copies(changes)of my bill.
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User Replies:
AlwaysRight on 11/20/2008:
all I can say is you made this issue hard on your self
use sprint.com
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Nightmare - the Worst by Far in Customer Service & Billing - Why This Is Not Considered Theft I Do Not Know?
Posted by on
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I made the unfortunate mistake of doing business with this provider. Who knows you might be the customer they keep telling me about .......that are so happy with their services?! I am obviously not one of them!

And according to them, I am all alone out here! So odds are that this will not happen to you! The Phone is awesome I loved it! It’s just I believe the provider cannot seem to get off the,... proverbial "smoking" pipe.

Just a bit of my documented, logged experience.

You happily decide this provider will be the best and least expensive provider for your needs. You order phones, a plan and pay for it on the spot. The only thing left is that you pay your monthly bill. They give you a receipt for payment in full charged to your bank account. But what actually happens is that they record an undercharge your bank account in their books (by their own mis-billing) then bill you again for the same exact amount their own receipt shows you paid. As if it never happened! When you protest? They shut your phone off for non-payment a few days after you get the phone.

When you contact them to find out what in the world is going on - be prepared to possibly be transferred many times, and at least a few times during those transfers you should be aware your call might get dropped because ironically, they have phone troubles. At least that was what they told me. And you might not have to worry about getting actual names, unless you are logging information, because there is no way to speak with the same person twice! You might be given different numbers to different locations I accumulated about 10. You might be spoken very rudely too, condescending and argumentative. To be fair you might be spoken nicely too and told, "I just have to work here to pay my bills, I have no clue why they do what they do here. What a mess - I am so sorry for this." But this was a rare occurrence for my experience. Be prepared to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours following along with this song and dance each time you call. I have logged 6 hours with three telephone sessions. I will call them sessions because I had to make numerous telephone recalls due to their hang-ups, or inability to transfer me. I would say it is an average of 12 transfers per session. Remember a session was an average of 1 1/2 or 2 hours of my time. You might be promised a call back when they realize it is THEIR billing error, but you might never get that call. That happened to me twice. And of course you might have to call them back to see where they are at in figuring out their mess - only to find there are “no notes” on the account and have to start the whole rigorous process again….

Oh, and don't expect to get any real answers, I did not get anywhere for three months but a bonus to this you get to hear a lot of music, --sometimes. I would suggest if this does happen to you that you might just record your problem on audio and just replay it so as to not loose your voice in this ritual. Because of course, you have to tell your story over and over and over again. Oh, if this does happen? Keep the numbers on memory speed dial, so you don't develop carpal tunnel syndrome or something.

Also, don't even think about telling them a general statement to hurry matters along when they ask if they can help you, and you have already been told numerous times that their department cannot - like:

“I paid, you gave me a receipt, yet you are billing me for this again and turned my phones off because of it, and the last CSR said your department cannot help me it is in collections now, and collections says it is a Customer Service issue they cannot help me either, So whom can I speak with that CAN help?”.

Because it won't work, you might have to go through your whole story thoroughly in detail with all specifics each time because no one seems to be able to tell if they can handle your call until you do. And for goodness sakes don't let them know you are becoming frustrated, that is the best way to get hung up on! You have to be dripping sweet and nice and hand-hold them all the way though the whole grueling experience. Don’t you dare get angry or upset at this treatment for they might think you to be difficult and it does get worse, even when you think it cannot! And whatever you do, don't dare to speak with a manager, at best you will get a supervisors voice mail, that automatically hangs up on you! They seem to like "control", Yeah, control by confusion... I tell you, when you have to call them - plan to brown bag it! Your time means nothing to them.

And don't think for one minute that they do not have a history of all these phone calls, transfers, dropped calls etc....and the time you have invested in figuring out their problems -they do. Knowing full well this drama of an ordeal you have been through! One CSR took a look at the record of the count of times in three months I tried to contact them on my account, apparently it logs each time your account is accessed by their system, either a rep or automated. After a second of dead silence, his response was "Oh my God!" After many apologies, and sending me to the Mis-billings Department (imagine that?) He had no clue why this did not happen sooner? He said "They should have sent you there in the beginning!" Three months of this! (I would have assumed his guess, as an employee would be better than mine? Scary right?) I thought for sure this is one employee of the company that knows how to do their job. A literal oasis in the desert of elevator music, dead silence, or dial tone for that matter.......

But NO.....when they transfer you to the right people, the Mis-billings department, (which truly amazes me that they have such a department?? What is that?...? like a self admission that they are incapable? So I guess that I must assume their internal errors are acceptable in their eyes. Just how do you set up a mis-billing department and why? I mean I can see the planning meeting there now....."Hmmm.. Well we will have customer service, collections, and for all the screw-ups we will need a whole department to handle those issues what do you think? We will call it Mis-Billings Department - Good Grief! )

They tell you even though it was their billing error, you will still have to pay the monthly fees, and late fees and uphold your contract for two years or pay to get out of it. Because you refused to pay the amount in duplicate from the beginning as they requested ----while they figured out the problem was theirs in the first place. So if it was their fault, they can pay you back on their own time...On your dime, with no interest! Clever eh? Even though you have a genuine receipt from them that you already did so.

Now, that total is at the tune of additional $598 after already giving them $290 (receipt) to start this service, to have it for less than a month?

Fat chance they will get another penny from me at this point.

Meanwhile, by then the collection department of the provider keeps calling you while you are still working with the Mis-billings department then you should expect during this same time that they might turn you over to a collection agency (within 60 days) that might try to tell you (taped) that they can call you as many times a day, week, month, etc... until you (as a deadbeat person whom does not pay your bills) pay them the total amount you owe them. They don’t care either if the providers collection department is calling or if you are still negotiating with the mis-billlings department. According to them -They are immune to the THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT. They can do whatever they want to collect a debt. Oh and if they call you twice a day or more and speak with you...they can blame it on a auto dialer..

And you should fully expect all of this to happen within a three month time frame.

Meanwhile I keep trying to pass them my reality pipe, it seems they don't want it - I believe they want to hold on to whatever they are already smoking. But of course when you live in untouchable land.....why change?

The attorney advised me to take them to small claims, turn them in to the States Attorney General or pay them off to leave me alone. The last time someone contacted the AG regarding this provider they apparently had been popped for "padding their revenues" by class action. Over billing their customers and taking a marked amount of time to pay them back. Apparently numerous complaints but for some reason they continue to operate and grow larger. You could have course investigate these allegations via the net. Must be a sign of the future for our children. I find enamoring this thought to be quite sad. He said that he would have to charge me an hourly rate at the tune of $200 an hour! It would get quite expensive and not worth it - based on his experience with the hours of "elevator-music-dancing" he himself has had with them…he suggested another service…. I have obliged! I don't need this headache!

If I billed them for my time, I believe they would owe me? Hmm... Nonetheless, I am tired, and I simply do not have the time of day to sit around for hours haggling over something so blatantly obvious so....

But wait, theres more….I also have the unfortunate experience of having Sprint as a local service. We just won't even go into the 3 year drama there….you can only imagine…..

But I should have known this would happen, the first bill included a fee for someone to come out and run a line to my home, that did not happen. When I called, they admitted this was an error, but that I should pay it, because it could take three months to reflect on my account, and meanwhile if I don't I could be disconnected for a past due balance...

There is simply no logic, or integrity nowadays.
I am truly scared for my childrens future in this world – Big Business is getting away with way too much, too much control over our lives.

If anyone decides to gather together on this type of deal…..let me know!
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User Replies:
AZJEM on 02/25/2005:
O' my God. I called my sister to see if this was her, because she just recently told me just about the same thing that happened to her. I was not sure what to say to help her but was going to check this site for any help. I am so sorry for your delema and hope someone gives you some advice and hopefully I can use also. PROPS on your maintaining your patience. You got it right when you said if you lose it, you'll lose any help. So true. Good Luck
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Use ANY cellular service - besides sprint
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DENVER, COLORADO -- Sprint's reputation is quickly and pathetically drowning in complaints and word is out on the street to avoid them like the plague unless you just HAVE to use them. Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what you have signed up and pay good, hard earned money for and EXACTLY what Sprint promises to reliably deliver - get used to it until someone either buys them out or they go completely under. As of right now, I'm on my third or fourth Sprint joy toy - I've lost count in the excitement - and words can not describe to you the anger, frustration and humiliation that this company has delivered to not only myself but to MANY other fellow Sprint "customers" that I am acquainted with. This greedy conglomerate has apparently lost focus on what the words CUSTOMER and SERVICE mean and will seemingly do anything they legally / illegally can to get you off of the phone, transferred to a vacant phone in another department, humiliate you, patronize you, treat you like an idiot, give you a canned, scripted, driveling response while simultaneously doing their utmost best to give you the run around or just simply hang up on you. Not to be outdone is the "service" they offer. Dropped calls, missed calls, dropped GPS signals, duplicate SMS transmissions, lost SMS messages, bug-laden phone software, phone lockups, the single-most pathetic data transfer rates ever encountered from a "cellular-data-provider", spotty coverage, minimal signal strength (no matter WHERE you are) and last but not least is their most appreciated and famous characteristic - their "WE JUST DON'T CARE" attitude.

WHEN you experience your issues with them - and YOU WILL - best of luck to you getting anything more than "dead-air" or scripted patronization for a response. I've lost count on how many times, I've emailed them, called them, etc. - all to no avail. They actively REFUSE to do anything but patronize me and everyone else I've shared similar experiences with - therefore I've determined to warn as many people as I can about them and hopefully one day before they go under, they'll realize they can not just dump on and treat people like trash.
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 10/15/2012:
So, what exactly happened? I have Sprint in Pennsylvania, and I haven't had any issues for as long as I've had it.
Misti on 06/04/2013:
I live in Denver and have had no problems with dropped calls on the Sprint network. I don't have a smart phone, so maybe that's why I haven't had any problems with their service. I've been with Sprint for several years and have been pretty happy with them. The plan I have is affordable and meets my needs, but I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to technology!
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Run Away from Sprint!
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Keep in mind that I have a corporate account with every option they offer. I had a faulty phone (Instinct) so they offered to mail me a new Instinct. That phone had the same problems. So, after 3 days of missed work and countless hours talking to countless people on the phone and in the store; I was told that I could either take another new, but same version, Instinct-which the techs and managers at the store told me would likely be faulty-or, I could take an Lg Rumor from 2007! This is the kind of service their corporate people receive. So, avoid this company like the plague. God help those who sign a contract with Sprint!
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User Replies:
bcd on 01/09/2011:
What were the problems with the two Instincts? Why did you miss three days of work?
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Sprint Telemarketers
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I give up you win. I will quit being a customer the day after April 23, 2008. I went to Atlanta yesterday and I missed 5 calls from people contacting me, but I guarantee a Sprint telemarketer got through today. Using my minutes as usual. My husband is in California, as his father died. I am getting calls from family members so I answered the call from the telemarketer. (BIG MISTAKE). I talked to Tamara from Sprint and she gave me the same I don't know answers. So I talked to Courtney (a supervisor) who made me give my name and password which I already had given to Tamara. I said I already did that. His answer "To verify who you are? "DUH! Then he gives me the same spill about the National Do Not Call List and I give him the same I am already on it and have been for years. Then he proceeds to tell me there is nothing he can do. Why have I been told by the other supervisors they would put a block on my phone. Same answer, no results, same answer, no results, same answer, no results. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he acted like he was the floor whatever. So I didn't get to talk to anyone else.


Dear Pat,
Thank you for your reply.
I regret to inform you that all the do not call list take at least three months to be effective. I have also blocked the account again from receiving calls from the TeleSales. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day.
Ronald L E-Care Sprint

Original Message Follows:
Which do not call list takes 3 months to work?
----- Original Message -----
From: "Sprint Customer Solutions"
To: "Pat Sheldon"
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 3:15 AM
Subject: Re: ID# 20070719132607 (KMM36837134I123L0KM)
Dear Pat,
Thank you for your reply.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that has been caused to you. I have added the First Incoming Minutes Free on the account to compensate the inconvenience caused. I would like tom mention that it takes at least 3 months for the do not call list to take effect. Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day.
Ronald L E-Care Sprint
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
I am on the do not call list. It does not apply if you are a customer of a company.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Sprint Customer Solutions"
> To: "Pat Sheldon"
> Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 12:14 AM
> Subject: Re: ID# 20070719132607 (KMM36831001I123L0KM)
Dear Pat,
Thank you for your reply. I will be happy to assist you regarding the unwanted calls . I apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing due to the unwanted
calls . I can easily understand that it can be very discomforting. I will definitely resolve the issue to your satisfaction. However, I have registered on your behalf to add your phone number to National Do Not Call List. You will receive an email from Register@donotcall.gov . To complete your registration, you must open the email and click on the link provided.
Important: If you do not click on the link in the email within 72 hours, your phone number will not be registered. The email that I have submitted is psangels1@cox.net .
I understand that nothing can compensate the valuable time you have spent and the experienced you had with us. However, as a courtesy gesture, I have applied 100 courtesy. Anytime Minutes to your account effective
October 25, 2006.
Your satisfaction as a Sprint subscriber is important to us. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please reply to this email.
Thank you for contacting us, and we look forward to serving you.
Ronald L
>> Original Message Follows:
>> ------------------------
>> Aug 14, 2007
>> Well today it happened again. I got a call from 866-888-5233 and I went on the internet to find out it was Sprint again. Are you trying to deliberately drive customers away. I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE CALLS FROM SPRINT. I am down in my back and went to get the telephone thinking it was my 82 year old mother trying to get me. This is literally harassment. I want it stopped now.
>> Pat Sheldon
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Sprint Customer Solutions"
>> To: "Pat Sheldon"
>> Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 11:59 PM
>> Subject: Re: ID# 20070719132607 (KMM35710850I123L0KM)
Dear Pat,
Thank you for your reply. I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences that have been caused to you due to the calls received from telemarketing. I can understand the frustration you have been experiencing. I have blocked the account from receiving calls and text messages as of
July 21, 2007. Please be assured that you will not receive calls and text messages from telemarketing in future again. Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day.
Ronald L
"Where our customers come first!"
Original Message Follows:
I just found out it is Sprint calling me. I do not want any
solicitations from them. Why are you not aware of this problem? It is all over the internet. I called Sprint today and they said I would no longer receive these calls. I told (Jean-from Sprint) I was aware from others on the
internet they just start calling from another number. I told her I was on a do not call list, and she told me this doesn't apply to customers. I consider it harassment, and she assured me it wasn't. I consider it harassment as I am the one receiving the calls. She assured me it wouldn't
happen again. Why do you have a totally different response?

>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> From: "Sprint Customer Solutions"
>>> To: "Pat Sheldon"
>>> Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 5:20 PM
>>> Subject: Re: ID# 20070719132607 (KMM35703372I123L0KM)

Dear Pat,
Thank you for contacting Sprint. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that have been caused to you due to unwanted calls. I can understand the frustration you have been experiencing. Call Blocking is a feature offered by various manufacturers and it prevents dialing or receiving calls from specific numbers. According to our records, you have the Vision-enabled PCS Phone by Samsung A660. I am sorry; this phone model isn't set up with the ability to restrict certain calls. This is a phone specific function and varies from model to model. I once again apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day.
Ronald L
Original Message Follows:

Customer Name: Pat Sheldon
Sprint PCS Phone Number: 4783352565
Account Number: 0142191421
Form: Ask A Question-Manage
Topic: Other
Question: Two days in a row I get a call from 866-463-3021, how do I block this caller. I do not want any incoming calls of people I do not know. =================================================
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User Replies:
One-Eyed Willie on 11/07/2007:
I didn't want to read the novel of pasted emails, but why don't you file a complain at www.donotcall.gov if you are on the list? The complaint link is on the left of the page. It tells you what you need.
CrazyRedHead on 11/08/2007:
The donotcall call list doesn't apply if you already have an established business relationship.
Anonymous on 11/08/2007:
Red is right, you will not be blocked from telemarketing if you are already s Sprint customer.
One-Eyed Willie on 11/08/2007:
That's true Red, happened to me with AT&T and Citibank. At least Citibank finally honored my request not to be called.
LegalCollector on 11/08/2007:
Sprints csr's are damn annoying, I agree. But I've dropped like one call over the last year and the quality is pretty hi (from my personal experience) so I remain with em.
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Sprint Wireless Svcs taking unauthorized charges out of my bank account.
Posted by on
This is the complaint that I posted on ripoffreport.com:

I discovered unauthorized charges on my bank account on October 20, 2006, all coming from Sprint Wireless Services. At that point, I closed down my debit card and told them to put a flag on the account so that no further charges were to come through from Sprint Wireless Services. I then called the 800# associated with the transactions and found out that it was the Nextel portion of Sprint.

I don't have a Nextel account. I do however, have a Sprint account, but when I make my phone payments, the transaction says Sprint Customer Care, not Sprint Wireless Services. Once I notified the fraud department of my bank (HSBC), I asked if I go further back in my bank account and discover more charges, will I be able to add to the claim.

I was told yes, I can add up to 90 days from the date of the claim, and they can enter that over the phone. Anything going further back than 90, I would have to write a letter to Corporate Security listing all the fraudulent charges, and the dates on which they occurred.

As I went further back into my account, I noticed that there were multiple charges each month from Sprint Wireless Services, and all for different amounts. I called the fraud department back and added to the claim. I also asked again if I was to write that letter to corporate security and I was told to do so, and that I should do it as soon as possible, for they only have a certain amount of time to investigate.

I was told that an affidavit of the fraudulent charges would be mailed to me, and I have to sign it and either fax it back or mail it in to the address provided. I received the affidavit, signed it and faxed it back. I then wrote the letter to corporate security. HSBC fraud department said that once they receive my affidavit, and investigation would begin, and I would be notified of exactly what is going on with my debit card.

In the meantime, I called the 800# at Sprint to find out why they were taking these charges out of my bank account. Since it is the Nextel portion and I don't have a Nextel account, they had no way of looking up any information and they transferred me to Sprint since I have an account with them. Sprint also could not find anything because these charges are not stemming from my phone account. I was then told that I had to dispute these charges with my bank and there was nothing else they could do.

About a week later, I received a credit of a little over a thousand dollars for the fraudulent claims. I was happy with that, thinking that I would get the rest that stem from January, at a later date. On December 2, I get a letter from HSBC Corporate Security, saying that they will be reversing the credit they had given me on 12/05/06. The letter also stated that I would receive a credit for $300. I didn't know why they would be reversing the credit, so I had to wait until Monday, 12/04/06 to call the department.

I spoke with Yvonne Jenkins at Corporate Sec. who was handling my claim. She said since I waited beyond the 120 days from the date of discovery, they can only refund me the first three statements worth of charges, starting with the date of the first fraudulent charge, which was January 17, 2006. There was no fraudulent activity in February or March, so I only got back January's transactions which totaled $300.08, and they reversed the one thousand dollars out of my account, making it go almost $500 in the negative.

I told Yvonne that I received an entirely different story from the fraud department. I let her know that two different people had said that all I had to do was write a letter for the earlier charges and I would get that back as well. She apologized for me being misinformed, but there was nothing else she could do. I asked her what would happen if something else tries to be debited tomorrow, she said again, there was nothing she could do. I would have to go take this up with Sprint. I had two more charges in November on my new card, but MasterCard fraud department has helped me with those.

I spoke to an investigator at HSBC, because my understanding was that this matter was to be investigated. She gave me the same story Yvonne gave me, about how it's past the 120 days. I let her know that I made a claim in October for charges that occurred in Septmeber(well within 120 days - these charges were current, but for some odd reason, they can only start from the date of discovery which was January).

I told her that Sprint is unwilling to help me, so I'm stuck and I don't know who I can go to next. She then offered to call the 800# from Nextel with me. We finally got in touch with a live person at Nextel fraud department, and that representative told me to file a police report. She said they were unable to do anything until they receive the papers from the police dept. and then the investigation would begin.

I took the day off (12/7) to go back to HSBC, and try some of the tactics that I read on ripoffreport.com to try to get my money back. I told the customer service rep that according to federal regulation E, I was entitled to my money back, no matter how long ago this occurred. I told her that I would have to either pursue legal action, or take this to the media. There was nothing she could do. I got Yvonne to fax over papers stating all the fraudulent charges so that I can have evidence for my police report.

I filled out an affidavit of fraudulent activity at the bank, had it notarized and went back to the police station. I spoke with an officer who said that they can not file a police report because they do not have any proof of anything criminal. It's just my word saying it's not my account. If they had something from Sprint saying this account is not mine, however I've been charged for it, then they could process a police report. Other than that, I'm stuck again.

I was trying to get the name of the bank that is processing these payments for Sprint. Neither Sprint nor HSBC has that information. I was going to use that tactic to call that bank and let them know they are participating in illegal activity. However, I can not get the name. All I know is that it says Sprint Wireless Services, 800-639-6111 CO.

Sprint even tried taking $105 out of my account on 12/6, but they were trying to use the canceled card and it wouldn't go through. They made two attempts to take the money that day. The bad part is that they are still attempting to take money from me to pay for an account I do not have! It's not a double billing for my phone account, these are all different amounts each month (Ex. $60, $30, $294, $80 - all in one month).

As soon as I post this, I will be contacting the Attorney General's office. Something needs to be done. This is about $2000 of my money that Sprint Wireless Services has stolen from me and my bank will not investigate. I hope no one else has to go through this because this is a nightmare in more ways than one. If anyone out there has any advice as to how I can get my money back, please post a response. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/20/2006:
Nice job balancing that checking statement every month!
HaroldSays on 12/20/2006:
Contact the FCC Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau at 445 12th Street SW, Washington DC 20554. You can call them toll free at 1-888-225-5322. Also, you might want to contact the Public Utility Commission in your state along with the attorney general. I am not sure what state you are from. Are you calling the cell phone companies expedited claims division at their headquarters for Nextel at 703-433-4000 or 800-639-6111 or for Sprint at 888-211-4727. If I can help you e-mail me and let me know and I will be delighted to try to assist you as well to get this matter resolved. Best of luck to you! Harold
Naly on 04/11/2008:
I'm so glad you posted this!!! Really! I checked my account today and sprint wireless svcs charged $1.00 three times towards my MasterCard account! This has never happened before. I know it may not seem like a lot of money, but crap it sucks balls! This is so wrong... what should I do? Should I contact my bank or call a few of the numbers "haroldsays" left for you? Please get back to me.
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Shady sales tactics horrible customer service.
Posted by on
I'll quickly summarize before I get into more detail.

I've been with Sprint for about 6 years. For the most part I was content with the telephone service and pricing. I hardly ever upgrade my phone, changed my plan, or used my rebates so it was rare that I called in for anything other than making a payment. Although when I switched work and required some upgrades I was not pleased. I have had nothing short of a nightmare dealing with Sprint. I wouldn't say it's necessarily their CSR's but more like the policies upper management has set up. I think many CSR's are doing what they can but I personally think that Sprint has some very shady sales tactics and billing policies. I feel the way they handle things like service changes, billing, and especially contract renewal is very sloppy and downright deceitful.

Back in June I was looking at some new phones at a local Radio Shack and perhaps maybe even switching carriers. I had an idea that my contract may be ending soon so this would be an ideal time. I contemplated switching over with Cingular while I was browsing the store. But first I thought I'd call Sprint and see what they might offer a loyal customer since 2001.

The first person I talked to was a fist level CSR. I asked if I had any rebate offers for a phone upgrade. I was told 2 of the 3 lines were eligible for a $75 upgrade rebate. I explained that I could get at least 1 new $200+ phone free right now at the store if I just signed up with Cingular or Verizon. I asked when my contract was up and we both realized I was out of contract for some time now (no ETF if I canceled). She promptly said "let me transfer you to someone who can better assist you".

So I reiterate what I just explained to the rep. earlier. The seems very friendly but starts sounding like a used car salesman. He starts telling me how he would "love to make my day wonderful" and give me a bunch of discounts if I stay with Sprint. He asked me what phone I had in mind. I told him I might be intersted in something like the Samsung model I saw at the store.

So after some small talk and lots of holding he says he can get me two of those phones - for free. Great! Then he goes on and begins pushing (offering really) all these cool services like Vision, Pic mail, Unlimited SMS, N&W @7PM, Roadside Assist., 10% off, etc. My interest is slightly peaked but I'm not really all that interested with that stuff. I was happy with just the phones. My primary concerned was the bill going up. So at first I said I'll pass. Although he really keeps insisting. I kept expressing how I didn't want my MRC ($100+taxes) to change at all. So I let him know (again) I'm only intersted in add. services if they won't affect my current MRC (basically free). He's like "I would love to make your day" ...and since you've been such a loyal customer I will gladly offer them to you at no additional charge. So he promises all the above mentioned services for FREE! So of coarse now I'm interested. Again, insisting ONLY if my bill would "never exceed the current $100/month". He promised multiple times that it would absolutely not. So I agreed to it all and signed up for a 2 year contract. I left the store feeling great, thinking I got a great plan and two new phones.

The next week I get the new phones. Cool. Then the next month I get the invoice and I start feeling a bit less wonderful. The bill is for about $200. I go online to check it out and see this big list of charges. $15 here for this, $10 here for this, $5 here, $4 for that...etc. I call CS and question why there are no credits or discounts for these? They said there is nothing they can do about the charges and basically I was insane thinking these services would be free. Every time I spoke to them I was calm and consices but I kept being treated like I was some kind of liar. When I asked to speak to a super visor I would get things like "she's at lunch, call back in an hour or so", "there is nothing they can do for you that I can't" and once a straight up "no". I was getting pretty upset.

During one of that later calls I told them they can have their phones back and would love to wash my hands clean of Sprint for good, no matter what the costs.

Three hours later I finally get retentions again. I now started to get apologizes and sweet talked...into renegotiating another deal to stay with Sprint... I said, we’ll see... (being threatened with a possible $600 ETF). So I get out the micro recorder and notify them I am recording all conversations and he rep said "that's fine". I get offered back my original 2000min shared on three lines for $100/m. On top of that we agreed for Vision, Pics, N&W @ 7pm, and 500 SMS, on all lines a no extra charge. I said I would not hang up and agree to anything unless I got something in writing. We go back and forth about this and I keep getting "we're not allowed to do that" (any written confirmations - no letters, no taxes, no emails, nothing). So to make a long story a little sorter, three hours later I finally got them to send me an email from the rep confirming the Vision, Pics, N&W @ 7pm, and 500 SMS, free for the life of the agreement. So I saved the email, printed out a fee copies, verified that they understood and agreed that the conversation was taped, finally said thank you and hung up (after the latest 2.5 hour conversation).

The next month and the bill was off - again. Another lengthy phone call (once again taped) and I was told that the adjustments have been made. Almost. It takes 2 cycles later to get an invoice that was in range (~$100+taxes) . My bill finally seems correct (for now). I will be making sure to watch it more closey from now until the end of my contract.

I find it disturbing that an established enterprise as large as Sprint is practicing sales techniques and customer service akin to that of a sleazy car dealership. There seems to be a huge disconnect between departments that deal with customers. Although, I have noticed the one thing they seem to agree on is the ideal of denial and to never admit or commit. When these two years are up I will absolutely make my best efforts to avoid Sprint for any services ever again. I can only pray that this recent lucky streak holds.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/01/2006:
I've had sprint for a number of years, and believe their customer service isn't what it should be - trust me.
tander on 11/02/2006:
oh no, did I make a mistake switching over to Sprint?
GWbiker on 11/02/2006:
It appears that your problems began at Radio Shack, where you contacted a Sprint first level CSR. Since you were now out of your contract, you should have spoken to a RETENTION rep and NO ONE else!! Sprint retention will give you the best deal in order to keep a customer. I have been with Sprint PCS for over seven years and I find regular CSR's to be a bunch of idiots.
ppgt94 on 11/02/2006:
GWbiker. When I was at Radio Shack I actually called Sprint myself. I didn't have any worker there speak on my behalf or anything. Once they pulled up my number I was transferred to Business Accounts (since that what we have) actually. Then promptly transferred to Retentions when I was offered that false deal. So it actually was retentions that lied and screwed up my account believe it or not.
techguru on 11/21/2006:
It seems like everyone who deals with Sprint CS has the same experience to a "T". Sprint SUCKS!!! I also have been with them over 6 years and they have gotten to be so ridiculous with customer service. I think it has all begun after the Sprint/Nextel merger completed, because after that time, service became really really bad and I don't even get reception sometimes where I used to for years. After running into problems and wanting a data phone (blackberry or Windows mobile unit), I had to upgrade to a business plan and when I had problems with the unit under warranty I had to spend 2 hours on the phone getting a different 888, 800, or 866, or just get blatantly disconnected, or the supervisor is unavailable. And nothing got fixed or resolved by the reps. Beware of them, once they have your money, they don't care because you'll get charged a disconnection fee from their 20 year contract they made you agree to.
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False billing; unethical, predatory sales practices
Posted on
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Millions of us have cellular phones, and many people opt not to even have house phones as our lives are more and more dependent on cellular service. There are only few main service providers, but little is known about some of the unethical practices they use in conducting their business. Unfortunately, I had a first hand opportunity to experience that with Sprint PCS.

I have been a Sprint customer for five or more years and most of this time coverage in the Greater Boston area has been quite mediocre. Lost calls, busy network, delayed voice mail delivery. You name it. In addition, customer service was not any better: I was being sent from the phone customer service to local branches back and forth, and no one seemed to be able or cared enough to address my problems. Moreover, I was frequently misinformed and was given information that was not correct or true. I probably became lazy over time and did not bother looking for another company immediately. This was my mistake #1 – always actively monitor your service providers, and, if not happy, replace them without mercy.

After a while, I got fed up with Sprint’s coverage and its customer services issues and wrote a letter to the company’s COO, Len Lauer. To my surprise, I received a new phone at no charge in acknowledgement of my letter. I called to activate that phone and this is when my real problems began. The representative I spoke with also offered me a promotion, which I was not at first interested in. However, I am ashamed to admit, word free does have a magic effect on people like me.

The offer entailed my receiving two free phones with no obligation to activate and absolutely no cost to me. This was their way of saying “thank you for being their customer”. If I decided to give those two phones to my friends or family members, those individuals would establish service with Sprint and would be responsible for any charges. I was told in plain English that, if I decided to do nothing about the offer or even if “I threw those phones away”, I would not incur any liability. The representative never said a single word about returning the sets, even if I decided to do nothing about them.

When I received that promotion package from Sprint, I found 4 (!) instead of 2 phones. In addition, 4(!) phone lines were established in my name, which I was not informed about. I called their customer service about it (I was not obligated), and another representative mailed me a return envelope. I placed the 4 phones in the envelope and requested that they be picked up by UPS. I left the package at the door leading to my apartment building. I did not follow up to verify that they were received simply because I was told over the phone that I would not incur any charges and I was never told that I was obligated to return them. Conveniently, Sprint does not have a recording of my conversation. Neither does it have a signed or even verbal agreement. There is simply no legal precedent to demand any money from me. Perhaps, they should check with their legal counsel, which should be able to explain to them what constitutes an agreement or an obligation.
Sprint has sent to me a bill of almost $1,000 for four phones, two of which I did not request and was under no obligation to return any of the four, and for four new line, of which I was not informed and never used. This bill has since been reduced to just over $600, as the line activation fees were waived. I have been in communication with Sprint, including its COO, CEO, three members of the Board of Directors, and an executive / regulatory analyst. However, all of my efforts were unsuccessful. Sprint demands that the phones sets need to be returned, which conveniently neglects to address my claim that its representative provided me with false information, and now Sprint attempts to charge me in connection with that misinformation. The reason for doing this is simple – Sprint has no case and its bill is absolutely unfounded and illegal. This is why Sprint is helplessly sticking to demanding the phone sets. Otherwise, its case will fall apart.

I have learnt a few lessons from this situation, which caused me lots of stress and wasted a lot of my time. Lesson #1 – always manage your phone service provider actively and switch if unhappy at first opportunity. Lesson #2 – keep records each time you call your phone company with problems. It may take just a bit of your time but will save you a lot more should your issue get out of control. Record the purpose of your call, date and time, name of the representative you spoke with, and details and outcome of your conversation. Lesson #3 – if you feel that the issue is getting out of control, seek legal help and notify your state’s attorney general’s office, Better Business Bureau, and other regulators.

In the meantime, my saga with Sprint continues and only God knows when the situation will be resolved. I have contacted Kansas and Massachusetts Attorney General’s offices, both states’ Better Business Bureaus, and now reaching out to you my fellow readers in hopes that something like this does not happen to you. Unfortunately, Sprints of this world continue to stay in business, advertising how much they care about the customers. I suppose that not taking responsibility for its representatives’ actions, trying to collect money for what was supposed to be a free, no obligation offer, wasting its customer’s time, and making the customer’s life more stressful is part of being a customer-centric and ethical organization. Go Sprint!

I am now switching to Verizon, as many of my friends are with this company and are quite happy. I am certainly keeping my fingers cross that someone in Sprint’s senior management will wake up and sees it as an opportunity to fix its problems, before it is too late.

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