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Sending Me Unsolicited Coin With Bill
Posted by Chevere on 12/01/2012
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- I ordered a supposedly BU Morgan Silver Dollar from PCS Stamps and Coins several months ago. I finally received the coin which was sent in a plastic encapsulated coin holder with the designation of BU by a nondescript coin company. Two days ago, I received another UNSOLICITED Morgan Silver Dollar, also encapsulated, with a designation of BU-they also sent a bill of $90.00 for the coin which I never requested in the first place!! This company which advertises in many coin magazines fails to stipulate that any order from them will result in receiving additional coins without your knowledge.
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Posted by Amy on 2012-12-02:
All you need to do is return the second unsolicited coin and let them know you do not wish to keep or pay for the second coin and do not wish to have additional coins sent or billed.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-02:
Thanks for warning us.

Although the first reply states "all you have to do is return..." the unsuspecting customer shouldn't have to put up with guff like this.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-02:
If, in fact, PCS Stamps and Coins cannot show proof of any order, federal mail laws allow you to keep the shipment without paying.

I would start by calling them, nicely but professionally asking them for the proof of order. Either they will be able to show you made a mistake of initiating the order without realizing it, in which case you will need to request the process of returning it. If they cannot show proof, I'd send a certified letter disputing the charge and requesting they not contact you further. Based upon the Fair Debt Collections Act, they have to discontinue all communications with you.

Best of luck and let us know how things turn out.
Posted by dzlfax on 2013-06-18:
Indeed PCS cannot even show proof of delivery because they are so unproffesional, sleazy, and cheap that they send products Parcel Post! As the victim though, I think you really better send back using mail with a tracking number.

Somehow they take your order as permission to enroll you in a "book club" type deal, only you don't know it unless and until unsolicited product arrives.
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Sprint phone upgrade- activation service charge of $36.00
Posted by Intpbmz on 05/08/2006
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Sprint phone upgrade- service charge of $36.00

I have a Treo 600 with a current service contract and I was looking to upgrade my phone to a Samsung 6700. I first went to the local Sprint store and spoke with the customer service representative about the upgrade. The phone is $599.00 with a $150.00 instant rebate with activation. I was told that I would be charged a one time activation fee of $36.00 for the new phone. I've had numerous phones with Sprint and this is the first time I have ever had to pay an (ESN transfer fee)activation fee. What ticked me off is the fact that this so called billable service takes all of five minutes with a sprint customer service representative over the phone. I could tell that the customer service representative was not even interested in selling the phone and accessories. The customer service reps are solely interested in signing up new customers or ripping off existing customers by charging them for a false service. I have been with Sprint since 1998 and their network is excellent, but their service is extremely poor. I just want to post this out here to make others aware of the rip off practice. I was able to speak to a phone rep. who appeared to be outsource service overseas, nonetheless the activation fee has been waived, but now I am simply looking at changing to Verizon or TMobile. It almost seems you need to constantly change carriers to ensure they are not taking the CUSTOMER FOR GRANTED.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-05-08:
How can they charge you an activation fee when you already have an active account? I think there is a lack of communication here somewhere, someone didn't understand someone here.
Posted by tawanda on 2006-05-08:
I, too, have been in the market to upgrade my phone and renew my contract. I have two existing lines of service and my local Sprint PCS store demanded I pay the same $39.00 "activation fee". I walked out of the store without my new phones. I was already being asked to pay MORE for the phone as a customer of five years than someone walking in off the street to sign up for the first time would pay...
Posted by tawanda on 2006-05-08:
I have discovered that going to Sam's Club or Costco to establish a new line of service will get you a MUCH better deal on the phone, but I am no longer interested in selfish "network" phones for the $399.99 + pricetag they seek. I'm looking for "unlocked" PDA cell phones at a good price - then I will deal with finding a new carrier to match...
Posted by tawanda on 2006-05-08:
Incidentally - I cancelled my Voicestream (T-Mobile) account years ago after Voicestream started renting their phone lists to highly questionable people and companies. Although I kept my number private, I started getting spammed with pornographic text messages. The last one I received was advertising penile implants. My call to Voicestream was not a polite one.
Posted by shetango on 2006-05-09:
Well, this is one of those things, like every other thing in the service industry--you don't have to pay this fee. What you have to do to avoid it, is to b***h and generally make yourself a source of pain, and then you will get what you want. When I bought a used phone identical to the phone I had which had died (and for $7!!!!) on eBay and needed to activate it and change my # over, here's what I did: 1. I went into the store at a busy time. 2. I was advised of said "activation fee". 3. I complained that the only reason I needed to "activate," was because the freakin' phone that they required me to use, had died, and noooo, I didn't want to pay $200 and "upgrade" to the latest-greatest. 4. I refused to pay the fee. 5. I asked to speak to the manager. 6. I was directed to use the red "courtesy phone" to call Sprint Central/Whatever. 7. Which I did, and proceeded to have a phone conversation in a very loud voice--loud enough so that all the customers in the store could hear what I was saying. 8. I pointed out to them that I had spent thousands-thousands on my account with them and if they were going to nickel and dime me, I would walk. 9. I got the activation fee waived.

In short, I created a scene. Unfortunately, these people in the service industries KNOW their customer. They know that you do not want conflict and do not want to create a scene no matter what, and if they put enough hoops up for people to jump through, the customer will just turn into a sheep and acquiesce to being gouged. I'm not happy that I had to make a scene, but I wasn't going to pay no freakin' $39.00 fee just because some marketing PhD at Sprint was sitting around dreaming up new ways to rake in extra cash.

Just my .02
Posted by shetango on 2006-05-09:
Well, this is one of those things, like every other thing in the service industry--you don't have to pay this fee. What you have to do to avoid it, is to b***h and generally make yourself a source of pain, and then you will get what you want. When I bought a used phone identical to the phone I had which had died (and for $7!!!!) on eBay and needed to activate it and change my # over, here's what I did: 1. I went into the store at a busy time. 2. I was advised of said "activation fee". 3. I complained that the only reason I needed to "activate," was because the freakin' phone that they required me to use, had died, and noooo, I didn't want to pay $200 and "upgrade" to the latest-greatest. 4. I refused to pay the fee. 5. I asked to speak to the manager. 6. I was directed to use the red "courtesy phone" to call Sprint Central/Whatever. 7. Which I did, and proceeded to have a phone conversation in a very loud voice--loud enough so that all the customers in the store could hear what I was saying. 8. I pointed out to them that I had spent thousands-thousands on my account with them and if they were going to nickel and dime me, I would walk. 9. I got the activation fee waived.

In short, I created a scene. Unfortunately, these people in the service industries KNOW their customer. They know that you do not want conflict and do not want to create a scene no matter what, and if they put enough hoops up for people to jump through, the customer will just turn into a sheep and acquiesce to being gouged. I'm not happy that I had to make a scene, but I wasn't going to pay no freakin' $39.00 fee just because some marketing PhD at Sprint was sitting around dreaming up new ways to rake in extra cash.

Just my .02
Posted by Savaran on 2006-07-25:
The activation fee is for a new line. There is a upgrade fee for 20 bucks for a new phone on the line. When you call in and ask what these charges are. We will usually credit back to you. Don't ask for it or be rude and you will get it. This goes for anything with Customer Care. Never ask right out for a credit (diffently not a temp credit) and always seem nice and innocent. Remember also that we can see all the past credits issued. Avoid temp credits like the plaugue. They can screw up our account like you would never believe.
Posted by Mizz_Luv3r on 2007-04-15:
I just discovered a $36 phone upgrade activation fee or whatever on my bill. I've been with Sprint since 2003. I have to wait one hour to resolve this stupid fee. I didn't go through their upgrade plan nor did /I buy my new phone from Sprint. I was just putting a current number on a different phone. I'm so mad, and waiting this hour out is killing me! lol
Posted by Mizz_Luv3r on 2007-04-15:
I called and they took the fee off. Thank God that I didn't have to explode on the CS rep for them to get rid of it. The guy asked if I did get a new phone. I was like no, I've had this phone on the plan before. He saw that it wasn't even new and gave me my refund/adjustment...lol
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Customer Service
Posted by on 12/01/2001
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- December 1, 2001

Antonio Castanon
Senior Vice President
Customer Management

Today I got a notice from your collection department indicating I owed $48.31 and if I didn’t make payment arrangements my PCS service may be interrupted. At 12:23pm I called the number listed in the letter, 1-800-808-1336 and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Josh and explained the history of my “delinquency” to him.

On October 31st I made my monthly payment over the phone by check. I don’t check my account daily so I was quite surprised, and upset, to receive a phone call from the Sprint PCS collection department, at 8:53pm, requesting a payment for a delinquency. The lady calling did not indicate why I was delinquent, only that I was and should make arrangements for payment. At this point I had not:
1. Received notice from my bank regarding a payment not being honored.
2. Received notice from Sprint PCS about my payment not being honored.
3. Been told when the payment had returned by my bank.

I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor who told me the payment had been returned because either the bank routing number was wrong or the account number was wrong. This notice, he said, was given to Sprint PCS on November 13th. I asked that a letter be sent to me so I would have that “written” information for my records. I had not received by November 28th so I paid the $48.31 the bank had not honored.

I had even email “Customer Care” on November 17th explaining the situation. The response I got from Ravi S Re: ID # 20011118005524 said only, and this is a quote, “After reviewing your account, I found that the payment of $48.31 was returned on November 13,2001. You will be able to view this on your next invoice. For any further clarifications, please call 1-8008081336”.

After explaining all this to Josh I again asked for a letter explaining why the payment was returned. He even had the audacity to ask why I wanted the letter. I told him I wanted it for my records. His response was to the effect he didn’t know if he could write such a letter. Excuse me; a customer cannot receive a letter from Sprint PCS explaining the reason? Josh then put me on hold, I would imagine finding out how such a letter could be composed.

I was on hold when the signal on my cell phone faded and the connection with Josh was lost. I didn’t panic. Heck, Josh had my phone number. I had to give that to him, along with other ID, when I first called. I knew Josh would call back. As I stated at the beginning of this letter I called him at 12:23pm. More than 3 hours later that had been no call back.

I work for a bank, Mr. Castanon, dealing with many commercial customers across the country. If I EVER treated one of those customers with the same disregard Sprint PCS has treated me that customer would not only move his business to another bank. I would also be out of a job. Having worked for a bank yourself, you understand exactly what I mean.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

The courtesy of a response by mail.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Big Mo on 2006-07-12:
This is a serious issue!!
DO NOT CALL 800-808-1336!
They are NOT Sprint! They attempted to call me to my home phone number on several occasions, which raised a red flag for me. I called Sprint by pressing *2 (not this phony 800#), and I was told that there was no problem with my account, and that no one has called me reporting any issues with my account.

RED FLAG!!!!!!
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Customer Service
Posted by Szyzsnyk on 04/12/2006
I have been a Sprint customer for about 6 years, but that will change at the end of my current contract. While their phones and network have been excellent, Sprint's Customer Service is definitely the worst I have ever encountered in any business in any industry. Customer Service reps at Sprint all seem to be poorly trained (at best!) and many are extremely rude. I have tried to complain about the extremely low quality of their Customer Service, and have found that the only people you can complain to are the CS supervisors, and the ones I have talked to felt that a long argument about the quality of their service was the best way to deal with a complaint. The only action that got any attention was to cancel my account, and the only remedy I was offered then was to sell me a better phone. I was offered a discount, but it was 10 times the charge to a new customer. Sadly, a good product does not outweigh terrible Customer Service. The primary focus at Sprint PCS is signing new clients, with established customers paying for the "free" offers. My youngest son is a Supervisor at a Sprint CS Call Center and says the problems are rampant throughout the CS system there. If Customer Service after you sign a contract matters at all to you, DO NOT CHOOSE SPRINT!!
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Sprint Sucks!!!
Posted by Jammers on 04/10/2006
I got my cellphone bill today and noticed a charge that I had no idea what it was for. I called customer service and the guy tells me they are charging me to use the internet when I log onto my Sprint PCS account from my own computer and said it would be better if I added the internet to my phone for $10 extra every month. BS!!! Never did it say anywhere that they would charge me for using the Internet. Then I bought a ringer and it wouldn't download to my phone so when I went to a Sprint store and talked to them, the girl said she would have that ringer refunded. Never happened. I think I got charged twice for it. I am so sick and tired of every time you call them with something to do with your bill, they automatically extend your contract 2 yrs. What BULL#$%&. DO NOT GO WITH SPRINT!!!! You'll have new charges every month, you'll get lousy customer service and nothing but headaches.
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Posted by The Slayer on 2006-04-10:
I have Sprint And I Have Not Had Any problems With Them!! But I Do hate That If I Want To Change My Plan I Have To Renew My Contract For Another Two Years!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-11:
Lousy customer service and nothing but headaches seems to be the order of the day for anything to do with customer service.
Posted by justhonest1 on 2006-04-11:
i have had a sprint cell phone for the past 10 years never had a problem till they merged with nextel then they stopped mailling bills adding extra costs for using the internet just canceled service with them yesterday its not worth the headache
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Billing problems/poor customer service
Posted by Unlucky on 02/20/2006
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have to call Sprint every month to have my bill corrected. Then the next month it is either the same billing error or a new one. I am so tired of spending 1 hour a month correcting my bill. I have to call several times before it is fixed. Billing errors are always in Sprints favor.

Some customer service reps are nice, others treat me like it is my fault. I have learned to make sure and take note of their name and to keep a journal. I also make sure the representative knows I remember their name by addressing them by name. The reps seems to be a little more willing to help out when they know I will remember who I am dealing with. I wish I could get our of my contract due to Sprint failing to meet the basic implied service.

I would not recommend Sprint to anyone.
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Posted by squeekie on 2006-03-03:
I so totally agree. My bill is never right. I keep telling them to take the "extras" off my bill, things like ready link. text messages ect. My bill is supposed to be 59.99 a month but its more like $86 a month. They lead you to believe that those things are part of the service but then tack on an extra $17.50 a month, plus like $9 in taxes. It is sickening. Unfortunately Im stuck with them for 2 years and I need my phone for traveling to appointments for my kids.
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False billing; unethical, predatory sales practices
Posted by on 07/24/2004
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Millions of us have cellular phones, and many people opt not to even have house phones as our lives are more and more dependent on cellular service. There are only few main service providers, but little is known about some of the unethical practices they use in conducting their business. Unfortunately, I had a first hand opportunity to experience that with Sprint PCS.

I have been a Sprint customer for five or more years and most of this time coverage in the Greater Boston area has been quite mediocre. Lost calls, busy network, delayed voice mail delivery. You name it. In addition, customer service was not any better: I was being sent from the phone customer service to local branches back and forth, and no one seemed to be able or cared enough to address my problems. Moreover, I was frequently misinformed and was given information that was not correct or true. I probably became lazy over time and did not bother looking for another company immediately. This was my mistake #1 – always actively monitor your service providers, and, if not happy, replace them without mercy.

After a while, I got fed up with Sprint’s coverage and its customer services issues and wrote a letter to the company’s COO, Len Lauer. To my surprise, I received a new phone at no charge in acknowledgement of my letter. I called to activate that phone and this is when my real problems began. The representative I spoke with also offered me a promotion, which I was not at first interested in. However, I am ashamed to admit, word free does have a magic effect on people like me.

The offer entailed my receiving two free phones with no obligation to activate and absolutely no cost to me. This was their way of saying “thank you for being their customer”. If I decided to give those two phones to my friends or family members, those individuals would establish service with Sprint and would be responsible for any charges. I was told in plain English that, if I decided to do nothing about the offer or even if “I threw those phones away”, I would not incur any liability. The representative never said a single word about returning the sets, even if I decided to do nothing about them.

When I received that promotion package from Sprint, I found 4 (!) instead of 2 phones. In addition, 4(!) phone lines were established in my name, which I was not informed about. I called their customer service about it (I was not obligated), and another representative mailed me a return envelope. I placed the 4 phones in the envelope and requested that they be picked up by UPS. I left the package at the door leading to my apartment building. I did not follow up to verify that they were received simply because I was told over the phone that I would not incur any charges and I was never told that I was obligated to return them. Conveniently, Sprint does not have a recording of my conversation. Neither does it have a signed or even verbal agreement. There is simply no legal precedent to demand any money from me. Perhaps, they should check with their legal counsel, which should be able to explain to them what constitutes an agreement or an obligation.
Sprint has sent to me a bill of almost $1,000 for four phones, two of which I did not request and was under no obligation to return any of the four, and for four new line, of which I was not informed and never used. This bill has since been reduced to just over $600, as the line activation fees were waived. I have been in communication with Sprint, including its COO, CEO, three members of the Board of Directors, and an executive / regulatory analyst. However, all of my efforts were unsuccessful. Sprint demands that the phones sets need to be returned, which conveniently neglects to address my claim that its representative provided me with false information, and now Sprint attempts to charge me in connection with that misinformation. The reason for doing this is simple – Sprint has no case and its bill is absolutely unfounded and illegal. This is why Sprint is helplessly sticking to demanding the phone sets. Otherwise, its case will fall apart.

I have learnt a few lessons from this situation, which caused me lots of stress and wasted a lot of my time. Lesson #1 – always manage your phone service provider actively and switch if unhappy at first opportunity. Lesson #2 – keep records each time you call your phone company with problems. It may take just a bit of your time but will save you a lot more should your issue get out of control. Record the purpose of your call, date and time, name of the representative you spoke with, and details and outcome of your conversation. Lesson #3 – if you feel that the issue is getting out of control, seek legal help and notify your state’s attorney general’s office, better business bureau, and other regulators.

In the meantime, my saga with Sprint continues and only God knows when the situation will be resolved. I have contacted Kansas and Massachusetts Attorney General’s offices, both states’ Better Business Bureaus, and now reaching out to you my fellow readers in hopes that something like this does not happen to you. Unfortunately, Sprints of this world continue to stay in business, advertising how much they care about the customers. I suppose that not taking responsibility for its representatives’ actions, trying to collect money for what was supposed to be a free, no obligation offer, wasting its customer’s time, and making the customer’s life more stressful is part of being a customer-centric and ethical organization. Go Sprint!

I am now switching to Verizon, as many of my friends are with this company and are quite happy. I am certainly keeping my fingers cross that someone in Sprint’s senior management will wake up and sees it as an opportunity to fix its problems, before it is too late.

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Nightmare - the Worst by Far in Customer Service & Billing - Why This Is Not Considered Theft I Do Not Know?
Posted by Flynmonkie on 02/24/2005
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I made the unfortunate mistake of doing business with this provider. Who knows you might be the customer they keep telling me about .......that are so happy with their services?! I am obviously not one of them!

And according to them, I am all alone out here! So odds are that this will not happen to you! The Phone is awesome I loved it! It’s just I believe the provider cannot seem to get off the,... proverbial "smoking" pipe.

Just a bit of my documented, logged experience.

You happily decide this provider will be the best and least expensive provider for your needs. You order phones, a plan and pay for it on the spot. The only thing left is that you pay your monthly bill. They give you a receipt for payment in full charged to your bank account. But what actually happens is that they record an undercharge your bank account in their books (by their own mis-billing) then bill you again for the same exact amount their own receipt shows you paid. As if it never happened! When you protest? They shut your phone off for non-payment a few days after you get the phone.

When you contact them to find out what in the world is going on - be prepared to possibly be transferred many times, and at least a few times during those transfers you should be aware your call might get dropped because ironically, they have phone troubles. At least that was what they told me. And you might not have to worry about getting actual names, unless you are logging information, because there is no way to speak with the same person twice! You might be given different numbers to different locations I accumulated about 10. You might be spoken very rudely too, condescending and argumentative. To be fair you might be spoken nicely too and told, "I just have to work here to pay my bills, I have no clue why they do what they do here. What a mess - I am so sorry for this." But this was a rare occurrence for my experience. Be prepared to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours following along with this song and dance each time you call. I have logged 6 hours with three telephone sessions. I will call them sessions because I had to make numerous telephone recalls due to their hang-ups, or inability to transfer me. I would say it is an average of 12 transfers per session. Remember a session was an average of 1 1/2 or 2 hours of my time. You might be promised a call back when they realize it is THEIR billing error, but you might never get that call. That happened to me twice. And of course you might have to call them back to see where they are at in figuring out their mess - only to find there are “no notes” on the account and have to start the whole rigorous process again….

Oh, and don't expect to get any real answers, I did not get anywhere for three months but a bonus to this you get to hear allot of music, --sometimes. I would suggest if this does happen to you that you might just record your problem on audio and just replay it so as to not loose your voice in this ritual. Because of course, you have to tell your story over and over and over again. Oh, if this does happen? Keep the numbers on memory speed dial, so you don't develop carpal tunnel syndrome or something.

Also, don't even think about telling them a general statement to hurry matters along when they ask if they can help you, and you have already been told numerous times that their department cannot - like:

“I paid, you gave me a receipt, yet you are billing me for this again and turned my phones off because of it, and the last CSR said your department cannot help me it is in collections now, and collections says it is a Customer Service issue they cannot help me either, So whom can I speak with that CAN help?”.

Because it won't work, you might have to go through your whole story thoroughly in detail with all specifics each time because no one seems to be able to tell if they can handle your call until you do. And for goodness sakes don't let them know you are becoming frustrated, that is the best way to get hung up on! You have to be dripping sweet and nice and hand-hold them all the way though the whole grueling experience. Don’t you dare get angry or upset at this treatment for they might think you to be difficult and it does get worse, even when you think it cannot! And whatever you do, don't dare to speak with a manager, at best you will get a supervisors voice mail, that automatically hangs up on you! They seem to like "control", Yeah, control by confusion... I tell you, when you have to call them - plan to brown bag it! Your time means nothing to them.

And don't think for one minute that they do not have a history of all these phone calls, transfers, dropped calls etc....and the time you have invested in figuring out their problems -they do. Knowing full well this drama of an ordeal you have been through! One CSR took a look at the record of the count of times in three months I tried to contact them on my account, apparently it logs each time your account is accessed by their system, either a rep or automated. After a second of dead silence, his response was "Oh my God!" After many apologies, and sending me to the Mis-billings Department (imagine that?) He had no clue why this did not happen sooner? He said "They should have sent you there in the beginning!" Three months of this! (I would have assumed his guess, as an employee would be better than mine? Scary right?) I thought for sure this is one employee of the company that knows how to do their job. A literal oasis in the desert of elevator music, dead silence, or dial tone for that matter.......

But NO.....when they transfer you to the right people, the Mis-billings department, (which truly amazes me that they have such a department?? What is that?...? like a self admission that they are incapable? So I guess that I must assume their internal errors are acceptable in their eyes. Just how do you set up a mis-billing department and why? I mean I can see the planning meeting there now....."Hmmm.. Well we will have customer service, collections, and for all the screw-ups we will need a whole department to handle those issues what do you think? We will call it Mis-Billings Department - Good Grief! )

They tell you even though it was their billing error, you will still have to pay the monthly fees, and late fees and uphold your contract for two years or pay to get out of it. Because you refused to pay the amount in duplicate from the beginning as they requested ----while they figured out the problem was theirs in the first place. So if it was their fault, they can pay you back on their own time...On your dime, with no interest! Clever eh? Even though you have a genuine receipt from them that you already did so.

Now, that total is at the tune of additional $598 after already giving them $290 (receipt) to start this service, to have it for less than a month?

Fat chance they will get another penny from me at this point.

Meanwhile, by then the collection department of the provider keeps calling you while you are still working with the Mis-billings department then you should expect during this same time that they might turn you over to a collection agency (within 60 days) that might try to tell you (taped) that they can call you as many times a day, week, month, etc... until you (as a deadbeat person whom does not pay your bills) pay them the total amount you owe them. They don’t care either if the providers collection department is calling or if you are still negotiating with the mis-billlings department. According to them -They are immune to the THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT. They can do whatever they want to collect a debt. Oh and if they call you twice a day or more and speak with you...they can blame it on a auto dialer..

And you should fully expect all of this to happen within a three month time frame.

Meanwhile I keep trying to pass them my reality pipe, it seems they don't want it - I believe they want to hold on to whatever they are already smoking. But of course when you live in untouchable land.....why change?

The attorney advised me to take them to small claims, turn them in to the States Attorney General or pay them off to leave me alone. The last time someone contacted the AG regarding this provider they apparently had been popped for "padding their revenues" by class action. Over billing their customers and taking a marked amount of time to pay them back. Apparently numerous complaints but for some reason they continue to operate and grow larger. You could of course investigate these allegations via the net. Must be a sign of the future for our children. I find enamoring this thought to be quite sad. He said that he would have to charge me an hourly rate at the tune of $200 an hour! It would get quite expensive and not worth it - based on his experience with the hours of "elevator-music-dancing" he himself has had with them…he suggested another service…. I have obliged! I don't need this headache!

If I billed them for my time, I believe they would owe me? Hmm... Nonetheless, I am tired, and I simply do not have the time of day to sit around for hours haggling over something so blatantly obvious so....

But wait, theres more….I also have the unfortunate experience of having Sprint as a local service. We just wont even go into the 3 year drama there….you can only imagine…..

But I should have known this would happen, the first bill included a fee for someone to come out and run a line to my home, that did not happen. When I called, they admitted this was an error, but that I should pay it, because it could take three months to reflect on my account, and meanwhile if I don't I could be disconnected for a past due balance...

There is simply no logic, or integrity now a days.
I am truly scared for my childrens future in this world – Big Business is getting away with way too much, too much control over our lives.

If anyone decides to gather together on this type of deal…..let me know!
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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-02-25:
O' my God. I called my sister to see if this was her, because she just recently told me just about the same thing that happened to her. I was not sure what to say to help her but was gonna check this site for any help. I am so sorry for your delema and hope someone gives you some advice and hopefully I can use also. PROPS on your maintaining your patience. You got it right when you said if you lose it, you'll lose any help. So true. Good Luck
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Unlimited Data Service - Like Being Charged for a Buffet and Not Getting to Eat.
Posted by Wildjourne on 09/26/2012
MIDLAND, TEXAS -- About two months ago I switched my phone service to Sprint and have completely and totally regretted it. I went into the Sprint store and specifically told the sales clerk I needed better service then I am getting with AT&T. I work in the oil fields of west Texas and I was having problems with my phone getting a good data signal in a big portion of the area in which I work. The sales person showed me some great coverage maps showed Sprint having at least 3G in most of the areas I work.

So I switched my entire family to Sprint PCS. Unfortunately I did this right before going on a vacation. Also unfortunately for me I had read an old website from when Sprint had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee instead of the 14 day guarantee they have now (wonder why they shortened it?) I also let them buy back my AT&T phones as part or their technology entrapment... I mean buyback program. Let me state here that while I was unhappy with AT&T's coverage, when it did work it worked well. I could easily stream Netflix videos or read the news with AT&T's 3G on my iPhone 4.

As I said we went on vacation. We drove to Florida. There were places the phones worked great. There were places they didn't work at all. I didn't think much of it, after all I had seen a map showing the places I would be using the phone were all in great coverage.

So I get back to Texas and start to realize how bad my service really is. My home is nine miles outside Midland Texas and I find out my home is in a roaming area and I have no data connection (lucky I have WiFi or I would be completely out of luck) when the Sprint map clearly shows I should be in Sprint calling area and a 4G network area to boot. Not only that but my children s phones have stopped working. It seems if you go in and out of roaming too often a software glitch causes them to lock down. My son s phone has had to be fixed four times. Last time they erased all his apps and wallpaper doing it.

I would accept the fact that my home is in roaming (even though the map shows otherwise) if I got good service in town. My supposedly 4G town of Midland Texas has very little data coverage. I can t load a webpage at either local Walmart. No service at the mall. Sometimes 3G at work. No service downtown. The list goes on and on.

It is just as bad in other west Texas cities. Odessa Texas is as spotty as Midland. Andrews and Kermit are both horrible. In most parts of Andrews I can t even get voice service. The one place I have a little service is Wickett.

Remember I specifically told my Salesperson I wanted better service then AT&T. Sprint has known about these problems for a long time it seems. Everyday they have customers in their store complaining about these problems. One salesperson tells you they have two broken towers causing all this grief, but they can t tell you if or when it will be fixed. Another says that its because of the population growth here in west Texas, but Verizon sure doesn't seem to have a problem keeping up, and another says that Sprint is upgrading in the area and it is slow because of that, but it has been going on for months. All I know is I and everyone else on the unlimited data plan are paying for service we are just not getting.

The Galaxy IIs is a great phone but 90% or what makes a smart phone smart is lost without a data connection. CNN, Associated Press, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Andorra Radio, Soundhound, Wikipedia and others are completely useless. So much for unlimited data. It is like paying for a buffet and not getting to eat. Unfortunately my family will be paying for this buffet for two more years. Its not right.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-09-27:
OMG what a nightmare! Sprint has a bad reputation for dead spots and slow/no data. If you can get out of the contract without incurring the cancellation fee Verizon would be your best bet. Their service, while expensive is number one.
Posted by reneeterry1 on 2012-09-27:
I've heard some folks have had luck getting out of their early termination fee due to lack of coverage. If you are roaming, they can see that. Unfortunately, I also heard they want the phone back when they do this so unless you got one of the "free" phones (and I'm sure yours wasn't) you could be out some bucks. Give it a shot several times. You may get different answers from different reps.
Posted by psghetti on 2012-09-27:
Sprint does not charge for roaming though and their plans really are the cheapest.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-09-28:
Sprint doesn't charge for roaming but the quality isn't up to par. You can't open web pages, etc... It would be very inconvenient to roam all the time.
Posted by kayv2010 on 2012-09-28:
I had problems w/Sprint, changing my contract without telling me, etc. I complained to the Attorney General iand the BBBn three states,the one I am in temporaily, the one I own a home in, and in there HQ state. I then called sprint and and told them I needed to be let out of my contract and did not want a penalty fee, the contract had almost two years to go-they let me out of my contract without a penalty fee. It was not quite that simple, went through a lot of cust service reps, and escalations. Email to Dan@Spint.com, and you get an escalatiion ruggt awat
Posted by LuvBreathing on 2012-09-28:
There is a Lemon Law in Texas. If you have to have the same device serviced 3 times, they are supposed to replace it. If it happens the 4th time, then it means it is a bad model, and they should replace it with equal to, or greater than what you have. Everyone should know their rights as a consumer. The Federal Trade Commission is a good source for consumer information. www.ftc.gov
Posted by TNVolunteer on 2013-08-03:
OMG! All you need to do is substitute TN for TX in your comments and that is my story. I switched from ATT to Sprint last November, because of ATT dropped calls. What a joke that was. Sprint gives a new meaning to dropped calls - which is assuming you can even get a call to connect. Two different calls in the past two days each dropped 16 times!!! Before finally giving up trying to talk. They could offer unlimited service for $5 a month and still make money because you could never get that much service out of them. It doesn't matter if I am using data or talk. I can't download apps. I can carry on a conversation. It is crap. I have over a year to go on this contract and then GOOD BY Sprint. I have spent untold hours on the phone with customer service - primarily because calls kept getting dropped while on the phone with them! I have gone to the customer service center numerous times and they have done different things to my Galaxy III to no avail. I have the exact same problems when I am in a major metro area. The service just plain sucks. It is a huge joke. Customer service even gave me a 40 minute credit once. Why? I can't use the daytime minutes I have now - not by choice. I am considering suing them on the Peoples Court, if I can't get out of the contract. They are not providing the service they contracted with me to provide. If I weren't paying, you can bet they would be suing me to get their money.
Posted by Karlajustme on 2013-08-17:
I've had Sprint since 2000, service coverage was absolutely great all up to 2011. I moved to a different location which is only about 5 miles from previous address, zip code San Diego, CA 92114. You would think that being a huge City they would have great coverage. Their customer service is awesome, their prices are beyond the best ones, and when you have data or voice calls is simply great and will also call it fast. The problem is that since I moved here (getting worst as time goes by), I drop about 4 customer calls average in a daily basis, some times a lot more, some times a little less. Text messages were not able to be sent nor received, it kept giving me a radio interferance, so I got rid of the Airave and messages worked great, but then no voice calls. I had the airave replaced and now its now "locking in" to the satallite gps, my husband installed the antenna up on the roof of the house, and still the airave couldn't lock in the gps. It's beyond frustrating because I'm loosing a lot of customers. We've 4 lines with them, 2 of the lines (which are with people that don't live in my same home area) works great, they even get 4g at times. My husband works everywhere around the County and needless to say he looses reception, which has really hurt us because I can't provide appointment info after that current job, nor can he tell me he can't find the address, or he can contact customer to advice he's there or lost. In my desperation I got a new line with Verizon, I never drop calls, I have great reception, speed is same as Sprint, but plan price is pretty high, they charge for data, which I've the 2GB, problem is my "smart phablet" Galaxy Note 2 is always running something on the background that even if I foreclose those apps, they re-open again and use the data (which I'm sure all smart phones do that now days). I was told by Sprint after a billion calls and their honest professional attempt to help my situation, they said they could let me off the contract if nothing worked. I opted to keep them because of the so much needed data when I am out and about (which works great), and use my Verizon phone for voice calls. My husband uses his data all the time for maps and directions, and I know he will use quite a bit of it, and this is what worries me. The Verizon Note 2 has less operation functions vs the Sprint Note 2 has a lot more options. So there is the trade... I really hope sometime soon would Sprint install 4G LTE Towers which are not existent in San Diego and do something quick because they are going to loose everybody at this rate.
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Constant Erroneous Charges
Posted by Sprint_no_service on 02/09/2006
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I have recently switched my plan to Family & Friends Plan. Basically, I go from one line to five lines on a single account. The moment I changed my plan, I was charged over $1000 for the[PROMISED] free phones and $150 for cancelling my existing phone to switch to the new service plan. I immediately called to complain. They reduced my bill to reflect the correct charges. However, the erroneous charges reappeared shortly. If you have ever looked at a Sprint bill, you would never know where everything is. They tagged on charges after charges. Four months later, there is still $100 unaccounted. Yes, I am still calling and complaining. Every time I threatened to cancel my service, they would give me credits. But the credits would be followed with more erroneous charges. If you have about 5 hours per week, then please do sign up with the Devil. Otherwise, I strongly recommend you NOT to sign at the dotted line. Sprint = The Devil in Disguise. This is only customer service. Wait until you actually use their service. You would get constant busy signals and drop calls.

Today is 2/09/06...i am still complaining. I beg you not to sign w/Sprint. You will never be satisfied.
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Posted by KateM on 2006-02-10:
I agree. Sprint is the worst of the worst. Not only do they have horrible customer service they have horrible phone service too!
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