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Staples Refusing To Sell To Customers Who Won't Buy Their Service Plan!
Posted by JA2009 on 03/09/2009
NEW JERSEY -- I had an appalling experience in not one but TWO different Staples stores yesterday, and I feel I have no choice but to formally notify you of this matter, as it has made it impossible for me to EVER shop in a Staples store again. I also will be asking my friends, family, and corporate associates to switch to one of your many competitors as well.

Staples featured an Acer laptop advertised in the Sunday newspaper insert yesterday (3/8) for $449. Now. Clearly, this was a very low price on a laptop. This laptop typically retails for the price of $599 at Staples. Upon reading this early Sunday morning, I drove over to the nearest Staples store, which was store 0019 in Milltown, NJ. I was in the store just after the store opened (the store opens at 10:00am, and I was there no later than 10:05).

Upon my arrival, I found an associate who informed me that the laptops were in stock. However, before he would get me one, he proceeded to try to sell me his "protection plan". Now, for a number of reasons, including my own knowledge of computers as well as ready access to free computer repair services, I declined this. The sales associate indicated that it was ok, and then walked away to, I assumed, get my computer. He returned with the store's general manager who again proceeded to aggressively push the protection plan onto me. He was EXTREMELY rude, implying that I was "cheap" and for not adding the plan. He walked away when I finally maintained I did not want it. Then, I heard him call the sales associate over and told him something. Moments later, the sales associate informed me that the laptop was not in stock after all. Just to summarize the timeline...it was available...i declined the approximately $150 protection plan would have boosted the price of the laptop to the regular sale price...then suddenly it was unavailable. They also refused to contact any other Staples stores to help me find out whether it was available elsewhere.

I then went home and called a 2nd Staples store, this one in East Brunswick (store number 1755). I asked the gentleman who I was transferred to in Electronics if the Acer laptop was in stock. He checked and came back to say they were in stock. I told him I live less than 10 minutes away and could be please hold one for me as I was on my way. He indicated that he could not hold a sale item, but that the store had multiple laptops and they should definitely be there when I arrived. So I immediately left...I arrived exactly 8 minutes later at the location. I walked in and found the exact person who I had spoken to 8 minutes earlier. The store was virtually empty. I asked him if I just spoke to him about the Acer laptop and he confirmed that he was the person. I asked him if they were indeed in stock, and he indicated that they were. I then asked if he could please go get one, because I definitely wanted one.

And then, before he goes back to get one, he asks me if I want the service plan.

I suppose I should have lied and said yes and then said no when I had the laptop in my possession, but I did what I thought was the right thing, because I could not imagine that this guy would try to pull this same scam only minutes after implying there was plenty of stock of this item. I responded, "No thanks...I went over this all at the last store, I know what it covers, and I am not interested."

He said "fine" and walked away. 2-3 minutes later...he walks back and, just like the last store, the inventory suddenly has vanished. I angrily confronted him regarding our conversation and, half smirking (obviously knowing that what he was saying had no truth to it), he implied that all of them had been sold in the last 8 minutes. Mind you, when I arrived, the store was nearly empty and no one was checking out buying any laptops.

I was and remain STUNNED at the lack of customer service that is being displayed in both of these stores. For all I know, this type of "bait and switch" is being done at Staples stores across the state and across the country, and as a freelance journalist, I believe that it is a story that merits more investigation. You cannot make it a standard practice to deny people products because they will not pad your profit margin with questionable (and supposedly completely optional) service plans.

I cannot believe that, in this economy, Staples would so readily shun previously loyal customers (I had shopped your stores for years, as its roots, I believe, are in New England, where I am originally from). Our dollars are limited, and there are MANY other places to go for the same items that Staples sells at similar, or lower, prices. To that end, following the service I received at this second Staples store, I walked right next door to the Best Buy, paid only slightly more, got a vastly superior laptop, and was treated with the respect that the sales teams at these two Staples stores could use a lesson in.

I can assure you that none of my friends, family, and work associates will be frequenting ANY Staples in the future, at the very least.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-03-09:
That is pretty hard core. I'd be more than a little po'd. I bought a Acer laptop at Office Depot fo $387 and while they of course offered the insurance which I declined they still sold me the computer. Sounds like they all must have had a sales meeting on how to sell extended warrantys. Next time offer them your credit card on the phone and tell them to put the product in will call and you will right over.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-09:
Their regional manager needs to be informed of this.
Posted by JA2009 on 2009-03-09:
Thanks for the feedback so far...I will notify the regional manager.

Dan, I tried that...I offered to give them my CC# on the phone and they refused to accept it...

Passing...any idea how to determine the regional sales manager's name? Thats one thing I cannot seem to find.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-09:
It's too bad you didn't ask the clerk if you could see what the laptop looks like before you made up your mind about buying it. It'd be pretty tough to deny having one then.

I would take this complaint up with Besy Buy corporate. I suspect they'd be interested in hearing aboutthis.
Posted by dan gordon on 2009-03-09:
on the other hand corporate may have been the ones to suggest stores push the service plans as they are mostly all profit. Much more than the loss leader price on the computer.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-09:
dan, how's the acer doing, I looked at one and did not like the hard drive, so I got a small hp.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-03-09:
i find this hard to believe. i have made many purchases, including computers from staples, and if i refuse the extended warranty, no further discussion is made. i simply pay and leave.
Posted by JA2009 on 2009-03-09:
madconsumer, do you really think I would have written the entire spiel above if it did not? Clearly, the economy is affecting this company like others, and store managers probably are trying to squeeze every last cent of profit out of every sale. Doesnt make it one bit less of a disgrace.
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2009-03-09:
Good post JA.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-09:
JA, I got in touch with Staples once regarding one of their stores and their customer service centre forwarded my e-mail to the regional manager. I assume they will do the same for you. For what it's worth, they were pretty quick to respond to my issue. Good luck.
Posted by JA2009 on 2009-03-09:
FYI...this evening one of the Staples in question (the 2nd one in question) called to advise me they had a laptop for me, one that they were "holding" for another customer.

I'm not sure how they think this helps their case.

First, I indicated in the very message I have already purchased a laptop. And Second, yesterday they wouldn't hold a laptop for 8 minutes...and yet they purport to have me believe that there is a laptop suddenly available that they were "holding" for someone else?

Posted by Duces2009 on 2009-05-09:
hahaha... i work at staples and i think thats very funny.. i suggest that you call the district manager. but really nothing will really be done about it. but not all staples r the same. we sale laptops and desktops without service plans. the companys goal isnt to not sale u a laptop. but i guess some people r just a holes.. lol sorry about ur experience but really just dont take it to the heart. if im shopping for a laptop i dont take things personal i just forget it and move on its theyre loss they arent getting my money. there are always going to be sales at best buy, frys, conns, staples, office max, office depot. i mean why bash one company for a few dumb people. yeah they were wrong but i tell u for a fact if u go to another staples be really nice and cool with the associates they will be more than happy to help u. yeah we do get alot of BS from customers that isnt our fault. and always say "ill just go to office max" "ill just go to best buy".. really those comments..... we dont care. a store is a store. products r products.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-09:
If your local news channel has an investigative reporter, I'm sure they would be interested in doing a sting op on these bozo's.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-09:
Good iddea, DC!

Duces, you work for Staples and you find this funny? You should be disgusted by the way these store empolyees behaved. It sheds a bad light on all of you. You should take it to heart. If someone wants to spend their money in a Staples store (especially when disposable income is so scarce these days), the employees should do what it takes to make the sale and have a happy customer leaving the store. That will ensure that they will come back, spend more money and assist in keeping Staples in business. You should care when someone says "I'll just go to Best Buy". I am sure Circuit City employees are wishing they had not heard that line so many times . . .
Posted by Developer108 on 2009-05-18:
I bought laptop and battery in Staples Canada three times. All was open-items but pretended to be not. It sucks. I returned all, and will never buy in Staples again unless the company staffs and/or management are changed.
Posted by JA2009 on 2009-05-21:
The original poster here.

I just wanted to put a little update here.

The day after this all happened, and after I sent a rash of emails to every single department I could think of, I got a call from the 2nd of the 2 Staples stores in question, indicating that had a laptop in stock and were "holding" it for me.

Funny considering they didnt have any the day before. And funny that they were holding one for me considering they didnt hold sale items.

Regardless, I called them back and told them that I already had one and didnt need one (which was clearly indicated in my emails to Staples).

A couple days later I got an email from one of the VPs I had contacted, who was very apologetic and informed me that a RSM would be calling me.

A few days later I spoke to an RSM who was VERY apologetic. he vowed to speak to the store managers and employees involved at each of the 2 stores and to also have a conference call with every store in his region to make sure these practices are not taking place and do not happen again. Now...did any of this happen? Who knows. But I DID get an apology and this was all that mattered.

Lastly, and I never asked for them, they did provide me with a number of giftcards for use in their store (although I used them online as I won't be going back there).

All told...the higher ups did make an effort to make things right, but if the practices at the store level continue, the company still fails.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-21:
JA, glad Staples came through for you. I guess there's hope for them. I get the majority of my office supplies from Staples and have never had any type dustup with them. Mitt Romney, get back in there!
Posted by staples.seller on 2009-09-20:
I'm an Easy Tech associate, and I have actualy witnessed one of my co- workers do this. Trust me, they do something about behavior like this! It's certainly frowned upon.
In defence to my co- worker, our job depends on those sales. Yes. I'm serious. As in if we are unable to sell a plan for an entire WEEK we get fired. What's really screwed up is we don't get rewards or pay on comission when we are able to sell. Last week's bonus was $.17 after selling a total of $1,500 in tech and plans. I'm sorry for a fellow Staples associate for being rude to you and not giving you the computer. When you buy something without a plan, our number shoot straight down- especially with that Acer that was just a little over half its original price. When the district manager sees drops like that people get fired quicker than bad customer service.
Posted by gomezd1 on 2009-09-25:
FYI..This is what happen to Circuit City.. They use to be all about service and training.. They changed everything to a "Selling Culture" and they would not sell you a Plasma unless you purchased the protection plan with it.. And yes, their jobs were on the line as well. I do believe that associate would have gotten ripped if he had sold you that item with out a warranty.. FYI.
Posted by Yumazgirl on 2010-02-20:
Just about an hour ago I bought a laptop at Staples which was on sale and with rebate was $180 less than normal price. They did sell it to me without the service plan but they sure weren't happy about it! First the sales person went on and on about how it was a big mistake not to buy it. Then the manager came over and told me several aweful horror stories about people who didn't buy their warranty. Very overly dramatic about it. I just kept saying no, didn't even give them a hint that I might be swayed. I said I simply didn't have the money for it and would have to buy a much cheaper computer if I wanted to add on the service plan (not the truth but...). At the check out counter, the clerk gave me the evil eye when again I denied the plan. She said that if I had issues with my computer in the first year (that the normal warranty covers) I would have to talk to people in India to get my computer fixed and would have ship it off at my expense and wait for weeks to get it back. Ugh!

I think Staples must beat their employees bloody every time they let someone walk out the store without buying the store warranty!
Posted by gomezd1 on 2010-03-08:
Should have purchased a Mac..
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-08:
yumaz - the review is about a year old... if i'm not mistaken during the year since this was written, the companies that were lying about inventory, etc, actually got in trouble over the practice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-08:
Pepper, though I am wondering how the 2nd store knew what number to call him at BEFORE he made all the complaints to corporate.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-08:

but i will say that i had heard of other stores doing the same thing.

at another message board i go to, a regular reported the same thing happened to him (but at a different chain). "We're out" etc. only - he could clearly see boxes of the item. he said the manager fired the employee, but that later he saw the employee was back and the manager was possibly gone (because the rules were being pushed by management etc).

at the same mb i believe someone saw a man come in to buy a phone and bought the plan. a few minutes later another man came in and started yelling... about how they had told him (about an hour previously) that the item was out of stock. apparently the second buyer was a friend of his.
Posted by easytechguy on 2010-05-05:
this experience is the norm...customers are routinely driven away/ignored/lied to about laptops. the reason-staples wants each laptop(regardless of price-could be $400 could be $800) to have at least 200 dollars of 'attachments' with it. anything less is a failure and frankly will cause the technician/salesperson endless headaches. let's say you buy a laptop with nothing(no plan no accessories) the store is in an immediate hole(each laptop sale is reported with 'basket',the accessory bundle amount, at the end of each day).

the story of two stores:so let's say store 1 sells three of these laptops on sunday, the start of the week, immediately on monday this store can expect an email from their district manager complaining and berating them for not convincing you to buy software/printer/plans. now during this same week store 2 through evasion or flatout lying sells no laptops on sunday they get no emails and in fact their week is going pretty good. so the math is 3 laptop sales with nothing means store 1 is minus 600 dollars in the hole on 'attachment sales' and minus also that percentage amount on their budgeted plan sales. store 2 meanwhile having sold no laptops(and even better let's say they had one returned from another store as well) is now -1 laptop sale for the week-but by the numbers they are having a great week. the glories of negative selling.

so how do we handle business well first of all while im talking to you i am qualifying you(basically will this person buy anything) if i get the impression you won't im pretty much going to follow a three step process 1)ignore you 2)lie to you and 3)attempt to either get you go to another store in a roundabout way or try to get you order it from the website directly(this is the best route for me as internet sales don't hit store numbers-even if you 'order' in store as long as you do it directly online).

what lies might i tell you?-let's say you called and i said i had 'one'(it's always one...if i tell you the actual number of say three frankly i have to sell you a laptop). when you arrive if i feel you out and you aren't going to buy anything and want the laptop-first thing i would do is say it is damaged or on 'hold' for another customer or we just sold the last one. if you are insistent i would then shoot for an online order(again either you preferably ordering from home but i could do it in store too by having you set up directly with the site(entering in your card information on the website etc...). now third option gets tricky say you then ask does anyone else have one? by policy i am obligated to sell you the laptop from another store and you would go pickup there. so first of all i would look and say the only stores that have any are the more distant stores(say 20 miles away or so...and also lie about their inventory, 3 is 1 again).

in short frankly we have zero incentive to sell a laptop and in fact every incentive not to sell one. when a customer starts looking at a laptop a sense of panic envelops the frontend(general manager/sales manager/salespeople)-but getting mad at the salespeople is frankly wrongheaded-in all honesty complaints directed at the greedy district managers or corporate office would do more good.

why is the company so interested in plans?...because essentially the plans are garbage and completely handled by third party-it is free money for staples-laptops themselves have little to no margin and in fact are often money losers. is the plan worth it? in short no-a 2 year plan is a one year extended warranty. let's say you buy a dell laptop and have a problem with it(faulty hard drive for instance) and having bought your dell from staples with a warranty(2 year 149 bucks) you march over to your local staples and look for a fix. what am i going to tell you? i will give you a phone number to call and from there you will be directed to call dell for resolution-that's right first year is completely manufacturer warranty. now failed hard drive is a legit covered issue so i might get lucky and dell will replace it...but let's say my touchpad stops working,keys fall off the keyboard, pixels on screen etc...these are all 'grey' areas where the company may or may not cover. in short anything that normally goes wrong with a laptop-that could in anyway be interpreted as a 'use' issue is not covered. these sorts of issues are covered under the really expensive accidental plan(which we don't even bother to offer...239 bucks for a 2 year plan on a 400 dollar laptop :D).

one last note-the process doesn't apply just to laptops(but the pressure is heightened more intensely on laptops for certain)...i know of a general manager who sent a customer home to do an online order for $1000 of furniture because they wouldn't get plans(coverage on it). in all honesty for the salespeople's sake(we are low paid) just order stuff online from home.
Posted by ycrzy2 on 2010-08-26:
i would not call their regional manager because they probably wont do anything i would call corporate directly and alot of the stores have been doing this recently
Posted by pennyaday on 2010-11-11:
This happened to me also only with a printer. They checked stock on the computer and had 2 - but couldn't find them. The story I was dealt was someone must have purchased the last two and they weren't taken off the inventory yet. Which happens at the time they are rung up!
They never have any stock for sale items, it's just a ploy to get you in the store in hopes that you'll buy the cheap garbage they can't sell or a more expensive model. Unfortunately, it works all too often.
Posted by gomezd1 on 2010-11-29:
@ Pennyaday.. That's what you call "Bait and Switch"..
Posted by Melz on 2011-06-10:
My husband and I tried to purchase a laptop today and was turned away b/c someone else who was there a half hour earlier had first choice... We didn't even get to the "extras"! They said they would call us if he didn't want it! Can you believe that?!
Posted by Ron on 2011-08-12:
President and CEO of Staples, Canada
6 Staples Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4W3


We are disappointed with the evidenced bad attitude of your racially biased manager, Mr. Tristan.

On August 12, 2011, we stopped by to purchase some supplies.

We requested your store manager Mr. Tristan [a caucasian-white, clean-shaven, young, male] twice for assistance. He was pretending to be busy, when in fact he was doing nothing.

He chose to ignore us, and went on to assist another caucasian-white customer who came in after us. The lack of respect for visible-minority customers at your store, the rude manner of this evidently racially-biased store manager, seemed to be confirmed by the fact that there were no visible-minority managers in your store. The visible-minorities were simply workers taking orders from racially biased managers such as this rude Mr. Tristan.

The postal-counter weighing-machine was not working either. In spite of us waiting for over 10 minutes and requesting for assistance, nobody came.

We are left wondering about the evident glass-ceiling for visible-minority employees. If this is the demonstrated attitude of your store-manager, it is not surprising that the other employees follow his demonstrated example in bad customer service.

We would rather buy elsewhere.

Posted by Kahula35 on 2011-09-09:
There are legit reasons why a Staples employee may tell you an item is in stock only for it to "magically" disappear.

Most often when you call or ask for a specific item Staples employees will just hope on their system and pop in the SKU number and check the report. The problem is the inventory system is not always current. It does not reflect floor models, damages, holds, or even recent purchases. So it is reasonable that a sales person could believe that something was in stock only to go into the lock room and find none there. Happened to me all the time when I worked there especially on the hot sale items.

However as to the plan selling I can also see this happen. Staples loses money on just about every laptop sale it makes. Specifically with the sale items. Many customers see a 600 dollar laptop glowing with 200 bucks off and they say, "Wow! What a great deal!" What they don't realize is those sales are designed to get them in the store.

When you buy that bargain laptop and nothing else, well the store just lost money and an opportunity. The opportunity to sell it to someone else who would buy other items. However thats the chance the store takes with such sale prices.

Unfortunately this puts a lot of pressure on the sales force who most often make very little money. Most retail sellers earn a little more than minimum wage but still have sales quotas. Like a reviewer above you have a sales number that is determined both by your "basket" sale (attachment sales) as well as protection plans and tech services. If you don't attach enough items or sell enough plans you don't get hours or could lose your job.

Should the customer care? Of course not. You just want your cheap computer.

While I worked there I always had to toe a line. Knowing how to relay the proper information about plans and stock to customers without killing the sale. I hated selling laptops to some customers because they wouldn't even listen to my sales pitch or recommendations even after I helped them for an hour to find the right computer for them.

The problem with the system is that it's mass consumerism. The computers generate no profit for the store so it's easy for the sales force to resent selling them. I have never denied a computer or product to a customer nor ever lied about stock levels to anyone. I also gladly assisted with sending customers to other stores and online orders. However I did sometimes feel a relief when a certain computer did go out of stock because I knew I wouldn't hear it from my boss that day.

Frankly, there were days when a customer would come in and be very rude about purchasing. They would treat me like garbage like I was a con artist and I often wanted to be rid of them faster than ever. They would yell at me and tell me the plans were scams or garbage and I would laugh when they came back a month later with a busted up machine and no protection plan.

It's sad but it's also not Best Buy.

As to what these stores did, I seriously doubt it was a company directive by any manager or anything and I can guarantee you it does not happen often. Staples is very much concerned about customer service. Stores that have lower CS ratings get slammed by corporate. The whole training program for associates hinges on servicing customers. Unfortunately the terms of employment hinge on selling "Extras" which puts pressure often on young people. It's sad if these young people did in fact lie to you. Thats certainly not Staples policy and I can assure is a rarity.
Posted by Jimmy_Harrison on 2012-09-09:
I used to work for Staples back in the early 2000's during HS. It was great, and a good incentive program.

Last year, I decided to go back to earn some extra $$$. They did away with a lot of their commissions, and also had terrible pay. I should had refused, but figured something is better than nothing.

Staples completely forgot their concept. They are there to sell office supplies and equipment. They are not there to bully their customers. They excepted you to bully the customer and drain every possible cent out of them, rather than let them buy the laptop, and move on. Yes, some people need the additional items, but not always. It was pure torture. I only lasted there for 6 months the second time.

The managers as well as the district managers would constantly lie to you, and make you worthless.

They are trying to beat "Best Buy" well Circuit City went out of business, Best Buy is holding on, and I think if Staples keeps it up, they are next. Is Staples going to start selling fridges and microwaves and tv's?

Whenever I need something from Staples, I order online, so I don't have to run into the workers who are forced into bullying!

Their easy tech prices are a disgrace, and really rip the customers off and take advantage of them. Sure, you need to charge for your work, but not the way Staples does it.

They are trying to be a technology store when they are supposed to be an Office Supply Store! They should re-read their original concept!

I was really disappointing the second time I worked for them. I'm glad the article appeared in the NY Times, and that they change their attitude or they will be the next casualty of the "big box" retail stores.
Posted by Goldmane on 2012-09-11:
I reposted on my facebook. Hope this goes viral, because I'm sick of stores pulling this bs.
Posted by leroi on 2012-10-06:
Bought my major-brand laptop at Walmart....whole transaction took less than 15 minutes.."Do you want the extended warranty? - No..." No problems, no support....handed them credit card, they handed me a box...Staples is doomed with their abusive nature!
Posted by Dumb Tacks on 2012-11-22:
I went through the harassment procedure (a/ka upsell, mental torture, brainwashing, dumbing down) at staples when i purchased 2 laptops this year. I refused the upsell but the stress and torture as a result was almost unbearable. I wanted to walk out and buy nothing but i decided to stand my ground no matter what the consequences are. This should be a rather simple transaction but Staples arrogance and greed make it totally aggravating. It's only a matter of time to when Staples goes out of business.
Posted by Joe V on 2012-12-11:
I experienced the same exact tactic by one sales mgr/associate called Ravie at staples in Brandon, FL. That idiot and Staples will never get my business for sure.
Posted by Current employee on 2012-12-29:
I currently work here and I find this very sad. I have seen this and the guy got fired. Although yes inventory is not always correct it is your job to double check if the item is currently there. I have had other stores send customers to me saying the other store didn't have the computer, come to find out the store had quite a few in stock just the customer didnt want the care plan. I am really sorry to hear about your experience, but like previously stated not all staples stores are the same not even all employees are the same. I have never pushed a sell on anyone. It's weird all the bad comments I've seen have all been from the east coast.
Posted by West Coaster on 2013-03-14:
Ha! I just experienced the same sort of treatment from my local Staples in Langley, BC. Canada.
I tried to purchase a clearance laptop but I eventually had to leave because the salesman refused to listen to my repeated requests of forgoing the extended warranty, Norton Antivirus, recovery disk and whatever else he was trying to shove down my throat. I was pretty upset when I left! I'm glad I stopped purchasing my printer ink from them over a year ago. I will never go back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-04-10:
I am also a current staples employee (staying anonymous so that this wont be connected to me)
and I've seen it happen when I worked as an Easy Tech and as Office Supplies. Its a terrible thing that the sale can be refused because of the lack of adding to the market basket(For those who dont know, this is the amount of items you can add on to a customer's computer purchase. From another computer, to paper......it all counts and we must hit a certain market basket goal each transaction). There have been times when I'd hear other Easy Tech associates and the managers complain when they were not getting anything else. Its sad when I go to get a laptop and the first question i hear from the manager is "are they getting anything with it?" Most of the times i wont discuss additional purchases until i know we have the laptop, but thats not good enough for the manager.

Also, i hear managers sometimes cheer if we send a customer to another store knowing that they will not get the plan. Its pathetic, but I personally blame upper management(GM, DM, RSM and anyone above). With these goals in place, its sometimes impossible to reach them. All the time I receive threats of being terminated if i dont get plans. I've been told that i am a good seller. To make things clear, I HATE IT. I have customers come back to see me because of my honesty. If you dont need a plan, a printer or other things then fine. It annoys the hell out of upper management, but I'll keep it real 100%. Currently looking to transfer back into Office Supplies because being an Easy Tech is not worth the stress.

Finals words. When a tech or even a cashier(Sometimes we pawn customers off to cashiers so that they can give you the selling pitch, its a dirty trick and it annoys the customer, trust me i know) is trying to sell you a plan, be aware that they are under watch from management. At least let us explain it to you and then say no. It still pisses off upper management, but they dont hate us as much if we explained it to you fully. We dont want to sell it, we have to sell it
Posted by Brandon on 2013-06-11:
I don't work at Staples but where I work they extended service plans are emphasized to some degree (more so depending on the department you work in).

I know your pain but you also have to put yourself in the salespersons shoes: they don't have a choice but to sell a certain percentage of their sales with protection plans. The fact that something is cheaper usually gives the salesperson hope that with the additional savings you can fit the extended coverage in your budget.

You bring up the point that Staples is turning away customers in this tight economy. It may be possible though that the company is close to break even on the laptop at that price (price you pay - price company pays to sell you laptop = profit/loss). By selling the plan they can recoup some of the losses they incur by selling such a low price and you get extended coverage if something were to go wrong. Everyone's hurting in this economy including these companies. What they did to you was unprofessional and wrong but remember, they're probably as offended at your choice to forgo the plan as you are with their choice to not provide the product.

I wouldn't have bought the warranty on the laptop... laptops are pretty safe nowadays. I'm just putting this out as some food for thought. Blame the company.
Posted by Haley on 2013-07-07:
I really do apologize for your experience at Staples. I work for the corporation. I have been a cashier for them more than a year now and I know about all the services we offer, I know we do not do that at our store. Considering I do work at one in California but we offer the protection plan, but we don't do that at all I guarantee you. I really do apologize for your bad experience with Staples.
Posted by current employee on 2013-07-12:
I used to work at office depot. Almost six years there. I quit because my manager threatened to fire me over me calling 911 for a really nice customer who was hit by a car in the cross walk in front of the store. His reasoning behind his tyrade, "it is not our responsibility to call for help! We are paid to sell!!" (I left out cursing). This was the final straw for me. You see, a few months prior, the district manager had a conference call with all 14 stores in his district. Every Tuesday each district has these "huddles" where the store and assistant managers get berated from 9am to 11 am. This call was VERY INTERSTING...
D.M.: The numbers for store number...... are pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Unacceptable. Market baskets, we need more. PPP's 100% all the time. Keep a record of every employee who sold a technology item, follow them if the customer says "no" give support. The cashier is the last line of defense. Employees who do not sell plans regardless of reason will be unemployed. Other stores have tried this, maybe you struggling stores can use this tool....Because we have walkies with ear pieces...Do not bring out the item until the cashier asks for it, ask cashier if customer is getting any services or plan, if cashier says no, wait five minutes in the lock up area and tell the cashier the item is out of stock. .......End.....
I hated the job since they started that practice. But it ended quickly after the public outcry of this unethical "sales tool" was exposed. Yet it still happens. Pathetic, right? Let's go back to the beginning of my rant........
So I quit my job at Office Depot. Got a job at a Staples store. They use the same tactics when someone is buying 2 high priced sale items. But they will say they just have 1 available. We were trained to give customers a migrain headache if they resist the opportunity for protection of product. We will raise our voices to show how much we care that you buy the plan for your own good!! If you are just browsing, we will say hello.... Walk away... you will see us peering over at you.... Approach... Compliment your choice of computer... ask questions: Is this for you? For your kid? OK. How old is your kid? Is he going to use this for mostly school? Does he play video games? Music? You will need home and student... a case...USB drive...need a printer? No, OK. Listen, the most important purchase to make besides the computer is this protection plan. I've been through 2 computers in 3 years during school. Things happen. We cover what the manufacturer does not cover, and my own personal experience (change body language from happy to sad) I lost a lot of money. You will need anti virus. The free ones you get from your cable company does not work as well as one purchased...less features... you didn't know that?!!! Its true... well, easy tech can set you up with everything you need!..............
End result: come into a staples store for a $400.00 laptop. Get home 2 hours later after easy tech setup and $900.00 in the hole. Congrats!

Posted by Al on 2013-08-02:
I am in Canada and was a loyal Future Shop Customer, but started using Staples the last couple years because the service and knowledge of this store was vastly superior. I am greeted and asked what I am looking for and when I ask questions, they are answered fully and truthfully. They don't push the extended warranty. I bought a laptop 2 years ago, no extended warranty and I just bought one three weeks ago, it was a higher end one so I did. When the price dropped 17 days later, I went in and the gave me $200 dollars back. They didn't have to, as their price match return policy is only 2 weeks on laptops. I am very happy with this store in Coventry Hills Calgary. It is with in walking distance and I don't go any where else. Awesome staff at this store and I'm sure they do well because of it.
Posted by joe on 2013-08-06:
For a company that treats the staff and customers like dirt. I woke up they trickyou into thinking ones getten a good deal. Go elsewhere costco target amazon etc this company needs to go away!
Posted by pplrstoopid on 2013-08-21:
You people are amazing, i scoff at the dumb people that walk in my store and turn down a plan for anything tech side. Im an easy tech expert in a staples, That just a down right dumb thing to do and i hope nothing but a dropped and broken PC so they can spend twice the amount on a new PC than it would for the plan. As for people talking about stock not being able to be found......the computers do NOT update right after the register sale, it does take at least a day for inventory to sync up to sales. Also we get something called a ESP percentage and if its anything below what they want, everyone gets the shit reemed into them or even fired. I would rather sell you nothing sending you to another store than for you to risk my job cause you lack brain cells. People need to use common sense (which noone has these days). Your spending 500 bucks on a laptop......something that is portable and can be dropped with someone simply bumping into you, or hell just a simple spill of a drink, or a lightning strike fries your hard drive and ram sticks and your graphics card/motherboard you name it, it makes sense to get a 200-240 buck replacement plan instead of another 500 dollars on a new one. There are so many things that can stop a computer in its tracks. Another thing is our plans are the tits......you come in a WE fix everything that is wrong starting from the day you bought your warranty, the only things thats are a 1 year extended warranty are items below 200 bucks which fall under catagories such and printers/desktops and other minor electronics.....and that is ONLY ever with one year plans. If we can do it in store we send it to OUR factories to get further work done and if that doesn't work than you get your money back on the item. Esp with accidental coverage the only thing we don't cover is viruses cause that is user error. I don't get commision off these plans so whether you buy it or not i don't give a fuck, ill sell you the computer anyway and have a nice big smile when you return to buy a new one cause your other one broke. My last point ill throw out there is with our tech we literally make no money and when something is on sale we are ALWAYS losing money, so these plans are what help the company out of the hole right off the bat. I know this is a old topic but i needed my two cents thrown in.
Posted by bc on 2013-09-16:
where did you find the VP contact info?
Posted by Linden Moore on 2013-11-21:
I work for staples as an easy tech and the tech above is right the esp rate is something we have to achieve but that is no excuse to not sell a laptop and yes are plans are alot better now that we go through square trade. and customer service is something i myself excel at. if anyone reads this go to the harrison staples store 1881 and ask for me and i ll show what it means to be patient ask questions and give you the full customer experience and represent staples the right way.
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Staples Protection Plan and National IT
Posted by ADelrio on 02/25/2008
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- Staples Technical Support & Protection Plan sucks has the worst customer service. I have tried to use two times in the past year and I got nothing. spent more than 3 hours on the phone... and at the end I had to pay another company to come and fix a printer less than 2 years old. they make it as difficult as possible so you get tired and not used the warranty. The company they use for support is National IT. Terrible customer service.

The guy I spoke with simply tried to guess what was wrong with the machine and ask me to purchase a part that did not exist for that kind of machines... at the end was a total different part... expensive of course... and nobody wants to pay me back...

Do not buy store warranties!! Just buy the manufacturer one... expensive lesson...
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-02-25:
i would agree to not buy these staples warranties. seems they love to push them, but offer little service when required.

in my opinion, once a digital item has gone out of warranty, it is time to replace it. things change so fast.
Posted by Josh23 on 2008-03-20:
I can't speak for all staples stores, only the 3 I've worked at. If you buy the extended warranty, don't bother calling the tech support line. Bring it in to the store with your receipt. We will look at it and see if its an easy problem to fix. If not, we will swap it out for you. No matter what the problem is. The actually warranty is handled through a 3rd party, but if you bring it in to the store, show them the warranty you purchased, they will take care of you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
ADelrio , you hit the nail on the head, “Do not buy store warranties” they are all the same and if the product is so bad that a person needs a separate warranty that in itself says a lot about the product or is it the stores, maybe both?

Good review and thanks for the information
Posted by xxdisturbedxx on 2008-08-16:
our store is the same way...if you buy a computer or something with the service plan...just bring it in with a receipt and we will usually work on it there
Posted by beza on 2008-08-26:
Staples wants you to be happy. You go into the store a manager will take care of you - they will swap out the printer, if it's a larger item ( like a computer) and you are having issues an associate will get on the phone and ensure you are being taken care of.
Posted by Trivium on 2009-03-27:
I am on the fence when it comes to protection plans. I can see it being benefical to some people such as someone with kids(who might break it), or a business setting where they will use it vigourously and the chances of a malfunction are common. If the customer is a casual user who only occasionally uses it, then it might not be for them. I may be baised beucase I work at staples, however, believe me when I say: I dont recommend things unless I truly believe them to be honest. I have a lot to say about protection plans beucase I am constantly evaluating the importance of the it each day I go to work.

One customer brought in his computer and said that he was having problems with it and he thought he had a virus. I booted up the machine, and sure enough it was a virus. Normally, I am supposed to write up a full work order for a virus removal, but he showed me that he had the protection plan and told me that he had already talked to the tech support people. They basically said to take the computer back to have it looked at beucase virus removal is not covered under the protection plan, however, remember that it is a TECHNICAL SUPPORT plan so they should have attempted to guide him through doing some basic ways of removing the virus, Im not sure if they did or not- all I know is that the computer ended up at my repair center. Normally I am supposed to write up a virus removal work order, but he already spent XX.XX on the protection plan, and so why not take a quick look at it and just write it up as a PC Tune-up. After looking at the computer, I got rid of the virus within 10 minutes, and gave him a quick tutorial on avioding viruses.

Take whatever you want out of the story. In this case, the protection plan was worth it. If he didn't get one, I probably would have charged him the 89.99 virus removal service. The service itselft might not work, but as said above, most staples stores will roll out the red carpet to anyone who has the protection plan, espeically if you went with something like the accidental protection plan. If you know how to use the protection plan correctly, it could come in handy.
Posted by Kat D on 2012-08-29:
Some of these posts mention expensive plans. I bought a 2 yr.plan for $50 on an HP desktop costing $379 today, 8-28-12. Seemed worth it to me. I'm in N.E. Pa.
Posted by Shirley on 2012-10-19:
I used a coupon when I was trying to earn rewards. 8 purchases were to earn rewards. They used my coupon to lower the prices of all of those.
I should have received $53.95 in rewards but they decided to give me $32.49, they cheated me by $21.46. Of course Staples will find a way to not give me the right amount.
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NEVER buy a Staples Warranty via Easy Tech Force
Posted by IHateStaples on 05/06/2008
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a Staples Warranty via Easy Tech Force.

I am absolutely disgusted with the $300 "warranty" I was sold that was supposed to protect me in the event of my laptop being damaged. As a small business person, I gladly paid the $300 feeling like I had peace of mind in case something happened.

After a spill, I took my laptop computer to Staples for repair or replacement. I expected an answer within a few days and it's been more than a month and they JUST made a damn decision that it my laptop needs to be replaced.

In the meantime I was forced to buy another laptop (from anywhere other than Staples) and they added salt to the wound by forcing me to accept a gift certificate to Staples that is the full value of my laptop (instead of reimbursing me cash). So I'm out the cost of my new laptop, the $300 I paid for the warranty and being forced to spend nearly $1,000 from a store I hate.
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Posted by Dre05 on 2008-07-14:
Staples "regular" warranties do no cover spills. Accidental plans will allow you to cover normal wear and tear on the laptop. There is also an 800 number to call first before trying to return it to the store. By calling the 800 number they will take care of you and should have you sent in your old laptop and replace with a new one. If the laptop couldn't replaced it is taken care of with a cash card. All stated in the brochure that should have been given with the warranty purchased.
Posted by FV on 2008-07-24:
The technical support brochures specifically state that all refunds are made onto a Staples Cash Card.
Posted by zzzzzz on 2008-07-24:
Staples Extended warranty beats even that. I gave my laptop in as the lcd screen hinge was broken and the screen was floppy. They took more than a month to fix it and I had to call them almost everyday and eventually they offered me a buyout. I waited for the mechandise card to come, it never does. In the end i realise all that they did was buy time and they left voicemail telling me they had cancel the buyout and my laptop was ready. When I went to the store I was humiliated by the store manager and they told me to take my laptop back and it was supposedly fixed. I was so angry and did not bother to check it there, when I got home, I realised the screen was really fixed!!! they replaced my original screen with some refurbished screen which had a ghost like image at the center of the screen.

I vote never to go back to staples ever again.
Posted by Shawnusa on 2008-08-15:
Staples make more than 80% on the sale of plan. Sometimes, it is not necessary to get. I bought a plan, but when I called Staples for service, they told me to deal with mfg first, since it is still within 1 year. I do not need to pay shipping to the mfg, NOT like Staples told me...
Posted by beza on 2008-08-26:
Ever go through Best Buy's warranty? Or how about Circuit City? CompUSA? Repair work takes time. You were covered, you were reimbursed. They stood by the warranty. In fact staples is one of the only companies that even offers accidental coverage, so if you spill something on your new laptop - you SOL. Also as for the previous comments - where do you get your info, 80% ha, if they were making 80% they would charge less. 1. The company loses money with every laptop it sells. You pay $700 for that new HP laptop - well Staples just took a $100 hit. That warranty - they're lucky to get half in profits, so now staples is profiting $50. You purchase other accessories - well it depends on what you're buying - that profit margin could go up slightly or they may just break even. Now think about the associate who helped you - they pay him, and think about the time he spent. Now think about the repair work done on that PC - tech work is expensive. The way I see it you made out like a bandit. Now I'm not saying this multi billion dollar company is a charity by ANY MEANS , but they are an OFFICE SUPPLY super store - they're making their money from envelopes and paper and toner - not computers.
Posted by moonie7 on 2008-08-28:
Well, I just joined the "I hate Staples" club. I too was talked into a Staples extended Warranty 17 months ago when I bought a Samsung 20" Monitor. For $100 the salesman assured me I could walk in the door anytime during that warranty and for any reason, even if I just didn't like it, I would get full price trade in on a new monitor. HEE HEE HEE! How gullible am I? He was such a nice young man. He even did all the paperwork - filling out the forms on the computer and registering my product and warranty. So, today I tried that. LOL! You know the outcome of that I'm sure. No, you have to call the 800 # and "they will send you a Staples Cash Card to replace the monitor as you leave the defective one you leave with Staples at that time". But that wasn't true either, as I discovered when I called them. After two more inept people, I was sent to a 'Supervisor' who told me I must call a repair person in my city - gave me the name, address and # rather rudely. I called that repair person. He said that's not the way it's done. The Warranty company is to make first contact to the repairman with a work order, who would then call me. He had no such order. So, here it is.........lied to at the store, insulted by the store manager when trying to return the moniter, then treated very badly by 3 people on the phone and still don't have a monitor, a cash card or repair order for my monitor and who knows when I will. All because I not only bought a product from Staples, but was naive enough to believe they wanted to take care of their customers. Boo Hiss! Needless to say.......I won't buy so much as a piece of paper from them again. Maybe if we all truly boycott Staples.......it will go away! I want REAL customer service back. I pay for it....I deserve it!
Posted by mountainmommer on 2008-10-06:
It would seem that buying a warranty for "normal wear and tear" is a joke. How can we prove the faulty product was "normal" wear and tear? I was sold a warranty on my camera from staples and was actually told "you could drop it down the stairs and this warranty would replace your camera". Now that my lcd screen has stopped functioning I have been told it was not because of normal wear and tear and the warranty doesn't apply. I never even dropped the camera! Waste of 20 bucks for that warranty!!
Posted by nosretep on 2008-10-15:
I have the same issue with my laptop that ZZZZZZ mentions- the hinge on my laptop was/is loose,when screen is shut the laptop never seems shut tight. Over a period of time this became worse. About a week-10 days ago when I opened the screen up the frame around the screen -left corner - was split, cracked/broken. I sent back laptoptop via prepaid shipping box they sent. I had ongoing issue as well that wireless would not work on computer so I had to use wire/plug direct to router. So - did online chat to find out status of laptop today. I was told there was liquid damage and physical damage so no fix. Surprised about liquid damage but they said they have pictures so I didn't or haven't even begun to 'fight' them on that. I was dissatisfied that they would not fix the screen/hinges. I can't even open the screen without a huge struggle. I was told many times throughout conversation that the screen issue is physical damage and is not covered. Not pleased I then called Staples and spoke to supervisor. Explained hinge issue. She scoured the service plan contract for reasons not to cover the screen. Argued not physical damage but normal wear and tear. I was told plastic hinges not covered - asked her to point out where that was stated (it isn't stated), Then told because of the liquid damage that they wouldn't touch the computer. I argued that there are 2 different issues- the wireless not working, likely due to missing driver and the supposed liquid damage would not result in the screen not opening and the faulty hinge.Note that my service contract clearly states that I am allowed 1 screen replacement during term of plan. I asked what would warrant a 'legitimate'screen replacement in staples eyes. She said a scratch... Hmm,really??. Later in the conversation she said that the hinge was a cosmetic item -WHAT!!! - and would not be covered because cosmetic issues are not covered. But she told me a scratched screen would be covered, would't that be cosmetic ?, of course it would be! I asked specifically again, over and over about the 1x screen replacement and demanded that I get my 1x replacement. I was advised that this only covers a screen that does not work due to lighting etc.. Really, where does it state that,I asked - no where. So the conversation ended with the determination that the screen/hinge issue with my computer is not covered due to physical, accidental and cosmetic issue. My arguement back was that if you can't shut your car door, which you need to do to drive/use car, that would not be considered a cosmetic issue. I wonder how Staples determined hinge issue with ZZZZZZ's computer warranted a fix but not with mine. LIVID to say the least - I have a $1300 computer that I can't even open the screen on. I won't even start on the fraudulent statements made to me when I purchased the $200 plan from date of purchase.
Posted by staples.seller on 2009-09-20:
I work at Staples as an Easy Tech. The warranty actually tells you that you will be getting your money back on a Staples card. It says it right on the pamphelet. They never give you cash after your laptop breaks- especially with accidnetal damage. By the way, it doesn't sound like you purchased the accidental plan. You're lucky they did anything at all.
Posted by staples.seller on 2009-09-20:
Mountianmommer: Did you lcd screen break after the year was up?
Posted by Khawk2 on 2010-01-17:
Staples refused to take an HP computer back right after Christmas because it was bought on the 28 of October as a Christmas gift and when I bought it (for my 80 year old mother) they told me that taking it back would be no problem. I will never buy anything from them again. I almost bought from Best Buy and regret not spending my money there. They just lost yet another customer.
Posted by eraserhead on 2011-07-05:
Posted by urbanlady on 2011-09-02:
Staples in Ardmore is all about the money and not the customer. My Mom purchased 2 HP 300's, HP printer, staples warranty (hahaha), service protection, etc plus paid to have one of their Tech Members come out and install/hook up all the equipment bought. The tech took 2 hours to set up and install and left without fixing the printer issue. All I can say is this, PLEASE SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ELSEWHERE. The manager sends you to the warranty dept, they tell you it is a software issue *verified it is not with 4 calls to HP about the printer* and they (staples warranty) tell you all they can do it reformat the computer. My Mom and I are experiencing the same issue with our computers. One was set up by Staples Tech, mine I installed myself and the computers are acting the very same way. I bought another computer, hooked up the same printer and TaDa! Prints like a charm. Staples WILL NOT REPLACE THESE MACHINES! They want us to bring the computers into the store and have the Staples Tech that took 2 hours to set up and install to look at it in the store. They are a HUGE JOKE!! AGAIN, DO NOT BUY ANY TYPE OF COMPUTER, PRINTER OR WARRANTY FROM THEM BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND WHAT THEY SELL. Calling corporate tomorrow and the Better Business Bureau, no doubt that will do any good.
Posted by kisses on 2011-12-10:
Ugggg my son spilled a whole glass of pop on my computer and when I bought the warrenty and accidental they said "oh we will replace it with no problem" it wont turn on and when you hit the power button the disk drive ejects... its fried. I took it into Staples and they said 10 - 15 days just to see if they could fix it... huh?? I sent a laptop to Dell and they sent it back in 48 hours fixed so I know it doesnt take that long.... my laptop was on sale when I bought it, I was told they would replace it not "give you a gift card" thats not replacing it!!!! my nursing exam is monday and all my work is on that computer... :(
Posted by Fay, NC on 2012-05-03:
I teach online, I am a doctoral student-sent in mu HP laptop to Staples 3 times since Dec 2011. They keep sending back the same half fixed computer. Inconvience to say the least! I paid 350.00 for a 4 year warranty to REPLACE my computer for issues like this, this is what I was told by the sales rep Ivan who I have purchased almost all warranties with him and products in Fay, NC. Well I asked for a refund and they sent me a 1.00 check but could not explain where the 350.00 went towards. They said "about" 200.00 went to repair my computer (and outside company) by Staples that usually can't find anything wrong with the computer! The supervisor was rude and only gave me an address to contact someone higher. Nobody told me when I called that I would only get 1.00 and a broken computer back! Angry, Upset!
Posted by Marc on 2013-06-08:
Khawk2, Staples return policy is 14 days. It's printed on the receipt and anyone who works there can tell you that off the top of their head. Trying to use your 80 year old grandmother or Christmas as an excuse is a bad tactic. Staples is a business, not a charity. You're both old enough to read and understand a receipt and return policy, you just choose not to. This has nothing at all to do with their warranty services either. All your post is, is an adult baby crying because you didn't get what you want when you want it regardless of the established rules of the company... Everyone else posting seems to have a legitimate reason to be upset......
Posted by God on 2013-08-03:
And as for the person that sent their computer to Dell, had it fixed and shipped back to you in 48 hours is lying. That is not even possible.
Posted by 500 dollars lighter on 2014-02-05:
Staple does not honor insurance plans. Samsung does not honor warranty's. Tablets are a complete waste of money. Do not buy any thing you have to count on from staples period. I know shop best buy.
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Extended Warranty is a Rip-Off
Posted by Vickp1 on 02/08/2005
CALGARY -- I purchased a wireless telephone from Staples. At the time of purchase I decided to spend the extra money to get the "Extended Warranty" coverage which was supposed to add a second year to the manufacturer's 1 year warranty.
The phone failed about 18 months later. I sent the phone in for repair and was told that the cost of repair was more than the unit was worth so Staples would be sending me a cheque for $100 as a pay-out settlement. (The phone was originally worth about $150.)
In April it will be one year since I was promised my payment. I have followed up with many phone calls to the warranty service and I'm always told the same thing: “We are very backed up on our processing of claims...Your payment has been held up in the accounting department.”

I have not set foot in a Staples store since. And I will never again buy an extended warranty from Staples.
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Posted by FV on 2008-07-24:
The warranty program is actually done by a separate company. If you contact your local Staples location, the manager does have escalation numbers that they can call within Staples to press the issue with the outside insurance company.
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Staples Rebate Policy
Posted by on 07/31/2002
GOSHEN, INDIANA -- On two separte occaisons, I have purchased products from Staples that included mail in rebates. On 10/3/01 I bought a 9-Pack of CD-Rs along with a case for holding CDs. These items had $6.00 and $15.00 mail in rebates, respectively. I mailed the two rebates out on 10/5/01 and checked for several months their status on their site, staplesrebates.com. Although the site said that the checks had been mailed, I never received them. I called their customer support at 877-266-6483 and the representative told me the rebates had been mailed and cashed. I asked for tracking information such as the bank it was cashed at, or the person who cashed it and they could not provide me with this information. As it was only a total of $21.00, I decided to forget it and move on. On 3/21/02 I bought a scanner from Staples again, this time with a $50.00 rebate. I mailed the rebate out on 3/25/02. Same as the last time, the web site said all was processed and done. I called their customer service again on 7/31/02. They once again could not provide me with any further info about who cahsed this check or when/where. Staples sends their rebates as postacards with no envelope. Anyone these checks come accross could simply scribble my name and then sign theirs and cash this check. With no envelope, this is simply a check floating around the country. With no information about who cashed the check and where, I have no recourse when they simply tell me it was "cashed". After the first incident, I have asked on the rebate form that the check to be sent in an envelope and have called customer service to request this but they have never complied. I keep careful track of rebates and I know I never recevived them, no less cashed them. Thank you very much for any help you could provide.
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Posted by rrjeep on 2004-08-27:
I think the mailing of rebates as post cards stinks. The issuing company doesn't really care who cashes the rebate.
Posted by JayB on 2005-08-04:
Please note that the rebates are provided by the manufacturer - NOT Staples.
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Redeem a Gift Card Online - Not at Staples
Posted by Dave B. on 12/26/2007
So, I get a Gift Card from Staples for Christmas. I go to the store to redeem it for a product. It is out of stock, but I am told that I can order it online. I ask can I use my Gift Card. The store employee says "no problem." So, I go home, and I log onto the Staples.com website via my home computer and pick out an item worth the $150 that the card was valued at. What happens? The online support folks say, "You cannot use a Staples Gift Card online. You must travel to the store and use the card there, so it can be 'swiped' at a register." It is 2007 and this seems like it is a mom and pop operation from a dozen years ago, before Internet shopping became a popular method of conducting business and gift giving.

I mean, what if Apple sold iTunes Gift Cards that could only be redeemed at an Apple Store? They would not be leading the charge for customer service, as they are. Staples, well, they just want you to waste gasoline and travel to one of their stores, so that you can redeem your card. Some 'gift' to the consumer.
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Posted by yoke on 2007-12-27:
Then why did the associate tell him he could?
Posted by yoke on 2007-12-27:
I was not arguing with you. I made the comment that he was told he could use it online, which was false. You would think the associate would know that.
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Staples Rebate
Posted by Jerryma21 on 02/20/2009
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Don't go to staples an think you will get your Rebate in 2 week like I was told..
I was told I could get a rebate in 2 weeks By doing it on the internet. But when I tired it said I would have to mail it in. I called Staples HQ. An was told that they would take care of it I did not have to mail it in. But when I called I was told the check was in the mail Seeing I did not get it. they was putting a stop payment on it an sending out a new check.

This is from 1/12/09 its 6 weeks later an was told I would get the new check by Feb 27th. Its poor service.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-20:
Look at ALL your mail. The checks are printed on cards that look like junk mail.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-02-20:
Passingby is absolutely correct....look at all your mail. I know nothing about the Staples rebate you are speaking of but do remember receiving a recall notice on a car I owned, that looked like junk mail, and was glad I opened the mail. There have been several other instances when I have received mail and almost tossed it in the trash before reading. DO NOT depend on the return address for a clue. Open it, take a look and then toss in the trash. Do get back with us and let us know if you receive your check.
Posted by Trybeingme1684 on 2009-03-10:
Okay, please if you are going to complain about something. CHECK YOUR SPELLING!!!! Also, have you ever gotten a rebate in two weeks? I am sorry but it takes a little while to get. Normally 3 to 4 weeks. If it is with Staples and around 6 weeks if it is through the company who made the product.
Posted by iammelinda on 2010-04-23:
i dont think you would have been told two weeks, but if you were, the associate was probably new. it takes four to six weeks and you receive in the form of a visa card that you can use anywhere. maybe you didn't fill out the form correctly? if you go into staples, the manager can help you out and resumbit it for you.
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Staples Rejects Every 3 Rebates
Posted by FoianZ on 09/12/2005
I do about 150+ Rebates a year but staples is one of the worst (Kingston Will never reject a rebate... EVER... but thats another story). I have sent 12 Rebates with them last week and 4 came back incomplete, saying the rebate is VOID... Just call them and they change it back... Its an easy solution but u have 2 call them.
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Posted by Ray_dee_o on 2005-12-27:
I wouldn't say that Kingston would never, ever reject a rebate claim. They just rejected mine, saying it was postmarked late. Rebates had to be mailed within 14 days and I mailed mine in 2 days. They said it arrived one week late. But actually they should go by the postmark date, not the arrival date. I have copies of all documents but cannot do anything about the mail service!
Posted by x64 on 2006-08-10:
Why are you sending rebates? Just type them in online.
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Mailmate Shredders & Product Replacement Plan
Posted by Shredded on 05/09/2009
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- STAPLES Mailmate shredders are not reliable. I would never buy another one. I bought one last year and within the year it broke right away. The replacement shredder also stopped working in two months.

When I went back to Staples to replace the second one, they said that model has been discontinued.

It was still within 1 year since the purchase and since the product replacement plan does not take into effect until 1 year from date of purchase, I was told to call Staples service department... in the end they asked me to ship the shredder to Staples for repair... the cost of shipping was not worth it.

I waited until the product replacement plan took into effect this week... Went back to Staples to inquire about replacement... I was told that when the first one broke and I was given a replacement shredder that the product replacement plan is now null...

Totally does not make sense... I thought the replacement plan is activated after the one year Staples warranty is up.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-09:
Did you ever oil the shredder? Failure to oil the blades will cause them to gum up resulting in an overheated motor.
Posted by Hawks_SeasonTicket_Holder on 2009-05-14:
I too have had a shredder from Staples quit working on me. And yes, I did proper maintenance on it. The replacement plan worked for me, I called them up and explained to them that their product was junk. So they sent me the gift card in the mail to get a new one. Except I just sold that card on ebay, as who wants to replace a bad product with another bad product?
But this response is towards the Replacement Plan. It is good for one year, or one replacement, whichever comes first. If the product breaks and you get it replaced, did the plan not work? You can always buy a replacement plan on the second shredder too.
Posted by Malbase on 2012-05-17:
I made a mistake by purchasing a Staples Shredder. My old non-Staples Shredder last over ten years. The Staples Shredder I traded in for lasted just over a year. I know of other people who have had a similar problem with Staples Shredders. Oiling does not help.
It appears there is a faulty fuse in the Staple Shredders.
The best thing to do is to wait till Staples or any other company offer a shredder trade in Then trade your Staples Shredder for a Fellowes or Royal Shredder. Or for that matter any other non-Staples Shredder.
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Gift Cards Still Not Accepted Online
Posted by Nalarl on 01/05/2009
It's 2009, yet Staples still does not accept gift cards on-line.

If you poke around on the Internet, you'll see that this has been a complaint for 2+ years, and *lots* of people have observed this problem. There's even a very funny YouTube video about this.

When I called the number on the back of the gift card yesterday, they encouraged me to call the Customer Relations department.

When I spoke to the Customer Relations department this morning, the gentleman I spoke to made it sound like this was a rare complaint, and something they have no plans to fix. I encourage all of you to call and make sure Staples knows this is *NOT* a rare complaint. The Customer Relations department is 800-338-0252.

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Posted by Ponie on 2009-01-05:
I've never used a Staples gift card so don't know the answer to this question. If they're not accepted for online purchases, wouldn't it be stated on the gift card? If not, I feel your complaint is valid. If it is, well...
Posted by SaderDay on 2009-10-26:
You're missing the point Ponie. The gift card does explicitly state that it is only redeemable in stores. But the larger point here is that many other retailers make their gift cards redeemable online and in stores.

Therefore Staples has no valid excuse to not follow the tide into the 21st century. The only reason I can think of for Staples not to make cards redeemable online is to make it harder to use them. After all Staples already has the cash for the card, why make the card easier to use?

Just don't ask about the easy button in this case folks ;)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-27:
Sader, you said "Therefore Staples has no valid excuse to not follow the tide into the 21st century."

YES they do. It is THEIR company and can do what they want. Just because one store does it doesn't mean they all do or will or even WANT to.

Borders gives you discounts on your receipts when you shop in the store. You can't use the discounts online.
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