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Worst Place to Go for Computer Repair
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTHBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I brought my computer to Staples for repair because I had purchased it there. They ran diagnostics on it and told me that it had viruses and to repair it would cost $160. I paid the $160 and was told that it would be done in a couple of days. 4 days later I had not heard anything from them so I called to find out the status. I was then told that there were still issues but they could fix it, however it would entail them removing all of the program data and upgrading to the newest operating system, reloading programs then downgrading back to the original operating system (system is stating that the operating system is not a genuine copy).

I purchased the display model of this computer and when I went to restore it back to the factory settings, that is when I received this message. Back to the restore process - they were going to start this on Wednesday and said it was a lengthy process. I called on Thursday and was told that the tech that was working on it would be coming onto his shift in 15 minutes and he would have him call me. I waited 3 1/2 hours and received no call.

I again called there and was connected to the tech that was handling the repair (he happened to be the manager of the tech dept) and he was very rude. Told me he was busy and didn't have time to call me, then stated that there were people lining up and he couldn't finish the conversation but would call me back before he left his shift at 6:00. Yes, you guessed it! No call back by 5:30 so I drove there (it is only 10 minutes away) and was told he had already left for the day. I spoke with a very nice tech named Tim who I thought was very helpful and he told me that he would start the process of the restore (I had already thought it had been started).

Friday morning I get a call from yet another tech who said I had 2 options - #1 Disable the automatic updates so I could still use the computer or #2 credit the money I paid to purchase a new one (from them of course). I asked what happened to the option of the data restore and he said, "Oh, we could do that!" This was supposed to have been started twice now!

Later on Friday I received a call from yet another tech who told me because I needed the computer by Monday, they couldn't do the restore and that I would have to purchase a new one. Seriously, does ANYONE there know what's going on???? I asked about getting the refund to purchase it somewhere else, and of course that is not an option. Lesson learned - do NOT do business with Staples!!!

EasyTech Destroyed All of My Data
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I had a slow computer and brought it to the Staples in Columbia, SC which is about 40 miles away. It took several weeks to get the computer back. Initially they said that they had an issue with 1 program on the computer and could not figure out how to put that program back on the computer, but later said they figured it out. I was told they reinstalled the OS. When I got it back there was still a problem. This time that the system would freeze if left on for more than a day or so and there were errors with some programs.

When I called and they did not reinstall the OS because of that program but tried to fix the problem anyway. I brought back. Again they said they found and fixed the problem but that the computer would have to be turned off every 2 days. I brought it back. Now they said the only way to fix it was to reinstall the OS, which is what they told me was done the first time. The program that they could not figure out how to reinstall took me 1 email to Fujitsu to resolve. So I agreed. At one point I even told them that if it could not be fixed I would get a new computer and transfer the data to it.

When I got the computer back I found that they deleted ALL of my data. No back-up and reinstall. It was never hinted, implied, suggested that all of my data would be gone. Before they talked about backing everything up and reinstalling it. They said the data is gone that the reinstall deletes all data. Who wipes out all data? Even with cell phones the most first issue when people change phones is not losing data, i.e: phone numbers.

I called the Office of the President, ** and spoke to **. He said he would talk to upper management and get back to me. I explained that a major problem anytime I brought a computer in was poor communication from the EasyTech people. The tech guys do not even have the ability to send or receive emails. Accordingly, I asked, and he promised, that he would call me back that afternoon even if he did not have an answer. That afternoon came and went, but no call. The next day I left a message with ** and no call back.

Today I left a message and no call back, but I did get an email from **. He looked into the matter and since he was not there for the conversations and Staples' paperwork says that there is the risk of loss of some data, the case is closed. So much for discussing it with upper management. I emailed him back asking that he call me to discuss this and he replied through email that “would not be anything that Staples could address in terms of further resolution at this time.” He closed the case. No call from **.

They hide behind “risk of loss of some data” but this was the deliberate deletion of all data. When they first mentioned the restore they said they would back up the data. They had the ability of creating a back-up but chose not to. The customer service chat agent was of no help, but did give me their corporate office at 1-877-235-9088. I have left a message for **. But, for now I am left with an old computer, no programs, no data, but an apology. Beware of EasyTech, unless you are willing to have all of your data lost.

In general avoid Staples if you have any expectation of customer service, good communications and thought that they will make any effort to provide customer satisfaction or even discuss an amicable resolution. AVOID STAPLES AND EASYTECH. Remember, the only problem was a slow computer. If they were an auto repair store it's like bringing a car in for a tune-up and getting it back as a block of scrap metal. “Oops, sorry. We told you we were not responsible for providing quality work. Enjoy your car and come back and see us again.”

Horrible Customer Service at Copy and Print Station
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Rating: 1/51

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I went into a Staples Store at the Route 59, Naperville, IL location and went directly to the copy and print service desk. There were 2 employees behind the counter working and not a single customer in line waiting on a service. So I went directly up to the desk, and waited patiently for someone to approach me and ask what they could help me with. However, the first thing that came out of anybody's mouth, was from the lady sitting behind the service desk working on a computer, and she told me that she was about to clock out so I needed to wait for the man in the back to help me. I wasn't even greeted with a polite hello.

So I just said okay and waited for the man to finish up his cutting project. The man came over to me after probably just a minute and asked if I was printing something out and if I had a file on a USB disk with me. And I said yes. And he asked me how many pages I needed to print, and I told him only 2. So he explained to me that I could use a computer they had set up for self assistance, and just plug my USB in and print directly from the computer.

I thought this is great, because I only have 2 pieces of paper I need printed, and I am computer savvy, so this is a very convenient thing to have for people like me that just need to get in and get out, with a very small order. But once I plugged my USB into the computer, I saw that you charge 20 cents a minute for the convenience of using your computer. I think that is absolutely ridiculous to charge a customer to use a computer on top of what they have to pay to print, when Staples has people working at the print station that are meant to service customers for that exact need!

So I decided not to get charged for using the computer, when there is an employee working at Staples that can print my order, and there is not a single other customer in line. Well, then the man tells me that I am going to have to wait until he has finished up with his cutting project, and then he can help me. So he took time out of his cutting project to teach me about the computer and how to use it, and then goes directly back to his project. But he cannot take 2 more minutes out of his time to print the 2 pieces of paper, I, the customer, need printed?!?

I am absolutely in shock that Staples runs their business like this. I have to wait for an employee that is paid to be in customer service to finish up his project, when he has his entire shift to cut paper, instead of help the one customer they have in the store. And my only other option is to pay additional to do it myself. An employee that works in customer service is hired to help customers! Not to tell them they have to wait until they are finished up with their project. And another little anecdote... the lady that told me she was clocking out, was still working on the computer when I left.

Best Customer Service Ever!
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Rating: 5/51

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I can't thank ** enough. I had an issue with my All-in-One computer that I purchased at Best Buy. It was a touch screen and it became obsessed and would do things on its own. I took it to Best Buy, it was under warranty, and they couldn't figure it out and quoted "we've never seen this" and said it must be a hardware issue and it was going to cost me a lot to fix it. I wanted a second opinion, so I brought it to ** at Staples... it's where I had purchased my laptop from years ago. ** figured out the problem in 5 minutes.

The touch screen was the issue, not the hardware. He was able to disable it for me to go back to Best Buy and deal with it. I also brought my laptop into Best Buy to see if they could fix my USB port, the laptop had fallen with a thumb drive in it. Best Buy told me it was unfixable and that it would be better to just buy a new computer. Fast forward a couple months, and my laptop hadn't been used, so when I turned it on, it had over 48 updates and I couldn't do it. I called ** at your location, and he remembered me (that was a good feeling) and said he's take a look at it.

That very same day, he called to let me know the bad news... it wasn't working, but with a new hard drive it could. He fixed my laptop, upgraded it from a Vista to Windows 8 (he said it was a good enough computer to be able to do it AND fixed the USB port without a problem). Now I'm back up and running thanks to **. If I ever have any issues - I'm returning to **. He always answers my questions and gives me the solution not just the "Hard Sell"... even the little of questions.

Computer Repair - Buyer Beware
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Rating: 1/51

MT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS -- After my Dell laptop overheated, I brought it into Staples for evaluation and asked them to remove a system disk that I had put into the disk drive. They told me that they connected it to some tools that evaluated the system, and that the motherboard needed to be replaced. When I asked what that would cost, they told me it would be about $400. I can buy a new computer for a little more! They had stated that they had my disk and I could come and pick it and the laptop up at any time.

When I arrived, they did not have the disk. They looked for it and after about 1 week, I suggested that they look in my laptop, maybe they did not remove it. The tech started to dismantle the laptop from the bottom, only to learn that you can only reach the CD drive from the top. After another couple of days, they called me and said they found the disk in the laptop. When I went to pick up the laptop this time, I noticed the power light was on. I was able to logon to the system, but the built-in mouse was not functioning.

The manager told me that if they fixed this, that the motherboard may not work, and that it was up to me if I wanted to take the risk. I was upset because the mouse had been working just fine when it overheated and it was their activity that caused it to break. Another 3 days to get this fixed, but I went home happy. The laptop was working. I removed the battery from the laptop and that has eliminated the overheating problem. If I would have listened to Staples' evaluation, I would be out $600-$700 for a new laptop.

I would not recommend taking your PC or laptop to Staples in Mt Prospect for repairs or evaluation. I do not think their staff is qualified to work on computers. Their management does not take ownership of problems caused by the staff.

Staples Computer Repair - SCARY BUSINESS
By -

BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Staples just proved to us that they don't care about their customers...and what's more, they ruined our Christmas! We took our Apple PowerMac G5 in to the Boone, NC location in November, because they were running an offer where they would do diagnostics and fix anything for a set price. Sounded good, as we were having problems shutting down, an issue with the logic board.

Since we work from home, we were concerned about how long it would be in service and were assured 7-14 days. Two weeks, max, they promised. When the 14 days had passed, we called and they said they had not even sent it out to the repair shop yet. A week later, we called and they said they needed us to mail them a cable. Frustrated, we asked for the computer to be returned asap (we were already losing work for down-time). Because they had it so long and did not fix it, they honored our request for a refund. When asked what had been done, they told us "just diagnostics."

Knowing the condition of our G5, we prepared for its return by buying another bare-bones G5 and figured we'd put the hard drive in it and get back to work. When the computer finally arrived, all the files and programs on it were gone. Whereas it is their policy to 'strip' a computer if they are replacing hard drives, they 1) claimed that nothing had been done to it and 2) had no reason to scrub or replace the hard drives which were both working properly.

We called Staples to find out why they had done this if they had only performed 'diagnostics' and it did not need a new hard drive. We were assured that someone from the 'President's Office' would call us back, and they never did. Follow-up calls were met by people who said everyone was out of the office for the holidays and to call back later. We opened it up to move the hard drives to the new G5 and found that the back-up hard drive was jammed in wrong and had broken prongs. Also, where the main hard drive holding all of our files and programs should have been, was an empty 2005 version.

Today when we called the 'President's Office' we were treated rudely, as if we had no reason to call and ask for help. We were talked down to sarcastically, and assured that our experience was 'standard procedure.' That's scary. Treating customers badly and ruining their equipment is standard procedure? In this economy, customer service will come back or you won't find us putting our hard-earned money to work for STAPLES! That is, once we CAN get back to work.

Computer Service - Virus VS. RAM?
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Rating: 2/51

YUMA, ARIZONA -- I was truly hoping that we could depend on Staples to clean up our computer when it was running so slow. We travel in our RV, and I wanted to give Staples a try so we could continue using their service as we travel. We took the computer in and asked them to "clean out the unnecessary garbage and the start up folder," and diagnose what was causing the freezing and slow performance. They did nothing to clean out the unused programs, and their diagnosis came back that the computer had 2 viruses, even though Norton was installed and active on this computer.

They charged more $$ to purchase a plan giving us the privilege to bring it in to take the viruses off for the next year. Because I was out of town, my husband believed them and went ahead with their advice. A month later, when we landed in FLA, and the computer was still doing the exact same thing it had always done.... freezing and slow. I took the computer back to Staples here. This time, the service department said it is obviously a RAM issue, and needs to have at least double the RAM put in. Another $200 expense. There was NO question on my part that this computer DID NOT have viruses. I KNEW that was not the problem.

You have lost a customer now. I had been warned of the lack of knowledge and poor quality of Staples' computer service department, but wanted to give it a try. I did. NOTE: I rated this 2 Stars, rather than 1 Star, because the service person here was wonderful; but I'm not putting more $$ into this computer after paying for unsuccessful service in Yuma and paying for unnecessary Virus Protection that did not solve our original issue.

Expert Knowledge of "Easy Tech" Sr Certified Tech **
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Rating: 5/51

TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- I was struck with a deadly VIRUS a week ago. My internet provider is Comcast. I pay each month for computer assistance. I had called 1-800-COMCAST for assistance. I was attached to a tech in Fla. This person may have been a politician by the way she danced around my problem. She finally said she could not me. So she transferred me to a Tech in Texas. That person could not help either and transferred me to Kentucky. It gets better - I was transferred to the Philippines... no luck then to NJ - they tried but no luck - so I was transferred to Missouri, then back to the Philippines again. There I spoke to a tech that tried to help.

I had told each of the spots I was transferred to that the female in Florida had started a service ticket and told me it would cost $199 to have a Service Tech come to my home in New Jersey. Back to the Philippines, this Tech was very helpful and tried to do something. But when he checked there was no info concerning my problem. I was told it would cost an additional $99 to expedite the home visit. This all happened over the course on 1 hour and 10 minutes. A total of $298.

I then hung up and went to STAPLES!!! What a good move. There is where I met **. He saw that I was extremely upset. He spoke to me and not at me. He explained the policy of the store for repairs. He suggested the best plan and after his explaining what it covered, I choose that plan. ** had found almost 200 affected items on my computer.

In my estimation, ** is a Doctor of Computers. The expertise that he showed was nothing less than spectacular. Knowing exactly what to say to the customer, calming the customer and reassuring the customer that "All will be OK". Boy, what a representative for your organization. I would put ** in the Outstanding Employee of the Month status.

Computer Viruses
By -

PLANT CITY, FLORIDA -- I'm hoping my experience will get out to a few people and will get passed on about this store at 1866 Jim Redman Pkwy. I have just moved here from out of state about 6 months ago due to the economy and I don't know where a lot of places are so I took my desktop computer to Staples on a Sunday to have it cleaned up of viruses, malware and Trojans. Now I'm not the smartest person on the computer but I do have a fair amount of knowledge to know how to troubleshoot and find some problems.

With that being said, at first I was not impressed with the IT guy that was there. I explained to him what was going on with my unit, he seemed to talk in circles without saying anything when explaining what was happening and what he could do and told me that he would have it taken care of in a few days. Reluctantly I left it with him. My wife called a few days later and asked how things are going, she was told that they are just getting started with it and had a few more things to do.

A week went by and I called, I was told that they found the problem and should be ready by that afternoon. When I went to pick up my computer that Tech recommended a different anti-virus so we bought it at a price of $60-70 (total price of this experience was about $200). When I got my computer back my background photo was wiped out, my defragmenter, calculator and a few other programs and icons were missing. Needless to say I was not taking it back. I dealt with it until a week ago 12/9/11 when I had another issue with a Trojan. When I explained to the Tech what was happening with my computer he knew exactly what had happened and I dropped it off.

To make this long story short, that Tech found OVER 1600 Trojans, malware, worms and other viruses. When I approached the manager of Staples he basically told me that the warranty had run out and that's too bad. DO NOT HAVE YOUR COMPUTER SERVICED AT STAPLES.

Every third month is broken
By -

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I bought my laptop in the Staples & they offered me if I want to buy one more year extra insurance, and I got it. They told me if my laptop break they'll fix it, and if it's break more than 3 times, they'll replace it. But guess what? My laptop broke 5 times :/ Still didn't get any replacement. It's always same problem (black screen, shutting down by itself)...

Every third month my laptop is broken and I'm dropping off to the Staples so they can fix it, and they were keeping my laptop 3 or more weeks, which means, they spent more time with my laptop than I did. Anyway, last time I insisted for replacement, they told me I need to speak with someone else. They can tell me anything about it, so they gave me the number of some supervisor from Staples. I called and explained what was the problem, and lady goes like "Can you take battery from your laptop, and plug in, then start your laptop, then shut it down, then put a battery", then this and that…

So of course I told her "I'm sorry I can't fix it. I can't test it. Even people from service couldn't do anything about it. They were just fixing temporary..." So I told her I want to speak to somebody else about replacement, then I got so, some guy on the phone, and I explained to him everything, every detail, but he told me that I can't get any replacement because my laptop was fixed two times at the HP and 2 times at the Staples... and I go "so??"

Then he told me my laptop should be fixing 5 times at the Staples, then we can talk about replacement. OMG. I was totally upset, 'cause they really don't care about it, they don't care about anything, they just care how to sell it to you & that's all - later just forget about them.

Anyway, I drop off for the 5th time my laptop to the Staples, and told them they should fix it as soon as possible, 'cause I have to go to Europe (in 20 days) & stay there for a 4 months & I need it as soon as possible. I call them today and they said my laptop should be fixed in 3 weeks... They are CRAZY!!! I said, "I don't care anymore, just want replacement!!!" So they are supposed to call me. I'M NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING OVER THERE!!! I'm not going to make step in that store!!! Bad, bad, bad.

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