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Rewards Point Scam
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Rating: 3/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Staples still offers great rewards when you turn in ink. EXCEPT good luck using them. I picture a bunch of execs sitting around looking at a P&L saying - “How can we increase our bottom line? We could make it so we reduce the likelihood of customers redeeming their rewards coupons!” Make them wait a month for points to show up and then within 2 months they are gone. Then if we don't integrate those rewards points with our registers, customers will forget they even had any rewards, and in 2 months they'll be gone anyway!”

I have turned in 100s over the years. When they stopped mailing you a coupon - which I get - they also eliminated visibility, and make it a PITA in store to credit them. Yep, they send you an email - one of hundreds a day we all get - so they're off the hook. Right? Walgreens asks you at checkout if you want to redeem rewards. I wasn't even aware I had. Not Staples, you know, the store that offers computers and software.

If you remember, you have to go over to a separate computer, see if you have rewards. If you remember your password, grab the long number and take it back to the counter for them to let it in to apply. If there wasn't the capability to do this automatically - ok. But there is. We live in a capitalist society. That means I vote with my dollar. I'm spending my vote elsewhere.

Rewards Program Scam
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Rating: 1/51

JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI -- Bought a computer August 30, 2017 online. Purchased an additional monitor in September. I called 4 times since then due to no rewards and was told it takes time. Spoke today with Shawna (TOTALLY UNHELPFUL and VERY UNCARING) at 800-333-3330 and told I don't earn rewards online that I used a major credit card. LIE. Money came directly out of my bank account. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM STAPLES. SCAMMERS.

Disappointed. Ink Rewards Customer Rip Off!
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I have been with Staples since 2009 with our Business. They recently closed the Los Lunas, NM Store so we've had to do our Empty ink cartridges now in Albuquerque. We've given them 40 cartridges between both store and two transactions without any credit to our account. Both times I called and they are unwilling to accept responsibility. I cannot locate the recent receipt for the last 20 cartridges, but I have called them before on the first 20 before the store closing and I figured this out when I went in to buy a printer from them and the credit was not there.

LESSON? Do not trust the cashiers, they are thieves. Make sure to get the receipt and enter the number of the receipt yourself. The world is dark now, people do not care and they will steal from us. Customer Service is not going to help us without us being purposeful and keeping folks accountable. This is the first time since being with Staples this has happened, not once, but twice now. I have always trusted people, but no more and this is truly my fault for trusting. Buyer beware.

Faulty Rebate (Again)
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Rating: 1/51

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently purchased a $55 box of printing paper from because they were having a deal where if you bought it that day you'd get a $35 Visa Pre-Paid card as a rebate. I bought the paper, printed a receipt from my online purchase and waited for my paper to arrive. Staples estimate was that it would take about a week to arrive at my home, though I was very surprised when it arrived a few days later. I then went to submit my rebate information with their “Easy” Rebate Center. The first thing they asked for when I got to their site was my rebate offer number.

They listed three different places that you could find the number, namely, on the e-mail order confirmation I received after placing my order online, my printed receipt that I printed after making my online purchase, or on the packing slip that came with the shipment. I had already filed my receipt and didn't want to have to go searching for it so I decided to look up the number in the confirmation e-mail. After scouring through the e-mail I could find no trace of the rebate number. I decided that I'd look on the packing slip that came with my box of paper. Again, I couldn't find any rebate number.

I pulled out my receipt that I had printed and luckily there was the rebate offer number. I entered the number and the necessary information and submitted the information. A few days later I received an e-mail from their rebate center telling me that there was a problem with my rebate information. They claimed that the rebate number that I had entered didn't exist in their system and that I must have either made a typo or that rebate offer didn't exist. “Ok”, I thought, “I'm human, I make mistakes. I could have easily mistyped the number”. Upon further inspection I discovered that I had not mistyped the number, but that my rebate didn't exist in their system.

As could be expected, I was not happy. I attempted to chat with a customer service representative on their website, but their chat window has got bugs or something. I could read everything that the representative was typing to me, but I could not type anything to them in response. I was forced to write an e-mail and explained the situation. I received a response about a week later informing me that their system is on the fritz and that it has been sending out random “invalid” notices to people. The e-mail also mentioned that according to their records a rebate had been mailed February 3 and should arrive at my house in 7-10 business days.

Today, ten business days later, I received a paper card in the mail with the following message on it: “Dear Consumer, thank you for participating in the Multipurpose Paper Ream Case promotion. Unfortunately, we could not honor your request due to the following reason(s): Invalid Purchase Date”.

I am very disappointed with Staples and their rebate system. I remember many occasions, usually around Christmas time, when my father has attempted to buy things from Staples, both online and in store, that had rebate promotions with them. He was never successful at receiving one of those rebates. I guess I can say this for Staples, they are consistent. I for one am tired of dealing with such an unorganized and dishonest company.

I have contacted their customer service again and am currently awaiting a response, but I will never buy anything from Staples again and would urge others to do the same; unless, of course, you enjoy getting cheated of your money, but that's up to you.

Attorney General Needs To Launch Formal Investigation
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- On June 11, 2013 I went to my local Staples, a store I've been purchasing all manner of office products from since 2007. I have turned in ink cartridges, purchased paper, utilized their Copy Center for our unique holiday card printing, etc. On this trip, after providing my Rewards number, I asked the cashier why I had never received my Rewards.

The cashier called Customer Service where I spoke to **. He was friendly in demeanor, and after looking up my records admitted that I'd been a Rewards member since 2007, but for some odd reason had not been receiving my Rewards. I told him that I had spent untold dollars over that past 6 years, and was not happy about no Rewards showing up.

The Rewards program has one register with their email, and in my understanding, presumably if enough is spent in a given period a Reward coupon based on a percentage of the purchases or ink cartridge returns is issued. He couldn't understand what had happened in my case. But, after a bit of negotiating, Kyle offered me $100 dollars in Staples Rewards, to be delivered at one time, and to be used as I wished. I agreed to that offer, and felt the situation had been if not wonderfully, at least reasonably resolved.

He sent me a screen shot of my registration data indicating all was just as it should be. But then I only was given a single $20 dollar Staples Reward coupon on the Staples website. I wrote him again about 2 weeks later when nothing more had been sent me, and he explained that due to internal workings, the remaining $80 dollars in Staples Rewards would arrive in July.

And then on July 8, 2013 I get a letter from Staples thanking me for taking the time to call Customer Service and telling me how valuable my input is to their effort to improve their performance, along with... wait for it... only a $20 dollar Staples Reward coupon instead of the $80 dollars in Rewards ** guaranteed I'd receive in one delivery (having already received $20)!

I wrote ** again, and he said he'd look into it. In my letter I expressed my understandable disgust and fury at first not receiving the Staples Rewards due me for 6 years(!), but also for him telling me to expect $100 dollars in Rewards only a couple of days after we initially spoke, a sum that never was delivered, then subsequently telling me it would come in July, which never happened either!!! Shock! ** and Staples now refuse to respond to any communication from me, including emails like, "**, I've not heard back from you. Please let me know where this situation stands."

In my case Staples has been given a number of opportunities and failed multiple times to deliver what I was told it would deliver. I would very much like to see them formally investigated so as to determine, among other things, the veracity of my claim, and if my claim is indeed valid, how many other people out there are in the same or similar boat.

Spam Rewards Program Be Careful!!!
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Rating: 1/51

ALL US, ARIZONA -- They have some sort of rewards problem. I am pretty sure that Staples is doing spam business. They claim that they will give 5% on every purchase: **. They also claim that they will give rewards on the ink cartridge recycle, if we do some ink purchase: **.

On Jan 2013, they have the promotion that if I purchased over 50 dollar ink cartridge from Staples. I could do the ink recycle to earn the rewards for $4 dollar each. I could not find the original website, but I found something similar from a deal search website: **. From Nov 2012 to May 2013, I have more than $400 rewards money in the account. I tried to purchase a laptop in using these rewards on March. However, the order was cancelled, and they forfeited me rewards.

So, I made a phone call to their rewards department, arguing about the rewards they promise to us. They just avoid my question. They said that I am been told that I could not purchase online, so the rewards using online will be forfeit. And then, they said something else, saying that due to the record that I have too many rewards, they will not honor that, even if it is what they promised.

Someone even told me that I look that a reseller, and they do not give reseller rewards. I told them to check all the terms on their rewards program. There is no word saying that rewards could not be used online, or we could not issue too many rewards, or reseller do not get the rewards.

At last, when they could not find a reason for their mistake, you know what they did? They said that they would forfeit all of rewards from ink-recycling and purchase. Not only that they closed my account to avoid troubles that I could print all the evidence out. 00 dollar! WOW! Staples recycled the cartridges and then manufacture to sell. They made huge money from that. Now, their program is persuading people to purchase their cartridge, do the recycle, then forfeit your account. You get nothing, but Staples earns money! GREAT SPAM on your rewards program!

A Damned SCAM
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Rating: 2/51

NORTH BABYLON, NEW YORK -- I have had a Staples Rewards account since July 2008. I haven't used it much until last year when I spent almost $600.00 at the store being sure to give my rewards account number with each and every purchase. The cashiers always make sure to ask you if you have a rewards card (like you'll be getting some kind of savings in return). What they don't tell you is that it only works for purchasing business quantity ink & toner, cases & reams of paper, and the copy & printing service.

The other thing they want you to do is check online to see IF you have anything awarded back (I have a life Staples! Yours is NOT the website I log onto when I do have time it browse the web!!). Why not just mail back a small percentage of what folks spend in your store every so often. It would be a nice surprise to find in the mail that would surely keep me coming back to your store. You have just turned me off as a customer & I won't be coming back!!

The Rewards Program is an Absolute Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- The rewards program is an absolute sham. Your points do not accumulate and expire soon after your purchase. Despite buying several hundred dollars of merchandise over a brief period of time, I have yet to reap any "rewards" from their program.

Recently, I bought toner and copier paper and spent over a hundred dollars. Moreover, I brought in four used ink cartridges and was supposed to be credited two dollars a piece for them that would be applied to my rewards. For the copier paper, I was supposed to get 10% credited back to my "rewards". Shortly after this transaction, I went online to print my "rewards". To my surprise, the "rewards" had already expired. The purchase was only two weeks back.

Rewards - Ink/Toner Recycling program - Not So Easy
By -

PARKER, COLORADO -- In December my Local Staples store told me that if I were to recycle my HP Toner Cartridges, I would earn double rewards if I purchased a Toner Cartridge from them. This was NOT true. I did not need a $150 toner cartridge at the time. They told me that I could recycle up to 3 cartridges (for a total of $18). A month later I received a check for only $9. I called the store (where I purchased the cartridge) and they assured me that I should have gotten the double rewards. Next I called the Rewards 800 number. After waiting 40 minutes to talk to someone, the support person told me that I was misinformed.

I felt that I was tricked into making a purchase that I did not need. I told the Rewards Customer support person that I would not be shopping at Staples anymore. The Office Depot, right across the street has much better deals, has excellent customer support and they have always been truthful with me and my business. It's easier (and cheaper) for me to shop at Office Depot.

Staples Coupon Scams - Rewards Huh!
By -

NORTH CONWAY, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I own a small business and I shopped at Staples for my office equipment and Supplies. I have had problems in the past with Staples Rebates so I avoid all rebate offers through Staples. Today, I have decided to Boycott Staples. I'm not giving them another one of my hard earned pennies. I had received a 50% Back Rewards Coupon (00784007) as an "Exclusive Benefit". I read the coupon, the mailer and I went as far as to ask the Staples Store Manager if I could use my 50% Back Rewards coupon on my Purchase of Ink Toner. Yes!! Yippee.

My Ink Toner costs $249.00 -Let's do the math. I SHOULD get back $124.50 in Staples Rewards. Right? Wrong! No Rewards check. So I called and spoke with a Customer Service Rep on the Exclusive Membership Line at 1-888-891-3787 I was told the 50% Rewards Back coupon was for "Office Supplies" and Ink Toner is not considered an Office Supply. Luckily for me, I saved the mailer and my receipt. The mailer does not have, state or mention any exclusions or specific "Office Supplies".

So I asked the phone representative to please email me a copy of his "Office Supplies list", which he claims includes pens, pencils, staples and sticky notes. But wait - he stated he does not have the "power of email". That did it for me. Anyone out there know of a good office supply store?

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