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Staples Canada Has The Worst, Customer No Service Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO CANADA -- The Staples Canada Head Office In Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada Will Not Help You And Is As Cheap And Selfish As Possible!

Back on Sunday, July 24, 2016, I spent $452.70 of my hard earned money to buy my Very First Acer ES1-531-C6FQ Laptop which was purchased at Your Staples Canada Store # 15 Which Is Located At: 3150 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 2T1
(416) 785-5335.

For Your Information: I have always been loyal to HP because of what I get for my money, however, it was time for a Change since my previous laptop was dying out and so I chose to give Acer Inc a Chance!

However, I am very disappointed in your laptop due to the following reasons:

1) When I Am Online, It Is Quite Slow. I am Not sure if it has to do with the Ram or Memory, but I find your model to be quite slower compared to what I had bought the last time with HP.

2) Your laptop does Not Come With A CD/DVD Drive like my HP came with.

I seriously did Not know this and Assumed that All Laptops come with the CD/DVD Drive and Yours Requires The Customer To Buy It in which I find to be Quite Selfish And Ridiculous because my last
HP Laptop Included The CD/DVD Drive on the Right Side Of The Laptop!

That Is Not Fair At All and I am Far From Happy because of that as well!

Please NOTE: During My In-Store Experience, Your Sales Representative New Very Little About The Laptop That I Just Purchased, Including Not Even Having The Liberty, Nor The Honesty Of Informing Me Of Whether It Came With A Built-In CD/DVD Player Or Not!

Please Also NOTE: When I Asked If My One Year Warranty Would Be Valid To Use In The United States Since I Permanently Live In Los Angeles, California, He Did Not Know The Answer Either!

How Ridiculous?

This Is Considered To Be Very Unprofessional Coming From The Retail Side Of Your Business!

Later Results: After emailing their corporate executives earlier on today, I did get a response back from their Canadian Head Office out in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada today at 2:56 P.M. from the phone number of: (905) 737-1147 and the Woman I spoke to was Extremely Rude, Controlling and Had Excuses For Everything.

She Refused to Treat Me Proper as a Staples Inc. Customer and told ME that she will NOT Upgrade Me to a Better Model and just told me to Return The Product Back For A Refund and to Spend More Money If I Want A Proper Working Laptop!


She also told ME that I Got What I Paid For!

This to ME is Beyond Low, Disgusting, Pitiful, Unreliable, Unhelpful, Uncaring Service that I personally did Not Deserve!

During our phone conversation, she was trying Very Hard To Control My Anger and The Tone Of My Voice in which I take Offense To!

This had to be One Of The Worst Customer No Service Experiences That I Ever Had With A Major Store and Hopefully The Last!

Final Thoughts: I know that she CAN Afford To Take Care Of Me Properly as a Staples Inc. Customer, but Out Of Greed And Selfishness, she Will Not!

I also believe that she has been told and trained to Give Back As Little To The Customer As Possible!

I most likely will be Returning The Laptop Back Within The 14 Days and Buying One Back In The United States where the Service is so Much Better!

I am NEVER Going Back To Staples Inc.!

The End!

Staples and UPS Not a Good Team to Work With!!!
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Rating: 1/51

UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Dear Staples, I sent a UPS package from your store and also got insurance for peace of mind. When going through the process at the Uniontown, PA Staples store I received the very best of customer service and rate that experience A+. The package was sent and in a few days I received notice that the package when received was damaged. UPS states that the box that it was shipped in was not up to UPS standards and will not honor the insurance that was purchased for that item. I then called the CEO of the manufacturer of the item, he stated and that the box that the item was initially shipped in and was designed for that item.

The manufacturer stated that they had no problems or issues with that shipping box. However that is the same box with a Styrofoam mold to hold the item in place while shipping it to the receiver and UPS stated that it was not up to their standards, will not honor the insurance that was purchased for that item at the Staples Store in Uniontown, PA.

I am calling the president of Staples this morning and I feel most certain that he will look into this matter and resolve it very quickly due to this has been going on for 60 days after I have sent this item and purchased insurance on this item. Staples in Uniontown Pennsylvania have always given my company excellent customer service for the past 21 year. And I feel confident that I will be writing about my great customer service experience later today. Thanks and God bless.

On 1/20/2015 at 9:05 am till 9:52 am I spoke with Staples employee **, the Executive Customer Service Assistant to the President of Staples. Mr. was very kind and listened to my issue. He then said that he was not able to contact UPS, however he would reach out to the Staples UPS team of specialists and said that I would receive an email within 48 hours concerning the conversation between UPS and the Staples UPS team. Also Mr. gave me his word that he would call me to read what UPS wrote on the claim website in no more than two days.

I also asked Mr. if I may speak with the President of Staples, he told me that the Staples President does not speak to anyone with a problem at Staples. I am reaching out to the president to call me about this matter. It would make me feel a whole lot better that Mr. conveying to me that he would not be able to speak to anyone at UPS. And when I call UPS they tell me that I must call Staples because that is where I purchased the insurance to send my package. I will keep you posted on Mr. phone call, Staples UPS Team's email and if the Staples President calls to ask about this matter.

Unethical Refund Policy and They Sell Products They Don't Have
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Rating: 1/51

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- On December 13, 2014, I paid Staples $1028 CASH deposit they required to purchase a new laptop. They promised delivery in 3 business days. The sales persons name was **. His manager was also involved in this transaction. I received an e-mail informing me that the order had been canceled on 12/22/2014. So, I made a special trip to the store where I purchased the laptop on South Fla Ave in Lakeland, Florida and ** assured me that the order had not been canceled and that it would in fact be delivered on 12/26/2014 and he promised he would call me on that day.

I received a phone call on 12/29/2014 from ** informing me that the order had in fact been canceled and that I needed to come in and look at the available options. December 30, 2014, I went to the store to get back my CASH deposit and was informed that their corporate office would mail me a check within 2 weeks maybe, by their team supervisor, **. At this time, I was also told by another employee that they had personally told ** several times that he should call me and inform me of the cancellation. This person was present when ** promised the 12/26 delivery and that he would also call me on that day.

The team supervisor gave me a phone number to call for the Staples office of the president and called and spoke to a person named ** at extension 31515 in customer service at length. She asked for my number promised to call me back the following day. I repeated the number to her twice. I have yet to hear from her and I have left several messages.

I am a local business man and have dealt with all kinds of businesses in the last 32 years and I have got to say that these are the shadiest bunch I have dealt with in a long time. They will have use of my money for a month or longer because they could not deliver a product THEY sold me. I didn't even go in there to buy a computer but they sure painted a pretty picture so I bought it. What a bill of goods huh? I need to purchase a computer but they have my money so I can't.

Coverage Plan
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I purchased a printer on 10/28/2011 and when the sales person asked me if I wanted to purchase the coverage plan for 2 years, I asked if the 2 years started after the 1 year warranty that printer was under, sales person told me yes it was, so I would have a total of three years.

Fast forward to the present, I brought the printer into the Staples store on Alafaya Trail, Waterford Lakes and went over to the Easy Tech support desk. I showed the tech the printer and told him that I was receiving a message error that implied something was stuck in the printer and I couldn't find it. The tech asked me for my receipt, called someone because the date was 2011, came back and told me the printer was still under warranty. The tech couldn't figure what was wrong with the printer, so he told me to call the 1-800 number for Customer Service and they would assist me.

I called Customer Service all ready to receive my postage free box to send out the printer for the support people to fix and was told that my warranty had expired. I went over the whole conversation that I had when I brought the printer into the store and all Customer Service could say to me was, “I'm sorry, but your coverage started the day you purchased your printer, not a year later.”

I went on to tell her the story again, where the tech called and asked if the printer was under warranty (which he said it was), so I said, “the sales person sold me a protection plan under false pretenses and the tech person wasn't truthful when he told me the printer was still under warranty – you're Customer Service, what are you going to do to correct the situation?” A sorry was all I received!

I called the store, talked with the manager and told him that I never shop at Staples, I was in another store nearby and decided to go in and look around. He told me I was under the old coverage plan… And that matters how? This incident confirms why I don't shop at Staples and never will again! I'll shop where I always shop – Best Buy – where the sales people are honest with the customers, because they want you to come back.

Computer Easy Tech evaluation
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Rating: 1/51

EASE WONDSOR, NEW JERSEY -- I was sold a service that did not deliver and that removed programs from my computer without consulting me. The result was that I could not do my work because all connections to servers were destroyed. I also was told to purchase the Staples anti-virus product which did not work. I had texts from cookies floating all over my screen no matter the program.

I tried to resolve the problem and was insulted by the tech who said that I had signed a paper saying that I accepted that things would go wrong. Wow! That is a real reason to return to Staples! Untrained, unsupported and no service! I paid more than $275 for this few hours of assessment and assurance.

Lack of Integrity
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Rating: 1/51

I recommend that everyone stop shopping at Staples. The CEOs letter identifies that the organization is about integrity and customer focus, that was the farthest from my experience. My situation was that a Supervisor (Anthony) indicated they would match a price at a competitor (we spoke about every specific, he identified the exact next steps I would need to take and I followed them precisely). I was instructed to return to the store on the Friday after Thanksgiving with my receipt.

Upon return, the store manager (Ryan) indicated that they would not match pricing. Had I known, I would have taken another approach (based upon timing that option was no longer available). What I would emphasize is that the multiple individuals agreed that I was given information, but they would not stand behind it. The outcome is a loss of $162, plus tax. More specifics - I did speak to Brett ** of their Office to President and he also confirmed that policy supersedes the information that was clearly represented by the Staples supervisor.

Shipping Via USPS
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Rating: 1/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- The worst experience ever - shipping a package through Staples/USPS. I shipped a package from Staples store via USPS on the 17th of June 2015. Almost a month now, there is no track of the package. When I called Staples, they blame USPS for the missing package, and when I call USPS they redirect me to Staples. This happened for 2 weeks straight, then I decided to conference both the parties, and the story remains the same... They blame each other on the call and drop off. Heights of pissing a customer!!! None agree to accept the blame and the customer loses the package. Sick of Staples for their customer service.

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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a heavy duty HP laser cartridge for one of my HP printers that will probably outlast me. This is a big cartridge that prints thousands of pages. After a few months of printing approximately 350 pages, the printer indicates TONER LOW. When I called customer service, they denied accepting the cartridge back and indicated that the package must be unopened. Plus, the tine limit of 90 days had expired to return the product. So let me understand the policy of Staples - they sell you a product that is defective. The product fails to print the number of pages, in my case under 10%. They they turn around and say it was opened so that cannot accept the product back. Over and above, they take no responsibility and walk away because the product failed to deliver its promise just over 90 days.

This is outright scamming customers and charging them for something that is defective and then walking away with their fake policies. How do you justify this.

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA -- I was in earlier today to pick up an order that I thought I had submitted online. Apparently it didn't go through and I had suspected that. I was so pleased and impressed with the salesperson who looked for the order and when she couldn't find it, went ahead and printed it for me - then and there. And after all that - no charge. It was only 5 pages and not a huge amount of money for either myself or the store but I just thought that it was a nice touch that has raised my opinion of Staples to a higher level.

Plus the other salesperson working there was busy, busy multi-tasking and dealing with several customers- I was dazzled just watching her. It occurs to me that many companies could learn much about customer service from the training at Staples. PS - I come from Canada, where we are supposed to be so nice - but the folks today could show some of our salespeople a thing or two.

Shady Advertising and Poor Customer Service Practices
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Rating: 1/51

MEDINA, OHIO -- Saw an online price for an item and was informed it can be picked up in store as well. Got to store and item was priced $10 extra. Spoke with front staff and was told they would price match their own website and items? Like that's giving the customer a deal? Then was told there was a sale on the item for a buy 2 and get one free. So we bought 3. Took items to car and decided to go back in and get 3 more.

Was confronted by manager and was told the clerk made a mistake and that we got lucky. He would not honor the same deal again that we got less than 5 minutes earlier. I told him that was poor business practices and that it was dishonest. He didn't care and told me I was wrong. Still shaking head. That it was one or the other. The online price match, again with their own store, or the in store sale. Again, with their own merchandise???

Called corporate and was told the same thing. Not once did anyone apologize. Just assumed I was an idiot and that I did not read all the fine print, which I never saw. Nothing was printed about any of this. They just assume the customer will just go with it. I will NEVER spend another dime at Staples.

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