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Had a Computer Installed in My Home.
Posted by Almawechsler on 03/28/2014
Had a computer installed by a young man from the Staples in the 5800 block of York Road. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He made a very pleasant experience.

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Computer Service - Virus VS. RAM?
Posted by Betsy1822 on 03/28/2014
YUMA, ARIZONA -- I was truly hoping that we could depend on Staples to clean up our computer when it was running so slow. We travel in our RV, and I wanted to give Staples a try so we could continue using their service as we travel. We took the computer in and asked them to "clean out the unnecessary garbage and the start up folder," and diagnose what was causing the freezing and slow performance. They did nothing to clean out the unused programs, and their diagnosis came back that the computer had 2 viruses, even though Norton was installed and active on this computer. They charged more $$ to purchase a plan giving us the privilege to bring it in to take the viruses off for the next year. Because I was out of town, my husband believed them and went ahead with their advice. A month later, when we landed in FLA, and the computer was still doing the exact same thing it had always done....freezing and slow....I took the computer back to Staples here. This time, the service department said it is obviously a RAM issue, and needs to have at least double the RAM put in. Another $200 expense. There was NO question on my part that this computer DID NOT have viruses. I KNEW that was not the problem. You have lost a customer now. I had been warned of the lack of knowledge and poor quality of Staples' computer service department, but wanted to give it a try. I did.

NOTE: I rated this 2 Stars, rather than 1 Star, because the Service Person here was wonderful; but I'm not putting more $$ into this computer after paying for unsuccessful service in Yuma and paying for unnecessary Virus Protection that did not solve our original issue.
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Help With Problem With My Laptop
Posted by Bruceberend on 03/28/2014
Needed help with my laptop previously purchased from staple. Justin Daro, in the help department was unbelievably helpful in getting my problems taken care of. He was so helpful.
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Wonderful Service
Posted by Pencarptl46 on 03/24/2014
We purchased a lap top computer several months ago. Since then we have been back with lots and lots of questions. Robert Taylor the assistant manager was the best. He was always very helpful and patient with us as we are seniors and not computer savvy. He truly is a 5 star employee in our eyes.

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Staples Warranty Plan Is a Scam!!!!!!
Posted by Scotthiga300 on 03/18/2014
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- DO NOT BUT THEIR WARRANTY PLANS, IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! I purchased a 1 year warranty plan through Staples. The manager explained to me that the item is covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty and that the Staples warranty covered the year after. Common sense says why would I buy a warranty if it was already covered under the manufacturer. Of course a year and a half into purchasing my product Staples warranty department refuses to cover my claim because they say the warranty is from the purchase date. Why would you sell me a warranty when it is already covered by the manufacturer? SCAM!!!!!!!!! You would think a large company like Staples would learn from other failed companies that this is a model that will see them fail as a company. I will never shop at Staples again and I will never recommend anyone else to shop there.
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Posted by Ralph on 2014-03-18:
Most warranties like this are extended warranties - the first 90 days, 6 months, or year are covered by the manufacturer, after that time is when the extended warranty takes place. So if anything happens within the manufacture's warranty period you have to deal with them not the retailer. So I do not know why Staples is not honoring your request.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-03-18:
Actually, this common, the warranty's run congruently. The extended warranty will often cover things that the manufacturer's warranty does not. If you have the extended warranty you deal with the store not the manufacturer should a problem crop up, and depending on the store, they may replace the product outright on the spot rather than you having to send the product off the manufacturer and letting the manufacturer make the call on what to do about it.

With all that said, it sounds like the manager definitely misled you. But what you have in writing is what matters.
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Outstanding Customer Service and Tech Support!
Posted by Christiandan57 on 03/17/2014
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- I have been a customer at the Staples store, 1544, 30190 US Hwy 19, Clearwater, FL 33761 over the past 18 months. Specifically accessing the outstanding and knowledgeable computer tech support provided by John Guarniere. He has updated my computer and provided needed computer repairs, Mr. Guarniere is very knowledgeable and has exceptional customer service skills. He is a good listener, provides beneficial information and makes needed repairs in a most timely manner. His positive manner and sincere concern and attention to detail is exceptional! Because of his excellent service, I will continue to use his tech help as needed in the future. I also have recommended him to others who need computer repairs. I do hope he will be recognized for his outstanding service. He is truly an asset to Staples. Sincerely, Harry Christian
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Compliment to Your Service Tech Ryan @ Ocala, Fl, Store
Posted by V120fl on 03/14/2014
After visiting with the Ocala Florida Staples Store I have to compliment one of their Easy Service Tech, Ryan Almand who has literally saved my computer twice. Each time that I brought my computer he has fixed the problem within 48 hour with no problem. I will only bring my computer to him, I trust his work and highly recommend him to all.
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Service and Quality Beyond My Expectations
Posted by Photofasttours on 03/09/2014
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have been dealing with Staples for the past 9 years and they have always accommodated me. Lately, my whole business and income have been based on copy center border prints and my experiences with The Sevierville, TN Store were excellent. Recently I have had a lot of business in Florida and I didn't think the Florida Stores would accommodate me as well as my Tennessee store has done, the Boynton Beach Store DID NOT, however, the West Palm Beach Store has been terrific., The two managers, Mark and Michael have been exceptional, as have Michelle, Aarati, and Althea in the Copy Center.

The staff has gone to other stores for dry mount board, always delivered the finished layouts on time and redone items even when the mistake has been mine!, I want to thank everyone in the West Palm Beach Store and in the Sevierville, TN store for the great job they do.

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Service Beyond My Expectation
Posted by Twiese55 on 03/09/2014
MINNETONKA, MINNESOTA -- I have never had an unpleasant experience at this store. I have purchased many items there, had printing done, etc. for the past ten years.

My most recent purchase was March 19, 2014 when I replaced my 8 yr-old
computer (w/Windows XP) with a Lenovo. I appreciated all the information prior to buying which helped my decision, but most of all I appreciated the tech installer, Jake, who came to my home for 2 hours...setting up all on wireless, adding programs, hooking up my printer, and moving all important programs like photos and documents from old to new. He was very informed and very proficient and very patient with all my questions.

He made sure I was satisfied with my computer and said I could call at the store if I had more questions later. (which I did!) He made a 2nd trip to help me the next week.
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Excellent Service,
Posted by Daniel_m_02921 on 03/06/2014
Over a period of several months technician Joe Conway has provided competent, timely and courteous service around a variety of issues I have had with a PC and now a lap top. I am certainly motivated to return to Staples when I have issues with my computer and other technology.
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