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Too hot to handle!
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Rating: 1/51

I headed down the hallway at work this morning, and made my way to the break room to make some instant oatmeal for breakfast. I usually use the generic brand 8-oz. styrofoam cups as a measuring device, since the oatmeal packets call for 2/3 cup of hot water. If I took nothing else away from my days of imprisonment inside the walls of the educational system, it is that 8-ounces equals 1-cup. So I fill the cup about 2/3 full and presto! Therein lies the problem. There were no styrofoam cups this morning.

Now whether the vendor in charge of styrofoam cup delivery is to blame or not for going on a 3-day drinking binge, and thus neglecting to restock the beverage station, is an issue that has yet to be determined. That is neither here nor there. I was forced to use the last remaining disposable cup of any kind, which is represented in the attached picture. As I began filling the cup with hot water from the spigot on the front of the coffee machine, I began to notice that it was becoming increasingly unbearable to hold. By the time it was 2/3 full (remember the educational flashback), I was ready to drop the darn thing. It was as though I was filling the hot water in a clear plastic cup.

As I sit writing this review nearly 30 minutes later, my hand is still irritated and uncomfortable from the burn. I would like to think that a company who's mainstay is coffee, would have cups that are comfortable to hold while containing coffee or any other hot beverage, in this case...water. The fine print on the bottom of the cup reads "Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot!" The beverage inside the cup is hot, but where's the warning for the cup itself to be scalding hot? A very poor product in my opinion.

No Bathroom for Clients. Only for Employees.
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Rating: 2/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Well, Very simple - I have noticed that Starbucks is posting a 'bathroom is not working' sign. "Please accept our apologies. We are working to get it fix." Well that is simple - not true. Employees are using the bathrooms all the time. It's happening all over the city. What I don't understand is why they give space and electricity for the client that stay all day using the space for one coffee. When you need to sit everything is occupied. Now no bathrooms no seat. This is crazy. They are getting very unreasonable with their policies. Please give the bathrooms and the space back to their clients.

Horrible Store Complete Lack of Trust Integrity Honesty
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Rating: 1/51

GRESHAM, OREGON -- On Thursday December 04, 2013 at approximately 5:45 PM I stopped off at the Starbucks 2233 NE Burnside Rd
Gresham Oregon (503) 465-8091 to purchase hot chocolate for my neighbor's son. This Starbucks is located in the Oregon Trails Shopping Center. My complaint involves a lack of trust and integrity at Starbucks. Is free stuff good?

Review this scenario: I purchased some hot chocolate for my six-year old friend. I was wearing new black ski gloves. I removed the ski gloves and placed them on the counter so I could pay for the purchase. After I paid I left the black ski gloves on the counter. I sat down and waited for the young man to finish his chocolate and left.

Review his behavior: When I left the cashier he did not yell out, “Hey Mister you forgot your new black ski gloves on the counter!”. When customers leave their hats, gloves or wallets on their counter that does not automatically mean that Starbucks employees have free hats and gloves. Many of you are wondering why the cashier did not point out the gloves to the customer. Maybe the cashier thought my gloves were a Christmas tip. Here is a hot tip: customers expect great product and service. Customers should not have to bribe the staff with tips or gifts to get what they originally paid for.

Review their attitude: I went back twice immediately after the incident and on Sunday December 08, 2013 at 7:45 AM. I spoke to a shift leader who refused to provide her name or the name of the manager. She was a short petite brunette very young in age. She wore a smirk when I discussed the black ski gloves. The confirmatory smirk indicates prior knowledge. This information is provided to assist Starbucks corporate in identifying the individuals.

Review Starbucks' trust, integrity and lack of honesty: There are several problems with this transaction all revolving around trust and a lack of integrity. When the cashier allows the customer to walk away obviously leaving their property on the counter salivating at the free stuff this is a blatant lack of trust and integrity. When the so-called shift supervisor/leader refuses to identify herself or provide the contact information for the manager this once again demonstrates a complete lack of trust and integrity. Do I trust Starbucks? Starbucks employees that help themselves to customers property should never be allowed around any cash register.

"Free is good" is bad if it's the customer's property. My complaint is Starbucks' convenient absence of a lost and found for customers property speaks volumes about Starbucks' lack of integrity. I strongly recommend that if you insist on doing business with Starbucks you count your fingers after you shake hands.

By the way the Starbucks hot chocolate turned out to be mostly foam. Starbucks hot chocolate Is seriously overpriced at $1.50. I asked the young man if he enjoyed it and he apparently did not. I am not a coffee or food critic but small children tend to be very honest and sincere so this is a very honest and sincere review. Too young to know how to lie young children often favor the simple truth.

Curiously I posted this on Google reviews no fewer than three times on the morning of Sunday December 08, 2013. Apparently the censors at Google objected to the truth and censored this review. Advertising dollars from have a way of influencing the truth. I do not appreciate internet censorship by Google. Censorship is a very serious first amendment violation and interferes with the public's right to know the whole truth.

The Handicapped are not welcome at Starbucks
By -

SCARBOROUGH, CALIFORNIA -- I went in to Starbucks at Kennedy Commons, Scarborough, Ontario Saturday afternoon. I am handicapped and use a cane or a walker depending on my pain and mobility level. Saturday I was using my cane. I went into the store, used the washroom first and then went to stand in line. It was busy and I was in line for just over 5 minutes before I got to the cash. I placed my order and after I had paid, tucking my cane visibly under my arm to exchange the cash and change, I noticed that there are two small stickers with a handicapped symbol on the back of each cash register.

I read the signs. They read that assistance is offered to the handicapped with table-side ordering and drink delivery. I hadn't noticed the stickers previously because a tall display of mints and other impulse-buying items was sitting directly in front of both signs!!! I am handicapped and I look for such signs and stickers everywhere I go and I didn't see these signs until after any table-side assistance I needed was pretty much over. But I mentioned it to the cashier. I told her that anyone actually in a wheelchair (although not all handicapped people use wheelchairs) would never see the sign because it was completely blocked from sight.

An appropriate response from your staff would have been to immediately remove the display (and find a better place for it later) in order to start providing the service to handicapped right away, should it be needed. The response I got (from the cashier!) was a stunned "I never noticed the signs before." and then she took the order of the person behind me. I grabbed a card from the small stack of cards beside the cash and limped away from the cash to stand waiting another 5 minutes for my beverage. As I was waiting I asked to speak to the manager. I spoke to **. I told her that the display was blocking the stickers offering help to the handicapped.

Maybe I had been expecting too much from the cashier. The cashier probably didn't have authority to move displays but the manager definitely would. ** told me that the staff were all aware of the policy and would notice any handicapped person coming in and offer help right away so it didn't matter if the sign was visible or not. And then she turned away, picked up a box of something and started to walk away. I was stunned. I had picked up the card for the manager of the store at the cash and just stuck it in my shirt pocket. I pulled it out and checked the name and then asked the barista if ** was really the manager because the name on the card is **.

I had to ask the barista because the so-called manager had already moved out of hearing range. I leaned on the counter, hung the handle of my cane on the edge of the counter so I could show him the card I was holding. He told me that ** was the manager on duty but ** is **'s superior. Noticing that I still hadn't left, ** came back, scowling. I have no idea what she was about to say because she finally noticed my cane hanging on the edge of the counter and her face went blank. AFTER I HAD WAITED 5 MINUTES IN LINE AND ANOTHER 5 TO GET MY BEVERAGE AND ANOTHER 5 TALKING TO HER FACE TO FACE SHE NOTICED I AM HANDICAPPED!!

Want to know what ** did? Because this is the sugar topping on the pumpkin scone right here!! She offered me a sleeve for my coffee. She made a big show of reaching into the bin to grab one for me. She then made a move to grab for my Latte. I moved my drink out of her reach, took the sleeve from her and put it on my own drink and left without another word. I went back Sunday at roughly the same time and had EXACTLY the same result. Almost worse in that two of the same staff were there and the line was twice as long as yesterday. So much for ** noticing handicapped people and going right out to help them.

Every table was in use so unless she was prepared to kick people away from a table, the proposed table service wasn't available. I took a few photos in my 10-minute wait in line. I wasn't hiding the fact that I was taking pictures or the fact that I was using a cane but I was still ignored. The displays are still covering the signs. These signs are barely an inch high by 4 inches long. Even uncovered, they are too small to be much use but a token effort to help handicapped people would be nice. This store doesn't even make that tiny effort.

There are huge windows in front of the store as well as double glass doors. Could they not find a prominent spot to display the sticker on the door? I guess if handicapped people could actually see the sign the store might be required to deliver on what they supposedly offer. I'm including a link to one of the best pieces of fiction I've read in a long time. It's called the Starbucks' Mission Statement. (http://www.starbucks/. ca/en-ca/_About+Starbucks/Mission+Statement.htm) While I could easily go through it line by line with proof positive that each line has no basis in reality, I'll stick to the two issues that the 'partners' at Kennedy Commons apparently have never heard of. Ironically enough titled 'Our Customers' and 'Our Stores'.

"Our Customers - When we are fully engaged, we connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our customers€” even if just for a few moments. Sure, it starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but our work goes far beyond that. It'€™s really about human connection." Really? When you're fully engaged? First of all, what does that even mean? Not the 'fully engaged' part, though that's an odd term to use, I'm referring to the 'When'. Meaning that the 'partners' working with machines that shoot out steam that can scald flesh in under a second aren't always 'fully engaged'? That's not just dangerous, it's terrifying! My SON has been near those machines!!!

Have other people never read your mission statement? Maybe I'm just unlucky but in the extensive time I've spent in that Starbucks in the last 24 hours I have not had one single of your partners become even partially engaged with me unless I've initiated it for a negative reason that the mythical 'fully engaged' state would have prevented.

I'm trying to keep this within a 2GB size so I'm not even go into the last two lines of that portion of your fairy tale "Sure, it starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but our work goes far beyond that. It's really about human connection"

except to write, as my room pointed out, judging from the number of times his no-foam extra-hot latte has been produced with a half inch of foam on top and gone cold in 10 minutes, even a promise of a perfect beverage is a huge stretch on what you deliver.

And now we'll move on to 'Our Stores'.

Our Stores
When our customers feel this sense of belonging, our stores become a haven, a break from the worries outside, a place where you can meet with friends. It's about enjoyment at the speed of life—sometimes slow and savored, sometimes faster. Always full of humanity.

With no handicap parking in front of your store, no ramp near your entrance, no handicap entrance button on your door, and the only allowances you make for the handicapped is in the form of a tiny sticker that you have hidden behind displays of merchandise where even the able-bodied would have difficulty finding it, you have the audacity to suggest that I could feel a sense of belonging or think of your store, where I am very obviously not welcome, as a haven?
'Always full of humanity'? It's always full of something but you only got three letters right and you missed the 's' at the beginning.

You had the chance to fix it. I advised your 'partners' the day before that there was a huge flaw in the position of the stickers. They could have fixed the problem by removing even one level of the items for sale. And then they lied to me. Then Starbucks website lied to me.

I WAS an employee
By -

I recently left Starbucks after 3 years of employment. Starbucks used to be a great company to work for, but now with the changes, it's not so great. It's modern day slavery. If you feel like you're waiting for your drink longer, and when you get it, it's not correct, well, you're probably not crazy! That's exactly what's happening.

We are instructed to be more "task-focused" and less "customer-focused". What that means is, the stores are now short-staffed to save money, but with the changes such as the breakfast sandwiches and the new (less tasty) frappuccino recipe (to compete with McDonalds' new frappe) the employees are put in a position to work faster and harder.

We also have follow QASA standards (QASA is the Starbucks 'more elite' version of the health department) and their standards of cleanliness are understandable. However, the time in which we are expected to tend to them are unrealistic. For example, before we hand a drink out, we have to wash the milk pitcher and wipe the steam wands. If we open a carton of soy milk or lemonade, we have to write the QASA standard expiration date immediately. We are instructed to tend to those things before tending to the customers' needs. Back to being short-staffed: yes, there usually is one person on the bar making drinks and we have to rely on the person at the register to properly mark the cup as well - the customer knowing how to properly order their drink. This "simple" process becomes complicated when products and samples are being pushed on the customer who is ordering.

So many times, the person on bar gets the incorrect cup marking due to the initial distractions at the register. That combined with a large volume of drinks with no help (as the people available to help are now making sandwiches) and abusive customers complaining that we're stupid and we made their drink wrong, well, it's no wonder many of you aren't getting the service you deserve. On top of this, we lost our personal days, the health benefits are more expensive and we get less for our money, we get MINIMAL breaks - yet we're on our feet all day AND working much harder.

We don't get commissions or bonuses for sales, we don't get sick days when we call out sick, it's hard to get the shift covered due to company-wide understaffing and partners simply not wanting to work anymore - so many times, we work when we are sick. Upper management is permitted to be condescending to store employees - essentially, we're spoken to like we're retarded first graders. We contribute a great deal to the success of the company, yet we don't get respect and we don't get acknowledgement. So yes, general morale is WAAAAAAAAY down and it does make a difference.

So, the next time you get your drink and it's been made incorrectly, please don't blame the person making your drinks. We're stressed enough from the unrealistic changes being made in the company. Instead, observe what is going on at the register. Are you being distracted to try the "new" exciting, life-changing, drink or pastry? Are you being asked to try Via (for the millionth time) or a Starbucks version of the egg McMuffin? Is the person on bar alone and flooded with drinks? Are there abusive customers, QASA standards being tended to and no help with any of it?

If you notice any of this, complain to the manager then complain to corporate. They need to hear these things. Whatever you do, please don't abuse your barista. Have some respect. Remember that your barista isn't "stuck" at Starbucks because it's the best they can do. They are there because they are in college, or are working towards their career goals and need a job that allows time flexibility and part-time benefits. They're not stupid, and if you piss them off, they have the power to give you sugar-free syrup, decaf shots, expired shots (espresso that sits longer than 19 seconds - they literally taste like poo), breve (that's half and half) when you ask for soy.

They have the power to, in turn, ruin your day by giving you a lousy drink. So open your eyes and see that these employees truly are doing the best they can and are very worn out by Howard Shutlz' (that's the ONE man who owns all Starbucks - they're NOT a franchise) desperate decisions on how to run such a large company with no regulations on how to treat the employees. Use your power of Customer Voice to complain to someone who CAN make things better or stop going to Starbucks all together and make sure you let corporate know why.

You deserve a positive experience and it begins with happy employees. You can help make that change. 1-800-starbuc or 1-800-23-latte You can also fill out the survey when it's given to you. Please be honest about your experience, those surveys are seen by corporate.

Starbucks has its moments, however...
By -

I hate customers. There are a lot of things people have experienced at their local Starbucks which disappoints them. Indeed, I too have had that kind of experience at mine in Toronto, but overall that doesn't outweigh the good. People like to complain too much. Sure it's not too much to ask for a drink to be remade, or for something small. However, most customers like to fly off the handle over the most trivial ** and it drives me insane.

For an example, the person complaining about an exchange/refund for the coffee mug. Listen, I've worked retail, and on EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT printed out there is information about what you need to return or exchange that product. YOU HAD BEEN WARNED. But, you'd prefer to waste your time, and theirs to argue against this rule. The rule is there for a reason, and even if to you it's not a good one, it's still there. You neglected to acknowledge that fact, so that's your own damn fault. If you lost the receipt, or failed to ask for one, yes, sorry I do not sympathize. It's your fault.

To the person complaining about a little bit of whip cream falling over the side of a cup, listen, really? It happens. It just does. It's not easy to pour those drinks precisely 100% of the time. So deal with it! If not, kindly ask them to remove it, without being a baby and making such a big fuss over nothing. There is a stack of napkins right next to you. Pick one up, wipe it off, stop being such a baby. To the person who complained about waiting a bit to get a drink before having to rush to work: If I had to rush to work, do you really think I would stop at Starbucks? Absolutely not. I'm smarter than that.

It gets busy, and if I can't be guaranteed to grab my drink in less than a minute, I'm not going. Period. Change your routine, get over it. And even if they were talking to each other, oh well. Maybe you caught them at a bad time. Take your business somewhere else. Or here's a thought! Make your own coffee? Or wait, but then you can't stroll into work with your status-written Starbucks cup in your hand that says you're a sophisticated, mature individual. My mistake.

To the person with the racist barista: your story sounds so unclear. It sounds made up. Maybe you had nothing better to do with your time. If she was actually a racist, I sympathize. But in all honesty, get it in your head that racism exists. You'll never change those racists' perspectives, ever. I'm not saying to be passive, but it's Starbucks. It's not worth it. She'll get hers.

To the people having difficulty working at Starbucks or who hated the experience or the hiring process or whatever. Seriously, you're stupid. Before you apply to a job, you should do some research on it, and all of these negative reviews from Starbucks' employees on the web should have saved you from that experience. Doesn't that just suck? Suck it up, it's your own damn fault.

To the people saying that they will not go to Starbucks ever again, and refuse to spend their hard-earned 3 (give or take 1) dollars on a cup of coffee: Do you really think that your business is all that important? If that's the case, you need to get your head in check, lose the narcissism and get over yourself. You're just ONE customer, and yes there are like-minded individuals who share your view, it's really nothing compared to the billions of people EVERYDAY grabbing something from Starbucks. Listen. I hate to bash on people, really I do.

As a waitress (who does go to Starbucks occasionally) I have learned to appreciate people...until they become customers, until they become so self-obsessed. I'm not saying that you don't deserve "service", but at the end of the day, baristas are there to make your ** coffee not to make your day. And if you don't like that, then I suggest you just boycott. But you wouldn't do that, Dear Customer, would you? Because what then would you complain about? Peace. Oh, and P.S. You can hate me all you want, but what I say is the truth, and the truth isn't nice.

Employee Hiring and Customer Service
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I recently applied at the Starbucks on 10th and Girls School Rd. and I was appalled at how they handled their hiring procedures. Obviously one of the "values" they don't believe in is competence in their management. I am a firm believer in the old adage, "How you treat your employees, whether they are hirees or have already been hired, is a reflection of how you truly think of your customers." Since Starbucks treated me like they did, I would HATE to see how they truly relate to their customers. First of all, I had to call them to get an interview set up. I was on the phone trying to get ahold of them for two weeks.

TWO WEEKS I had call and call just to see if they had even looked at my application. After that two weeks, the General Manager, **, finally set up an interview. At the interview, she introduced herself and gloated that the company usually believes in promoting from within, but that she was an exception. She also said she had previous management experience in Starbucks, which was rather hard to believe considering she had to have a book to ask questions and the sort. To me, this showed she had no clue what she was even doing.

After that interview, she said that she could not make a decision right now - that they had three people apply for a position and she had to consult her Assistant Manager and that her assistant would call me in for a second interview. I am not sure about anyone else, but, I have never in my life been interviewed by an assistant manager because the general manager of a store couldn't make a decision. So, about a week and a half passes, and I hear from **, **'s assistant to have an interview with her on Saturday, August 19th at 6:15, in the afternoon mind you. So I have my interview with ** and find out that they can't seem to get their story straight.

Remember, in the previous interview, ** had said that they had three applicants for a position. ** said that they had three positions that they needed filled and had "a ton of applicants." So the interview went on as usual and ** assured me that one way or another they would give me a call on that following Tuesday Morning and let me know either way. Tuesday Morning comes, I wake up at about 6:00 in the morning hoping to hear from them. I didn't. I waited all day until I finally had to call them 1:30-2:00 that Tuesday afternoon.

When I call this is the response I get. "We both sat down and went over the applications and we decided NOT to hire you. You just don't have the image we are looking for. I'm sorry." What was that supposed to mean? "The image we are looking for?" What image are they looking for? I don't mean to sound offensive toward anyone, but from the employees I see there, you could say they for the most part are "hippie-ish, new-age" types. There is nothing wrong with that, but what image were they trying to convey? I do have to say that Starbucks was the first ever place that I have ever felt insulted by.

I have already decided that I will NEVER step foot in that store again because of it. I suggest a huge remodeling of that store starting with the management. I have never met such an incompetent management group in my life. Then, to be insulted by them was a huge slap in the face.

Rude Manager
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Rating: 1/51

MIDLAND, TEXAS -- The manager at this store is so rude, and the customers that go here are dumb. They love to get in line from the loop, and if God forbid you enter the parking lot from another entrance, you will get your ** chewed for cutting in line. So of course the logical thing to do is circle the loop, come around on the access road, and stop there so you can block traffic and get rear-ended.

Whatever you do don't attempt to use your brain and use another entrance or circle the parking lot. Unless you love getting chewed out like a small child for "cutting" by an idiot minimum wage employee who can barely speak English. I love Starbucks and go there all the time, but they just lost a loyal customer.

Errors in Order and Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 3/51

LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA -- As I go normally twice a week in the morning around 6:30 there has hardly ever been a problem except for this one time. I ordered a tall iced green tea with light ice and blueberry oatmeal. As I get my drink I noticed that it's 3/4 full. I decided not to tell them about it but then as I get my blueberry oatmeal I notice in the bag all they had was the blueberries and a spoon. The item comes with other toppings as well.

I ask the cashier and she ignores me the first time and then finally answers by saying we ran out. I wouldn't have bought the blueberry oatmeal in the first place paying full price for plain oatmeal. Along with the bad customer service I didn't get the breakfast I was looking forward to and am very disappointed.

Stolen Tablet, Unconcerned Employees
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- A few minutes ago a thief walked off with my tablet PC from inside a small Starbucks with 4 security cameras. The store employees refused to help. They declined to call the police. They declined to review the security camera footage. They declined to be helpful in any way, shape, form or fashion. This is this what their company calls RESPONSIBILITY.

The store manager - eventually, reluctantly - allowed me to call the police while he filled out a one-page form (for corporate use) and would not even give me a copy of it. A quick Google search tells me that this is an ongoing concern, but Starbucks will not even post warning signs for their customers because this might "spoil" their experience.

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