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Employee Hiring and Customer Service
Posted by Seraph_BloodStone on 08/23/2006
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I recently applied at the Starbucks on 10th and Girls School Rd. and I was appauled at how they handled their hiring procedures. Obviously one of the "values" they don't believe in is competence in their management. I am a firm believer in the old adage, "How you treat your employees, whether they are hirees or have already been hired, is a reflection of how you truly think of your customers." Since Starbucks treated me like they did, I would HATE to see how they truly relate to their customers.

First of all, I had to call them to get an interview set up. I was on the phone trying to get ahold of them for two weeks. TWO WEEKS I had call and call just to see if they had even looked at my application. After that two weeks, the General Manager, Patty Rainbolt, finally set up an interview.

At the interview, she introduced herself and gloated that the company usually believes in promoting from within, but that she was an exception. She also said she had previous management experience in Starbucks, which was rather hard to believe considering she had to have a book to ask questions and the sort. To me, this showed she had no clue what she was even doing.

After that interview, she said that she could not make a decision right now. Thaty had three people allpy for a position and she had to consult her Assistant Manager and that her assistant would call me in for a second interview. I am not sure about anyone else, but, I have never in my life been interviewed by an assistant manager because the general manager of a store couldn't make a decision.

So, about a week and a half passes, and I hear from Robin, Patty's assistant to have an interview with her on Saturday, August 19th at 6:15, in the afternoon mind you. So I have my interview with Robin and find out that they can't seem to get their story straight. Remember, in the previous interview, Patty had said that they had three applicants for a position. Robin said that they had three positions that they needed filled and had "a ton of applicants." So the interview went on as usual and Robin assured me that one way or another they would give me a call on that following Tuesday Morning and let me know either way.

Tuesday Morning comes, I wake up at about 6:00 in the morning hoping to hear from them. I didn't. I waited all day until I finally had to call them 1:30-2:00 that Tuesday afternoon. When I call this is the response I get. "We both sat down and went over the applications and we decided NOT to hire you. You just don't have the image we are looking for. I'm sorry."

What was that supposed to mean? "The image we are looking for?" What image are they looking for? I don't mean to sound offensive toward anyone, but from the employees I see there, you could say they for the most part are "hippie-ish, new-age" types. There is nothing wrong with that, but what image were they trying to convey?

I do have to say that Starbucks was the first ever place that I have ever felt insulted by. I have already decided that I will NEVER step foot in that store again because of it. I suggest a huge remodeling of that store starting with the management. I have never met such an incompetant management group in my life. Then, to be insulted by them was a huge slap in the face.
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Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-23:
In regards to the questions from a book, I worked for an employer who actually had a specific set of questions they wanted asked. NO other questions could be asked at an interview. This wasn't at Starbucks, it was at a large retail chain.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-08-23:
Perhaps your overly critical attitude came thru in your interview?
Posted by shawnp80 on 2006-08-23:
They have 2nd interviews at Starbuck's?
Posted by Noneill on 2006-08-23:
Well you probably held a much higher expectation in a manager at Starbucks then you should have. I believe they are no more educated or skilled or experienced then say, a manager at McDonalds. A lot of managers are uncomfortable with interviews, and that is understandable I suppose. But the reason for you not being chosen was outrageously unprofessional. It was downright insulting. All they have to say is "I am sorry, but we are giving the position to another candidate". Nothing else needed. You are probably lucky you were not hired there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-23:
Despite your low opinion of the interviewers with this company, I would bet they saw your nose in the air with no trouble. Perhaps you should start your own business and get a fresh perspective.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-23:
Brenda made an excellent point. I'm a member of an interview panel and we can't ask any questions not approved by our legal department so we tend to ask straight from a prepared script. Seraph, I get the feeling you sort of have an inkling of what was meant by "image" and you're probably right. The Starbucks in my community are only staffed with "Chad's" or "Cortney's" and by no means is enthusiasm or competency a prerequisite. I like your tenacity. No doubt you would be a great addition to the Starbucks 'commune'! Chalk it up as their loss. Nice review and good luck on the job hunt!
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-08-23:
I give you credit for really wanting a job. You sound like you would also appriciate the job that so many would take advantage of. I do know that some places do need to have the assistant manager also do an interview to be able to get a different perspective of the applicant. It doesn't really work though if the two are good buddies so to speak. I believe you are a determined person that really wants a job and you will succeed with that type of attitude. Just getting up at 6 a.m. hoping for a phone call from am employer is more that I can say for alot of people out there. Don't get discouraged, there's something better out there for you. Good Luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-23:

I think they are looking for “yuppyish types”, maybe some new-age types? But I don’t think you should let not being hired by a bunch of coffee chiseling, hyper active, idiots bother you. Just keep looking and the right job will come along. Best of luck in your search…
Posted by Skye on 2006-08-23:
Good luck on the job search. We have 2 Starbucks right down the street from one another. One has only people over 40 working there, it's inside King Soopers, and then the other one down the road, is a Starbucks place on it's own. They have all age groups working there. I cannot tell you what type they are looking for, from the 2 I have by me, they seem to hire all types.
off topic== hi Lidman
Posted by Seraph_BloodStone on 2006-08-23:
Thank you all for the luck as I will need it. Also thank you for the advice given. In my heart I do honestly feel as though I was treated wrongly in being told what I was told over the phone and I do think, being a former assistant manager of a food chain, that I was fair in my accusations. I know some people are more "go with the flow" in their ethics and that is fine. In fact it shows great endurance.
However, many don't realize that interviews do work both ways. While they are checking me out, I check them out as well. I check for things that are good for customer service and everything. I also check for things that I think would help them in the long run. They may say that I was overly critical or that I may have my nose in the air. That is fine. Bottom line is, I know the employers have standards and they expect them to be met. On the other hand, I, as a hiree, a customer, and an employee, have standards that I expect to be met as well. I know that businesses don't like dealing with truthful people and want only "Yes" people. However, I guess that where it gets me into trouble, because I am too honest, even if the truth hurts sometimes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-24:
Hi Skye :-)
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-24:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-24:
Hey DB ;-}
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-24:
Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo Liddy!
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-24:
What Shawn said^^
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-24:
ok also..From what I see I dont know if what I am reading is bloodstone being "stuck up". I percieve the Post as him/her trying to convey the essence of the application and the interview process.I mean wut up with a manager not being able to make a decision alone on whether to hire someone to make a cup of coffee. This isnt brain surgery. He/she seems eager to work and fairly intelligent.
I dunno maybe you should have pierced your eyebrow, that may have impressed them;)
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-24:
Maybe you were over qualified and since they hire from within felt threatened by you...
Posted by BaristaGirl on 2006-09-13:
To be honest with you, its not all that common to be interviewed by the General Manager of a Starbucks location anyway, thus explaining this managers lack of knowledge about the questions she was supposed to ask. Interviews are usually held in weekly open forum sessions conducted by district managers instead. I can see why you don't appreciate the way you kept being ignored and bounced from person to person, that would upset me too, however, you need to learn to accept the fact that, in life, sometimes you're going to apply for the job and you WON'T get it. What, did you go in there just KNOWING you were going to be hired? Well, that could have been part of your problem. Starbucks has every right to, without discriminating, choose people who DO convey a certain type of image. I hate to break it to you, but I've worked at three different locations and have yet to work with more than one or two "new age hippies". If that is what you think of Starbucks, why did you apply there in the first place. Most of the staff consists of clean-cut, well spoken college and middle aged individuals. And as far as the eye brow ring, shellby, no Starbucks that is being run properly permits any type of facial body jewelery being exposed. Perhaps you were thinking of that JAVA-LICIOUS-BUZZ-TASTIC knockoff on your street corner...
Posted by doggy dog on 2007-03-07:
Thank-you for your hiring experience. Although Starbucks on the corporate level means well, it can not contain it's upper divisions. It is sad to speak of the rudness that is generated by the unskilled management positions filled by this companies District Managers and advice of store managers. The percentages of these positions filled are family members, friends of families, church members and so on. When attending the hiring fair such rude remarks by the employers of Starbuck's is, "Your not Starbuck's material, Your not the right candidate, come back for a second interview or basically don't come back at all". Student's do not have open flexibility, but church member's who are faithful to the weekly meetings are accepted, especially when mgmt. is in the same church. The company needs to be reminded of the California work right's in regards to managment hiring and promoting family and personal friends first. My experience is overwhelming grief with Starbuck's on ground level. However, the company is a good company. I have never called corporate, yet with my complaints. The first class rudness I have experienced is, "I could not be promoted from barista into management because going to bed early and not partying is not Starbuck's material. Starbuck's wants more from their employees other than dependable, responsible, honesty, and hard working. They want people who are favored by worker's, to buy liquore for minors, come to work intoxicated and want ot go home early. I would not do this and I will be passed up for promotion. Even though I have 5 years management experience. and I think you should follow the positive standards of Starbuck's and take your grief to the corporation. The company hires to many people daily and ignores the barista's left behind with only a promise of advancement. Don't give up or give in. Go to College and take english as a second language, you are your own rainbow. "Peace and Happiness to you".
Posted by Peas on 2008-05-25:
All of that is the Starbucks way of hiring. Just how it goes. Pain in the arse. And yes, they do have to read out of that book and consult the assistant manager. They also have the right to choose the person who they think would work the best with their store. Sorry you didn't get it, but if I were you I'd be grateful.
Posted by sbuxluv on 2011-09-27:
I'm sorry, do you manage a Starbucks?? We are in fact quite different from a McDonalds manager.....I say this because 1. I am a Starbucks manager, and 2. I know someone who is a McDonalds manager. First we get paid more to do a job that requires more brain power and interpersonal savvy than managers of other fast food chains, and second, many Starbucks managers consider this job to be a career, with the intention of promotion.

With that being said, not all stores are hiring all the time, and I'm sorry that you were not correct for our stores, but we do look for a specific personality when hiring, mainly a optimistic attitude on life and great people skills.....please re-evaluate yourself.
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What can I get for you "Bro"?
Posted by Blackmoonarising on 12/24/2005
HILLSBORO, OREGON -- I am a professional in the High Tech industry, and currently am employed by such a company.

At Approximately 1:30am on Thursday morning December 22nd, I left work and stopped at the nearby Starbucks . My job is only 3 minutes away from this location. I entered and approached the counter, and the associate behind the counter asked, "what can I get you bro?"

I cannot remember this young man's name but there were only two individuals working at that time, the aforementioned young man, and a young woman.

After ordering my beverage I was curious to know if this was an isolated event or if it was his usual method of greeting. The next gentleman in line was caucasian and some years older than myself. The Starbucks associate addressed him as "Sir".

I am an African-American male, and I have NEVER, and I would like to emphasize the word Never, been called "Bro" when greeted in a business environment.

I am also a frequent customer of Starbucks, though this was my first time at this location not having been in my current position for an extended length of time.

In this day and age the word "Bro" is NOT to be used or even considered in any proper greeting, and doing so is an invitation to an escalated action. Having patronized other Starbucks locations I assume this is not a company sanctioned form of salutation, and I would very much appreciate an apology, and because this is the closest 24 hour Starbucks to my place of employment, I would like to patronize that location on another occasion and I would like to know what action is going to be taken so that this offensive episode does not happen again. Had I been a journalist at one of our local papers I certainly would have taken this incident to pen, and written an article on the degradation of customer service. I'm not sure if his reference to the word "Bro" had anything to do with my ethnicity, but I must say, having experienced his greeting of other customers in a much more dignified manner the evidence is daunting.

In closing, I would not think proper business etiquette, where salutations are concerned, needs to be taught in the current business environment. Knowing what to say and to whom is just as important as the product being sold as such interactions can make or break a sale.
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Posted by CobraCat77 on 2005-12-25:
Don't take it so seriously. I'm sure the guy just felt more of a connection to you and "bro" was how he expressed it. While it may not have been appropriate or professional, it's nothing to get bent out of shape about. Next time if it happens, just say "thank you sir" when he gives you your coffee. I'm sure he'll get the hint.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-12-25:
I do agree that the young man was not professional with that greeting. However, if you felt it was improper or if you felt insulted, you should have told him right then and there that you would appreciate not being addressed that way and that it isn't a professional greeting. I'm sure you would have gotten your apology. Let me ask you this...if it were an African American man behind the counter, and he addressed you as "Bro", would you still feel the same way? If not, what would be the difference, and if so, then you should have him addressed and corrected in a mature way. It's no biggie, I've heard others being addressed the same way, I admit it doesn't sound good, but they may feel that this type of greeting would make their customer feel welcomed. I don't see there was any intentional insult, and you may do another person a favor along with the young man if you did address it...he problably has no clue that someone would get so highly insulted over a greeting that so many "bros" give to each other everyday in passing. The white customer may have felt insulted if he heard you being greeted as "Bro" and he as "Sir", because "Sir" is so generic and "Bro" is more personal. Ever think of it that way? What next...insulted because a white man asks for his coffee "Black"????? Build a bridge and get over it.
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-25:
Don't be so uptight!!! He probably called you BRO cause you were a male and not older like the white guy behind you. My husband has been called BRO before when we have gone out and he is not black, and he didn't get offended. Now if he would of said what up N____! Then I would of taken offense, I think it's offensive when anyone says it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-25:
I don't think he meant it to be offensive. Like Debtorbasher pointed out, if it bothered you that much, why didn't you say something to him right then & there? Wouldn't that have been easier than typing this complaint?
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2005-12-25:
There is a lot of unconcious racism out there. I have been in situations where white women are addressed by titles (Ms/Mrs) then the person refers to me by first name. If the store/area isn't too crowded I'll mention it to the person. If it's too public, I may call the store later. GOod luck with your complaint.
Posted by miketech on 2005-12-25:
I'm 37 and white. I'm strange though. I would consider "bro" less of an insult than "sir". And in my opinion alot of the younger "white" generation has embraced the "African-American" culture, music sports and such. From your post you sound like a professional who is proud of his accomplishments. Remember though you were dealing with a teenager at a Starbucks. I would hazard a guess that he would feel closer to someone who is a "bro" than a "sir". Sorry you were offended but somethings must be taken with the spirit of intent.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-12-25:
Oh, moonie--is this what you have to complain about on Christmas Eve? You may have been offended by the term 'bro', but can you explain another term you've tossed about quite freely? I refer to 'African-American.' Did your ancestors originate in a CONTINENT or a country, as mine did? My great-grandparents were born in Germany. We don't use the term 'European-Americans.' In fact, we just use the term 'American.' Some of us belong to social clubs comprised of Americans whose ancestors were born in Germany. And we don't call it a 'German-American' club, we call it an 'American-German' club. We are Americans first. You complain about one term born in ebonics, but you cling to another. I'd also do a check on the terminology 'ethnicity.' P.S. If you're wondering why I'm on the computer on Christmas Day, it's because my 'kraut' relatives have stuffed me full of Sauerbraten, etc., sent me home, and I need some time to myself. Get a grip! Your high-tech profession doesn't impress anyone but you.
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2005-12-25:
I guess you should have shown your education card and work title before ordering your coffee. I have seen whites called bro as well as other terms and no big deal. Why is someone always looking for a racial slur in everything? It was just a hello. You sound like you were being sorted out for being black but do you think your work title makes you better than someone else? Lighten up and go enjoy one of Starbucks Christmas coffees.
Posted by crewboy on 2005-12-25:
Uh...you were in a friggin' coffee house! The atmosphere is not intended to be rigid and formal. The guy was selling you a cup of java, not trying to sell you on some multi million dollar buisness project. Please don't be one of those people that looks for ways to take offense everywhere you go.
Posted by guchiedad on 2005-12-26:
I think it is YOU who should apologize to all of US for making us read your stupid tirade. I'm not white either, and getting addressed like that doesn't insult me. I'm sick and tired of non-whites feeling oppressed and making excuses for racism in cases where it obviously has not shown itself. Perhaps in your superior "high-tech" education you should have taken some time out to socialize with a variety of people so that you could see the value in all people and be able to differentiate when someone is being friendly from insulting.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-12-26:
Very well said, quchiedad!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-26:
Thank you, SIR. Have a nice day, SIR. Feel better now?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-12-26:
I have to disagree with the above message...telling someone to have a nice day is the same as telling them "have a nice day because you are too stupid looking to have a nice day unless someone tells you too"...some people may be offended by that statement...we have to be very careful in our choice of words in the workplace.....LOL
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-27:
My opinion, (and my opinion is often wrong but that never stops me from expressing it), is that you may have reacted differently if the kid behind the counter wasn't white. Maybe you're an approachable looking guy; maybe you've got a friendly smile and a voice that seems to create instant rapport with people...maybe the kid was reacting to that. I don't know if there were required psychology classes that you had to take to get your degree in IT, but you'd do very well to look up and study the dynamics of reciprocal behavior. We send thousands of unconscious messages to people everyday that we don't even know we're sending. You may have sent one to him, or vice versa, that neither of you were even aware of.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-27:
And the rest of you - lay off the man's educational achievements. Why on earth would anyone be attacking him for that? I love you all, but please...if you feel the need to pick people apart in order to feel a few seconds of validation, try to hone in on something valid. Silly Kids.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-12-27:
Siffer - good point, by the way. I'm interested to know what the poster has to say regarding that, as well. Let's hope he responds.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-27:
Blackmoon, you're ordering "a cup of joe" not closing on a mega million dollar deal! These days everyone uses that term. No lawsuit here homeboy!
Posted by holycrap on 2006-03-06:
at the local vons grocery one of the meat clerks
asks customers " can i help you boss " its irritating but just respond, do you call everyone ( ) or am i just the lucky one.
you will get your point across.
Posted by Blacksheep34 on 2006-11-09:
Here in Texas(ft.worth,Colleyville store on hwy 26)They hold and give drinks to a local Neo-Nazi organization.So your not the only one feeling the Starsucks racism!!!
Posted by outlawwoman13 on 2006-12-15:
Posted by Followthisbeat on 2006-12-31:
I cant believe people will really complain about ANYTHING. So if they call someone "Sir", they'd get "dont call me SIR! Do I look that old", ok, why dont we all just start refering to each other as "you", like "hey you!" of course I'm sure that would offend someone too! Get over it buddy!
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-09:
I will only refer to a very funny routine that everyone can identify with. In one of the Rush Hour movies, Chris Tucker greets the bartender in the black club, "What's up, my n****?" He had forgotten he had told Jackie Chan just to do what he did, Jackie greets the bartender. "What's up, my n*******?" Everyone, regardless of ethnicity howled at that scene. It was human and funny, and no one got all offended and bent out of shape about it. I have an old friend who has called everyone 'Bro,' ever since I met him back in the early 80's. No one has ever gotten torqued about it, because he is just so doggone friendly and engaging. I love that saying, , build a bridge and get over it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-26:
"Bro" may or may not be racist, but you deserve the respect of being called "Sir" no matter what; part of the trend of having so many young people (who I believe are considerably more casual than those of the previous generation)in a customer-facing environment means that they treat everyone as a peer, and, in many cases, lack basic manners and social skills. No customer service person should ever address a patron as anything other than Sir or Ma'am unless otherwise directed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-27:
Alex, I disagree. If you work in a professional office place, then Sir and Ma'am are appropriate. If work in a coffee house of burger joint, casual is the norm.

I also agree that if blacks can call each other nigga so can I. I think it is stupid to have different rules for different races.

I have lived 38 years, and I have never heard an Oriental person scream racism for being called chink, or a Vietnamese for being called gook, or an Italian for being called daygo (sp), or Mexican for being called wet back. Why is that? Perhaps we have thicker skin and can laugh at ourselves.

Personally, if YOU can do it, so can I.
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Old Tappan, NJ Location Stinks
Posted by on 06/01/2003
OLD TAPPAN, NEW JERSEY -- The Starbucks in Old Tappan, NJ is the most poorly managed Starbucks I've ever been to. I'll list a few of their problems: The hottest week of the summer last year, their ice machine was broken. It remained broken and they turned all of the customers away that wanted cold drinks. This despite the fact that they are in a strip mall with several stores that sell bagged ice (grocery store, liquor store, convenience store, etc..). They were then out of cold drink cups for several weeks during this same hot summer. The employees are generally outside smoking (which is why Starbucks should not have outdoor furniture) instead of tending to the long line of customers waiting. Many times my $3.60 coffee drink has tasted like the drink made in the dirty container used for some other drink (the pineapple coffee I got one day was disgusting). They are constantly out of straws, napkins, etc... It's so bad, I usually drive 5 miles further to another Starbucks.
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Posted by brittany1485 on 2004-02-29:
yeah that coffee machine had some nerve, breaking down during hot weather!
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I WAS an employee
Posted by Char bux sux on 04/22/2010
I recently left Starbucks after 3 years of employment. Starbucks used to be a great company to work for, but now with the changes, it's not so great. It's modern day slavery.

If you feel like you're waiting for your drink longer, and when you get it, it's not correct, well, you're probably not crazy! That's exactly what's happening.

We are instructed to be more "task focused" and less "customer focused".

What that means is, the stores are now short staffed to save money, but with the changes such as the breakfast sandwiches and the new (less tasty)frappuccino recipe (to compete with McDonalds new frappe)the employees are put in a posiotion to work faster and harder. We also have follow QASA standards (QASA is the Starbucks 'more elete' version of the health department)and their stardards of cleanliness are understandable, however, the time in which we are expected to tend to them are unrealistic. For example, before we hand a drink out, we have to wash the milk pitcher and wipe the steam wands. If we open a carton of soy milk or lemonade, we have to write the QASA standard expiration date immediately. We are instructed to tend to those things before tending to the customers' needs.

Back to being short staffed: yes, there usually is one person on the bar making drinks and we have to rely on the person at the register to properly mark the cup as well the customer knowing how to properly order their drink. This "simple" process becomes complicated when products and samples are being pushed on the customer who is ordering. So many times, the person on bar gets the incorrect cup marking due to the initial distractions at the register. That combined with a large volume of drinks with no help (as the people available to help are now making sandwiches) and abusive customers complaing that we're stupid and we made their drink wrong, well, it's no wonder many of you aren't getting the service you deserve.

On top of this, we lost our personal days, the health benifits are more expensive and we get less for our money, we get MINIMAL breaks- yet we're on our feet all day AND working much harder. We don't get commissions or bonuses for sales, we don't get sick days, when we call out sick, it's hard to get the shift covered due to company wide under-staffing and partners simply not wanting to work anymore- so many times, we work when we are sick. Upper management is permitted to be condescending to store employees- essentially, we're spoken to like we're retarted first graders. We contribute a great deal to the success of the company, yet we don't get respect and we don't get acknowledgement. So yes, general morale is WAAAAAAAAY down and it does make a difference.

So, the next time you get your drink and it's been made incorrectly, please don't blame the person making your drinks. We're stressed enough from the unrealistic changes being made in the company. Instead, observe what is going on at the register. Are you being distracted to try the "new" exciting, life changing, drink or pastry? Are you being asked to try Via (for the millionth time) or a Starbucks version of the egg McMuffin? Is the person on bar alone and flooded with drinks? Are there abusive customers, QASA standars being tended to and no help with any of it? If you notice any of this, complain to the manager then complain to corporate. They need to hear these things.

What ever you do, please don't abuse your barista. Have some respect. Remember that your barsista isn't "stuck" at Starbucks because it's the best they can do. They are there because they are in college, or are working towards their career goals and need a job that allows time flexibility and part time benefits. They're not stupid, and if you piss them off, they have the power to give you sugar free syrup, decaf shots, expired shots(espresso that sits longer than 19 seconds- they literally taste like poo), breve-(that's half and half)when you ask for soy... they have the power to, in turn, ruin your day by giving you a lousy drink. So open your eyes and see that these employees truly are doing the best they can and are very worn out by Howard Shutlz' (that's the ONE man who owns all Starbucks- they're NOT a franchise) desparate decisions on how to run such a large company with no regulations on how to treat the employees.

Use your power of Customer Voice to complain to someone who CAN make things better. Or stop going to Starbucks all togehter and make sure you let corporate know why. You deserve a positive experience and it begins with happy employees. You can help make that change.

1-800-starbuc or 1-800-23-latte

You can also fill out the survey when it's given to you. Please be honest about your experience, those surveys are seen by corporate.
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Posted by idontthinkso on 2010-04-22:
I don't partake of SB. I've always regretted buying any coffee that I've bought there, it's never been to my tastes. The only blend I've found remotely palatable is the breakfast blend and I've NEVER seen a store have that ready at any time of any day.

Your post sounds fair minded and informative. The position SB is in, as a corporation, is by far it's own doing. They wasted money and resources by the truckload during the 90's and it shows. If it weren't for innocent people being hurt by this, like yourself... I would say it was Karmic Justice...

With the poor employees suffering the price of Corporate arrogance, all I can call it is sad..
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-22:
Thank you for the intelligent informative. Just another reaon I avoid SB like the plague.
Posted by Principissa on 2010-04-22:
Not a big SB fan. The coffee tastes burnt and it's way over priced.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-04-22:
Way overpriced. I even think the new McDonald's premium coffees taste better.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-08:
I'm sorry to hear that they made you work at your job. Things are tough everywhere these days. These businesses are in business to make money. It just sounds like you are to immature to deal with life. I suggest you seek a career with a goverment job so that you don't have to work and are not held responsible for what you do.
Posted by 3909 on 2010-06-30:
i agree with chevyfan... so what they make you clean up behind yourself, something that i ask my one year old to do... how hard could it be to hand the drink out and then clean up, i highly doubt that someone is watching you every second that you are on the job... you sound like someone who tried to turn their first job into their career, get over it!!! life happens and mommy nor daddy can hold your hand and protect you from the mean old job who actually makes you work for your wages, GROW UP!!!
Posted by Cypbucks on 2010-12-02:
@Chevy and 3909-
We thank you for your incredible insight into OUR jobs as baristas. This former employee is exactly right. I take extreme pride in my job and my store. The added stress of these new routines and objectives takes our regularly demanding job into a place where we sometimes feel like as hard as we work we just don't have enough hands at once. Thank you for understanding and making such intelligable retorts. We take great strides to keep our stores clean and efficient. This is not us poo-pooing a workload, as you may have soaked in if you had actually read this partner's comment. Plenty of us are educated college grads and undergrads working to make ends meet. The next time we are at your place of business, we will absolutely make sure to tell you how easy it is for you to get through your day. And thanks again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-02:
I have thought about taking a 3rd job as a bikini barista, but this is not the time of year to be making a move like that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-02:
Rip, I've seen one of those places on the Travel Channel. I wonder if they turn on the heat during the winter. But the girl's outfits are cute
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-02:
shorty, we have them all over out here. A friend of mine worked at one until she got married and her husband made her quit.
Posted by momsey on 2010-12-02:
Ew, who lets their husband tell them what kind of job they can have?!?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-02:
Love, honor, obey...lol!
Posted by MRM on 2010-12-02:
The husband is the king of the castle!
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-12-02:
Every place is short-staffed these days. However, if SB is short-staffed, a customer might have to wait an extra minute for their latte. If a hospital is short-staffed, someone might die. It's all about priorities.
Posted by megcurtis1 on 2013-03-23:
I appreciate the insights of a former employee. As a customer, I have seen the change in Starbucks procedures, prices, and product offerings. Starbucks had a niche and developed customer brand loyalty based on what they did best...coffee and some baked goods. My favorite was the latte and the blueberry scone. The changes they have made in their attempt to compete with other companies like McDonalds, BIG MISTAKE. I don't like the new products, I don't like the longer lines due to short staffing and I hate the higher prices. They have lost me as a customer. Bad business decision backfires!
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Employee Weighs In...
Posted by BaristaGirl on 06/02/2006
As a longtime Starbucks Coffee employee, I feel that part of my job is to make sure that people understand our company and what we try to provide. It is evident from your comments that many of you have had isolated experiences that have so enraged you (over coffee?) that you feel the need to Starbucks-bash. Here are some things that I think you should consider.

1. If you EVER, for ANY reason, are unhappy with your Starbucks drink, whether that be after the first sip or the last, Starbucks has a "just say yes" policy in which the employee on shift will provide you with a free drink coupon. If the employee doesn't offer one, go ahead and ask. He or she will not say no, and you'll get what you want.

2. In response to the African-American man who was offended when an employee called him "bro", GET OVER IT. That is a term used by young people EVERYWHERE and of EVERY race to greet each other. Starbucks Coffee is known for it's relaxed environment, and the employee was just trying to be friendly to you. If you want to be called "sir" become an officer in the Military or something. Anyway, ten bucks says the gentlemen who got called sir was OLDER than you. If you had a problem with THAT employee's treatment of you, take it up with him, not the company. They're not going to fire this kid because you're overly sensitive regarding your race...

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-03:
Respect - Is calling somebody a "disrespectful little child" respectful? Is calling somebody a "wipper sapper" respectful? Is referring to America as "Amerika" respectful? Is referring to the customers of Starbucks as cretins respectful? If nothing else my3cents is a great source of irony... (Stew was that respectful?). BaristaGirl good post. It's refreshing to see employees proud of their company.
Posted by Runboy on 2006-06-20:
Don't worry so much about Starbucks. In a few years down the road, one of the fastest growing franchsises called the Daily Grind will take care of starbucks for good. To look at the website www.dailygrindunwind.com. Check it out everyone. The future is in this company. Plus they have great service and also know what they are doing unlike starbucks. This company is worried about you. Otherwise all you starbucks lovers keep going back there. They don't care what you think, we do.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-12-21:
Thanks, Runboy!
Posted by sbuxluv on 2011-09-27:
Wow! I'm sorry that the majority of this commenting space was taken up by the overwhelming lack of coffee knowledge "Amerika" seems to possess. We charge that much for a latte because it's not "water", but dairy, which is expensive, as well as only the finest, ethically sourced coffee in the world! Did you know that less than 3 percent of the coffee beans in the world are of the right quality for Starbucks to purchase? Please do yourself a favor and get an education before making a comment about the price of our coffee, and do US a favor and take your lack of palate to Dunkin Donuts!
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Horrible Store Complete Lack of Trust Integrity Honesty
Posted by Tired of Morons on 12/08/2013
GRESHAM, OREGON -- On Thursday December 04, 2013 at approximately 5:45 PM I stopped off at the Starbucks 2233 NE Burnside Rd
Gresham Oregon (503) 465-8091 to purchase hot chocolate for my neighbors son. This Starbucks is located in the Oregon Trails Shopping Center. My complaint involves a lack of trust and integrity at Starbucks. Is free stuff good?

Review this scenario. I purchased some hot chocolate for my six year old friend. I was wearing new black ski gloves. I removed the ski gloves and placed them on the counter so I could pay for the purchase. After I paid I left the black ski gloves on the counter. I sat down and waited for the young man to finish his chocolate and left. Review his behavior. When I left the cashier he did not yell out, “Hey Mister you forgot your new black ski gloves on the counter!”. When customers leave their hats, gloves or wallets on their counter that does not automatically mean that Starbucks employees have free hats and gloves.

Many of you are wondering why the cashier did not point out the gloves to the customer. Maybe the cashier though my gloves were a Christmas tip. Here is a hot tip customers expect great product and service. Customers should not have to bribe the staff with tips or gifts to get what they originally paid for.

Review their attitude. I went back twice immediately after the incident and on Sunday December 08, 2013 at 7:45 AM. I spoke to a shift leader who refused to provide her name or the name of the manager. She was a short petite brunette very young in age. She wore a smirk when I discussed the black ski gloves. The confirmatory smirk indicates prior knowledge. This information is provided to assist Starbucks corporate in identifying the individuals.

Review Starbucks trust, integrity and lack of honesty. There are several problems with this transaction all revolving around trust and a lack of integrity. When the cashier allows the customer to walk away obviously leaving their property on the counter salivating at the free stuff this is a blatant lack of trust and integrity. When the so called shift supervisor/leader refuses to identify herself or provide the contact information for the manager this once again demonstrates a complete lack of trust and integrity.

Do I trust Starbucks? Starbucks employees that help themselves to customers property should never be allowed around any cash register. Free is good is bad if it’s the customers property. My complaint is Starbucks convenient absence of a lost and found for customers property speaks volumes about Starbucks lack of integrity.

I strongly recommend that if you insist on doing business with Starbucks you count your fingers after you shake hands. By the way the Starbucks hot chocolate turned out to be mostly foam. Starbucks hot chocolate Is seriously overpriced at $1.50. I asked the young man if he enjoyed it and he apparently did not.

I am not a coffee or food critic but small children tend to be very honest and sincere so this is a very honest and sincere review. Too young to know how to lie young children often favor the simple truth.

Curiously I posted this on Google reviews no fewer than three times on the morning of Sunday December 08, 2013. Apparently the censors at Google objected to the truth and censored this review. Advertising dollars from www.starbucks.com have a way of influencing the truth. I do not appreciate internet censorship by Google. Censorship is a very serious first amendment violation and interferes with the publics right to know the whole truth.
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Posted by Paul on 2013-12-09:
This is kind of complaint comes up constantly, and there is a reason for that - people are always leaving stuff sitting around in public places. There are variations - woman takes off engagement ring in a bar, leaves it on the table when she departs. Man leaves his iPod in an airplane seatback pocket. Person leaves X in Y.

Often, the allegation is made that an employee of Z took item X for their own use, and often there is no evidence other than a suspicion.

In this case I can't tell what the outcome was. Were the gloves returned after questioning?
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-12-09:
How can you know that the next customer in line didn't pick them up?
Posted by Lynn on 2013-12-09:
You are responsible for your own items. You left them behind and you do not know if the person behind you or another customer took them. Yoou have no proof that anyone who works at the store took your gloves.

Your comment regarding the manager's smirk means nothing. She may have known about it since you say you have called/visited etc 3 times about your gloves. Or, she has heard this before from people who are careless with their belongings. People are forever leaving their things behind. As a previous poster said, gloves, ipods, rings, scarves etc. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-09:
You're throwing around alot of accusations with absolutely zero actual proof.

"The confirmatory smirk indicates prior knowledge."

In your world perhaps

"When the so called shift supervisor/leader refuses to identify herself or provide the contact information for the manager this once again demonstrates a complete lack of trust and integrity."

No, it's to protect themselves from overzealous customers, very few if any retail businesses freely give out the names of their employees. You'll get a first name or a last name, but rarely both, and that's all you need to know. It doesn't indicate a lack of integrity or anything or trust. You didn't give out your name in this review, does that mean you're untrustrworthy? By your standards it would seem to. Don't be a hypocrite.

"My complaint is Starbucks convenient absence of a lost and found for customers property speaks volumes about Starbucks lack of integrity."

Few businesses do, I've never worked for retailer that had a lost and found. You're at a place of business, not an elementry school.

"Curiously I posted this on Google reviews no fewer than three times on the morning of Sunday December 08, 2013. Apparently the censors at Google objected to the truth and censored this review. "

More likely they object to overzealous spamming, and/or publishing reviews that are more hersay than actual objective facts.

He's a hot tip for you : Your possesions are your responsibilty. If you lose them through no fault of the business, then the blame is on you. I once left a $200 putter in a golf cart, obviously it wasn't there when I came back looking for it. Someone probably took it, however that wasn't the fault of the golf course I was playing at, it was my fault for leaving it in the golf cart in the first place. I mad it a point to excersise more personal responsibility in the future, I suggest you do the same.

Posted by Cwazychicken on 2013-12-10:
How did you discuss the gloves? did you yell or make a scene? A smirk always happens on younger people, especially if they are being accused of something that isn't their fault. I get eyes rolled at me from a lot of younger people....But like everyone else said, there is not much you can do. Once you leave an item, anyone can grab at it. Doesn't mean the employees did it.
Posted by Likesbeefpies on 2013-12-10:
As a lawyer I can confidently say your 1st amendment rights don't exactly translate to the internet. Just an FYI, Google has logged every search on every computer done by every person since inception. I'd also worry a bit more about what the govt is doing with respect to privacy and free speech vs posting about Google censoring a Starbucks rant on the internet... but hey that's just me....
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No Bathroom for Clients. Only for Employees.
Posted by Jaraedgardo08 on 11/27/2013
sign posted in all sturbucks
sign posted in all sturbucks
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Well. Very simple. I have noticed that Starbucks is posting a bathroom is not working sign. "Please accept our apologies. We are working to get it fix." Well that is simple not true. Employees are using the bathrooms all the time. It's happening all over the city. What I don't understand is why they give space and electricity for the client that stay all day using the space for one coffee. When you need to seat everything is occupied. Now no bathrooms no seat. This is crazy. They are getting very unreasonable with their policies. Please give the bathrooms and the space back to their clients.
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Horrific Customer Service
Posted by Abbak7292919 on 11/09/2013
Everyday I order more than $10 worth of food for 10 years from this Starbucks. However, this new employee decides to skip my order for more than 10 minutes. The sad part is 4 white customers received their orders before I have, a foreign black man.

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Errors in Order and Bad Customer Service
Posted by Amandasalgado07 on 10/26/2013
LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA -- As I go normally twice a week in the morning around 6:30 there has hardly ever been a problem except for this one time.

I ordered a tall iced green tea with light ice and and blueberry oatmeal. As I get my drink I noticed that it 3/4 full. I decided not to tell them about it but then as I get my blueberry oatmeal I notice in the bag all they had was the blueberries and a spoon. The item comes with other toppings as well. I ask the cashier and she ignores me the first time and then finally answers by saying we ran out. I wouldn't have bought the blueberry oatmeal in the first place paying full price for plain oatmeal.

Along with the bad customer service I didn't get the breakfast I was looking forward too and am very disappointed.
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Stolen Tablet, Unconcerned Employees
Posted by Gfrans01 on 08/24/2013
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- A few minutes ago a thief walked off with my tablet PC from inside a small Starbucks with 4 security cameras. The store employees refused to help. They declined to call the police. They declined to review the security camera footage. They declined to be helpful in any way, shape, form or fashion. This is this what their company calls RESPONSIBILITY.

The store manager - eventually, reluctantly - allowed me to call the police while he filled out a one page form (for corporate use) and would not even give me a copy of it. A quick Google search tells me that this is an on-going concern, but Starbucks will not even post warning signs for their customers because this might "spoil" their experience.
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Posted by olie on 2013-08-24:
The cameras are there to protect THE STORE. Not the customer. Sadly, there is very little that requires Starbucks to allow you to view the tapes or even view them on your behalf.

How was it that the thief was able to walk off with your tablet?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-25:
There are some legal theories under which If you requested they call the police and they refused to call the police or obstructed your ability to contact the police they might be held liable for obstruction. As for the cameras, the police should be able to subpoena the footage to identify the perpetrator.
Posted by gfrans01 on 2013-08-25:
A moments inattention is all it takes for a 7" tablet to disappear into a purse or pocket. However, I was guilty of worse. I stepped outside for a smoke while trusting in my fellow man's good nature. Foolish me.
Posted by ilovemyson on 2013-08-25:
Most retail stores don't always have access to the cameras..Corp usually has to approve or get the footage from tapes or feeds, also I know my place of work will not call the cops for customers because we get charged for it if an actual employee calls, but we will allow you to use our phones to call but we won't place it for you. Starbucks would allow cops to view tapes after the ask the correct people.. Also how long were you at starbucks that you needed to actually go have a smoke?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-08-25:
how did the not allow you to call the police? I get that they were not going to call for you, but what was stopping you from using a cell phone or going somewhere else to call the police? I think it stinks that they wouldn't look at their video (if they even have the capability to rewind and review on premise) but ultimately they didn't care for your possessions any more than you did.
Posted by Jay on 2013-08-25:
Granted this is not Starbuck's responsibility. But to refuse any cooperation or assistance of any kind is deplorable. Starbuck's "we don't have to and we ain't gonna help" attitude is disgusting!
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-25:
You capitalized one word in your complaint - "RESPONSIBILITY". This indeed is the key to what happened.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-25:
Spot on Jay!
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-25:
Not Starbuck's fault or responsibility. 'Tis yours.

You need to review just what kinds of personal info you have on the tablet and take action to ensure you protect your identity, bank accounts, etc.

This is how you learn.
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