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Changes to the Loyalty/members scheme SUCK!
By -

Starbucks are in the middle of changing their members scheme. That's of course up to them. However, the new scheme is nowhere NEAR as good as the old, the Baristas in the several Starbucks I use have no clue what is going on, and Corporate seem to be ignoring the comments on their own website. Instead of applying the 10% Discount to your order at the point of sale, you now have to collect 'Stars'. If that isn't bad enough, it is ONE star per ORDER not per DRINK. Fifteen Stars gets you a MAILED COUPON for one free drink.

I have already seen people splitting their orders and paying for one at a time, and if this continues the lines will just get longer and longer and longer. There is a small group on Facebook, but if Starbucks are ignoring pleas on their own site, why would they listen to another?

New Gold Card system is stupid, in more ways than one
By -

COMPLAINT! First day with the new gold card and so far not going well. I feel that the letter I received did not fully explain how they system works!! First of all, I forgot which day the switchover was, so I was carrying both my black VIP card and my new gold card, along with my Christmas gift card from my boyfriend. I handed the cashier the black card first, she scanned it, it did not give me a discount and then she just rang me out for the full price without saying anything. I checked my receipt and told her that she should have informed that my black card wasn't working anymore before she charged my card (strike 1).

I then had her refund the sale and ring it up again so she could scan my new gold card and give me the credit. Only after doing the entire process did she inform that I wouldn't get credit unless the funds I wanted to use were ON THE NEW GOLD CARD. (STRIKE 2!!!) This is the first I'm hearing of this!! I understood that we simply scanned that card whenever we visit a Starbucks and receive a point for our drinks. As I mentioned, I have a holiday gift card with about $15 left on it. Does that mean I should buy 7-10 more drinks without getting credit until I use up that card?

This new system is stupid. And to add insult to injury, the Starbucks employee offered no way to remedy the solution. In my opinion, she didn't even understand the system herself. Unacceptable! So I left and did not get credit for my drink after being embarrassed because her ineptitude held up the line!!!

New Gold Card Program
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I just saw the new Gold card program. I gave Starbucks $50 every few weeks on my card interest free. The only benefit was the 10% discount. Now a free drink every 15 drinks. Do the math. Starbucks just took 4% back. No thanks. I will now use my bank card. I guess your new marketing campaign is less is more. Stop building so many stores and maybe you would not have to gouge the customers.

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