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Starbucks Bell, CA Not Service or Pet Friendly

I frequented the local Starbucks, in Bell, Ca, with my pug. I would go inside this retail establishment, with my doggy, and place orders. But when I went to a Starbucks in Long Beach, Ca, they informed me that no pets are allowed in any Starbucks establishment. Today I walked with my dog to the Bell, Ca Starbucks. Knowing now about store policy, I waited for a car to finish an order at the drive through window so that I could flag someone down to place an order. As the server started to close the window doors, from a distance, I told him I needed service. Thinking he had acknowledged me, I waited; but got no reply.

So I went to the window. When he finally came to the window, he told me they "only take orders from people in cars." I told him to pretend I had a car and to take my order. (I really just wanted to have someone meet me at the front to accommodate my order). He didn't offer to help place my order, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. He closed the window. I waited a while. ** came to the window. I asked if she was a Supervisor. She said yes. (She wasn't). I informed her I had a pug and couldn't go inside the store.

She advised me to tie my dog to a pole and come inside to place an order. I told her that I couldn't do that, and instructed her to take my order at a table outside. She insisted that she couldn't take my order at the drive through window. I told her I needed my order taken outside, in the front. With an attitude, she started to close the window doors; but I insisted, and she said she'd see what she could do and rudely closed the windows - even though I wasn't done talking. I waited a while for someone to come. It wasn't until a car placed an order that ** came to the window.

She ordered me to step aside telling me that they couldn't take my order at the drive through window because Starbucks policy wouldn't want me to get run over. I asked for the manager. She said she was the manager. I asked her to take my order at a table outside by the door. At that moment, ** came back to the window; and insisted that I tie my dog to a pole “instead of making a big deal about this at the drive through window." Those were her exact words! Insulted, I told ** that I didn't appreciate their attitudes. ** interrupted me saying that I could either tie my dog to a pole or let someone hold it. I told her I couldn't do that.

** insisted she couldn't help at the window and ordered me to step aside. I said they just lost my business. I was humiliated by these imbeciles. Not only that, but I ran out of water for my dog and had to scrounge for a water fountain at the high school next door. My plan was to have a Frappuccino at Starbucks, watch the sunset with my dog, and walk home after my doggie had rested a while. Instead, I had to carry my tired dog all the way home; all 29 pounds of her. Unbelievable! I couldn't believe that ** was a supervisor or the horrible treatment I just received.

When I arrived home, I called Starbucks in Bell, CA to complain to a real manager. ** answered. I asked for her supervisor. She insisted she was the supervisor. Irate, I explained to her about customer goodwill. I explained to her the scenario all over again so that she would comprehend that I was expecting SERVICE and not DRIVE THROUGH service. I even asked her if she understood. All she said was that ** offered to hold the dog, and she kept going back to how she couldn't serve me at the drive through window. Argh!

I told her, "I'm giving you a chance to rectify yourself here, **, or I will complain." ** said, "Go ahead. Complain," as if she was saying "I dare you." As if it was a standoff. I'm soooooooo freaking upset. NOT ONLY BECAUSE I'M A COFFEE FREAK AND GET MY COFFEE AT THAT FREAKING PLACE IN THE MORNINGS VIA DRIVETHROUGH, but because of the horrible service I received that forced my pug and I to suffer. ** holding my dog was an impossibility as my dog suffers separation anxiety.

I can't believe an establishment like Starbucks doesn't facilitate Pet owners. And by this, I don't mean letting dogs inside the establishment. By this, I mean commonsense. I was humiliated by a bunch of shmucks who don't know a thing about customer goodwill or care about customer service. SO HERE I AM ONLINE, TRYING TO GET SOMEONE AT CORPORATE TO FREAKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IGORANT STAFF AT THIS FRANCHISE! Please have someone from corporate contact me by mail or by phone or by email.

What do I expect? I expect ** and ** to be reprimanded for their horrible service and for someone to explain customer goodwill. That involves going out of your way to provide excellent service for everyone, including pet owners. Most importantly, I expect an apology. If I don't get one from ** or **, I sure as hell better get it from Starbucks if they want me to remain a customer, because ** and ** sure don't give a crap if I never return.

I'm only bothering because I'm a caffeine addict and it's convenient to go there. But if I don't hear from someone and something's not done about this, I WILL take my business elsewhere; and you can bet I'm going to make sure EVERYONE I KNOW and even those I don't, learns about the way Starbucks allows their employees to treat pet owners. Unbelievable! I'll start with, will work my way up to the LA Times, and maybe even the evening news... hmmmm.

2:01 pm 7/9/06. Called the store to ask to speak to the afternoon Supervisor. ** answered. I told her I complained online at and that I was now going to complain to her district manager. She said, "We tried to help you, ma'am, in any way we could; but you wouldn't tie up your dog or let us hold the dog." I explained that my dog had separation anxiety. That there was no way in hell I was tying my dog to a pole. I asked her if she saw the error of her ways. She said, "We did nothing wrong ma'am." I said, "Let me explain what you did wrong to see if you understand: I had to scrounge for water at the High School next door.

My dog is Brachycephalic, which means she can easily die of heat exhaustion. I had to carry my dog all the way home. I told her that none of them offered to accommodate a pet owner. That I had never been so humiliated in my life. I asked her if she understood now. All I heard was static. Then I said, "Fine. I'm going to tell this to the district manager." She said, "what is it you want ma'am?" I told her, "An Apology." More Static. Then I got a forced, "I'm sorry, OK?" I say, "Not O.K." She forcibly says, "Would you like to come in for a FREE DRINK?" I said, "No." She says, "What do you want?"

I tell her I want them to be trained in customer goodwill and in providing service to pet owners. So I ask her again for the District Manager's phone number. (It wasn't the district manager's number. It was one of her friend's cell phone number.) I tell her that I find it hard to believe she's the Supervisor of that store, and I asked for the name of her supervisor. She said ** is the name of HER Supervisor. (It better be.)

I'm not pursuing this complaint to be a pain in the **. I don't appreciate a forced apology, and a free drink (which ** can put where the sun doesn't shine) doesn't cut it. Besides, I want no **. I seriously want these employees to be more conscious of Pet owners and their needs. Unbelievable.

2:25 pm ** answered the phone. ** will be in tomorrow between 9 Am and 5 pm. I asked HER for the District Manager's name. She said she would find out. She came back and told me that they are not allowed to give the number away for the District Manager. I told her that she can tell ** that I know for a fact that that is not the case, and that I will also make a note of that lie. ** offered to give me the number for Starbucks' Customer Relations: 1-800-235-2883. Wow. ** seems to have more common sense than that **.

2:33 Wow. Automated system. Got ** in Customer Relations. She said that she will forward my complaint and my phone number to the district manager, to give it upto 5 days because they're always on the road. So we will see what happens. She also gave me the info where I can send a complaint via Snail Mail: Starbucks Customer Relations. P. O. BOX 3717 MAILSTOP R-CR1. SEATTLE WASHINGTON 98124. We'll See what happens.

July 10, 2007. LOL! I want to thank everyone for your comments. I found a lot of them beyond amusing, and I can understand where a lot of you got the impressions you did. Drinking coffee at Starbucks, demanding pet owner, blah blah blah can conjure up images of a rich, spoiled, unreasonable, out of control, animal abusing customer. I don't abuse my doggie, nor do I think of my doggie as a replacement for a human baby. I'm not rich or spoiled or unreasonable. I'm definitely not out of control with demands. What is out of control is my being insulted by a server called ** and a manager called **. They prefer horsing around than accommodating a paying customer.

I didn't post this for sympathy. My reasons for posting are two fold: 1) ** and ** need to be trained in understanding Customer Goodwill. Any successful business serving the public practices this. 2) I go every freaking day to this place for coffee in the morning, and I'll be damned if I'm going to find a spit wad in it. I understand I could have left my doggie at home. Believe me, had I known these two were going to be lazy and horrible about taking my dollars, I would have. As a responsible dog owner, I always call ahead to see if my doggie is welcome at a restaurant or wherever I plan on staying with my doggie.

This particular Starbucks has allowed me to take my dog inside and place an order while the employees go crazy googoo-gaagaa-ing my dog before handing me my drink. So, naturally, I am going to assume that Starbucks is a Pet Friendly place (like many cafes are in France. And no, I'm not French. But I've been there. So what?) Last month, while taking my Pug to the doggie Beach in Long Beach, CA, I stopped at a local Starbucks.

The servers (Starbucks calls them "Partners") informed me that pets aren't allowed inside any Starbucks establishments, only outside, that if I ever needed service, all I had to do was flag someone down, and they would be glad to facilitate me. On Sat., I did exactly that. Mind you, at the Starbucks in Bell, I could have gone inside, bought the coffee blah blah blah; but, because I decided to be respectful of the zoning code that doesn't allow pets, I tried to flag someone down like they told me to do at the Long Beach Starbucks.

Let's get this straight: I didn't approach the drive-through window. I simply made the server aware that I was there. He seemed to acknowledge me, but never came out. That is why I approached the drive-through window. And no, I'm not a freaking moron. I didn't stand where a freaking car could run me or my pet over. I asked to speak to a manager, because the Server obviously wasn't going to assist me. When ** came to the window, she said she was the manager (she lied). And she was rude. I asked to speak to a real manager. And ** came out. But she only came out to assist a car that was placing an order with **. So I asked them to take my order.

I told them I'd be waiting for someone in the front door. Apparently, ** wasn't listening, because she kept insisting that I couldn't place an order at the window. No! Really? Er? When I was explaining to her that I was just trying to flag someone down to assist me, ** came out and rudely suggested I "tie" my "dog to a pole instead of making a big deal outside the drive-through window." Now that pissed me off. Big Deal? WTF? Actually, THEY were making a big deal about this. I was just asking for some assistance. Did I mention ** was also beyond rude? She prefers to joke around with her fellow "Partners" then facilitate a pet owner.

BTW... they could have easily assisted me as there was no one in line inside. There were just employees smacking each other around with a towel and joking. Couldn't SOMEONE have put down the towel and cut the jokes for 3 minutes while exchanging my dollars for a Freaking Frappuccino? How hard is it really to walk to the door? And am I really so lame as to expect someone to think out of the box for just a second? Well, had I known that was not going to be the case, I would never have taken my dog on this outing.

Oh! And let me just say that my doggie weighs 19 lbs. My BF's Frenchie weighs 29 pounds. And that's a pound over for a Frenchie... So I don't really consider his Frenchie overweight. So I got their weights confused. Sue me.
You know, it still was difficult carrying a 19-pound doggie home. Also, I didn't take my doggie when it was hot out. The day had cooled down, and there was a breeze. What was bad was that I was out of water. And I needed to sit somewhere to let my doggie rest. I needed to refill her doggie bottle. And that was the plan when I went to Starbucks. I didn't count on the horrible service these two servers gave.

So I sat on the sidewalk (No. Not the curb! The Sidewalk. Nowhere else to wait). And then I had to scrounge for freaking water at the High School next door. I hate that place. So, my doggie didn't suffer because I got her water and carried her home. I suffered. My doggie is not traumatized. But I guarantee those two "Partners" will be when I'm done with them. And if y'all think I'm making a big stink, I really don't give a crap. If it had happened to you, you'd be pissed too.

I know I could just stop giving Starbucks my business, but I have been a customer since they opened their doors in Southern California; and I believe in their mission statement of providing "excellent service to all." That includes Pet Owners. (And they have the only convenient drive-through for coffee in this freaking town. I'll be damned if I let two horrible "Partners" spit in my drink or treat ANYONE the way they treated me that day.) And yeah. Starbucks should accommodate pet owners, if they really mean what their mission statement says. Why the heck not?

And as for that comment comparing me to some writer and saying how boring my freaking complaining is, well, wtf are you reading this for? I wrote it to catch the District Manager's attention and Corporate's. I had no idea I was expected to tap dance for your entertainment. If you want to read something exciting, why don't you go read something else and keep your literary criticisms away from my complaint. I have a right to complain. You have a right to comment. I would just appreciate it if certain people would actually read and understand what I wrote before posting comments that actually tell me they don't know what the heck they're talking about.

Though hilarious, I don't appreciate being stereotyped as a rich, spoiled, demanding, pet owner, who abuses her dog by taking her out to sit at Starbucks. Pffft. I'm a working gal, just like everyone else. This town sucks, and is lucky enough to have a Starbucks; but unlucky enough to have uneducated natives working as "Partners." And this is coming from an educated native. Partner. Argh.

If you're going to bother to even read this, don't comment unless you actually read my complaint and understand it. If you don't, you'll just perpetuate the endless 2-celled criticisms I've gotten so far minus one. I'm not saying you can't disagree with me. Just don't be a moron about it. >< over and out. Have fun. ~@.@~

July 17th.Starbucks District Manager called. He assured me that they facilitate service to ALL customers. That includes pet owners. Although pets are not allowed in the store, a barista (Partner) should accommodated pet owners. He said he is going to speak to ** and ** about the incident and then train them on how to facilitate service to ANY Starbucks customer who needs it. He also said he will train all employees in his district to do the same. He apologized for ** and **'s behavior, and he said he will address it. He also sent me a gift, and thanked me for making him aware of the problem.

He assured me ** and ** will not be leaving spit wads in my drink. (I don't believe him. I'll just avoid those two by avoiding that store until ** and ** are gone). That District Manager sure was nice.:) He was very professional and cared about what I had to say. I would expect no less from a company like Starbucks. Starbucks has now redeemed itself -- thanks to Mr. **, District Manager of south eastern division Starbucks. Thanks Mr. **!

Starbucks Mocha Coffee
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My wife picked up an 11 ounce bag of this at Target the other day (it was around $8 and she had a buck fifty coupon taken off of that). We really like it. It has a smooth quality and a distinctive chocolate taste to it. It's good in the morning straight or with a shot of whipped cream, or at night with a splash of Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal (it'd probably be fine with just green or yellow) or some Grand Marnier if you're so inclined (the chocolate flavor will still come through). Not really tasty with Bushmills or Brandy.

They say you could also squirt some Hershey's in it, but I don't think it needs the extra chocolate. If you feel like something different than the standard Colombian in the morning, you may want to give this a try.

Too hot to handle!
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

I headed down the hallway at work this morning, and made my way to the break room to make some instant oatmeal for breakfast. I usually use the generic brand 8-oz. styrofoam cups as a measuring device, since the oatmeal packets call for 2/3 cup of hot water. If I took nothing else away from my days of imprisonment inside the walls of the educational system, it is that 8-ounces equals 1-cup. So I fill the cup about 2/3 full and presto! Therein lies the problem. There were no styrofoam cups this morning.

Now whether the vendor in charge of styrofoam cup delivery is to blame or not for going on a 3-day drinking binge, and thus neglecting to restock the beverage station, is an issue that has yet to be determined. That is neither here nor there. I was forced to use the last remaining disposable cup of any kind, which is represented in the attached picture. As I began filling the cup with hot water from the spigot on the front of the coffee machine, I began to notice that it was becoming increasingly unbearable to hold. By the time it was 2/3 full (remember the educational flashback), I was ready to drop the darn thing. It was as though I was filling the hot water in a clear plastic cup.

As I sit writing this review nearly 30 minutes later, my hand is still irritated and uncomfortable from the burn. I would like to think that a company who's mainstay is coffee, would have cups that are comfortable to hold while containing coffee or any other hot beverage, in this case...water. The fine print on the bottom of the cup reads "Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot!" The beverage inside the cup is hot, but where's the warning for the cup itself to be scalding hot? A very poor product in my opinion.

The standalone store on the corner was one of the worst experiences I've had and I'm not talking about the coffee
By -

HILLSBORO -- Wow!! I've never experience such extremes of the spectrum as I have with these 2 Starbucks located within 50 yards of each other. The standalone store on the corner was one of the worst experiences I've had and I'm not talking about the coffee. Out of convenience, I stopped by this particular Starbucks to get a drink. The line was pretty short, I was second in line out of 3 people. There were 3 workers: the cashier, the barista and the "other" (not sure what he does so for lack of a better title, let's call him other). Perhaps he was trying to be helpful, bored or whatever but he starts calling out to me to place an order.

This struck me as a bit odd as there was only 3 of us in line but no prob, I already knew what I wanted. I ordered a Venti Passion Tea Lemonade, no syrup. He writes it down then yells at the 3rd in line for his order. This made me feel like we were being rushed through for no reason. I watched my drink being made and saw that the barista had pumped the syrup into my drink. I mentioned politely that I ordered 'No Syrup'. The "other" then asks me if I wanted syrup or no syrup, a bit of an edge to his tone. I mentioned again "no syrup".

The barista gives me a nasty look and throws the contents into the sink. This was not subtle nor was it a gentle pour, it was throwing a drink out of anger, enough so that it splashed quite a bit. I realize that Starbucks is a chain and they'll make their money no matter what but when did it become a snooty, poor attitude, higher than mighty place that totally reminded me of high school?

From now on I will go to the Starbucks in the Fred Meyer's next door where they are the nicest people as well as much more understaffed, taking their time with each customer and always ensuring people leave with a smile on their face. Although corner Starbucks practically ruined my morning, it's the validation of how truly awesome the folks in the Fred Meyer's Starbucks are. Forget convenience, I'll take the time and the effort to go that extra little bit, just like the Starbucks in Fred Meyer's does. Thanks.

Coffee of the Day
By -

SOUTH RIDING, VIRGINIA -- You do not get what you pay for at Starbucks, particularly in South Riding VA. The Coffee of the Day (COD) is not the same as the posted sign. The posted sign is different than the hang tag signs on the coffee dispensers.

For example, yesterday morning the decaf sign posted: "Decaffeinated Komodo Dragon." However, the hang tag on the coffee pot read: "Decaffeinated House." When I asked for a decaf komodo dragon, the cup was placed on the counter and not handed to me. And when I inquired what it was I was told they did not know. One barista said: Decaf Komodo Dragon while the other said Decaf House. So which is it? I personally can't drink their Decaf House blend. While I really enjoy the Decaf Komodo Dragon.

My only point is why is it so hard to post an accurate sign? The average customer will trust the posted sign and ostensibly pay for a coffee that they are not getting. That is NOT right! I have reported this problem to the baristas and management at the store level and they tell me they are too busy to change the signs each day. I fail to see how hard it is to change a sign when the store opens in the morning while the coffee is brewing. Also, I have reported this problem to the district manager and he tells me: "no one else complains."

My response is apparently I am the only one who checks the signs. I do so, not to be difficult, but because there are certain coffees I prefer while others I dislike. I liked to be armed with accurate information so that on days when I don't like the posted COD, I can order a Venti Americano. Has anyone else had this problem or am I the only one drinking COD? The store will not correct their error and the district manager tells me there is no problem and that no one else complains. I am at a loss as to what to do!

One Starbucks Store in My Area Consistently Makes the Weakest Version of a Pour-Over Bold Coffee I Have Ever Had.
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

RESEDA BLVD., NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA -- I frequent five different Starbucks in my area of the San Fernando Valley in California. I can always count on a strong, (bold), coffee when I need to have the stores give me a pour-over in the early afternoon, (which is when most Starbucks do not offer any coffee but the weakest version of their various brands). But, one Starbucks on Devonshire and Reseda Boulevard, makes a dishwasher-version of bold coffee. It is atrocious, and even though I returned to the store and asked them to redo the coffee because it was weak they gave me the same dishwasher drink. This has happened to me before at this site!

The Starbucks on Sesnon in Porter Ranch, on Plummer in Northridge, and on Reseda Boulevard near Cal State Northridge all do a great pour-over, and whenever you ask for a bold coffee you get one. But this unpalatable version of a Starbucks can't seem to ever get it right. I will never try their coffee again. Can't corporation manage to provide directions and standards that all Starbucks meet? Better yet, why can't Starbucks include a review site on their website or allow customers who have a Starbucks card to write reviews about the different stores they frequent?

Unstable Female
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- My name is ** I am a 40 year old female and I have never encountered such bad behavior by an employee by the name of ** in my entire life, I ask her if she was having a good day because she kind of handled my food very ugly as if she was angry. At this point she ask me to meet her outside and by this time after her yelling I said "do not play with me" and she was very unstable, rude and mean. Even when I called for the manager I apologized if I had come across wrong she still was very angry. She replied "you don't know what I'm going through'' so I told her about a situation I was going through to calm her down and she replied, ''Ma'am I didn't need to hear that."

I want something about this young lady, I am a loyal customer of this company, I'm a professional, and I work with the public daily. I have never saw anyone behave this way, I was embarrassed, hurt, angry and I was afraid by the time I left I was literally in tears. I know people have things going on but that's very poor. I will never go there again. I would hate to think this happens all the time. I really believe she was trying to provoke me. I did not go outside with her because I would have hit this woman, this was the degree of my anger and fe

StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

ANTIOCH AND BRENTWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- I have decided to no longer patronize the local Starbucks. The service is good and the staff are friendly and courteous; however, three times in the past month I have received caffeinated coffee when I asked for decaf. This may not seem like a big deal for most, but for those of us who wear heart recorders because of a heart problem, it is significant. Where this one store, I would handle it directly with them, but it occurred at three different stores. This leads me to conclude that it's a common error, but not one that I can afford. Thank you.

Packaged Decaf House Blend is caffeinated
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I have been caffeine-free for 1 1/2 years now. I recently purchased a bag of Decaf House Blend in my local supermarket and noticed immediately that it didn't taste like House Blend, but was much richer. After drinking a cup at about 6:30 pm, by the time 1 am rolled around, my heart was about to jump out of my chest. The same thing has happened to me again this morning - my heart is palpitating like crazy after having a cup this morning at 6 am. This is the reason I gave up drinking caffeine in the first place. I take in no other caffeine - no soda, chocolate, etc. This has me pretty upset at this point.

A Cup of Anxiety
By -

A perfect Sunday morning until I decided to have a cup of Starbucks Pike Place Roast. After half of a small "short" cup, I am now jittery, sick to my stomach and feeling like I took some bad drugs. It should be illegal to push this stuff. I can't believe people actually pay to feel like this.

Plus their selection of "white pastries" is enough to make you feel anemic. Why support this corporation over your local coffee house or cafe? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! STARBUCKS STINKS THROUGH AND THROUGH. FYI My favorite brew at home is Seattle's Best #4. Smooth, tasty, and gets the job done without the bad after effects.

P.S. I hope this bad feeling from the Starbucks wears off soon. I have things to do, places to go and people to see. P.S.S. This is my first ever review.

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