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SunTrust Bank
303 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303
1-877-930-8971 (ph)
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Suntrust Bank Sucks!! Worst Bank Ever!!
By -

This is my advice to anyone who would like to open their first account, whether it be checking or a savings account. SunTrust steals and lies. I have been with this bank for a while and you would think I would have learned my lesson by now. I have so many bad experiences with this bank, that it is ridiculous. However, after I complained so much, they made apologies and tried to resolve and or fix the issues, which had kept me with them a little while longer.

This Bank has bad business practices and makes their money off the little guy by stealing money from them with overdraft fees. They have their systems set and or rigged to trick account holders to collect outrageous fees with them.. I have had experiences where I have had fake drafts on my account made so my account would go into overdraft.. This made me so furious because they knew what they were doing and tried to play off my intelligence like someone must have taken my card or compromised my information.. That was total BS.

I monitored my accounts carefully and I take account of everything I purchase with my check card.. After so many complaints they reversed the overdraft fees, but this happened on so many occasions. This bank sucks horribly. I would not advise anyone as I mentioned before to bank with these guys.. They have lawsuits filed against them and so many complaints about the same thing.. They have collectively stolen so much money from people. I know for a fact for sure that they make the majority of revenue from overdraft fees because I used to work for that sorry institution, and that was the (first) thing they told us in orientation is that how they make their money.

Needless to say my relationship with this bank has finally ended. THEY WILL NOT STEAL ANYMORE MONEY FROM ME. I want everyone to know about how horrible they are so they will not take advantage of more people. From this point forward I will be ever so vigilant with protesting about how horrible they are and how they lie and steal from people...

Error on Our part.......
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- OK I received a letter from my bank Wachovia informing me that my accounts were closed immediately due to a report from early warning services. I contacted them. Got my report. It said I had an account that closed on 5/5 at SunTrust. I stayed on the phone for 8 straight hours with SunTrust and Wachovia. SunTrust says "We don't report unless account is closed and sir yours is open". "OK then remove me". So back and forth, over and over I called.. The ""investigator"" says she removed me, but no reason I was there to start with. Must have been a small error.. OK small is small, when it stops your everyday living it is NOT small.. Still no resolution ....

Suntrust Online Bill Pay Is a Fraud
By -

Apart from all the fraudulent ways that SunTrust charges its overdraft fees (eg. holding cash deposits overnight etc.), it has just stooped to a new low. Earlier this year, SunTrust vigorously advertised that paying all of one's bill on its website would not only save an individual the time. But also, after three months, earn current and potential customers $100 and $150 respectively. However, what SunTrust did not openly divulge was that three bills had to be paid EACH month for THREE consecutive months before this one could amass this vast wealth. No, this most vital information was conveniently and covertly snuck in the fine print.

I am looking to initiate a class action against this bank for fraudulently deceiving customers into revealing to the bank what and how their payments are made to various companies. I believe this was just a ruse to get customers to reveal personal information about their bill paying patterns.

Holding Money
By -

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- I have opened an account with SunTrust in Sept. Everything was fine until a $2000.00 check was deposited into my account. This was a corp check and was to be posted the next business day. My account was frozen two days later and the $2000.00 was put on hold for ten days. I have two kids and a wife. We just moved to Va from Atl and I work in the building industry. I'm sure you now how well my sales have been. So I have taken on a weekend job. I do not get paid until the supplier gets paid. So on top of having to wait six weeks for my money now SunTrust makes me wait ten more days as well as freeze my account.

I have spoken with the branch manager at the SunTrust in Lynchburg VA (God that was terrible), as well as the area manager and still no money!! I do not know what else to do but I still have to provide for the family. Can something be done about this?

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