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I Distrust SunTrust!
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I started banking with First American Bank, which was bought out by Crestar and then purchased by Sun Trust. Consequently, I have had over a twenty year relationship with this bank, and until March 2010, a very uneventful one. We use Sun Trust online banking on a regular basis. In March 2010, I discovered that $3000 had been stolen from my Sun Trust Checking Account. I notified the Fraud Department of Sun Trust, filed a police report, filed an affidavit with the bank, and closed all the compromised accounts, including my Sun Trust Check card ending in No. 8179. Sun Trust processed my case in an excellent manner, and within a few days the $3000 had been refunded to my account. I opened all new bank accounts, and received a new Sun Trust Check Card a few weeks later. It appeared that my computer had been hacked, or I had acquired a virus that I could not remove. So, to prevent further incidents, I purchased a new computer, with a special spy ware program, as well as Norton 360 antivirus.
I ran the spy ware program before going online to do my banking, and ran the Norton 360 when I closed all internet connections. I tried to do anything that I could to prevent another cyber crime from happening.
Everything was fine until, I received a voice message from the Sun Trust fraud department on July 24, 2010, asking me about a Pizza Hut UK LTD purchase in the amount of $61.13. I, of course did not authorize a Pizza Hut purchase in Great Britain. So, once again I began the fraud case paperwork, police report etc... However, since we had made a personal contact with our local Sun Trust branch from the first fraud case, I contacted the representative who had worked with us in March. She was very helpful with emailing me the necessary documents for the new fraud case.
The problems began when I discovered that the Pizza Hut UK LTD $61.13
purchase had been made with the compromised Sun Trust Check Card ending in No. 8179. I had destroyed the compromised Sun Trust Check in March 2010, and had requested that the account be closed along with our other compromised accounts. I also wondered how this closed Check Card, ending in No. 8179, could be linked to my new checking account, since the one that it had been linked to in March, had been closed. Any purchases made with the Sun Trust Check Card No. 8179, should have been declined. That is when I began to realize that for the past four months, due to the mishandling of my March, 2010 fraud case, I was open to being easy prey for the cyber criminals out there. I have closed all my personal bank accounts with Sun Trust, as I do not feel that Sun Trust can keep my money safe. I now Distrust Sun Trust.

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Suntrust Bank Sucks!! Worst Bank Ever!!
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This is my advice to anyone who would like to open their first account, whether it be checking or a savings account. Suntrust steals and lies. I have been with this bank for a while and you would think I would have learned my lesson by now. I have so many bad experiences with this bank, that it is ridiculous. However, after I complained so much, they made apologies and tried to resolve and or fix the issues, which had kept me with them a little while longer. This Bank has bad business practices and makes their money off the little guy by stealing money from them with overdraft fees. They have their systems set and or rigged to trick account holders to collect outrageous fees with them..I have had experiences where I have had fake drafts on my account made so my account would go into overdraft..This made me so furious, because they knew what they were doing and tried to play off my intelligence like someone must have taken my card or compromised my information..That was total BS. I monitored my accounts carefully and I take account of everything I purchase with my check card..After so many complaints they reversed the overdraft fees, but this happened on so many occasions. This Bank Sucks horribly. I would not advise anyone as I mentioned before to bank with these guys..They have lawsuits filed against them and so many complaints about the same thing..They have collecviTVely stolen so much money from people. I know for a fact for sure that they make the majority of revenue from overdraft fees because I used to work for that sorry institution and that was the (first) thing they told us in orientation is that how they make their money. Needless to say my relationship with this bank has finally ended. THEY WILL NOT STEAL ANYMORE MONEY FROM ME. I want everyone to know about how horrible they are so they will not take advantage of more people. From this point forward I will be ever so vigilant with protesting about how horrible they are and how the lie and steal from people...
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User Replies:
yoke on 07/02/2010:
What did the police and banking commission say when you reported your claim of fake drafts on your account? After the first one I would have closed my account and reported it to the authorities.
Obsfucation on 07/02/2010:
I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that question, Yoke.
bcd on 07/02/2010:
A fake bank draft is a crime. I look forward to reading your response to yoke’s question.

Why are you no longer employed by SunTrust Bank?
Anonymous on 07/02/2010:
Suntrust certainly garners a lot of complaints. So many complaints in fact I got to think where there's smoke there's fire.

Find yourself a locally owned and operated community bank or credit union. You'll get far better terms, better service and your business will appreciated.

Take care!
CrazyRedHead on 07/02/2010:
I'm reserving comment till more information is given, but it's not looking good.
Elegant Butler on 04/16/2013:
Of course SunTrust is a terrible bank. They just evicted a supermarket and threw away all the food.
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Suntrust Online Bill Pay is a Fraud
Posted by on
Apart from all the fraudulent ways that Suntrust charges its overdraft fees (eg. holding cash deposits overnight etc.), it has just stooped to a new low. Earlier this year, Suntrust vigorously advertised that paying all of one's bill on its website would not only save an individual the time, but also, after three months, earn current and potential customers $100 and $150 respectively. However, what Suntrust did not openly divulge was that three bills had to be paid EACH month for THREE consecutive months before this one could amass this vast wealth. No, this most vital information was conveniently and covertly snuck in the fine print. I am looking to initiate a class action against this bank for fraudlently deceiving customers into revealing to the bank what and how their payments are made to various companies. I believe this was just a ruse to get customers to reveal personal information about their bill paying patterns.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 06/22/2010:
I thought the promotion was great. The condition was not hidden. I received the money. I read the complete sheet (including the fine print). My bills were paid on time, according to their t&c's. I've been with them for many years. Beats going to every web site, logging in and paying them. I only do that now if I'm cutting the edge of the due date.
and noooo I do not nor have I ever been employed by any bank.
MaggieMcT on 06/22/2010:
You're not going to get anywhere suing *them* because *you* didn't read the fine print. I would take this as a learning experience, and resolve to always read the fine print in the future.
Dheboreah J on 12/23/2011:
I have been banking with this particular branch under different names for 25 years now. I admit that they have their faults but when I have addressed the bank, we come to an agreement that' suitable for the both of us. Go SunTrust
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Holding Money
Posted by on
LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- I have opened an account with SunTrust in Sept. Everything was fine until a $2000.00 check was deposited into my account. This was a corp check and was to be posted the next business day. My account was frozen two days later and the $2000.00 was put on hold for ten days.

I have two kids and a wife. We just moved to Va from Atl and I work in the building industry. I'm sure you now how well my sales have been. So I have taken on a weekend job. I do not get paid until the supplier gets paid. So on top of having to wait six weeks for my money now SunTrust makes me wait ten more days as well as freeze my account.

I have spoken with the branch manager at the Suntrust in Lynchburg VA (God that was terrible) as well as the area manager and still no money!! I do not know what else to do but I still have to provide for the family.

Can something be done about this?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/13/2008:
The problem is that your account is new. Pretty much everywhere, new accounts are subject to extended holds. A check that large is reason enough to extend the hold as well. In the future, for an amount that large, you might want to ask that it be wire transferred into your account. You get immediate availability with that.
In the meantime, check to see if some portion is made available after 5 days. That is common practice. Beyond that, you are at the mercy of the branch manager, who has the ability to reduce the hold.
Anonymous on 11/13/2008:
Not too long ago I opened a new checking account at locally owned and operated bank. I deposited a personal check written off one of my other accounts for $5000. I asked the teller how long the hold was going to be to which the reply was none... The funds would be immediately available. I guess my point is you don't have to put up with BS holds and crap some of these banks try to pull. They need you more than you need them. Shop around... find a bank with more reasonable policies. They exist. Good luck!
cabinetsales on 11/14/2008:
Thank you both for your time. I have tried to go to the branch manager. She did say that she does have the power to lift the hold but she would not, (with a smirk on her face). That's what sent me crazy. I wanted to ask her to give me her check and let me hold it for ten days. See if that pisses her off.
Mandeena on 10/15/2010:
This sounds all too familiar. I deposited my paycheck and bonus check yesterday. Every pay period I deposit my check on Thursday and the funds are available Friday. I scheduled an appointment to get a new car this afternoon based on that knowledge... and guess what checked my account this morning to see that the funds have not been placed in my account yet. I called and was told that they would investigate for me and call me back. It's been 2 long hours and no call back. I'm closing my account immediately
Carl Rice on 07/11/2013:
I also have had the misfortune of dealing with Sun-Mistrust. My meager $800.00 payroll check was placed on hold for Ten days, Pending "Verification of Funds". I was under the impression that check forgery was a felony. I guess not. Why bother with the formality of a routing number, account number, and a signature. Why not just produce some free range chickens?.... Much easier. By the way,
these guys picked up Bail Out Money to the tune of $4,850,000,000 in 2008. Fired after 2 weeks!
thomas from frederick on 09/10/2013:
Suntrust sucks, I have had 4/5 checks held this year! I
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