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Staff/Mismanagement/Financial Mishandling
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TDBANK/LEXINGTON: VERY RUDE STAFF WITH VERY POOR KNOWLEDGE OF FINANCES AND INABILITY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR MISTAKES. I had a transfer of funds from another financial institution of an IRA -- bank manager made a mistake and the money was put into a money market. It came from an insurance product... I had a few other large deposits. The IRA was for a substantial amount of money. The lawyer was instructed to tell the bank to set up business accounts. They totally messed up my tax situation and asset base as well as trying to cover up what was going on in the bank. One manager tried to blame the other.

They refused to deal with my financial representatives. Quite a bit of money was missing from the accounts. The accounting did not add up. They have refused to give me my bank records and refused to discuss what happened in there. I was told that the bank is not releasing the records. They are incredibly rude as well as inexperienced and seem to all cover for each other. These were large transactions. The staff does not know what they are doing. I think the branch manager changed the account structures and that they were involved with some security transactions that I was not being told about.

For people who have money and retirement accounts; I would recommend a professional money manager and to stay away from banks -- in particular this bank... THEY SEEM TO HAVE CREATED QUITE A SITUATION IN THE ECONOMY AND WITH CONSUMERS WITH THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. They also seem to get away with this -- where, people with jobs in other companies are held accountable for their actions and have to have qualifications for the job. The burden and the responsibility is always placed on the consumer and not on them.

THE CURRENT MANAGER IN THIS BRANCH did not give me my records and I was represented by an attorney who I instructed to write a letter to the IRS explaining what they did. Her experience in business and work history is mediocre. They lost a substantial amount of money due to the economic environment and their ignorance. They are very small people; they do not have money; they do not have any experience in asset management or financial matters. Banks in general have fallen short of the mark in this current economy and people should look for alternative means and companies who are more professional and educated.

TD Bank is a Thief...Do NOT Bank There!!!
By -

I have been a member first of Commerce Bank then unfortunately continued as TC Bank bought them out. Since Day one of being a member of TD Bank, I have nothing but problems with them. Their customer service is horrible and they do not know how to treat someone like a human being. We all make mistakes... it happens but apparently they DO NOT make mistakes. I have had many issues with their overdraft fees. They will make sure that they post your transactions from highest to lowest in order to fully benefit from any overdraft fees that they can squeeze out of you.

This now causes a waterfall of overdraft fees until you are able to catch up with can be difficult in this economy. Not only that they apparently "hold" money for a transaction which has not even been processed yet. That is just insane!!! I use the online banking system on a daily basis in order to ensure that my account does not overdraw. Yes I have made mistakes and have owned up to those overdraft fees as I am human and it happens. Your bank statement online or in paper form is supposed to be a legal representation of what is in your account. Yet if you call TD bank and speak to a representative they will tell you something different.

What they see on their computer screen in totally different than what you see in front of you. The order in which posts are made are in different orders and your balance is even different too. I have now been charged 5 overdraft fees for items that have NOT caused my account to overdraft due to one item that I openly admit did cause it to overdraft. Now how do you figure that one out? Well apparently even though my online banking statement showed that I have approx $5.00 in the account on Tuesday then on Wed the $27.00 that caused the overdraft came through I was actually already in the negative way before the 27.00 even posted.

They so conveniently (and I say that with sarcasm) decided that they wanted to take out the 27.00 FIRST even though the 5 other transactions were done even before that 27.00 transaction even came through. Now I don't know about you but when I keep track of my banking I input my transactions in the order to which they were spent. NOT in the order that gives the bank the most profit.

Now I am in the hole with the bank and when I spoke to them about it they just say that I am stupid and incompetent and that I need to pay better attention to my banking and that there is nothing that they can do for me. Well TD bank... all I have to say is Most Convenient Bank My **.

This bank is the worst
By -

My husband and I have had more than our share of issues with this bank. I must say that reading all of these complaints makes me beyond frustrated. I wish that we had checked a website like this before going to TD Bank before we opened our accounts there. That being said, here is a little piece of our story.

My husband works 2 jobs in order for me to be able stay home with our children. He got paid weekly from his primary job, and bi-weekly from his per diem job. Every time his direct deposit went in, it seemed that we were overdrawn. Some of these might have been our fault, but for the most part after reviewing our account history, it occurred to me that transactions were being manipulated, thus causing us to overdraft. When I questioned a customer service representative about this, they flat out lied, and told me that was not the case.

This went on for about 2 months, and then I noticed some fraudulent charges from my debit card. I went down to the bank, and reported them and filled out all the required paperwork, and they indicated to me that all charges from this fraudulent vendor would have a "hold" put on them, and not be allowed to clear my account. 48 hours later there was another charge from this vendor, and I was assessed 345.00 in overdraft fees, as this charge caused my account to be overdrawn.

When I went into the local branch where I filled out the fraud paperwork, they told me they could only refund half of the fees. I said, "Basically you are telling me that this vendor is stealing my money, and now so are you???" I could not believe that this was happening, and I refused to put another penny into the account to cover the charges, so now we are in a situation that we cannot open another account anywhere, because we owe TD Bank the money that they stole from us to begin with. Whatever you do, if you are considering opening an account with them, DON'T!!! You will end up losing more of your own money, so that they can get their big fat paychecks.

TD Banknorth - Stay Away - Far Away
By -

I have been a victim of TD Bank as well. I signed up for free checking w/ no minimum balance, and then lo and behold they change the rules. That is not the contract I signed up for. If they had at least informed me I would have closed out the account before I had fees that I had no knowledge of put me in the negative on this account I hardly ever use. It is used for specific purposes. I have also had money stolen for OD fees when there was actually a balance to cover any activity. I have had quite enough.

I did not realize and should have, that TD Banknorth is a Canadian Corporation. I have a practice of only doing business with American companies and corporations – not that they are any better these days. The American consumer has become so complacent and apathetic, allowing these companies to treat us a door mats. This consumer says not anymore. Banknorth lost a lawsuit back in April, costing them $50 million; perhaps this is why they have begun these predatory practices. They would have been far better off to not conduct business in such a way that it put them in the position to lose such a lawsuit.

For all of you complaining on this and other boards – do more. Email everyone on your contact list; tell everyone you know to beware. Complain to the FDIC, BBB and AG if applicable. Bad word of mouth can be very damning to a company. Email everyone in the company that you can. Call everyone in the company that you can. Do not take no for an answer – you can and should fight back. By calling executives and the like you are costing the bank money. These people are highly paid and the time spent with dissatisfied customers is time away from what they consider more important business, business that generates high revenue for the bank.

Below are email addresses for executives of TD Bank. I will be posting some Blackberry and office numbers of these executives in a few days. Call them, bother them, cost them money – after all they are taking yours. Stop being a victim! **. I will be more than happy to post their blackberry and office phone numbers in the next few days - check back.

Poor poor service
By -

My husband and I are in the process of buying 2 condo units directly across the street from our restaurant in Newburyport Ma. TD was ready willing and able. Being a homeowner for over 30 years, excellent credit, pay extra on first principal and putting 50% down. After 20 days of loan processing between Maine and Massachusetts TD locations the loan was turned down because the condo assoc. does not, according to its attorney, fill out bank questionnaires.

They knew this on the 7th of Jan and told me on the 15 that all I needed was a letter confirming my child support and the down payment, nothing more was said about the questionnaire until the 20th. Very disappointed, branch level untrained, miscommunication between receiving, processing etc. Stay clear of TD Bank. Terrible Terrible service to someone who has done business with them for 15 years.

Debit Card Fraud
By -

My son and I have a joint checking account at TD Bank. My son's debit card was compromised. He filed a complaint that was denied by TD Bank. They advised him to hire a private detective. Obviously, this was their way of brushing him off. He did everything they asked him to do, including filing a police report. They declined his case, implying that someone who knows him must have compromised his accounts. I plan to file a complaint with the OCC, but feel that will not make a difference with TD Bank. Is there any other agencies I can file a complaint? My son is willing to take this matter as far as he can, including legal actions, if he can get free legal assistance.

TD Banknorth Shifts Your Transactions In Order To Charge More Overdraft Fees
By -

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- For several months I have incurred approximately $2000 in overdraft fees. The bank insisted that I use my check register rather than rely on my online banking. Since then I have collected every receipt and kept a "register" on Quicken as well as balancing all check registers, and comparing to my account online. All has gone better, until today. Before I went to bed last night I checked my online account (knowing it agreed with my Quicken register. Five items had cleared leaving a balance of $519. I ordered online an item for $578 knowing it would not clear until today when my husband's direct deposit would clear.

When I looked at my account online today I had "pending" transactions which included my item for $578, my husband's direct deposit for over $1000, and unbelievably an overdraft fee for $70. I screamed and then proceeded to call the bank. Speaking with a supervisor it was explained to me that even though the vendor had not received his $578 it was still promised to him and therefore shown as being taken out of the account, however, it was in PENDING.

So, I continued to ask why the $70 overdraft fee when only one item was overdrawn. Her response was that bank policy states that the largest amount posted for that date gets deducted from the balance first. Now I am really outraged because they choose where to deduct the larger dollar amount resulting in more overdraft charges. This is definitely a game they are playing with my money. It makes me wonder how many of the $2000 charges I received were because of the stealing they do by playing with our money. I am now looking for a new bank. We have six accounts with this bank.

Unreasonable Fees - Where to File Complaints To
By -

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- If any of you have issues with any bank, file a compliant with the Attorney General for that part of the state - Banks do not want negative marks with the AG. Also, banks are regulated by the Fed Reserve. Also file a complaint here:

Both of the above organizations are very helpful. One of the things I'm working on is: I am filing complaints w/ both organizations about TD Banknorth. Issues: I checked available balance and took money out. They charged me $25 for a "draw on uncollected" fee. This means the check I deposited did not clear, but my online statement and ATM balance made available 1/2 the money, so I did an ATM withdrawal with plenty of money left over "available". They did not want to work with me on this, so I am filing.

TD Mortgage
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO, ALABAMA -- Do not ever do any business with ** - Telephone: **. He is very unprofessional and unorganized. I purchased a house and contacted him right away for a mortgage, He assured me that everything was in good order and he was getting my paperwork ready. It dragged on for over a month. Every time I called him or emailed him, he would never respond. When he did, he would assure me everything was fine. Week after week he said the same thing. Still I have not signed any documents. I even offered to stop by his office to sign if he was too busy to come by to my house.

He then emailed me and said the paperwork was ready and he would come by next week and have me sign the documents. It is now Wednesday of next week and still have not heard from him. I emailed him and he did not reply. He then called me and said "what paperwork?" he did not have any paperwork ready for us, nor did he do anything yet for our mortgage. This is 3 weeks before my closing date. He was making up excuses saying he has other clients to serve that have an earlier closing date than I do. Meanwhile, I contacted him almost 3 months ago and he assured me everything was fine. BEWARE OF HIM. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH HIM.

Bank is incompetent
By -

This is the first time I ever used TD Bank. I applied for a Yard Card which is owned by TD Bank. They sent out my first statement to the wrong address so I never received it. I knew to expect it but I was never informed when to expect it.

Called them up to inquire when I can expect my first statement. They then figured out they had the wrong address and claimed they sent it there... but that didn't sway them from reversing a huge interest rate increase on my card which is still costing me hundreds of dollars.

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