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Don't Mess with the Time Warner Monopoly
Posted by Shuggy on 09/05/2007
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Time Warner Cable is a monopoly. They get you coming and going. They are the only high-speed cable internet company in the DFW metroplex. Since March, I have been having intermittent service. I have called, emailed, and even gone to the local office for help. I've had 8 technicians in my home. I've had 3 technicians not show up at all. I've had one technician come in, stay 2 minutes, get a phone call and leave.

I'm ONLY a residential customer. I'm not a making them a lot of money, though $50 a month for intermittent, unreliable cable service seems like a lot to me.

The problem is OBVIOUSLY not with my computer or the wiring inside my house (they have rewired everything in here). But will they send an outside/line technician? NOOOOO. You HAVE to have an inside tech come and recommend an outside tech. And even then they send a sub-contractor and tell him the wrong thing. I had a guy show up a day late to install a box on my house. I don't need a box on my house. He said it was the third customer that day that TWC had given wrong instructions about. Also, cancel all plans for the day if you call their customer support number (972-742-5892). Email complaints also go unresolved: customercare@ndc.rr.com. It's insulting to even have that email address. "Customer Care"? Yeah, right.

I had NO trouble with Comcast Cable before the great monopoly Time Warner Cable swooped in and took them over. COME BACK COMCAST!!!

Here is their corporate address:
Glenn A. Britt
President, CEO, and Director
Time Warner Cable Company
290 Harbor Dr.
Stamford, CT 06902-7441
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Posted by beanbagbritches on 2007-09-08:
Shuggy...I suggest you call and request a senior technician stop by your home. Make sure you stress the urgency because this type of behavior by TWC should be addressed. You can also request that TWC send an "in house" tech instead of a contractor. It's a shame that this company isn't responding to your complaints. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymoustx on 2007-09-17:
Call the corporate office for Time Warner Dallas. I did and had a tech at my house on time, even had a call the next day to make sure I was happy. 469-665-7600
Posted by JayDee11111111 on 2008-02-02:
Posted by warning! on 2008-07-13:
My new name for them is TIME WASTER CABLE!! Customer service is so poor that I spent a total of 5 hours this past week - mostly on hold, being transferred to here and there. They start from square one every time. We have had our internet drop off several times a day since they took over Comcast. Nothing they have done has worked yet - new $75 direct line, 3 modem tradeouts...we have to switch to dsl.
Posted by Tatakau on 2009-04-24:
We used to be TW employees, we've been fired and now we have some important news to tell the customers, if you want to know please contact me at tatakau07@hotmail.com, take care!!
Posted by Norci on 2012-06-18:
We made the HUGE mistake of bundling phone, internet and TV with TWC. Spent an entire day on hold trying to reach them. When someone finally would come on the line, my phone would go dead and I'd have to start all over again. Their techs came out to fix reception on my TiVo and ended up screwing up reception on another TV, and phone problems, too boot. This company has no business being in business!
Posted by Jan on 2012-07-02:
Have been calling and talking to reps for two weeks, get different answers from each one, lies from the service dept. etc. I cannot get true answers, or the installation people to come out, but it is the only service we have in this area.
Posted by Erik on 2013-10-02:
Time Warner Cable is absolute crap and sucks, high pay for such slow internet. Disconnects router, twice within 10 minutes. Retard alert.
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Poor service/inaccuracies
Posted by Mmdridgers on 09/10/2012
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I am writing to complain about your companies’ severe poor customer service and ineptitude regarding how to treat clients.

My family and I moved to Los Angeles from Chatsworth June 11th. We ordered Time-Warner Cable basic.

We had the service for several weeks when suddenly we had no cable but Internet.

We called and after some time were referred to Roberto at 855-239-4434 extension 1511362 at Credit and Compliance Department, 14079 Senlac Drive, Farmers Branch, Texas, 75234.

We were advised that there was a past due balance for equipment and “bounced checks” from account in 2006 ending in #18.

We explained to Roberto that we only paid in person and in cash or card because we had no checks to write from and that we did not use checks.

We also informed him that the equipment had been personally turned in as well in Topanga in 2006.

Roberto told us it was “no problem with the equipment” and that the only thing that “mattered” was the unpaid balance.

We asked Roberto for proof.

Roberto sent only old bills. When again we called him to advise him to prove the bounced checks he told us he had. We explained that these were copies of old bills

Roberto stated he would again send us proof.

We received two letters stating we owed nothing yet all our service had been cancelled and a bill for the new equipment had been issued for account ending in #83.

Again I called Roberto and in my conversation with him I again advised him that he had not sent proof and that again he sent old bills and 2 letters stating we owed nothing.

Roberto told me he had made a mistake, human error. I explained to him that that was the case in 2006, which he promptly told me, that couldn’t happen twice in a row and that now the burden of proof was on me. He said he would send a correction stating we did owe and to promptly return all new equipment.

I asked to speak to his supervisor and Roberto asserted that he was judge and jury and that there was no supervisor to discuss this matter with and that he was the last word.

Since then we have had four letters all time stamped August 21, 2012 and stating the same thing, that we owe $0.00. (Proving my assertion of human error.)

I am angry and annoyed by this inconvenience.

Your company’s lack of good customer service and fair treatment is astounding.

In retro spec, there were never any letters or warnings from Time Warner or Roberto warning of us of any issues.

We also passed all background checks to initially receive cable as well.

I have Grievance with your company because of these and many more reasons:

• Our account was interrupted with no prior notification.
• I was told that the old account ending in #13 was first in the rears for $700.
• Later I was told that the equipment didn’t matter, whether we turned it in or not just pay $300.
• Roberto then sent me a latter stating I owed nothing. Four times!!! (Each statement mailed to us contained 2 months different months billing, spanning from August 2006-August 2007 with no proof of any bounced checks)
• I was also sent a bill requesting $492 for the account ending in #83
• Roberto told me that the letter was a mistake. A mistake he made four times!
• Roberto told us that a new bill was issued for the equipment because our account was cancelled. (With no notice!)
• Roberto was Condescending
• Roberto accused us of stealing
• Roberto accused us of trying to get cable for free with out paying
• Roberto told me he did not have to prove anything
• Roberto told me to prove I paid in cash in person on Topanga in 2006
• Roberto denied my access to speak to his supervisor
• Roberto told me he was the final say in maters such as these
• I found Roberto to be vindictive, rude and not very professional.

I may not be ale to stop your company from having customers or making millions off of unsuspecting people but I have decide to do my best to tell everyone I know about your egregious errors, poor service and lack of customer care.

I will tell them of the extreme levels of ineptitude you allow with your employees. I will describe the horrendous buffoonery as to which you allow your employees to run your company. I will do this until the day I die or until I feel that Time/Warner has fully compensated me for my troubles and apologized.

Signed, A Complete and Utterly Dissatisfied
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Posted by Los Angeles on 2013-01-10:
I had a very similiar experience with an employee by the name of Zach at extension 1511455.
Something should be done about these people that feel they can abuse,disrespect and talk down to consumers.When I asked to speak to a supervisor he laughed at me and said there is no one higher up then him. These people should loose there jobs for being completly incompetent. Shame on Time Warner!
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Deceptive Marketing Or Classic Bait & Switch Kings
Posted by BALDEE55 on 10/04/2010
NEW YORK,, NEW YORK -- I signed up for an $89.99 bundled service package. Time Warner Cable (TWC) required that I pay up front for the first month as well as the installation. It seemed like a good deal and I verified on two separate occasions (prior to installation) that my service would be no more than $90 per month.

I didn't receive a bill so I called Time Warner to inquire and pay the bill. Here's where the nightmare started. First, getting a live person on the phone is nearly impossible. This is of course by design as I later made aware by two separate TWC customer service employees. What happens is you dial their number (1-888-TW-CABLE)and reach a recording. The recording asks you several different questions and gives you options to select from. You'll never hear an option to speak to a customer service representative So you keep trying to pick the right answer to get to a live person. The only way to get a live person is to not push any buttons and let the recording ask you questions over and over and over again. If you do that, you'll eventually get transferred to a live person.

Once I got a live person, he supposedly looked into the computer and found that my bill was $195. When I told him there was no way my bill could be that much, he stated that I had three services and gave me prices for each one. When I told him that I had signed up for a bundled service package that was $89.99 he told me that was impossible and they didn't have a package for that price. I then asked for a direct callback # so I could gather all of my original documentation and call back in 20 minutes without going through their awful phone system. They said that the number I called was the only number they had. I then asked if they could have a manager call me back in 20 minutes. The customer service person told me they would have their supervisor call me back in 20 minutes. I of course didn't receive a return call.
I called the national sales team that initially set up my new service and they said I would need to call the customer service line. The representative I talked to agreed that the phone system was "the most awful thing ever" and sympathized with the situation. I then called the TWC customer service line again. (It should be called the LACK OF Customer Service Line after the service I received.) Once I reached a live person (Mario), I immediately exclaimed that I was highly irritated and I wanted to speak to a manager. Mario responded with "Managers do not speak to customers directly". When I demanded to speak with a manager, he responded with the same statement again! I then asked who his immediate supervisor was and told him I wanted to be transferred to that person. Mario told me that his supervisor's name was Jose and said he couldn't transfer me until he made notes in the system regarding my account. During the time it took him to enter the notes there was laughter in the background, (this of course added to the lack of professionalism. After being held idle by Mario I demanded again to talk to his supervisor and he said he couldn't transfer me until he was finished with his notes. When he finally finished and transferred me, I got Jose's voicemail. I HUNG UP! Since TWC is set up to avoid it's customers and their managers do not speak to customers directly I will resort to posting this message on poster boards such as FTC.gov, ComplaintBoard.gov, RipoffReports.com, BBB.org and placing fliers in my neighborhood, malls, gas stations restaurants, and new housing tracts. Maybe if I warn enough people in a concentrated area about TWC's deceptive practices, false advertisement and lack of care or concern for their customers it will deter others from being put in the same position I'm in. Until someone within TWC's management team decides that their customers are worth talking to and calls me, I'm making it my mission to find two ways each day to communicate my experience to others.

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Posted by werelucky on 2010-10-04:
I can't see where your titled complaint is valid. They do have a lousy phone service but you stated you didn't have your information the first time and then demanded they call you back which they said they didn't do. You called back and just demanded to speak with a "manager" without even given the chance for the CSR to resolve your problem. I've always found that being polite and treating the CSR with respect goes a long way to resolving problems.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-10-04:
BALDEE55: Do you really think that Verizon FiOS is any better?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-10-04:
OP, check around, people are saying the same things about EVERY cable/satellite provider. hanging up fliers in your mall is not going to stop people from using them. I use TWC and I LOVE it. No problems here.
Posted by BALDEE55 on 2010-10-05:
LOL they all the same!
Posted by TONYSALZA on 2010-10-05:
Posted by imperial357 on 2010-10-08:
FTC and CA Attorney General should investigate TWC business practices.
they are usual ripoff reports!
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Service / Installation / Customer Service
Posted by DTORRES on 10/15/2007
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I recently changed my service to Time Warner, which out here in Los Angeles California is called Road Runner, I switched my internet, phone service and television service to time warner thinking I was going to save money by bundling all my services... How wrong I was the service is awful, the installation techs are idiots, and there customer service there's just no words to describe how horrible it is, they first came to change my internet and they tech didn't explain a thing he just did it and left I have yet to be able to connect to my email thru time warner... My telephone service I'm still waiting to have it installed after over a month of waiting ... And my television service the tech came once only to tell me he couldn't complete the installation by himself that he needed help..

So he told me he would be back this Monday, so I call to confirm and to my surprise I find out they had changed my appointment to the 20th of October instead of 15 and I was not even informed of this change it was done without me approving it, to make a long story short I called customer service and was told they could not do a thing about it that it was out of there hands after about 20 minutes of arguing they finally changed my installation date to the 17th of October.

But I was told I would have to wait between the hrs of 9am to 7pm and I couldn't make them change from those hrs to finish off this review whatever you do stay away from Time Warner... I wish I would have.
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Posted by skybear on 2007-10-22:
I had a similar experience. The tech could not get the internet or cable TV to work, became angry, and just sat in the floor staring at my tv. I tried to call customer service to come get him, but they had the usual "we will return your call in between 1:38 and 2:55 minutes" recording. I finally kicked him out and fixed it myself. I kept the service for 1 1/2 weeks before canceling and returning to dish network. Unbelieveable how bad TWC's service department is.
Posted by johnaebi on 2011-01-19:
Similar experience. Stay away from Time Warner.
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Took 30 Days To Set Up My Phone/Cable/Internet Account
Posted by Genuinearticle2 on 07/08/2013
KINGSTON, NEW YORK -- We just built a house and planned to move early in the morning April 30, 2013, and since I work in communications full-time out of my home, I wanted to make sure I had Internet and phone up and running by the time we moved in - without phone and Internet, I can’t work. On April 10, my builder said it was time to call Time Warner to get a tech to bring out cable to run in a conduit between the cable box by our driveway up to the house’s cable box. Everything else had been installed by the developer and builder, and the builder had just done the same thing with the house next door (which took about two days). My builder said that if it was going to take too long, Time Warner could just drop off the cable, and he would run it up to the house. When I called Time Warner April 10, the woman who handled the call took directions to our house down several times (since we’re not in GPS currently, it can be hard to find), and said a tech would be out “in two to five days” and that we should have no problem getting our triple play system up and running by April 30. She also used my cell as the account number, and I said that if the tech had any trouble finding the house, feel free to call me. Then she gave me a work order number, and said she’d call me once it was installed to set up our triple play account.

By April 15, no one had shown up at our property, so I called Time Warner and was told that a tech had been dispatched April 11, but couldn’t find the house. Apparently, the tech hadn’t bothered to try to phone me to get directions and no one at Time Warner was going to call me to let me know of the problem. And when I asked why the tech didn’t just use the directions on file, the man handling the call, Steve, said there were no directions on file. So he set up another work order with a different number, put the directions into the file (which I made him read back to me), and said it would take another “two to five days” for someone to run the cable.

The next day, April 16, I received a call from the original woman who set up the work order at Time Warner, demanding to know why I had called Time Warner. I was absolutely flabbergasted and said I called Time Warner because no one had shown up at our property! She seemed angry that I’d called, and said I should have waited for her to call me. I couldn’t believe there appeared to be some sort of infighting at Time Warner about who was setting up our account!

Around April 22, I called Time Warner because again no one was showing up at our house. I got a guy named Vinnie, who was able to see both work orders, but couldn’t put me in touch with anyone I’d spoken with previously, even though he said he knew Steve and the division that Steve was in. Nor could he give me any idea of how long it was going to take to lay this cable. He described a process, that included getting permits, etc., that might take several weeks. I was almost speechless, since I had originally been told it would take a few days. So I repeated that really all we needed was for Time Warner to DROP OFF the cable, and we could do the rest, but he said again that was not possible. I reiterated that no permits were necessary, but he didn’t seem willing to listen to me.

At this point, I was so busy trying to move that I was only able to call Time Warner a couple times to try to straighten this out, to no avail. Nobody could tell me when someone would show up, why Time Warner couldn’t just drop off the cable, or exactly what needed to be done. Yet, even on Friday, April 26, I was still being told that Time Warner would probably have the service up and running by April 30.

On April 30, the day of our move, Time Warner finally came to life, called me and said it would take two weeks to lay the cable! No explanation given. I was angry – originally, I had been told service would be up and running by April 30, and now it seemed the process was only being initiated on April 30, and it was going to take much longer than anyone had ever said it would to date. I told the woman who called that if Time Warner could just drop off the cable, our builder could get it up to the house himself in less than a day. FINALLY, she agreed that Time Warner would do that. So she asked for our builder’s name and number, which I gave her. She said Time Warner would call him to find out when he would be there so they could drop off the cable. (Time Warner never did call our builder.)

Instead, on May 1, a tech finally showed up at our house! It took about an hour to pull the cable from the box at the end of the driveway up to the house. I told the tech, Rich, who was very sympathetic, about what had happened, and he said it never should have taken Time Warner THREE WEEKS to run a 50-foot cable. That afternoon, I called Time Warner to set up our triple play and was disappointed that the earliest they could come was FIVE DAYS LATER, on Monday, May 6 in the morning. Still, I was thrilled we finally had the cable laid. It was a week of lost work (about $1,000), but at least I’d be up and running the week of May 6, I thought.

Little did I know…
On May 4, Time Warner called my cell, which my husband picked up, and a woman told him she was confirming that Time Warner would be by on WEDNESDAY, May 8 to set up our triple play. When he told me, I hit the roof, and called Time Warner to find out why they were delaying the installation of our triple play by two days. The woman who took the call said that Time Warner had cancelled Monday’s appointment, and that she would call me back within two hours to resolve the situation. She never called back, so several hours later, I called Time Warner again and got another operator. This is what she told me: “We never do installations on Mondays.” And I said, so why did the agent who set up our triple play schedule an installation time on Monday? And she replied: “Well, we DO do installations on Mondays, but we really don’t, and we don’t have any available technicians right now.” I said, “WHAT are you talking about? What kind of a system is that? DO YOU or DON’T YOU have techs available for installations on Mondays?” Then she said she’d note in the file to expedite our installation if a tech became available, but the installation appointment was now for Wednesday. So another half a week of work lost ($500).

On Monday, May 6, I was at a local shopping center and got a call on my cell phone from a Time Warner tech who said he was going to install our triple play but needed directions to our house. He was about two minutes away, he said. Overjoyed that Time Warner had apparently rescheduled the Monday appointment, I gave him directions and said I’d meet him there in five minutes. But as I raced up our driveway, the tech called again and said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I just got a call from my supervisor telling me that Time Warner has cancelled the installation appointment.” I was so angry – but I stayed calm. I said, “You mean to tell me you’re about 30 seconds from my home, and now Time Warner has again cancelled the installation appointment, despite the fact that A) you’re available, and B) I’ve raced back here to my house to meet you?” His answer: “Yes, ma’am, I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do about this. I’m very sorry.”

On Wednesday, May 8, I was in the driveway around 9 a.m., and a Time Warner truck drove up. I thought it was the installation tech, but it was instead Rich, the tech who pulled the cable up the driveway. He was aghast that I still didn’t have service and couldn’t figure out why it was taking Time Warner a month to do all this. He said he would call his supervisor to put in a report about it. He said he had come by to make sure the installation tech had done the work right and closed up the cable box.

Finally, at 11:30 a.m., the installation tech showed up. Dimitri was very nice and installed everything. He groused quite a bit about Time Warner, and how they overwork their techs, setting up piggyback appointments that were impossible to finish in the small amount of time given. Then there were problems with the Internet service, which was supposed to be “Turbo,” but was taking minutes to download a page. Dimitri said everything was set up correctly, and he couldn’t figure out what the problem was. He spent an hour on the phone with a Time Warner tech, but they still weren’t able to resolve the problem completely. Then Dimitri said he had to leave, as he was already two hours late for his next appointment, but that he’d call me later to make sure it was working. He never did call, and it wasn’t working.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 9, after struggling with the Internet all morning, I called Time Warner yet again, and finally got a tech named Chris on the phone. He spent an hour with me, trying to figure out what the problem was. Finally, he was able to figure out that I was in a “bad channel.” He switched me from channel 1 to channel 7, and that fixed the problem. By then it was 5 p.m. It had taken exactly a month, with eight work days lost ($1600), from when I made my first call to Time Warner to get a routine triple play system up and running – something that normally takes, what, a few hours?

Then, of course, there’s the fact that Time Warner installed a corrupted cable box and/or wire so our TV cable system didn’t work for another week, necessitating a call of an hour and a tech visit, but I don’t even care that much about that. At least I didn’t lose any work (or sleep) over that one! But I really do wonder what I’m paying sky high rates for here?
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Posted by genuinearticle2 on 2013-07-14:
I just wanted to add that this complaint is basically the text of a letter I sent to Time Warner Cable seeking financial compensation for their deplorable service. Will Time Warner, which has notoriously awful customer service, acknowledge this and compensate a damaged customer? To date, I haven’t heard back, but will post here any response I receive from Time Warner Cable. I also posted this letter at http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/time-warner-cable/time-warner-took-30-days-to-set-up-my-phone-cable-internet-20130713429164.html
Posted by stacy on 2013-07-18:
You should like their facebook page, write this on your wall and tag them, that way they cannot delete. I bet someone will contact you soon. Then any step they take from there should have a status update following with tags. It'll get people going. Good luck!
Posted by Dee on 2013-07-18:
you should also email and mail it to their Press Relations department and CEO . I find that sending it to PR dept gets you a quicker response. Good luck. I had TWC and they suck. I know have Cablevision/Optimum and it took them a month to fix my cable problems. They are just as bad as TWC. We as customers just can't win. Good luck to you!
Posted by JAMES LEVERETTE on 2013-07-18:
Posted by Bye Time Warner on 2013-07-18:
My wife and I HAD Time Warner for TEN years and all we had were problems with that place. Failed appointments, poor customer service, HORRIBLE customer compensation when they made errors, just a terrible company! AT and T was offered in our area In December and we switched over and are as happy as can be with AT and T, so BYE BYE Time Warner! (and yea I am a true FORMER customer and have NO ties to AT and T other than my monthly bill, which incidentally, is cheaper than TW)!
Posted by Joshjustwonders on 2013-07-18:
I was so glad to get out from under "your thumb." Worse company second to Amex
Posted by harvesthome on 2013-07-18:
We endured a 3 month ordeal with a newly constructed home after suffering a house fire. Most agencies and service providers did all that was in their power to help us in this process. Not Time Warner. They took forever - much like the homeowner described above.
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Very slow internet during peak hours
Posted by Greg28540 on 10/23/2007
I continuously get less than 800kps each evening I have called I have had my modem replaced and I have written emails but to no avail. I can walk next door to my mothers and get twice the speed via DSL than I get on turbo roadrunner in the evenings.

I test the line each morning and get 7000+kps before I leave for work but EVERY evening the service is pathetic.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-23:
It goes up and down all the time.
Posted by steve101 on 2007-10-24:
Cable and DSL are two different types of systems. Cable is a shared system. In other words everyone on your block shares one node so if everyone is on, the speed slows down. DSL is individually connected to the phone co servers. The DSL line is not shared. And now you know the rest of the story.
Posted by oh_yeah_whatever on 2007-10-25:
yeah...totally makes sense to me that cable internet slows down when everyone is on it...i work in tech support..don't like people who complain about stuff like they know anything about it..when in reality they no very little *laughs*
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-25:
Steve, I have dedicated Internet from Cox (about a T1) so I get the full bandwidth I pay for. You can get dedicated speeds from cable and DSL, it's costs more but you keep your bandwidth while everyone on a shared $29.95 a month connection slows to a crawl. If you have to have fast speeds I suggest people pay more for dedicated bandwidth.
Posted by oh_yeah_whatever on 2007-10-25:
Yes superbowl is right, if you have other options...take it
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2007-10-28:
Call & have a SENIOR TECHNICIAN stop by your home to correct your HSD issue. You shouldn't have to deal with slow Internet service.
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Holding New Customers for Previous Bills
Posted by Yevettemiller23 on 05/15/2012
GARLAND, TEXAS -- I am a NEW customer. I just moved into this resident and ordered cable and internet service online, they sent me an email requesting more information. I then called CS gave them the order number the representative could not find it so he told me to call the local CS. I called them and the representative stated the purpose for the call was in reference to the resident that lived here with the last name as I and asked if we were related. I said no she then told me to fax over my lease, I said no I will take it to the local office and I did along with my ID, the order was place by the representative and he scheduled my service.

10 minutes before the installer arrives I get another call from CS stated they have checked public records and found that I was related to the previous resident and it shows that someone else with a different last name still lives here. I told the representative no one lives here by that name and I'm not related to whom ever they were speaking of but she continued to argue with me and tell me I was lying and that they will cancel my order and refund my money in 5-6 wks. I went to CS and they would not refund my money right away even though they deducted money from my credit card the day before. I would have to wait 3 days to get my money back even though there was no particular reason not to offer me service and I a BRAND NEW CUSTOMER WITH NO PRIOR SERVICE. THEY WILL NEVER HAVE MY BUSINESS AGAIN NOR WILL I RECOMMEND ANYONE TO THIS COMPANY!!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-15:
I can understand the concern that the cable company has that they MAY be the victim of fraud, because if you were related to someone there this would be a way to try to scam the company out of a past due bill.

I can also understand that you can't get your money back immediately - it works this way with many companies after they have processed an electronic payment. A credit card refund can take up to 2 weeks to process through the system.

What I can't understand is why the company could not clear you as a truly new customer. They have the right to do what they did if they feel there is evidence to support their action, and if it happened to me I would try everything I could think of to prove I am not related.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-05-15:
A+, trmn8r.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-05-15:
I sign up for cable, pay the first month, then no more. After 3 months go by, I am shut off. So my live in girlfriend calls, pays the first month, no more. Another 3 months go by. This goes on until I am evicted from my apartment (seems to go that way.) I have seen it happen time and again.
Posted by traceylynn on 2012-05-17:
Posted by traceylynn on 2012-05-17:
As someone who works for a cable company this happens a lot. Someone has a bad bill, doesn't want to pay it, and tries to put service in husbands/wife's/kids/boyfriend/girlfriends name. It is scamming the cable company. Time Warner does have a right to see if you and the person are related/ in the same household. What public records did they pull? If you can show a utility bill at your old address during the time frame the other person had service that may save you. But I know for my company we will only take utilities statements, taxes, and paycheck stubs with the address on them as proof, leases are too easily forged. I am still curious how they found out you lived with the other person? If there is public record of it that leads me to believe you do really live with them. Also if you have the same phone number on file that the other person does on their account that is a dead give away. More then likely you both had the same phone number which means you both do know one another/ live together.
Posted by ThomasinaPaine on 2012-06-16:
Years ago. during my employment as an outside sales rep for Time-Warner Cable, I quickly learned that the cable company is as much a "scam" as the practice referenced above. I discovered to my shock that:

1. "Name changing" as described above was commonplace.
2. The accounts "churned" in that way kept the subscriber numbers up for the cable company--made market penetration look better that way.
3. "or that reason, "name changing" by sales reps was treated with a wink and a nod by management. It was a known and common practice by outside--and some inside--sales reps that was simply ignored --unless you crossed management in some way.
I was considered a fool for not doing it by the other reps. It took me a LONG time to give in and join the crowd, because to me it was simply morally wrong. Then I got a close-up of what cable was doing to customers and employees alike and
The second year I worked there, TW's marketing fools started a marketing campaign offering one month free cable and free installation in certain demographic areas ---i.e., white, higher income areas, while denying the same offer to the lower income (predominantly black and Hispanic) areas. That "marketing" program was a blatant violation of the first FCC rule of non-discrimination. I objected and mentioned the regulations governing discrimination.
A charge was--literally-- trumped up against me and I was terminated for a faked "rule violation "I gave TOO good a service to a customer by picking up their modem (as I had promised) when they decided not to keep the service.Go figure. I was denied the right of appeal (clearly stated in the handbook) and my picture was plastered all over the foyer telling the staff to contact the police if I came on site (LOL I kid you not) simply because I had the gall to remind management that discriminating against lower income people was not only morally wrong but flat out illegal.
Ah yes, good times at old TW Cable...lol.

I recently changed over at my home to TW for phone, inet, and tv from ATT and discovered that they are again involved in less than upfront practices. Customers are told that the changeover is (virtually) seamless, that the tech will set everything up for you and that of COURSE your wireless DSL modem will work with cable (of course, it does not).
They don't even provide an installation config CD anymore.
I was quoted three different prices by 3 different reps, some reps offering free install, others telling me that you *must* pay for porting your phone number and activation---all this disparity was presented as "truth" by the reps for exactly the same three services I mentioned above.

Finally, the (late arriving) rep who installed my services drilled two holes a few inches out from the wallboard for some reason using the same size drill bit despite the size differential of the cords and then tied a knot in the phone line to keep it from falling through into the basement and didn't even bother to attach it to the wallboard. He then spent all the time on the phone with a girl he was trying to chat up at the main office and, after hooking up HIS computer to the modem to prove it was working (instead of helping me configure mine) he left abruptly, leaving the door to the basement gaping wide open and the desk pulled out.
I was given to understand by the supervisor I called that
a) TW for "liability" reasons did not allow employees to move furniture of any kind
(unlike ATT) since it might result in damage to the furniture or an employee hurting his back or something. (And what is Worker's Comp for?)
b) employees were not allowed to configure or assist customers by touching any computer (citing the same "liability issues" )

SO if you ordered cable internet and you didn't know how to configure it to work, you were out of luck.
I was also told that "basic" cable internet access was "MUCH" faster than DSL ultra (that is to say that 1.5 MBS was faster than 6 MBS (I kid you not) because the way the signal was delivered through cable lines was just "different" and therefore was "much faster". When I pressed for a more technical justification of that claim, I was told by the rep, "Just trust me:I can't really explain it but OUR 1.5 "megabits" speed IS faster than THEIR SIX "megabits"..."
Lord. Granted ATT is notorious for tiering, but...they really believe that statement is true on its face? ?

Time-Warner is still basing their marketing on misinformation, implied service that doesn't materialize, and half truths and vague promises.
Not to mention out and out lies.
I discovered that the (well intentioned) rep who gave me ALL current promotional offers and promised NO installation or activation charges --tho she probably BELIEVED she could do it---had, by the time TW billing software processed it, resulted in my order including $57 in activation and installation charges, a fact I discovered--and got corrected-- when i later spoke with billing when my Inet access was not working 3 minutes after the guy left.

So consider my story when I say that I don't agree that TW is getting "scammed" by a name change resulting in a previous account remaining unpaid. Their new revenue is maintained, at least for a time, AND the entire -overpriced- amount is written off as a loss come tax time.
Posted by lynds on 2013-10-08:
TWC is really making me mad, first they send me the wrong boxes then my Internet stops working for a "update" and then (even though i had nothing to do with the bill) they tell me i have to pay For my EX boyfriends cable bill..he doesnt live here!!! Plus i was suppose to get the 130$ plan..the rep now tells me my bill is 190$!! TWC is one of the most un-organized cable companies ive ever seen...so dont listen when they say "faster and better then the rest"
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BEFORE CHOOSING Time Warner Cable read this: If you decide to leave, they WILL send you to Collections Agency immediately to hurt
Posted by Wikiexpert001 on 04/04/2011
BEFORE CHOOSING Time Warner Cable read this: If you decide to leave, they WILL send you to Collections Agency immediately to hurt your credit. We could not afford the services anymore and went into the Time Warner Cable office to return our equipment and pay the last of the bill. They gave us a receipt. About 3 weeks later we received a letter from a COLLECTIONS AGENCY stating that we owe $23.89. No problem. EXCEPT that they knowingly send 'defectors' to Collections Agencies simply to hurt the consumers' credit our of spite. This is not uncommon for Time Warner as you will see MANY complaints. I can't believe there is not a lawsuit yet against them.


They are a 'copper' CABLE wire company and cannot compete against the new Verizon FiOS fiber optic services. TWC's internet never works properly (FiOS never fails) as TWC drops your connection for about 3 minutes about 30 times a day (depending on how many people are using the signal from that ONE cable line).

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Posted by Ytropious on 2011-04-04:
Fios sucks, sorry. My TWC has always worked fine.
Posted by momsey on 2011-04-04:
FiOS doesn't suck and your TWC always working fine really has nothing to do with this complaint.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-04:
Yt -> you need to justify that. Regardless of how you feel about cable internet, exactly how does FiOS "suck"?
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-04-04:
When I left Time Warner, there was no collection agency sent after me or anything. It was a fairly simple process. The only thing I had to do that could be considered a pain was to drop off the equipment at a local branch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-04:
When I had fios, I LOVED it. Too bad they dont have it in my area I moved to. I do totally agree about TWC. They are one of the worst of the cable companies.
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Time Warner Cable is a Scam
Posted by Mateo107 on 12/21/2010
Already having had home phone service and cable TV through Time Warner for several years, I decided to switch my internet as well for increased savings as a bundle package with a 2-year agreement. It turned out to be a huge mistake.

The internet service was intermittent to say the least, but was far too unreliable, I could stay connected on a neighbor's unsecured network easier. After weeks of complaints to customer service and visits from technicians, I spoke to a retention agent within the 60-day trial period, who begged me to have a technician come out one last time to try to fix it. I agreed, and just like before the technician was unable to make a difference, so I called the retention department back and cancelled the internet the same day. I kept the phone and cable TV service, since I had them before and never had a problem with them; I had not been given any new equipment for the internet service, so there was nothing to return with the cancellation. I should have just resumed month-to-month on the prior services like I had before.

The next bill came out and was still charged for the bundle, but like most people unfamiliar with subscription billing, I didn't instantly assume what I had believed was a reputable company had made a mistake, I could probably get a credit for it on the next bill. The next month I was charged for it again, as I was on auto-bill, and when I called they first informed me that they had no record of my cancellation and that I was bound by a contract now so if I cancelled I would be subject to an early termination fee. I checked my records and called back, and the next representative even agreed that I had called back to cancel my service that day and was within the 60-day trial, but because I hadn't reported the error within 30 days they would still hold me to that contract. They tried every excuse to keep me in that contract, suggesting that the cancellation wasn't official because I hadn't returned any equipment, even though I never received any equipment. There were the predictable mishaps of getting disconnected when requesting to speak to a supervisor. I was repeatedly lied to, and finally, I had had enough. I already had a new service provider and wasn't going to continue to pay Time Warner since they never provided me with service anyway, so I cancelled.

The only promise they ever kept was to penalize me with the early termination fee, which I am still disputing. Their customer service reps were reluctant to or not empowered to assist or research any further. I called to request the recordings of all the phone calls I had made that month, yet their customer service reps don't even have access to listen to their own recordings of customer service calls, and instead referred me to a legal department to make that request. There seem to be no checks and balances in their company to prevent a dishonest retention representative from getting credit for a save by lying to a customer, and even worse, nobody in the company seems to think that's a problem; instead they all appear to support it. All the reps seem to have been trained to deliver fake apologies, like "I'm sorry you feel that way", which is about as apologetic as saying "I'm sorry you're an idiot." Once their mistake had been pointed out, and they even admitted to it, there is no reason why they should not be able to correct it, unless they were deliberately making mistakes as a means to profit. As far as I'm concerned, Time Warner Cable uses unethical practices to enforce fraudulent contracts, and their policies and procedures are designed to shield those practices.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-22:
Drop a complaint to the fcc about this via http://reboot.fcc.gov/consumers
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Infuriating Customer Service
Posted by JMMD on 03/06/2010
I received many calls from TWC to enroll in their All the Best Package. I initially had phone with AT&T but cable and internet with TWC. They quoted me $104.99 monthly service fee. I finally agreed to this. I won't even tell you how crazy the installation was but let's just say they were here more than 4 hours! Then when the bill came, they charged me $136.97 for the monthly fee plus installation and phone changing fee. I tried to contact them via email. They are always polite and apologetic but completely not helpful. I think it took 4 or 5 emails back and forth until one representative finally read my complaint and agreed that I was overcharged. This representative assured me the mistake would be corrected in the next month billing, etc. Fine. Then I just got this month's bill, it's only half corrected. They changed the current month's fee at the rate originally quoted but never credited me for the overcharge the previous month. I tried calling, couldn't get through. I tried the chat online help. After chatting for a while, the guy tells me he doesn't have full access to my account so can't help me. Also this All the Best Package thing wasn't what he dealt with. HUH? I'm not asking for details of the package. I just want the overcharge to be credited to my account. So, I tried emailing again. I specifically state in the email which contains the log of all the previous correspondences and ask them to read it and make the correction. I get a completely useless email back telling me what I'm signed up for and the charges. HUH? Do these people even read what the customers are telling them? Really, this was the same kind of useless responses I was getting the first time around. I swear I might just have to switch back to ATT.
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