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Toyota Hangs Their Customers Out to Dry!
By -

19001 SOUTH WESTERN AVENUE, CALIFORNIA -- On May 29, 2009 I traveled 330 miles from home for a weekend beach trip with some friends. While driving to the beach, my 2009 Toyota Camry stopped running in the middle of a 6 lane highway. Calling Toyota Customer Service that night was not helpful. I was told that Toyota would not provide me with a rental car and a Toyota Dealership did not have to provide me with a loaner vehicle.

Long story short - I had the car towed to the closest Toyota Dealership (who did not provide a loaner car). Mechanic's determined that the 'Sub-Assembly Intake' (Part # 22204-OH010) was not functioning. This part was not stocked in the service department - because this is a NEW car.

My husband and son drove 2 vehicles 330 miles to leave my husband's car for me to drive back home at the end of the weekend. On Monday morning, June 1, 2009, I contacted Toyota Corporation again and explained that my car was 330 miles away being repaired. I could not stay and wait for my car to be repaired, because I had to return to work on Monday morning, June 1st.

After 3 telephone calls to Toyota Corporation, I finally spoke to a representative who seemed to understand my predicament. She said this was certainly an inconvenience to me and she told me to go ahead and rent a car; Toyota Corporation would reimburse me for the car rental for the number of days that I needed the car until I could return 330 miles to pick up my repaired 2009 Camry. I followed her instructions. The very next weekend, I traveled 330 miles (one way) and then 330 miles back home in order to get my repaired car.

The very next business day (June 8, 2009) I faxed all of the documentation that Toyota Corporation required (receipt for vehicle repairs, receipt for towing charges, receipt for car rental, proof of vehicle ownership) and waited and waited for my reimbursement. On Thursday, August 20, 2009 I received a reimbursement check from Toyota Corporation for $35.00. After contacting Toyota Corporation about the lack of reimbursement, I was informed that "Toyota Corporation has met their requirements" - "We only have to refund your car rental for the amount of time that your car was not drivable."

Basically, because my 2009 Camry was repaired and ready to be picked up on June 2, 2009, Toyota, at that point, doesn't have to take care of their customers, even though their employee told me that I WOULD be reimbursed for the car rental fees. I was not able to leave my job and drive 4 hours one way (if traffic is not a problem), pick up my car and drive back another 4 hours. The bottom line here is, if you are considering buying a Toyota, keep in mind Toyota Corporation has proven to me, they do not care about their customers.

I heard several "sorries"... "We are so sorry that you had this problem." "We are so sorry that you don't have another car to drive." "We are so sorry that your car broke down so far away from home." Toyota will say to you what you want to hear, but their actions prove that they don't "Do what they say they will do." If Toyota Corporation stands behind their vehicles and their customer service, I feel that they should have provided me with transportation in this situation. Toyota hung me out to dry.

2009 Camry Making Noise, Front Rt Side Door
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- 2/14/2009 - On this date, I had an 11 am appointment, my ordered part œ"door mold was installed." I was then asked to ride with a technician to be sure I was satisfied and that the wind rush noise was fixed. When talking with the technician on the drive he informed me that he had removed my window seal because that'™s what he was told he was replacing. After he removed he realized that he was in-fact replacing a door mold not a window seal. He fixed the window seal and then replaced the door mold.

On the test ride we both heard that the noise that I had brought my car in initially for repair. The problem was not fixed. One hour and half later I was asked by service advisor to go on yet another ride with his lead technician to duplicate the noise. We drove around for about 15 minutes. We both heard the noise at variable speeds ranging from 30-50mph. The technician after close examination realized that my doors were not in-line, and that to fix this it would require the OK from the service manager to OK body shop work.

When we got back from the test ride he told the "œservice advisor" his diagnosis and proceeded to speak with the service manager. Before speaking with the service manager he and the service advisor came out to my car to examine it, he then unrolled my passenger side window and attempted to adjust my door "œbend" so it would fit better. The dealership then placed duct tape between my passenger side door and my rear passenger side door to see if blocking this gap would reduce the noise.

WE then went on another test drive; again the noise was still there. Upon returning to the dealership the lead technician said he would need to speak with the service manager to OK the necessary repairs, and I would need to drop the car off on a different day. The service manager examined my car and said I should take my car to where I purchased it - this dealership is 2 hours away. He said that his dealership does not do bodywork and I was basically not going to get anything out of them. When leaving since I had reported this problem to another Toyota dealership.

I was instructed to bring it back there for a door adjustment since they made the first door adjustment. I was not given any written paperwork about any work done on my car at from either my 2/7 nor my 2/14 appointment. The service advisor said he would make the necessary adjustments to the computer system to show that they never saw my car and did no repairs or alterations so when I went to an another dealership to report my problem they would not see any other dealerships had done work on my car for this problem - this was to prevent a war between dealerships over who would pay for my warranty work.

There was also a nipple sized mark on my chrome exterior on my right window. Toyota said that this was caused by an external force at some point and that this may be why my doors are out on line and it may possibly not be an "œin-warranty repair." I refuse to believe this as I wash my car every Saturday. I have had no work done on my car at any other place other than Toyota, and I have never seen this mark before. The mark is protruding outward as if it was hit from the inside, it is not dented inward as if an external force hit it, also there are no scratches near this mark and in fact none on the entire door.

I think there is a cover up going on at this Toyota dealership especially because they replaced parts on my car and refused to give me a record on the repairs. I was there from 11am-3:30pm on 2/14/2009 and from 10:30-11:30am on 2/7/2009. 3 different Toyota technicians have heard this noise. Please help with any advise my car just hit its 12,000 mile mark. I have had it looked at 4 times for this same noise.

Toyota Camry - Transmission Died @ 54,000 Miles
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a Toyota Camry in Sept 2006 and it had around 40,000 miles on it. As per records of Toyota Motors, this car was first sold to an end customer on Aug 12th 2002. But as per DMV records, this vehicle was first sold on Sept 15th, 2002 (09/15/2002).

Recently, I noticed a problem in the car. The Check Engine light came on and the speedometer died. This car now has 55,000 miles on it. I called Toyota Motors customer service on 09/11/2007 to see if this car was still under warranty as it had less than 60,000 miles and was still within the 60-month warranty period, according to the paperwork I had from the DMV. But I was told that this car is out of warranty and Toyota would not be able to help in any way.

When I asked the service representative to put me through to a manager so I could ask if Toyota could help me in any way, she bluntly told me that she was the final authority in this matter and there's nothing that Toyota can do. She was kind enough to let me know that she'll make a note of the fact that I'm not happy with my car! I must say I was very upset and disappointed with Toyota's indifferent behavior.

I then took this car to the nearest Toyota dealer (Expressway Motors, Dorchester, MA - United States) and they replaced the transmission speed sensor. It cost me US $430. But the check engine light came on again same day while the car was still at the dealership. Expressway Motors said the transmission is damaged in this car and would need to be replaced. They gave me an estimate of approximately USD $3,600.

When I bought this car last year, I spent US $11,000 in the hope that this car would not give me any trouble for at least 5-6 years if I take care of it and get regular services done on it. But I'm sorry to say that I regret my decision. Toyota has not lived up to it's name and it's reputation. The transmission of my car died in less than 5 years of operation and within 55,000 miles. I fail to understand how Toyota can claim to be making the most reliable cars when the Toyota car that I have, needs a new transmission after 55,000 miles.

So, in my opinion, Toyota should now start advertising that the most reliable car is "most reliable for up to 55,000 miles, but after that please be sure to replace your transmission with a new one from Toyota." Customers are entitled to complete and accurate information about the products of a company. THIS WAS THE LAST TOYOTA I BOUGHT. HYUNDAI IS A MUCH BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY.

My Camry Hybrid Caught Fire And Toyota Doesn't Care!
By -

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- On June 13th, 2008 I was traveling in my 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid on Interstate 15 between Las Vegas & Barstow, CA when suddenly, without warning, my car lost power and effectively shut down. On the dash the warning "Hybrid System Failure" appeared. After easing my car off of the highway I observed smoke coming from under the hood and within minutes a small flame appeared from under the engine compartment. I watched, helpless, as the car became engulfed in flames and was destroyed.

The following day I called Toyota, explained what had happened and the next week was contacted by their claims department. It took a full 2 1/2 months of effort on our part to get any information regarding our claim as none of their commitments to get back to us regarding our case were followed up on.

Finally this week, almost shockingly we actually got someone on the phone and found that their "investigation" was complete. Basically, they had no idea what started the fire, would accept no responsibility and would do nothing at all for us, the consumer. This is particularly amazing considering our vehicle was only a little over a year old and had only 23,000 miles, most certainly under warranty.

My wife and I purchased not one but two new vehicles from Toyota in 2007 and were happy customers until now. Our friends, relatives and co-workers are equally shocked by Toyota's response. Any recommendations regarding who to contact at Toyota and request a review of our case would be appreciated.

12 Volt battery Replacement
By -

I bought a new 2007 Camry Hybrid with a Hi-voltage battery and a 12 volt battery. When the 12V failed, I found a new Panasonic battery from Toyota. It's the only one I could buy as it has two small black wires coming out of the top left rear of the battery. These go into a white plastic plug that separates in the center for disconnect when replacing it. NO ONE will tell me what this plug and wires is for. Is it necessary for the operation of the vehicle? If so, what does it do? This battery is $300 and carries only a 1 year warranty. I want to know specifically why this battery cannot be replaced by a 12v battery without the two tiny wires.

How can Toyota justify $300 for a battery with only a 1 year warranty? A Honda hybrid uses the same 12v battery as their other vehicles costing about $100. Again, WHAT IS THIS PLUG AND 2 SMALL WIRES FOR? WHAT DOES IT DO?

2009 Toyota Camry
By -

I bought a Toyota Camry on 6/13/11. I tried the car out and told them that the front end shook when I tried the car out. So they said they would check it out. So they took the car in the shop and check it out and then test drove it. Told me nothing was wrong with it, said maybe rust on the rotors. So I bought the car and the front end still shakes when I step on the brakes. So I would like it fixed or I will see my lawyer to see if I can return the car. I bought the car from Courtesy Toyota in Berlin VT. My salesman name was **. The car only had 33,129 miles on it. Thank you.

Lip Under the Front Doors of the 2011 Camry LE
By -

VIRGINIA -- No matter how many times I wash my car... if I go through a small amount of water or a big puddle, drive in the rain, snow, or on a road that has been wet, below the doors (front & back) there is always 3 dirty drip streaks (looks like grease drips but is dirt, mud, etc.). Is there any way to stop this or am I being too picky?

Also, my next problem is not being able to see from driver's seat when turning a curve or turning right due to wide side posts... I realize there is an air bag in this post but there should be a warning to other motorist that this is something very noticeable. I have made adjustments in the way I drive to compensate but sometimes, it is very much a blind area. I don't know the answer but... This is about my 8th Toyota Camry.

Disappointed in Toyota Vehicle
By -

I am very disappointed in my 2007 Toyota Camry. I just had to have a water pump replaced at 62,000 miles and that is too early to be having to make that kind of repair. I am sure this would have been covered under the engine warranty that just expired. Also, the wheels are rusting and look horrible. No car I have ever owned has had the wheels to rust, or the water pump go bad. This is my third Camry, and LAST. I will resort to Nissan or Honda on my next vehicle. Toyota needs to deal with the issues they are having with their Camrys.

"Sticking Gas Pedal"
By -

I feel it would be an injustice not to voice my opinion on the "sticking gas pedal" scenario. I own a 2007 Camry and TWICE now have had a problem with my gas pedal. It does not stick at all. The pedal actually pulls away from my foot. Much like when you use the "resume" function on cruise control. Both times I was doing in excess of 65 mph and luckily I am here to tell about it. I actually pushed harder on the gas pedal and then released the pressure. Both times the speed of my vehicle slowed. How do I contact the people of Toyota? My local dealer has been little help.

2007 Camry Front End Problems
By -

ERLANGER, KENTUCKY -- The 2007 Toyota Camry that I purchased new with zero miles on the odometer has been given me problems with the front-end and the brakes. Since I purchased the vehicle I've taken the car back and forth to Toyota service department. I must admit it has been a roller coaster ride. Their service tech for some reason seems to can't find the problem. I've kept the service up on the vehicle now I'm at the point of taking legal action. I don't want to but I have no other options at this moment. The car only have 27000 miles on it and the tires are worn down completely (help).

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