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Toyota Camry Condenser Hose Never Installed Properly
Posted by on
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a 2005 Toyota Camry with an extended Platinum warranty and the air conditioning condenser hose was never installed properly.The car was flooding slowly but took sometime to finally have the water actually go through the carpet and come up on the passenger side in the back. Our car was flooded and the Torrance Toyota dealership where we purchased car refuses responsibility, as does the service department and the extended warranty company.

Since it is not something that we caused we feel that someone at Toyota should accept responsibility and replace the wet pad and carpet so that there will be no mold associated with this problem.

Where can we go to get help in this matter.
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BobJohn on 09/16/2008:
There are extended warranties and extended warranties. There is probably something listed that says 'hoses' are not included in the warranty since they wear out. But, whoever installed it incorrectly should be held accountable and unless you have a record of it from a previous owner I think you are out of luck. The hose may be installed by the dealer, another mechanic, or even the previous owner. The dealer normally sells a car 'as is' and if they did fix it I would assume they would simply install the hose correctly and all damage would be your responsibility. I don't think this is a problem that would show up on an inspection so the dealer was probably unaware of it. Good luck but I believe you are going to have to dry out or replace the pad and carpet.
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Toyota Camry - Transmission Died @ 54,000 miles
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a Toyota Camry in Sept-2006 and it had around 40,000 miles on it. As per records of Toyota Motors, this car was first sold to an end customer on Aug 12th 2002. But as per DMV records, this vehicle was first sold on Sept 15th, 2002 (09/15/2002).

Recently, I noticed a problem in the car. The Check Engine light came on and the speedometer died. This car now has 55,000 miles on it. I called Toyota Motors customer service on 09/11/2007 to see if this car was still under warranty as it had less than 60,000 miles and was still within the 60-month warranty period, according to the paperwork I had from the DMV. But I was told that this car is out of warranty and Toyota would not be able to help in any way. When I asked the service representative to put me through to a manager so I could ask if Toyota could help me in any way, she bluntly told me that she was the final authority in this matter and there's nothing that Toyota can do. She was kind enough to let me know that she'll make a note of the fact that I'm not happy with my car! I must say I was very upset and disappointed with Toyota's indifferent behavior.

I the took this car to the nearest Toyota dealer (Expressway Motors, Dorchester, MA - United States) and they replaced the transmission speed sensor. It cost me US $430. But the check engine light came on again same day while the car was still at the dealership. Expressway Motors said the transmission is damaged in this car and would need to be replaced. They gave me an estimate of approximately USD $3,600.

When I bought this car last year, I spent US $ 11,000 in the hope that this car would not give me any trouble for at least 5-6 years if I take care of it and get regular services done on it. But I'm sorry to say that I regret my decision. Toyota has not lived up to it's name and it's reputation. The transmission of my car died in less than 5 years of operation and within 55,000 miles. I fail to understand how Toyota can claim to be making the most reliable cars when the Toyota car that I have, needs a new transmission after 55,000 miles. So, in my opinion, Toyota should now start advertising that the most reliable car is "most reliable for up to 55,000 miles, but after that please be sure to replace your transmission with a new one from Toyota". Customers are entitled to complete and accurate information about the products of a company.

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Sparticus on 09/25/2007:
With the discrepancy in the original sale records, I wonder if the car was an dealer rental for the first month? Who knows... but this is definitely not the standard Toyota quality...
Anonymous on 09/25/2007:
I believe Sparticus is correct. In Massachusetts, the first record to the DMV is when the dealer takes title of the car. The timeline would be just about right, that the car was sold a month later.
Unfortunately, with a used car, you have no way of knowing how it was treated (or abused) and how it was serviced.
I also agree that this isn't standard Toyota quality.
spiderman2 on 09/25/2007:
I agree with Ken, you have no how the first owner of the car treated the car or cared for it. Unfortunately, this is a risk you take when you buy a used car.
Anonymous on 09/25/2007:
Jay, you'd better believe it is!
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Original Tires put on car
Posted by on
FAIRFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought a 2004 Camry LE in October of 2003. I had all of the recommended services done at the dealership, including rotating the tires. When I went to have my car inspected in November 2004, my car had 26,000 miles on it and it wouldn't pass because the tires were worn out. I contacted Toyota and they told me it was a Firestone problem. They said they warranty the entire car, except for the tires. So, I went to Firestone and discovered that the tires I had were only expected to last 30,000 to 40,000 miles. I ended up having to buy new tires, not Firestone. I called Toyota to complain. They couldn't care less. I told them that this is my 3rd Camry and I expected a quality car. I asked why they would put inferior tires on a good , quality car and they couldn't answer. it doesn'tmake sense. I also have a Honda Civic with 86,000 miles on it and I haven't needed new tires yet. I haven't decided whether I will ever buy a Toyota again, but if I do, I will be sure to check the tire warranty first.
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Slimjim on 02/15/2005:
30k to 40k is pretty average for tire life. I wouldn't call them inferior by any stretch. 86k on your current set is a bit of an anomaly.
indygirl08 on 02/15/2005:
Same thing happened with my Nissan. I think that consumers will be seeing this more and more. Our wiper refills were also pretty much bottom line. It seems to me that anything the manufacturer has to add on (that they don't make themselves) is always low grade. Anyway, just my opinion.
Anonymous on 02/15/2005:
Indy: I think you would be surprised at how little the car makers actually manufacture themselves. Most items are built by outside companies with the manufacturer providing the spec's.
Greatbridgedriver on 02/15/2005:
30,000 for tires sounds good to me too. What brand are the 80,000 mile tires? They sound GREAT.
TXRoadTrip on 02/24/2005:
Tires vary by ratings and treads. Consumer reports had an issue in 2004 about tires. I buy Michelin.
bossdawg on 03/27/2005:
are you unhappy with the tire or the car toyota currently uses several different tires on the camry line if you are happy with the car and it has served you well put some good tires on it and lesson thankfull all you have to buy is are a big deal.if the cost of tires are 20 dollears a set more per model and you sell 3 or 4 million cars a year yes that's big money and that's what its all about at EVERY dealership of every buy some good tires and keep buying a car that gives you great service
IintheSky on 05/07/2005:
Other items which should have been factored in: How often were tires rotated, how often was the pressure checked, the allignment of the suspension and/or tires, and what were the wear patterns in the tires like
Russell999 on 07/12/2006:
I agree Toyota puts crappy tires on otherwise super cars & trucks. I bought a new '98 4 runner with Firestones. After only 10,000 miles I had a blow out. It looked like a shotgun blast to the sidewall. Three different Firestone dealers said they wouldn't replace it b/c I rode it flat - but that was only AFTER it blew out and I had to pull off the road. Well, I immediately removed those crappy tires and bought Goodyear tires. They lasted over 80,000 miles before I had to buy new ones. Every set of Goodyear's I have ever had have lasted a long time without any problems. I would suggest that if you buy a new car that has Firestone tires, drive the car straight from the dealer to Goodyear, Michelin, or whoever, and get the Firestones replaced before they cause an accident!
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Posted by on
DENVER, COLORADO -- I am glad Karma has come back to haunt Toyota we had issues at a dealership when we bought a new Camry. We contacted customer service and of course they said were sorry we can't help you. (larry miller dealership colorado) I will never buy another Toyota product again with that kind of customer service. We paid cash for the car. (over $25,000) I am glad Toyota is getting some karma back.

end of story
Chevy Man
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spiderman2 on 02/20/2010:
I doubut that you are going to have better luck with GM! What exactly did they due to you? Details help!
Critical_level2 on 02/22/2010:
I agree with spiderman2. WE need details. Also GM has not climbed out of the quality grave quite yet.
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Gas mileage
Posted by on
I leased a Camry last October and am still waiting to get close to the 31 mpg highway you advertise. Please tell me the test conditions that enabled you to achieve this. Someone told me that you run the car in a wind tunnel at 50 mph, no stop and gos.
However you achieve that, it is your obligation to reveal that data to the public, otherwise you have no credibility and I will never buy another Toyota again.
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madconsumer on 09/06/2009:
there are many many variables on gas mileage. tire inflation, weight in vehicle, weather conditions, road conditions, ability to brake, from stop to start speed, the list can be extensive.

even though this link is from 2005, it has valuable information.
Hugh_Jorgen on 09/06/2009:
The testing procedures are established by the EPA. All automakers are supposed to be using the same standards.
PepperElf on 09/06/2009:
yep. how YOU drive determines the gas mileage.

For example - trips under 5 minutes in length actually waste gas because your engine isn't fully warmed up. But longer trips where your engine gets warmed up and there's minimal stopping uses less gas.

I've personally noticed...
1) Driving to college daily ... 14mpg (I live within walking distance)
2) Going on a 150+ mile road trip 26-28mpg

Oh, and yes this is a Camry too.
Ytropious on 09/06/2009:
My car was rated to get around 34 highway, and wouldn't you know it, I DO get 34 highway, and my car is 16 years old! Maybe you need a new air filter or better math skills perhaps. Know how big your fuel tank is, fill it to full, reset the miles until your next fill up then fill to full again. However many gallons you put in divided by your miles driven should give you an answer. Do this several fill ups to see if you see a change.
dan gordon on 09/06/2009:
blaming toyota for testing established by our govt is pretty silly. Look up epa testing procedures to see how they do it but real life test drives are easily available. I wouldn't ever rely just on advertising. How far off are you?
fj62 on 10/01/2009:
I drive a 2007 Camry and can get 31 miles per gallon on the highway. This is all highway driving at no more than 5 mph over the posted speed limit.
PepperElf on 10/01/2009:

it's also good to check tire pressure and make sure the tires are properly balanced and filled to get the max mpg

the OP might not like to hear it but how you drive often determines what your MPG is going to be
Anonymous on 10/01/2009:
Pepper, I run nitrogen in all of our tires. It does seem to add a few MPG and the tires hold their pressure better. (nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen so the tires hold their pressure much better)
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Toyota Financial...
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- Came into a situation where a family member's car was going to be repossessed. Called Toyota Financial and they were extremely rude and not sensitive to anything that was going on. The collections representative read from a script the whole time and could not answer any questions because she didn't know a thing. I spoke with a "supervisor" who appeared to be nicer and empathetic, but that changed once we asked for payment arrangement's.

Don't finance through these people.
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Aerocave on 12/12/2008:
So the car was about to be repossessed, meaning that the family member had probably not made a payment for at least 3 months...I'm not saying they should be rude, but what did you expect?
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Have a Toyota Camry and Lexus Transmission hesitation and accleration problem? Request for a RECALL in this government site
Posted by on
Toyota can't fix the transmission problem for hundreds if not thousands of cars and said it's a normal feature for Camry and Lexus since 2002. Well, it's not normal, it's dangerous and it's not right. Go search in google, it's all over the net that their transmission is horrible for new Camry and some Lexus.

File your complaint on government web site so that your problem is not ignored. It's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Their mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle related crashes.
When there is enough complaint, they will force a recall!

The online complaint form has some problem processing when you are in one of the page. It doesn't allow to to proceed, you have hit back button and couple times and make sure even the not required text boxes have something or click on the box at least a few times to proceed to the next page. If you do not know how to play around it (can be very annoying), I suggest you call them to file the complaint:

NHTSA Headquarters 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE West Building Washington, DC 20590 Toll-Free: 1-888-327-4236 Hearing Impaired (TTY): 1-800-424-9153. Mailing will take 6 weeks to process and you have to add Attn: Associate Administrator for Safety Assurance.

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Toyota Part Unavailable Anywhere in North America for Over Eight Weeks
Posted by on
I was in an accident in my 2004 Toyota Camry on July 21, 2004. As of today, August 30, 2004, Toyota is still unable to provide me with a driver's side seat and airbag. The estimated date the part will be available is September 13, 2004. I called Toyota Customer Service and was basically told "Tough Luck" September 13 is the earliest date that the part will be available anywhere in the United States. I asked to speak to their supervisor and was told NO. Meanwhile, I am paying for a rental car. This is the 3rd Toyota I have will be the last. They would not provide an email address either.
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Anonymous on 08/30/2004:
Unfortunately Toyota does not manufacture the componets you described (probably manufactured by either AISIN, LEAR, or AUTOLIV corporations) and Toyota is at the mercy of other suppliers. I know it stinks!!! but apparently a lot of people are wrecking Camry's these days. Good luck
melissa.messner.ni1q on 08/31/2004:
I had a friend tell me that if a dealership keeps your car for over 30 days due to a part not being available, then you do not have to pay the monthly bill. While I haven't had that experience, she said she's done that before, so check into that. Good luck!
bill on 09/01/2004:
I think the dealership should provide you with a free loaner car while you wait. It's not your fault the parts aren't available.
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