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Horrible Customer Service at Dealership
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ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I've purchased 3 cars from this particular dealership over the years and with the same salesman. In 2003, I vowed NEVER to use their service center again because they didn't top off my fluids when I went in for an oil change AND safety check on my '98 Tacoma before a cross-country drive. Then when I told them my radiator had been left dry (luckily, a friend found and fixed the problem before my trip), refused to refund my money because losing me as a customer meant less to them than $45.

I recently (7/17) purchased a new RAV4. I worked tinted driver and passenger windows into the deal for the RAV4 since they wouldn't come down at all on the price of the car. The (salesman) called me on 7/27 to prompt me to make an appointment to get it done. I called the outsourced person he told me to call and made an appointment to meet both the salesman & the tinting guy on 7/31 at Burt Toyota (Englewood, CO) at 10:00 am (my day off).

I go to Burt on 7/31 at 10:00 am and it's total chaos. A man stops me before I can enter the office. I say that I have an appointment with the salesman to ask questions about my RAV and that someoneis supposed to meet me and tint my windows. The guy says that the dealership has new ownership and that it was just announced the night before. None of the regular sales staff appears to be there. I call the tinting guy at 10:15 am to find out where the heck he is and he says, "Oh, yeah...I'll head right over." Uh, we had an appointment for 10:00 am and he haven't even left yet? I told him not to bother because his customer service is so bad I won't use him.

Then guess who they send out to answer my questions and reschedule my tinting? The same man who wouldn't refund my money 5.5 years ago. He said he'd give me a call to reschedule the tinting and I still haven't heard from him. On 8/3 I called the salesman and left a message telling him what happened (though he was aware we had an appointment) and told him I'm not happy. He called me back and barely bothered to apologize or say he should've called me to cancel. He said he'd have another tinting guy give me a call. I'm still waiting for that.

On 8/10, I called the dealership (now Groove Toyota) and ask for the customer relations manager and I explain the situation. He asked me to email him my vehicle identification number so he can look into it and I did on the evening of 8/10. I haven't heard from him yet, not even an acknowledgement of my email. I am shocked and appalled by the lack of communication I'm experiencing. I just gave them $26K and no one can return a phone call or offer an update? I get better customer service at Walmart.

When I bought the RAV, the salesman made several statements to me that I have since realized are flat-out wrong. He said that the RAV gets 35 mpg on the hwy, that I would get 3 free months of satellite radio, and that the DataDot protection would mean lower insurance rates because they are a theft deterrent. I'm done with Toyota. Considering this is the 3rd car I've purchased from this dealership/salesman, you think they'd be falling all over themselves to make me happy and at the very least, give honest statements and answers to my questions. I thought we were past the typical, misleading sales lines.

It's really too bad that buying a new car has to be such an aggravating experience. I was really excited about getting the RAV and I have always purchased(at a premuim) Toyotas in the past, but I hated being rushed out after the sale, feeling like I've been lied to and/or misled or that a salesman can't do me the courtesy of calling to cancel an appointment, and that no one I've spoken to since the problem started will comminicate with me.

It would seem that the philosophy of the service center is also that of the sales staff. Customer service, experience and satisfaction are clearly NOT your priority. Customers are merely $$ signs. I found a small service center in 2003 that puts the customer first and, in the future, I'll look for a dealership that does the same. One that actually speaks honestly and cares about making customers happy before, during, and after the sale. Maybe Honda will treat me better.

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MaggieMcT on 08/13/2009:
6 years ago, you had such bad service that you vowed never to go back. So, why are you buying a vehicle from them now?
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2005 Toyota RAV4 Transmission Failure due to bad ECM
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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a 2005 Toyota Rav4 in July of 2005, and have taken superb care of it over the years. However, the transmission blew up on me after just 89,000 miles. I was crossing a double set of railroad tracks when this happened, and it scared me half to death. It's costing me $3,000 to fix the transmission, and the guy at the garage couldn't even give me a reason for this happening. After some internet research, I found that this has been happening to numerous '01-'05 Rav4 customers that have reached just over 80,000 miles due to a faulty ECM that Toyota has decided NOT to recall. Now I need to pay another $1,200 to have the ECM replaced at the Toyota dealer so that this doesn't happen to me again. Absolutely ridiculous! How can they get away with something like this?
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redmx3racer on 10/22/2009:
They can get away with it because everyone seems to think anything that says "Toyota" on it is great.

Mark my words-in the next 5 years Toyota won't be so highly regarded. Their quality is declining. GM/Ford went through the same thing in the 80's/90's and are just now starting to build attractive, well built, reliable cars again.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
We shall see won't we?
I come from a "GM family" and as a first time Toyota owner, my 94 Camry is pretty impressive even after 135,000 miles and counting. Now try that with a Ford Taurus or Buick.
JR in Orlando on 10/22/2009:
I have 123,000 on my Ford explorer and love it. But you are right. As demand goes up, production speeds up, the need for sales overcomes quality concerns, people complain, sales go down, production slows down, quality goes up, sales increase.
redmx3racer on 10/22/2009:
ZZ-exactly. The older Toyotas are good cars. The new Camry? It's nowhere near as well built as the older ones. I've had more problems with the 07-up Camry's than I have had with my Malibus, Impalas, or Fusions. My Aunt, a family friend, and my GF's parents all have 2008 Camrys-they have all had issues with the transmission and AC. None of them got more than 16K out of the tires, even though they rotated them as required. They all have bought a harder, high mileage tire, and the road noise is crazy. They are not happy with the car at all. Throw that in to what I do for work-where I deal with all these cars on a daily basis-and that is where my opinion comes from. I'm not some guy who sits at home and reads "Consumer Reports".

Miles don't mean as much anymore-I had a Jeep Cherokee (4X4 BTW) I sold 2 years ago with 225K on it that is still on the road today. I had a 2000 Grand Prix GTP that had 142K on it-with the original exahuast system on it (show me a Japanese car that will do that-in the Northeast, where we salt the roads-not going to happen). And the supercharger still worked. I had a Mazda 626 that I scrapped at 188K because it needed more work than what it was worth (transmission and pretty much a whole new front end).

redmx3racer on 10/22/2009:
Yeah-what JR said :)
I have an 04 Eddie Bauer Explorer as my 2nd/winter vehicle. It has 94K on it and drives like new.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
Red, I had no clue.
Do you think that it has something to do with Toyota now having plant(s) over here now.
redmx3racer on 10/23/2009:
ZZ-No, I think it is because they are trying to meet a much higher demand now than they used to. Quality has taken a little bit of a nosedive. This happened to the US makers back in 80's and 90's. I'm not saying foreign cars are bad-I'm just saying they are going to go through some growing pains and quality issues-and I have begun to see that in my fleet-in the current model Camry's/Highlanders especially. I've owned foreign and domestic cars and had good luck with all of them, except for a Subaru. I'm really not biased either way. I think if you look at the complaints on here it's pretty evenly split between all car companies.
dmgrinde on 07/22/2010:
I have a 2002 Rav4 and my transmission was ruined by a faulty ECM. I just received a notice from Toyota that they have extended the warranty on this part to 10 years or 150,000 miles. My notice said 2001-2003 but you might want to contact them. They are covering work that has already been done.
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What is next?
Posted by on
We bought a new Rav 4 Dec. 26 2009, in Colorado Springs, CO. The salesman said it had a sat. radio in it and that he had listened to it when he drove it around to the front lot after it was "prepped" When we got home, 160 miles away, I could not get it to work. I took it to another dealer and he told me that it does not come as standard equipment on that model. I called the Colorado Springs dealer and after several calls got the sales manager who said I was lying and his number one salesman would not do that. End of call. We took it in to the dealer here to get the radio and he said there was a problem with the radio working with the GPS. They couldn't install it. We got one at Car Toys at less than half the Toyota price. It works fine. Now we hear about the gas pedal and computer problems and not one word, no phone call, no letter from Toyota land. Do you think I would ever buy another Toyota?

Lynn Evans
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goduke on 02/04/2010:
I've always gotten better deals on car stereos at a place other than the dealer. They always want to upgrade the stereo. Always say no.

Toyota's stock has lost about 20% of the value in the last week or so. Kind of scary what's going on. We'll see if the consumer interest in the brand survives.
Slimjim on 02/04/2010:
I don't think the Rav 4 was affected by the recall, was it? As far as the radio goes, that's solely the salesman's fault for not accurately knowing/describing the product. The complaint should be about him and the dealership IMO.
goduke on 02/04/2010:
Ray 4 wasn't in this one. Gas pedals in zillions of cars. Brakes in the Prius. Kind of have to wonder what else is out there that they either don't know or don't want us to know about.
momsey on 02/04/2010:
I agree with Slimjim. This particular complaint shouldn't be directed at Toyota, but the dealer you did business with. If your model wasn't in the list of those affected, you won't be getting a phone call or a letter.

I am thinking the same thing, goduke. Who knows what else is out there waiting to happen? Scary. We were seriously considering a Highlander a couple of years ago when our son was about to be born. SO glad we didn't take the plunge.
saj80 on 02/04/2010:
The RAV4 is on the gas pedal recall list, but like other models, depends on the year of the vehicle.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
You know, even with all of this going on, I'd still buy another Toyota. When I look at the five brand new Fords I suffered through, the 89 Probe with six recalls on it, the Contour with three recalls on it, and the fact my Thunderbird literally fell apart on the drive to make my FIRST car payment, and then I look at the 10 year old Corolla I never, ever had one issue with, yes, I would and will buy another Toyota. Had the RAV 4 been a prettier car, I would have bought it instead of the Honda CRV. Everyone is flipping out over this, but Fords, Chevys, and the like have had HUNDREDS of recalls. I think it's such a big deal with Toyota because it's rare and unusual. That, to me, says something positive, not negative.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
I'm with Sherdy. I'd take (and have taken) a Toyota any day.
Ytropious on 02/04/2010:
BA sherdy
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