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Car Engine Light on My Toyota 2000 Keeps Going On
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Rating: 1/51

DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I got my new Toyota Carroll at the Dart Toyota in Dartmouth in the year 2000. 6 MONTHS after I got it, the engine light went on and they fixed it but it cost me some money. They said that I had to replace the Gas cap. They did but a few months later came back on again. This went on for years. I did not know why it did but they always said they could fix it.

Later one of the guys working there said to me that they told him when I came in for the oil change or came in because of the engine light was on just to reset it and that was what they were doing. He said that they did not know what really was wrong with it and He ask me not to let anyone at the Toyota Dealer know what he said to me but he wanted me to know it. He was so sorry that I was being lied to.

I needed new tires and they put them on and a week later when I went to have my Oil change in the Toyota they said that I needed new tires. I ask for the manager and he apologized and told me it was a misunderstanding. I always went to them for all repairs on the Toyota Carroll and I always thought that they were doing a good job but sometimes I did not like the way they talk to me. I was lied to so many times that I do not want to take my car there anymore.

I am still trying to find out what is wrong with my Toyota Carroll Light engine. I am always taking the car in to the Garage because I am still having problems with the engine light coming on and it is costing me lots of money for the repairs. Can anyone tell me what is really wrong with this car. I have replaced so many parts in this Toyota Carroll and every few months the engine light comes on .

Misrepresentation of Sales of a Vehicle and Warranty
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MATTESON, ILLINOIS -- November of 2006, a 2007 Toyota solara, was purchased by myself (a single mom of 4) and a cosigner was used. 3 yrs into having the vehicle, the engine began to smoke and I was stranded on hwy 57 expressway. Toyota scion of Matteson auto mall was contacted and their service dept immediately sent a tow truck to retrieve me and the vehicle. They suggested and assured me that the vehicle was under warranty and was fixable, called me a few days later, told me my vehicle has been successfully fixed!!

My car had no problems for 1 1/2 yrs, then this same problem reoccurred. I immediately called Toyota and they refused to retrieve me off the expressway this time with my kids. I paid to have my car towed to Toyota scion in Matteson. It stayed there 1 1/2 mths and then I was told that the warranty dept had come out and said there was slug in my engine and that I had no warranty. I've always had a warranty.

Then once they found the warranty, the service mgr at the time, a caucasian gentlemen that stated he was the mgr, told me there were 2 dates missed for oil changes and if I had receipts that I [brought] my car in, they'd help me otherwise come get my car!! Very rude!! We were unable to retrieve those receipts and ended up towing the car home, and not driving the car while paying 636.00 each month, for the next 2 yrs!!

I called several time after leaving with my vehicle, about dropping my warranty, and was given the runaround from the warranty department at Toyota scion in Matteson as well as the car company I was paying my car notes to. Every month I was complaining about my vehicle that wasn't running that I had to pay for, they (the Toyota company I paid my car notes to) would suggest, I contact the store I bought the car from (Toyota scion, in Matteson) and I did, (Toyota scion in Matteson) redirected me back to the car company instead of assisting me.

It's now 4/45/2012, and today is the first time I was told by a ** from Toyota scion in Matteson that I have a little less than a year and I would come into the Matteson store to discuss, discontinuation of my warranty!!! My warranty hasn't been any used to me for well over 3 yrs and for 3 yrs I've been getting the runaround.

I am respectfully requesting my money back. I have this vehicle down to 8 thousand dollars from 36,000, and feel I have been cheated, overlooked, lied to and discouraged into cancelling my warranty! I am a single mother of four and feel taken advantages of. Pls contact me at **. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, I've been in distress about this matter for 3 yrs!!! Thank you.

Outdated Navigation Disk
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19001 SOUTH WESTERN AVE, TORRANCE,, CALIFORNIA -- Purchase 2011 Camry XLE with navigation 09/24/2010 came with 2009 navigation disk. Camry that are being sold now 2011 have a 2010 navigation disk. Company wants to charge 200 to 295 for update on car because I purchase car in 2010. Same car now has updated disk install no charge, if purchase a 2011 no matter when you should have 2011 navigation disk. Incident # **. Toyota is doing this to all 2011 sold in 2010. Big rip off. The Toyota company and probably all other car manufactures are doing this charging customers for update.

When new model start production usually in February of that year they do not have that years update so they install the previous year navigation disk. So a 2011 manufactured in 02/2010 will have a 2009 navigation disk. So everyone who buys a 2011 in September through December of 2010 will have the old outdated navigation disk. Then when the auto manufactures upgrades lets say June of 2010 to the new navigation disk you will have the latest upgraded. When you purchase vehicle after January of 2011 that same car will have the upgrade disk at no charge.

How long have the auto manufactures been doing this? That is ripping people 200-295 dollars a person, we are talking millions here. Bottom line is you purchase a 2011 it should have 2011 navigation system in it, if not upgrades to 2011 should be free. You should not be charge twice or three times depending on what month and year you purchased that new vehicle.

Toyota response was "Congratulations on the purchase of your 2011 Camry. We are sorry for your dissatisfaction with the Navigation System DVD. We are sorry to learn that Camry DVD did not meet your expectations. Toyota does not have a program in which we are offering free DVD updates to customers. We have documented your observations and comments at our National headquarters under file # ** where they are reviewed by management.

"Although we cannot guarantee a change like you described would be made, we do know if it were made, it would be because of customers like yourself that provide honest and candid feedback. Comments such as yours provide us the insight necessary to improve our products." All I want is, I purchased a 2011 Camry I want updates till my Navigation Disk is 2011. To get what I paid for not being charged every time there is a new update before 2011.

None Caring
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I was a co-maker for my son on his Toyota auto loan. Things started out good but then he moved to the east coast and got an apartment with friends. The friends all bailed and left him with an expensive apartment. It took most of his money to have a place to live and he stopped making payments. He was 3 months behind when I found out about the situation.

We got the loan caught up quickly. I asked Toyota why I didn't receive a notice at the address they had for me, they told me that they are not required to notify me at all. That that is my problem not theirs. They refused to correct my credit and therefore crushed my credit that I had spent years correcting after a tough financial divorce. I filed a complaint with the BBB and after months received a notice that they would do nothing.

I understand that my son should have told me that he was behind and I would have made the payments on time. So out the door went my credit. My son moved back to the midwest after a year away and continue to make his payments. Then he lost his job, so I started making his payments. Having to give him money to survive until he could find a new job (he started back to school so he wasn't eligible for unemployment), the payments were made before it would go past 30 days.

Once he paid online and hit send, a few days later he looked and they said the payment didn't go through so therefore again, another 1 times 30. Now they start calling after it's 2 weeks past due and I tell them that the payment will be made by the 15th of the month. His payment is due on the 19th. That way he won't go past 30 days and show as a negative on both of our credit reports.

Trouble is that after I tell them when it will be paid, they continue to call and call and call. Asking me the same questions over and over again. I tell them to look at the past payments and they will see that the payments have been made on the 15th for the past months. I was told by their representative that they can call me up to SEVEN times per day!!!

According to the Fair trade commission, they cannot MAKE FREQUENT CALLS TO HARASS YOU. To me to call so many times, this is harassment!!! They basically show that they don't care, you would think that with their recalls they would try a little more to be consumer friendly!!!

Horrible Experience at Toyota of Carlsbad Service Department
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CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- Firstly, I was forced to take my Tundra with 40K miles on it in for a defective Fuel Evaporation System leak which is a known faulty component on Tundra's. I was then forced to pay almost $400 out-of-pocket for Toyota's defective part. After 4 trips to the dealer because of this issue I paid for the repair even though it had nothing to do with 'normal' wear on the vehicle. The work was done, I paid and drove my truck home.

Next morning, my truck won't start! I check the battery and my battery is completely dead. Interestingly enough, I had never had this problem and then all of a sudden once Toyota of Carlsbad services my truck the battery is deemed useless. So an hour later Toyota has my truck towed up to their dealership. I receive a call later this day saying that Toyota of Carlsbad will NOT pay for the towing fee of $80 and it will cost another $200 for a new battery because they "feel their repair had nothing to do with your battery issues."

I priced a new battery and battery terminal at my local Napa Auto Parts at $89.00. Toyota of Carlsbad not only attempted to double the price of a simple car battery on me but they are now going to make me pay for a towing bill of $80 because of their faulty repair/repair procedures. So is it just a complete coincidence that my battery, with zero previous issues, is all of a sudden not usable after Toyota of Carlsbad's service team does work on my truck?

The service personnel at Toyota of Carlsbad were not only rude and demeaning to me but also had the nerve to jump start my truck in the service area of their own dealership. They obviously don't have any regard for showing all of their past, present and future customers that they have to jump-start an infuriated customer's vehicle. From a customer service standpoint this is EXACTLY why this dealership had to lay off over 30 service employees 2 weeks ago.

Even one of their own service employees was disgruntled with what had occurred with my vehicle because of his own team's actions as he gave me my truck keys after a jump-start in the parking lot. Ted, thank you. You made a horrible experience just a little bit better.

If you are reading this as a customer I have heard horrid stories of this dealership and went there anyway and look where it got me. I will NEVER go near Toyota of Carlsbad again and I think they are a liability to Toyota's good name. Toyota you need to step in and reevaluate this particular services team's goal, which should be to keep your customers content and not having to share stories like this with potential customers. Thank you.

Toyota Commercial
By -

The latest Toyota commercials with the kid talking about lame parents and having a vehicle not up to his standards sends a truly negative message. The message it sends is that kids should be ashamed of their parents' cars and embarrassed to be seen in anything other that the top of the line new car. Wake up call, not EVERYONE is in a financial situation that allows them to purchase new cars especially in today's economy. Your commercial appears to target kids and suggests to them that they should be ashamed and embarrassed of their situations. Really, Really tasteless shallow bit of advertising.

This Is Ridiculous!
By -

This is ridiculous! I'm typing this up for my husband. He went into the Toyota City two weeks ago to buy his dream car - a Toyota Tacoma 05. We just got done refinancing the truck, put our down payment down, all psyched to bring the truck home. The truck was the only left on the showroom floor, the only color available left in this state. One of the service guys was backing the truck out of the showroom for us to get ready to drive home when suddenly we heard a "BOOM!" We didn't think anything of it, because they didn't tell us anything for at least two hours. All they told us was that the truck was still being cleaned out for us.

Then after we did all the paperwork, financing, they finally bring us out to look at the truck. BIG ASS DENT on the side! My husband looked sooo furious. The service guy said that while backing it up, the guy hit the back side against the door, which caused the dent. I'm not just talking about a small dent, it's a big dent. I knew my husband was really disappointed. But we had no choice, we needed a car to bring home to get to work. They offered to fix the dent for free (of course they have to) and the guy said all he has to do is pop out the dent and it will look like new again. So they said for my husband to bring in the truck next week.

So my husband brings the truck in next week on a Wednesday. They said they will be able to pop out the dent in one day should be ready. Comes Thursday, no call. My husband is worried. He finally gets through really late on Thursday. They said that they had to take apart the back part of the truck and install some new parts, repaint it, and refinish it. My husband is so mad by now! I mean, all they said was that they were going to pop the dent out, not take the whole truck apart and repair it like it got into some accident right?

My husband was frustrated because he said they didn't even call him to notify him of that change of plans and he was mad also because he tried to call all day and could not get through to the service department. My husband mentioned either order a new truck or throw in something. I mean, he did go in there to buy a new truck not a truck that got dented after we signed all papers and all already, do you agree? All they said was "We'll throw in a free oil change." My husband was still not happy. I told him to ask them to order a new truck, he went in there to buy a brand new truck, we paid full price.

Instead, we're getting this truck that got dented that wasn't even our fault, and it's just not the same, you know? What if they repaint it and it doesn't match? What if it starts to rust because they took it apart? It was practically damaged good. Anyway, our options right now is: 1:Have them order a new truck. They said it will take at least one month and we still have to pay for freight fee's equaling $400. Ridiculous? 2:Have them throw in some free things, such as free resurfacing, and knock off a few hundred bucks off the truck. 3:If they don't agree to any of this, my husband get his refund back and go to another dealership.

The problem is, Toyota has the worst service department ever! They treat your car like it's not even important.
My husband was just upset because he was in the unknown about his car for days. He bought it about two weeks ago and his car has been in the shop for at least two weeks now. Ridiculous?

I really just want him to ask them to order a new one and we don't have to pay for any shipping costs. We went in there to pay and buy a new Tacoma truck and instead, we got all of this, a dented truck no calls back, bad service. It was a really bad experience. Our sales person was great but the service department, thumbs all the way down.

Customer Dissatisfaction

CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA -- I recently decided to purchase a new car. I had decided upon a Toyota Celica GT. I found it online and was overjoyed that I would not have to drive far to the dealership. In the past week, before purchasing my car, I had looked around at other Toyota dealerships in the area and already new exactly what I wanted.

My father and mother joined me in looking at the car I was interested in buying, and unfortunately with conflicting work schedules we did not have time to do much more that day than look at it. I spoke with the sales manager and I told him that I was interested in the Carbon Blue Celica they had on the lot and to my amazement he did not even know that it was there. Needless to say, I was shocked about that.

But a few days later I came back hoping the car was still there ready to purchase it. My father had decided that he would let me have his car (my previous vehicle) as a trade-in and then I had gathered a small amount of cash to put down on it. The sales person that we worked with was very friendly and explained to me everything. He was very understanding since this was my first car purchase. He was also very informative, I really appreciated that.

With this being my first car purchase, I had done my research on the car and also on the car I had planned to trade in. My father had offered me no help in getting this car from the very beginning. He informed me that I would be doing it all on my own and we informed the manager of that also. As one knows, buying a car means sitting in these little chairs for 4 hours???

Anyway, I did understand that they were working hard to get me this car, so the waiting was no big deal. You can imagine my excitement when they came out and told me that I did not require a cosigner. I was so happy, even though now my down payment was lower than I had expected. I had researched that a dealer would give me $1200 for my car, Greentree told me that they would give me $500. I said no way.

I have respect for my old car, it had gotten me everywhere for 3 years. I decided then that I would sell my old car and then refinance the new one. To try to shorten this letter, I came up with another $500 dollars and put $1000 down on my new car that day. I had intended with the trade in to put $2000 down, but they accepted $1000, so I left it at that.

After all the paper work was done, and after having been at Greentree Toyota in Clarksville, IN for nearly four and a half hours, I was driving off the lot in my own new car. That, I was extremely happy about, 'my own new car.' As happy as I was I went to friends' houses and showed my new pretty off, then I went to work and showed it off. I loved it.

After three days, I had just gotten used to my new car and had become very comfortable with it, I received a phone call from someone in the dealership saying to me that I did need a cosigner. This I did not understand and I expressed this to him, I had a new car in my driveway that I had already purchased full coverage insurance on, I had the first car payment already saved up and in the bank and I had the money that I would need to register the car. I asked him why it was in my driveway if I had needed a cosigner. Why they had not seen that I needed a cosigner when they told me that I did not??

Of course, I got no real answer for my questions. I told them that I did not understand and that he would have to explain this to my father. He promised to call the next day, which he did not. Then two days later the manager of Greentree Toyota called me and told me that I needed the cosigner, I told him to talk to dad. Well, with my father already being at work, I took out all of my papers and read all the little fine print and still to my belief that car was mine.

So, I called my lawyer and spoke with him. He informed me that my problem lies with the credit union, and after that I called them. I explained to them that I had planned on having this $21,000 loan paid for under two years time. They said although I had excellent credit they could not finance a loan of that amount. I understood.

I told my father that when the manager called him to tell him that I would just bring the car to him. I found a cosigner, and six days after I had thought that I had bought my very own car, I was on my back to the dealership to get the car jointly with someone??? Less than a minute away from the dealership I quickly decided that I would return the car.

Since it was now used with nearly 600 miles, why would I still want to go through the whole purchase again and still pay new car price? Also, I had noticed that the paint had been scratched in the cleaning of my new car. I believe that the people that clean the car had left the buffer too long or not long enough. There were little hairline scratches all over the paint job. Also, where the ignition key fitting was, it was not correctly fitted into the steering column, there was a big gap, plus I had to be at work in two hours, leaving me with one hour to get ready, one hour in driving time.

I walked into the dealership that day, holding back the tears, I had fallen in love with that car. The manager walked up to me and I gave him the keys, the brochures, and owner's manual, and the little binder that they had to mail to me because they were out when I purchased the car. I was so upset that I gave myself a migraine and my work sent me home because, honestly I would not have been worth anything to my customers.

I am still very upset about this incident. As you could imagine. I had believed that I had a new car. I was excited. I was going to pay for the thing on my own, which I make more than enough to double my payments every month. I actually had planned out a budget. I was going to pay $1000 every month to pay off that car and plus refinance it after I sold my old one.

This has caused me a great deal of stress, as I have explained. To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: More than anything, I wanted to write this letter in order to express my dissatisfaction with Greentree Toyota. If they knew that I was going into this without a cosigner why did they let me leave with the car and then a week later, decide I do need a cosigner. I still do not understand completely what even happened. I would like to know.

But, with all things said, almost, I will not bother you with the fact that now I have to cancel a planned trip because I do not really want to drive my old car. I had enjoyed the luxuries of my now past new car. I am still interested in purchasing a new car from Toyota. I do want a new Celica. Unfortunately, with it being the end of October already, I may as well wait until the weather gets better, and then, I can just pay for the new car in full in cash somewhere other than Greentree Toyota.

I have told many people of this incident and actually many of my customers also. I do not talk bad of Toyota, just Greentree Toyota. Thank you for listening, more than anything I wanted to express how upset this has made me, I do feel for you having to read this complaint, in my job, I also sometimes have to read these. Thanks again. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Severe Hesitation
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Rating: 1/51

I have a 2001 4runner. In June 2012 it began to hesitate upon acceleration. It would bog down then accelerate like there was an invisible turbo. Also a severe highway shake. I took it to the dealer North Hills Toyota pgh pa, paid 120.00 for diagnosis. They told me my emergency brake was probably hung up causing the hesitation and shake. They wanted 100.00 per side plus labor to replace the bell cranks. I opted to have them rebuilt because it's a common but cheap fix. Free to be exact. So needless to say the hesitation/ shake is still there. Took it back and left it for 5 days.

Finally they said I had a broken belt in rear tire. Bought a brand new tire mounted and balanced all four tires. 85.00. and they finally diagnosed the hesitation, said it was the TPS. Throttle Position Sensor. OK fine. Problem is that you can't just get the sensor you need whole throttle body. So I bought the brand new Toyota throttle body. 850.00 dollars. Guess what? NO FIX.. Exactly the same.. So called them back and now there is nothing they can do. Spoke to a technician supervisor who told me it's time to buy a new car. Very funny, NOT!! So now I am out over 1300.00.

Overfilled Tires
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I recently had some work done on my 2004 Corolla at the dealership. Upon checking out I noticed that the work order showed that they filled my new tires to 32 lbs. I questioned the service representative ** about this, and was told that this was the correct pressure for my car/tires. I told her that the plate in the door read 30psi. I was also told that it was not necessary to check my tires pressure every week as I had been doing, but that once a month was fine.

Three weeks (1,100 miles) later I noticed uneven wear and went back to the tire dealership to have them checked, only to be told that the tires had been overinflated and had caused premature wear. I went back to the dealership and complained, where ** apologized and said that they usually inflate to tires to "comfort" level for customers, even though the work order specifies that it is a state regulation that they fill the tires to the car manufacture's spec and not their own. I spent over $700 on these tires expecting them to last for several more years. Now that Toyota has damaged them I may not get that and don't seem to have any recourse.

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