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Car Engine Light on My Toyota 2000 Keeps Going On
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I got my new Toyota Carroll at the dart Toyota in Dartmouth in the year 2000. 6 MONTHS after I got it, the engine light went on and they fixed it but it cost me some money. They said that I had to replace the Gas cap. They did but a few months later came back on again. THIS WENT ON FOR YEARS.
I did not know why it did but they always said they could fix it.
Later one of the guys working there said to me that they told him when I came in for the oil change or came in because of the engine light was on just to reset it and that was what they wear doing. He said that they did not know what really was wrong with it and He ask me not to let any one at the Toyota Dealer know what he said to me but he wanted me to know it he was so sorry that I was being lied too..
I needed new tires and day put them on and a week later when I went to have my Oil change in the Toyota they said that I needed new tires. I ask for the manager and he apologized and told me it was a miss understanding .
I always went to them for all repairs on the Toyota Carroll and I always thought that they were doing a good job but some times I did not like the way they talk to me. I was lied to so many times that I do not want to take my car there any more. I am still trying to find out what is wrong with my Toyota Carroll Light engine. I am always taking the car in to the Garage because I am still having problems with the engine light coming on and it is costing me lots of money for the repairs.
Can ANY ONE TELL ME what is really wrong with this car.
I have replaced so many parts in this Toyota Carroll and every few months
the engine light comes on .
Guilhermina Coleman

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User Replies:
leet60 on 10/20/2012:
Take the car to a mechanic and have them check the computer for codes. Ask them for a list of the codes and then research them online or with a reliable source. If you go to a dealer with the "check engine" light on, they will do a computer diagnostic and normally fix the first issue indicated by the first code and tell you all is well. The actual problem may be different and if they did not inquire of any additional issues (I.e. noise, poor performance etc.) they did not do you a service.
DebtorBasher on 10/20/2012:
A wise man once advised me to buy my own code reader it paid for iself in once use. I even did a review on it.

They have newer models out now, and prices are lower, depending on the model you buy. Yes, you can also just 'cancel' the reading which will turn off your 'check engine' light,..and that is what they have been doing with your car.

Mine turned out to be the CO2 sensor and another time, it was the gas cap.
trmn8r on 10/20/2012:
Since this has been happening for several years, there should be a history as to what codes were being thrown. At some point it sounds like they started being ignored, and the error was simply reset.

Having your own reader should do the trick, though a dealer's software may give you a more specific cause of the failure.

Personally, if you aren't interested in doing work yourself, I would suggest taking the car to a different Toyota dealer and start at square 1. Or, go to a trusted mechanic and hope the generic code is enough. Getting your own reader is an idea, and a good suggestion if you just want to reset the error, but you'll probably need a mechanic to get to the bottom of it.
Anonymous on 10/20/2012:
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi that I've had for 4 years and my check engine light comes on all the time. A mechanic told me it was because the cold weather sets it off. Another mechanic told me it was due to my car's idle. My light came on recently and my car would shift itself into neutral while I was driving, but I would still be in drive. Now I'm told it's my input speed sensor. I am wondering if that's what it was this whole time; a faulty sensor or fuse.
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Misrepresentation of sales of a Vehicle and Warranty
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MATTESON, ILLINOIS -- November of 2006, a 2007 Toyota Solara, was purchased by My selfish(a single mom of (4)) and a Cosigner was used. 3yrs into having the Vehicle, the Engine began to smoke and I was stranded on why !57 expressway, Toyota scion of Matteson Auto mall was contacted and there service dept, immediately sent a Tow truck to retrieve me and the Vehicle, they suggested and assured me that the Vehicle was under Warranty and was fixable, called me a few days later, told me my Vehicle has been successfully fixed!! M car had no problems for 1 1/2yrs, then this same problem reoccurred, I immediately called Toyota, and they refused to retrieve me off the expressway this time with my kids, I paid to have my car towed to Toyota scion in matteson, it stayed there 1 1/2mths and then I was told that the warranty dept had come out and said there was slug in my engine, and that I had no warranty, I've always had a warranty, then once they found the warranty, the service mgr at the Time, a Caucasian gentlemen that stated he was the mgr, told me there were 2 dates missed for oil changes and if I had receipts that I [brought] my car in, they'd help me otherwise come get my car!!! VERY RUDE!! we were unable to retrieve those receipts and ended up towing the car home, and not driving the car while paying 636.00 ea month, for the next 2yrs!! I called several time aft leaving with my Vehicle, about dropping my warranty, and was given the run around from the Warranty department at Toyota scion in matteson as well as The car company I was paying my car notes too. every month I was complaining about my vehicle that wasn't running that I had to pay for, they(the Toyota company I paid my car notes too) would suggest, I contact the store I bought the car from (Toyota scion, in matteson) and I did, (Toyota scion in matteson) redirected me back to the car company instead of assisting me,. Its now 4/45/2012, and Today is the first time I was told by a John(jb) fro Toyota scion in matteson that I have a little less than a year and I would come into The matteson store to discuss, discontinuation of my Warranty!!! My warranty hasn't been any used to me for well over 3yrs and for 3yrs I've been getting the run around. I AM RESPECTFULLY REQUESTING MY MONEY BCK, I HAVE THIS VEHICLE DWN TO 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS FROM 36,000, AND FEEL I HAVE BEEN CHEATED, OVERLOOKED, LIED TOO AND DISCOURAGED INTO CANCELLING MY WARRANTY! I AM A SINGLE MOTHER OF FOUR AND FEEL TAKEN ADVANTAGES OF. PLS CONTACT ME AT tracy., or MS, TRACY WALKER 8 APACHE ST PARK FOREST I'LL, 60466, (708) 790-2183/(708) 8567216. THANK you FOR YOUR PROMPT ATTENTION TO THIS MATTER, I'VE BEEN IN DISTRESS ABOUT THIS MATTER FOR 3YRS!!! THANK U
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 04/25/2012:
You really shouldn't put your phone number, e-mail, address and full name on public boards like these. Sounds like you may need to contact an attorney.
trmn8r on 04/25/2012:
If I read the complaint correctly, they are denying a repair of your engine under warranty because you can't prove that the engine was serviced in accordance with the service schedule. I hate to say it, but this is pretty standard practice. An engine repair is typically expensive. Certain motors are more prone to a "sludge" problem, and servicing them regularly is important.

Further, it sounds like you let the car sit unrepaired for two years, while paying $600+ a month for the loan, etc. Is that true? That is $14K+ you have paid out for a car that isn't operable. I'd make some move soon, and letting the warranty go may be a good first one. Unless you want to pursue legal action...
FoDaddy19 on 04/25/2012:
I do think unless it's not covered in warranty (and it may not be), they they should've covered the towing expenses for the 2nd breakdown. However keeping maintenance records when you're not using the dealership for regular maintenance is your responsibility. Obviously if something like what happened to your car does occur, you will have to provide proof that the scheduled maintenance was adhered to. Asking you for proof that the car was properly maintained is not rude. And based on what you've posted here, you haven't been cheated or lied to in my estimation. Being a single mother of four really doesn't factor into this, as its purely an issue of proper record keeping and could happen to anyone regardless of marital status.

You can bring a lawyer into this if you want,but I'd be willing to bet my lunch that there's something in the warranty contract that states something to the effect that if you don't have proof that the scheduled maintainece was carried out, then the warranty is void. And as far as the dealership is concerned if you don't have reciepts, then it didn't happen. Even if it did. The burden of proof is on you. And honestly if they said they found sludge in the engine, and presumable can prove it, it's going to be very hard to persuade a judge that the maintenance was indeed done on time, because the presence of sludge is almost a dead giveaway that the engine was run too far between oil changes. To clarify, I'm not saying you didn't perform the maintenance, but it's going to be almost impossible to prove that you did given that you don't have the receipts and your engine has sludge in it. So I tend to believe that you will not be getting your money back and I think you're going to have to shell out some bucks for a new/used engine. Or part out the car. Good luck though.
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Transaxle Whine Noise 2006-2010 RAV 4s
Posted by on
I purchased a 2010 Rav4,V6 engine and 5 speed Transmission. After 8,000 miles it started with a transmission whine at 40 mph. Then it did it when I started from a stop, and grew worse up to 60 mph. Took it to the dealer I brought it at in Leesburg, Florida. Was told there was nothing wrong with it. I called Toyota customer service and told them about the whine, was only told to take it back to the dealer. There was no mention of any memo's to dealers. Took it back to the Toyota dealer, transmission man took it for a ride with me. He heard the whine and we went back to the dealership. At the service department he pluged in a laptop to the computer, said the computer shows trany was OK. I don't know a computer that will show a whine. The whine got more and I was disgusted with the Rav4,traded it for 2011 tacoma. Was told I could get up to 25 mpg. Went on vacation to upstate New York but only got 20 mpg, stopped at a Toyota dealer to get it checked. Was told it was only rated at 21 because it had a 3:73 rear. Ask them if they had any complaints Rav4 transmissions. The service man looked it up on his computer and showed me a memo # T-SB-0192-10 sent to dealers in July 15,2010.The memo showed service departments what parts to replace, with part numbers and time to replace parts. Showed 11 parts to replace, if that failed replace the transmission. I was angry that my Rav4 was never fixed and I was never told about this memo by Toyota customer service. When I got home I went to the Toyota dealedship I brought it at and talked to the owner as to why I was lied to by his transmission man. He told me he would look into it and call me, to this date he has not called. Called Toyota in California and asked why I was never told by them about the memo send to the dealers. I asked for someone in charge, was told he was in charge{I don't think he was}.The answer I got from him was "We didn't tell you to get rid of your RAV4".I was forced to get rid of a good RAV4 because I was lied to and it cost me good money to replace it when I should not have had to get rid of it. Toyota and their dealerships couldn't care less about customers complaints and don't want to repair cars if they don't want to. I will never ever buy another Toyota. I have told my family and friends what Toyota and the dealer did to me./////
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Outdated Navigation Disk
Posted by on
19001 SOUTH WESTERN AVE, TORRANCE,, CALIFORNIA -- Purchase 2011 Camry XLE with navigation 09/24/2010 came with 2009 navigation disk. Camry that are being sold now 2011 have a 2010 navigation disk. Company wants to charge 200 to 295 for update on car because I purchase car in 2010. Same car now has updated disk install no charge, if purchase a 2011 no matter when you should have 2011 navigation disk. Incident #110119-000153. Toyota is doing this to all 2011 sold in 2010. Big rip off. The Toyota company and probably all other car manufactures are doing this charging customers for update.

When new model start production usually in February of that year they do not have that years update so they install the previous year navigation disk. So a 2011 manufactured in 02/2010 will have a 2009 navigation disk. So everyone who buys a 2011 in September through December of 2010 will have the old outdated navigation disk. Then when the auto manufactures upgrades lets say June of 2010 to the new navigation disk you will have the latest upgraded. When you purchase vehicle after January of 2011 that same car will have the upgrade disk at no charge. How long have the auto manufactures been doing this? That is ripping people 200-295 dollars a person, we are talking millions here. Bottom line is you purchase a 2011 it should have 2011 navigation system in it, if not upgrades to 2011 should be free. You should not be charge twice or three times depending on what month and year you purchased that new vehicle.

Toyota response was “Congratulations on the purchase of your 2011 Camry. We are sorry for your dissatisfaction with the Navigation System DVD. We are sorry to learn that Camry DVD did not meet your expectations. Toyota does not have a program in which we are offering free DVD updates to customers. We have Documented your observations and comments at our National headquarters under file # 1101201392 where they are reviewed by management. Although we can not guarantee a change like you described would be made, we do know if it were made, it would be because of customers like yourself that provide honest and candid feedback. Comments such as yours provide us the insight necessary to improve our products.”

All I want is, I purchased a 2011 Camry I want updates till my Navigation Disk is 2011. To get what I paid for not being charged every time there is a new update before 2011.
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User Replies:
Whiteduck on 01/25/2011:
I have no idea what it cost Toyota to give you a new copy, but it does seem a bit petty to not update yours.

That being said, mine was 4 years old on my last Mazda when I got rid of it and I never ran into a place where the info was outdated, so maybe it's just not going to be a big deal?
trmn8r on 01/25/2011:
I don't see it being a huge deal either, but I think they should at least give a free update to 2010. That would be the right thing to do IMO. I don't agree that an update that came out months after purchase should be provided.
Anonymous on 01/25/2011:
so, they should give you a new navigation DVD each year until 2011?
Why do you think this?
They gave you the available DVD when you purchased the car.
Unless they have a time machine hidden somewhere it's pretty hard to get a DVD that hasn't been made yet.
if you didn't know what you were getting before you purchased the vehicle that falls at your feet.
jktshff1 on 01/25/2011:
kind of like buying software a month before an upgrade. I would think some kind of discount would be applicable here.
PepperElf on 01/25/2011:
Have the roads changed that much in the past year?

anyway you CAN get it updated. the FAQ can be found hee:

As for pricing this is what's stated:

Q. How is the map on the system updated?
A. Optional map updates generally become available about once-a-year. The updates are performed by the dealer installing DVD update disc. See your dealer for detains and for update installation pricing.

Although you may personally feel it should be free, that does not mean they are obliged to make it free.

Nor is updating actually necessary. Right below the Q/A I quoted is a list of things to consider. The first on the list is this:

"1. Updates are completely voluntary and are not necessary"

actually read it all. there's good info here and my comment about roads not changing much is actually mentioned in the FAQ
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Toyota Service Department
Posted by on
;TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased my 2005 highlander with a extended warranty 2years ago. My first problem was a year in to owning the car the door handle came off you could see a screw came loose inside Toyota refused to fix the problem saying the lack of a handle was cosmedic are you kidding if I was in an accident my passenger would be trapped in the back a rescue unit could not get the door opened there was no handle to open the door, so to protect my family I paid for the repair myself, On November 12, 2010, Friday. I took my car in the cd/radio would not work when I put a cd in it poped right back out. I was told 2 days to repair, I thought great. I was promised a up date so when I didn't hear any thing on Monday, Tuesday, I called on Wednesday it took 4 call to learn the service person was not in and would call me the next day, he called only to tell me maybe a week. that was not exceptible so contacted the manager of the torrance, ca dealer ship I explained the situation to him I had the extended warranty why would it take so long, when I contacted the extended warranty the informed me that they would repalce the unit if they had the model for that year, or repair the unit when I explained this to the manager he said he would check in to it I never heard from him again, so on Friday November 19, one week later I contacted the Toyota corporation to file a complaint after the weekend I was contacted and told I would have to wait until December 10, 2010. and that is no guarantee that the unit will work my question was why does it take so long in the mean time I've paid thousands of dollars for this car only to have to see a big ugly hole in my console every day. when I contacted the Toyota corporation and explained that that was unexceptible a month without a radio its horrible pure torture for me I was told too bad live with it Toyota doesn't care what can I do how long should someone wait I'm sure they could put a complete car together in less time than it would take to repair my unit
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 11/30/2010:
I'm sorry but to think that an extended warranty would cover such minor things is crazy. Its normally reserved for major things. A loose door handle and a cd that pops out is certainly not a tragedy. If that's all it takes to get you upset I'd say you have a low tolerance with maintenance items. Why not go to a stereo shop and ask what the problem is? Toyota normally doesn't fix radios.
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Thanks to Chris Pappas, Mr. Cooper, and Ms. Casperbauer
Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Hello, I'd like to compliment three members of Toyota of Lake City for taking a rough transaction on a new car very easy to handle. My wife and I purchased a 2010 Toyota Matrix on June 24, 2010. I noticed the very next morning that I had trouble with the side view out the windows when I was changing lanes on the freeway. I attempted to return the car on the 25th of June, less than 19 hours after the purchase. Mr. Cooper was very patient and empathetic, yet could not undo the deal. My wife (Stephanie) and I left very disappointed and a bit angry.
The next morning I was able to speak about the situation to the dealerships Customer Relations Manager, Ms. Casperbauer, who was very empathetic, and assured me she would speak to the General Manager (Mr. Pappas) about this matter. Several hours later Ms. Casperbauer phoned me and let it be known Stephanie and I could meet with Mr. Pappas on Monday June 28th at our convenience. Ms. Casperbauer was very nice during our conversations and instilled in me the knowledge that Mr. Pappas was very interested in resolving the issue the best he could. That was indeed very encouraging.
On June 28th Stephanie and I were introduced to Mr Pappas who was very polite throughout a meeting that did not go very well because Stephanie and I could not understand why the deal could not simply be undone. After several explanations by Mr. Pappas, we still couldn't understand why it couldn't be reversed. Stephanie and I left very disappointed in a car that was not truly safe for me to drive due to the visibility while changing lanes. We hadn't been home more than five minutes and Mr. Pappas called and spoke with me and presented an opportunity to come back the next day to see if the issue could be resolved. We were not being forgotten purchasers. He was genuinely wanting to make us happy and that was very clear over the phone.
At 2:00 on June 29th, I returned to Lake City Toyota and was greeted by Mr. Cooper who had been our salesman from beginning to end. He was very supportive of us threw out the process and was the sales person I requested to work with Mr. Pappas and me. The three of us sat down and discussed my options. When I mentioned that getting into a base 2010 Matrix wouldn't eliminate the visibility issue, there was a moment of silence and it was clear to me both gentleman were mulling over another option. When I mentioned that I could not get into a car with a trunk because of my back, and that I truly need a hatch back or a truck to remove items safely. They contemplated this a moment. I then mentioned looking at a Scion. Both men perked up and Mr. Pappas thought that could be an excellent fix.
Mr. Cooper remained very supportive through this process and took me on a test drive in a 2011 Scion XB. Mr Cooper encouraged me to take the XB onto the freeway to see how well the auto would work for me. It was wonderful. I did not have to crane my neck to see the side view. In fact, my analogy of the view is that "... it is like being on a bicycle.."
When Mr. Cooper and I returned to the showroom, there was no doubt that the XB was the solution. Mr Pappas helped us get a nice, low interest rate and very nice monthly payments. Mr. Cooper was simply very honest and supportive throughout the process and yes, I would go back to Toyota of Lake City because of Ms. Casperbauer, Mr Pappas and Mr. Cooper. If Mr. Cooper hasn't moved on to other pastures when it is time for Stephanie and I to buy a Tundra or Tacoma, he will be who I seek out to assist in the purchase.
These three employees were very instrumental in turning an uncomfortable discovery into a very manageable solution. I truly think the Toyota Corporation should acknowledge their fine work as exemplary employees. I am very grateful for Mr. Pappas' patience and professional approach, even with customers who were as unhappy as Stephanie and I originally were.
With Great Appreciation,
Marcus Scoville

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User Replies:
Alain on 07/04/2010:
You can let Toyota know about your experience by giving a call to 800-331-4331.
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Toyota financial is incompetent
Posted by on
Bought a brand new FJ Cruiser in 2007. Never bought a new Toyota before, always heard about their reliability, etc... At 3822 mile the clutch went out. Left me stranded out in the middle of nowhere with my young grandkids in the backseat. Towed it to the dealer, had it fixed and they said it was a defective part. Showed me the broken part and it looked like it came straight out of a box. It was just "broke". And believe me, we were babying that thing up to that point. I've been driving manual transmission for 40 years and never had a clutch fail on me. A little disappointed in Toyota products at that point. Never liked the way their case manager handled my case, in fact I was lied to. I had been tracking the progress of my vehicle repairs with this kid they put in charge of my case with their customer service. Wasn't very happy with the way things were going, but I wasn't belligerent or anything to the kid. Then one day he won't take my call. He has a coworker tell me he is not in. After insisting repeatedly to speak to his manager, suddenly the kid picks up the phone and asks me what he can do to help me. He was sitting there the whole time and just didn't want to be bothered with his job.

But my real complaint in the fiasco of an experience I've had dealing with Toyota is with Toyota financial. What a bunch of incompetents these people are. I've been trying for months to correct a discrepancy on my monthly statement, and each month I'm assured that it will be taken care of. In fact all they've done is make things worse, and I fear it may be affecting my credit. And it's ALL their mistakes. They can't seem to do anything right at all, and I'm to the point that I fear any more communication with them may only make things more of a mess. Even worse, I can't get any information to circumvent them and let an adult in the company know that their financial service is dropping the ball. I write this in hopes that I can warn anyone out there that is thinking of buying a Toyota that they are very overrated and you'd probably be better off going in a different direction. They made me feel like they were doing me a favor to buy the car, then they made me feel like they were doing me a favor to let me keep the car and continue to pay for it.

Well, Toyota, as far as I'm concerned you can pack all your belongings and head for Japan. I can't wait to get rid of this vehicle I know longer trust fearing another "design flaw" that many of their other cars are experiencing. Going to get rid of it and get me a Jeep, and Toyota won't have to worry about doing me a favor by letting me buy any of their cars in the future.
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User Replies:
MRM on 03/04/2010:
I, for one, applaud you that you will be purchasing a Jeep as your next vehicle! I've had my Jeep Cherokee (see my blog) for 20 years now and my Jeep is still taking me everywhere!
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
The manager was probably busy with other customers or other work. I kind of resent the comment that he didn't want to deal with his job because he didn't want to talk to you. He probably WAS doing his job.

As for repairs hurting your credit...HOW? Unless you stopped paying. How long have repairs been going? What is the issue? You don't like how they are being done...WHY? There's plenty you don't say.

And for the record, I had never broke my foot before either after walking on them for 30 years. But when I was 30, I broke both. So the fact that you never had a clutch break in 40 years means you were lucky. I had a Saturn and the clutch failed after 6 years. Things happen. Even to new cars.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Holy cow what in the world does a broken foot have to do with a clutch? Hey my clutch with less than 4,000 miles on it broke but that's okay because some people break their feet. Yeah, that makes sense.

Man, you'd think right about now Toyota would be kissing some serious American ass. I just heard this morning some of their recall work might be recalled. What a bunch of boobs. Oh wait a minute now to be fair back in the 70's I got an abscessed tooth which of course justifies Toyota's faulty root canals.

You're on notice Toyota!
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Stew, read. It was a comparison to his 'never had a clutch fail' which you already know since you read it. Here is a kiss for you.
Slimjim on 03/04/2010:
I can understand this. Less than 4k and a clutch goes? That's not normal and it appears Toyota isn't covering the part without a fight. I can only assume they are using the wearable item excuse, but that's hardly valid with such low miles, unless they could prove abuse, which obviously didn't happen.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Slim, Did you consider the fact that may be the OP had a broken foot?
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Stew, here. Let me give you another one. The US had never been attacked on its own soil before 9/11. There you go.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Mundo, you got me. I forgot about that one. Well...let me think again...Got one...

A man had never been on the moon before the Apollo.
Ytropious on 03/04/2010:
What about "the man in the moon"...

I'm so sorry I had to do it :P
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
*peers at a certain poster*

Mundo? Zomg, is that you?
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
YT...that was funny.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Customer: Why the hell did my clutch fail?

Service Department: Because they put a man on the moon, silly.

Customer: Oh, that explains it. My bad.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Stewm don't ever change from your normal annoying self.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
LadyS, you got to get you facts straight before posting or you will have the whole membership here in stitches!
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Zz...I am perfect with my imperfections. Geez...get one historical fact wrong and you never live it down lol.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
I'm no history buff, but Hawaii wasn't a state when Pearl Harbor was attacked. However, without googling, it may have been "close enough".
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Well Sheriff how about the War of 1812 where the British burned down the US presidential mansion. I think that would qualify as an attack on US soil.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
If the Man in the Moon married the Old Lady that lived in a Shoe, I bet their kids could Moon Walk better than Michael Jackson. (I'm on fire today)
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Stew, I said I was no history buff. I was just kind of thinking out loud. You know, like so many others on here do.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Can I get an LOL for my man Sheriff!
DebtorBasher on 03/04/2010:
LOL Sheriff...and only at two stars! Why I ask, WHY???
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
I think Hawaii became a state in the 50s, like 1959. Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. Aren't our military bases all considered U.S. soil wherever they are?
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
OK OK I give. I was actually thinking of an attack out of the blue like 9/11. Not war time or known extending conflicts etc. But I take responsibility for my historical error.

Let's move on to the next one.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
They could be. I am so very far from an expert, I kind of wish I hadn't even chimed in with that stat. (a stat that supported LadyScot no less!)
DebtorBasher on 03/04/2010:
Yes, No and was 1959.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Last summer, while working out of town, a few of my coworkers and I downed a bottle of Boone's Farm "Blue Hawaii" in honor of the 50th anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state. I bet Stew had some Boone's Farm back in the day.
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Wish I would be offered some help and assisted like a valued customer
Posted by on
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- I frankly do not understand as to why it has been so difficult to be assisted like a good customer should be at the Toyota Dealership located on 2150 East Hammer Lane, Stockton, Ca. 95210. Especially since that is the location where I purchased my first car, and then 2 years later went back to upgraded to a newer model, which I have now (2005 Scion XB to a 2009 Scion XB), and recommended my mother as well, who also purchased a 2008 Camry. Today, my sister went into that dealership to drop off my car for me during her lunch because I commute 1hour out of town due to the left brake light going out. I had previously brought this car in for the same reason; difference is before it was the right brake light that went out. The appointment had been scheduled at 9:30am on 09/15/09, and she had been told a shuttle was available if a ride back to a location was needed. Upon dropping off the car my sister was instructed to wait because the shuttle would not be back for another half knowing she had already requested one the day before because she stated she would need a ride back, she ended up having to find a ride to avoid being late back to work. Before leaving she was instructed by David Hampton that she will be contacted once the analysis for the repair was determined. No one contacted her. So she then contacted the dealership in the customer service department around 1 PM an hour before her shift ended, depending on the feedback they were to provide her because the car was her means of transportation home. On that call a representative told her that a part would need to be ordered for the repair to be made, and that the part is on back order for at least 1 week and a half. No loaner was offered or any type resolution to help, until she requested it, even after explaining to representative that I needed a car to commute and that I had previously been pulled over and given a fix it ticket because of this issue before 2 months ago with same turnaround time to be fixed. Having to pay a fee out of my pocket to have the ticket written off after my commute late from work, and still nothing was done. She was just told that they again would be calling her back, and once again an hour later no one called back. Finally she spoke to another representative when she got off of work after finding a ride home, and finally was told that a loaner would be provided, but it wasn't guaranteed due to another customer using it that had been waiting on a car repair as well, and the car would only be available if the car was repaired today. The only other option offered would be to rent a car. Finally around 330PM she was then instructed by David that a car was available at the dealership and she could go down there to pick it up. She had to find another ride, when she arrived nothing was provided to her, she was told that the only way the loaner car would be released was if she had a big corporate car insurance listing names like AAA, 21st Century, ETC... That would cover the loaner. Pretty much stating, that the full coverage insurance Titan Insurance, currently covering my car, which I have had for over 3 years, was not good enough for the car to be released to her. She became upset and said well what are you guys going to do for me, and no response was provided, other than having them request an Enterprise rental car in which they would only provide a purchase order for in the mean time, and that she had to leave a deposit for a hold of about 250 dollars apart from that pay for insurance to cover the car too. At that point she had had it, requested to speak to a manager for assistance because all David kept saying to her was it was policy and he couldn’t do anything to help other than give her back the unsafe car that I would have to drive with one brake light and commute with at 3 AM every morning until the part was received, and with her luck the manager was nowhere to be found. All David said after no attempt to help was, “Do you want me to go get your car,” so she finally said yes and now I’m stuck having to drive my unsafe brand new 2009 car illegally AGAIN with another brake light out in and out of town with no other options. I purchased that car because I wanted a reliable means of transportation, not a vehicle that I would continuously have to keep bringing in for repairs. I think I was better off with my older car, I’m so unhappy with their services, do not feel like a valued customer, and hope no one else has to go through this experience or that at least they redeem themselves in same way to show me some type of willingness to assist now that I’m having to wait almost 2 weeks to have my brake light repaired. I'm requesting a response to this email with a resolution to this complaint. I am sure that Toyota Motor Corporation does not want to be held responsible for "God Forbid" an accident of any sort due to my missing brake light in addition to any additional traffic fines that I may incur during these 2 weeks. If I don't receive a response or any assistance from Toyota I will have no other choice but to contact my attorney, the BBB, and share my story on every complaint board possible.
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Terrible Service experiences in metro DC area
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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix. I am happy with the car itself for its utility and gas mileage, however, with two different Toyota dealerships that I have been to for regularly scheduled service, as well as for warranty items, my experience has been terrible

My first experience was with Jim Coleman Toyota located at 10400 AUTO PARK AVENUE
BETHESDA, MD 20817. I went in for my 30,000 mile service, along with a warranty issue (interior moon roof trim coming off). The service representative was polite, but was giving me completely false information. Of course they were "all booked" even when I made the appointment a week in advance. They charged me $150 ABOVE every other dealership in the area (I checked afterwards) for a total of around $550. I had also complained about a noise coming from the clutch. of course, everything was found to be "to factory spec" even though the noise continues. They also added all sorts of extras (wiper blades, air filter for cabin and engine, etc. etc. that I had not requested). To top it all off, when I went to pick up the car, I had to wait over 1 hour to get my keys back. The moon roof trim was STILL the same. I showed it to the person and he said well lets reschedule another time for you to bring the car in and we'll take a look at it. I decided never to go back

My second recent experience was with 355 Toyota located at # 15625 Frederick Rd.,
# Rockville, MD 20855. This experience takes the cake!. I took the car in for three things, all covered under warranty: 1) the moon roof trim still unfixed 2) a side body kit panel coming lose (stock Toyota part, not aftermarket) and 3) a rattling sound coming from the undercarriage when going over bumps. I dropped the car off early in the morning and showed the service representative all three issues in the car. The gentleman told me that the car will be ready by 8pm that night, and that he will call me if anything changes. I waited until 9pm and didn't get a phone call. Of course they were closed by then. The next day, I had to take a day off of work. I call them in the morning and no one could tell me where my car was, what work was done, and what the resolution was. I had to call back six times within 45 minutes (two times, I was just dropped after being put on hold). When I finally got a hold of the gentleman who I had met the previous day, he said that he had other customers at the moment and he will call me back within the next couple of hours. He couldn't tell me what was done to the car, if anything. I decided to just go there and meet with a manager. The manager listened to my story, checked his computer and told me that the car is to be sent to the body shop and will not be available for another 3 days. When I asked for a rental car in the mean time, he refused. He told me that they had made a determination that the damage (undercarriage and the body trim) was due to some accident (entirely untrue) and that they won't be fixed under warranty. When I told him that I needed the car to go to work, he said well then I can give you the car back, but you will have to take it to the body shop yourself and figure it out. When the car came around and I sat in, I noticed that the moon roof trim was STILL untouched. When I complained and showed him the problem, he said that he will have to order the part (it just needs to be glued back) and that he will call me within 4-6 weeks once he gets the part. When I complained that the car will probably go over its warranty mileage by then, he said that I was being rude, that he didn't want my business and to "Get out".

Please never give these people any of your business. On a related note, does anyone know of a good Toyota dealership in the area that I could go to?

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Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Knowing how Toyota puts the body moulding on, I know they just don't come loose without some help. So you may want to contact a body shop to inspect. As far as the interior trim moulding, well that is inexcusable not to have been repaired by now!!! In your owners manual is the contact info for Toyota Motor, use that information to form your complaint and let Toyota take it from there(they are very good a getting results). Good Luck
CandyPickletoes on 02/22/2006:
I do know a great Toyota dealership in the area. My brother is the shop foreman, is extremely knowledgeable, and is very honest. The dealership is Toyota of Bowie. The address is 16700 Governor Bridge Rd•Bowie, MD 20716 Do a Mapquest (It's right off Rt 50 in Bowie).
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Candy: Nice post! Thanks for contributing
Anonymous on 02/28/2006:
Come on dealer, what do you know anyway.
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Severe Hesitation
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I have a 2001 4runner. In June 2012 it began to hesitate upon acceleration. It would bog down then accelerate like there was an invisible turbo. Also a severe highway shake. I took it to the dealer North Hills Toyota pgh pa. Paid 120.00 for diagnosis. They told me my emergency brake was probably hung up causing the hesitation and shake. They wanted 100.00 per side plus labor to replace the bell cranks..I opted to have them rebuilt because its a common but cheap fix. Free to be exact.. So needless to say the hesitation/ shake is still there.. Took it back and left it for 5 days. Finally they said I had a broken belt in rear tire.. Bought a brand new tire mounted and balanced all four tires. 85.00. and they finally diagnosed the hesitation.. said it was the TPS. Throttle Position Sensor. OK fine.. Problem is that you can't just get the sensor you need whole throttle body. So I bought the brand new Toyota throttle body.850.00 dollars..Guess what? NO FIX.. Exactly the same.. so called them back and now there is nothing they can do.. Spoke to a technician supervisor who told me its time to buy a new car.. Very funny. NOT!!!! So now I am out over 1300.00..
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trmn8r on 08/19/2012:
I'd be a little upset about this as well. Sounds like the vehicle is so old that they can't find someone knowledgeable to fix it.
Bill on 08/19/2012:
From past experience I have found Toyota techs are not the sharpest. That's why I ditched my Toyota and never looked back. Found that Honda and Acura have some of the best techs and always diagnosed and fixed the problem the first time.
KevinTX on 08/20/2012:
Sounds to me like THEY OWE you $1300. Heard of small claims court? I'd be the first in line.... if THEY suggested these fixes, and it STILL didn't fix your SUV, then by all means, take them to court unless they pay up.. then, sell that bad boy and get something else :) 'Newcaritis' will get ya for sure :)
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