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Toyota Motor Corporation
25 Atlantic Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018-3188
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Ripping Consumer Off
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a 2007 Toyota car, and it was consuming all the engine oil every 650 mile, and they tell me that is "normal". I bought a extended warranty on my car which covers the repair of engine if something is wrong with it. There is obvious something wrong with the engine if it is consuming engine oil at every 650 mile, but no matter what I say, they just keep admitting it is normal. Toyota just keep dragging the problem till my warranty expires and then do nothing about it. TOYOTA IS A RIP OFF!! If this is how Toyota company going to rip consumer off to buying their extended warranty and not trying to fix what is cover in the warranty, then don't sell it!!

My Cars Leaks Water
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CALIFORNIA -- Toyota has a defective plastic part in the Toyota Rav4's called "windshield cowl". This is a plastic piece that sits under the hood and windshield and keeps water out of the car. This is not a mechanical mechanism that should have any normal wear and tear. Toyota acknowledges that it's defective but is not covering it under warranty or is doing any recall on it.

The repair through the Dealer is $399.00. I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around paying for something that is defective. On rainy days like today, I've had to borrow a car so I can get to work because if I drive mine, the passenger floorboard fills up with about 2 inches of water, then ultimately becomes moldy before it completely dries out. I've been experiencing this problem since 2009.

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Rating: 1/51

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- ** told me I was late 5x on my 5yr lease and said that was bad and my credit was not that good. I told him I think I'm doing OK for a single parent, then he told me that I was on welfare and that I get food stamps. He said women have help and programs like WIC to help. Then he told me that women have it easy and that his life was harder than mine and that I should try putting a kid through college like he did as a single parent for his son.

Then ** came over and I explained to him in tears what ** told me and he had no sympathy for me at all. He never even apologize for what ** told me and kept trying to sell the car to me. I had to just leave in tears They didn't even offer me tissue as the tears rolled down my face.

Toyota Bluetooth Poorly Designed
By -

I just bought a 2012 Highlander, in part because Toyota claims more convenient bluetooth than Honda and others. Toyota claims: the bluetooth technology provides users with convenient hands-free phone capabilities. In fact, not even talking about the setup hassle, it's then very difficult to use more than one phone with the car's bluetooth function.

Each time my wife drives the car, we have to give 4 audio commands in order to switch the phones. It usually takes 4-5 attempts, since the Toyota voice command system usually misses at least one of those 4 required commands. Ford has done much better with their Sync system. Even GM seems to have a more user friendly approach. Why can't Toyota redesign the system so either: - the system automatically syncs to at least 2 phones whenever either phone is in the car; OR - at the least, let us switch between phones with a shortcut single command.

Transaxle Whine Noise 2006-2010 RAV 4s
By -

I purchased a 2010 Rav4,V6 engine and 5 speed Transmission. After 8,000 miles it started with a transmission whine at 40 mph. Then it did it when I started from a stop, and grew worse up to 60 mph. Took it to the dealer I brought it at in Leesburg, Florida. Was told there was nothing wrong with it. I called Toyota customer service and told them about the whine, was only told to take it back to the dealer. There was no mention of any memo's to dealers.

Took it back to the Toyota dealer, transmission man took it for a ride with me. He heard the whine and we went back to the dealership. At the service department he plugged in a laptop to the computer, said the computer shows trany was OK. I don't know a computer that will show a whine. The whine got more and I was disgusted with the Rav4,traded it for 2011 tacoma. Was told I could get up to 25 mpg. Went on vacation to upstate New York but only got 20 mpg, stopped at a Toyota dealer to get it checked. Was told it was only rated at 21 because it had a 3:73 rear.

Ask them if they had any complaints Rav4 transmissions. The service man looked it up on his computer and showed me a memo # T-SB-0192-10 sent to dealers in July 15,2010.The memo showed service departments what parts to replace, with part numbers and time to replace parts. Showed 11 parts to replace, if that failed replace the transmission. I was angry that my Rav4 was never fixed and I was never told about this memo by Toyota customer service.

When I got home I went to the Toyota dealership I brought it at and talked to the owner as to why I was lied to by his transmission man. He told me he would look into it and call me, to this date he has not called. Called Toyota in California and asked why I was never told by them about the memo send to the dealers. I asked for someone in charge, was told he was in charge {I don't think he was}.

The answer I got from him was "We didn't tell you to get rid of your RAV4." I was forced to get rid of a good RAV4 because I was lied to and it cost me good money to replace it when I should not have had to get rid of it. Toyota and their dealerships couldn't care less about customers complaints and don't want to repair cars if they don't want to. I will never ever buy another Toyota. I have told my family and friends what Toyota and the dealer did to me.

Outdated Navigation Disk
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19001 SOUTH WESTERN AVE, TORRANCE,, CALIFORNIA -- Purchase 2011 Camry XLE with navigation 09/24/2010 came with 2009 navigation disk. Camry that are being sold now 2011 have a 2010 navigation disk. Company wants to charge 200 to 295 for update on car because I purchase car in 2010. Same car now has updated disk install no charge, if purchase a 2011 no matter when you should have 2011 navigation disk. Incident # **. Toyota is doing this to all 2011 sold in 2010. Big rip off. The Toyota company and probably all other car manufactures are doing this charging customers for update.

When new model start production usually in February of that year they do not have that years update so they install the previous year navigation disk. So a 2011 manufactured in 02/2010 will have a 2009 navigation disk. So everyone who buys a 2011 in September through December of 2010 will have the old outdated navigation disk. Then when the auto manufactures upgrades lets say June of 2010 to the new navigation disk you will have the latest upgraded. When you purchase vehicle after January of 2011 that same car will have the upgrade disk at no charge.

How long have the auto manufactures been doing this? That is ripping people 200-295 dollars a person, we are talking millions here. Bottom line is you purchase a 2011 it should have 2011 navigation system in it, if not upgrades to 2011 should be free. You should not be charge twice or three times depending on what month and year you purchased that new vehicle.

Toyota response was "Congratulations on the purchase of your 2011 Camry. We are sorry for your dissatisfaction with the Navigation System DVD. We are sorry to learn that Camry DVD did not meet your expectations. Toyota does not have a program in which we are offering free DVD updates to customers. We have documented your observations and comments at our National headquarters under file # ** where they are reviewed by management.

"Although we cannot guarantee a change like you described would be made, we do know if it were made, it would be because of customers like yourself that provide honest and candid feedback. Comments such as yours provide us the insight necessary to improve our products." All I want is, I purchased a 2011 Camry I want updates till my Navigation Disk is 2011. To get what I paid for not being charged every time there is a new update before 2011.

Toyota Commercial
By -

The latest Toyota commercials with the kid talking about lame parents and having a vehicle not up to his standards sends a truly negative message. The message it sends it that kids should be ashamed of their parents cars and embarrassed to be seen in anything other that the top of the line new car. Wake up call, not EVERYONE is in a financial situation that allows them to purchase new cars especially in today's economy.

Your commercial appears to target kids and suggests to them that they should be ashamed and embarrassed of their situations. Really Really tasteless shallow bit of advertising.

None caring
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I was a co-maker for my son on his Toyota auto loan. Things started out good but then he moved to the east coast and got an apartment with friends.
The friends all bailed and left him with an expensive apartment. It took most of his money to have a place to live and he stopped making payments. He was 3 months behind when I found out about the situation.
We got the loan caught up quickly. I asked Toyota why I didn't receive a notice at the address they had for me, they told me that they are not required to notify me at all. That that is my problem not theirs. They refused to correct my credit and therefore crushed my credit that I had spent years correcting after a tough financial divorce. I filed a complaint with the BBB and after months received a notice that they would do nothing.
I understand that my son should have told me that he was behind and I would have made the payments on time. So out the door went my credit.
My son moved back to the midwest after a year away and continue to make his payments. Then he lost his job, so I started making his payments. Having to give him money to survive until he could find a new job.(he started back to school so he wasn't eligible for unemployment)The payments were made before it would go past 30 days. Once he paid on line and hit send, a few days later he looked and they said the payment didn't go through so therefore again, another 1 times 30.Now they start calling after its 2 weeks past due and I tell them that the payment will be made by the 15th of the month. His payment is due on the 19th. That way he won't go past 30 days and show as a negative on both of our credit reports. Trouble is that after I tell them when it will be paid, they continue to call and call and call. Asking me the same questions over and over again. I tell them to look at the past payments and they will see that the payments have been made on the 15th for the past months. I was told by their representative that they can call me up to SEVEN times per day!!!
According to the Fair trade commission, they cannot MAKE FREQUENT CALLS TO HARASS YOU. To me to call so many times, this is harassment!!!
They basically show that they don't care, you would think that with their recalls they would try a little more to be consumer friendly!!!

Harassment to No End!
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Current customer who will never be one again. They call relentless even when its current, calling 10-15 times per day. on the due date, Rude beyond believe it. Absolutely beyond harassing. Trading the car to get away from them.

Commercial with coach - bad timing
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Rating: 2/51

Currently on television are commercials for Toyota featuring a coach. Bad timing on this - the guy looks like Sandusky and the commercials are creepy given that fact.

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