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Posted by Garion63 on 10/13/2010
Here's a doosey for you. I think this apply to both the workers covered by Travelers and, their clients. BEWARE!!! Since this claim is till ongoing and, I do not trust these people at all! I am only going to give the overview and not get too specific. I was injured on the job and the claim was accepted as compensable some years ago. Since that time I have had a major back surgery, approved by Travelers. Now, here's where it gets....strange to say the least. I have had to file multiple times, and will again here shortly, with my state's Workers Compensation Court in order to get Travelers to pay MILEAGE! Yes, MILEAGE! They have taken literally MONTHS to pay and only after having to go to mediation. They did not dispute that they owed it or that is was correct. They simply would not pay! This even after their attorney was basically given the claim to handle! LOL
Now, even stranger is that I offered to settle this claim. They offered me less than $2,000.00 out of the gate. This was to cover all medical expenses pertaining to my back for the next 30 years or so. Keep in mind I am still seeing a 2 doctors and on 3 different medications for the back.
Now, that's just a slap in the face yes? Well, get this....since they wouldn't even be reasonable nor let me see a pain doctor I went ahead and asked their surgeon to take out my hardware in an effort to get a better result on the pain. He petitioned the adjuster and lo and behold...it was APPROVED! Now, please explain to me why an insurance company would NOT pay even 1/2 of a settlement offered for me to pursue pain relief on my own and for them and their client to get completely out from under the claim but WILL approve a surgery that will cost over $150,000.00 + and potentially, could be MUCH more in the long-term? Are they not out to SAVE money?
I can only guess at the reasoning behind this. And, if you have any ideas let me know. But, it must be either the adjuster is over-worked and simply not paying attention; that they are aggressively trying to drive up premiums on their clients(this is a major nationwide company in this case); or, they are simply hoping that I either back out of the surgery or, they wish to cause me pain for some reason.
WATCH OUT for these guys! No matter the reasoning, or lack thereof, behind this absurd claim handling? They are a menace to both the injured worker and the companies they insure.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-10-13:
This can be explained very simply. Insurance companies want to to keep paying your premiums without delay and never want you to make a claim. If you make a claim they scramble at all lengths to find a way to deny your claim.
Posted by Alain on 2010-10-14:
You may want to seek legal and medical advice before settling with Travelers or getting further surgery since they will be consulting with their attorneys and doctors while dealing with you.
Posted by ok4now on 2010-10-16:
Unbelievable!!! Talk about adding insult to injury. They don't care about you, all they care about is their bottom line and denying your claim. They will use every stall tactic imaginable just to wear you down so they don't have to pay. You are suffering from their neglect now so stand your ground. With this kind of money involved for owed compensation I would definitely seek legal council. Update your post with the results. Best of luck..
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Time Warner's insurance co. is screwing me!
Posted by Poodlestix on 05/05/2003
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On February 5, 2003 I was driving near downtown Houston. Suddenly I was hit from behind, and my head snapped forward. I saw that a guy in a Time Warner Cable van had hit me. He apologized to me, admitting that he had not been looking where he was going. I received whiplash as a result, and I've been seeing a chiropractor ever since. The whiplash screwed up my jaw, and now it's locking up. It's painful to chew or even talk. The pain is so bad that sometimes my whole head will just ache. My chiropractor bills thus far are $1,150. When I told the insurance lady from Travelers Property Casualty, Beth McConnell, that I was interested in a settlement, she told me they would only give me $500 over my medical bills. I told her that this hardly seemed fair, because I have the inconvenience of having to see the chiropractor regularly, not to mention the chronic pain in my jaw. She was very unsympathetic, telling me that I would most likely not even get the medical bills paid if I took it to court. I'm not asking for a massive amount of money. All I want is what's fair.
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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-03-31:
Contact an attorney. An insurance company will not settle for a high amount on pain and suffering unless they are told to by a court. Sounds like you have a decent chance, so don't give up--call an attorney and file suit.
Posted by hobnob62 on 2006-11-13:
L O L ..... typical response from an insurance adjuster. It sounds to me like they are in bad faith of the claim. did you contact your insurance company to tell them of the damages? if so then try going thru them onethings for sure is that the they wont give them the same line of bull they like to feed us. some one just resently hit my car trying to get into a parking spot that was behind me when i was stoped at a stop sign. his door hit my bumper and rubbed some of his white paint on my tan bumper ... no big deal but i called my insurance company and reported the paint and told them it was no big deal i was just reporting it like a good little boy. i even said i didnt need anything done.. well not even 48 hours later the guys insurance company called me ( freaked me out ) and wanted to get it fixed... and get me a rental.. lol it took 6 days to repaint it i guess but anyways.. all im saying is always report stuff to your insurance company and try to get a police report and his insurance info.... btw i do realize the time span between these messages but if someone happens to come acrossed this post and see my 3cents.. i hope it helps and also most lawyers offer a free consoltation cant ever hurt to talk to one
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Don't do business with this company or it's representatives.
Posted by Tuff times on 05/24/2010
KNOXVILLE BUSINESS CENTER PO BOX 59059 KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- While having my wife treated in San Antonio, Tx for Ovarian cancer on May 14, 2010, I was involved in an auto accident caused by another vheicle. The other vehicle crossed 8 lanes of traffic, hit a school bus with children on it, and then slammed headon into my car disabling it. I had been called by the hospital treating my wife that she was on the verge of expiring. After calling 911, and checking the children on the bus a lady who witnessed the accident drove me on to the hospital while my son stayed at the scene of the accident to handle the paper work. Within the hour my wife had passed away. When I contacted Travelers Ins about the need of a rent car, for which I had payed coverage, to drive back home to Mansfield, Tx and to follow the transportation of my wife's body back home, I was told by Travelers that even though my policy covered rental coverage, until disposition of fault was established, I was on my own and no reimbursement was to be expected if I leased a car prior to a determination of fault. I paid a man $150 to bend the fenders off my front wheels, had no headlights or brake lights and drove the car 300 miles home in a rain storm. After no less than 15 phone calls to Travelers, including the agent that sold me the policy, 14 days later my car sits in my driveway awaiting authorization for repair and still no rental car...............Look elsewhere for automobile coverage, these people only want your money up front and have no desire to serve their customes when the need arises. Anyone wanting to follow up on this situation please feel free to ref my policy number (982114048 122-1. SAPD case0-0351835) with Travelers...Look elsewhere for coverage my friends !!!!!

This is a follow up to the statements above....................

Finally on June 01.2010...........17 days after the accident noted above, I was finally authorized a rental car for which I had paid for in my Traveler's policy coverage originally. Also 17 days after the event I was told by Travelers I could I have my heavily damaged car deliverered for repairs. Although they acknowledge that that USAA Policy number 091381015 7103 was totally at fault as noted above for impacting and heavily damaging my car, and that policy holder had full coverage, I would still be held liable for a %250.00 deductible. Again, I repeat............Find some othe Insurance company to do business with...................Travelers Auto Insurance will not be there when you need them nor will they honor their policy obligatinos. They're only there for your premium......Again my Policy number is 982114048 122-1.My policy is up for renewal 6/12/2010................I will not be renewing with Travelers AND HAVE ALREADY SELECTED A REPLACEMENT INSURANCE COMPANY
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Get any other insurance company
Posted by Lojay on 02/16/2010
I call my insurance company (Aug 2009) (Claim # HB12722)about possible hail damage to my roof from the April 2009 hail storm in my area and a leak in my living room near my fire place. Travelers sent out an adjuster who checked the roof and stated that I did have some hail damage but not enough to replace the roof and that my roof should last me another five years. He stated that they (Travelers) would pay the have the sealing and the living room repainted. I have checked with many contractors and found out that the wet sheep-rock needs to be replaced and I know an insurances company would know that because wet sheep-rock causes mold and other health issues.

A few weeks later (Sept. 2009) we had a flood here in the Powder Springs Georgia area and my roof began to leak heavily in that same spot in the living room and a second leak began in my master bath room. I again call my insurance company to make a claim (Claim# HBX3526). My septic system also began to over- flow into my home due to the flood. Again an adjuster came out did his assessment and a few weeks later a received a check in the mail from Travelers for $630.06. This check was to cover the repairs cost of my living minus the $500.00 dollar deductible. The real cost to repair my living room is $2,250.00 dollars. This check is $1,120.00 short to make the correct repairs to my living room.

Travelers paid nothing to repair or replace my roof. To add insult to injury a few weeks later, I received a letter from Travelers that stated that I had 45 days to repair the roof or they were going to drop the coverage on my home. I want you to keep in mind that I just paid over $4,000.00 dollars to repair my septic system which was not covered by my insurance. So I now paid an additional $1,200.00 to have my leaking roof repaired.

My complaint is this, my roof still leaks. I have had 4 different contractors inspect my roof and they all state that I have hail damage and the roof needs to be replaced. My insurance company is stalling on replacing my roof. I wrote the a letter (Oct 2009) to Travelers stating that I was going to file a formal complaint with the insurance commission and receive a phone call about a week later. In Nov 2009, I spoke with Mr. Wayne Swanson Jr. (770-280-5737 wswanson@travelers.com) who stated that they (travelers) wanted my roof inspected by a structural engineer with a P. E. certification and that they would send one. I told Travelers that I would find my own P. E. for a non-bias opinion as to the condition of my roof. Structural engineer with a P. E. certification are very hard to find but I found one, Mr. Ben Cox. Travelers did not want to pay up front for the P. E. (Mr. Cox) to come inspect my roof. Most P. E.’s are independent contractors and need to get paid as soon as the work is completed and not wait on an insurance company to get around to payment. Again Travelers offered to send out a P. E. and again I decline. So, now I had to find a second structural engineer with a P. E. certification and I did but this time I found him (Mr. Steve Dunlap) and paid out of my pocket yet another $350.00 to get the roof inspection done. My roof has been leaking for 6 months now and my insurance company is still dragging their feet, even after the P. E. inspection. At this time, weeks later with an inspection from a structural engineer with a P. E. certification in hand my roof still leaks.

My history, I am a retired Army Non-Commissioned Officer, with combat experience with 10% disability. I have earned the right to be respected and to take care of my family. We have 11 people living in my home due to the hard economic times. I have my 3 children and 6 grandchildren living in my house. Some have health issues like asthma, allergies and other breathing issues. Travelers came and inspected the leak in my living room and gave me money to paint over the leak and nothing to repair or replace the leaking roof. We all know that wet sheep-rock causes mold and mold causes health issues. That issue alone is disrespectful to me and my family and shows a careless response to a real health issue. I have never been this frustrated in my entire life. I have paid travelers insurance for the past 8 years and never filed a claim. The one claim I filed for a leaking roof, I get the run around. If I am not mistaken we buy insurance to cover issues with the home cause by weather and other dynamics sources. All I want is what I pay for and that is quality service. I am very disappointed in the service I have received regarding my roof and disappointed in the entire insurance industry.

I feel that one of two things needs to happen and happen quickly. One Travelers insurance company pony up and replace my roof or reimburse me my 8 years of insurance premiums and I will replace my own roof. I think it would be extremely unfair if they (Travelers) get to keep my money and I have to come out of my pocket for an additional $9,700.00 to replace my roof after I have already come out of pocket for $5,550.00 for home repairs due to the floods and unnecessary inspections. If I can-not get this issue resolved soon, I will have to pursue a lawyer and move to sue Travelers for lack of service. I have also filled a written complaint with the Georgia State Insurance Commission.

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Posted by Inat on 2010-02-16:

anyway... what did the PE certified Engineer say about your roof? Did he say "yep, its leaking" or did he say "yep, its leacking b/c hail damaged your roof". How old is the current roof? How old is your home?

Posted by beendonewrong on 2010-04-13:
Travelers has denied my claim of hail damage twice and I did file a complaint with State Insurance Commissioner. They contacted Travelers and then sent me the Travelers story and told me to get a STRUCTURAL ENGINEER at my expense if I thought Travelers was incorrect. HAIL damage does not require an engineer. I had two different roofers (out of four)show up with Travelers agent (roofers who previously declared I did have hail damages) to reneg once off roof with agent. I honestly believe these roofing guys got something to say they agreed with the agent and save Travelers the cost of the roofing job! Why, because neither roofer would look me in the eye as the shook their heads and agreed that I had blistering and "some minor hail damage", but not enough to warrant a new roof at Travelers expense.
Before sending my formal complaint to Insurance Commissioner, I did an extensive survey of my subdivision, contacted and received addresses of hail damaged and repaired roofs from three major roofing companies, and went door to door for days to compile a list of homes with new roofs that no longer had signs out to add to my list. THERE WERE 50 HOMES WITH HAIL DAMAGED ROOFS REPLACED! I have photos of my roof, my neighbor's roof (which did get replaced).Ours leaked in five places in three rooms and his only one very small area in one room, yet entire roof replaced makes me question what is going on here!
Do I feel discriminated against? You Bet I do and today I'm contacting an attorney and two more roofing companies for further evaluation. I would like to have a list of Travelers denied claims homeowners across this country to start a class action suit.
Posted by AnotherOne on 2011-11-14:
So what came out? Did you take a legal action against them? With what results? I am in a similar situation with Travelers and trying to find out what to do next. Thanks for your inputs.
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If you have Travelers Insurance you will be sued
Posted by Pippin024 on 09/25/2009
Tavelers Insurance of St. Pauls offers a cheap limited Liability insurance that will cost you out of pocket. Why. They have a strategy of not responding to claims at all. They ignore and don't call back. They are not in the office and other excuses to not recognize a claim. This adds cost to the Attorney's and filing fees, and other costs for this reason.
So, guess who pays? YOU!!!!
when people loose their income and can't afford their bills. They will come after you. Promise.
So, if you think you are saving money. You are better off parking the car and walking.
This is an FYI. Think about it before you go cheap. It costs too much.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-26:
What is your complaint? Why are people such cheap skates then complain about the cheap service they get? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-09-26:
When I was injured on the job in California, Traveler's was our insurance carrier. I was in Personnel after I got out of the hospital to fill out some paperwork, and I spotted what appeared to be a check on the Personnel Director's desk. Having done some typesetting, I can read upside down and backwards. It was indeed a check, from Traveler's for my orthopedic surgeon and hospital bill, in the amount of $50,000. I was quite pleased they settled the bill so quickly.
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Posted by Red317 on 09/21/2009
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We had a hail storm this past year that was bad enough to prompt repairs in the area. After several roofs went up in the neighborhood we called a contractor. He said He saw damage that needed repaired. Our adjuster came out and said our roof was too steep to walk. He was offered all the necessary safety equipment needed to inspect my roof. He said no and that He would have an answer no latter than 3 days. No call from anyone until we called. Apparently an engineer was hired and we were not notified. Travelers will not call you until you call them. They should be called Voice Mail Ins. We even called customer service and they could not get a hold of the adjuster or the supervisor. We finally heard an answer 1 month and 2 weeks later. They seem confused when you ask them what the issue is. There was over a dozen homes inspected, approved, and new roofs installed in my neighborhood in the same time it took them to get an answer. Their whole back bone is that engineer report. They feel that answers everything, yet the report says in our opinion. They decided that we should replace each shingle that was damaged, approx. 10. Minor, but it is damage. There was other damage on screens, caps, and down spouts that was minor and overlooked when discussing fixing all damage. Travelers is well trained in avoiding the issue and avoiding responsibiltiy. Customer service is definitely non existent. My broker tried to get a hold of them and he was bounced around and ended up in a mess of voice mails. I have heard similar things from customers in my neighborhood. One neighbor said it had been over a month as well and that he was going to have to re-measure because he used pencil and it got wet and he could not read his writing. Really! I'm better off switching Insurance co. and waiting for the next storm and get another opinion and inspection. Must be nice to be an adjuster and not inspect damage and make your own conclusion. By the way, the engineer is about $1500 a pop. What do you think he is going to say. Like the contractor said, engineers get paid to say no. UNBELIEVABLE!
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Posted by caveman54 on 2010-01-09:
the only advice is to send a complaint to your State insurance commissioner, that will make them respond.
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I Work There and It Sucks
Posted by Reshaw on 05/22/2013
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Their computer systems are NOT reliable and NOT user friendly: programs are extremely slow, freeze, and continually crash; multiple programs & systems are used when they could be combined and streamlined; layout and input of information is scattered and different for each system; navigation keys are different for each system; systems do not communicate with each other, e. g. a policy change will not update the billing system for several days; information in computer does not match information on declarations pages sent to customer; customers are continually having problems viewing/printing emails and online documents; information that the customer sees online does not match information that customer service sees.

Company policies & procedures don't make sense: policies & procedures are purposely vague and generic (which makes it impossible for customer service to give a firm answer); discounts do not have a set percentage and vary for each customer; deleting an auto coverage does not remove the stated premium amount for that coverage, e. g., if collision coverage for a vehicle costs $100.00 and it is deleted the customer may only save $80.00 because the cost for the other coverages goes up; home policies may be canceled for the most minor reasons (one of my co-workers showed me a letter where we threatened someone because when our inspector stopped by there was a ladder leaning against the house); no emails or phone calls will made to a customer who is in danger of cancellation or having a bill sent to collections all communication is done via letter; and many others I don't have time to list.

Overall I would recommend getting insurance somewhere else.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-05-23:
(By eliminating $100 of collission only $80 is saved because other costs go up.) I do not see a problem here. The more things that are covered lowers the cost of each, think bundling. (ladder against the house) This increases the chance of burglary plus injuries and liability claims.
Just because company policy and procedures do not make sense to you it does not make them wrong. Try to entertain the thought that smarter people than you make these decisions. As far as some of your computer complaints about systems not changing at the same time (takes several days) there are valid reasons for this also. If you feel working there sucks I suggest you find employment you are happy with. Both you and the company will be better off.
Posted by Dman on 2013-08-16:
Smarter maybe common sense bankrupt! They bully their employees and change policy on the fly to hang you. Can you say nazi camp?
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Travelers Insurance Is the WORST Insurance You Can Ever Think of Having.
Posted by Oamaka on 11/01/2012
FORT WASHINGTON, MARYLAND -- No wonder their insurance is cheap compared to others, that's because it's the worst you can think of when it comes to services and getting your claim resolved. I had a water linkage in my home on August 3rd, and today is November 1st and yes, the claim has still not been resolved.

First of all, their claim agents never return calls or emails, and never give you updates on the status of the claim. Its been a fight and struggle trying to get updates on the claim. They informed me that the claim was approved, started the first phase of work and once the received estimate from the contractors on the second phase they refused to cover.

For those thinking of travelers as their insurance, all I can say is good luck... cause when you do need them, they are never there. Cheaper is not always better.

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Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-02:
Sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with Traveler's. There are many positive reviews on this site with satisfied customers. I had an H.O. policy with them that just came up for renewal. No claims filed in five years. They increased my premium by $340.00 so I walked and went with Liberty Mutual. They actually gave me a lower rate than what I was paying. If you're not happy it pays to shop around.
Posted by Alain on 2012-11-02:
Thank you for the warning. I'll bet that there will be sudden postings here about how wonderful Travelers is following your complaint. They seem to respond that way, promptly, to criticism.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-11-02:
I would think that water leakage would be one of the most difficult claims to handle. A storm or a fire gives rise to a sudden, obvious damage. Water leakage, however, once work is started, show that there was damage from prior leaks in that area, failure to repair, or causes other than a sudden water problem.
Posted by travelersemployee on 2012-11-25:
Management waited 3 weeks into November to change the employee's bonus structure for October. Hundreds of employees received an email the day before Thanksgiving stating they weren't getting paid what they had been told. The loss of pay ranged anywhere from $200-$2000 per person. For most people this was income they were relying on to pay bills, use for the holidays, or have already spent.
They are using storm sandy as the reason for the pay decrease but the storm hit at the end of October. If the pay decrease was necessary, why was it not communicated to the employees at the beginning of November instead of three weeks into it?
It's not the first time management has pulled something like this, but it is by far the worst. This is highly unethical and should be illegal. Travelers is not the company I thought I have been working
for, nor is it a company I would ever recommend.
Posted by Dave on 2012-12-12:
Sandy was man made. Check out HAARP, and Hutshens effect. the damage here is telling us another story, not an honest one
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Travelers insurance
Posted by Caveman54 on 01/09/2010
GEORGIA -- As a small business we obtained work comp insurance from Travelers. Although in the same business for 37 years, because we formed a new incorporation Travelers considered us a "new business" and charged us 47% on the wages. According to the Georgia State insurance commissioner, the rate should not be more than 23%. Travelers promise was that after they ripped me off for 3 years the rate could drop to about 19%.
After paying these outrageous rates for 2 1/2 year one of my employees got injured. We filed the accident to Travelers and before we even got any correspondence on this accident, we received a letter that they had canceled my coverage 4 months prior, although I received a request for payment for that year, after their so called cancellation notice, paid it in time and my check was cashed by Travelers.
We went to court and the judge ruled we complied, paid in time and did have coverage, Travelers appealed this decision of witch we don't have a decision yet.
As soon as we filed the claim, Travelers put us on the "non compliant" list disabeling us to obtain insurance from a different carrier. Resulting in having to close my business and 8 people loosing their income.
Travelers insurance is a dishonest, lying, unprofessional and crooked insurance company. Stay away from them and report any negative experience with them to BBB, insurance commissioner of your state and sites like this.
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Fast, Great, Super Nice Agents And Adjuster
Posted by Ceasyeddie63 on 11/09/2011
It is my pleasure to be ask to review my settlement with Travelers Ins Co. They were very fast, nice not to mention very generous in closing my claim. Also the ones involved were very much a lady or gentlemen which ever I was speaking with. Just can't say enough about this great company and also the backbone of the company, their employees.
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