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Do Not Go by Their Policy.
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a room with them for New Year's eve on Dec 30th. Before agreeing to the terms I read the cancellation policy. Since I was unsure if my group was attending, I wanted some peace of mind that if I choose to cancel the room later that day, I would not get charged. Travelocity's policy stated - if you cancel before Dec 31st 12 am Eastern Time, you will not get charged (I live in New Jersey).

After being inform by members in my group that we were no longer going to Atlantic City for New Year's eve, I immediately cancelled the room at 9:33 pm on Dec 30th. When I cancelled my room online - Travelocity, once again reassured me that I will not be charged and if I had been I will receive a full refund. A few days go by and I notice a charge on my account for $444.46 from the hotel. When I called Travelocity to inform them of the charged their customer representative lied and stating that I would get a refund within 3-5 business days. It's been 7 days.

When I called back today, they told me that they spoke to the hotel and their cancellation policy is different due to the holiday, according to the hotel you had to cancel within 48 hours. Unfortunately Travelocity did not disclose that information in their cancel policy or else I would have not booked the room. So when I explained how that was not my fault and I agreed to the policy written on their site. All they said was "Sorry for the inconvenience." So here I am short $444.46 thanks to Travelocity's discrepancy with the Courtyard Hotel.

Loss Prevention at Its Finest
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Rating: 1/51

Booking a trip was easy, cancelling was impossible. Our "expedited" passport did not arrive when promised so sadly we had to cancel our trip. When I called Travelocity it took more than an hour just to cancel the hotel. The customer service reps in the cancellations department do not have the ability to cancel anything so you spend an hour being asked questions, transferred around and being placed on hold.

I was told I had to contact the activity vendors directly to cancel so I spent another 30 minutes on hold calling Mexico and incurring international charges, only to be told that I cannot cancel the reservation and I have to have Travelocity call. When I called Travelocity back it was another melee of questions, transfers and Latin hold music (which was even more tortuous given the circumstances).

An hour in (the second time) I was hung up on during a transfer and had to begin the process again, this time demanding to speak with a supervisor, who took 45 minutes to tell me that the vendors for my activities were now closed and there was nothing they can do until the following day.

Cancelling a trip sucks. Losing money when cancelling sucks more. Spending 3+ hours going around in circles TRYING to cancel is inexcusable. This customer service experience ranks up there with trying to call your insurance company over an denied medical claim, or a trip to the DMV. In short - don't book through Travelocity because if you cancel, you will waste hours of precious life and end up angry, bitter and with grey hair before you can get off the phone with them over what should be a simple 5-minute request.

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Rating: 1/51

Had to cancel my trip and only got less than $1500.00 back from a $4400.00 trip. DO NOT USE THEM!

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

TEXAS -- I booked a hotel through Travelocity. After getting confirmation page I realized I had entered the wrong dates. I called customer service and they were able to change dates with hotel even though my deal specifically stated "no changes/cancellations". The hotel still charged me twice but then I called Travelocity again and they called the hotel and requested my refund which they did. Both times I called the agents were friendly and courteous.

Beware of Travelocity Customer Service. It's a Horror Experience
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Rating: 1/51

The worst experience of my life!!! I booked a trip through Travelocity for a vacation to Montego Bay Jamaica for August 2nd through August 9th. I read reviews on the website that stated the hotel had roaches, granted that was in 2013 but I still did not want to stay there and called to change just the hotel portion of our trip and it would have been about a 1,200 dollar difference. So, they would have been getting even more money from us. Well I called and of course, their customer service is ALL in India and you can't understand half of the customer service reps.

I spoke to a representative and he changed my hotel portion from the RIU Montego Bay to the Sandals resort in Montego Bay and after an hour on the phone with him holding and waiting and waiting, he ran my card through and charged 1,795 four times and then stated it didn't work and I'd have to call back tomorrow and try again. I said, "You have got to be kidding me after all that!!!"

So, I waited and called the next morning and started all over again and this time, after 2 more customer service reps and another 2 hours and two more credit cards which they charged each of them three times 1,795 & 1,995, they told me it didn't work for them either so they said to call back tomorrow. I called my Capital One credit card company and they said that was completely unacceptable and they called Travelocity with me on the phone and they had to get them to authorize and take the 6 charges off of my cards and another 2 hours and still no resolution.

And they said they would try again Monday being a weekday and that it would be resolved so my Capital One representative called me back the next day at 6:00 pm and we called Travelocity again and after speaking to 3 more customer service reps and they charged my two cards 3 times a piece again and still could not just simply change a hotel reservation from one hotel to another and we were on the phone from 6:00 pm until 11:40 pm.

I finally got angry after 5 and a half hours on the phone and said, "We are done here, do not charge my account any more money and do not change anything on my reservation. I am not going to hold and wait and go through this horror any longer. You people have now kept me on the phone for 4 days for over 9 hours total and still have not resolved a simple hotel reservation change!!!" They were unresponsive and couldn't have cared less.

I think they just kept me on hold all that time trying to get me to give up. They had no intentions of ever helping me. So I am now telling every single person I know my story and posting it everywhere to try to help as many people I can to not have to go through the horror I did with Travelocity. They're terrible. Worst customer service I've ever experienced!!! BEWARE. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Don't Expect Travel With Travelocity
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Rating: 1/51

To whom this may concern, and judging from my experience in the last six days, that is no one: Travelocity stole $1,839.38 and has not offered to release it back to my bank card or explain why it was taken in the first place! On Friday 02/21/14, I tried booking a vacation package using your online service for the amount of $2,151.23. I made several attempts at booking, and each time was told after trying to checkout that my departing flight was unavailable. I called and spoke with a representative over the phone, and the same package was then quoted at almost $200 more than I had found online.

I then tried online again with totally NEW dates, and again, the departing flight was unavailable. I made another attempt over the phone with these new dates but this time, was quoted over $300 more than what I found online. I never actually booked anything with Travelocity. I was aggravated, and gave up trying to go through them. The customer service was rude and unhelpful. I wasted almost four hours with this company between trying to book over the phone and online.

I went to a different site and found a much better deal! I tried booking them them and my CARD WAS DECLINED. I quickly checked my bank account and found that Travelocity charged my bank card TWO SEPARATE TIMES. Once for $943.82 and then an hour later for $891.56, plus four different $1.00 charges for each time I attempted to book but their site failed. After many calls to Travelocity and our bank, we have been told by Travelocity we have to wait for our bank to process the refund, and our bank says Travelocity hasn't refunded. Travelocity states they have no record of our purchase... Well that's because we never actually got to purchase ANYTHING.

So now, we cannot purchase our flight package with another company because they are holding almost the entire amount we had saved up to purchase our first family vacation. Our bank says that Travelocity has THIRTY DAYS to release our funds back to us. By that time, the prices will have increased so much I highly doubt we will be able to afford it. Travelocity has taken money from my family, without anything in return, and as of now, can't even tell us WHY they took it, or WHEN we will get it back.

I've never been so upset at a business. We worked hard and saved for an entire year for this trip, and now it looks as though we have to suffer for a mistake they've made and refuse to correct. Someone explain to me how this is fair.

Deposited one bogus transaction back into my account yesterday, only to have it pending AGAIN today? Seriously people, what is going on?

ALL of the transactions originally took place on Friday 2/21/14. I didn't purchase anything with your company. NO FLIGHT, NO HOTEL, NO CAR, NO ID NUMBER, NOTHING. WHY DID YOU TAKE MY MONEY, AND WHY ARE YOU REFUSING TO RELEASE THE HOLD! How can you take an honest family's savings, give nothing in return, and not even tell me why my card was charged or when it will be refunded!?

I received an email from the BBB stating your company has received my complaint, and I am currently waiting on a response. This is unfair, and as far as I am concerned, THEFT!! I would try to contact you myself again today, but frankly I'm SICK of being kept on hold, disconnected, lied to, and being given the runaround for hours at a time.

In conclusion, in my complaint to the BBB, I stated one way you can resolve this issue would be to immediately release the hold on my funds. However, that was two days ago. Now it is a total nearly six days since you company first took funds without explanation. I'm not quite sure how you can so easily correct such a horrible injustice to my family, as now we are no longer able to take our vacation as planned.

My husband, myself, and my boys, ages 5 and 2 are out of a trip we spent a year saving for. I suppose my kids are just supposed to understand why we can't go to Disneyland as promised. They blame ME for that, not Travelocity. Also, my husband has taken vacation time from his job, and cannot get that back. Fix this, do what's right by your loyal customers. We used Travelocity to book a vacation package back in 2009, it was flawless. What a travesty to have such a good experience ruined by such a horrible one.

I will never use your service again. I will also make it a mission to inform as many people as I can about your company bad practices. I will make sure that NO one I care for takes a chance at being robbed of not only their money, but precious and cherished vacations with their children. Your company is rotten to the core, and you've hurt my family and I greatly.

This Company Will Steal Your Money. Please Avoid.
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Rating: 1/51

INTERNET -- I warn you, do not use Travelocity to book your vacation! I used this service assuming that booking an all-inclusive vacation through a company that had experience with travel and primary connections with hotels, airlines, and events would save me time and money. I made a huge mistake and hope you don't do the same. They are not just incompetent but deceitful as well, and the time you spend fixing the mistakes they make will not only ruin your vacation but will cost you money. If I had just spent a little time doing my homework before I gave them my credit card, I would have saved myself and my family a lot of grief.

Wow, where do I start? I booked a five-day stay in Las Vegas including flight, hotel, car and tickets for my family to see Blue Man Group and Cirque. My agent quoted me a price, which I paid before realizing that it was about $200 more than what I would have paid had I booked online. When I called them to point this out (the first of many long phone calls to India, I will add), they said they would check it out and issue a refund, which they later refused to issue, saying they could not find the cheaper price online I had mentioned. I got back online, took a screenshot of the lower price and sent it to them. They emailed back saying, "Sorry, case is closed." My first clue.

Once my family arrived in Vegas, we discovered that all the tickets we had purchased, I mean all of them, would have been cheaper (overall by hundreds of dollars) had we purchased them directly from the companies we were dealing with. More phone calls, more time with customer service in India and more money wasted. A lot of money, I will give you one example, but there are many. Travelocity sold us tickets to Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo hotel. When we arrived for the show, we were told that our Travelocity "dummy" tickets wouldn't scan in their machines so we would have to wait in line and exchange them for real tickets. Annoying, but oh well.

While in line, I discovered that the face price on our tickets was SIGNIFICANTLY higher than what the hotel was charging for them. I mean, $75 apiece higher! When I asked about this at the counter, the agent explained that Travelocity buys large blocks of tickets to their shows and then can charge whatever they want for them. They are basically ticket scalpers. Mind you, this event was not the return of The Beatles, it was an ordinary performance of BMG that happens every night.

There were good tickets available at the box office right up to the time of the show. I won't bore you with the details of my lengthy conversations with customer service trying to get explanations about this because other reviewers have already covered this in detail. Let me just say that all the complaints are pretty much what I encountered as well. I wasted huge amounts of time and money because I used Travelocity. All I can say is that if you book your vacation with them after reading these reviews, you are dumber than I am, and believe me, I feel pretty damn stupid right now.

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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Please, read this story and share. It is not an extraordinary story, but we lost some money because of Travelocity.

We are family of 3 and recently decided to go on vacation. Our son will have a couple of days off school in October. So, why not? My wife and my son had a credit, circa $450.00 each for unused flight with Travelocity. We thought that would be a perfect way to use the credit. So, I called (if you want to use a credit, you have to call, nothing can be done online). "No problem" - I heard in the phone. But, I was told Travelocity will have to split our reservation into 2 bookings. One group is me with full price, and then my wife and son is the credit group.

"Ok," I said. "But I am buying package for 3 persons?" I asked. Sure. The package was combination of flight and a hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have never been there. So, excitement was high. They (Travelocity) took my credit card # and all info. Is this all? Yes, it is. Soon, I received a confirmation but only for one ticket w/hotel - for me only. After maybe one hour, I checked my credit card statement online. Travelocity charged me extremely high price for this ticket - around $200.00 more than the package was advertised.

I called again. A different person answered (she was in Venezuela as turned out). I told her my story, then was put on hold for an hour, then transferred and disconnected. I called again and again with the same result. Then I started sending emails to Travelocity Customer Service and tried to call again and again. Nothing. I was going to vacation myself and staying in hotel room myself. Six hours passed. It was Saturday. In Sunday, I continued a mixture of calls and emails. I received several returning emails reading "expect answer within 48" or "your feedback is important for us."

Then I called my credit card. I wanted to know whether I can dispute this charge. "Yes, you can," they told me. They have heard similar stories. I have 3 days from posting the charge to dispute it. Sunday evening, I got suggestion (via email) from Travelocity Customer Service to go to United and buy 2 tickets for my wife and son. Being in desperation, I did this. But my wife and my son do not have hotel. Only I do. And for Travelocity, I am traveling alone - this is why they charged me $200.00 more for ticket and hotel. As a single person, I am in different bracket. The credit we had with Travelocity? $900.00? It is gone.

The vacation package if bought without any credit would have cost us around $1,500, with credit so far almost 1,300 but my wife and son do not have hotel. After 3 days, in Tuesday afternoon, ** from Travelocity Customer Service called me. She said that after reading all my emails, she is "perplexed and lost." She would not understand what I wanted. So is the Travelocity. But there was a reason why she called. ** wanted to know whether I was going to dispute the charge as I warned them in my emails. It was all she wanted from me.

After I told her that I will not do it because otherwise I will have to cancel my vacation, she never called me again. She fulfilled her role as a Customer Service Rep. The case is closed. This is our story. We are an ordinary family living in Chicago area. My name is **. My email is **. Please, share this story with other families as a warning. I went online and found out that there are hundreds of unhappy customers because of Travelocity. Now, I am not surprised. Share!

Wrong Room With No Compensation
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I booked a hotel room using Travelocity and when I got there, they said my room was not available. The room I booked was on the 42 (out of 47 floors) and they put me in a room on the 27th floor. The hotel told me that of course, there was a price difference in the price of the room I stayed in and the room I paid for but they said I needed to contact Travelocity for the refund. After waiting for literally 59 minutes on the phone with Travelocity (I took a picture of the call duration), they told me that they could not do anything for me.

Terrible experience and I will NEVER book through Travelocity ever again. I hope this review get published as a way to save other people from the terrible experience I went through.

Travelocity Is Horrible!!! Unethical, Corrupt and Evil Treating of Its Customers
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Horrible!!! Warning stay clear of this site!!!! Never use their service. Unethical, corrupt and A SCAM!!! Totally disgusting and evil treating of its customers. This is the worst site ever. Will never use again. I come from a large family and have informed all and friends and will continue to do so with everyone I come in contact with about this situation. I have never given any site a review but the despicable service I received from this company from the first agent to the manager on to Corporate Office.

I booked a vacation package as they call it with the flight, car rental and selected the insurance because my mother was ill in the hospital and a chance that I wouldn't make it in time. I saved a screenshot of the final "Thank you for booking with Travelocity" which showed the total amount, and printed my itinerary which showed the same total amount. I received an email which showed the same total amount. Three different items showing the same amount which as I calculated before hitting the final purchase button was the cost for the flight, rental car and insurance seems like it makes sense. Wrong!!!

My mother past before my travel arrangements so I called to cancel and guess what, Travelocity informed me I didn't purchase the insurance. Hmmm the agent said "Well the total cost adds up to it but we only show we charged you for just the flight and rental not the insurance." I spoke with several people and they said things like "Maybe you selected the insurance then deselected before you clicked to make the final purchase" or "clicked on and off the insurance several times to create the error of showing my total price equals $49.00 more than the flight and rental car."

Then I was informed later by corporate that the insurance was not selected and also informing me I encountered some errors which is why the total purchased showed $49.00 more than it should. Of course informing me again that I wasn't charged. Really Travelocity, well the charges didn't show up on my account until the day my mother past which was 3 days later. I even mentioned to the corporate person well if I would have booked this package and the total amount would have showed what it should have been of course sending up a red flag. I would have called to inquire stating I selected the insurance but it didn't process could I add now.

Well she informed me in that case I still would not have the insurance. Hmmm. With all the emotions I am going through at this time in grieving then to deal with a so called merchant that doesn't want to own up to their system error was too much to bear, of course I lost it. WHAT A SCAM!!! Steer clear, totally unscrupulous and dishonorable, and DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR MONEY.

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