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Travelocity Gift Card Is A Scam
Posted by Ju187 on 05/08/2009
Please learn from my lessons before you ever think about buying gift card from Travelocity. We bought $500 with my wife's bonus before our trip to Alaska. The bonus is no cash so we choose Travelocity gift card with the intention that we could use them to book ticket from Travelocity. The we found out that you could not use the gift card to book anything from Travelocity.com. You have to go to a special site Travelocityincentives.com. The site is like the result of project of a high school computer science class. Initially we thought we may get luck and find some good deal. The first time we used it, it was down for more than a day.

And their customer service neither could provide an estimate on when it will be resolved nor it could take order over the phone. Then we found out that it did not have nearly as many selections as Travelocity. You could find out lots of hotels with better price on Travelocity.com but not one this shabby site. Looks like it is specially design this way so no one could use his/her gift card anymore. A genius way to take customers' money.

Unless you hate your money, do not buy Travelocity gift card, period. Also spread your words about this site.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-08:
If the gift card is represented to you as for use on Travelocity.com, you should be able to use it, like cash and without limitation, on Travelocity.com. Not on some other run down unprofessional site with limited selection and markups which is nearly impossible to use due to poor coding (in fact I couldn't).

Contact your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

Voted helpful due to the obvious nature of the situation.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-05-08:
I just Googled Travelocity Gift Card and the actual name on the site is the Travelocity Hotel Gift Card. They don't claim to be able to book flights, and they explain what it is good for. In fact, the card isn't offered by Travelocity, but an affiliate as an incentive program which leads me to think that your wife's company paid a lot less than $500 for the card and they are the ones that misrepresented it.
Posted by meToo on 2012-11-22:
Yeah, just went round and round with Travelocity. The "Travelocity hotel gift card" is just on this side of a full on scam. Avoid these like the plague.
Posted by larry on 2013-02-19:
sorry you went through this, but thank you for posting about it. Saved me from getting caught in it.
Posted by Susan on 2013-07-16:
Avoid these gift cards. The price per night for a hotel on the redeeming Travelocity Incentives website is always at least $25 more than other websites in my experience, equivalent to what I paid ($50) for the half priced gift card which requires at least a 2 night stay. I saved nothing. Customer Service would not price match or low price guarantee on two separate reservations. A scam IMHO.
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Travelocity Service from an Employee
Posted by Blaize27 on 12/20/2007
After reading many of the complaints posted on this website regarding Travelocity I am astounded and appalled by the service that Travelocity's customers have received. I have worked for Travelocity for several years and I am one of those agents who would answer the phone saying, "Thank you for calling Travelocity." At any point in time, I could have been the agent answering your call to address the issues regarding your flights being changed, an illness resulting in a reschedule or cancellation of your reservation, a hotel room that is unsatisfactory, a refund request, etc. While I am primarily responsible for booking reservations, it is also my job per company policy to handle ANY type of call that I answer regardless of the situation. And, as a result, I have spent hours at a time resolving customer issues when the need has arisen.

In reviewing the complaints on this website, many of the issues could have easily been resolved without being placed on hold 45 minutes at a time, hung up on repeatedly, having the call escalated to a supervisor where nothing was done, or repeated calls back to the company with still no satisfaction. The primary issue here is not so much with Travelocity per se, but that the company like many other American companies has outsourced its customer service and many other departments to another company in India for "cost savings." While India is technically required to follow all of Travelocity's policies per our contract with them, they do not. For example, if an agent employed directly by Travelocity hangs up on a customer they are terminated immediately. However, this does not seem to be the case for those who work in India considering the amount of complaints I personally hear from our customers.

The American employees are well aware of the poor customer service India provides to our customers and that they simply make our jobs more difficult and most of us strongly disagree with the decision to outsource. I have had situations where I have had to deal with the Indian agents directly to resolve a customer issue and I am told by them "per company policy" when I know as a direct employee of Travelocity that it is not OUR company policy that they are telling me. Travelocity has made many changes over the last several years to enhance our service to our customers and they have strived to have this ingrained as part of our corporate culture. However, the achilles heal to this philosophy is the poor treatment our customers receive from a company in India protraying itself as "Travelocity."

While this website is wonderful in expressing the frustration with the company, I would urge everyone who has had a bad experience such as those posted to contact our corporate headquarters in Southlake, TX by mail rather than calling or emailing customer service since 90% of the time that goes to India. Travelocity has very high expectations on the level of service we provide to our customers but that level of service will only be received fully by our customers when our operations are brought back to the United States.
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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-12-20:
You seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I've used travelocity a few times, and never had any problems, but I consider myself lucky. Thanks for the info and your help.
Posted by CrystalSword on 2007-12-20:
blaize27, Thank you so much for that information, I used Travelocity once to help a friend get airline tickets and he seemed thrilled with the service but he didn't have any problems either. Keep up the good work!
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-12-20:
Thanks for sharing. I've used Travelocity a couple of times and never had an issue either. Hopefully if I do, you'll be the one to answer my call! :)
Posted by Doe3001 on 2007-12-20:
You wrote a very nice informative letter but I assume you have no power to change what is going on. Travelocity is doing the same as other travel sites (like EXPEDIA or Orbitz). All the complaints we read here look the same , like they have a common policy and like they follow the same procedures. Contacting the headquarters is just another way of wasting time. I did that when EXPEDIA tried to scam me read my profile by the way) and my letter was redirected to a "customer department". My experience is if you have an issue with an online travel site contact your credit card to have your money back. Whatever you do with the travel site is just a waste of time.
Posted by blaize27 on 2007-12-22:
Doe, while I am not a "titled" person and therefore cannot make changes directly since I obviously do not have that type of power, I have addressed numerous issues to our management and executive level on the behalf of the other employees and our customers. As a result, there have at least been some changes made. While you do not believe that contacting the corporate office serves any purpose, what it simply comes down to for Corporate America is simply the bottom line. If Travelocity or any other American company receives enough complaints from their customers regarding the service and/or products received due to outsourcing and those same customers refuse to use that company, the company will stand to lose more from the loss of business than they will from the labor cost savings from outsourcing. While each individual complaint may seem like nothing, thousands of complaints can represent tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue to a company. That number will get any CEO's attention since it is just a question of numbers and which number is larger. It is much more cost effective for a company to maintain a customer than to get a new one which is why most companies try to stress their customer service. The issue, again, is India, China, or any other country and American company sends its operations to.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-25:
I am also a customer service representative from a travel agency and I am afraid I would have to disagree with your statements. I'm glad you are a good agent and you do your job well.I am one of those "outsourced" agents you were mentioning. I am from the Philippines and have been an agent for 3 years. We also follow the same rule. Treat your customers badly and you're fired.Some agents get away with it because not all calls are listened to, and that's the case in ALL centers.You know that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-25:
True, some of us get complaints regarding communication problem. Customers say our accent is difficult to understand. We don't deny that.although I've never had that problem). But with regards to job knowledge and commitment to serve, we are equally as competitive. Unlike you though, I wouldn't be badmouthing other agents since we are supposed to work as a team and not passing the blame to others. All I can say is, it's not the nationality/race- it's the individual agents' ATTITUDE.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-25:
I am hurt by your accusations because like you I also make it a commitment to SERVE. I argue with hotel managers and airline agents who refuses to help, I sacrifice my one hour lunch if the issue is too complicated just so I can resolve it,I insist on getting permission to give credits from my supervisor if I feel like the customer deserves it. It's just so frustrating when people generalize.
Posted by blaize27 on 2008-01-08:
Monica, while I'm sure you personally are a good agent, the idea that those outsourced companies in the Phillipines, India, China, or anywhere else are "equally as competitive" is certainly not true - particularly when it comes to travel. Travel is a unique experience to that individual and there are very large differences lingustically and culturally between Americans and foreigners. Therefore, those in the Third World cannot understand or relate to an American mindset. For example, if a customer called you and wanted to book a trip to Disney World would you be able to relate your personal experience there? I doubt it. As a result, you cannot relate to the importance of a parent in this country taking their child to see Mickey Mouse for the first time. It is something totally American. Those in the outsourced call centers, whether it be for Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, the airlines, computer companies, credit card companies, etc. that are portraying themselves as being "American" are ONLY competitive based upon labor costs. However, in the United States there is an old saying "You get what you pay for!" And as far as working as a "team" and "badmouthing" other agents, my concern is not for you, the other agents in the Phillipines, India, or elsewhere outside the States but rather for the customer I am dealing with at that moment. So, you can be "hurt" all you like since it does not compare to the "hurt" caused by foreign agents to the American customers. If you doubt that, read any comment on here and the consistent complaints about India.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-08:
I haven't been to disneyland but EVERYBODY knows Mickeymouse and all other disney characters. Thanks to technology, we have CABLE and INTERNET to get information from-also,almost all our cartoons here are from your country.Of course we can relate!I've known him since I was a kid!

Customer service is not just about building rapport though, more importantly it is about resolving a customers issue. I don't see my caller as an American- rather, someone who needs my HELP. Every issue is URGENT and IMPORTANT, be it an "American thing" or not.

You say that your concern is the customer and not the company you work for, but I don't see how pinpointing others would help them. It would just make them think negatively of us. Well, it would help you though. You'll be the "good guy"...

If EVERYTHING I read on this website are complaints about offshore agents then I would be inclined to agree with you. However, such is not the case (not even half) so I stand by what I had first said.

Wait....uhhmmm....those complaints not pertaining to offshore reps are talking about American reps,am I correct?

Again, I say: It's all in an agents attitude towards his/her job. Race has nothing to do with it.

Posted by C West on 2013-03-21:
When I call the customer service line published by Travelocity I am speaking to Travelocity regardless of where the service center is located. I would never deal with this company again. Because of Indian cultural prejudice against women the agents in India do not serve women customers adequately. I spent 5 hours trying to straighten out a problem that was caused by Travelocity, the agent at United Airlines, who apparently can deal with women customers, straightened it out in 5 minutes. NEVER AGAIN!
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Travelocity RIPOFF! Bait and switch
Posted by Joe Cool on 01/21/2006
The only reason we used Travelocity to book a recent hotel stay was because they offered tickets to area attractions as a bonus. When we got to the hotel, there were no such tickets!!! We even spoke to a Travelocity agent before we booked, and were told specifically which attractions were included. While trying to resolve it from the hotel on the phone for AN HOUR with Travelocity, they would not take responsibility or make good on their promise. The best they would do was offer a $50 discount on a future booking...but the booking had to be for a package only, not just flight or hotel. How useless.... and why would I book through them again??? And the value of the attraction tickets were well over $100? A $50 credit? Gimme a break!

The Travelocity customer service sucks, and they operate it from India, so good luck trying to get someone that even comprehends what the issue is, forget resolving it. I dealt with a guy named Cheslyn Dysylva - in Bombay India. Useless, with a snarly attitude to boot!

The hotel made good on the attraction tickets after learning that Travelocity was going to screw us. Apparently, they have had plenty of complaints about Travelocity because they were cancelling their relationship.

I will NEVER NEVER NEVER book through Travelocity again.

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Posted by tander on 2006-01-21:
I have read alot of complaints on here about Travelocity, I use Expedia when booking flights, never have had a problem!
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-01-21:
I'm an Orbitz.com guy. Always had good luck with them.
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Travelocity Gift Cards are a joke
Posted by Everest8 on 10/19/2010
What a nice idea, a $100 gift certificate to use on hotels thru Travelocity. Come to find, you have to go thru a completely different (3rd party) website called Travelocityincentives.com. The selection is much more limited but fine, I was okay with searching a little more. We found a great deal on a 4 star hotel in Paris and were thinking we were good to go. Upon check-in, we were told that the hotel didn't have our reservation.

Turns out, even though we had a Confirmation number and email, there was somehow a mix-up at Travelocity Incentives. We were charged for the full room rate and after calling Travelocity Incentives Customer Service line, I have YET to receive a refund. It has been over 2 weeks and I have been put on hold, told to stop calling and repeatedly been told that they are working on it and to wait 3-4 business days. They are frauds and SO NOT worth the hassle.

Do your friends and family a favor, DON'T buy them a Travelocity Hotel Gift Card!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-20:
Good advice on the gift card and I'll do you one better and not use Travelocity at all.
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Cancellation With No Refund
Posted by GwenSA on 12/09/2008
I guess I have myself to blame for not knowing Travelocity's cancellation policy, but they have no human compassion. How do companies like this stay in business?

This summer I made a reservation for my mother to visit us this Christmas. A few weeks before her trip, something happened which affected her health making it impossible for her to travel. She had her doctors write reports explaining why she could not travel so I could provide them to Travelocity and get a refund for the $305 ticket charges. I called Travelocity's customer service and they said it was too bad about my mom, but there could be no refund. I had to speak with a customer service representative I could hardly understand which I do not appreciate in times like these.

He said I could receive a credit for the price of the ticket; to be used by the anniversary date that reservation was made, but that the travel would have to be by the same person whose name the original reservation was made in, on the same airline, AND there would be extra charges. Extra charges would include a $180 service fee and the difference in price between the original fare and the new fare. I had to ask the customer service representative at least 3 times to explain it to me because I couldn't understand his accent and he spoke too fast. This is customer service??? I don't think so.

Needless to say I will not ever do business with Travelocity again. It is obvious that they only care about taking people's money without any regard of the consequences. I hope they go out of business. They deserve to.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-09:
I'm sorry for your mom's illness. Did you read the terms of the ticket when you booked? As much as I dislike them, they do make it pretty plain when a ticket is non-refundable. You pay less for a non-refundable ticket, and you gamble on being able to use it. I would take the credit and be glad to get it.
Posted by Ben There on 2008-12-09:
You would have gotten the same story if you had booked through any other travel website or directly with the airline. Airlines offer heavily discounted nonrefundable tickets, and more expensive refundable fares. Sometimes they waive them if someone dies, but that is not always the case. In the future, I suggest travel insurance as many policies would have covered this situation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-09:
Ben is right. A more expensive fare with the airline would have given you the option for a refund. I hope your mom is feeling better soon.
Posted by GwenSA on 2008-12-13:
Thanks for your comments. I learned my lesson.
Posted by J Serrano on 2012-09-23:
This same sort of thing happened to me, except it was tickets to see my mother-in-law who was ill, They refused to refund, and then my mother-in-law died. They have no compassion, only care about making money, didn't record the call so only go by the agents paperwork. Its a my word against theres situation and for good customer service the should be given the benefit. I hate this company but know with such bad service they will go under.
Posted by Manura on 2013-03-17:
About the same happened to me. Don't bother buying the flight insurance. They made me jump through hoop after hoop and still did not refund one cent. The make it really frustrating so that you just give up. I'll never book through them again. Paperwork being conveniently lost...etc..
They find ways to renig on the insurance.
Posted by Mb on 2013-10-12:
Travelvelocity sucks
They have no compassion for human error
Posted by Pat Smith on 2013-11-07:
A friend of mine had a trip booked with her husband. A couple of wks before the trip, he had a heart attack and died. Travelocity will only credit for future use a ticket (or voucher) in her name and her husband's name. Obviously, the credit to her husband will not be used, it can ONLY be used for the person named on the voucher. This is terrible and surely a circumstance they should make provisions for.
Posted by Jack S on 2013-12-27:
Please do not use Travelocity. They charge you up front and you have no recourse if you have problems. Customer service is out of India, totally useless. I had a problem with the hotel I booked through them, and they were of no help. Once you pay you're screwed.
Posted by Angie on 2014-01-09:
I also had a bad experience with Travelocity too, and it's my bad that I did that read the terms and policy of ticket cancellation or change of flight. I cancelled my flight reservation. They said that I can get a credit back for the price of the ticket, and that I can use it for my next future flight with the same airline. But I have to pay an extra $240 per passenger, on top of the difference of the airfare. Is that ridiculous?! I was just so disappointed, and i feel like i was just giving them my money. I will never use this travel agency again.
Posted by andersonwalker729 on 2014-03-22:
I've had the lesson to book straightforwardly from now on every time I require flight ticket. When a 3rd party is used, it keeps disappointing you since no break of revision can be acquired. I can realize no refunds as soon as you pay money for airline tickets, but within a reasonable time frame you ought to be able to make variations to your flight. Things come up!!!! I found http://www.theholidayhotels.com suitable in order to put together adjustments within a definite length .
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Worst Customer Service I Experienced in my 53 years
Posted by Ttaylor0218 on 02/12/2013
I will never use Travelocity again! Booked a room for my son traveling from GA to FL for interview, was delayed and requested the room be changed from the night of the reservation to the next night - Travelocity was NO HELP WHAT SO EVER! Most CRS's can't understand English and when they do they are no help! We didn't ask for a refund only to change nights due to traffic in the Atlanta area! WORSE COMPANY EVER - DO NOT USE OR EXPECT TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Also will report them to the BBS.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-12:
You can report them to the BBS, but the question is, what is their policy? If you cancel a reservation, are you supposed to be able to reschedule for another date?

You might have better luck by booking directly, but these days many motels/hotels have at least 24 hour cancellation policies. I'm not sure the same thing would have happened at some of them.
Posted by Churro on 2013-02-12:
In the long run it's always best to book directly with the hotels. Anymore you'll get the best price and a flexible cancelation policy. In fact I'd say about 90% of my bookings I can cancel my reservation no charge anytime up to 4:00PM (or later) on the same day as my reservation. Eh, you live and learn.
Posted by Lynn on 2013-06-23:
I have just gone through MUCH of the same problem with them. For 3 DAYS, I went through a huge hassle to get my reservation changed because the customer service agents in India, lied, deceived me, I couldn't understand their heavy accents and gave me the runaround for 2 days! I asked for an American agent and they wouldn't even transfer me to one. I called back the next day until I finally reached someone in PA, USA. She finally resolved the reservation issue after 3 days of drama, a double charge on my credit card, lies from overseas, no promised call back from a manager, poor customer service and now I have to deal with the hotel direct anyway! I will not use Travelocity again, unless I am dumb and desperate! You are right - going through the hotel direct, would have been less hassle and a better option. They are horrible....
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Beware Of Travelocity Customer Service Its A Horror Experience
Posted by Connie.mcintyre on 03/19/2014
The worst experience of my life!!!! I booked a trip through Travelocity for a vacation to Montego Bay Jamaica for August 2nd through August 9th. I read reviews on the website that stated the hotel had roaches, granted that was in 2013 but I still did not want to stay there and called to change just the hotel portion of our trip and it would have been about a 1200 dollar difference. So, they would have been getting even more money from us, well I called and of course their customer service is ALL in India and you can't understand half of the customer service reps.

I spoke to a representative and he changed my hotel portion from the RIU Montego Bay to the Sandals resort in Montego Bay and after an hour on the phone with him holding and waiting and waiting he ran my card through and charged 1795 four times and then stated it didn't work and I'd have to call back tomorrow and try again. I said you have got to be kidding me after all that!!! So, I waited and called the next morning and started all over again and this time after 2 more customer service reps and another 2 hours and two more credit cards which they charged each of them three times 1795 & 1995 they told me it didn't work for them either so they said to call back tomorrow.

I called my Capital One credit card company and they said that was completely unacceptable and they called Travelocity with me on the phone and they had to get them to authorize and take the 6 charges off of my cards and another 2 hours and still no resolution and they said they would try again Monday being a week day and that it would be resolved so my Capital One representative called me back the next day at 6:00 pm and we called Travelocity again and after speaking to 3 more customer service reps and they charged my two cards 3 times a piece again and still could not just simply change a hotel reservation from one hotel to another and we were on the phone from 6:00 pm until 11:40 pm.

I finally got angry after 5 and a half hours on the phone and said we are done here, do not charge my account anymore money and do not change anything on my reservation, I am not going to hold and wait and go through this horror any longer. You people have now kept me on the phone for 4 days for over 9 hours total and still have not resolved a simple hotel reservation change!!!! They were unresponsive and couldn't have cared less.

I think they just kept me on hold all that time trying to get me to give up. They had no intentions of ever helping me. So I am now telling every single person I know my story and posting it everywhere to try and help as many people I can to not have to go through the horror I did with Travelocity, their terrible. Worst customer service I've ever experienced!!!! BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!
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Travelocity Mis-Representing Flights
Posted by Ooninang on 03/18/2014
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I researched flights from Las Vegas to Boston and decided that a red eye flight would work best. I entered the previous day I wanted to arrive and a time of 10pm departure. What do you get on the result list? Flights that are for 12:40 am flights. These are over 20 hours from the imputed time. By the time I realize my mistake, I couldn't cancel the flight without penalties. What website asks you what time you want and then disregards it? Travelocity that's who. Any other website would give you a reasonable window that covers the timeframe and then asks if you want to expand your search. Travelocity couldn't figure out why I was heated. Their website is useless. I called their customer service. Explained to them what happened, they put me on hold to see if they got the same results which they did, but then did not apologize and kept giving me their standard line. They didn't even acknowledge that they need to address this issue. Now I've been put on hold for a manager. Yeah right. never use their untrustworthy, crappy website ever again.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-18:
Your complaint about search engine results is valid, but as far as tickets being purchased it would be the buyer's responsibility to verify the date and times prior to purchase.
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Don't Expect Travel With Travelocity
Posted by Riotesque on 02/26/2014
My letter to Travelocity-
To whom this may concern, and judging from my experience in the last six days, that is no one:
Travelocity stole $1,839.38 and has not offered to release it back to my bank card or explain why it was taken in the first place! On Friday 02/21/14 I tried booking a vacation package using your online service for the amount of $2,151.23 I made several attempts at booking, and each time was told after trying to checkout that my departing flight was unavailable. I called and spoke with a representative over the phone, and the same package was then quoted at almost $200 more than I had found online. I then tried online again with totally NEW dates, and again, the departing flight was unavailable. I made another attempt over the phone with these new dates but this time was quoted over $300 more than what I found online. I never actually booked anything with Travelocity. I was aggravated, and gave up trying to go through them. The customer service was rude and unhelpful. I wasted almost four hours with this company between trying to book over the phone and online.

I went to a different site and found a much better deal! I tried booking them them and my CARD WAS DECLINED.
I quickly checked my bank account and found that Travelocity charged my bank card TWO SEPARATE TIMES. Once for $943.82 and then an hour later for $891.56, plus four different $1.00 charges for each time I attempted to book but their site failed. After many calls to Travelocity and our bank, we have been told by Travelocity we have to wait for our bank to process the refund, and our bank says Travelocity hasn't refunded. Travelocity states they have no record of our purchase...well that's because we never actually got to purchase ANYTHING.
So now, we cannot purchase our flight package with another company because they are holding almost the entire amount we had saved up to purchase our first family vacation. Our bank says that Travelocity has THIRTY DAYS to release our funds back to us, by that time, the prices will have increased so much I highly doubt we will be able to afford it. Travelocity has taken money from my family, without anything in return, and as of now, can't even tell us WHY they took it, or WHEN we will get it back. I've never been so upset at a business. We worked hard and saved for an entire year for this trip, and now it looks as though we have to suffer for a mistake they've made and refuse to correct. Someone explain to me how this is fair.

deposited one bogus transaction back into my account yesterday, only to have it pending AGAIN today? Seriously people what is going on? 2/26/2014 67087 TRAVELOCITY.COM 877-270-4536 WAUS Tran Date/Time: 02/21/2014 17:32:48 891.56
2/26/2014 66874 TRAVELOCITY.COM 877-270-4536 WAUS Tran Date/Time: 02/21/2014 17:32:42 1.00
2/26/2014 66767 TRAVELOCITY.COM 877-270-4536 WAUS Tran Date/Time: 02/21/2014 16:46:28 1.00
2/26/2014 42826 TRAVELOCITY.COM 877-270-4536 WAUS Tran Date/Time: 02/21/2014 16:35:24 1.00
2/26/2014 38357 TRAVELOCITY.COM 877-270-4536 WAUS Tran Date/Time: 02/21/2014 16:33:18 943.82
2/26/2014 38066 TRAVELOCITY.COM 877-270-4536 WAUS Tran Date/Time: 02/21/2014 16:33:10 1.00
ALL of these transactions originally took place on Friday 2/21/14 I didn't purchase anything with your company. NO FLIGHT, NO HOTEL, NO CAR, NO ID NUMBER, NOTHING. WHY DID YOU TAKE MY MONEY, AND WHY ARE YOU REFUSING TO RELEASE THE HOLD! How can you take an honest families savings, give nothing in return, and not even tell me why my card was charged or when it will be refunded!? I received an email from the BBB stating your company has received my complaint, and I am currently waiting on a response. This is unfair, and as far as I am concerned THEFT!! I would try to contact you myself again today, but frankly I'm SICK of being kept on hold, disconnected, lied to, and being given the run around for hours at a time.
In conclusion, in my complaint to the BBB I stated one way you can resolve this issue would be to immediately release the hold on my funds. However, that was two days ago. Now it is a total nearly six days since you company first took funds without explanation. I'm not quite sure how you can so easily correct such a horrible injustice to my family, as now we are no longer able to take our vacation as planned.
My husband, myself, and my boys, ages 5 and 2 are out of a trip we spent a year saving for. I suppose my kids are just supposed to understand why we can't go to Disneyland as promised. They blame ME for that, not Travelocity. Also, my husband has taken vacation time from his job, and cannot get that back.

Fix this, do what's right by your loyal customers. We used Travelocity to book a vacation package back in 2009, it was flawless. What a travesty to have such a good experience ruined by such a horrible one. I will never use your service again. I will also make it a mission to inform as many people as I can about your company bad practices. I will make sure that NO one I care for takes a chance at being robbed of not only their money, but precious and cherished vacations with their children. Your company is rotten to the core, and you've hurt my family and I greatly.
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-02-27:
Sadly, holds can last 3-7 days. If nothing by day 7, then not sure what you can do. I had a similiar problem with kohls.com, it was declined but the funds went through 3 times.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-02-27:
I suggest going to a branch of your bank, they should be able to chargeback the funds.
Posted by Paul on 2014-02-27:
Travelocity did not "steal" anything from you, or commit "THEFT". Those are allegations that show you do not understand bank holds.

Your bank told you "Our bank says that Travelocity has THIRTY DAYS to release our funds back to us,"

I had to wait 9 days once to have $2000 refunded to a credit card. By using a credit card, and staying far under my limit, an event such as this would not affect me - by the time the statement is issued, the charge will be reversed, and in the meantime I can make an alternate purchase.
Posted by yoke on 2014-03-01:
Scary that big companies have the power to hold your money hostage and not give you anything in return. There is NO reason why it should take 7 days to get any kind of refund when the same places can take the money out of your account within seconds.
Posted by jai.hye on 2014-03-02:
It is beyond disgusting that a company can get away with such, and they wonder why folk are over the edge these days....stop wondering since you are a big part of the problem with your incompetence, unethical practices and greed.
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Travelocity Is Horrible!!! Unethical, Corrupt and Evil Treating of Its Customers
Posted by Sbullock99 on 02/20/2014
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Horrible!!! Warning stay clear of this site!!!! Never use their service. Unethical, corrupt and A SCAM!!! Totally disgusting and evil treating of its customers. This is the worst site ever. Will never use again I come from a large family and have informed all and friends and will continue to do so with everyone I come in contact with about this situation. I have never given any site a review but the despicable service I received from this company from the first agent to the manager on to Corporate Office. I booked a vacation package as they call it with the flight, car rental and selected the insurance because my mother was ill in the hospital and a chance that I wouldn't make it in time. I saved a screen shot of the final Thank you for booking with Travelocity which showed the total amount, and printed my itinerary which showed the same total amount. I received an email which showed the same total amount. Three different items showing the same amount which as I calculated before hitting the final purchase button was the cost for the flight, rental car and insurance seems like it makes sense. Wrong!!! My mother past before my travel arrangements so I called to cancel and guess what Travelocity informed me I didn't purchase the insurance. Hmmm the agent said well the total cost adds up to it but we only show we charged you for just the flight and rental not the insurance. I spoke with several people and they said things like maybe you selected the insurance then deselected before you clicked to make the final purchase or clicked on and off the insurance several times to create the error of showing my total price equals $49.00 more than the flight and rental car. Then I was informed later by corporate that the insurance was not selected and also informing me I encountered some errors which is why the total purchased showed $49.00 more than it should. Of course informing me again that I wasn't charged. Really Travelocity, well the charges didn't show up on my account until the day my mother past which was 3 days later. I even mentioned to the Corporate person well if I would have booked this package and the total amount would have showed what it should have been of course sending up a red flag. I would have called to inquire stating I selected the insurance but it didn't process could I add now. Well she informed me in that case I still would not have the insurance. Hmmm With all the emotions I am going through at this time in grieving then to deal with a so called merchant that doesn't want to own up to their system error was too much to bear of course I lost it. WHAT A SCAM!!! Steer clear, totally unscrupulous and dishonorable, and DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR MONEY.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-02-22:
Did anything that you printed show that you purchased insurance?
Posted by Travelocity Executive Resolutions on 2014-02-24:
We apologize for any inconveniences you have experienced with your reservation. We invite you to contact our Executive Resolutions Department to further discuss your reservation. Please provide us with your Travelocity Trip ID or Itinerary Number.

Executive Resolution Coordinator

Travelocity - Executive Offices
11603 Crosswinds Way, Suite 125
San Antonio, TX 78233
ph. 570-706-2528 |fax. 210-247-9489
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