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Never Again!!!
Posted by Doclette on 07/06/2005
CALIFORNIA -- I will never use Travelocity again!!!

Here's my nightmare: I booked two tickets from Detroit to Cancun for my parents using Travelocity. I got a confirmation email indicating that the tickets had been booked. Based on that, I booked my tickets to Cancun and everyone's hotel stay and activities using Orbitz and some other online services. Once everything was booked, Travelocity called me to inform me that my parent's tickets had not actually been booked. Later on I found out that Spirit airline had increased the fare and so Travelocity did not want to pay the increased rate, although I had locked the lower rate with Travelocity. Basically they would not honor my locked rate, and said THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FARES ON THEIR WEBSITE, EVEN AFTER YOU GET A CONFIRMATION!!!

After speaking to their RUDE RUDE RUDE customer service people for about 3 hours, out of which I was put on hold for about 1.5 hours, they finally decided to honor the rate I had locked. However, they had charged my credit card the increased rate ($1600 instead of $800).

It took them 2 months, and numerous calls from me to finally refund the excess charge. Each phone call lasted about 1 hour!!

Then finally on the day before the travel, my parents called Spirit airlines to confirm the tickets, and Spirit airlines informed then that although the reservation did exist, TRAVELOCITY HAD NOT PAID THEM YET. My card was charged 2 months ago!!!
My parents had to basically book different tickets through the airline directly and now Travelocity owes me all my money back, because basically we were not able to use their bookings!!!

The way I see it, they charged my credit card and took my money, but never paid the money to Spirit airlines so that we could actually fly. That's fraud. I am still waiting for my money!

I will never use Travelocity again. The customer service people are the rudest people in the world. They will lie to you, will cut you off, will hang up on you, will mock you!!

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Posted by cycolbur on 2005-07-07:
contact your credit card company and tell them what happened may be they will help.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-07:
I am surpised, that you were able to contact them. I was stuck in an airport at one point and I was trying to contact Travelocity, I simply could not reach a human being. Ended up having to rebook on another flight.
Posted by brunno on 2006-03-14:
#1 you are not charge by online companies such as travelocity for airline tickets, you are charged by the airline. the online companies are just a middle source, they pull all flights from the airlines, so as far as any connecting error these are not the online companies faults. #2 when you are getting yelled at by customers as i suppose they were yelling at the spirit agent, do you think they will amit it is there fault??? of course not, what a thought, passengers did not book on our website, even thought we (spirit) charged there credit card, printed their tickets, lets blame travelocity who made a whoopping 5.00 book fee only on this reservation. i know passangers get upset then write things without thinking, but you can not blame online booking companies for the airlines problems. they really don't even have to fight for your refund, these online companies are showing customer service by trying to get airlines your money back. so next thime think about all people invovled before blaming one company.
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Don't Use Travelocity for Airline Tickets - Go Direct to the Airline!
Posted by Marthasimmons on 02/27/2013
NEW YORK -- I don't think I could outline everything that went wrong with my most recent booking with Travelocity. I have been a customer for more than 10 years, and have always been more than satisfied. I guess that's why I was so shocked by how poorly my last experience was handled.

So here's my warning - don't ever book airline only reservations with Travelocity.....you will do better going direct with the airline, there's no reason to go through a third party like Travelocity.

And the low quality of their customer service is beyond belief. Believe me, I've talked to 15 people, and they were all horrible!!
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-02-27:
Absolutely correct. The best use of these sites is to find the best connections and then go to the airlines and book it. What people forget is that Travelocity is an outside agent to the airlines, so that any problem has to be handled through them, not directly through the airlines.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-27:
I agree with the statement that people should book directly, but I don't understand your complaint. You have "always been more than satisfied" as a customer for 10 years.

What happened that in one fell swoop changed your mind? It doesn't surprise me that using Travelocity may be like Russian Roulette, but details would be helpful.
Posted by Travelocity on 2013-03-01:
Please email us at mediacustomercare@travelocity.com with your Trip ID so that we can look into your case. We would like to see what went wrong.
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I'll Never Book With Travelocity Again!
Posted by Disgruntled_tourist on 02/08/2009
TORONTO, CANADA -- Hi fellow travelers! I am writing from Toronto, Canada. Sorry about the long review, but it was necessary, in order to illustrate how INCOMPETENT, UNHELPFUL and probably even DISHONEST Travelocity customer service agents are. I booked two round-trip tickets with Travelocity.ca for my wife and son on Dec 30, 2008. Nothing fancy…no hotel bookings, no car rentals, just two simple return tickets, yet Travelocity managed to screw them up royally. The trip will only take place in July 2009, but I decided to book early. The trip is from Toronto, Canada (YYZ) to Bacolod, Philippines (BCD). The tickets were booked through Travelocity and issued by Philippine Airlines. The Toronto, Canada to Vancouver, Canada(YVR) leg of the trip is an Air Canada flight, and Philippine Airlines will take them the rest of the way. Two weeks after my booking, I received an e-mail from Travelocity, indicating that due to flight changes made by the airlines, my wife and son would no longer be able to catch one of their connecting flights, therefore I needed to call Travelocity “urgently”.

I called Travelocity and the customer service representative told me that she must change the last leg of their return flight which is from Vancouver to Toronto. Instead of Air Canada flight#100, she must re-book them on Air Canada flight #132, which leaves Vancouver two hours later than flight# 100. After half-an-hour of putting me on hold while she was supposedly contacting Air Canada, she finally told me that everything was OK and that she cancelled the booking for flight# 100 and booked them on flight# 132. The next day when I logged into my Travelocity account to check the itinerary for the trip, it still said flight#100. I called Travelocity to point out the error and they changed my itinerary to show flight#132. Two days later, when I checked my Travelocity itinerary again, it showed that my wife and son were apparently booked on both flight#100 and flight#132!

Worried, that Travelocity apparently booked my wife and son both on two separate flights and that I would eventually be charged for the two extra plane tickets from Vancouver to Toronto, I called Travelocity again to straighten things out and so they removed flight#100 from the itinerary and all was well…or so I thought! About two weeks later, I got another e-mail from Travelocity saying that due to airline schedule changes, my trip would need to be changed (again) and that I must contact them urgently. After calling Travelocity, the agent changed all three legs of the return flight and gave me the new flight numbers as well, but after I got off the phone with her, the ENTIRE RETURN FLIGHT FROM BACOLD TO TORONTO DISAPPEARED FROM THE TRAVELOCITY ITINERARY! Three more phone calls to Travelocity, each lasting from about 30 minutes to one hour (!) because of them putting me on hold for a long time while “they are contacting the airlines”, the customer service representative claiming that they could not contact Philippine Airlines because the “ticket office is closed” or “it is taking too long to get through”, they finally managed to get in touch with them and the Travelocity customer service representative reassured me that he got confirmation from Philippine Airlines indicating that my itinerary was good and that my Travelocity itinerary would be fixed up immediately and that it would accurately reflect the flights that my wife and son were booked on. Well, guess what?

I got off the phone with Travelocity, logged into my Travelocity account to check my itinerary again and two legs of the return trip was still missing. I called Travelocity again (this time, I got the same customer service representative I spoke with earlier), and he simply told me, not to worry about the Travelocity itinerary, since he already told me that he checked with Philippine Airlines and they reassured him that my itinerary was OK. He however offered no explanation as to why my Travelocity itinerary was all screwed up. He told me that it was a “complicated situation” and that a supervisor would call me back. I should mention that up until this point, I had been very friendly and patient with all the customer service representatives at Travelocity, but by now, I’ve had enough! I told him that I paid over $4200 for the two airplane tickets so Travelocity should treat me as a valuable customer and help me out, instead of giving me the runaround. I also told him that Travelocity is severely incompetent and I have absolutely no confidence in their booking if they can not straighten out a simple error in an itinerary after three days worth of phone calls!

Therefore, I told him to cancel the tickets! (This seems to have gotten his attention!) He put me on hold again for about 15 minutes and when he came back on the line, he told me that he contacted Philippine Airlines and that they were going to e-mail the trip itinerary to me directly, so I could be reassured that everything is OK. Well, I immediately received the trip itinerary from Philippine Airlines by e-mail (Thank You Philippine Airlines!) and guess what? THE PHILIPPINE AIRLINES ITINERARY SHOWS THAT MY WIFE AND SON ARE STILL BOOKED ON ALLTHE EXACT SAME FLIGHTS (INCLUDING THE AIR CANADA FLIGHT# 100 FROM VANCOUVER TO TORONTO) AS THEY WERE BOOKED ON THE ORIGINAL BOOKING DATE OF DEC 30, 2008!!! This means, that apparently, Travelocity made no changes whatsoever to my booking, except to screw up my Travelocity itinerary! Incredible! The story does not end here. Here comes the best part! I called Air Canada reservations just to make sure that the Philippine Airlines itinerary was correct. I was told by Air Canada that we were not booked on either flight# 100, nor flight# 132, BECAUSE TRAVELOCITY COULD NOT MAKE UP ITS MIND AS TO WHICH FLIGHT WE SHOULD BE ON, SO FINALLY AIR CANADA STOPPED SAVING THE SEAT FOR US! With the trip being still six months away, however, there were plenty of empty seats still on both flights, so I asked the Air Canada customer service representative to please book us on flight# 100, which he did. Thank You Air Canada!

So, there you go. Air Canada fixed in 1 two-minute phone call, what Travelocity could not fix after 3 days of phone calls. Looking at my whole trip itinerary on his system, the Air Canada agent even told me that there was enough time to catch all the connecting flights. So why did Travelocity want to change my flights on a trip still six months away? Oh yes, and Travelocity still can not explain why my Travelocity itinerary has two legs of my return trips missing. One Travelocity customer service agent told me, that it was just a “computer glitch”. One strange thing about Travelocity customer service representatives (all located in India as far as I know) is that they don’t want to help you with your problem, unless you threaten to cancel your booking. Talking to them is like talking to a robot. They give you “script-like” responses without answering your question. At times, they pretend not to understand your question. Trying to get help from them is like banging your head against a brick wall. A big part of the problem in dealing with Travelocity is that each time you call, you get a different agent so you could end up with more than one agent trying to make changes to your booking at the same time, which needless to say will lead to a lot of confusion and a lack of accountability on the agent’s part. OK, let me finish my review on a positive note. What did I learn from my experience with Travelocity and what advice can I give to my fellow travellers?

1. Never book with Travelocity again! Booking with Expedia, Cheap Tickets.com or any other on-line travel booking service for that matter, won’t solve your problem either, since judging by some of the reviews, they may be just as bad. (Although it is hard to imagine that anything can be as bad as booking with Travelocity.)

2. Instead of booking on-line, go to a “real” travel agent who is accountable to you, or if you must book on-line, book directly with the airline.

3. Do not book a trip more than 6 to 8 weeks in advance, in order to minimize the chance of airlines making changes to your scheduled flights.

4. If Travelocity screws up your itinerary, try to get them to request the airline itself to e-mail your itinerary to you directly. (Threaten to cancel your ticket if Travelocity refuses to help you with this). Once you have your itinerary from the airline, it should have your e-ticket number on it. With this e-ticket number, you can now contact the airline at anytime before your flight in order to make sure that you are booked on a specific flight or even request changes or cancellations to the booking yourself.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-02-08:
I fail to understand when you are booking international travel why you don't go to the nearest travel agent. Why trust someone on an 800# for as you see when things go wrong you have little recourse. Pay the fee and deal with someone local or call the airlines direct.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-08:
I love this review! Kudos to you for being so patient, I would have cancelled after the first phone call. You learned your lesson, though, always book direct, especially when you don't have to worry about hotels.
Posted by bart on 2013-05-21:
Just got here because it turns out they (travelocity) screwed me over as well.

They say one leg of my four flight itinerary does no longer hold a reservation with the airline
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Poor experience with Travelocity
Posted by Kpisa on 07/29/2010
I'm writing because I've had such a frustrating experience with Travelocity I feel I must share it to warn others about this company.

I booked a flight with them and never got any type of confirmation email. I waited several days and up until a few days before my flight, and finally had to call their customer service department to get it. I couldn't use the online option because the only search criteria was trip ID, which I did not have. I call customer service and am directed to someone in India who I finally get to understand that I don't have a trip ID and never got a confirmation email. He is finally able to understand and send me my trip information. He also tells me I should receive trip updates from now on, even though there's a banner on the email that says Travelocity doesn't have my email address so won't' send any further updates. No worries he says; I'll get them.

A day before the flight, where I normally expect to receive advance check-in notices from the airline, I've received nothing. I try to search for my trip via the website and my trip ID, and I'm advised I have no trips booked. Not wanting to deal with their customer service in India again, I resort to going to the airport and going to a kiosk to print my boarding passes and hoping for the best.

Thankfully I'm able to get my passes, but find out one of the seat assignments has been changed. I've been moved to the back of the plane, just outside the bathroom. Lovely.

A month after my flight was charged to my credit card, I open my subsequent credit card bill and see another charge from Travelocity for trip insurance to the tune of $19.95. Upon calling customer service (in India) about this charge, I find out that you are automatically enrolled in and charged for trip insurance - you must deselect it in order to avoid being charged! This, in my opinion, is a sleazy and misleading way of doing business. I did verify the email confirmation noted I was being charged, but who reads all the fine print? I've never had any type of insurance automatically added in booking any flight with any other airline, or rental car place for that matter. My fault; they took advantage of a sucker.

Calls to their customer service dept in India and US-based Customer relations department were answered, but they would not credit this charge, even given the poor experience all the way from start to finish.

I simply would advise others to be wary. The trip confirmation email problems, lack of direct check-in emails for flights, lack of trip details when searching on their site once I had my trip ID, and automatic charges for insurance unless you specifically say you don't want it were a pain in the rear for me and enough that I had to notify others. Finally hope you enjoy seats in close proximity to the bathroom no matter what you choose because that's what I got.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-07-29:
Check your junk or spam mail folders... I find that many of the emails I do want from purchases I make online get sent there, but spam makes it through.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-29:
Just deselect the insurance next time and you won't get charged. Seat assignments are requests only and can change at any time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
I think it is a pretty deceptive practive of having the insurance already selected for you. They hope most people will not see it and not notice it. Then if you need it, they will find some reason to deny it. Thats how most of those 3rd party websites work. You CAN save moeny at times through them, but if you are unsure of your plans, book directly though the airlines. You have a lit more lienency.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-29:
Always book directly with the airline.
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Bogus guarantee and travel insurance
Posted by Troll on 06/15/2009
My wife and I booked a trip through Travelocity last summer for a trip in October 2009. I purchased travel insurance as well. During our trip 2 different flights were cancelled, each resulting in an overnight stay in hotels (not free!) and one resulted in an additional day of rental car for a total of $200.81 extra we hadn't counted on. We worked with Travelocity during this time to get new flights booked which was an okay process, not great. During that process they told me to contact Travelocity Customer Service (fraudulent name there)once travel is complete to file and incident to get reimbursed. I did that immediately after getting back home. Every month since then I've called and emailed to get status and the only answer I get is "we're waiting on the airline to respond". What about the travel insurance I bought??? "We're waiting on the airline to respond". B**S***!!!!! I told them to pay ME now and YOU wait for the airline to reimburse YOU! It's been almost 7 MONTHS now and STILL no resolution. DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY!!! I'm finished using any online travel company because they are promise the same service. But if Travelocity can't honor their guarantee or my travel insurance then I wouldn't expect any other companies to do so either. One bad apple DID spoil the whole bunch!
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-15:
Consider this a lesson learned. I always book with airlines, rental car agencies, and hotels directly. There seems to be a lot less hassle in the long run.
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Will Never Do Business With Travelocity Again
Posted by Loric1154 on 01/03/2014
I booked a flight on Travelocity and never received a confirmation, so I called to requested a copy of my reservation. After being on hold for 2 hours and being transferred to 5 different people, they could not find it and I was disconnected after asking for a supervisor. I called back a again and asked to speak to a supervisor. They transferred me and I was on hold for 25 minutes and then they hung up on me. I called back and the exact same thing happened again. By this time, I was so pissed I could hardly see straight. I called my credit card company to see if the charges went through, and they did. I called Travelocity back and and after another 49 minutes on hold, I got someone who was able to find my reservation. Needless to say, I canceled it and booked through Expedia instead. I started my reservation at 5:00 pm and did not get everything handled until 10:30 that night. Horrible experience. Will never use them again.
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Travelocity Has The Worst Customer Service Department
Posted by Dk1481 on 11/11/2013
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I made a mistake on booking an airline ticket with Travelocity and immediately caught it and contacted their Customer Service Department. The airline travel agent told me "no problem, we'll cancel that one out and issue you a new travel id itinerary." One month later, no one will correct this, they double charged my credit card for "an extra round trip ticket, and they flat out lie that someone will contact me back." I'm on my 10th call to them, on hold now for 1 hour, and no one wants to handle this. Thanks to this experience, I WILL NOW ONLY BOOK DIRECTLY WITH AN AIRLINE AND WILL NEVER EVER AGAIN USE A MIDDLEMAN! Trust me, this company is BY FAR THE WORST TO DEAL with if/when there is a problem for them to admit and take responsibility! They only want your money and want you to call the airline directly whom of course, will tell you to contact "TRAVELOCITY" since they booked it in the first place! Go anywhere but here folks!
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Extremely Poor Customer Service
Posted by Darlene.hill8781 on 08/04/2013
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- We booked our flight 3 months prior to our vacation. Since booking our flight, Travelocity emailed us 3 times on changes on our flight with United Airlines.

On the morning of our departure, while at the ticket counter, we are told by the airlines we are being charged a fee of $160. per person for changing our flight arrangements. We informed the ticket agent our tickets were purchased with Travelocity & Travelocity had emailed us on flight changes.

We immediately called Travelocity while standing at the counter and was informed by Travelocity that it was the airlines that made changes, therefore, we need to deal with the airlines.

Since we were running short on time and to avoid missing our flight, we paid the $320.00 and decided we would deal with the situation when we return from vacation. It's been over a month and Travelocity doesn't dispute changes were made to our flights but instead they are having us deal with the airlines to try to get our refund.

We are VERY DISAPPOINTED and will NEVER recommend nor use Travelocity again. Sometimes it's better to pay a little more for a travel agent then to deal with this type of situation.

It's been so frustrating speaking with a service representative at Travelocity because of the language barrier. We had a difficult time understanding and communicating with the representative.

I truly hope Travelocity reads all the reviews and take action.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-05:
The money that you are trying to get refunded was given to the airline. How is Travelocity supposed to get it for you. Schedule changes are done by the airline, not the travel agency.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-06:
There is a consumer advocate that specializes in helping consumers in this type of situation, his website is: http://elliott.org
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Travelocity does NOT honor their own cancellation credit rules
Posted by Kristin875 on 05/08/2013
CALIFORNIA -- I had to cancel (or rather postpone) a flight I'd booked in April 2012 for a flight scheduled to depart May 2012. Per the emailed restrictions, I made note to rebook within the year, ie: prior to the date I booked the flight. Well, when I went to rebook , I was told the credit had "expired" as I had to FLY by the date the flight was booked, not just rebook as the restrictions sent to me at the time of cancellation had stated. The wording in the email provided was unclear and incomplete at best, intentionally misleading at worst. Here's an excerpt:

"Carriers either require you to rebook before your original departure date or may allow 1 year from the date tickets were originally issued."

As I read it, the wording states that carriers may require the customer to REBOOK not FLY within the one year from the date tickets were originally issued. Flight was scheduled to depart in May 2012 with the ticket booked/issued in April 2012 so one would assume that re-booking within the year of the date that the tickets were originally issued would mean prior to April 2013. It does not state anywhere that one would need to fly by April 2013.

I also spoke with a Travelocity representative at the time of cancellation and no additional info was provided other than what I emailed to myself immediately following the conversation with the Travelocity representative so that I made note of those additional restrictions: ie: the $130 change fee, that rebooking had to happen through Travelocity, that it had to be booked over the phone not online, and that the flight had to be with the same carrier with the same person travelling. All reasonable and understood. However, neither the email sent nor the Travelocity representative that I spoke with that day made any mention that when I rebooked I would have to fly by or before the year anniversary of the date the ticket was issued, only that the ticket needed to be rebooked by that date.

As many have done before me, I got on the phone with a Travelocity representative - today he was going by the name of "Dave" a supervisor from a call center abroad who unfortunately was of no help whatsoever, instead simply resorted to repeating whatever "policy" that was placed in front of him which of course did not address the poorly worded restrictions noted in the email sent to me by Travelocity ie: the "policy" that he kept repeating was information NOT included in the email restrictions sent to me at the time of cancellation so how is a customer to know about these 'new' restrictions until they attempt to rebook their flight? Wholly frustrating and unacceptable as I was simply trying - as it was explained to me both over the phone and in writing at the time of cancellation - to use the credit to book another flight with the same airlines within the year deadline.

Attempting to address this directly with Travelocity was a complete waste of time so I am now trying to find a solution via the credit card company as one would assume they have more influence than a lone customer. Needless to say, I will NOT be using Travelocity ever again unless this formal dispute via the credit card company is resolved to my satisfaction.

Until then - I give you fair warning - AVOID TRAVELOCITY at all costs!!! I lost over $700 and far too much time and aggravation for the few dollars I may (or may not) have saved going thru them.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 05/09/2013:
Hi! We’re sorry for the problems you’ve experienced and want to help. Please send an email with your Trip ID to mediacustomercare@travelocity.com.
Regards, Lawra A, Travelocity
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-05-08:
You will not win the dispute as they will produce the contract of carriage showing that tickets are valid for one year from issue date. Your method would attempt to prolong the ticket's validity beyond the one year.
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Travelocity Scamming Customers
Posted by Kylec on 01/25/2013
TEXAS, TENNESSEE -- I had purchased tickets with this company last year September for my flight in December. After purchasing my tickets I had found out that the king fisher airlines flights have been grounded. I called Travelocity they advised me that the flight is confirmed. The next day a consultant called me and said that they will be requesting a refund of my ticket as the flights have been cancelled, 2 days later I get another call saying my flight has been confirmed. I then called almost everyday to find out what was going on. In December I decided to call the airline they advised that all the flights have been cancelled and Travelocity needs to request a refund, I then called Travelocity and they then said they have requested a refund, up to now I still have not received a refund. I have called them they said they have made the refund but can't provide me any proof saying I need to go to my bank. My bank tried calling them but they saying they cannot assist, they email me today and say they can't refund me. I mean I don't understand why is it so hard to refund money back to a customer, and why are they selling tickets of an airline that no longer exist. Travelocity just wants money from a customer
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-25:
When you are between a company and a bank and requesting proof, it is always a difficult situation. Been there, done that. It can work, but it takes your footwork and time (even though it is the fault of others), and a lot of patience.

Your situation may have been better by not using a middle man. Based on complaints, I would ever consider using this company or Priceline or Orbitz or etc.
Posted by Marissa H on 2013-01-29:
Hi. We’re sorry for the problems you’ve experienced and want to help. Please send an email with your Trip ID to mediacustomercare@travelocity.com.
Regards, Marissa H, Travelocity
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