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Be Wary Of Using 3rd Party Sites To Book Hotels
Posted by NickNS on 04/13/2010
There was a mix up with a hotel reservation date in February (2 months ago) that was a simple fix. I booked a hotel. I got there and they didn't have my reservation. I called Travelocity, waited on hold for 50 minutes without speaking to a representative, only to hear the message "due to bad weather, wait times are significantly extended". So I hung up and dealt with the Hotel Manager. We agreed that I would stay the night at the hotel using my Credit Card, call Travelocity tomorrow and work it out. We did that, I called Travelocity who told me that they would directly refund the charge back to my CC. I waited a few weeks, nothing. So I called them, they said that there was no refund started, but assured me that they would do it now and I would have the money within 7 - 10 business days. 3 weeks later I call back and they say that they see the refund, it shouldn't be too long before I have the money. 2 weeks later I call, they say that I need to send in the receipt proving that I paid the hotel as well as Travelocity.

I email it to them 3 times, every time they said they didn't get the attached CC statement. On both the second and third e-mail I CC'd my work email and the attachment worked fine for me. Regardless, I then got an e-mail stating that it had been received, attached to my file and sent to finalize the refund, but that I needed to call in again so they could call the hotel to confirm everything for some reason. I called in. The first person with whom I spoke informed me that there was no refund and that I never e-mailed them. I hung up and called back. I was placed on hold for about 5 minutes, and then asked to explain why I was getting a refund, since they don't normally do that. After explaining it about 3 times, he says "let me check on it". He comes back and says that the refund is going through, but it's only for $119 (the hotel was $280). He said that he didn't know why it was only refunding a partial amount and I was told to call back when someone was in to look at it.

When I hung up with him I called by Credit Card company, since I had read that I only have 75 days to file a dispute. I initiated a dispute with them and provided all my info and e-mailed Travelocity informing them that in 30 days, the bank will retrieve the money if the refund isn't finalized. I will never deal with Travelocity again. Saving $30 on the reservation was ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. I am very thankful for my credit card company, since without them, I am doubtful I would ever see the money.

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Posted by ponderstibbons on 2010-05-04:
Try contacting travel industry ombudsman Chris Elliott (http://www.elliott.org/). Often big companies like Travelocity will back down when faced with public exposure on Chris' travel blog.
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I Got Nooked....Never Again!
Posted by V_blakley on 02/02/2014
SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- I purchased a vacation package on Travelocity and paid for the cancellation insurance (which was extra) offered by Travelocity for additional costs at the time of purchase. A week later, I had to cancel. I telephoned Travelocity to make the cancellation and the agent stated that because I purchased the insurance, I would be refunded 100% of my hotel costs and that, as the conditions stated, they will not give me a refund for the airfare portion of my trip due to the fact that the tickets were non-refundable but changeable which the airline (United) charges a $200 change fee which will be credited to me by Travelocity since I paid for the cancellation insurance which allowed me to make a one- time cancellation for any reason at no charge. She also stated that I could, however, reuse the ticket towards the airfare portion should I book another vacation package with Travelocity and apply the airfare credit towards the airline portion of the package as long as I fly the same airline that the credit was issued on and that I use the credit within one year. Well, I decided to reuse the ticket and book another package. Now Travelocity tells me that I cannot use the ticket towards another “package” even though I'm flying the same airline, and that I have to book the airline "separate" from the hotel. In other words, it cannot be used when purchasing a hotel and airfare package. By booking the airfare and hotel separately, my additional costs would be over $200! For example, my cost of the air with the package was $485 and booked separately was $691. There airfares are for sure “padded” when you book separately. What rip off artist!! So, now I'm stuck with a United Airlines credit that I can only use through Travelocity (I cannot go directly to the airline) and will have to pay an inflated price when I book an airfare (and oh, by the way, they said that they still have to charge your card for the $200 fee and that I personally will have to go and fight with the insurance company to get my cash back). This was a lesson learned and I will never use Travelocity again! With all of the complaints filed against them (unanswered) exactly who are they paying off to stay in business?? This was a lesson learned and I will never use Travelocity again! With all of the complaints filed against them (unanswered) exactly who are they paying off to stay in business?? Why must consumers continue to suffer due to sharks like this! I will post this on every social media site, every complaint site, warn every man, woman and child to stay away from this company!
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-02-05:
No insurance lets you cancel "for whatever reason." Read the policy you agreed to.
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Posted by Mikejrealestate on 08/11/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I booked a room for two people.. They gave us one bed. I asked for help by a supervisor. She informed me that she would handle the situation and that she needed to fax over something to the Hotel. She called me back and said everything was ok, after 3 hours of sitting in the lobby. I went to the front desk and they informed me they never spoke to anyone from Travelocity. I called them back and spoke to another supervisor and they told me if I wanted a double bed I could make another reservation with them for a room with a double bed. I had just paid $450 for 2 nights.
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Posted by call the hotel directly! on 2013-08-11:
I have worked in the hotel business for 15 years. The problems we deal with the most is from people that use online travel services to make their hotel reservations. The biggest issue we have is people book a room for 2 people, but they do not specify that they need 2 beds. The hotel I work for does not offer rooms with 2 beds online, we only list rooms with 1 king bed. to make sure you get the room type you want and need it is best to call the hotel directly and speak with a live person. Don't call the 800 number listed on the hotel website, this is a line that goes to a central reservations system. The person answering your call has no clue about the hotel you are trying to book at. Call the local hotel number and speak with someone that actually works where you stay. Be nice and calm, and ask if they have a room with 2 beds available, then ask if they have any special deals, discounts or packages. AAA/AARP membership is good for 10% off the rate, just remember to bring your AAA/AARP card with you so the clerk can take the membership number from it. I have lots more tips on how to reserve hotel rooms, and what to do if your room is not the room you wanted/is not cleaned properly/does not meet your needs. I could write a book about this stuff, and maybe someday i will!
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-12:
call the hotel directly, You posted the best information so far in my opinion on these online travel sites.
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Billing Scams and More
Posted by Servantofhis on 08/09/2013
I went to book my hotel and this is what happened:

1. The weekend was incorrect when I went to make final purchase.

2. After I put in my account info, I hit the back button to fix the date and it processed my payment without my consent. I only knew that it processed after I got an email confirmation...however.

3. The email address was wrong, praise God it still came through, probably because it was a business email.

4. I had to speak to 3 people before anyone was willing to fix it. I was speaking with them on a Friday, finally the hotel dropped the room reservation and she said my account would be credited 12-24 hours later. My account was never billed that day. But, on Friday my account was billed 2 times for the same amount, not credited.... but money was taken out. When I called back they stated it would be 24-48 hrs for the money both charges to be put back.... One was a hold charge and the other was the actual charge for the room which doesn't make sense... if I am paying for a room right out why should I be charged a hold fee.

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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-08-09:
Any websites I've ever used to buy anything, even when paying bills online...there is always a warning that once you hit 'enter'...DO NOT use the back button because it will/may cause a double charge. I'm surprised if Travelocity doesn't have that warning, since it's obvious the back button WILL cause a double billing.
Posted by PassingBy on 2013-08-10:
Another word of advice: Never use a debit card for any online purchase. The funds are immediately withdrawn from your bank account. With a credit card you have more protection and dispute rights.
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Hotel Refused to Cancel and They Wouldn't Fix Their Mistake!
Posted by Afrolova89 on 07/29/2013
I called Travelocity to book a hotel. I almost hung up on the guy at first because I couldn't understand him. I asked him to book a room in Mendocino, CA and I told him about the hotel I saw on the website and gave him the address. He told me it was located in that city. (Also, he spoke way too fast when it came to telling me the cancellation policy, and I could not understand him at all.)

When we got to Mendocino, I looked up the address on my GPS and it told me that the hotel was actually located 2 hours away from where we were in a city called Ukiah. I called to cancel the reservation because we did not want to drive another two hours in the opposite direction from which we came. A Travelocity agent called the hotel but the hotel said their manager "was not in" and so they couldn't cancel the reservation and for me to call back an hour later.

I called later and they said that because I called after a certain time, they couldn't cancel the reservation, even though I called in earlier. Then I filed a complaint with Travelocity that their agent messed up and told me the hotel was located in the wrong city. They said they would get back to me within 48 hours after they listened to the call. They got back to me 3 days later and said it was not their fault. All the agents I spoke to (including a supervisor) had heavy accents and I couldn't really understand any of them, and they didn't even listen to what the problem was and refused to fix it. Never again will I use Travelocity!!! And I recommend that you don't either!
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-29:
You mentioned that you gave him the information on the hotel, including the address.
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Worst Customer Service Ever! Never Use Travelocity!
Posted by Abarby03 on 07/13/2013
I have just returned from one of THE worst stays at a hotel ever after having booked it on the Travelocity website. I chose a "top-secret hotel 3 star hotel in the Disney/Celebration area" for $44.43 p/ night and a listed "resort fee" of $8.00 total for our two night stay. Once my husband and I left the Disney World theme parks at midnight on July 4th we drove about a good 10 miles away from the "Disney/celebration area" where our hotel was supposed to be at and ended up about 5 blocks away from Universal Studios Orlando, which is in another area completely different than the one advertised for our hotel. My husband and I arrived at the hotel at about 12:30am. and the outside appeared to be clean, little did we know what was in store once we went inside.

The lobby was small and the clerk quickly checked us into our room (#102) it was probably a room the size of 10 x 10 ft and it smelled horrible, some kind of mix between must, mold and sweat. I walked into the bathroom and immediately got on the phone with Travelocity customer service to ask if we could get another hotel, this one was dirty, not at all up to the 3 star standards of any website! The person who answered my call placed me on hold and told me to go to the front desk to speak to the clerk to resolve my issue. She was not helpful or sympathetic with me at all!

We went to the front desk and were offered to either return our money (at 1am on a holiday weekend there were not other vacancies in town!) or try out another room in the hotel. We opted for trying out another room and it was bigger than the first, only because it was a handicap accessible room. I will try to be brief, however, there are so many things I could complain about. I am also attaching pictures of the horrible condition of the hotel room starting from the busted open air conditioner vent, the cracked wall plates, mangled electrical cables coming out of an electrical box right next to the bed, the 3 small pillows for the king sized bed, the moldy plastic casing where the emergency evacuation sign should be posted (by law), the rusted shower drain with plug unscrewed, the stained yellowed tub chair for handicap guests, the dust on top of the television, moldy dirty dust balls in bathroom respirator fan plate, stains on the carpet most visible in front of the mini-fridge and the urine stains around the toilet base. All of these pictures were taken by me upon entering the room.

Additionally, in the morning when we left the room, I had placed the do not disturb sign on the door and the maid took it upon herself to walk into our room and disregard the sign! As for the "resort fee" the Travelocity site advised of an $8.00 fee for our 2 night stay and the clerk informed us it was $4.50 + tax p/night! The only amenity available at the hotel was a small murky, dirty pool that you couldn't even seen the bottom of it on the 3 ft deep side on a sunny day! The pool is smaller than the pool in my own home! Lastly, if things weren't bad enough already, we were awakened at 9am on the dot on Friday by a loud weed blower motor roaring right outside our door and blowing gas smoke into our room! This is THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER BOOKING ON TRAVELOCITY! I am very unhappy with this and hope to hear from someone in regards to this trip! I hope no other guest has to spend a night at that place, especially not under the false pretense of it being a 3 star resort style hotel!

And...I sent them the above email with supporting pics of the disgusting hotel 6 days ago and haven't heard anything from them! They obviously don't care about their customers!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-13:
This is a classic kind of complaint with these third party sites. I wouldn't use any of them.

The minute you allow a third party between you and the provider, you are surrendering your negotiating power when problems arise. Hotel management is right there, Travelocity is in Botswana or Iceland or India.
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Ridiculous Hotel Cancelation Policy
Posted by Mcliffordwa on 06/28/2013
I made a hotel reservation with Travelocity (first time). Then I needed to cancel the reservation. I cancelled on-line within 24 hours of the check-in. Travelocity said I would be refunded $0 and there were "terms in the reservation" I called the Hotel and they said to contact Travelocity Customer Service since 24 hour cancellations was their policy... I called and got an Indian Call Center that said they couldn't do anything, but gave me an email address... It has been 6 days and I haven't heard anything... NEVER WILL USE TRAVELOCITY.
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Posted by Bee on 2013-06-29:
What were the terms and conditions for the price on your hotel room? Was it a non-refundable booking? Hotels and companies like travelocity often have deals on "book early and save" but they are non refundable/no changes. That is why the deal is as good as it is.

As for contacting the hotel - the hotel's cancellation policy doesn't enter into the equation. You booked through Travelocity and therefore are bound by Travelocities terms and policies. If it states non-refundable, then you are out of luck. Travelocity provides 2 different options - there is the "free and flexible" rate or the non-refundable rate which gives a discount of an additional 15% BUT as it states, it is NON REFUNDABLE.

Always check what you are booking and be aware of the terms and conditions before you commit.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-29:
It is in the terms of the reservation. Didn't you read it? It doesn't matter what the hotel's policy is, you chose to subject yourself to Travelocity's policy.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-06-29:
The dollars you would have saved are minor compared to what you have lost. Deal directly with Hotels and Airlines. Often, you can get the same deal without the hazards
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No Guarantee
Posted by Snewton15 on 06/15/2013
Do not pre pay for a hotel through Travelocity. They say they have a guarantee, but they don't do anything if your accommodations are not acceptable.

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Screwed by Travelocity
Posted by Mjkarl2 on 06/05/2013
I was using Travelocity to piece together a family trip to New Mexico. I needed to book a stay for one night in Taos and pulled up a deal for a motel there. When I submitted the reservation on the Travelocity website an error screen popped up which told me that the reservation had not been completed and that I needed to retry. So, I followed the instructions from the website and re-submitted the reservation. Little did I know that a confirmation e-mail had been sent to me informing me that the original reservation had indeed been completed in spite of what the website had told me. This resulted in me double booking a non-refundable reservation for that night in Taos.

When I checked my e-mail a little while later I discovered the two confirmation e-mails and realized that the reservation had been duplicated. I immediately called Travelocity to rectify the situation and they told me that there was nothing Travelocity would do and that they'd have to get the money back from the hotel. Meanwhile, the manager at the hotel was on vacation and the desk clerk did not have the authority to refund the duplicated reservation. I called repeatedly over the next week and a half to have this done, but the manager was never reached and I ended up having to pay for two rooms.

The issue that I had with the website was investigated by Travelocity, but they said that since a confirmation e-mail was sent to me that I should have known to not believe their website and to have checked my e-mail prior to re-submitting. I saw the receipt for what the hotel billed to Travelocity and they made a profit of $22/night/room for the reservation. They refused to even refund the profit that they had for their website having screwed me over.

In addition to this, the next hotel we stayed at (also booked through Travelocity), didn't have our reservation and I had to spend an hour working with the desk clerk and customer service to get this fixed (after a long days travel). I am done with Travelocity forever.
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Hosed on Memorial Day
Posted by Ric37235 on 05/29/2013
I used Travelocity to book a hotel room, was supposed to get a king, got two doubles, they charged me 109.00 per room, the hotel was booking them directly for 89.00. They won't even return my requests to talk to them about it.

Never again.
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Posted by Travelocity Customre Service. on 2013-05-30:
Hi. We’re sorry for the problems you’ve experienced and want to help. Please send an email with your Trip ID to mediacustomercare@travelocity.com.
Travelocity Customer Service
Posted by gofordragon on 2013-08-01:
Hahahhahhah!!! Travelocity, you're so incompetent, give it up!
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