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Be Wary Of Using 3rd Party Sites To Book Hotels
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There was a mix up with a hotel reservation date in February (2 months ago) that was a simple fix. I booked a hotel. I got there and they didn't have my reservation. I called Travelocity, waited on hold for 50 minutes without speaking to a representative, only to hear the message "due to bad weather, wait times are significantly extended". So I hung up and dealt with the Hotel Manager. We agreed that I would stay the night at the hotel using my Credit Card, call Travelocity tomorrow and work it out.

We did that. I called Travelocity who told me that they would directly refund the charge back to my CC. I waited a few weeks, nothing. So I called them. They said that there was no refund started, but assured me that they would do it now and I would have the money within 7 - 10 business days. 3 weeks later I call back and they say that they see the refund. It shouldn't be too long before I have the money. 2 weeks later I call. They say that I need to send in the receipt proving that I paid the hotel as well as Travelocity.

I email it to them 3 times, every time they said they didn't get the attached CC statement. On both the second and third e-mail I CC'd my work email and the attachment worked fine for me. Regardless, I then got an e-mail stating that it had been received, attached to my file, and sent to finalize the refund, but that I needed to call in again so they could call the hotel to confirm everything for some reason.

I called in. The first person with whom I spoke informed me that there was no refund and that I never e-mailed them. I hung up and called back. I was placed on hold for about 5 minutes, and then asked to explain why I was getting a refund, since they don't normally do that. After explaining it about 3 times, he says "let me check on it". He comes back and says that the refund is going through, but it's only for $119 (the hotel was $280). He said that he didn't know why it was only refunding a partial amount and I was told to call back when someone was in to look at it.

When I hung up with him I called by Credit Card Company, since I had read that I only have 75 days to file a dispute. I initiated a dispute with them and provided all my info and e-mailed Travelocity informing them that in 30 days, the bank will retrieve the money if the refund isn't finalized. I will never deal with Travelocity again. Saving $30 on the reservation was ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. I am very thankful for my credit card company since without them, I am doubtful I would ever see the money.

Confirmation Number -- It's Worthless
By -

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- My friends and I were on a week-long trip to Cozumel - Cancun Mexico area. We planned to be flexible and plan our itinerary as we went. I booked reservations for 1 night in Cancun using Travelocity. Upon arrival at the hotel, they didn't have my reservation in their computer and asked me to wait about 2.5 hours, saying they are often slow updating.

When I pressed the subject and showed them my "Confirmation Email", they called someone and were told my confirmed reservation was cancelled. I had no email telling me it was cancelled or how to fix it. Since I had a confirmed reservation and this was a prepaid "good deal" reservation, I didn't dare use a different travel company, for fear of being double booked.

I bought a phone card and tried to call both Travelocity's problem phone number (Outside the US 1.210.521.5871) and my credit card company's number collect. I couldn't get through with either. I emailed Travelocity via the website's "Contact Us" portal, but have yet received no response.

Thinking maybe my Visa might have denied the charge I placed a second reservation, this time for our final 3 days, on my debit card. Again, I received a confirmation email. We got the room, but an hour later, were told the reservation was cancelled and asked to leave.

After much arguing with the hotel clerk to get a similar rate, I used my debit card at an ATM, and paid cash for the reservation. QUESTIONS: WHY GIVE ME A HOTEL CONFIRMATION NUMBER IF THE RESERVATION ISN'T REALLY CONFIRMED?? (Confirmed means that the room is absolutely reserved for me, irrevocably.) If the reservation is subject to review through another department, do that before confirming. As the system now stands, YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL IS WORTHLESS. THEIR WORD IS WORTH NOTHING. Anyone who hears of this fiasco would never leave the house, having only Travelocity's confirmation email to rely upon.

THEY CONFIRMED MY RESERVATION VIA EMAIL, WHY NOT THE CANCELLATION??? They should include a live, on-line way to fix the problem?? Without official cancellation notification, I didn't dare make a reservation through other channels, as this was a prepaid reservation. In the reservation process, they asked for a contact phone number. We were traveling in Mexico. Nobody with any sense would expect a US phone number to work in a foreign country. Instead, they had confirmed the room, and they knew that we had checked in. WHY NOT SIMPLY CALL THE HOTEL?

Surely if we were trying to check into a Mexican hotel, we would be there? Unless they can assure me that your system has been changed... I will never use Travelocity again. I will recommend against Travelocity whenever possible and i will post my experience with wherever possible.

Travel Protection is a joke, prices are bait and switch and customer service.... Don't even
By -

I booked my trip for a car, hotel and plane and received a great price. I got to book it, the price jumps up $200 on the spot. Against my better judgment I selected the travel protection plan that clearly states that you can get back the full amount of your trip if you need to cancel. I go to put in my CC anyway and they process my AMEX within 7 minutes and the message I get is "Sorry, we couldn't book your car."

So I call (after a 10 minute hold) and ask what happened and they say we can't give you a car at that price and I say couldn't you give me other options rather than immediately charging my card? So after a few minutes of frustration with "customer care" I ask to speak to a manager. I finally get someone after yet another 10 min of holding and he gets the car I originally wanted, but the trip was still going to be $200 more.

I get a confirmation email and they charged me the $100 I paid for the travel protection! I call to discuss this and their system now can't find my reservation at all! I call again and the person says that the reservation is there and goes down the list of everything I bought, but that I need to call their insurance company about the travel protection.

At this point I decide to call the CEO of Travelocity. I emailed Hugh Jones (CEO) too and got a precanned email from someone stating that I'd have to take it to their insurance company because I tried to cancel the whole thing and feel I deserve my money back plus the travel protection because I no longer have any faith in their service and told that I'd be charged $467 and that I'd have to do it through their insurance company. What a joke! NEVER EVER book with this unethical company. Shame on them.

Travelocity Hotel Gift Card is a BAD Joke
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Rating: 1/51

I have spent many hours trying to book a hotel reservation using a $500 Travelocity hotel gift card, to no avail. You can only book on I get all the way through the credit card payment process and then I get an error message that says "There is an error with the website at this time." SO, I call the 800# on the back, only to be told this has been a recurring problem all summer and I need to call Travelocity directly. I spent 3 hours back and forth with Travelocity via phone and email and am still not able to book a hotel.

Travelocity cannot book my room using a gift card. They can only accept a credit card. Back to Travelocity incentives and well they can't help because their site is powered by Travelocity. So, back to Travelocity and I hold for another 30 minutes and get disconnected. I tried emailing for service and after 6 emails back and forth, they continue to refer me to the Travelocity 800# (the people that can only accept payment with a credit card).

Also, they told me that they are making updates to their website which may have disabled some services, such as my inability to book a room? What? Who takes down a travel site during peak season? I am so frustrated. Now, I have to come out of my pocket for another $500 to pay for my room and I can't get any help from this horrible company.

Also, the Customer Service folk are horrible. They don't listen and just keep reading script over and over. It's in some foreign country. Not sure which, but I could hear a bunch of talking and laughing loudly while I was talking to one of the 2 "supervisors" I spoke to last night. It was very difficult to communicate back and forth due to the heavy accents, the noise and frankly them not listening! Please do not ever purchase on the Travelocity Hotel Gift Cards. Now, I have to go to the Feds to file a case with the CFPB. Waste of my time, when companies should just give you what you purchased.

I Got Hooked....Never Again!
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- I purchased a vacation package on Travelocity and paid for the cancellation insurance (which was extra) offered by Travelocity for additional costs at the time of purchase. A week later, I had to cancel.

I telephoned Travelocity to make the cancellation and the agent stated that because I purchased the insurance, I would be refunded 100% of my hotel costs and that, as the conditions stated, they will not give me a refund for the airfare portion of my trip because that the tickets were non-refundable but changeable which the airline (United) charges a $200 change fee which will be credited to me by Travelocity since I paid for the cancellation insurance which allowed me to make a one- time cancellation for any reason at no charge.

She also stated that I could, however, reuse the ticket towards the airfare portion should I book another vacation package with Travelocity and apply the airfare credit towards the airline portion of the package as long as I fly the same airline that the credit was issued on and that I use the credit within one year. Well, I decided to reuse the ticket and book another package.

Now Travelocity tells me that I cannot use the ticket towards another “package” even though I'm flying the same airline, and that I have to book the airline "separate" from the hotel. In other words, it cannot be used when purchasing a hotel and airfare package. By booking the airfare and hotel separately, my additional costs would be over $200! For example, my cost of the air with the package was $485 and booked separately was $691. There airfares are for sure “padded” when you book separately.

What rip off artist!! So, now I'm stuck with a United Airlines credit that I can only use through Travelocity (I cannot go directly to the airline) and will have to pay an inflated price when I book an airfare (and oh, by the way, they said that they still have to charge your card for the $200 fee and that I personally will have to go and fight with the insurance company to get my cash back).

This was a lesson learned and I will never use Travelocity again! With all of the complaints filed against them (unanswered) exactly who are they paying off to stay in business?? Why must consumers continue to suffer due to sharks like this! I will post this on every social media site, every complaint site, warn every man, woman and child to stay away from this company!

Screwed by Travelocity
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Rating: 1/51

I was using Travelocity to piece together a family trip to New Mexico. I needed to book a stay for one night in Taos and pulled up a deal for a motel there. When I submitted the reservation on the Travelocity website an error screen popped up which told me that the reservation had not been completed and that I needed to retry.

So, I followed the instructions from the website and re-submitted the reservation. Little did I know that a confirmation e-mail had been sent to me informing me that the original reservation had indeed been completed in spite of what the website had told me. This resulted in me double booking a non-refundable reservation for that night in Taos.

When I checked my e-mail a little while later I discovered the two confirmation e-mails and realized that the reservation had been duplicated. I immediately called Travelocity to rectify the situation and they told me that there was nothing Travelocity would do and that they'd have to get the money back from the hotel.

Meanwhile, the manager at the hotel was on vacation and the desk clerk did not have the authority to refund the duplicated reservation. I called repeatedly over the next week and a half to have this done, but the manager was never reached and I ended up having to pay for two rooms.

The issue that I had with the website was investigated by Travelocity, but they said that since a confirmation e-mail was sent to me that I should have known to not believe their website and to have checked my e-mail prior to re-submitting. I saw the receipt for what the hotel billed to Travelocity and they made a profit of $22/night/room for the reservation. They refused to even refund the profit that they had for their website having screwed me over.

In addition to this, the next hotel we stayed at (also booked through Travelocity), didn't have our reservation and I had to spend an hour working with the desk clerk and customer service to get this fixed (after a long days travel). I am done with Travelocity forever.

Travelocity and FALSE advertisement of Hotel Picks
By -

SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA -- We booked a Flight/Hotel package with Travelocity in August of 2010 to San Carlos, CA. We had no problems with the flight at all. The hotel on the other hand was a pure joke. It was advertised as a HOTEL to begin with and showed a 4 star rating. It was an 8 room roach motel that smelled like curry. This place was called the San Carlos Inn, not the San Carlos Hotel as advertised. The address was 1140 Morse Ave. in San Carlos, CA. It is a dive and should not even be shown to the public PERIOD.

It is worse than a Motel 6. You go into their "lobby" and it is surrounded by 3 inch plexy glass and you need to speak through a little "mail hole" at the bottom. We actually had to check in because that is where Travelocity sent us. We looked into the room. It was filthy dirty. Carpets were stained, filth on the windows, stained walls, and all the knobs on TV and closets were either broken off or broke in half. It was totally disgusting... We walked out of the room immediately and checked out and I told her I wanted my money back and the "hotel clerk" told me I needed to take it up with Travelocity in which I did 5 minutes after I raced out of there.

I was on the phone for an hour with Travelocity. They told me I needed to wait to hear from their "Investigation Dept." and that could be anywhere from 2 to 4 days. We were at a College Soccer Tournament and would only be there 3 days. It was a FREAKING disaster. We ended up finding another hotel called Country Inn Suites in San Carlos and it was the best Hotel with the best staff we have ever seen. PLEASE, PLEASE if you ever have to go to San Carlos ever, stay at the Country Suites Inn Hotel at 251 El Camino Real, San Carlos.

Travelocity of course told me that it was my fault for picking their "4 STAR RATED" San Carlos Inn and they were standing by it and would not refund my money. I will never ever use Travelocity again and I hope everyone who reads this does the same. They are by far the worst company out there. They do not care one bit about customer service and you will call India to try to get help. Good luck understanding a freaking word they say. Please spread the word.

Beware of Top Secret Hotels Deal!
By -

I booked a Top Secret Hotel for a hotel in San Diego's Hotel Circle area. As you know, when you book one of these deals, you won't know what hotel you are getting until you've paid and by the time it is revealed, it may not be what you think it is. The hotel revealed was the Comfort Suites 631 Camino del Rio South. I had previously stayed in there before back in 2004 and even then, it was not the cleanest lodging. The room smelled urine when you walk in. The air conditioner worked half-way. The rooms are not that big, they just put french doors to partition off a standard size room into two and call it a suite. The carpet is dirty and air flow/circulation in the room was poor.

I have read comments/complaints on Trip Advisor and there were a few that complaint of the urine smell and bed bugs, which tells me that this place has not changed one bit. The rules for Top Secret Hotels is no refund, no change, all sales final.

So essence, you are playing Russian Roulette when booking. If you don't like what you end up with, you are out of luck. THAT is a very bad business practice on Travelocity's part and when I called, the C/S center was in India and the agent had a very heavy accent to boot. He couldn't locate a supervisor for 15 minutes and asked for my cell # so that they can call back within 48 hrs. I seriously doubt they will call back so I'll try again during 8am-5pm US business hours and see if I can speak to someone in the US. Beware! I strongly discourage anyone in booking a Top Secret Hotel or even dealing with this company at all.

Crack Den Hotel Was Not a 3 Star!!!
By -

Okay, so we are headed to Hawaii for a romantic one week getaway. We had to overnight in Anchorage. No problem, she booked a three star through Travelocity. As we pulled into the motel efficiency parking lot, we both looked at each other. This was a two story, run down, crack den, hooker-ville motel. The photo from the website looked nothing like this place. We continued with the check-in because maybe, just maybe, the room would be okay.

As we walked to the room, we passed a row of old beat-up cars that had so much dirt and dust on them, it was clear they haven't been moved for a couple years. We also ran the gauntlet of drug dealers and a couple hookers en route to our room.

The room: One old couch in the living room could only be described as a smelly grease trap. The place looked like someone's old run-down apartment. There was food on the phone and the place reeked of the stench of IV drug users. I have been a cop for 22 years. I have seen places like this in the ghetto during flop house/drug raids. Words cannot accurately describe the terrible rundown condition of this pit. We turned around and walked out. Of course, no refund. $100 bucks down the drain. We went to the Anchorage Downtown Marriott and spent an hour showering.

TRAVELOCITY: Forget working with Travelocity to fix this. They were of no use whatsoever. It is clear to me that Travelocity couldn't care less about the safety, let alone the comfort, of their dwindling customer base. To say that Travelocity was less than responsive would be kind. To say that they simply were not interested in making this right would be spot on. Days and days were spent on the phone only to finally be told that there was nothing they could do. Really? Nothing? What kind of crappy company is this?

WARNING: Never, use this company. There is no back-checking and no desire to look out for their customers. They put it all on the hotel. Total Bravo Sierra. Terrible company. You would do better to shop around yourself and avoid Travelocity like you would avoid the disease likely to be found in that room.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

We feel that booking through Travelocity ruined our honeymoon on this island. It seems that the Resort treats patrons that book through agencies as second rate. Upon arrival, there was no shuttle waiting for us - we thought this was standard, as indicated on their website as included in their packages. We spent 400 baht out of pocket.

Next, we arrive and there are over 17% in taxes, which was not what we encountered in the rest of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, nor Cambodia. Then, we find out that the room booked did not include breakfast - when I booked, I thought it included breakfast. On the Bandara website, the price of 3810 baht (4478 with the outrageous 17%tax) includes breakfast. As such, we asked the hotel to rectify this problem. They turned away rudely. Stated that it wasn't their problem and to contact the agent. We went to 4 different phones and could not get through.

We tried to complain with the Manager Paul and he explained that there wasn't anything he could do because they had to pay a commission the agent. We felt extremely mistreated and ripped off. They suggested that we cancel the reservation with Travelocity so they could help us, but we could not get through to your worldwide #.

They then said that if we paid for another night, they would add breakfast. This was totally not fair. Moreover, Bandara had a promotion for 8700 baht, net, 2 nights including breakfast, airport transfer, dinner, etc. This is cheaper than what we paid AND includes breakfast, airport transfer, dinner. Agoda and also have less expensive pricing equating to 3810++, including the above features.

I just spent over 45 minutes calling the call center in India - the reps were extremely rude and not client-service oriented whatsoever. Jessica or Visna spent over 10 minutes arguing with me and telling me that there was nothing she could do because I did not call before staying at the hotel. I explained to her that I tried and could not connect from Thailand. She is unsympathetic and kept directing me to email Consumer Relations, which is what we are doing. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 15 minutes. Then, Phillip picked up and told me that the Call Center didn't have a supervisor. What the heck is going on with Travelocity??!

We requested that we be reimbursed for such stress and disappointment on our honeymoon. We felt that we overpaid and did not get treated equally, and Travelocity should have honored its price match guarantee. They also need to look at the poor service received via farming out to a Call Center in India, where the English is poor and client service is non-existent! NEVER AGAIN!!! They should go out of business.

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