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Be Wary Of Using 3rd Party Sites To Book Hotels
By -

There was a mix up with a hotel reservation date in February (2 months ago) that was a simple fix. I booked a hotel. I got there and they didn't have my reservation. I called Travelocity, waited on hold for 50 minutes without speaking to a representative, only to hear the message "due to bad weather, wait times are significantly extended". So I hung up and dealt with the Hotel Manager. We agreed that I would stay the night at the hotel using my Credit Card, call Travelocity tomorrow and work it out.

We did that. I called Travelocity who told me that they would directly refund the charge back to my CC. I waited a few weeks, nothing. So I called them. They said that there was no refund started, but assured me that they would do it now and I would have the money within 7 - 10 business days. 3 weeks later I call back and they say that they see the refund. It shouldn't be too long before I have the money. 2 weeks later I call. They say that I need to send in the receipt proving that I paid the hotel as well as Travelocity.

I email it to them 3 times, every time they said they didn't get the attached CC statement. On both the second and third e-mail I CC'd my work email and the attachment worked fine for me. Regardless, I then got an e-mail stating that it had been received, attached to my file, and sent to finalize the refund, but that I needed to call in again so they could call the hotel to confirm everything for some reason.

I called in. The first person with whom I spoke informed me that there was no refund and that I never e-mailed them. I hung up and called back. I was placed on hold for about 5 minutes, and then asked to explain why I was getting a refund, since they don't normally do that. After explaining it about 3 times, he says "let me check on it". He comes back and says that the refund is going through, but it's only for $119 (the hotel was $280). He said that he didn't know why it was only refunding a partial amount and I was told to call back when someone was in to look at it.

When I hung up with him I called by Credit Card Company, since I had read that I only have 75 days to file a dispute. I initiated a dispute with them and provided all my info and e-mailed Travelocity informing them that in 30 days, the bank will retrieve the money if the refund isn't finalized. I will never deal with Travelocity again. Saving $30 on the reservation was ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. I am very thankful for my credit card company since without them, I am doubtful I would ever see the money.

Confirmation Number -- It's Worthless
By -

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- My friends and I were on a week-long trip to Cozumel - Cancun Mexico area. We planned to be flexible and plan our itinerary as we went. I booked reservations for 1 night in Cancun using Travelocity. Upon arrival at the hotel, they didn't have my reservation in their computer and asked me to wait about 2.5 hours, saying they are often slow updating.

When I pressed the subject and showed them my "Confirmation Email", they called someone and were told my confirmed reservation was cancelled. I had no email telling me it was cancelled or how to fix it. Since I had a confirmed reservation and this was a prepaid "good deal" reservation, I didn't dare use a different travel company, for fear of being double booked.

I bought a phone card and tried to call both Travelocity's problem phone number (Outside the US 1.210.521.5871) and my credit card company's number collect. I couldn't get through with either. I emailed Travelocity via the website's "Contact Us" portal, but have yet received no response.

Thinking maybe my Visa might have denied the charge I placed a second reservation, this time for our final 3 days, on my debit card. Again, I received a confirmation email. We got the room, but an hour later, were told the reservation was cancelled and asked to leave.

After much arguing with the hotel clerk to get a similar rate, I used my debit card at an ATM, and paid cash for the reservation. QUESTIONS: WHY GIVE ME A HOTEL CONFIRMATION NUMBER IF THE RESERVATION ISN'T REALLY CONFIRMED?? (Confirmed means that the room is absolutely reserved for me, irrevocably.) If the reservation is subject to review through another department, do that before confirming. As the system now stands, YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL IS WORTHLESS. THEIR WORD IS WORTH NOTHING. Anyone who hears of this fiasco would never leave the house, having only Travelocity's confirmation email to rely upon.

THEY CONFIRMED MY RESERVATION VIA EMAIL, WHY NOT THE CANCELLATION??? They should include a live, on-line way to fix the problem?? Without official cancellation notification, I didn't dare make a reservation through other channels, as this was a prepaid reservation. In the reservation process, they asked for a contact phone number. We were traveling in Mexico. Nobody with any sense would expect a US phone number to work in a foreign country. Instead, they had confirmed the room, and they knew that we had checked in. WHY NOT SIMPLY CALL THE HOTEL?

Surely if we were trying to check into a Mexican hotel, we would be there? Unless they can assure me that your system has been changed... I will never use Travelocity again. I will recommend against Travelocity whenever possible and i will post my experience with wherever possible.

Travel Protection is a joke, prices are bait and switch and customer service.... Don't even
By -

I booked my trip for a car, hotel and plane and received a great price. I got to book it, the price jumps up $200 on the spot. Against my better judgment I selected the travel protection plan that clearly states that you can get back the full amount of your trip if you need to cancel. I go to put in my CC anyway and they process my AMEX within 7 minutes and the message I get is "Sorry, we couldn't book your car."

So I call (after a 10 minute hold) and ask what happened and they say we can't give you a car at that price and I say couldn't you give me other options rather than immediately charging my card? So after a few minutes of frustration with "customer care" I ask to speak to a manager. I finally get someone after yet another 10 min of holding and he gets the car I originally wanted, but the trip was still going to be $200 more.

I get a confirmation email and they charged me the $100 I paid for the travel protection! I call to discuss this and their system now can't find my reservation at all! I call again and the person says that the reservation is there and goes down the list of everything I bought, but that I need to call their insurance company about the travel protection.

At this point I decide to call the CEO of Travelocity. I emailed Hugh Jones (CEO) too and got a precanned email from someone stating that I'd have to take it to their insurance company because I tried to cancel the whole thing and feel I deserve my money back plus the travel protection because I no longer have any faith in their service and told that I'd be charged $467 and that I'd have to do it through their insurance company. What a joke! NEVER EVER book with this unethical company. Shame on them.

Left Stranded In A Foreign Country
By -

ATCO, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I booked a 7 day trip to Mexico Riveria Maya through Travelocity. Inclusive in my reservation was a prepaid transportation voucher, with a company named "Oympus Tours". Unfortunately our area was hit with a heavy snow storm the day of our departure. Our flight was cancelled and rescheduled three times.

We spent 12 hours in our local airport before being informed that all flights were cancelled altogether. Our first two flights were scheduled with Northwest airlines. Our third flight was transferred to Delta airlines and finally delayed until it would arrive beyond the departure time for our connecting flight. This caused us to wait in an hour long line to try to seek an alternate route. Delta was kind enough to get us on a direct flight to Cancun Mexico with US Airlines.

During the 12 hour stay at the Philadelphia airport I placed four phone calls to Travelocity informing them of our new flight and estimated arrival time for each. Every phone call placed to Travelocity took approximately 35 minutes before I was able to speak to a real person.

Then it took another 5 minutes for Travelocity to confirm the new arrival time and flight change with Olympus Tours. Finally on the forth phone call I communicated the change of airline, flight number and arrival time. Again Travelocity confirmed that the changes were communicated to Olympus Tours.

Upon arrival in Cancun Mexico, my husband and I went through customs, picked up our luggage and found the pickup area outside the airport. It was 10:30 pm and my husband and I had watched a van pulling away from the airport. We were approached by a Mexican man who claimed our tour van left us there. After about an hour, the airport workers were leaving the building and closing up the airport. There were no more official looking cabs and no transportation van arrived.

We were approached by a Mexican man who claimed he was from airport security. He said our hotel was over an hour away and we were stranded there. He offered to have us driven to our hotel for a $155.00 fee. He had a walkie talkie and called someone to drive us. He looked at my vouchers and hotel confirmation.

He made a call to our hotel from his cell phone. He said the manager was on the line and handed told us to take the cab and we would be reimbursed for all charges. So we had to travel over an hour and a half in a strange Mexican man's unmarked car. We were stranded in a foreign country where we didn't speak the language. I was terrified that we would never reach our hotel.

We did arrive at the hotel only to find that there was no manager that my husband spoke with. We were stranded by Olympus tours and then scammed out of $155.00 by the men at the airport. During my vacation we were able to contact Olympus tours. We met with a representative for over an hour where we explained our experience.

We were asked to meet with him again the next day to write out an incident report. We again met with him for over an hour while I wrote out a two page report. We were never heard from this man again. I had to have the hotel call Oympus tours to inquire about our pick up for our return flight.

During that call I was informed that I would not receive a refund for my unofficial taxi ride. I was given an apology for the situation but I would not be given a refund. Olympus tours would not accept responsibility for leaving us stranded at the airport. This man did finally say that they contacted Travelocity and credited the one way fare since they failed to pick us up.

Upon my return to the United States I called Travelocity to explain my horrible experience. I waited 10 minutes to speak with a human. I went through the entire story and then the person told me to write an email to I spent another hour writing out my nightmare introduction to Mexico. Two days later I called Travelocity because I never received confirmation of my email. I was told that they don't have any record of my email and to sent it again and maybe fax it as well.

Now I have spent yet another hour of my life writing about this incident is my closure. I just wanted to contact Travelocity so that this Olympus Tour company would not be endorsed by them and this harrowing experience would not happen to another person. Travelocity is not as concerned about it as my husband and I are. I will not be a return customer for sure. Beware.

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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I booked a room for two people... They gave us one bed. I asked for help by a supervisor. She informed me that she would handle the situation and that she needed to fax over something to the Hotel. She called me back and said everything was OK after 3 hours of sitting in the lobby. I went to the front desk and they informed me they never spoke to anyone from Travelocity. I called them back and spoke to another supervisor and they told me if I wanted a double bed I could make another reservation with them for a room with a double bed. I had just paid $450 for 2 nights.

Billing Scams and More
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Rating: 1/51

I went to book my hotel and this is what happened: The weekend was incorrect when I went to make final purchase. After I put in my account info, I hit the back button to fix the date and it processed my payment without my consent. I only knew that it processed after I got an email confirmation...however. The email address was wrong, praise God it still came through, probably because it was a business email.

I had to speak to 3 people before anyone was willing to fix it. I was speaking with them on a Friday, finally the hotel dropped the room reservation and she said my account would be credited 12-24 hours later. My account was never billed that day. But, on Friday my account was billed 2 times for the same amount, not credited.... but money was taken out.

When I called back they stated it would be 24-48 hrs for the money both charges to be put back.... One was a hold charge and the other was the actual charge for the room which doesn't make sense... if I am paying for a room right out why should I be charged a hold fee?

Hotel Refused to Cancel and They Wouldn't Fix Their Mistake!
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Rating: 1/51

I called Travelocity to book a hotel. I almost hung up on the guy at first because I couldn't understand him. I asked him to book a room in Mendocino, CA and I told him about the hotel I saw on the website and gave him the address. He told me it was located in that city. (Also, he spoke way too fast when it came to telling me the cancellation policy, and I could not understand him at all).

When we got to Mendocino, I looked up the address on my GPS and it told me that the hotel was actually located 2 hours away from where we were in a city called Ukiah. I called to cancel the reservation because we did not want to drive another two hours in the opposite direction from which we came. A Travelocity agent called the hotel but the hotel said their manager "was not in" and so they couldn't cancel the reservation and for me to call back an hour later.

I called later and they said that because I called after a certain time, they couldn't cancel the reservation, even though I called in earlier. Then I filed a complaint with Travelocity that their agent messed up and told me the hotel was located in the wrong city. They said they would get back to me within 48 hours after they listened to the call. They got back to me 3 days later and said it was not their fault. All the agents I spoke to (including a supervisor) had heavy accents and I couldn't really understand any of them, and they didn't even listen to what the problem was and refused to fix it. Never again will I use Travelocity!!! And I recommend that you don't either!

Don't Pay Upfront Total Cost of Flight, Hotel, Car.
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Rating: 1/51

Don't pay money upfront to companies like Travelocity, Expedia, and others. If you cancel or miss the flight, they don't reschedule air tickets. (You will have to buy a new air ticket the same day or next). If you can't fly to the destination, you also lose the hotel and car payments. Travel insurance is costly. They reimburse only up to $500 per sick person. The rest of the travel party will have to go on with the vacation, or stay with the sick one. If they do not continue with the vacation, there is no refund.

A smart way to plan for travel is this: Look for flights, hotel, and car online, compare and decide. Buy air tickets directly from the airline, they allow rescheduling. Reserve the hotel directly from them, no money upfront. Reserve the car directly from them, no money upfront.

Do Not Use Travelocity - Even With A Confirmation Number You Are Not Guaranteed A Room You Paid For
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Rating: 1/51

I will never use Travelocity again! I booked for and paid for a hotel through Travelocity at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront. I called Travelocity twice to confirm my reservation and was even given a confirmation number. When I arrived at the Marriott they did not have my reservation and the confirmation number I was given was from a reservation in a different name a long time ago.

I called Travelocity and was tired explaining to them and they just sent the same number over. After an hour of trying to get it figured out we cancelled our "So called reservation" and went to a different hotel costing us more money for the last minute reservation. I contacted Travelocity when I got back home and they refuse to compensate me for the inconvenience and don't care about their customers enough to make things right.

I will NEVER use Travelocity again! They tried to blame the Marriott but we have stayed with them many times over the years with reservations made directly through them and I have never had a problem. This is all on Travelocity and the worse part is they don't care enough to make things right after all the inconvenience!!!

False Information To Sell 3rd Party Service!!!
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- Do not book through Travelocity. Be AWARE of their false information otherwise you will be responsible and be miffed! Because of them giving me false age requirement, they explain I should cancel and start all over and the sales agent explains I will get %100 of my money, later come to find I had to pay a penalty of $601. I tried to get my money back since it's their mistake but they explained no matter what happened, cancellation is cancellation and there is a penalty. They are crooks!!! BIG TIME CROOKS! SO please be careful. I wouldn't even bother with them! I really want to sue this company.

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