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Disaster on Our 10th Anniversary
Posted by Marcelmosley on 07/10/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- To whom it may concern:

My name is Brent Mosley. I am currently staying at the Live Aqua hotel in Cancun, MX. My reservation was cancelled by Travelocity, after I was told specifically that my hotel reservation was adjusted for my wife and I to arrive the following day on July 09, 2013.

We missed our original flight on July 08, because we were told by the Travelocity booking agent that there was no need for passports to travel from Dallas, Texas to Cancun, Mexico and that a birth certificate would suffice. I asked him to make sure and he absolutely stated that it would not be a problem. We trusted the word of this booking agent way too much. So, we showed up excited for our 10 YEAR Anniversary trip and get turned away by Spirit Airlines, because my wife only had her birth certificate on hand.

I called Travelocity and requested a full refund expecting that we would not be able to continue our trip, even at a later date. One representative said that I needed to cancel my reservation with the airline before we could receive a refund. I cancelled the reservation with Spirit Airlines while on the phone with the representative. The Travelocity representative continued to say that the airline reservation was still active. I was at the airport staring at the Spirit Airlines agent and he assured me he canceled the flight reservations. Finally, the representative said she needed to place me on hold and speak with the Hotel. We were on hold for 30 minutes. She did have the courtesy to check in now and then and say that she was still on with the hotel. She finally came back on the line and stated that unfortunately she could not cancel the reservation. I was speechless. After a few seconds, I said, "What....what do you mean you can't cancel the reservation?" She stated that the hotel could only cancel the reservation via an email and that a refund would be given then, but they could not refund the full amount. Again, this was not acceptable. I told her I needed a refund in order for my wife and I to travel to a US destination as we were still at the airport. The agent placed me back on hold, and after several minutes came back on the line and said that the hotel could not cancel the reservation at this time so a refund was not possible right now, but she would have to send an email to cancel the reservation and potentially get a refund, but it was not guaranteed. She said that I could call back in two hours or so to check. I was not pleased at all. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was placed on hold again. She came back and said that a supervisor was not available, but she could arrange a call back. After some more words, I said OK. She then stated that a supervisor would call me back or I could call back in a couple of hours. My wife was in tears.

I went back up to the Spirit Airlines desk and asked another airline representative for possible flights to Miami and Las Vegas. They were all oversold. I told her about the situation, and she advised me that we could still fly to Cancun by getting a passport that day as long as we had a flight receipt. I was not very trusting, so I inquired some more. She said that there was a passport office in downtown Dallas that would issue a passport the very same day as long as we have a receipt showing that we had a scheduled flight reservation for the next day. I immediately called Travelocity to instruct them NOT to cancel our hotel reservation, while I booked a next day flight to Cancun. I specifically told the Travelocity representative and NOT cancel the reservation, but instead adjust it for next day check-in. She placed me on hold to speak with the hotel. She came back on the line and stated that she had adjusted the reservation for us to arrive the following day (July 09), but unfortunately I would not be refunded for the first day as the hotel refused to do so. I was not happy again, but I said OK I will fight that battle later. I asked about the ground transportation. She stated she could take care of that and placed me on hold again. She came back on the line and said that we were all set and that it was taken care of for us to arrive the following day and we would be picked up. I said this is fine for now, but I advised that we had spent extra money due to bad advice from one of their agents. I asked to speak with a manager. She stated a manager would call me back.

We had left the airport, hailed a cab and headed straight downtown to get my wife a passport. The cab driver said he knew of the passport place and barely got us there on time to submit the application. Luckily, we got the passport. We were told by Travelocity that our reservation was still good and adjusted for the next day. After we arrived home attempting to reconcile what had happened, I received a call from a (571) 918-6500 number. It was the Supervisor from Travelocity. He said, "Mr. Mosley, I see you have modified your reservation to arrive tomorrow, are you satisfied now?" (He said nothing about our hotel reservation being cancelled.) I acknowledged that we were arriving the next day, but I advised him we had to spend several hundred dollars extra, due to bad advice from the original booking agent. He told me he could offer a discount on future travel. I asked how much. He said $50. I chuckled and stated that I had spent way more than that. He then offered to extend my trip if I could get Spirit to place me on another flight. We could not do this, because of our work schedules. It was obvious to me that he was not trying to help. I asked for his name and he hung up in my face. I was too stressed out to call back and was fed up with the level of customer service your company provided so far.

Now, my wife and I are preparing to leave the next day. We have a friend pick us up again the next morning. We arrive in Cancun and we get transported from the airport by Olympus and arrive at the hotel. We go to the front desk to learn that our reservation was not showing up. After several attempts, the young lady came back and informed us that our reservation was CANCELLED! I was livid. I told her that Travelocity assured us they adjusted our reservation for check-in the following day (July 09, 2013). She said that I would have to speak with Travelocity. I called your company and the first associate looked up my Trip ID and said that my Hotel Reservation was still active and then placed me on hold to speak with the hotel. ONE and A HALF HOURS later, basically on hold the entire time, listening to that @#$%! music and several associates telling me that I cancelled my reservation and me telling them that I was confirmed for the next day, I was told I would have to pay $1800.00 for a new reservation with the same hotel (Live Aqua) by a supervisor named "Kevin". I asked for the money I already paid to be applied and I was placed on hold again. He came back and informed me that the "hotel" requires another email, but that would take several days. I asked to speak with a manager, and "Kevin" transferred me to a "Lucas". I had to repeat the situation to Lucas, and he placed me on hold AGAIN!. I have now been on the call for TWO HOURS. My wife is in tears and distraught, staring into the hotel floor. My head is pounding and all of a sudden the phone rings and another agent answers. I had been disconnected by Lucas. I'm furious and seriously considering litigation. I then walk over to the front desk of the hotel and asked to book a room. I told the manager that my 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY was ruined by Travelocity. I paid another $1800.00 (a higher rate) on top of the $2436.00 (original vacation price) plus several hundred I paid for the screw up the previous day to salvage our vacation. No one from your company apologized or even attempted to truly help us. My wife's eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying. Do you think we are in a mood to enjoy our vacation now? I have spent more time writing this letter. The hotel told me that Travelocity has my money. The hotel never received the funds from when I booked the vacation package back in May of this year. And it doesn't make sense for a hotel to keep all your money, when you are not staying there.

If I am not made whole for this debacle and the pain and suffering we have encountered, then I will seriously consider escalating this matter. And with your reputation online, I think we will get way more than what you are now refusing to refund, because you seem to have systemic flaws in your service delivery model. And I'm being nice. I could be perceived that you defraud your clients. I am requesting a full refund. It is NOT RIGHT for me to pay for a hotel TWICE, because YOUR company's coordination skills are poor. The last communication I received from your company ( a Supervisor) before we boarded our flight today was that my reservation had been modified successfully and we were all set. We were still not totally satisfied, but we would still get to enjoy Cancun. Now, all the money I had budgeted for expenditures is gone to keep my wife from totally breaking down and to keep me halfway sane. Your company will not be successful treating it's customer's like this. I am in the hotel room spending my time doing this instead of enjoying my 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Please salvage any bit of reputation you might have and HELP US!!!

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TERRIBLE Customer Service and Hidden Fees!!!
Posted by Ashley.berthoumieux on 06/23/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I booked a vacation package with Travelocity for traveling to Hawaii from NYC, and after booking they changed my itinerary without my consent!!! Had to spend over 10 hours on the phone with them to have my original itinerary honored, only to be disconnected toward the end of the process.

After so much frustration, my boyfriend and I decided we no longer even wanted to do business with them. We asked to cancel. That also was a run-around game b/c they refused to issue a full refund, and they did not budge on the $150 fee per passenger. What they also failed to mention was the $62 "commission fee". This, of course, was only revealed after the cancellation was already processed.

Why exactly did I have to pay a commission fee for horrible customer service and misinformation??

Lesson: book with another travel agency.
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Posted by SMITEY on 09/29/2010
I called Travelocity to book my vacation, the lady on the other end seemed not to understand English and I wasted approx 1 hr with her, then she said she got kicked out of the system and when she logged back in the price was higher by $300 (in 1 minute).

I went on line and could see the package I wanted at the cheaper rate and told her I would book it myself, which I did and had no problems.
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-09-29:
I don't understand using third party vendors for booking reservations, and I don't understand calling on-line third party vendors for reservations, when their systems are primarily set up for someone to do it themselves.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-09-29:
I just booked flights and a hotel on Expedia. I was not able to book the same room via the Hotel's own website and got a better rate than the hotel adversised rate as well. And, it's refundable.

I also booked another hotel on Hotels.com at a better rate than the Hotel'own AAA rate - in that case it is non-refundable but booking via the hotel site would have been non-refundable, too.

It doesn't always work out that way but the online travel agents *can* be a better deal. What I've always is that you get written confirmations of everything right away.

If I didn't want to book online for some reason, I would just call a conventional travel agent.

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Customer service
Posted by Mermaid84 on 12/04/2009
We made a reservation for vacation in Hawaii. The transaction didn't get through because it was huge amount but they took half of the money from me. When asked each agent has their own answer, no consistency of information. Horrible customer service

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-04:
okay so what happened? did you go on vacation? are you paying for the other half?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-04:
Did you get your money back?
What did you ask them?
What happened?
Posted by Ben There on 2009-12-04:
Did you charge more than you had in your account? If not, sometimes things get charged in parts - the plane tickets get charged seperately from the hotel. If your credit card company freaked out after the first large purchase and put a hold on your account for security, then that is not really their fault.
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Ripped OFF with wrong itinerary
Posted by Jesus Help me on 06/27/2009
I booked a 7 night vacation package to Cancun on Airtran website which ended up being really through Travelocity. (The 5 night trip was more than the 7 night, that is why I booked it for 7 nights!) When I got my emailed itinerary it was for a 5 night trip. I did not print my paperwork until Thursday (I booked it Wednesday night) & I really didn’t look at it until Friday. When I called they offered to cancel it for $1100.00 non refundable fee. It is Travelocity “policy” to be unable to make changes even if the airline & hotel allow it. I have nothing that says the trip I booked was for 7 nights, all I have is the itinerary they sent me. I know I booked for 7 nights because I read over the confirmation page to my husband over the phone and it said from Tuesday, July 21 to Tuesday, July 28, plus I had a problem with my payment info going through so I rechecked it 3 times. Still they would not fix it. One supervisor, however nice she was, said she could not do anything about the airline portion and the next supervisor could do something about the airline portion but charged me for more nights of the hotel. He also could not guarantee me a seat on the Tuesday flight back home, which he thought was acceptable for me to get stuck in Mexico, but I didn’t. He could get me a flight on Wednesday if he could get Airtran to agree to reissue at no charge, even though the flight was cheaper on Tuesday (no refund either). Next he said I would have to pay for the 3 nights for the hotel at $377.00. But I had already paid for 2 of those nights in the 7 night package I originally booked(?). After about 6 hours on the phone, I was totally exhausted and ill. I gave up and agreed to pay the 377.00 for the 3 nights hotel. After he got Airtran to agree to the change, which he had said he doubted they would do, he said he had made a mistake and the hotel was actually 565.00. He had already changed my flight so I didn’t feel I had much choice but to pay the 565.00. The end result is that I paid $2,398.80 for a trip that should of cost me (& still is available today for) $1865.24. The eight day package, today, would cost $1898.72. Approximately $500.00 difference than I originally agreed to pay for the 7 day trip I know I booked. I am so sick over the whole thing. I feel like I have been ripped off big time and spent about 12 hours trying to get it straight. All of that happened last night & today I am still very unhappy about it all. My credit card company advised me to cancel the trip and dispute the charges I would readily file a dispute if I had anything that showed I had booked the 7 day trip in the first place, but all I have is the itinerary they sent to me. I went to the Airtran website today & printed my same original trip but it is not the exact amount I was originally charged either even though it was close. I am still considering disputing the charges and taking my chances that it will work out. I’m not sure what I should do, or what I can do. I have also written letters to corporate headquarters in hopes that someone will believe me and do the right thing.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-27:
If you cancel and dispute you will lose because Travelocity will show the credit card company the disclosures and terms you agreed to when you booked the trip. Also reservations systems don't make the type of error you are describing. It sounds like your own mistake. By the way, if Airtran agreed to change your tickets at no charge, Travelocity saw a way for them to collect it by adding it to the already quoted price for the hotel. Take the trip, don't worry about it anymore as you can no longer change what happened. Take it as a lesson learned and don't use Travelocity again.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-27:
Seems like a clear-cut bait and switch. You paid and confirmed one thing and were booked a shorter trip instead.

I suggest that you contact Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate for travel-related problems. Here is how to do so:
Posted by Ben There on 2009-06-27:
Soaring, I suggest you google the definition of bait and switch. Just enter "define:bait and switch" into the search box and you will see that this is nothing like any of the definitions provided. If anything this is user error, system error, or a cookie issue gone bad. The OP admits searching for 5 day packages and 7 day packages. Sometimes cookies and browsers will screw up through and alter info through no fault of the online seller. It is unfortunate that she did not read the email as soon as she got it as much more could have been done at that point.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-27:
Bait, you were offered a product at an acceptable price, then Switch, one of two events. Either a) when you went to pay, the price was higher than the offered price, or b) you were actually given a lesser product for the price of the one you wanted.

It falls in the category, he confirmed a 7 day trip and was subsequently given an itinerary for a 5 day. Travelocity should have corrected this for no charge, especially since they are still supposedly advertising this package.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-27:
If the OP doesn't have confirmation for a 7 day trip, there's very little she can do.
Posted by charlie24201 on 2009-06-27:
Why don't people use LOCAL travel agencies, instead of this internet crap?
The problem is that they always have a "way out" of anything.
Credit card companies & banks are on their side, not yours.
Don't ever give your credit information on line, they have a reason for not accepting money orders....they want to "play" with your account.
Travelocity used to be pretty decent but they have gotten on scam bandwagon, just like most every other internet site.
Posted by old fart on 2009-06-27:
If I book a trip I do it "eyeball to eyeball" with an agent... The chance of a screw-up is minimized...Charlie is right...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-27:
A system cookie would never cause the kind of problems as above. You can block most cookies and web sites work just fine. The days of web sites having to use cookies is yesterdays technology. I agree with SC that the OP was baited into a deal for one price, then the Travelocity web site had an error and would only confirm and acknowledge the trip at five days instead of seven. The switch was Travelocity unable to correct their data or web site error switched the OP to a higher price for $565.00.

Justthefaxx is correct, Travelocity will come up with T&C in their favor as the OP has nothing in print or writing to refer too.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-27:
After the Walmart eye doc fiasco, I would think you are at an extreme disadvantage on that "eyeball to eyeball" deal there, old fart.
Posted by old fart on 2009-06-27:

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-27:
I know a shepherd breeder. You want one?
Posted by old fart on 2009-06-27:
Nah... I'll keep using my cane...
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-27:
Actually the OP can win this if he proves the existence of the offer (such as an advertisement for it).
Posted by Ben There on 2009-06-27:
Soaring, the existance of an ad has no bearing on what the OP entered into her search. For example, JetBlue is advertising 4 night packages at the Hilton in Cancun from Ft Lauderdale for $299 plus tax based on availability. I searched several dates in July and August for 4 nights at this price at this hotel and I never saw anything near this price.

Using your logic, I can book it at the going rate of $700 a person for the 4 nights I want, or $299 for one night and then wait a two days and get the 4 night package at $299 plus tax?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-27:
Bottom line, the OP would have to have a copy of his/her reservation with the longer stay and lower price. Or they will have a hard time winning this one.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-06-27:
Superbowl, you are exactly right... I suggest that anybody who does a lot of transactions on the internet download the free copy of Primo PDF. This allows you to "print" almost any page on the internet as a PDF just like you would with a regular printer. Once you download it, Primo PDF will appear as a printer option when you do file>print. I use this to save copies of any fine print, invoices, bill payment confirmations or any other document I might need in the future. Not only does it save a lot of paper, it actually is much easier to email instead of scanning a paper doc. If the OP had PDF'd her final confirmation at the time of booking there would be no question about the dates.
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Unproffessional thieves (travelocity) ruin vacation
Posted by Rareflower on 03/13/2006
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- 4 of us booked our vacation through travelocity to cancun just before the hurricanes hit. we still wanted to take the trip since alot would be rebuilt by the time we were to go. we called 1 week prior to departure to make sure of our reservations. we were assured all was fine, they would've notified us otherwise. we arrive to find they booked us into a hotel that was under construction. i incurred over $300 worth of cellphone charges to call travelocity to arrange new accommodations. we also were stranded on the side of the street with our luggage for over 4 hours until they made these arrangements. we paid for a 4 or 5 star hotel, but they supposedly only had a 2 star hotel to offer. before they even made these arrangements, they wanted us to find our own hotel, pay for it, and submit reciepts for reimbursement. we stayed in their 2 star for one night and made our own arrangements as they advised the next day. now after our vacation, they refuse to reimburse me for the hotel i had to pay for while i was down there. they ruined our whole trip, jeopardized our safety, and robbed us. they have refunded us for the hotel portion of our package and some of the cellphone charges, but credited it on my friend's credit card since it was the one used for booking our vacation. how am i supposed to get my money back from her credit card when i paid phone bills in cash already? may i add that when you buy a package deal for hotel and airfare you get a deal. so the amount they are offering back doesn't come close to what i had to pay for while in cancun. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRAVELOCITY TO ANYONE. i am going to do all i can to post my complaint especially since i've seen all the other complaints on here about them. wish i would've seen them before my trip, then i would've known better!
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-03-14:
I personally would never have called anyone else but the hotel I was staying at to ask them direct how they were affected by the storms. Travelocity can't possibly stay that up to date - they are not that with it...
Posted by brunno on 2006-03-14:
well let me tell you, after seeing the tv news on the rage of these hurricanes, i would have call the hotel myself. of coruse you should expect construction going on, if not, you must have been living in a cave to think everything would be normal. at least the hotel was open and running, you just decided that you did not want to stay in. you had a chose and decided to stay outside, you could have went inside the hotel to wait, and you could have also used the hotel phone, not yours. i can not believe that you would complain and expect a full refund when you took the trip. as far as being ripped off, you ripped yourself off by not doing your own research.
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-03-31:
These online travel agencies suck. I’m spreading my horrible experience I had with EXPEDIA. Pleas read my case to avoid being the next victim of EXPEDIA:


and http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=12466

Good luck travelers;
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