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My U-Haul Quote was BOGUS
Posted by MadMelody on 11/12/2010
NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had 4 quotes from 4 different companies. I went with U-Haul because their ORIGINAL quote was reasonable and they were nearby. That was mistake#1. I spoke to a man on the phone that assured me REPEATEDLY that the quote of $290. was "All-Inclusive". I even went so far as to ask if that included tax. He agreed it did, so...I set up the appointment with him. (ALWAYS get it in writing FIRST=Mistake#2) I was told it would take 1 hour, which seemed appropriate according to my son who is a mechanic. When I arrived a week later the mechanic installed the hitch in a long drawn out process which entailed breaking my tail light. Now, of course he denied breaking the tail light. As a matter of fact, the broken tail light was not mentioned until AFTER the job was done.

Then, to top it all off, they attempted to charge me $332.+ which I balked about and then they reduced the final price to $302.59. Unfortunately I am left dealing with a broken tail light as well. Total cost= $651.+ I tried to send them a Review and their site did not recognize my "Contract number"!!! Lots of calls and wasted time later, I finally spoke to someone who sent an email to me RE: making a complaint. TRAUMATIC...Ugh!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-13:
Getting things in writing is a good idea.
Posted by Hitch_Big_Dog on 2011-02-25:
After reading your review, I can tell you that the location you had your hitch installed at has a management probelm. My manager would never, ever let a customer leave with anything leave with something broken without telling a customer and offering compensation. Second, when scheduling a hitch, we never give a hardline price but give estimate. The fact is that each hitch is different, even on the same model car. One might take an hour, another might take four. Labor costs add up and if we don't charge properly, we lose money on the installation. I can tell you right now that the quote you recieved was generated by a computer. It's numbers are based off factory fresh vehicles in perfect enviroments, not the 3 to 5 year old vehicles we usually put hitches on. To quote someone that rate is irresponsible.

Again, I see this as a management problem. U-Haul usually gets rid of their bad ones and promotes good ones from within. Unfortunately, the good ones get promoted and another bad one winds up in charge. At a different time, you might not have had this problem.
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Ruined my transmission and won't cover the cost
Posted by Notransmission on 04/07/2007
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I so wish I'd read these reviews before I prepared to rent a small U-Haul trailer for a move from TX to OR.

Since my van had no towing package, I paid $200 plus for them to install a towing package including a fan to keep the engine cool. This work was done several days before I picked up the small trailer.

Within no more than 2 miles of leaving the U-Haul place, my van died. Transmission fluid was all over the place. So, I called the owner of the U-Haul company there in TX, who told me that his work had involved the line carrying the transmission fluid but that he'd never had this problem in 20 years. He recommended we call to get the van towed and repaired and said that U-Haul would cover the damages -- if they were at fault.

We had a mechanic look at the van who saw that the hose for the transmission fluid was disconnected, so he put transmission fluid back in the system and reattach the hose that had come loose. I then took the van to a shop that said the transmission was indeed damaged and so replaced the transmission.

In between these events, I talked to various people at U-Haul who were of absolutely no help. I couldn't believe that even though the van broke down so close to the place where the towing package had been installed that they still wouldn't even drive over to check on their work. The employees were rude and completely unsympathetic to the damage and inconvenience they had caused. I was given four different numbers to call to voice my complaint and still never given the correct connection -- AND, none of the supposed "Customer Service" people were customer service oriented. They were all immediately defensive and close minded, despite my attempt to hide my own anger. The only decent coversation I had with one customer service agent was after I counseled her on the frustrations people experience as they move and acknowledged that her job must be awfully difficult.

Now!!! I've completed the move to Oregon with the van and small trailer only to be told that by law U-Haul does not have to pay for the entire price of the transmission because my van has over 100K miles on it.
Even though my van was in working perfectly before the work done at U-Haul and had just had a check-up due to the upcoming travel, U-Haul says it only pays for the amount of the transmission that the van would have used due to its mileage. Nevermind that before U-Haul touched the van I could have driven the 2500 miles to Oregon, and after their damage I couldn't drive 5 miles.

This was never mentioned when I was told by various U-Haul representatives to take the van in for repairs. The van was in excellent condition, even though the mileage is high. It has been very well maintained and is a custom, comfort van.

After paying over $200 for the towing package, another $200 for the trailer and then, over 3,000K for a transmission, I have been informed that they will pay approximately 25% for the cost of only the transmission.

I had no idea that U-Haul was so far away from providing care for its customers. Having worked in customer service myself and then also training others in customer service, I am shocked and angry.

Is there no way to get a company to "step up to the plate"? The previous stories have only confirmed my decision to avoid U-Haul and encourage others to do the same!!
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Posted by Sail27 on 2007-04-09:
Small... Claims... Court
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U-Haul Quote Bogus
Posted by Rody on 06/17/2010
BRUNSWICK, MAINE -- My husband and I checked this site before we decided to get a trailer hitch installed by U-Haul and we should have taken all the complaints we saw seriously!Here we are in Maine thinking the U-Haul here is probably a lot different than the U-Hauls in big cities......wrong!We got a price quote of $260 for a hitch installation and wiring for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. That seemed so reasonable that we decided not to have the hitch installed by the dealer who sold us our camper. So we got the hitch installed by U-Haul and I thought things went really smoothly. I couldn't understand why there were so many complaints about them on this site. When I got home, my husband said that the plug wasn't right for our trailer (pop-up).I went back to U-Haul the next day and they said it would cost $150 more for the correct plug and wiring (to accommodate a camper with brakes)!!!Another words, the quote they gave us was completely wrong AND no one EVER asked what kind of camper we had or if it had brakes or anything that would seem to me to be important. We were stuck. When I talked to the manager and told him I thought we got tricked into getting the initial hitch installed and then would be forced into paying $150 more, he said they hadn't done anything wrong and that they never ask if pop-ups have brakes. Duh!! We are disgusted by the whole experience and we're going to find a different way to fix this whole mess. Please, try to find another company to do your hitch installations!
Read Company Response
Company Response on 06/29/2010:
My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first want to offer you my sincere apology for the inconvenience you experienced. Please be assured we strive for 100% satisfaction when trying to accommodate our customers needs. When quoting a rate for a hitch, we quote the price of the hitch installed. The wiring fee will depend on the type of wiring that needs to be done and is a separate charge than the hitch installation. I'm sorry the wiring was not discussed when you received the quote for the hitch and I realize you are stressing that we never asked what type of camper you were planning on towing, however, had the type of trailer been mentioned to our U-Haul Center at the time of the installation, I'm sure that issue could have been addressed. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced and also appreciate your feedback. I hope you will view my response objectively. If you have other concerns you can reach me at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com.
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This Company is Awful!
Posted by Gremlin1 on 06/26/2007
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- This company is so bad I don't know how they stay in business. June 16 I purchased a trailer hitch to be installed June 21. June 21 came and I was told it would have to be done the next day. June 22, same story. Same thing the next day, and the day after, and finally, on June 26, still with no trailer hitch, my husband called and cancelled. During this time I called the customer service number for U-Haul, waited 20 minutes only to have a "customer service" representative answer, then put me on hold for over an hour. I finally hung up, sent them an e-mail requesting a call. No call was ever received. I sent a second e-mail. Same thing. They did send me an e-mail asking me to call the toll free customer service number (the one that had me on hold previously for over an hour). I did as they requested, and after another half hour spoke with another customer service representative who said I needed to talk to the District Manager. I was transferred, spoke with the District Manager who claimed to be terribly busy, and took my number and asked if he could call me back. Of course he never did call back. Luckily I paid for the hitch (they require pre-payment to order parts) with a credit card, so the return of my money will not be a problem. U-Haul's policy is that parts are not refundable, but in this case my credit card company will reverse the charges. My advice is if you decide to deal with this company USE A CREDIT CARD. Do not pay cash. It would be your only recourse if this is an example of how they do business.
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-06-26:
UHaul installs trailer hitches on private vehicles?
Posted by dude in lude on 2007-06-26:
as a former manager of U-haul I can say with honesty STAY AWAY from there hitch installations, there is NO formal training on how to install hitches and or wiring, I cant say how many times the wire jobs were hacked up and sometimes caused shorts to the tail lights. also a lot of the hitches are a pain to get installed and require drilling, but only 3 of 4 holes get drilled, before you leave check the install while on the ramp, and check the lights, I have seen only 1 person check our work after we installed everything, most people just assume it was done correctly.... I feel bad having worked ever worked there.
Posted by runaway on 2007-06-26:
Agree with dude; NEVER have a hitch installed from a company known for renting vehicles and not installing hitches. Go to a pro- safe hauling rides on your hitch.
Posted by Gremlin1 on 2007-06-26:
Thank you all for your comments. U-Haul does in fact install hitches in private vehicles, but I had no idea how bad they were. What dude in lude and runaway both said makes sense. I'm glad I'm having it done somewhere else. And even then I will check their work. Thanks again.
Posted by Nate_the_great on 2007-06-27:
Personally I would never go with uhaul for anything. I was just about to, but a friend recommended Penske trucks. Get this, I got a truck for a day plus all my milage for $37 bucks. (AAA gives you a 10% discount). Also, if you're going to move Budget offers somewhere between 10-15% off your moving truck if you pick up a moving kit from the post office. Finally, if it is a far move, I highly recommend U-Pack just for future reference. They were awesome and give good prices - which they will negotiate to beat the other guys prices!
Posted by aidan on 2007-07-09:
I too had problems with u-haul. My problem was my hitch fell off the truck with my landscape stuff on the trailer. They gave me the run around to. still as of this date no one has contacted me . Maybe we can hire a laywer together
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Not Once, but Twice Screwed Over by Two Locations. Very Disappointed
Posted by Liltigergolf1 on 08/14/2013
SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS -- This letter is to the people that are thinking about using U-haul.

I call it the nightmare from hell !!! I live in Springfield, IL. We wanted to have a hitch installed on our SUV, so I called the U-haul on Stevenson Dr., and set up an appt. ,,I was told to bring our truck in on a Friday and it would take about 2 hrs. I said that would be just fine, cause we were going to Missouri for the day and they could have the truck all day. We dropped the truck off at 10:00 am that morning and told them that we would pick it up around 4:00pm.When we returned to pick up the truck, we called to see what the status was and we were told that they were still working arrival we find that it had never been moved nor touched! Now what most people don't know is that if one calls U-haul and lives right across the street from U-haul, you will get a call center in Arizona. There were many angry customers in that store, because there was only 2 people working, and one was a trainee. So I just asked for my keys and left, [snip] off, I contacted corporate head quarters and a nice Lady, who said her name was April sent us a $25.00 gift certificate for our troubles...That is part one.

So this morning we had another appt. at the U-haul on Bruns Lane. Again we dropped the truck off at 10:00am, about an hour later we received a call from U-haul which then the man said your truck key is stuck in the ignition and won't come out. Now your battery is drained and we are charging it up. My wife drove our other car back to U-haul. When she got there she put the truck in park, and the key immediately came out. No vehicle’s key will come out if it is turned off not in the correct gear such as PARK!! In the process of trying to get her key out, the ignition switch cover fell off on the floor. U-haul then informed us that they would charge the battery and would call us when it was done. We did not receive a call so we went out there to find the car parked in the lot without receiving a call. When we talked to the service rep., he then said that they would not be able to install the hitch because the transmission switch was broken. “HUH” It was the ignition switch and what does that have to do with the back of the truck where you are putting the hitch on. If you were able to park it in the lot, that let’s me further know that it was able to start and be moved!!!! Where is the professionalism in this. I will strongly recommend that others use caution when thinking about U-haul.

As for me, I will never, never, ever use U-haul services again and will recommend them to anyone else. I am very disappointed because of the lies and wasted time. U-haul has a large name but also has a very large problem.
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Good Work
Posted by Hawkewoman on 07/01/2013
MESA, ARIZONA -- Had a trailer hitch installed on my Toyota Tundra in Arizona and had no problems at all with the quality of product or service. When I moved to North Carolina, I rented the largest U-Haul trailer available; it and my truck were loaded! I couldn't have asked for a more trouble-free move, and the service on both ends was excellent. Now I am having a hitch installed on my Nissan Titan; I will be watching for and expecting the same great results.

Maybe I've been lucky, or maybe people with good experiences don't post, I don't know!
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Posted by hawkewoman on 2013-10-02:
Update: have had the hitch installed on my Nissan with no trouble and hauled a full trailer from Michigan to NC. Still excellent quality materials and service.
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Poor Workmanship
Posted by Brickyardboy on 03/15/2013
CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Good morning, Allow me to vent my experience with U-Haul installation of a trailer hitch.

On 8/9/2011, my wife went to U-Haul on 878 Memorial Dr, Chicopee, MA to have a trailer hitch installed on our 2006 Jeep Commander. It seems, while waiting, two of installers were having an argument, and in the process, was using profane language, yelling and swearing as it went along. The manager at the counter was also cursing at these two guys to quiet down, but it continued. After a couple of hours, my wife paid the bill, and left. She relayed what happened to me, and I shrugged it off, but thought how unprofessional and tacky that was for a customer to have to witness this nonsense.

A few days later, I hooked up my trailer and checked the lights, but they were not working. I didn't want to go back to the Chicopee, MA U-Haul, so I went to the Westfield, MA office to see if they could straighten it out. While there, the installer pointed out to me that the installer in Chicopee hadn't installed a ground wire (he even admitted that was a stupid mistake!) I also purchased the hitch ball, ball drop and pinclip assembly from Westfield.

Because the Jeep isn't used on a regular basis, I was stopped by a local police officer, and he informed me that I had a taillight out. The bulb looked ok, but I replaced the bulb and fuse just in case. Then, I noticed all kinds of strange things happening to the rear lights. For instance, if you put either directional light on, both would blink (like if the flashers were on,) right rear bulbs were dimmer than the left side. I checked all the fuses, bulbs and ground wires on the taillight housings, but everything was ok. That's when I decided to go to the Jeep dealer, and have them run a diagnostic check on the car to see what the problem was.

The mechanic informed me that what was causing all the strange taillight problems was the trailer hitch wiring. Some wires were not even connected, some were connected wrong, and some were corroded due to exposure to the elements under the vehicle (I live in the stormy Northeast.) After the U-Haul wiring was disconnected, the lights all worked fine, so I had the mechanic remove the trailer wiring, and I am now looking to find a qualified installer to wire my hitch.

I keep going back to the initial install in Chicopee, where the two idiots were arguing, and realize why this kit wasn't installed properly. What would have happened if my family was involved in a rear-end collision because of the rear lights not working correctly??
To sum up here, you need to examine your installer's credentials before allowing them to splice into a vehicle's lighting system, because someone's life may depend on them doing a competent job!

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What a complete JERK
Posted by Pzmaury on 08/18/2012
NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'll start from the beginning. I placed an order for a trailer hitch for my vehicle and needed it quickly. So I paid to have it shipped overnite and was told that it was expected in 1 to 2 days. I was ok with that because he said it would arrive between 1030am or 100pm on that Saturday, with enough time for my mechanic to install that afternoon. Saturday came and I made numerous calls to the local # that TOM (sales rep) gave me to find info of whereabouts, no answer. I come to find out that once nobody answers in the office it automically kicks in to a UHAUL service dept in Arizona.

Well twice I called them to find out the status of the hitch and NADA. So in the second phone call the representative who took my # had said that they would call the local store and talk to them directly for info. They claimed that TOM would call me to see if it had arrived. I decided to wait for the call to no avail. Finally I got another representative from Arizona to reach this guy TOM and he would call me back before closing time. Once TOM called me finally he claimed to have been very busy and all alone @ the store therefore unable to call once my hitch had arrived. OMG is that my damn problem that there were 400 people that day and he couldn't help me.

So he said he didn't have anytime to look for the delivery within the a lotted time the I needed it installed later that day. A complete waste of time. Perhaps they are incompetent and not realize that overnite is for a reason and $76.98 later you get an attitude from the sales representative who couln't care less after you've paid for it. Shouldn't there be a MGR. to oversee or police these people who work w/out any supervision. He was like a total JERKYL & HYDE from the time I placed the order and when I had to pick it up. AND get this he said that I was not understanding and I was talking down to him for he was a human. As if I as a customer was out of line and he had not been RUDE WHATSOEVER. LOL I couldn't believe that they can actually talk to you like that and get away w/it. I guess he had a bad day and had no interest in taking my order as some kind of PRIORTY.($76.98 later).

According to him it was my fault for not showing up and finding out to see if it was sitting (hitch) there. For his exact words were " I didn't have time to look to see If YOUR TRAILER hitch came since I was all alone and had 400 transactions that day." One last thing and and most importantly he seemed confused and threw out another assine excuse that he believed it was to arrive Monday morning to be installed by them. It was just an UNBELIEVEABLE TRIP and will NEVER EVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. It only makes you wonder how many more complaints there are but people don't choose or have the time to write and express their experiences, their AWFUL DOWNRIGHT RUDE EXPERIENCES. I HOPE THIS HELPS AND CONTINUE TO VOICE YOUR RIGHTS IN THIS WORLD OF THE MIGHTY WEB. MUCHISMAS GRACIAS. PZMA
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Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-08-20:
If it was important why didn't you go down there to pick it up, which you ultimately would have to do? A lot of problems could have been solved simply by going down to pick it up at the appointed time. Why was there a need to call first?
Posted by Maria Palmisano on 2012-08-27:
My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I want to offer you my apology for the inconvenience you experienced with our U-Haul of Natick location. I have forwarded your information to our Regional Office responsible for further follow up. Whether it be a general lack of providing service to you or a staffing issue that is causing the lack of service we should be providing you, we will take action to prevent the situation from happening again. If you want to contact me, I can be reached at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com. It is only through communication with our customers that we realize which programs are working and what areas need attention. Please be assured we want to to ensure you are receiving the quality of service you have come to expect and deserve from U-Haul. I hope you will allow U-Haul to redeem itself in the future.
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U-Haul Hitch and Wiring Install Fail
Posted by Cdouglas10 on 06/15/2011
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I brought my Ford Escape in to get the hitch and wiring installed. Prior to installation I asked if everything was included in the price, he (U-haul GM 2100 s SLC, UT) said yes everything excluding taxes, unless there is something else you want. I ask if there was anything else I would need. He said no. When I came back to pick up my vehicle I saw that the wiring and plug were nothing more than zip tied to my hitch, left dangling with out a cap. I told them this wasn't acceptable and that I didn't think a custom hitch installation meant zip ties and a plug with no cap or mounting bracket...They said I could buy the extra parts needed to FINISH THE JOB, but would have to come back the next day as their installer he had already left, turning my good experience into a bad one. They proceeded to charge me for the extra parts that should have been included in my quote or recommended prior to install. I had to go home and finish the installation my self that I had already paid someone else $300+ to do. I would not recommend U-haul, they did a amateur job of installing and when my concerns were raised they simply said "that's the standard install that everyone gets" and failed to address my concerns and satisfy me as a customer. As a result this review will also be posted on several web forums. Anyone who thinks someone would be satisfied and willing to pay 300+ for a custom hitch and wiring install that would leave the plug dangling and uncovered from the rear of their vehicle, secured only by zip ties, is in my opinion, not fit to run a business.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-15:
To me, the principal part of the job is installing the hitch and integrating a wiring harness into the car wiring.

In the old days, just following the Vietnam War, we'd leave the wiring harness dangle. I'm aware that fancier weatherproof connectors are available nowadays, but were you told one was included in the job?
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-06-16:
I guess I'm with trmn8r... Just about every hitch job I've seen where there wasn't already some sort of wiring hardware on the car ended up with the wiring just being zipped tied to the hitch. It would work well this way, so no rip-off.
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Trailer hitch
Posted by Jfflm48 on 07/27/2010
ELSMERE, KENTUCKY -- Worst customer service ever. I took my Ford van there to get a trailer hitch installed. They said it would take about an hour. Two hours later they called me and said they couldn't get the previous hitch bolts off because they were so rusty, and that I would need to take my van somewhere to get them cut off. I got the bolts cut off at Midas (they said the bolts were not that rusty). I took the van back to Uhaul and the installation guy said he was not on the clock any longer and could not install the hitch, and he would not be in until 11am the next day. Must be nice to have a job that starts at 11 and gets off at 5 and if there is a bolt thats hard to get off just tell the customer they need to take their vehicle somewhere else because they're incapable. Unbelievable!!
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-07-28:
That treatment is absurd! What we have here is a lazy shiftless mechanic who should find another line of work. #1, He caused you to incur additional expense, sending you someplace else to do part of HIS job. #2, He shirked off a simple job that he should have had theools and skills to do, and #3, Eleven AM to five PM? If I had ever come in at eleven AM, my tool box would be sitting outside the shop with a note to pick up my final check on Friday.
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