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Inadequate Install
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Rating: 1/51

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- If you are planning to tow a travel trailer DON'T USE this company. They don't have a clue. Fitted the wrong ball hitch so the height was wrong and wouldn't replace it with a taller one as they don't accept returns--even unused. Didn't install a brake controller. I informed them I was towing a travel trailer and had to get them to install a 7-way connector. I would have been better off going to an RV center.

Appointment to Install Trailer Hitch for Bikes
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I made an appointment with the U-Haul location nearest me (9411 FM 1950, Houston) with 2 weeks notice. A week prior to the appointment I was notified of a change in the appointment from 9:00 AM on the Sat. to 10:00 AM on Sat. An follow-up email was sent to me confirming that reservation. The reason for the appointment change was that the installer would not be in till 10:00. I arrived at the appointment time only to be informed that there was no one available to install the hitch and moved my reservation to a different location, a considerable distance from where I live.

I contacted Customer Service and requested to speak to the Appointment's Manager. While very apologetic, there was nothing she could do except suggest I travel to the new location. I have found a different company to purchase and install a hitch, so will NOT be using U-Haul, nor would recommend others using this service.

Not Once, but Twice Screwed Over by Two Locations. Very Disappointed
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS -- This letter is to the people that are thinking about using U-Haul. I call it the nightmare from hell!!! I live in Springfield, IL. We wanted to have a hitch installed on our SUV, so I called the U-Haul on Stevenson Dr., and set up an appt. I was told to bring our truck in on a Friday and it would take about 2 hrs. I said that would be just fine, cause we were going to Missouri for the day and they could have the truck all day. We dropped the truck off at 10:00 am that morning and told them that we would pick it up around 4:00 pm.

When we returned to pick up the truck, we called to see what the status was and we were told that they were still working arrival we find that it had never been moved nor touched! Now what most people don't know is that if one calls U-Haul and lives right across the street from U-Haul, you will get a call center in Arizona. There were many angry customers in that store, because there was only 2 people working, and one was a trainee. So I just asked for my keys and left, ** off, I contacted corporate headquarters and a nice lady, who said her name was April sent us a $25.00 gift certificate for our troubles... That is part one.

So this morning we had another appt. at the U-Haul on Bruns Lane. Again we dropped the truck off at 10:00 am, about an hour later we received a call from U-Haul which then the man said, "Your truck key is stuck in the ignition and won't come out. Now your battery is drained and we are charging it up." My wife drove our other car back to U-Haul. When she got there, she put the truck in park, and the key immediately came out. No vehicle'€™s key will come out if it is turned off not in the correct gear such as PARK!! In the process of trying to get her key out, the ignition switch cover fell off on the floor.

U-Haul then informed us that they would charge the battery and would call us when it was done. We did not receive a call so we went out there to find the car parked in the lot without receiving a call. When we talked to the service rep, he then said that they would not be able to install the hitch because the transmission switch was broken. €œ

HUH, it was the ignition switch and what does that have to do with the back of the truck where you are putting the hitch on? If you were able to park it in the lot, that let€™s me further know that it was able to start and be moved!!! Where is the professionalism in this? I will strongly recommend that others use caution when thinking about U-Haul. As for me, I will never, never, ever use U-Haul services again and will recommend them to anyone else. I am very disappointed because of the lies and wasted time. U-Haul has a large name but also has a very large problem.

What a Complete JERK
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Rating: 1/51

NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'll start from the beginning. I placed an order for a trailer hitch for my vehicle and needed it quickly. So I paid to have it shipped overnight and was told that it was expected in 1 to 2 days. I was OK with that because he said it would arrive between 10:30 am or 1:00 pm on that Saturday, with enough time for my mechanic to install that afternoon. Saturday came and I made numerous calls to the local # that TOM (sales rep) gave me to find info of whereabouts, no answer. I come to find out that once nobody answers in the office, it automatically kicks into a U-Haul service dept in Arizona.

Well twice I called them to find out the status of the hitch and NADA. So in the second phone call the representative who took my # had said that they would call the local store and talk to them directly for info. They claimed that ** would call me to see if it had arrived. I decided to wait for the call to no avail. Finally I got another representative from Arizona to reach this guy ** and he would call me back before closing time. Once ** called me finally, he claimed to have been very busy and all alone @ the store therefore unable to call once my hitch had arrived. OMG is that my damn problem that there were 400 people that day and he couldn't help me.

So he said he didn't have any time to look for the delivery within the alloted time the I needed it installed later that day. A complete waste of time. Perhaps they are incompetent and not realize that overnight is for a reason and $76.98 later, you get an attitude from the sales representative who couldn't care less after you've paid for it. Shouldn't there be a MGR. to oversee or police these people who work w/out any supervision? He was like a total JEKYLL & HYDE from the time I placed the order and when I had to pick it up. AND get this, he said that I was not understanding and I was talking down to him for he was a human.

As if I as a customer was out of line and he had not been RUDE WHATSOEVER. LOL I couldn't believe that they can actually talk to you like that and get away w/it. I guess he had a bad day and had no interest in taking my order as some kind of PRIORITY ($76.98 later). According to him it was my fault for not showing up and finding out to see if it was sitting (hitch) there. For his exact words were "I didn't have time to look to see if YOUR TRAILER hitch came since I was all alone and had 400 transactions that day."

One last thing and most importantly he seemed confused and threw out another asinine excuse that he believed it was to arrive Monday morning to be installed by them. It was just an UNBELIEVABLE TRIP and will NEVER EVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. It only makes you wonder how many more complaints there are but people don't choose or have the time to write and express their experiences, their AWFUL DOWNRIGHT RUDE EXPERIENCES. I HOPE THIS HELPS AND CONTINUE TO VOICE YOUR RIGHTS IN THIS WORLD OF THE MIGHTY WEB. MUCHISMAS GRACIAS.

Ruined My Transmission and Won't Cover the Cost
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I so wish I'd read these reviews before I prepared to rent a small U-Haul trailer for a move from TX to OR. Since my van had no towing package, I paid $200 plus for them to install a towing package including a fan to keep the engine cool. This work was done several days before I picked up the small trailer. Within no more than 2 miles of leaving the U-Haul place, my van died. Transmission fluid was all over the place.

So, I called the owner of the U-Haul company there in TX, who told me that his work had involved the line carrying the transmission fluid but that he'd never had this problem in 20 years. He recommended we call to get the van towed and repaired and said that U-Haul would cover the damages - if they were at fault. We had a mechanic look at the van who saw that the hose for the transmission fluid was disconnected, so he put transmission fluid back in the system and reattach the hose that had come loose. I then took the van to a shop that said the transmission was indeed damaged and so replaced the transmission.

In between these events, I talked to various people at U-Haul who were of absolutely no help. I couldn't believe that even though the van broke down so close to the place where the towing package had been installed that they still wouldn't even drive over to check on their work. The employees were rude and completely unsympathetic to the damage and inconvenience they had caused. I was given four different numbers to call to voice my complaint and still never given the correct connection - AND, none of the supposed "Customer Service" people were customer service oriented.

They were all immediately defensive and close minded, despite my attempt to hide my own anger. The only decent conversation I had with one customer service agent was after I counseled her on the frustrations people experience as they move and acknowledged that her job must be awfully difficult. Now!!! I've completed the move to Oregon with the van and small trailer only to be told that by law U-Haul does not have to pay for the entire price of the transmission because my van has over 100K miles on it.

Even though my van was in working perfectly before the work done at U-Haul and had just had a check-up due to the upcoming travel, U-Haul says it only pays for the amount of the transmission that the van would have used due to its mileage. Never mind that before U-Haul touched the van, I could have driven the 2,500 miles to Oregon, and after their damage, I couldn't drive 5 miles. This was never mentioned when I was told by various U-Haul representatives to take the van in for repairs. The van was in excellent condition, even though the mileage is high. It has been very well maintained and is a custom, comfort van.

After paying over $200 for the towing package, another $200 for the trailer and then, over 3,000K for a transmission, I have been informed that they will pay approximately 25% for the cost of only the transmission. I had no idea that U-Haul was so far away from providing care for its customers. Having worked in customer service myself and then also training others in customer service, I am shocked and angry. Is there no way to get a company to "step up to the plate?" The previous stories have only confirmed my decision to avoid U-Haul and encourage others to do the same!!

Danville, VA U-Haul Hitch Installer Is a Thief!
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DANVILLE, VIRGINIA -- In December 2006, I had a hitch installed on my vehicle by the U-Haul in Danville, VA. We were in the area visiting my new in-laws and we were taking a lot of my wife's things back with us to Fort Campbell, KY. I planned on renting a truck and pulling our vehicle behind the truck, but it ended up being less expensive to have a hitch installed and pull a trailer. Our car was already packed up for the trip, we just needed to get the hitch installed and get the trailer for the additional baggage. We dropped the vehicle off and went across the street to Burger King to wait. A few hours later the vehicle was ready. We got the trailer and left.

A mile down the road U-Haul called my cell and told me to come back because the guy that installed the hitch took my toiletry bag out of the trunk and it was still there. No problem, thanks for letting me know. We proceeded to my in-laws to pack the trailer and departed for Ft Campbell. We arrived late, parked the car and made sure the trailer was locked up.

The next morning we unpacked everything and found that the hitch guy had stolen our MiniDV video camera from the trunk of our car. The only time the car was not secure and in our possession was when he was installing the hitch. I filed a complaint on U-Haul's corporate site and was contacted by the U-Haul in Danville. They swore he did not steal it. BS - the guy is a shyster and he robbed us. I wish I'd been less trusting and more skeptical with a pawnshop sitting right next door to U-Haul. I'm sure this pathetic excuse for a human being does this type of thing often.

They then told me it states on the contract that they're not responsible for loss or damage while they have your vehicle. Great clause - they can steal your stuff and it says it's not their responsibility. I attempted to file a police report but was unable to over the phone. I had to the next time I was in town. I also tried contacting the pawnshop next door, but they were as receptive to helping me as you would expect. Lesson learned - if you have U-Haul install a hitch, make sure there is nothing in your car. Loose change, car mats - they're all free game because "U-Haul is not responsible for loss or damage."

I am in the process of moving again in the military and researched moving companies. I'm going with Penske this time. The U-Haul here told me she'd match my Penske quote after I told her they were asking over $200 less! I'm not lying, Penske wants $558 and U-Haul wants $793 for the same size truck. I still have the bitter experience from a year ago and a laundry list of other reasons why not to use U-Haul. Something should be done to put them out of business. They're all run by shysters and people who couldn't care less if you make it to your destination with your stuff alive. Why do they care as long as they have your credit card number?

Poor Workmanship
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Rating: 1/51

CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Good morning, allow me to vent my experience with U-Haul installation of a trailer hitch. On 8/9/2011, my wife went to U-Haul on 878 Memorial Dr, Chicopee, MA to have a trailer hitch installed on our 2006 Jeep Commander. It seems, while waiting, two of installers were having an argument, and in the process, was using profane language, yelling and swearing as it went along. The manager at the counter was also cursing at these two guys to quiet down, but it continued. After a couple of hours, my wife paid the bill, and left.

She relayed what happened to me, and I shrugged it off, but thought how unprofessional and tacky that was for a customer to have to witness this nonsense. A few days later, I hooked up my trailer and checked the lights, but they were not working. I didn't want to go back to the Chicopee, MA U-Haul, so I went to the Westfield, MA office to see if they could straighten it out. While there, the installer pointed out to me that the installer in Chicopee hadn't installed a ground wire (he even admitted that was a stupid mistake!). I also purchased the hitch ball, ball drop and pin clip assembly from Westfield.

Because the Jeep isn't used on a regular basis, I was stopped by a local police officer, and he informed me that I had a taillight out. The bulb looked OK, but I replaced the bulb and fuse just in case. Then, I noticed all kinds of strange things happening to the rear lights. For instance, if you put either directional light on, both would blink (like if the flashers were on), right rear bulbs were dimmer than the left side. I checked all the fuses, bulbs and ground wires on the taillight housings, but everything was OK. That's when I decided to go to the Jeep dealer, and have them run a diagnostic check on the car to see what the problem was.

The mechanic informed me that what was causing all the strange taillight problems was the trailer hitch wiring. Some wires were not even connected, some were connected wrong, and some were corroded due to exposure to the elements under the vehicle (I live in the stormy Northeast.) After the U-Haul wiring was disconnected, the lights all worked fine, so I had the mechanic remove the trailer wiring, and I am now looking to find a qualified installer to wire my hitch.

I keep going back to the initial install in Chicopee, where the two idiots were arguing, and realize why this kit wasn't installed properly. What would have happened if my family was involved in a rear-end collision because of the rear lights not working correctly?? To sum up here, you need to examine your installer's credentials before allowing them to splice into a vehicle's lighting system, because someone's life may depend on them doing a competent job!

Hitch Wiring Completely Wrong
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GOLDEN RING, MARYLAND -- On 8/16/07 I visited the U-Haul location in White Marsh, MD to get a hitch installed. After having the hitch installed, I went home and got under the car to check out the hitch that they had installed. I noticed that one bolt was sticking out of the hitch and realized that it had not been installed properly like the other bolt on the other side was. I also hooked the wiring up and realized that the wiring did not work at all. I called U-Haul and spoke with the manager who advised me to bring the car back up tomorrow.

The next day I brought the car up in the morning to be fixed. The process took longer than expected and one of the U-Haul workers kindly drove me to work so I could leave my car there all day to be worked on. Later that day I picked up my car and took it home to test the wiring. When I got home and hooked it up, the braking system was not working properly. After two weeks I brought the car back up to be looked at, taking off a couple hours of work to do this. The manager there looked at my car and told me it was either my trailer that was wrong or my car wiring system was not working properly.

He told me the next time to bring up my trailer with it. I knew it was not the trailer though because I had tested it with another vehicle and it worked fine. The fourth time that I came back to the location after waiting to get another day off of work, I brought the trailer with me to prove that it was not the trailer. They hooked the trailer up to another truck there and saw that the trailer was fine. After working on my vehicle for two hours, they still could not find the problem.

So I kindly asked for a refund for the wiring job done on my car. They gave me 57.00 dollars back for the job and I took it up to Jiffy Hitch for them to find my problem. They found out the problem the second they looked at the vehicle. The vehicle did not need a wiring harness at all. After five minutes, Jiffy Hitch had my car's wiring fixed. They advised me that they have numerous complaints about U-Haul.

By -

WOODS CROSS, UTAH -- I made an appointment at the U-Haul in Woods Cross to put a receiver hitch on my Jeep, and to have it wired for a boat trailer. The manager told me to be there at 10 am on Saturday. When I arrived I was told that the manager was bringing down my hitch. Funny, I had made my reservation a few days ago. Anyway they proceed to put on the hitch. They removed the spare tire and could not replace it because the components they placed were in the way (like they couldn't put them in another place). The wiring took forever (3 hours).

I assume they didn't really know what they were doing, and they didn't. Took it home, hooked it up to my boat trailer. Nothing, not lights, brakes, turn signals, absolutely nothing worked. I call them up, they suddenly don't have time for me. Then they tell me that they want me to bring my boat in. So they want me to drive my boat, no lights, no brakes, 15 miles so they can take a look at it. I say no. I keep calling trying to get a time to come in, they are always busy and don't return calls (wait, this gets better).

So I send an email to the corporate office outlining the story above. The complaint goes to the Woods Cross store, the manager calls me mad at ME! She is wondering what the problem is. I tell her it's been two weeks, I paid almost $400.00, and it doesn't work. She was mad that I complained. I told her all I want is to be refunded the labor for the wiring and I will go somewhere else. She said she will ask her boss. When she calls back, she said that I have to go to another U-Haul place, if she wired it wrong, there will be a reimbursement. I told her it's wired right, but not for my boat. So I told her I want to talk to her boss. She says call 1-800-Go-U-Haul (Hang on it still gets better).

I call, when a person answers, I ask "Are you a supervisor?" They say no, and put me back on hold. The next person that answers I ask the same question. They said you have to talk to the regional person in your state. They gave me the person's name and number. When I called that number I say, "Are you," and then her first and last name. She was mad that I had her name. She passed me on to someone else. This person said I need to go to another U-Haul shop.

After the way I'd been treated, WHY would I want to do that??!!! So there is nothing they can do for me. U-Haul does not think the customer is important. Here is a multi-million dollar company that would not give me $40.00 for a project they could not complete. I will NEVER use them again.

U-Haul Hitch and Wiring Install Fail
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I brought my Ford Escape in to get the hitch and wiring installed. Prior to installation I asked if everything was included in the price, he (U-Haul GM 2100 S SLC, UT) said yes everything excluding taxes, unless there is something else you want. I ask if there was anything else I would need. He said no. When I came back to pick up my vehicle I saw that the wiring and plug were nothing more than zip tied to my hitch, left dangling without a cap. I told them this wasn't acceptable and that I didn't think a custom hitch installation meant zip ties and a plug with no cap or mounting bracket...

They said I could buy the extra parts needed to FINISH THE JOB, but would have to come back the next day as their installer he had already left, turning my good experience into a bad one. They proceeded to charge me for the extra parts that should have been included in my quote or recommended prior to install. I had to go home and finish the installation myself that I had already paid someone else $300+ to do. I would not recommend U-Haul, they did an amateur job of installing and when my concerns were raised, they simply said "That's the standard install that everyone gets" and failed to address my concerns and satisfy me as a customer.

As a result this review will also be posted on several web forums. Anyone who thinks someone would be satisfied and willing to pay 300+ for a custom hitch and wiring install that would leave the plug dangling and uncovered from the rear of their vehicle, secured only by zip ties, is in my opinion, not fit to run a business.

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