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Uhaul Now Provides: Physical Assault On Customers And Charge An Extra $280.00 For It
Posted by Uhaul bites on 11/22/2005
I recently rented a UHaul trailer to move my belongings from over 1200 miles to my new home. Upon arriving in my new home town to take the UHaul to the drop off point and to unload the UHaul in one of their storage facilities, I was treated very unfairly and was also assaulted by the manager of this company.

Customer service is definitely not one of Uhauls better services. Being screamed and yelled at seemed to be their better services they provided. I had spit from him yelling strewn across my face and was grabbed and shaken by this person as well. He told me he was tired and wanted to go home and and I would have to leave my belongings unsecured as he threatened to kick me out of his facility. Mind you it didn't matter that he had already kept me waiting in his store for over 1 hour while he ignored me and helped other customers during this time frame. He also told me since I kept him late he was going to charge me another $250.00 for his inconvenience. Which he did in fact do the next day but it was $280.00 even though my contract stated I was paid in full. I had to call the local police to protect myself, my small child from being assaulted further, I was scared and intimidated by this older gentleman.

So lets sum this up... I was overcharged for a service, treated rudely, assaulted verbally and physically and regional office tells me they will now sue me for slander if I publicize any of the truths in how I was treated. I was also threatened over the phone by the regional office that I better watch my back, they know where I live! How is that for customer service and satisfaction. I will never in ,my life use this service again and will listen to others when a bad review is given to me as it was before I hired them as my moving service. I just want to add that I am 5'2", 110lb female, and yes I did press charges. This gentleman had my husband go drop off the trailer, and waited till he was at the back of the lot to attack me and my another female I had helping me.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-22:
You let some old guy spit on you then put his hands on you? Assumming that you are a man(?) why didn't you defend yourself and your child. Did you press charges? Uhaul not only bites they kick @ss!
Posted by cycolbur on 2005-11-23:
have you thought of turning the tables on them and suing. i would not even hestitate. call bbb also.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-18:
Oh that's bad. Follow through with the pressed charges and hope he gets alittle time to cool his heals. Did you call Uhaul? I'd get that charge refunded, your in luck cause it sounds like you had a witness.
Posted by tigerhwk on 2006-01-26:
You are such a liar
Posted by uhaulemp on 2007-10-17:
I belive that is the worst story I have haerd and that you should go above that regional area and go straight to corp.
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Posted by Womanjudge on 08/03/2004
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- On July 16th I reserved a trailer hitch and trailer to move my daughter to Florida on August 5th. U-Haul took the $50.00 deposit out of my account that very day and gave me confirmation numbers which I believed I could count on. They were to have called me on August 3rd to schedule the installation. No call. I called them - guess what? They didn't have a trailer hitch and couldn't get one unless the overnighted one from their corporate office the next day - which would cost me a day of vacation and travel time. I asked to speak to the manager who was always with "another customer" and who never returned my call. I was advised I could complain by calling 1-800-GoUHaul. I called and was finally able to get a hitch (already in stock!) in another City which meant I had to drive 50 miles one way just to get a hitch that I didn't want to buy! U-Haul has horrible customer service and, as God is my witness, I will NEVER again use U-Haul!
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UHAUL IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Idontlikeuhaul on 06/09/2006
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I am sick and tired and exhausted! I waited for 4 hours in the hot sun in Arkansas for UHaul to come and fixed the flat tire on the 4x6 trailer that I rented. I am trying to drive from Texas to Michigan to be back with my young children.
UHaul gave me a bad trailer with bald tires!
Giving me a bad start in Texas!
I had to call them over and over again.
I was on the highway in a dangerous spot with a flat tire!
When I told them I had a flat they asked where is it!!
They seem very uncaring and very demeaning!
I will never rent anything from them.
They cant understand plain English!
they make me repeat numbers over and over again and then tell me that I'm not reading it right but I am.
They told the service man the wrong direction!!
He was lost because of them.

UHaul is a very terrible company!!




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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-10:
It looks like Uhaul stinks big time. http://www.phoenix.bbb.org/communitysponsors.asp
File a bbb complaint.
You also should've did the safety check before you left.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-10:
While I agree U-Haul has gone to the dog’s and they are more like Gray Hound then a rental company, you do say “Uhaul gave me a bad trailer with bald tires!”. Did you see them before you left? If not, then like Mrs Manischewitz said “You also should've did the safety check before you left.”
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-10:
I've never been happy with U-Haul. I've used them about 4-5 times and never again!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-10:
U-HAUL shouldn't rent equipment with bald tires. It's just bad business. It cost them a pretty penny to send somebody out to fix the flat. It's a reasonable expectation rented equipment is usable and in fair condition. That being said, I agree with Mrs M and Lidman - These days you can't depend on people to do their jobs properly.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-10:
Depending on your location. One can buy a small trailer (used) for what a long-distance one-way move will cost from U-Haul. Then, sell the trailer at your destination. I've done this twice. It takes some pre-planning though. With U-Haul you're paying for convenience...often at the level the poster describes.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-13:
U-Haul = U-Pay, U-fix, U-onyourown, and I can't believe M3C won't let me post the next phrase!
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Posted by Geardino on 10/01/2003
I called UHaul's toll free number around 4 pm on Saturday, Sept. 27th and reserved a 5 x 8' trailer for pick up on Sunday, Sept 28th in the Woodbridge, NJ 07095 area. I gave my credit card number to which they charged $5 in order to confirm the reservation. I was then told to expect a phone call with the pick up location and instructions by 6 pm. I gave my email address for them to send a rate confirm (this was never received). I was also given a phone number to call in the event that they did not call me first. No one called me by 6:00 pm so I called back and was told the regional schedulers work until 7:00 pm so I should wait until then. Again, no call back. I called again at 6:50 pm and after the automated answer came on, I chose option #4 and let it ring and ring and ring--no answer--until 7:00 pm, and which point I called again only to get the automated message that said "we are now closed...call back between....yada yada".

At that point, I had already committed to moving on Sundayincluding people we lined up to help us, yet had no information on where to pick up the equipment. On Sunday morning I called back at 9:00 am (which is the time the automated message said they reopen on Sunday) and again used option #4 and it rang and rang until it went directly to the hold music, which I listened to for a good half hour before someone picked up and said "you'll have to hold at least another 45 minutes" and promptly put me back on hold! I held on for over 2 hours!!! (which I will prove when I mail in my cell phone bill!), to NO AVAIL! No one ever came back on the line. In the meantime, my husband was trying to get through to ANYONE at UHaul using our regular phone.

At this point I drove around to 8 UHaul locations in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas (Edison, Linden, etc) and there was not one 5' x 8' trailer available at any of the locations, which makes me wonder how the reservations center could possibly have confirmed my reservation when the equipment wasn't even available!!! Needless to say, the "regional scheduling office" NEVER EVER bothered to call me. I ended up having to drive all the way down to Parksdale, Pennsylvania and rent the trailer for $76 (as opposed to the $19.95 I was quoted on the phone by the toll-free morons.)

NOT ONE PERSON that I spoke with on any of their 800 numbers was helpful or even made any attempt to assist me!

After sending in this complaint via their website, I got the following response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact our Customer Service Department.

Please accept our sincere apology for the difficulties you encountered
with your reservation and any inconvenience we caused. Your feedback will
enable us to improve our service.

Our procedures are as follows

1. Fill the reservation as requested
2. Find the equipment at another location
3. Find equipment of agreeable substitution
4. Keep in contact with the customer to review options

Our goal is to provide a better and better product and service to more and
more people at a lower and lower cost. Consumer input, from customers
like you, helps us work toward this goal.

The $5.00 non-refundable service fee is collected on all confirmed reservations that require In-Town, Remote Pick-up or Same Day/Next day reservations. This information is communicated at the time of the reservation over the phone and on line through our Website.

When a location is unable to assist with your rental needs, they should refer you to the Regional Office for assistance. We apologize for any breakdown of communication. The Saddle Brook, NJ Regional Office at (800)541-0134 has been apprised of your experience.

Please accept our apologies. We want to keep you as a customer and show you we can satisfy your needs.

Salea Kinealy
U-Haul Customer Service

NEEDLESS to say, this moron did not read my complaint or is illiterate and uses a standardized response. When I called UHaul on the phone, they had the nerve to tell me that since I did rent UHaul Equipment, (despite the fact that I had to call around to the various locations myself), I am not entitled to a refund for even the $5 "reservation" fee, which at this point is nothing less than highway robbery--THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-02:
I work for an independent Uhaul dealer. I cannot tell you how much it is stressed by every dealer not to make reservations by contacting the 800# or on the Internet. Both of these go directly to Phoenix Arizona, and the people there have absolutely no idea what equipment is available and the number of reservations compared to available equipment. Always make your reservation by calling the dealer you wish to pick up from. They can tell you if what you want is available and if not at their location where it is available.

I can understand how mad you are with the whole situation. However you have to realize that by 4pm Saturday 99% of all dealers have closed and gone home and about 1% is even open on Sunday.

800 & Internet reservation customers are usually contacted within 24 hours after making the reservation by the local marketing office of the area you are requesting pick up. And then again are contacted 24 hours before pick up with the pick up location. Reading your post you made the reservation the night before wanting to pick up. It usually takes a couple hours for reservations to go from Phoenix to the local marketing office. Which is probably why they put you on hold for so long. Which is not right, they should have informed you if they did not have your reservation yet & called you back.

As a dealer I can never understand why someone who knows they are moving well in advance will wait until the night before to make their reservation. If you were going on vacation would you wait until the night before to make the hotel reservation and purchase the plane tickets?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-08:
I am not at all affiliated with the following website, and read it at your own risk, but I personally suggest you go to www.dontuseuhaul.com , and I think it will make you feel better reading about someone who fought U-Haul and WON! Very interesting, right to the point story!
Posted by Shannon8669 on 2004-06-07:
If you change some of the unimprotant details to this story it is exactly what happened to me. I to went elsewhere and paid 3x the amount quoted by uhaul.
Posted by shugah405 on 2006-02-07:
This story has more to it. After the whole fiasco of renting the trailer was over with, we returned it to a local UHaul representative / gas station within 24 hours. End of story, right? Very wrong.

Two months later I see a charge of $1200 on my debit card (which impacted us much more than had it been on a credit card, since they zapped the funds right out of our checking account...word to the wise: if you can, NEVER use your debit card for a guarantee, regardless of how you intend to pay). The uhaul rep neglected to turn in the paperwork showing we returned the trailer. The trailer eventually showed up somewhere down south and we were charged for the time from when we picked it up, until some other people returned it. After numerous visits to the gas station where we returned the equipment, they had no incentive to look for the paperwork proving our claim. My beefy husband had to go in and tell them that his wife is an attorney and that they probably don't want to get involved with me. Between that and calls to "Help Me Howard", "Seven on Your Side" and a few other grievance-aiding services, not least of which was the a friend's sister who happened to work at UHaul, they finally credited back the $1200 (but not the charges associated with bouncing checks due to their false claim).

Stay away from UHAUL at ALL COSTS!
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Coporate Fraud & Criminal Theft by Taking
Posted by Blueskyflyer on 05/01/2008
COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 97045218 Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern & Western Arizona

Consumer Info: xyz, Marc
Business Info: U-Haul International Inc.
2727 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
602 263-6130

Location Involved: (Same as above)

Consumer's Original Complaint :
On the evening of Friday March 14th, 2008, I rented a 6'x12' open trailer from University Uhaul dealership in Athens, GA. to move a piece of equipment. The rental was for done as an "intown move", at approx. $35 per day, intended for 2 days to be returned to the original dealership on Sunday, March 16th. This 2 day trailer move should have cost approx. $70 total. I paid a $60 deposit in cash. The trip was uneventful with the exception of the trailer to have a tendency to swerve slightly side to side at times. I delivered the piece of equipment to Melbourne, Florida early in the morning on Saturday, March 15th. Due to my concern for trailering back an empty trailer which was tending to swerve, I located a Uhaul dealership in Florida. I knew from prior Uhaul rentals that some trailers were assigned to certain dealerships and some were not and floated among dealerships. I explained that this trailer was rented under an "in town" rental and wanted to know if this trailer was assigned to the dealership in Athens or if it was possible to return it to the dealership in Florida. He checked the computer and informed me that the trailer was assigned to the Athens dealership but that he would see if he could authorize the return to that location instead. He placed a call to a district supervisor and informed me that I was now authorized to return it to the Florida location, however, the rental type would change to a "one way" move with a higher rental rate. I asked how much and he informed me that it would be $128.90. He noted that I had paid a $60 deposit and therefore the balance for the rental was $68.90. Even though it would cost me more than a 2 day "in town" move, I felt it would be worth the extra money to not have the liability of a swerving trailer on the trip back. He drafted a new contract as a "replacement" and I paid him cash money in full and dropped off the trailer, believing the rental to have been completed as of Saturday, March 15th. He assured me that there would be no other charges and noted that my contract reflected a zero balance. I have since received notice from my bank that Uhaul has also charged $155 to the debit card on file. After speaking with many Uhaul representatives and hearing several different stories as to what the charge is and why, I am left with no choice but to file this complaint, as Uhaul has shown absolutely no inclination to remedy this issue. In their opinion, even though I was only doing what Uhaul representatives themselves authorized and instructed me to do, they believe the charges to be justified. In addition, I have been informed that they intend to charge an additional $52.50 for a total amount of $207.50. This amount is above and beyond the total rental fee which I submitted in full with cash and have receipt for. The latest story I have been told was that each dealership can charge a one way rental fee for the same rental and contract #. I had to repeat that to make sure I was hearing the Uhaul representative correctly. She confirms that that is what has occurred in this case and they are justified in doing so. Multiple rental charges from different dealerships for the same rental borders on fraud and criminal theft by taking. Without satisfaction from Uhaul immediately, I will dispute the charges as fraudulent and contact the State Office of the Attorney General for relief. I remain hopeful that Uhaul will take the necessary action to follow though on the commitment of their representatives and resolve this issue.

U-Haul Rental Location:
(US HWY 78)
ATHENS , GA 30606

U-Haul Rental Location:
(US HWY 78)
ATHENS , GA 30606

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
I request that the charges assessed to the debit card on file are immediately refunded and no other charges will be assessed and a waiver of claim for any charges or fees arising from this matter .

BBB Processing

04/07/2008 web BBB Case Received by BBB
04/08/2008 lbc BBB Case Reviewed by BBB - Accredited Business
04/08/2008 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer
04/08/2008 Otto EMAIL 1st Notice to Accredited Business of Case
04/14/2008 lbc BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : The company's assistant in the Office of the President contacted me and took down my information and informed me that I would be receiving a call the next morning for the regional office to remedy this issue. Of course, that has been many days now and I am yet to hear anything from them.

Marc xyz
04/14/2008 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : April 14, 2008
Thank you for your concern for our customer Mr. xyz.
Mr. Charlotte Cowser, our Traffic Manager for the U-Haul Company of Central Georgia, followed up on the information Mr. xyz provided. She spoke to Mr. xyz on or about April 8th and explained his charges to him in detail. She informed our office Mr. xyz understood and agreed to all the charges. He agreed he should pay the one way rate from Athens and he understood why he was charged the fees at the drop off location.
Ms. Cowser explained no further action was needed after her conversation with Mr. xyz.
Our customers are very important to us and we regret to hear of situations that cause problems for them. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to offer a response.
Maria Palmisano
Executive Assistant
U-Haul International
04/17/2008 lbc EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer
04/18/2008 WEB BBB CONSUMER REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Do I accept the response from the business? Absoultely not. The response is nothing short of utter nonsense. I spoke to Charlotte Cowser prior to filing the complaint with the BBB and PRIOR to speaking to the corporate Office of the President. The Office of the President has simply kicked my complaint made to them back down to someone lower, who failed to handle the issue when provided the opportunity in the first place. Because Charlotte Cowser had spoken with myself prior, she appearently did not find it necessary to follow-up on this complaint issued with the Office of the President and instead chose to dismiss and ignore my issue. This is evidenced by the fact that I never received the follow-up phone call I was slated to receive the next morning, as promised by the Office of the President It was largely due to the complete and utter lunacy of Charlotte Cowser's "explanation" that I felt I needed to escalte the issue to the BBB and the Office of the President.Upon speaking to Charlotte Cowser, I inquired as to the specific nature of the charges and informed her that I thought I had been charged for a "wrong-way drop-off" charge of the equipment but that Uhaul had changed my contract and informed me that I had approval to drop-off the equipment at the dealership without additonal charge or penalty. If this was the case, it was clearly not correct to charge me for following through on information Uhaul itself had provided me. She emphatically informed that the charges appearing on the credit card were absolutely not a charge for a "wrong destination drop-off" of the equipment, as she said that the current charges stemmed from the dispatching dealership and that only the receiving dealership could charge a "wrong location drop-off fee". Rather, she informed me that the charges were for a "one-way" move rate. I explained to Charlotte Cowser that I understood and approved of the change of the "local" to the "one-way" move rate, as evidenced by the fact that I was charged by, and paid for the "one-way rate" to the receiving dealership at the time of the equipment drop-off. She was able to verify this fact. Her absurd final answer was that each location, both the dispatching and receiving dealer, had charged me a "one-way" move rate. Stunned, I asked her if she was telling me that I was charged for the same trailer on the same move rental by both locations. She informed me that this was indeed the case and Uhaul was perfectly within their guidelines for doing so. Is Uhauls's corporate office aware of this?!? I specifically informed her that her "explanation" amounted to outright fraud and could be potentially viewed as criminal theft by taking. I asked her to think carefully about what she was informing me and reclarified with her exactly the position she was defending. She again restated herself and stood by her "explanation". The level of incompetence appears to be so massive, at this point, I find no other alternative than to file complaints with the Attorney Generals of all States involved, including the State of Uhauls's corporate offices. I will have the credit card charges disputed immediately and have the bank initiate a fraud investigation. As well, I will seek all other legal remedies at my disposal, including the possiblility of civil suit for the damages caused to myself directly as a resukt of their actions. I will also search out the possibility other customers have been damaged by Uhaul's fraudulent practice of being charged by multiple dealerships for the same rental, in order to determine the possibility of gaining class action staus of any potential civil litigation. All this because Uhaul wanted to take a little extra from a repeat good customer of a dozen prior rentals, when I did nothing more than follow the very directives and information Uhaul provided me. This was a very easy customer service issue to remedy with a clear cut resolution for Uhaul to take care of their customer. For the small amount of $155 which they have attempted to take without cause, they could have wiaved the charge, admitted error, kept myself as a loyal customer and had me as a positive and vocal endorsement for Uhaul. Instead, they have made the decision to lose my future business and ensure I will spend every day of the rest of my life ensuring that I inform as many people as possible, at every opportunity, about Uhaul's treatment of myself and their fraudulent practices, in the hopes that they do not also fall victim to Uhaul.
04/18/2008 lbc EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business
04/30/2008 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : One additional noteworthy item that should alarm Uhaul management is that during my conversation with Charlotte Cowser, she informed me that I was "lucky" because I had actually paid much less than the current "one-way" move rate for that trailer between those destinations and informed me that the actual one-way move rate should have been $250. Interesting bit of information. So I went online and checked the one-way move rate for the trailer between those two locations. It was $83 and included 4 days rental. I called Uhaul and guess what I was quoted, the same $83 rental rate. I called a local dealer and asked him to fax me a one-way move rental quote for that trailer between those locations. Amazingly enough, it was $83 and again, included 4 days rental. Does anyone need any additional information to come to the conclusion that this was an outright lie to the consumer of this company? Please remember, Charlotte Cowser is the reason I saw fit to escalate my complaint to the Office of The President. Instead of handling this issue, they choose to kick it right back to the very person who caused them to receive the complaint in the first place. The same person who told me an outright lie and tried to sell me on the idea that I was "lucky" I wonder if Uhaul still has the recording of that phone call. It sure would be interesting to hear it again. Perhaps the discovery process of civil law will tell. Uhaul, you have been caught red-handed and should be absolutely ashamed!
Thank you for your continued concern for our customer Mr. xyz.
Ms. Virly Williams, our Executive Assistant for the U-Haul Company of Central Georgia, reviewed the information Mr. xyz provided. Mr. xyz rented a trailer on an in-town rental contract. He signed the contract agreeing to return the trailer to the same U-Haul location he rented it from in Athens, GA. Instead, the trailer was dropped off one-way in Melbourne, FL. Our U-Haul location applied the one way rate as follows: trailer-$250.00, previous deposit -$60.00, tax-$17.50 = $207.50. Our receiving location collected $54.11 at time of drop off and our Collections Department applied a debit for $155.63 to Mr. xyz's Visa account.
According to the above charges, we over collected $2.24 for the rental and have issued a credit back to Mr. xyz's Visa account for this amount.
Ms. Williams advised our office they incurred an additional expense to retrieve their locally owned trailer and that a refund was not warranted.
Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to offer another response.
Maria Palmisano
Executive Assistant
U-Haul International
04/30/2008 adh EMAIL Send Business 2nd Response to Consumer
05/01/2008 WEB BBB CONSUMER REJECTS BUSINESS FINAL RESPONSE : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
What resolution??? For me, as the customer, to incur additional charges for performing the very actions which Uhaul themselves informed me I could do??? Of course not. Uhaul is simply missing the most obvious part of this matter and the entire reason there is any issue at all...UHAUL THEMSELVES TOLD ME WHAT TO DO AND I SIMPLY ADHERED TO THE INFORMATION WHICH THEY PROVIDED TO ME! Yes, as I stated in my original complaint, I rented the trailer on a "local" move. On this point, we are in complete agreement and there is no dispute, so why do they keep saying it? Perhaps because they do not want to focus on the following...Uhaul has simply not acknowledged or addressed the following point whatsoever: Uhaul agreed to change the "local" to a "one-way" move and wrote a "replacement contract" (it even is the same contact # as the original) which I am in possession of a copy. It clearly lists the charges and states them as paid in full, with a zero balance. I was assured that no other charges would be incurred. The fact is, I have a legal and binding replacement comtract with Uhaul which I have completely adherred to in full. As a customer, I only did what Uhaul informed me I could do. If it was misinformation on the part of Uhaul, I understand but it should not be that I, as the customer, pay the price for Uhaul misinforming me as to how to handle a situation. They have as yet acknowledged this fact and seem completely unwilling to simply follow through on the very thing which they committed to. Please listen carefully Uhaul, again I say, THE ONLY REASON THE TRAILER WAS DROPPED OFF AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION WAS SOLELY BECAUSE UHAUL INFORMED ME THAT I COULD DO THAT. VERY CLEARLY, THEY TOLD ME THAT THE ONLY CHARGE I WOULD INCUR WOULD BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE "LOCAL" AND "ONE-WAY" MOVE RATES. THEY CHARGED ME THAT AMOUNT, AS QUOTED BY THE RECIEVING LOCATION, WHEN I DROPPED OFF THE TRAILER AND IT WAS PAID IN FULL. IS ANYONE HOME HERE OR SHOULD I STATE THE BASIC FACTS FOR YOU ONE MORE TIME?!?! READY, LISTEN CAREFULLY, THE TRAILER WAS DROPPED OFF AT THAT LOCATION BECAUSE UHAUL TOLD ME TO DO THAT! THEY PROVIDED ME AN UPDATED RATE PRICING AND I PAID THAT AMOUNT IN FULL. I AM NOW IN POSSESSION OF A SIGNED CONTRACT THAT DEMONSTRATES A ZERO BALANCE! Interesting again that they have stated the $250 "one-way" move rate quote in their latest response. As I pointed out in my previous information, this appears to be nothing short of an outright lie. The rate for a "one-way" move is clearly $83 to this very day, and can easily be verified on their website and as quoted by a number of local dealers. How incredibly arrogant can this company be as to lie to the Better Business Bereau?? I am sincerely hoping that a representative of BBB will verify this infomation at Uhaul's own website. Uhaul should prepare itself to state that disproveable nonsense under oath in a court of law. And another obvious question, if the "one-way" rate was $250, why did the receiving Uhaul location only charge me $54.11 after acknowledging my $60 deposit and demonstrate a zero balance on my receipt?? It simply doesn't add up and Uhaul knows it. The bottom line is what Uhaul is trying to do is charge extra and penalize a customer, without warrant, for performing the actions I took, which was based on the very information Uhaul provided me. Let me say it just one more time in hopes that it clicks for them...The bottom line is what Uhaul is trying to do is charge extra and penalize a customer, without warrant, for performing the actions I took, which was based on the very information Uhaul provided me. I am thankful that this process has committed them to putting their complete lunacy on written record. Their next response should be drafted by a member of their legal staff for civil proceedings. I request Uhaul forward this complaint with all pertinent information to their legal department so they may gain some qualified advice on the best way to handle this matter going forward. Uhaul apparently needs much better advice than they have gotten to date.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-05-01:
One thing to keep in mind is that U-Haul prices its one way moves similarly to how hotels and airlines price their product - it's all supply and demand.

Yes, today the move in question is $83, but that might be because there is an abundance of trailers of that type in North Georgia and a shortage of them in central Florida. You are doing them a favor by repositioning their equipment for them.

Six weeks ago when you made your move it could have been different - a shortage of trailers in Georgia and an abundance in Florida - so they charge a premium price for that type of move.

Just be aware that their one way rates can and do change pretty regularly.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-05-01:
Tip o' the topper to you, Hugh, as you apparently read the whole thing. I just couldn't wade through all that. :)
Posted by k300 on 2008-09-09:
I would like to know also if I can bring litigation against Uhaul. When we moved to Decatur, GA in July 2008, we dropped off our truck at night where we were given permission. The next day we were informed that the place had been broken into, the truck stolen, and that WE needed to file a police report about it, which I ended up doing (I was told by Virly Williams that this would resolve all and our contract would be closed. It was not.). Upon speaking to the police, I was told that this was the first that they had heard of this Uhaul break in and theft. We went to the store, where a glass panel was replaced with wood. We were told that since the truck had been stolen, they would not close our account, and that it could not be proven that we had actually returned the truck at all, insinuating that WE were culpable. We spoke with them all, all the way to the headquarters, but nothing. Then a few days ago, we notice a charge by them on our credit card for over 800 dollars! We received no contact by Uhaul as to the nature of this charge, just as we received no call by Uhaul the day after we left the store after talking to all levels of the company for several hours. I was going to let it drop, if they just left us alone, but now I am going to pursue justice for the consumer. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or information regarding this.
Posted by k300 on 2008-09-09:
...and just to make it clear, we followed their instructions precisely regarding rental and return. We did nothing unauthorized. We did everything WE were supposed to do.
Posted by blueskyflyer on 2008-10-04:
I have recieved a call from an assitant to the President and she apologized seemingly sincerely and informed me that the additional charges other than my agreed one-way move charge had been credited. I suspect this occurred because I had disputed the charges with our credit card company as "fraud" and they had begun an investigation but had credited the charges in the meantime. I think UHAUL knew that they were not going to prevail and so tried to at least get credit with me by premptively saying "they had decided" it was correct to remove the charges they knew where not going to stand anyway. My experience on this one was very simple. If you believe in the principle of something as much as the money, don't give up. Quit being on the defensive and asking for your money back. Take aggressive and offensive action...that is the only way you will make a dent. Small claim suits heard in county magistrate court have very low filing fees (usually under $100), can sometimes be done online, and you can sue to also include all court costs. Filing against UHAUL corporate and the local dealer as co-defendants would most likely be best and I would first look to file in the county magistrate court where the local dealer does business. Corporate UHAUL will assurredly petition the court to be removed from the suit saying they are seperate businesses, and UHAUL corporate only does business in the state of their headquarters but I think it would be easy enough to demonstrate to the court they they do indeed are a connected business infastructure which the court has full jurisdiction of due to their performing business within the county. That would make it quite difficult and expensive for corporate to send a lawyer to your local county court and I bet you would get a quick call to settle. It is very easy and you do not need a lawyer. Wouldn't it just be much seaier for UHAUL to change their corporate philosophy and start really taking care of their customers so they become lifelong walking UHAUL advertisments?? Good luck to all.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-10-04:
thanks for coming back and letting us know.
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U-Haul Sucks and their insurance company Republic Western SUCKS even worse!!!!!
Posted by Soldiersgirl on 05/17/2007
GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA -- While my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for 13 months our two children and I stayed in Kentucky with family. Upon on his return in February we rented a trailer to tow behind our vehicle so that we could move our belongings that we had in Kentucky here to Fort Lewis, Washington. When my husband went to pick up the trailer it was an old rusty trailer that looked as though it might fall apart, he was assured by the U-Haul that the trailer was perfectly fine and he need not worry about anything. When we arrived to Fort Lewis and received our house on March 02, 2007 we opened the trailer, which is the first time we had opened since we left Kentucky, and were gagged by the smell. The trailer leaked and everything packed on the bottom and everything against the door of the trailer was soaked, molded, mildewed and reeked. The smell I can not explain, it was awful; I have been in the medical field and have smelled some really nasty things, but nothing like this-it took all of my strength to keep from vomiting. My husband immediately called U-haul to see if they needed to see the items as they were, or what we needed to do. They told him that he should take his time going through the boxes making a list and seeing what was salvageable. He asked if there was anything particular we should do about the items that were ruined, the gentleman told him that all he needed to do was make a list and call back and not to feel rushed because there was no time limit on placing the claim. My husband is active duty and had to report back to work on the 5th of March, which left me to unpack everything, go to school full-time and care for two small children. So, I began with the boxes that contained electronics, when I picked up our PS2 water ran out of it, the same goes for a CPU, V-tech--V-smile game, 4 of the games to the V-tech, and a key board for the computer, the monitor for the computer was also wet, the screen had part of the box molded to the front of it. All of my dress cloths and summer cloths, my children’s summer clothes and clothes that I had purchased that they had not grown into yet, were soaked and smelled awful. Almost all of my husbands clothing were packed in boxes in the U-haul, except, two pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, a few t-shirts and 2 sweat shirts which I had not packed. He also had placed his military bag at the back of the U-haul, since he would not need it until we arrived here. All of his clothes that were in the boxes and reeked, just like the others, and 2 of his Army uniforms were ruined. Anyway, I think you can surely see that many things were destroyed. So, I called to place the claim with Republic Western Insurance Company, who said that we waited to long, I said, “But, when my husband called on 02 March, he was told there was no deadline and to take our time going through the items to see what could be salvaged.” So, she took the information and said that an adjuster from the claims office would contact me and she asked for our contact information. So, my mother called to let me know that some adjuster had left a message on her voicemail, which was the phone number we used when we rented the U-haul, but not the numbers I gave as our contact information to the first young lady. So, I called leaving a message, the next day I called again leaving a message. I finally received a call back the following day, in which a Mary Luca began the call with she needed my clam number since I had not left it on the message. I said,"Well, I did not leave it in the message because the claim number in which you left, differs from the one that was given to me by the first person I spoke with. She yelled, "What is the one I left" I said, "It is 426..... In which she said, Well, that is incorrect! It is 326...." I said,"That is the number that the first young lady I spoke with gave me." She began to become mor and more rude as the conversation progressed.
My husband called before we unloaded the things off of the U-haul, we wanted someone to view the items and be able to see how badly the trailer smelled and how wet things were, but he was told that that was not necessary just to make a list. So, now it seems as though not only are we screwed out of almost $700.00 for the rental, but now over $3000.00 worth of our personal belongings are trash and they just get away with it. .I washed the clothing several times, yet the clothing still stunk horribly, we tried drying the electronics out, but it did not help. U-haul sucks and I will never rent from them again and I would definitely warn others not to as well!!! If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do please let me know. We have been told that since we do not have for receipts for our items and that clothing has no value (exact words of a Supervisor from Republic Western Insurance-Marilyn Nickerson)that we wil most likely not be receiving any thing for our claim. I would warn anyone not to use U-Haul-they suck!!!

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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2007-05-17:
I am amazed at how many people have bad experiences with U-haul, but they still have so many trucks on the road, and so many businesses across the country. I have not had the need to rent a truck, but if I do, I will definitely not go to U-haul. There are soooo many complaints on them, here, and I've also seen them in the news on more than one occasion.
Posted by dude in lude on 2007-05-17:
As a former Uhaul Manager (low point in my life) I will NEVER rent there equipment. I have seen the worst of trucks and trailers and was instructed to get the back on the road to get and let the next uhaul center take care of it. sorry it happened.
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-05-17:
My experiences with U-haul have all been pretty crappy. I have taken a vow to never use them again, even if it requires me to pay a little bit more...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-18:
Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go out and get a lawyer.
Posted by lobo65 on 2007-05-18:
Get a lawyer nothing. Tell your husband to contact the JAG office at his military base. I don't think U-Haul will want to mess around with them.
Posted by Billy B on 2012-05-21:
Uhaul is STILL the worst. Untrained, unskilled, and from the mamangers up, spineless dolts. Rent from Pensky or Enterprise. You won't be lied to and handed an unsafe truck that some moron that topped off the washer fluid and claimed it to be ready for use.
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He Said - She Said Debate
Posted by Metal_mouth21 on 09/21/2013
EDMONTON, AB -- We will never use either of these companies again! So despite the fact that PODS is part of Uhaul, you are only able to talk to specific representatives and the inter-company communication is horrible.

Firstly, my husband and I moved from Ontario to Alberta and rented a Uhaul POD which was then supposed to arrive at a location in Edmonton. Seven days after it was expected there (when we were going to pick it up) we call (which ended up being the call center since in-store did not answer their phones...ever!) and we find out that apparently our POD has not been checked in. After several phone calls and time spend on hold (about 6 hours of this) we were finally able to figure out that our POD was at a different location in Edmonton and the staff there did not check it in. We filed a complaint for this run around only to find out the next day that the claim was "resolved" although we were never contacted.

On top of that once we arrived to pick up the POD and transfer everything into a trailer (since the POD could not be dropped off at our location in Grande Prairie - another 5 hours North) and noticed a few items were broken. We notified the guy who was working and he told us "there is nothing I can do for you. You have to call the 1-800 #"... here we go again! We had actually purchased insurance which was said to cover damages to our belongings so we filed a complaint (AGAIN!). And what happens? We get a call saying that our belongings being damaged was actually not covered by the insurance because it has "very specific criteria" and only covers fire of the POD or theft.

We even have pictures of the POD how the latch and locks did not attach properly and the door was not secured properly - but this of course, is not relevant.

We were never treated fairly and for the precautions we took and the amount of money we spent to move our stuff across the country we certainly are not satisfied. With such a big move it was stressful enough and using Uhaul and PODS just made it a horrible experience. Please take this complaint to heart - do not suffer what we had too!
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The Customer is never RIGHT !
Posted by Cstadler1948 on 12/05/2012
MISSOURI -- On 11-21-12 I rented a cargo trailer at Towners Automotive 450 Hwy 53, Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The reason was to move to Grandview, Missouri. On my way the 22nd. it was pointed out that the trailer had no running lights after dark. This was not checked by the person who rented the trailer to me so I had no idea. My son-in-law called to complain and was given the royal run around, when Kevin the field manager for that area called and told me nothing was wrong with the trailer I got very upset because if the guy who rented it to me had checked the lights before I left his lot I would not be complaining on here, if I had known I would not have gone to U-Haul. The compamy does not take care of the people who rent the equipment they rent out. So I will never go to them again for any reason. The customer is always right no matter the problem!

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Posted by sp on 2012-12-05:
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the customer is not always right! In your case you do have a valid complaint but when you rent anything from u-haul its a smart idea to check it out yourself.
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Good Service
Posted by Dansr on 04/20/2012
Would like to compliment the personal (did not get his name) for the prompt good service they provided on the problem I was having with my trailer wiring in my car.


Bill Black, Elma, NY
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Posted by slimster on 2012-04-20:
Good to hear something positive for a change - good review.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-04-20:
thank you for taking the time to post a compliment on our site.

very helpful review!!
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U-Haul insurance denial for damaged goods
Posted by Terdec on 11/22/2010
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I rented a trailer from U-Haul which leaked and damaged several items. The leak and damage was reported at drop off. I filed an insurance claim which involved a great deal of paperwork, photographs etc. Two months later the claim was denied on the grounds that no problems were found. The soaking items taken from the trailer were not evidence. I was pretty much being called a lair and that no water damage took place. I have witnesses and I have a bookshelf that I won't use due to its appearance. U-Haul through its insurance agent denied the claim not based on evidence but because they will suffer no consequence by doing so. If there was no water damage then I am guilt of insurance fraud by filing a claim. If there was water damage then they should offer some reimbursement. How many times have we seen this insurance scam. U-Haul is responsible for the actions of its agents. So long as there is a choice I will not choose U-Haul again and will urge others to look elsewhere
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Posted by Skye on 2010-11-22:
I'm sorry to hear they denied your claim, especially when you took out the insurance. Gather all your evidence, photo's and documentation, and take them to small claims court.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-11-23:
I second Skye. Their denial will be shown to be so much hot air when the judge sees your evidence, I am sure. Best of luck. Try to get it on People's Court, Judge Milian rocks!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-11-23:
Yes, get your ducks in a row and take them to court. There is a good chance they will come to you to settle when they are served. When settling don't forget to include the fees you incurred in the process.

Starlord, I agree. OTOH Judge Judy is the most unprofessional judge I have ever witnessed. For the bench to refer to a litigant as an idiot is totally out of line. And she does this frequently.
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