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Never ever, EVER use this company for anything
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Rating: 1/51

CONYERS, GEORGIA -- I was screwed over 3 times by this location! I had a trip planned where I required a trailer hitch to be installed on my vehicle. I had one of my own but wanted it installed; I call a few places and decided that since Uhaul was closest to me that I would set it with them. I called ahead and spoke with someone about having it installed; he even looked up the hitch that I had online to confirm that he could install it. I maid an appointment for a couple of days later when they were not supposed to be as busy.

On that day, I arrived there ready for installation; they told me no one would ever tell me that they could install a hitch that was not bought directly from Uhaul. Obviously I was very aggravated because that was the whole reason that I called ahead to have it verified that they could... So at that point I was in a rush to get it installed. They told me that they would overnight one and give me a discount and then call me when it arrived the next day. NO call. When I called them, they said that it was not there. When I asked why, they put me on hold and immediately hung up on me.

So I tried to call back- they had literally turned off their phones where would go directly to the general customer service location. I tried to call them for hours to no avail. There went my entire trip that I had taken a week off of work to enjoy! I put in complaints, all that nonsense through the customer service center and have heard absolutely nothing from them. Could not have possibly had a worse experience.

Coporate Fraud & Criminal Theft by Taking
By -

On the evening of Friday March 14th, 2008, I rented a 6'x12' open trailer from University Uhaul dealership in Athens, GA. to move a piece of equipment. The rental was for done as an "intown move", at approx. $35 per day, intended for 2 days to be returned to the original dealership on Sunday, March 16th. This 2 day trailer move should have cost approx. $70 total. I paid a $60 deposit in cash. The trip was uneventful with the exception of the trailer to have a tendency to swerve slightly side to side at times. I delivered the piece of equipment to Melbourne, Florida early in the morning on Saturday, March 15th.

Due to my concern for trailering back an empty trailer which was tending to swerve, I located a Uhaul dealership in Florida. I knew from prior Uhaul rentals that some trailers were assigned to certain dealerships and some were not and floated among dealerships. I explained that this trailer was rented under an "in town" rental and wanted to know if this trailer was assigned to the dealership in Athens or if it was possible to return it to the dealership in Florida. He checked the computer and informed me that the trailer was assigned to the Athens dealership but that he would see if he could authorize the return to that location instead.

He placed a call to a district supervisor and informed me that I was now authorized to return it to the Florida location, however, the rental type would change to a "one way" move with a higher rental rate. I asked how much and he informed me that it would be $128.90. He noted that I had paid a $60 deposit and therefore the balance for the rental was $68.90. Even though it would cost me more than a 2 day "in town" move, I felt it would be worth the extra money to not have the liability of a swerving trailer on the trip back.

He drafted a new contract as a "replacement" and I paid him cash money in full and dropped off the trailer, believing the rental to have been completed as of Saturday, March 15th. He assured me that there would be no other charges and noted that my contract reflected a zero balance. I have since received notice from my bank that Uhaul has also charged $155 to the debit card on file. After speaking with many Uhaul representatives and hearing several different stories as to what the charge is and why, I am left with no choice but to file this complaint, as Uhaul has shown absolutely no inclination to remedy this issue.

In their opinion, even though I was only doing what Uhaul representatives themselves authorized and instructed me to do, they believe the charges to be justified. In addition, I have been informed that they intend to charge an additional $52.50 for a total amount of $207.50. This amount is above and beyond the total rental fee which I submitted in full with cash and have receipt for. The latest story I have been told was that each dealership can charge a one way rental fee for the same rental and contract #.

I had to repeat that to make sure I was hearing the Uhaul representative correctly. She confirms that that is what has occurred in this case and they are justified in doing so. Multiple rental charges from different dealerships for the same rental borders on fraud and criminal theft by taking. Without satisfaction from Uhaul immediately, I will dispute the charges as fraudulent and contact the State Office of the Attorney General for relief.

I remain hopeful that Uhaul will take the necessary action to follow though on the commitment of their representatives and resolve this issue. I request that the charges assessed to the debit card on file are immediately refunded and no other charges will be assessed and a waiver of claim for any charges or fees arising from this matter .

Resolution Update 10/04/2008:

Uhaul has refunded the unauthorized charges to my account

U-Haul Sucks and their insurance company Republic Western SUCKS even worse!!!!!
By -

GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA -- While my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for 13 months our two children and I stayed in Kentucky with family. Upon on his return in February we rented a trailer to tow behind our vehicle so that we could move our belongings that we had in Kentucky here to Fort Lewis, Washington. When my husband went to pick up the trailer it was an old rusty trailer that looked as though it might fall apart, he was assured by the U-Haul that the trailer was perfectly fine and he need not worry about anything.

When we arrived to Fort Lewis and received our house on March 02, 2007 we opened the trailer, which is the first time we had opened since we left Kentucky, and were gagged by the smell. The trailer leaked and everything packed on the bottom and everything against the door of the trailer was soaked, molded, mildewed and reeked. The smell I can not explain, it was awful; I have been in the medical field and have smelled some really nasty things, but nothing like this-it took all of my strength to keep from vomiting.

My husband immediately called U-haul to see if they needed to see the items as they were, or what we needed to do. They told him that he should take his time going through the boxes making a list and seeing what was salvageable. He asked if there was anything particular we should do about the items that were ruined, the gentleman told him that all he needed to do was make a list and call back and not to feel rushed because there was no time limit on placing the claim. My husband is active duty and had to report back to work on the 5th of March, which left me to unpack everything, go to school full-time and care for two small children.

So, I began with the boxes that contained electronics, when I picked up our PS2 water ran out of it, the same goes for a CPU, V-tech--V-smile game, 4 of the games to the V-tech, and a key board for the computer, the monitor for the computer was also wet, the screen had part of the box molded to the front of it. All of my dress cloths and summer cloths, my children's summer clothes and clothes that I had purchased that they had not grown into yet, were soaked and smelled awful. Almost all of my husbands clothing were packed in boxes in the U-haul, except, two pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, a few t-shirts and 2 sweat shirts which I had not packed.

He also had placed his military bag at the back of the U-haul, since he would not need it until we arrived here. All of his clothes that were in the boxes and reeked, just like the others, and 2 of his army uniforms were ruined. Anyway, I think you can surely see that many things were destroyed. So, I called to place the claim with Republic Western Insurance Company, who said that we waited to long, I said, "“But, when my husband called on 02 March, he was told there was no deadline and to take our time going through the items to see what could be salvaged."

So, she took the information and said that an adjuster from the claims office would contact me and she asked for our contact information. So, my mother called to let me know that some adjuster had left a message on her voicemail, which was the phone number we used when we rented the U-haul, but not the numbers I gave as our contact information to the first young lady. So, I called leaving a message, the next day I called again leaving a message.

I finally received a call back the following day, in which a ** began the call when she needed my clam number since I had not left it on the message. I said, "Well, I did not leave it in the message because the claim number in which you left, differs from the one that was given to me by the first person I spoke with". She yelled, "What is the one I left?" I said, "It is 426... In which she said, "Well, that is incorrect! It is 326..." I said, "That is the number that the first young lady I spoke with gave me." She began to become more and more rude as the conversation progressed.

My husband called before we unloaded the things off of the U-haul, we wanted someone to view the items and be able to see how badly the trailer smelled and how wet things were, but he was told that that was not necessary just to make a list. So, now it seems as though not only are we screwed out of almost $700.00 for the rental, but now over $3000.00 worth of our personal belongings are trash and they just get away with it. I washed the clothing several times, yet the clothing still stunk horribly, we tried drying the electronics out, but it did not help.

U-haul sucks and I will never rent from them again and I would definitely warn others not to as well!!! If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do please let me know. We have been told that since we do not have for receipts for our items and that clothing has no value (exact words of a Supervisor from Republic Western Insurance-**) that we will most likely not be receiving any thing for our claim. I would warn anyone not to use U-Haul-they suck!!!

He Said - She Said Debate
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Rating: 1/51

EDMONTON, AB -- We will never use either of these companies again! So despite the fact that PODS is part of Uhaul, you are only able to talk to specific representatives and the inter-company communication is horrible. Firstly, my husband and I moved from Ontario to Alberta and rented a Uhaul POD which was then supposed to arrive at a location in Edmonton.

Seven days after it was expected there (when we were going to pick it up) we call (which ended up being the call center since in-store did not answer their phones... ever!) and we find out that apparently our POD has not been checked in. After several phone calls and time spend on hold (about 6 hours of this) we were finally able to figure out that our POD was at a different location in Edmonton and the staff there did not check it in. We filed a complaint for this runaround only to find out the next day that the claim was "resolved" although we were never contacted.

On top of that once we arrived to pick up the POD and transfer everything into a trailer (since the POD could not be dropped off at our location in Grande Prairie - another 5 hours North) and noticed a few items were broken. We notified the guy who was working and he told us "there is nothing I can do for you. You have to call the 1-800 #"... here we go again! We had actually purchased insurance which was said to cover damages to our belongings so we filed a complaint (AGAIN!). And what happens? We get a call saying that our belongings being damaged was actually not covered by the insurance because it has "very specific criteria" and only covers fire of the POD or theft.

We even have pictures of the POD how the latch and locks did not attach properly and the door was not secured properly - but this of course, is not relevant. We were never treated fairly and for the precautions we took and the amount of money we spent to move our stuff across the country we certainly are not satisfied. With such a big move it was stressful enough and using Uhaul and PODS just made it a horrible experience. Please take this complaint to heart - do not suffer what we had too!

By -

GOLDEN RING, MARYLAND -- I made a reservation, gave my cc number, got a reservation number. I called back to find out the actual physical address of the location to pick up the trailer I got bounced around telling me this is corporate and local & traffic department, etc etc etc. Finally, one customer representative told me that I'm not really sure why you have a reservation for this trailer because this trailer is not there till tomorrow. She advised me to get it for the next day.

I then took it upon my self to drive to the location to find out the exact reason why the representative reserved the trailer for me when it was not available. They told me that that person named ** was not at that location, but was logged in the system to be there, and sometimes people work from home. Since I was already there and drove a rather long distance, I took a different type of trailer. As I was in the location, I saw a sign on the wall behind the front counter, stating that UHaul has a $50 reservation guarantee. of course when I asked about it, the manager was not there and basically sorry nothing we can do.

Also, when upon returning the trailer, the man in the lot was very rude and made me park the trailer in a very tight spot where I was very uncomfortable doing this. I asked him can I pull to the section of the lot that was open or park it two spots over where there was more room. He just kept waving his arm "come on back, come on back, not even paying attention to other cars and trucks driving my me as well as another staff member who was speeding and whipping a large truck around my vehicle while trying to park and kept getting flagged to "come on back" what LOUSY service. I do not recommend at all.

U-Haul..Incompetent and Unresponsive..You are on Your Own
By -

LITTLETON, COLORADO -- We reserved a trailer (via phone)from U-Haul 2 weeks ago. We gave the agent, on the phone, all information about the size of our car and what we were hauling. We were assured that we could load and haul using a 6x12 (totally wrong!!). Planned, packed and moved around possessions with the dimensions of the rented trailer and understanding of what we could haul.

Went to the center to pick it up on So. Federal in Denver and they helped hook up wiring so they definitely saw the car we were driving. Came home and completely loaded it up. Started on drive and car could just barely get up to speed of 40 miles per hour on city street. A friend also noticed that the light signals were no longer working.

Drove back home. Called U-Haul and explained the issues. They said we had options to take it back to a center much closer to our so metro home location or get it fixed. For a drive of 1,000 miles, we wanted to exchange to another trailer. We called the center they recommended (but they don't have a computer system hooked to know what is available at each center..this is the 21st century.. they are a nationwide company--??) and they said bring it over and they would exchange it. Got there..wanted to try to fix the lights instead of exchanging.

Since the lights were working, not working, working again we declined to use the "fixed" trailer but then they refused to exchange it since they said that they didn't have one available (why didn't they say that on the phone when we called and told them the problem?) We called from that center and found one up North on Colfax to exchange. Got there and they confirmed our car was too small and we should have Never been rented a large trailer. So now we have to cut our haul of our possessions in half for the trip... what a waste. Will NOT do business with them again since they don't hire OR train their employees to make correct decisions or understand the needs of customers.

Do Not Give Uhaul Your Money! They Treat You Like Dirt!
By -

A brief summary in case you don't want to read the whole story: I paid for a trailer from nj-wa, it broke down, we paid for a truck for the rest of the way. U-haul didn't give us our money back but offered us a $50 gift certificate for the next time we use them. I will never use them again, ever! Everyone treated me so rudely. The worst customer service. My last experience with U-Haul was so bad and I'€™m so pissed and got ripped off, but there is nothing I can do about it other than pass on the info so other people won'™t let it happen to them.

My wife and I relocated from NJ to WA, we rented a trailer to tow with our car, we had to buy a trailer hitch around $500, it seems the trailer was already broken but we didn't know it. We found out in SD, the badlands when the whole axle was grinding with springs and wheels was smoking and almost caused a huge accident.

They kept us out there trying to find a tow truck in the middle of nowhere. Then they wanted us to stay so a mechanic could look at it and try to fix it, there was no way they could fix it there on the side of the highway. So we had to contact other locations, try to work something out, we drove hours to the closest location, the manager was so unfriendly and treated us very badly, like we were inconveniencing him! So we decide to not use the trailer anymore and want to instead pay the difference for a truck. Well we had to drive two more hour€™s to another location to pick up the truck.

Now here is the worst part, they say these two transactions well be completely separate, and we won't give you a discount now, so you can get all your money you should when you get to your final destination. I agree to this. And pay another $1200 for a truck and tow for my car. When we get to WA, I try to get in touch with someone to help me, and I go around and around, talking to people in SD then to people in NJ. Everyone I spoke to were not helpful and straight out rude. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I send in complaints through the website, and it all goes to the same people that were rude to me!

So my big problem is I paid for a trailer from wa-nj. It broke and didn'™t make it to wa, but I still paid for it, they offer me $50 gift certificate. I say no way, I want the amount of money from sd-wa refunded to me. After I explain everything again she says "we'€™ll give you $150 back". I spent around $2000 and get back $150 and the worst treatment. DON'€™T USE U-HAUL!!! DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED $$!!!!

Trailer not available
By -

MICHIGAN -- OK... I've been unhappy with U-Haul in the past but they messed up their second chance. First time around, I rented an auto transport trailer from them and they were great... no problems. Second time around, I again rent an auto transport (from a different location)... and the guy outside hooks it up to my vehicle for me. I go home and proceed to load the car. Yeah, it comes disconnected form my hitch and tips back WHILE I'M LOADING. It was just me, so all I would do was back the car off the trailer and let it fall on my bumper, putting a crease in my liftgate down to the metal. I call the 1800 number and get the right directions on how to secure the trailer.

I go back to the place where I rented it and he first tries to tell me I was loading wrong (mind you, I have done it before and was doing it as instructed). Then he arranges a later meeting where we can "discuss" the matter. After everything was said and done, he missed 2 "meetings" with me where he was supposed to pay for the repair estimate (aka buying me off), so I called their insurance company directly and they had to pay to fix my truck and rent me a car for a week. Apparently, according to the insurance company, they have had an excess of claims lately at that location (probably why the manager was trying to buy me off).

Third time around... I called 2 weeks ago and reserved a trailer for tomorrow. I have 1 day to move all my stuff out of my apartment into my new house and clean the apartment. First they didn't have the one I wanted so I had to get a smaller one which means 2 trips. I called today to confirm my reservation and guess trailers available at the location I reserved one at or in the near vicinity...

So, you mean to tell me that you take a reservation for a product that you don't have then tell me that you will charge me a cancellation fee for not renting an invisible trailer? Yes that's right, they said that if I cancel within 24 hours its a $50 cancellation fee (which is more than the trailer) and guess what... it's within 24 hours and they do not have one.

My thoughts are... if you're going to charge me $50 for canceling, shouldn't you have to pay me $50 for not having it? Isn't it called a reservation because its RESERVED? So far they are 1/3 but I think the headache of a damaged vehicle, being dodged by a "Manager" and getting stuck trying to find a trailer on 1 day notice on a holiday weekend are enough for me NOT to rent from them again.

The Customer is never RIGHT!
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOURI -- On 11-21-12 I rented a cargo trailer at Towners Automotive 450 Hwy 53, Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The reason was to move to Grandview, Missouri. On my way the 22nd. it was pointed out that the trailer had no running lights after dark. This was not checked by the person who rented the trailer to me so I had no idea.

My son-in-law called to complain and was given the royal run around, when ** the field manager for that area called and told me nothing was wrong with the trailer I got very upset because if the guy who rented it to me had checked the lights before I left his lot. I would not be complaining on here, if I had known I would not have gone to U-Haul. The company does not take care of the people who rent the equipment they rent out. So I will never go to them again for any reason. The customer is always right no matter the problem!

U Haul Sucks
By -

Rented an 8 foot trailer online and after answering several questions about the vehicle I was using to pull the trailer with I made my appointment to pick it up the next morning. I arrived at the Addison location about ten minutes early. When I pulled up I saw one of the reps in front smoking and talking on her cell phone.

I went in where I waited for about 30 min. I walked up to the counter and presented my order number and the representative said, "I see you are using a 04 Jeep Wrangler." I responded, "yes" and was told that they do not rent to any vehicle with a soft top. Now why don't they ask that question online when they are asking you all about the vehicle you will be using. This was a complete waste of time and I will never use them nor recommend their services.

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