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Posted by Mpatel on 02/05/2004
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 2 Weeks ago 1/20/2004 I personally went to the Company owned/operated UHAUL to reserve a truck for an upcoming in-town move.

I made the reservation for pickup 1/30/2004 5:00pm and Return due date no later then 1/31/2004 5:00pm. The location that I went to make the reservation/pickup was at:

UHAUL Co. of I45
16405 I-45 NORTH
(281) 440-5113

I have the Reservation contract ‘RENTAL CONTRACT ADDENDUM’ with me and I was billed $100 on my credit card for reservation deposit (this was for 26 ft truck, moving pads and dolly). I have a witness who was present with me and can vouch the reservation.

Now on the day of 1/30/2004, I got at the store at 4:50pm to pick up the rental and once they looked up my reservation, I was informed I had to return the truck prior to 7:00am next morning.

The person who had taken the reservation informed me that they had a new manger that had just started after my reservation had been made. And that he had made this change so the truck that I had reserved is suppose to be in prior to 7:00am and out for next reservation, and then back by 3:00pm for the next reservation. I was not informed of this change and no reason was given to me as to why this change was made.

And off course the manager was NOT available to comment.

I informed that my reservation is up until 5:00pm next day, not 7:00am, I can not move middle of the night, plus I informed the desk employees that I had made arrangement for some Friends to help me move and they are coming at 7:00am 1/31/2004. Not at middle of the night.

So at around 5:25pm finally I get the truck and the following morning I get a call from the Manger, telling that the truck should have been back at 7:00am and that he was going to charge my credit card $100.

I and few of my Friends worked really hard to get the work done early, because we felt sorry for the other renters. So finally I returned the truck at 11:35am 1/31/2004, and the manager had charged $10,000 on my credit card. He gave a credit of $9,725.52 (after taking $100 late fee).

I have a witness from all 3 occurrences:
1. reservation
2. pick-up
3. return

Not only that the manger tried to snatch my original reservation contract from my hand. He was very rude and abrasive. When I tried to take down his name he immediately took off his name tag, I was only able to get his first name Jacob.

Also the trucked given to me had bare metal on the clutch and break, the shift stick groves was all worn out, very difficult to shift the gears. Basically the Truck was a Road Hazard to the public. I was shocked and astonished that such a Vehicle would be allowed to operate on the road.

This has been a nightmare move in part because of the location I rented the truck from. I am still recovering from that move. I was hoping by renting from the company owned location, this would be smooth uneventful move.

I sent the above information to U-Haul Co. 'Uhaul Customer Service' via the Web and received the following email.
-----Original Message-----

From: Uhaul Customer Service [mailto:uhaul_customer_service@uhaul.com]

Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: Internet Customer Action Form

Thank you for your communication received by our Customer Service Department.

Reservations are based on availability according to the number of reservations scheduled at each location. The scheduling of equipment is based on available time frames ranging from 1 hour up to a 24-hour rental period. Demand for renting equipment is higher Friday-Sunday, at the end

of the month and during the summer. Renting Sunday through Thursday

during off peak times allows more flexible scheduling and for a longer rental period. U-Haul schedules more than one family to use the equipment during the day on Friday through Sunday.

When a location is not able to assist you with your rental needs, they should refer you to the Regional Office for additional help. We apologize for any breakdown of communication.

Our locations assist many families in moving across town and across the country. These families, like yourself, rely on previous customers to return the equipment within the scheduled time on their contract in order to make their move. We are sure you can understand how important it is to return the equipment on time.

When signing the contract you agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental. Document Holder on back "# 6-Customer will return the Equipment to U-Haul at the time agreed and within the allowed mileage stated. A fee will be charged for any days or mileage over those stated in the contract." We can understand you are not happy with the late charge, however, no adjustment is warranted.

You are a valued customer and we want to send you $40.00 in VIP Certificates. The certificate is valid for two years and can be applied

towards any future rental or purchase. Please respond with your

acceptance and a current mailing address so that we may mail out your certificates.

We look forward to your acceptance and our efforts in the future will be guided by this experience.

Pawlla Johnson
U-Haul Customer Service

And this was my response to them:

Ms Pawlla,
Thanks you for the prompt response.

Having read your email below; let me make a point in reference to:

"# 6-Customer will return the Equipment to U-Haul at the time agreed and within the allowed mileage stated."

"The AGREED TIME", at the time of reservation was 5:00pm 1/31/2004 and As per my email I have the "RENTAL CONTRACT ADDENDUM" with me, which The manager tried to abruptly snatch from me and I have a witness In regards to the conservation at the time of the reservation.

And the witness can testify that the employee agreed on a RETURN 1/31/2004 5:00pm.

Also one other major factor that you have overlooked the manger that made this change, should have notified the customer in advance so as The "CUSTOMER" can make other arrangements. Let me point out in your RENTAL CONTARCT ADDENDUM you charge the customer $50 cancellation Fee if cancellation is not received AT LEAST 24 HOURS prior to the schedule.

So by giving me the $40 in VIP Certificate is not acceptable, since I would not step into this location in my lifetime again. So please reconsider your offer.

Thank you in advance

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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-09:
Keep that original contract safe. It's your life line. Cancel the credit card, or get the number changed so they can't add charges on. They will do it. Keep after their customer service; don't budge an inch. They were out of line, and the mgr was out of line.
Posted by taurus on 2004-02-10:
I agree with the manager "Jacob". Your lucky he didnt charge you for what the truck was worth which im sure was much more that $10,000. Be grateful...if you came and rented from me and didnt return my truck i would have done alot worse.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-11:
Touchy Touchy.
Taurus - if it went to small claims court, the consumer would win. It doesn't matter what you would do if they rented from you, tough guy. If you did the above and worse you'd lose in court too.
Posted by Captain Acehole on 2004-09-08:
Posted by Captain Acehole on 2004-09-08:
hey moody, UHAUL doesn't lose in court. U-Haul's ass is covered on so many different levels nobody can win. No lawyer will take a case against U-Haul. and it says in the document holder, line 6, customer will return the equipment to u-hauil at the timd, place and condition agreed to within the allowed mileage stated. Any operation of equipment outside of time agreed and allowed mileage stated is without U-haul consent and addtional charges will be assesesed. Customer expressly authorizes U-Haul to apply any and all additional charges, including lost revenue, on the credit card used to pay for the rental or used as meaningful assurance when rental equipment is not returned.
Posted by Carli on 2008-05-25:
Regardless of what the discussion was when you rented the vehicle...what did the RENTAL AGREEMENT state when you signed the document (ie when you got the keys)? Did it state a 24 hour reservation? You had to sign an agreement that said the terms (ie did the manager change the time?)
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Never again use UHAUL
Posted by Wolftan on 06/01/2004
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I surely do hope this letter and statement reaches the attention of people who can change the way you do business....because your company is no longer about customer service. A month ago i had made a reservation for a truck, knowing full well Memorial weekend was going to be a busy one, but confident a month planning was plenty of time. About a week to go i decide to email and make sure my reservation was still on for sat, May 29 and was told yes. On Friday though, when i was suppose to get a call before 5, i decided to call myself and had learned the following: UHaul overbooks all trucks, reservations online do not reserve anything and the so called area managers are nothing more than a glorified operator. I was told i might not have a truck because of the busy weekend and yada, yada, yada......which is why i booked a month ago. I decided to talk to a supervisor and let her know that I was flying into Houston a few hours later and needed to know fairly quickly if i was not going to get a truck. She Guaranteed me a truck sometime sat, but was not sure what time and would call me back....of course no call back and i had to go catch my flight. Saturday morning arises and I was told I would get a call before 9 am. Of course no call again, so i call and get told the same thing....sir, this is a busy weekend and we cannot get everyone who booked a truck in one, so if you wait by the phone we will call you by 5. Being as patient as possible i wait and actually call a few UHaul places in town and learned a few things from 6 different UHaul employees: UHaul employees know that everything is overbooked, they all know the internet reservation system is false and they are not pleased with the way things are handled.....5:30 rolls around and i finally get a call, but am told there are no trucks and have to wait until Sunday. Well, half the weekend is gone and i am stuck in Houston with no truck and getting irate with your so-called area managers. I am told that they are working on getting people who reserved a truck a year ago and cannot handle people like me who reserved a month ago. I am not that stupid, no one in their right mind could know they are moving out and need a truck a year in advance....maybe one or two. So i decide to call Penske....who helped me out of a jam and got me a truck...a company who knows what is available and were easy and pleasant to work with. What really got under my skin was we passed a UHaul place heading out of town and saw at least 25 trucks sitting in the lot. Well Sunday rolls around and i get a call from UHaul about 11:00 am telling me they might have something later in the afternoon......and i said to cancel because i already had other means and was on my way to san antonio. Supposedly it was noted, but then get another call from UHaul around 5:30 on Sunday and this time am told that there are no trucks available and have to wait until Monday. Apparently your company's system of reservations is not a good one and there are numerous folks, including UHaul employees that agree. Not only do i plan on never using another UHaul truck, but am telling everyone i know about the ordeal, as well as sending out letters like this one to all those who will listen. I thank you for your time in reading this.
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Another horrible experience provided by Uhaul!
Posted by Jlutz751 on 08/11/2005
CALIFORNIA -- After reading pages of online complaints almost exactly like mine I realize that I am not alone. I reserved a moving truck, 2 dozen furniture pads, appliance dolly and utility dolly online about 2 weeks before my required move date which was 8/12/05. I expected a reservation to mean something but found out that it does not at Uhaul. This was probably the worst customer service experience that I have ever been involved in. My preferred location was about 2 miles from my current house but when I received the call the night before, my truck was at a location over 20 miles from my house. I asked the man who called about the dollies and furniture pads that I had reserved and he told me that he would not have the utility dolly and the other items were first come first serve. Since this was unacceptable for my situation, I called the regional office in Hawthorne, on my first call attempt I was on hold for about 20 minutes before the phone system hung up on me.

On the second call attempt I spoke with a woman named Carolyn who told me she was the manager and refused to give me her employee number and was extremely rude from the start. I tried several times explaining to her that I had to have the dolly that I had reserved and needed to pick up the truck at a closer location, and yes I realize that it is a "preferred" location and not a guarantee of the location but lets try to make it just a little convenient for the paying customers!! Uhaul overbooking their trucks and not having them available should not be customer’s problem. I checked online and from my zip code of 90245, the pickup location that I was given was # 91 on the list which I assume means that there are 90 other Uhaul locations within the same radius from my house. She told me that there were no trucks available at any of the other 90 closer locations and there was nothing she could do, she then put me on hold.

Several minutes later a man named Darian picked up the phone and informed me that he was also the manager and that he was going to make this conversation very short, he told me that he was taking me off of the truck that I had and was putting me on a waiting list for another truck closer to me, this all being before he even asked me what my problem was or heard anything from me. I asked him if that meant he was canceling my reservation and he said no but that I no longer had that "guaranteed" truck. I explained to him my situation and he told me that I was getting "huffy" with Carolyn and himself and he demanded a yes or no answer if I wanted that truck or not, he didn’t even take the time to talk to me to find out that my biggest problem was not getting the moving dollies and I could deal with the distance of the truck if need be. He told me he would call me back in a little while.

In the three hours I waited for his call back I called Penske to inquire about a truck, for 10 dollars more than the Uhaul "reservation" that I made weeks ago the very friendly Penske Customer service agent made me a guaranteed reservation including all of the equipment that I requested, she called the pickup location to verify that they had the equipment that I required and it was done......all in about 10 minutes, less that the time that I spent on hold waiting for Uhauls very unprofessional "Customer service" department. The next call I made was to Uhaul to cancel my reservation which was the only part of this ordeal that went smoothly.
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Beat this U-haul horror story
Posted by Christ0bal on 02/14/2005
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- OK.....so i was moving from my home in atlanta up to school in north carolina. 10 minutes from my house (less than 5 min from the closest U-haul center), our truck broke down. Since,U-haul has this policy where you can't receive a new truck until a mechanic has certified that the break down warrants a new truck, we proceeded to wait for 2 hours for the mechanic to arrive. After 5 minutes of inspection, he called the wrecker. 1 hour later, a wrecker came and towed us 5 minutes down the road to the U-haul center. With no help, my family transferred all of my belongings to the next truck. After they promised this truck would make the destination, off we went. An hour later at a stop light, the transmission decided to fail. 2.5 hours later, the mechanic showed up and added transmission fluid. It temporarily solved the problem so we decided to buy a few containers of transmission fluid and take off instead of waiting for another truck to arrive. 2 hours later, same thing. Transmission failed. This time, transmission fluid didn't help. Faster than i was pouring it in, it was seeping out onto the concrete under the engine. After spending 2 hours on hold with U-haul, they decided to go home for the evening leaving us stranded in South Carolina. Having no other choice, we booked a hotel for the night. The next morning after hours of phone calls, a mechanic arrived, this time with a U-haul in tow. We transferred my belongings once again, sure that this time we would make the remainder of the drive. An hour and a half later, the brakes on the U-haul were slipping and the stopping power was getting worse. Seeing that we had an uphill drive the rest of the way, we decided to risk it instead of waiting 4+ hours for another truck. We finally made it arriving at 5pm on a Sunday evening (We left at 9:00am on Saturday morning.....the drive is usually no more than 5hrs).
Please rent anything but U-haul.
I HATE U-HAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Greatbridgedriver on 2005-02-14:
Thanks for the advice. Penske has been good for me.
Based on your advice, I will avoid u haul too.
Posted by kb_282000 on 2005-04-25:
I apologize for whatever happened but why base an entire company off 2 unlucky trucks?....Doesn't seem fair to me.
Posted by Valerie on 2013-10-31:
I'm in the same situation now, checked in a hotel, uurrgh.
Did you at least get a refund?
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Posted by UHAULHORROR on 03/22/2006
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I have rented a U-Haul truck previously for all of my moves - from my first apartment, to my first house, to my current residence. However, I must say that the time that I rented a 26-foot truck on March 4, 2006 from an authorized Shell station in Annapolis, MD., was and is the last time I will ever do so.

As an inconvenience to me, I had to pick the truck up from a location that was 20 miles away from my home when I lived less than a quarter of a mile away from a U-Haul location - a customer svc. rep. told me that my truck would be shipped to the convenient location and that didn't happen.

And when I arrived to pick up the U-Haul truck, the gas gauge was broken but the representative made a note of it and assured me that it was full of gas. I drove it off the lot and when I reached the highway nearby, I was only able to drive 10 miles per hour in a 55-MPH zone; the speedometer, odometer, signals, and safety hazard lights did not work.

As this was the day of my move and a paid moving team awaited my prompt return with the truck, I contacted a serviceman and went to Budget, which graciously had a large, fully operational truck available. Now to my utter frustration, U-Haul refuses to refund me for the charge made on 3/4/06 of $144.72 and on 3/20/06 U-Haul decided to charge my MasterCard an additional $206.91 for towing, as if it was my fault that the lemon truck broke down and endangered MY safety!

I contacted a representative prior to the second charge posting and she said that it was not in her power to issue any refunds but she gave me the Phoenix, AZ customer service info and said I could debate the charge of $144.72 and I would not have to worry about ANY ADDITIONAL charges.
So unfortunately that was not accurate, just like when a rep told me my truck would be shipped to a convenient location, because indeed I have been charged $206.91 for a truck that was a total LEMON - I as the customer am penalized.

There are some very helpful representatives who have lent an empathetic ear who I am sure hear horror stories and atrocities that U-Haul "family" endure constantly. My suggestion to anyone considering renting a U-Haul truck - DON'T DO IT.

My suggestion to U-Haul online - please don't penalize U-Haul "family" when U-Haul equipment is not functional. Improve the technological quality of your vehicles and make the truck pickup process convenient and both U-Haul as well as U-Haul "family" will be happy. Anyone who has access to a computer can do a Web search on U-Haul and find thousands of blogs and complaints about service and equipment; I only wish I had done the online search prior to my reservation. It would have saved me stress, worry and money. Now I will eagerly join the thousands of dissatisfied U-Haul customers with online postings, complaints, and a formal letter to the Better Business Bureau.

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-03-22:
I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal with uhaul. I stopped using them a few years ago when I had a string of crap trucks they gave me that nearly broke down and, like in your situation, had trouble getting anywhere near the speed limit. Hopefully enough folks will read these complaints and use budget instead!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-23:
I think UHAUL stopped working on their equipment in the middle 70’s and there management seems to be high on something that makes them hate the world. I also think they don’t care about customers who get mad because they think they have enough to make up the difference. They, like many other big companies, don’t seem to know that if they just made customers happy it would cost them a lot less money but they think they save money by screwing people.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-03-23:
Even if you are still trying to work this out with U-Haul, I would go ahead and dispute both these charges with your credit card company before your time to dispute runs out.
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5 Out of 6 Times
Posted by Darlene on 02/22/2006
This is my 6th time using U-haul. Thought I had my rear covered and I do, but I still have to waste my time and energy for a $100 charge that should not be on my card.

If you DO use U-haul........Take pictures of the truck. Don't rely on the markings on a piece of paper. Take pictures before and after.

Keep your fuel receipts. The trucks get horrible mileage. I get 5 to 6 miles a gallon in my semi hauling a full 40 ton load. On this last trip I got 2 miles a gallon hauling half a load of furniture. With no idling. But I digress.....

This time I used the after hours drop off. WRONG MOVE. According to them, I didn't replace the fuel I used. $30 fueling fee ( they don't fuel the trucks ) $4 a gallon charge. On my way down there now to show them the receipt and shove a stick down the tank to show them the level. If the fuel is indeed missing then I would suggest they get a 24 hour guard for their yard.

Since I learned my lesson with them I have covered myself. I've only been out money twice because I couldn't prove them wrong. But they have still tried very hard.

I do believe that it is their business practice to nickel and dime everyone they have the opportunity to. Most people don't keep proof or just don't have the time to fight with them. I work afternoons now, so I don't have to take the day off to go down there.

The trucks I have had are also unsafe. Wouldn't pass a DOT inspection that's for damn sure. This last one I had was a joke too. Set the parking brake and it started rolling down the driveway. Left it in gear to solve the problem, but....

If you have to use u-haul do so at your own risk.

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-02-22:
The amazing thing to me about Uhaul... I think they are mostly independently owned. But every location I have ever used has given me crap trucks that are on their last leg.

Though I've never had the run-a-round with the all the details you had, I still would never use them again unless I had no choice. Not even to save money, since they are always the cheapest... for a reason.
Posted by darlene on 2006-02-22:
I will still use them, because they ARE the cheapest. But every time I do I make sure they can't rip me. This morning I went down, got the charges taken off and he took off an additional $20 for my time but.........I just want everyone to cover their butts. And don't use their srorage lockers either!!!! Back when I was starting out as an over the road driver I through out or sold everything I owned except for things that meant something to me. Nothing of any monitary value really. Put it in storage, paid six months up front and went to work. Came back four months later to pay another 6 months and found my locker was empty. Swept clean.
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The Worst Customer Service
Posted by Poolbuilder on 02/17/2006
CANYON COUNTRY, CALIFORNIA -- Not only does U Haul seemingly never maintain their rental fleet ( by far the crappiest trucks in the industry) but their customer service is the worst.

I swore I would never rent from them again after bad past experiences, but they are the only show in town.

When I rented the truck the gas gauge was at 1/4 tank. I filled the truck back up to 1/4 tank upon return. When I returned the truck the clerk told me the truck left with just over a 1/4 tank. I informed the clerk that the paperwork didn't show any tank reading. The clerk said it showed it on their internal paperwork. I noted that I was never shown that paper and the fuel level is where I found it. I was told if I didn't take the (23') truck back to the gas station for (1.5 gal) of gas I would have to pay a $50.00 fuel charge. Basically I spent almost $200.00 in rental services and they were going to fight about $3.00. The clerk basically could have cared less and although the Manager was in his office they kept saying he was unavailable to discuss this issue.

This experience took place at the Canyon Country, CA store but I assure you I have had similar experiences as have friends at other locations.

The U Haul "Hollier than Thou" concept is hopefully going to put them out of business some day

I rather rent a Mule than deal with those idiots again.

M Smith
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Posted by miketech on 2006-02-18:
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Unsafe Trucks On the Road
Posted by Buba on 02/06/2006
LEAGUE CITY, VIRGINIA -- My recent experience with UHAUL tells me that they care only about the money, not the customer... On Feb 1, 2006, I went to my local UHAUL dealer to rent a 26 ft truck for a move. That day, it was pouring down rain. After getting the transaction started, they pulled a truck around for me to get the mileage off of it. When the guy got out of the truck, he stated that I would have to roll down the window, as the inside release did not work. I went back inside, told them that this was unacceptable, especially in the severe rain. After 3 other trucks with various safety problems, they found yet another truck, and again, brought this one around. This one seemed at first glance to be better. Only issue was a manual transmission, but, since I have driven them before, did not see a problem. Because it was raining, I noted the mileage, and signed the contract. By this time, the wind had picked up, and it was raining so very hard, I could not see the front of the hood of the truck. Well, after traveling about 2 miles, a car jumped in front of me, causing me to have to hit the brakes...Would have been fine IF the air brakes worked!! No Air pressure was the indication on the dash, so I reached for the emergency brake, and.... No Brake!! Well, I changed lanes quickly to avoid an accident. When I finally got home, the brakes returned to normal, but, still no emergency brake.

Anyway, got the truck loaded, and shut down and locked up the truck for the night(3:15am!). At 7:00am the next morning, a knock on the door.... The police officer needed me to move my UHaul truck because it was blocking the road. Much to my surprise, it had rolled down the driveway, and into the street, blocking the traffic. I moved it back into the driveway, and set the emergency brake, and it seemed this time to hold. Went to breakfast. Came back, and the truck was in the street AGAIN! Moved truck to the street. Called UHaul, and requested to have someone look at it. After waiting for 3 hours, called again, and they stated that they had nobody that could come until tomorrow, and that as long as the truck was drivable at all, I needed to bring it back to them. Well, my movers, whom I am paying by the hour, called me from the new house, and wanted to know when I was going to arrive.

I told them that I would be right there, so moved the truck to my new location, and unloaded....I took the truck back to them, and when I tried to tell them of the numerous problems, they very passively said "We'll look at it.".... I have also found out that they at the recommendation of UHAUL Corporate, place the new(er) trucks on One-way, and the older trucks, on local only. The thought is that if it breaks down, local is easier for them to work. However, it seems that by doing that, they also have the attitude that

1. Screw the local user, he doesn't need the automatic trans, or the emergency brake, or, even hazard lights...

2. The local person doesn't mind having a truck that is really no longer road worthy...He should be grateful for what he can get......

Well, my take is, SAFETY is not a concern for the local user as far as UHAUL is concerned. Next time, I will utilize someone else...UHAUL is NOHAUL in my book!!!

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-06:
It's true with ALL the truck rental companies - the newer equipment goes on one-way rentals. but I have to ask you as well - why did you keep driving it once you knew it had no brakes? I would have stopped right there and called for a tow truck.
Posted by Buba on 2006-07-06:
Posted by Buba on 2006-07-06:
JayD: After going thru 4 trucks, all had various problems, it was late in the day, and, I had movers scheduled to help me... Actually, I think if I am nuts, I have some ocean front property in Arizona just for you!!
Posted by kaybooks on 2006-10-07:
Have had the same experience, except mine was a long move and I didn't know the truck had problems till I was on the highway and it wouldn't go over 35 mph! What should have been a 3 1/2 hour drive, took about 8 hours. What do you do when you are loaded and on the road? Suffer! No more U-Haul for me! They absolutely did NOT care when I told them, either.
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Thievery of Gas Mileage
Posted by Velma.mayberry on 09/06/2012
DESOTO, TEXAS -- I rented a truck today at the U-Haul in Desoto, Tx. A 10' truck. I unfortunately did not request that the clerk show me the mileage inside the truck because I didn't know I needed to verify what the clerk had written on the contract (too trusting. I forgot people tend to not be honest now a days).But after this experience I know better.. because when I returned with the truck my correct mileage was 7 miles....this is all I went...U-Haul charged me for 37 miles.

I will never use their services again, I believe the clerk was attempting to make up for some used mileage she had to account for and chose to account for the mileage by over charging me. Before I left with the truck I had asked the clerk for a van, she became very insistent that I drive this truck. Hindsight now tells me there was something screwy about that.

Food for Thought: Please make them verify mileage before you use their rental equipment. It may save you being overcharged (theft by person). I do plan to inform other authorities of this matter.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-06:
I always check the mileage when renting a vehicle. Always.

While they should definitely have the right mileage on the contract, mistakes do happen. Based on what happened, there is no way for you to know if this was intentional or not. Pushing you into one vehicle could be for more than one reason. These days there are usually few vehicles available for walk-ins.
Posted by Maria Palmisano on 2012-09-25:
My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience you experienced during your U-Haul transaction. At the time of rental you initialed the contract that you confirmed the odometer and fuel readings as documented on the agreement. However, our records indicate you were issued a refund for the extra mileage fees in the amount of $26.07 on September 10th. The refund was issued back to your Master Card account and should post on your next credit card statement. Please be assured we will follow up with the staff at our DeSoto, TX U-Haul location on the information you provided to ensure proper procedures are being followed locally. I hope you will allow U-Haul to serve you again in the future.
Posted by Paaduun on 2013-07-23:
I recently used U-haul and am now educated that they are the "scam" of the moving/rental truck business. they will not see another dollar from me in the future. All throughout my move when I saw a Penske truck I was pissed that uhaul got my dollars by giving me a better list price but then giving me a piece of junk truck that broke down in the middle of nowhere.
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U-Haul Is Absolutely Awful
Posted by Kllmal2007 on 08/21/2012
CORPORATE -- This is my second bad experience with U-haul. The first was just dealing with a jerk at the pickup site, which I didn't blame on U-haul, so I chose to use them again. Very bad choice.

When we picked the truck up the windshield was filthy, and we found out a few miles down the road that there was no washer fluid.

Then, the truck died - multiple times - during the trip. Once on a one lane mountain road with no shoulder and no cell service. The only blessing is that after sitting a while the truck would start up again and allow us to continue, until the next time it died.

But the biggest reason that I will NEVER use U-haul again is how they handled all of this. When we called during the trip, the one time we had cell signal when it died, we spent over ten minutes on hold with their 'emergency' line, before giving up and driving on. I called customer service after the trip (the woman on the phone was very pleasant), and I was told that senior management would get back to me within three days. They didn't.

After a few weeks I then sent an email via the U-haul website. I did receive a call then, from a man who was prone to interupting me, claimed there were no problems found with the truck, and offered me a $50 U-haul credit. He could not have made it any more obvious how little he cared.
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