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Part Not Ordered Online?
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Rating: 2/51

WEBSITE -- Online I order a trailer hitch to be installed. I get an email saying that it will happen on date X. I call the U-Haul location on the day before. Yes my appointment is at 11:00. But: I go ahead and ask, "did the part come in - it was a special order part". "No, no part. Hasn't been ordered yet." So he told me the appointment time with no part there. Later the guy calls back. He called some center. That center says that the part was ordered, but it would take 6-7 weeks - so they knew all along it would arrive several weeks after the date of the appointment. Grumble!

Better Than Expected!
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Rating: 5/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I moved my entire three bedroom home from Miami Florida to New York City on August 15-17, 2913. I had some serious anxiety about the drive, especially since I was traveling with my two kids, ages 16 and 18 and I was doing all the driving. I read a bunch of reviews that were so negative and I was scared about the equipment I was going to get from Uhaul. Luckily, I had a great experience with Uhaul. The truck was a newer model and ran well. Just be prepared to drive slow, like 55 mph slow. I didn't feel comfortable driving over 55 mph because my load was so heavy. I'm not going to lie - it was scary because the truck is so big and heavy. And it was filled to capacity.

But I did it. The Uhaul customer service was great. I read that many people didn't have their trucks on time but mine was there waiting and ready when I arrived to pick it up. Keep in mind that gas is expensive so make sure that you budget for the gas. Plan ahead as to where you are planning on stopping and make sure you have enough clearance. Backing up the truck was OK. I read so many horror stories about Uhaul equipment and customer service but I had a great experience. Would I recommend Uhaul? Absolutely! If I did it, a 48 year old mother of two, with no truck driving experience, anyone could do it. Thanks Uhaul!!!

Horrible Experiences
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGVILLE, NEW YORK -- I will NEVER use UHAUL EVER again!! I made a confirmed reservation for a haul from Thursday till Sunday Local to pick up/drop off IN TOWN. Only to find out I had to drive over 40 miles ONE WAY to pick up this Uhaul and could not even have it for my entire rental! Only Thursday. I made several attempts to reach supervisor ** which informed me even after my credit card was needed (to make and reserve my Uhaul), my reservation was merely an effort to better assist and accommodate her every effort to place me in a Uhaul for my desired time...

In a nut shell, I would rather pay double for a moving company rather than have horrible customer service and be lied to about what I am or are not getting from this company. I will be posting this on EVERY WEBsite available along with word of mouth to any and all. YOUR COMPANY IS UNRELIABLE AND HORRIBLE!!!

Constant Uphill Battle for U-Boxes
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Rating: 1/51

WEST BABYLON, COLORADO -- My entire experience from start to "finish" - not finished yet – has been abysmal and infuriating! I would strongly advise friends, family, new acquaintances and even perfect strangers to AVOID U-boxes at all costs. I should have trusted reviews I read online stating that although U-box is half the cost of other pod services, you certainly get what you pay for.

I was forced to do most of the legwork to get my RESERVED U-box delivered to the Long Island site (I reserved it >2 months in advance with “one left on site” – you'd think that would mean they had one left). Apparently, the entire region of Long Island, NY was depleted of ALL U-boxes, with no shipment delivered. After a total of 16 hours of circling around U-Haul's phone system (with seemingly endless on-hold periods followed by getting disconnected – only to repeat this over and over, and over…) I spoke with ** (the ONLY productive U-Haul employee) and a shipment was delivered.

It's been downhill since – with numerous unreturned phone calls, cancelled and wrong reservations, 12-days until my U-Boxes were actually shipped out, changing stories with each phone conversation, no furniture pads in the U-boxes, and so on.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to 4 different U-Haul outlets today trying to rent a tow dolly. Each of them had dollies, in fact one of them had 3. No one would rent one claiming they were all reserved. I asked each store to look on their screen for a location and no one was willing to find one. I called their reservation line and was on hold for 18 minutes. Finally spoke with a woman who would not even tell me where one was unless I gave them all kinds of information.

After 12 more minutes of answering question, she still would not even look to see if and where one was available. I called the local Raleigh manager to voice my complaint. This was like talking to a rock. A dead rock. This company has NO customer service at all. Arrogant, hateful bunch of SOBs. Take your business elsewhere.

U-Haul Failed From Start To Finish
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI AND CHICAGO, FLORIDA -- We used U-Haul's U-Box system to move from Florida to Chicago. From start to finish it was a disaster. First, the boxes were not available the morning of our move, even though we reserved and confirmed weeks ahead of time. So our movers had to go way out of their way to get the boxes and had to rent two trailers to get them to us because U-Haul didn't have those either. Next, the billing in our credit card did not match the contract price and no one could explain why.

Then, we were told our boxes had shipped and would arrive a certain day at our new apartment. Two days before our move in, U-Haul told us no, in fact our boxes would not arrive for another week. Then, the next day, someone else called to say that, actually, the boxes had arrived in Chicago and were available for our move in but that they did not have movers for us as we had been guaranteed previously.

Finally, once we arranged our own movers and went to pick up the boxes ourselves, we waited over 1.5 hours at the U-Haul store for them to actually load them onto a trailer for us. Again, no one had any explanations. U-Haul failed us from start to finish. In the end we got our stuff the day we needed it, so in that sense the move was a success. It just wasn't smooth or organized.

Different Quotes, POOR Customer Service, No Contact
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- I have previously used PODS when moving cross-country. They give you a quote for the month storage and the cost of shipping from origin to final location. Done and completed in one phone call. No additional charges unless another month of storage is needed. When I recently moved to Illinois from South Carolina, PODS did not service the area and I had to go with U-Box. Terrible.
. My original reservation/account was lost and they had to re-create my reservation. The "second" reservation was $300+ than the original. I was told the boxes would arrive to the holding location in Illinois within 9-days. It took 12 days. It took me calling and trying to speak with locations in SC and IL to find out where my boxes were before they were even shipped. Multiple requests (about 3-4/day for 2 days) to call me back were placed with call center before I was able to talk with someone about where my boxes were.

When I finally set my delivery date and time, I was told it would cost an additional $450+ to have them delivered. Why was I quoted from the location I packed the boxes to my address in Illinois (which I had to repeat every time I was fortunate enough to speak with someone) if they were going to charge me even more? I have the contact information to a regional manager in SC who I have left messages with to be contacted multiple times, and still haven't heard from him. This is the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. I have flown United Airlines through Chicago multiple times and dealt with their customer service...

U-Haul Crates vs. Pods
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LEONARDTOWN, MD -- My husband and I move a lot and we just got our Uhaul containers delivered today. This is the first time we are doing it without a truck and with containers. My experience is as follows so far. The Negatives: I have a paved large circular driveway I asked them to be placed on. I am guessing it is slightly uneven in parts (like most pavement). Due to this the delivery guy wedged shims with a sledge hammer after delivering them. After putting in my lawnmower, however the door no longer closes.

This is a big issue because since it is a large wooden box basically, if you set weight in them the door no longer closes or latches since the weight settled the wooden box making the latches shift. The other issue is that I am only 5'5". I had to get a pole to push up the tarp cover to even close the door and I can't pull the tarp down enough to close it all the way (especially on the one where the door won't shut). It is currently raining and sleeting outside and although I only have my outdoor lawn stuff in the aforementioned box I am still worried something is getting ruined as we speak. (I suggest packing a step up stool and or ladder last)

There is a small step to get into the box so lawnmowers and stuff, you have to have a board to wheel them up into the box. I luckily had a few boards lying around. There are only tie strap latches on 1 of my boxes. They aren't as big as you think and can only haul 2000 pounds each. I have no way of knowing how much weight is in each which presents the problem of shifting if you don't pack them tight enough (boxes aren't an issue but furniture and lawn equipment is).

They make a limited size and aren't really wide enough. To give you an idea I had about 6 inches to spare width wise and maybe 3 or 4 feet length wise after putting in my 40 inch riding lawnmower (sm to med size ridding lawnmower). We had to fight to get the quoted price they tried to charge us twice as much during the confirmation call.

The positives: The truck is the cheapest option for all of our moves so far (we have used Uhaul in the past). What appealed to us was the time we would have to load and unload hopefully making it a lot less stressful of a move after doing the past moves in a day or two (unless you pay for more says with a truck but still you don't get it for a full month). They take up less than a parking space. I have 4 in a row in a space to park 2 cars comfortably. They would be better for longer distance moves. The drop off was great ( deliver I am sure will be the same). It was quick and all I had to do was tell them where and sign on a digital device similar to UPS.

You can get as many as you want and for me, they were so much cheaper then PODS. PODS wanted to charge me $1400 for a cross county move in MD where after fighting to get a quoted price, the Uhaul containers were a little over $600 (a 26 ft truck would have only been $200 though but would have been more rushed).

Advice: Watch out for hidden fees. Pack your ladder last. Make sure the spot is really level to avoid shifting after added weight.

Serious Issues with U-Haul Lewisville TX
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LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I am writing this review to expose some very serious issues. I recently rented a U-Haul trailer (my first experience with U-Haul) and was given a rate of $29.00 for the trailer. Everything went smoothly and I was told to return the U-Haul by 6 P.M. There were no specifications to what location the U-Haul must be returned but that it simply must be returned by 6 P.M. The next day I noticed an unauthorized pending charge of $73.75 and called to find out what the charge was for. I was told that it was simply a hold in accordance to U-Haul policy and it would disappear within 3-5 business days. Satisfied with this answer I did not further investigate.

However, on 11/3/2010 the additional $73.75 charge had gone through and had created an overdraft in my account and I was charged an additional fee of $34.00. I am never overdrawn and am very cautious with my money so I was very frustrated at this point. I called the Lewisville store located on 525 North Stemmons Freeway (College Pkwy) Lewisville TX 75067 and spoke with the general manager there. It was the most unprofessional and inappropriate call I have ever experienced and merely exacerbated the stressful situation.

The manager told me, “It's not our fault you didn't return the U-Haul here”, and “You should have known”, and “If you tell me you will bring my U-Haul back here then I will just believe that's true.” (Please note on the last quote that I had never spoken to him before and I was neither informed that the U-Haul must be returned to that location and I never told anyone at the store that I would be bringing it back to that specific location either). He also continued to cut me off in mid-sentence saying, “Listen to me, listen to, hey, listen to me.”

He was argumentative and offered no apology for the miscommunication between his staff and I; he offered only blame and false scenarios. Toward the end of our exchange he told me, “Hey there's nothing I can do anyway because the other store charged you! So you're not helping by being mad at me!” I responded in frustration, “You should have informed me of that at the beginning of this conversation and apologized for the inconvenience and given me the number to call the other location instead of being argumentative and inappropriate. I cannot understand how you became manager with this level of customer service.”

His response was merely, “Well, ma'am, thanks for that suggestion and now I'm going to let you go so you can call them.” I proceeded to call the other store and spoke with the manager there. I relayed all that had happened and he did everything in his power to help for which I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, the corporate office instructed him to call the other manager to ask that the extra charges be dropped, of course, the other manager refused saying, “We told her to bring it back here and she didn't so we will not refund anything.” As I stated above I had never spoken to him and was never informed of this policy or I would have adhered to it.

This is my last option and I am pleading that someone take care of this matter. The Lewisville manager will be able to continue on with his week unaffected by this matter while I attempt to recover from the damages. I expected only to pay $29.00 for the U-Haul but instead (including the NSF fees) have spent approximately $150.00 dollars and counting if other transactions are processed. This is bad enough in of itself, but the real tragedy for me is the money I am spending to recover from this is the money for my wedding dress I have been saving for my wedding in early December this year.

Because of this incident, I have no way of purchasing my dress and I am devastated by this ordeal. I truly hope someone will read this and rectify this needless situation. I can be contacted via email at ** by any U-Haul personnel that can assist me.

U-Haul One Way Move - What A Ripoff
By -

76013, TEXAS -- So I finally got moved to Abilene before Christmas, I ended up using U-Haul to do the move. I made a reservation online for the truck and picked up from some back alley franchise place less than 3 miles from the U-Haul service center in West Arlington (this should have been the first sign). The employee told me that if I returned the truck early and under the allotted amount of miles I would receive a partial refund for doing so. So I think to myself I can do a move from 2nd story apartment drive 200 miles in 4 hours and move into a 2nd story apartment in less than 24 hours and get the truck turned back in the following day and get a partial refund.

It was nice that day probably about 65 degrees outside at 10 am so I get started and get everything loaded up and I am on the road by 3 pm. I get to Ranger, Texas which is about the 1/2 way mark to Abilene and realize that a cold front has blown in and it is cold probably 30 degrees with the wind chill and all I have on is a windbreaker, polo shirt and a pair of river shorts and all of my clothes are inside the U-Haul at the front of the truck.

I make it to my new place around 7:30 pm and try to find the cowboys-ravens game on TV but I am screwed because it's on the NFL network. I start unloading and it is really getting cold outside. I think about saying forget the early return on the truck and just crashing out on the sofa and starting early in the morning but decide not to because I can get a partial refund and the sooner I get unpacked the faster I can get to my warm clothes boxed up in the front of the cab of the U-Haul. So I unloaded the truck till 4 am in shorts and polo shirt. The low temp that night in Abilene was 20-something, the wind chill was ungodly.

I get up the next morning gas the truck up and get it turned in 18 minutes before the 24 hour mark on the contract and I am pretty amazed that I pulled it off all in less than 24 hours. So I ask the guy at the drop off what the refund to my card would be and he just kind of laughed and said "they told you that?" and he goes on to tell me that they tell people that all of the time and proceeds to tell me that there is no refunds for turning a truck in early and under mileage.

U-Haul will charge you for going over the mileage and keeping the truck out past the due date, but they give you no credit for returning it early. He tells me to call customer service and raise hell and they will partially compensate me for my troubles. U-Haul customer service was a joke. I filed a claim and was told someone would contact me within 48 hours and they actually did (first time Uhaul kept their word). 2 days later as I am laid up on the couch sucking down bottles of NyQuil and eating Benadryl like they were M&M's because of the cold I picked up from working through the night.

I get the call. The representative offered me 30 dollars in U-Haul bucks for my next rental and didn't even apologize... I was so pissed that they thought they were going to buy me off with 30 dollars in U-Haul bucks as if I was ever going to use them again. Since I wasn't satisfied with the offer someone from Management would call me back in 48 hours. I guess they have so many complaints it takes them 2 days to resolve an issue. No one ever called me back.

I waited 7 days and fired off another email to customer support, got a callback this morning from some ass in Fort Worth who was insistent that no one promised me a refund for turning the truck in early. He claims that the owner was at Streamline Auto that morning that I picked up the truck (which he wasn't. If he was he must have been under the desk) and that the owner never promised me a partial refund for turning the truck in early. Bottomline U-Haul sucks. I screwed up by not calling Penske Truck Rental. Their rate for a 24 hour one way 1000 usable miles 157 dollars, 100 less than I paid. U-HAULSUCKS.

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