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Serious Issues with U-Haul Lewisville TX
By -

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I am writing this review to expose some very serious issues. I recently rented a U-Haul trailer (my first experience with U-Haul) and was given a rate of $29.00 for the trailer. Everything went smoothly and I was told to return the U-Haul by 6 P.M. There were no specifications to what location the U-Haul must be returned but that it simply must be returned by 6 P.M. The next day I noticed an unauthorized pending charge of $73.75 and called to find out what the charge was for. I was told that it was simply a hold in accordance to U-Haul policy and it would disappear within 3-5 business days. Satisfied with this answer I did not further investigate.

However, on 11/3/2010 the additional $73.75 charge had gone through and had created an overdraft in my account and I was charged an additional fee of $34.00. I am never overdrawn and am very cautious with my money so I was very frustrated at this point. I called the Lewisville store located on 525 North Stemmons Freeway (College Pkwy) Lewisville TX 75067 and spoke with the general manager there. It was the most unprofessional and inappropriate call I have ever experienced and merely exacerbated the stressful situation.

The manager told me, “It's not our fault you didn't return the U-Haul here”, and “You should have known”, and “If you tell me you will bring my U-Haul back here then I will just believe that's true.” (Please note on the last quote that I had never spoken to him before and I was neither informed that the U-Haul must be returned to that location and I never told anyone at the store that I would be bringing it back to that specific location either). He also continued to cut me off in mid-sentence saying, “Listen to me, listen to, hey, listen to me.”

He was argumentative and offered no apology for the miscommunication between his staff and I; he offered only blame and false scenarios. Toward the end of our exchange he told me, “Hey there's nothing I can do anyway because the other store charged you! So you're not helping by being mad at me!” I responded in frustration, “You should have informed me of that at the beginning of this conversation and apologized for the inconvenience and given me the number to call the other location instead of being argumentative and inappropriate. I cannot understand how you became manager with this level of customer service.”

His response was merely, “Well, ma'am, thanks for that suggestion and now I'm going to let you go so you can call them.” I proceeded to call the other store and spoke with the manager there. I relayed all that had happened and he did everything in his power to help for which I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, the corporate office instructed him to call the other manager to ask that the extra charges be dropped, of course, the other manager refused saying, “We told her to bring it back here and she didn't so we will not refund anything.” As I stated above I had never spoken to him and was never informed of this policy or I would have adhered to it.

This is my last option and I am pleading that someone take care of this matter. The Lewisville manager will be able to continue on with his week unaffected by this matter while I attempt to recover from the damages. I expected only to pay $29.00 for the U-Haul but instead (including the NSF fees) have spent approximately $150.00 dollars and counting if other transactions are processed. This is bad enough in of itself, but the real tragedy for me is the money I am spending to recover from this is the money for my wedding dress I have been saving for my wedding in early December this year.

Because of this incident, I have no way of purchasing my dress and I am devastated by this ordeal. I truly hope someone will read this and rectify this needless situation. I can be contacted via email at ** by any U-Haul personnel that can assist me.

U-Haul One Way Move - What A Ripoff
By -

76013, TEXAS -- So I finally got moved to Abilene before Christmas, I ended up using U-Haul to do the move. I made a reservation online for the truck and picked up from some back alley franchise place less than 3 miles from the U-Haul service center in West Arlington (this should have been the first sign). The employee told me that if I returned the truck early and under the allotted amount of miles I would receive a partial refund for doing so. So I think to myself I can do a move from 2nd story apartment drive 200 miles in 4 hours and move into a 2nd story apartment in less than 24 hours and get the truck turned back in the following day and get a partial refund.

It was nice that day probably about 65 degrees outside at 10 am so I get started and get everything loaded up and I am on the road by 3 pm. I get to Ranger, Texas which is about the 1/2 way mark to Abilene and realize that a cold front has blown in and it is cold probably 30 degrees with the wind chill and all I have on is a windbreaker, polo shirt and a pair of river shorts and all of my clothes are inside the U-Haul at the front of the truck.

I make it to my new place around 7:30 pm and try to find the cowboys-ravens game on TV but I am screwed because it's on the NFL network. I start unloading and it is really getting cold outside. I think about saying forget the early return on the truck and just crashing out on the sofa and starting early in the morning but decide not to because I can get a partial refund and the sooner I get unpacked the faster I can get to my warm clothes boxed up in the front of the cab of the U-Haul. So I unloaded the truck till 4 am in shorts and polo shirt. The low temp that night in Abilene was 20-something, the wind chill was ungodly.

I get up the next morning gas the truck up and get it turned in 18 minutes before the 24 hour mark on the contract and I am pretty amazed that I pulled it off all in less than 24 hours. So I ask the guy at the drop off what the refund to my card would be and he just kind of laughed and said "they told you that?" and he goes on to tell me that they tell people that all of the time and proceeds to tell me that there is no refunds for turning a truck in early and under mileage.

U-Haul will charge you for going over the mileage and keeping the truck out past the due date, but they give you no credit for returning it early. He tells me to call customer service and raise hell and they will partially compensate me for my troubles. U-Haul customer service was a joke. I filed a claim and was told someone would contact me within 48 hours and they actually did (first time Uhaul kept their word). 2 days later as I am laid up on the couch sucking down bottles of NyQuil and eating Benadryl like they were M&M's because of the cold I picked up from working through the night.

I get the call. The representative offered me 30 dollars in U-Haul bucks for my next rental and didn't even apologize... I was so pissed that they thought they were going to buy me off with 30 dollars in U-Haul bucks as if I was ever going to use them again. Since I wasn't satisfied with the offer someone from Management would call me back in 48 hours. I guess they have so many complaints it takes them 2 days to resolve an issue. No one ever called me back.

I waited 7 days and fired off another email to customer support, got a callback this morning from some ass in Fort Worth who was insistent that no one promised me a refund for turning the truck in early. He claims that the owner was at Streamline Auto that morning that I picked up the truck (which he wasn't. If he was he must have been under the desk) and that the owner never promised me a partial refund for turning the truck in early. Bottomline U-Haul sucks. I screwed up by not calling Penske Truck Rental. Their rate for a 24 hour one way 1000 usable miles 157 dollars, 100 less than I paid. U-HAULSUCKS.

Poor Management At U-haul In Wichita Kansas
By -

WICHITA, KANSAS -- Let me start by saying U-Haul must have the dumbest people working for them. I wanted to rent a car dolly to pull a truck. I went to the website to gather information on U-Hauls car dollies and this is what I found. A car dolly is designed for the front axle weight of the vehicle, not the entire weight of the vehicle. Here is what is written on the web site:

The vehicle being towed: Must not weigh in excess of 3,450 lbs. if it is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and 3,900 lbs. if it is rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Must have a maximum outside-to-outside tire width of 72". Must not exceed a body width (at the doors) of 75". Note: body widths over 72" must use late-model U-Haul Tow Dolly (identifiable by silver galvanized color). Low-hanging equipment on the vehicle being towed such as spoilers, air dams, ground effects, etc., may be damaged by contact with the tow dolly during loading and unloading. Make sure there is enough clearance for these items. Tow lights (tail/stop/turn) required at rear of vehicle being towed.

VEHICLE TO BE TOWED: The vehicle that I wish to tow is a 1991 Ford F-250 super cab, front axle weight is 3765 pounds according to the manufacturers sticker inside the door. The outside-to-outside tire width is 71” according to my measurements. I have established the truck I want to tow is within the guidelines posted on the internet.

TOW VEHICLE: Now the truck I am planning to pull this truck with is a 1990 Ford F-250 super cab, 460 cui engine, 1-ton towing package including a automatic transmission made for towing, receiver hitch rated over 10,000 lbs. (I use this truck to pull a bobcat skid steer and with the trailer on my truck, skid steer on the trailer and the weight of the towing truck I am somewhere in the weight of 18,000 pounds total that's including my topper and tools in the bed.)

I have the correct mirrors, operational trailer light hook up and interchangeable receiver hitch balls. Now there is no question I am equipped to pull a U-Haul car dolly, using their internet guidelines for the dolly and the vehicle I want to pull. U-Hauls internet guidelines is as follows:

Your towing vehicle: Must be equipped with a full hard top if it is a sport utility type vehicle. If the top or any portion of the top is removed, or is not a hard top, your sport utility type vehicle cannot be used for towing U-Haul equipment. A full hard top must be in place. Must weigh at least 750 lbs. more than the vehicle being towed. Must have Class 2 tow hitch (3,500 lbs. minimum weight-carrying rating).

Must have 1-7/8", 2" or 2-1/8" hitch ball (3,500 lbs. minimum). Must not exceed maximum allowable hitch ball height 25". Must have external mirrors on both sides. Must have fully operational lighting. Tow dolly lighting must be operational at all times, day and night, loaded or unloaded. Maximum recommended speed is 45 MPH

I drove my 1990 Ford truck to a U-haul dealer, I informed the salesman behind the counter that I wanted to rent a car dolly for 24 hours. I was asked what my pulling vehicle was, I gave him the same information I wrote above for the tow vehicle. Then I was asked what kind of vehicle I was planning to tow. I gave him the same information I listed above for vehicle being towed. The U-Haul salesman proceeded to tell me my front tire width was too big and my truck would not fit. I told him I measured the width and it was 71” and I told him I measured the car dolly and it would fit on the dolly.

Then the U-Haul salesman tried to tell me my truck to be towed was too heavy. I told him the weight of the truck did not matter because the tow dolly utilizes the axle weight and the front axle is rated at 3765 pounds under the 3900 pound limit which is listed in the website for U-Haul. Then the salesman tried to tell me my truck transmission wouldn't handle towing another truck after I told him the transmission in the tow truck was for towing.

The salesman then entered all the specs I gave him for the truck to be towed and the truck that is doing the towing in his computer. GUESS what I was told, my towing truck was not big enough to tow the other truck. Therefore he could not rent a car dolly to me. For grins an giggles I asked him to enter my Crown Victoria as the vehicle being towed using my towing vehicle information (The 1990 Crown Victoria weighs 3715 pound total). Its gets better, the computer says my truck is still not big enough to pull the Crown Victoria.

The website gives the information you need to see if you can use a car dolly and because the program on their computer says something different I cannot rent a car dolly. The sales people DO NOT FOLLOW what is even written in their brochures (same as the website). This only gets better. I called 2 different numbers for U-Haul and not one person I spoke to could over ride that damn computer nor did they have any answers for me that would help.

Since no one can override the computer and what is written on the computer is gospel, I stand to lose a truck I really needed to get home. A car trailer would work if my truck had steering and a transport company wasn't too expensive.

TO YOU U-HAUL: Let me suggest that you gather your information from people in the real world who pull trailers for a living, not from statistics or from some educated idiot who thinks he knows what's going on. Teach your employees to think for themselves instead of letting them think your policies have no options. I think your services suck and here is a list of websites of people's complaints about you. I think you better get a clue as to why your sale's is down. I also want other people out there to know they are not alone with bad experiences. I will NEVER use U-HAUL in the future and I hope other people who reads this will learn something from it.

The CEO of U-haul gave out his cell phone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can't get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.

Wichita Kansas

Do Not Rely On A U-Haul Reservation
By -

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- In preparation for taking my son down to college, first year off campus, my wife and I went to our local U-Haul dealer on 9 August 2008. We reserved a 10' truck for pickup on 15 August 2008 for a one way trip to Blacksburg VA. We were told that we would be called the evening before to tell us the local dealer we could where we would pick up the truck.

As promised, we were called on 14 August and told that we could pick up our reserved truck at the Chantilly, VA location after 4:00 PM on 15 August, but that the truck would be a 14' because no 10' trucks were available. We agreed to accept a 14' even though that would mean higher fuel costs.

On 15 August we were called by U-Haul less than 2 hours before our pickup time and told we would have to go to Winchester, VA to pick up the truck. Winchester is approximately 50 miles away - almost a quarter of the way to Blacksburg.

The allowed mileage on the truck would have been enough to cover our originally planned trip, but not to cover the addition of the mileage to pick up the truck. Also we would have had to pay for additional fuel for the truck, plus a 100 miles of fuel for the car to go pick up truck.

The local U-Haul refused to pick up the truck in Winchester, and the Winchester store refused to bring it to Chantilly. The local dealer told us we would have to call U-Haul reservations to resolve this issue. We called the number provided 3 separate times, waiting with a phone ringing up to 25 minutes. We finally decided to find another source for the truck. Because of the short (no) notice, the only thing we could find was going to be approximately $800.00, over 2.5 times the price we had planned. We were forced to change our plans and reschedule our trip until mid-week. We now have another reservation with another rental company.

We had made our plans around the original schedule. Because we had to change our schedule, we also missed our granddaughter's birthday party, had to reschedule the install of cable and internet in Blacksburg, had to reschedule the unload help we had arranged in Blacksburg, both my wife and I had to reschedule dentist appointments, we had to reschedule time off from work, we had to reschedule our dog/house sitter.

After, we had rearranged our plans, more than 3 hours after this mess started we were called by U-Haul saying they had a truck in Arlington. Much closer, but we had already made a new reservation, and had rescheduled everything except the dentists' appointment. Obviously, having a reservation means nothing at U-Haul and I think all potential customers need to know that.

I have also entered this same info in the U-Haul customer service site. I did get an email back asking me to contact them at a given number, despite trying three times I have not been able to get through to the person who sent the email..

Also the email contained the following veiled threat: "You are hereby on notice that this e-mail message is confidential and proprietary. This e-mail message is specifically intended for use by the recipient for which it is addressed. As the designated recipient or unintended recipient, you are hereby PROHIBITED from any DISCUSSION, DISSEMINATION, DISPLAY, DISCLOSURE, REPRODUCTION OR COPYING of this e-mail message. Any third party disclosure is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail message in error, please delete."

5-7 Miles to the Gallon*
By -

N. MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- Be aware trucks only get 5-7 miles to the gallon as quoted to me by the executive office when I questioned how I could have used $35 for 63 miles. I rented a 14' (only one available to move an upright piano and 2 small end table) at the N. Miami Beach depot. Did 63 miles (question that to). Gas gauge never worked properly and was checked out at 1/4 of a tank until we started to move then dropped to empty. Drove a couple of blocks to a gas station and threw in $10 just to see how much it would register, never moved off the 1/4 on idle. Gauge remained at 1/4 or was always a hair over on each fill up and while driving went to empty and at idle a hair under.

Threw in another $10 after driving aprrox. 30 miles for the return trip approx. 33 miles according to the odometer, again the needle registered a hair over the 1/4. Upon returning the truck I explained to the check in person there was something wrong with the gas gauge only to fall on deaf ears. The gauge resisted a hair and I mean a hair under the 1/4 making it $20 a total of 63 miles (which I also questioned) as their estimate for mileage was 50 miles from point A to point B and we drove a very direct route that I drive the exact route frequently and never was 60+ miles.

The check-in person make it at 3/16 of a tank and they said I would have to pay $30+ their cost of gas if I didn't add the 1/16 to make it 1/4 of a tank. So now I drive it next door to the gas station and throw in another $5, needle never moves, throw in another $10. Now it registers at a hair over 1/4 and they sign me out at 5/16 of a tank. Making it a total of $35 to do the 63 miles.

Customer service are robots and are not interested in anything you say. I paid the bill and called the main office to complain the next day. Customer service person wasn't interested in anything I had to say, cut me off and said they had my complain already on file and someone would call me in 48 hours to resolve the discrepancy.

Ha! 5 days later no one ever called! I call again giving the complaint # it was given and CS just wanted my information all over again, then said, "Well if no one ever called you an you need to speak to corporate." Gives me another # to call. I call and of course not the right department gives me another # to call and again not the right dept but transfers me to who knows were.

Finally I get someone who says they handle the complaints and she tells me there was nothing wrong with the gas gauge that 5.48 miles to the gallon is right, their trucks only get 5-7 miles to the gallon. Renters Beware! Their rates may be cheap by the day but it will cost you a lot more in mileage and gas.

Fraudulent & Deceptive Business Practices -- U-Haul Loses Class Action
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

I experienced two thefts. Told I would be ok after the first but before I could retrieve my remaining property I was robbed again! Lost nearly everything including all my clothes, stereo equipment, art books, and music, as well my photos and art work. I HATE these guys and would NOT recommend U-Haul to my worst enemy! DO NOT TRUST U-Haul!!!

Very Helpful and Kind to Us
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Ernie in the Albany Store was very helpful and kind to us. We had a wait of no longer than 45 minutes to have a hitch put on.

Lazy Personnel
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS -- Went 3 times to get bottles filled. 1st time they said [hose] was cracked. 2nd time no one qualified to pump propane was there. 3rd time I called ahead and was told no problems they could fill my bottles. When I arrived (45 min later) they said they were out of propane and couldn't help me. If they are too lazy to fill bottles they should take down the signs and not advertise that they do.

Hired Guys to Move Us Through UHaul.
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- We hired two guys through you UHAUL. They stole all my earrings and some bracelets from my jewelry box. We did not notice until unloaded in another state. I was heartsick! Nothing we can do!

Money for Nothing
By -

CORNWALL, ONTARIO, CANADA -- This was a while ago, so I find it really funny now. My lovely wife went online to rent a truck from U-haul in The Cornwall, Ontario region, and we had arranged a Truck for moving day. When we arrived, the truck was not there and the fellow said that he did not receive the notice. All trucks were gone, and none would arrive until 3 days later. We provided the confirmation and he informed us that meant nothing, because he was not hooked up to the system. We were fortunate enough to find one elsewhere, and everything was hurried, but got the job done.

Here is the fun part. On our credit card was a charge of $19.95 from the on-line service. When my wife called to have them reverse it, they said that it was not possible as they had provided us with the reservation. We said that the reservation was not received, please reverse the charge. They said that the owner probably received the reservation but forgot about it, and that we should get the money from him. We said that we had moved over 3 hours away, that it would cost us long distance, and that it wasn't our fault that they had screwed up, please reverse the charge.

They said that we could submit a claim for the charge by filling out a form, get it back to them and they would get back to us. We said, "Sounds like too much work, and we would call the Credit card company and reverse the charges ourselves". They said that if we did that, that they would recharge our credit card, with an admin fee. We said, "We would have that reversed again". They said that they then would take us to court and have us pay lawyer's fees and court costs. We said that we would counter sue for damages, failure to provide a service that was paid for, duress, and whatever other avenues we could think of.

They said that our call was being taped and thay had proof that we were being difficult, and would use it as evidence. We said, "By all means please do, since it would probably be the funniest conversation a judge has ever heard." They said that we were being rude and a judge would not find it funny at all. We said that a judge would probably compliment us on having the patience to deal with a person who had the ethics of a conman. They told me (quote), "Go F yourself." We said, "how do you think the judge would interpret that in court." They hung up.

We called the credit card company (MC-who were awesome) explained the situation. They said that U-Haul did this all the time, that they would reverse the charge right away, and put a note on our file saying that no charge would be allowed from that address.

To this day, every time I see a U-haul I laugh.

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