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UPS Are Idiots (Literally)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- UPS informed me that my package would be delayed, after it arrived in Jacksonville, FL, due to "adverse weather". But Jacksonville wasn't having any bad weather!

UPS routed my package back to Greensboro, NC, from whence it had come (and which *was* experiencing bad weather), and then to West Columbia, SC (which was also experiencing bad weather), before sending it back to Jacksonville again. Why not just let it sit in Jacksonville? The answer clearly is that UPS are idiots!! There is no other rational explanation.

UPS are idiots!!!

I would upload a picture, but this web site doesn't allow it. So here is the text of UPS's announcement to me, which demonstrates that they are idiots (the most recent entries are near the top):

Shipment Progress

Next Scheduled Event: Monday,02/17/2014 by 11:59 P.M.

Location Date Local Time Activity
Jacksonville, FL, United States 02/15/2014 5:19 P.M. Departure Scan
02/15/2014 9:54 A.M. Arrival Scan
West Columbia, SC, United States 02/15/2014 3:38 A.M. Departure Scan
West Columbia, SC, United States 02/14/2014 9:49 P.M. Arrival Scan
Greensboro, NC, United States 02/14/2014 6:26 P.M. Departure Scan
Jacksonville, FL, United States 02/12/2014 8:00 P.M. Adverse weather conditions.
Greensboro, NC, United States 02/12/2014 11:46 A.M. Arrival Scan
Roanoke, VA, United States 02/12/2014 9:14 A.M. Departure Scan
United States 02/11/2014 11:56 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

I have a nice formatted picture of this, but this web site won't allow me to post it. So this website sucks also.
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User Replies:
yoke on 02/17/2014:
It does not look as if it was in Jacksonville until the 15th. It commented on the 12th that it could not get to Jacksonvile due to weather conditions where it was in Greensboro, not that it had arrived in Jacksonville
Paul on 02/18/2014:
Looks perfectly fine to me. An arrival is followed by a departure, and to me the Jacksonville 2/12 entry "adverse weather" means it did not depart from Greensboro. It did two days later.

Looks like your picture posted fine also.
Pete on 02/19/2014:
It is confusing but the package was never shipped to Jacksonville on the 12th because of adverse weather conditions. Note that there is no Arrival scan for Jacksonville for the 12th, only for the 15th when the package actually arrived in Jacksonville.
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They lie, lie, and lie some more
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Here's the short version of my bad experience with UPS. UPS missed my first delivery. I called to arranged same day pick up. They called the driver and said the driver will deliver a second attempt same day. I waited, waited, and waited. The driver never showed up. My online status at the last minute showed I agree to a pick up which I never did. The time stamp showed I agree to this the same time when the will-call was closed.

Moral of the story, there is no such thing as "same day second delivery". They will lie to you to waste time until its too late.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 04/09/2011:
"I called to arranged same day pick up."

when you said to them I want to pick it up, did you mean to say will you redeliver it?

I can see how they thought you meant pickup.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
It sounds to me the OP was GOING to pick it up, but they said they would try to redeliver it for him, which they obviously never did. I'm sure that's pretty aggravating. I never use UPS to send anything, I find the USPS the most convenient and most inexpensive and never had a problem.
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
I can't tell what happened here.

I use UPS, USPS, and FEDEX, depending on the weight of the package and how well I need it tracked. Each one has its strengths.

As far as communicating with my local hub, arranging for special instructions, or understanding delivery status, I have never had a single issue with UPS. I love the online system, and having a telephone number to call the hub directly.
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
What the OP left out is that at 10:47 on this same day, the first delivery was attempted (signature required) but he wasn't available.

Then a same day "Will Call" was processed, when the OP contacted them by phone. UPS defines will call as either the customer calls to reschedule delivery OR asks to have the package held at the hub so that he can pick it up.

What I don't understand is a "Same Day Redelivery". I didn't think UPS did that, and I can't find it described on their website. Obviously there would be a fee if you wanted them to send a truck out to you.

The OP said they arranged for "same day pick-up", which isn't the same as "will call". I am wondering if they called for a same day pick-up (not a delivery), and UPS was going to try to send the truck with the package on it to do the pick-up, and drop the package at the same time.

Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
Yes they do lie. I received a package on my doorstep on a Tue night. When I got home at 9 pm, it was laying there. It was due for delivery on Wed. Had I known it was coming early I would have stayed home because it was pretty valuable. In the proof if delivery section it said, " Met customer. Man." There's no man here. And if there was, he wasn't home that night because the box was just left outside! I much prefer USPS Priority.
canon85 on 04/21/2011:
If I buy anything online, I'll make sure it's not delivered by UPS. Just had a horrible experience with them ! I'd prefer FEDEX or DHL .
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UPS bent my Bike
Posted by on
Hello. I just wanted to inform everyone what a poor shipping company that UPS is. I recently purchased a motorized bike from EBAY from a very nice seller that packaged the bicycle in a bicycle shipping box and sent it to me by UPS. That cost me $244 dollars since it was shipping from Canada to California. After waiting for 4 days they sent me a message that it had been misdirected to the wrong location...after a total of 13 days the bike was delivered in a box that looked like it had been dragged through a war zone. I had the delivery person wait while I opened what remained of the box to take a look at the bike. Unfortunately I did not completely un-box the bicycle at that time and it looked in passable shape from what the driver and I could see. Later that evening when I went to assemble the bike I discovered that the damage was all on the bottom half of the bicycle which I could not see from my previous vantage point. I immediately contacted UPS and they told me that since I had destroyed the packaging opening the box they would make an appointment to view it on sight. No call was forthcoming I called back and was informed that the claim was refused because the packaging was destroyed by me. I don't care how the bike was packaged...the amount of damage done was intense. the back forks where the wheel is mounted was bent into two 90 degree "L" brackets. The crank sprocket was bent and the front springer front end forks were bent as well. I told them that I could probably be made whole with $150 but was put through the contact the seller game. I had been in constant contact with the seller and told him to contact his local UPS and they directed him back to me...these guys are slick as slime. I am currently filing through EBAY resolution center to have them pressure UPS. In the Whole I would not send an anvil through UPS because I am sure they could damage it!
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User Replies:
goduke on 08/20/2010:
I would hope that if there's something that's going to need $244 worth of shipping, that insurance would be taken out on the item. Was there insurance on it?
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UPS - Deny All Claims - Crawford Insurance Here to Screw You
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I have been through this song and dance with UPS claims before, so I knew from the beginning what I was in for. Previously, I shipped items when I was an employee of a big company, and they would not spend the time and energy to appeal this claims process that UPS and Crawford Insurance want's you to go through.

However, I am now self employed, and I am going to go the distance on this just on principal alone. Enough is enough.

We need national exposure on this scam, and ultimately a class action lawsuit as this is a clear cut case of defrauding the customer. This is because UPS and Crawford Insurance conspire to either deny every claim, or undervalue every claim. It is a conspiracy to defraud and needs to be prosecuted as such, both at the criminal level, and civil process.

I prepared 2 shipping labels where I paid for the "insurance" at an amount that was clearly under what it would take to replace the items if lost or damaged. And, I was fully willing to accept that amount when UPS lost my package.

However, Crawford Insurance, as usual undervalued my claim, and did not "make me whole" as required under the law. Then they jump you through hoops when you try to appeal the decision in hopes you will just go away, and most people do. That's why they get away with it.

I finally get a return call from a "supervisor" with Crawford & Co. by the name of TIFFANY [snip] with a caller ID of [snip] She was snotty sounding from the start and talked down to me like I was stupid. (I'm not by the way). She tried explaining that this was NOT "insurance" that I purchased, but rather "declared value". (Semantics). This person sounded like she is like 12 years old.

I declared the value of that package at only $195 (trying to be fair and reasonable) even though the items could never be replaced for $195. Crawford went ahead and processed a payment for like $101 total! I was given the amount over the phone, and have not received the check yet.

My total claim amount was only $231.59 which I WAS fully willing to accept, but now, that offer is off the table. I reside and do business in Florida, which to the best of my knowledge (from past experience) is a "make whole" state which means they are required to pay me at least the declared value OR they must actually replace what I lost.

I am now going for nothing less than full replacement of my lost items, as that cannot be done for less than $1000.

These idiots think that just because I paid a certain amount for something, that is all they are required to pay. The part these mental midgets cannot comprehend is that the lost items cannot be replaced for what I paid for them.


When you purchase "insurance" from UPS you need to understand that they have no intention of paying you the declared value that you are paying for.

I must now proceed against the seller on Ebay on this although he did nothing wrong, just so there is another party involved against UPS...Although I purchased the UPS labels on my UPS account and sent them to the seller (that makes me the shipper, legally).

These lowlife already tried using that angle..."well you are not the shipper".....WRONG!

Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance / UPS will do whatever they can to get out of paying a legitimate claim.

These arrogant fools are willing to go to court and possibly have a legal precedent set over a measly $130.00!!

How stupid is that!

We really do need a class action lawsuit on this of every single person who has ever been shorted on a claim with UPS or any claim that Crawford every processed and shorted.

Any lawyers out there want to tackle this?

If not, I have enough experience to prepare and file my own complaint and it will be filed in FEDERAL COURT.

It will be filed against UPS as they are the ones who actually lost my items, and then they can deal with Crawford so they can see how they like it!

UPS CLAIM# 3675228201A
UPS Tracking# 1ZT449V24392180833
Ebay Item# 190650237437

I printed the labels on 3/19/2012.
The Ebay seller dropped them at a UPS Store on 3/26/2012 in Edison NJ.
My package never made it past that location as per the tracer.
3/31/2012 UPS declared the package lost and this nightmare claim process began.

UPS - Claims Processing Center
P. O. Box 1265
Newport News, VA. 23601-1265
Fax: 888-458-7703
Tel: 877-524-4498

Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance "Claims:
Tiffany [snip], Claims Supervisor
877-225-7625 [snip]

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/23/2012:
Over $200 and change? Sounds like small claims court. I doubt a lawyer would go near this.

I always declare the full value with UPS. Perhaps if you had done that, what they agreed to pay would have been satisfactory. My understanding is this same issue applies with USPS.

I believe you need to be over $75K for a federal case, and the fact that you declared the value low most likely precludes you "going for" any more than that. Good luck though.
raven2010 on 04/23/2012:
That item number on eBay sold for $86. Even your declared value was too high.

You were more than made whole with the payment of $101.

You cannot claim a "worth" when that is not what you paid.
raven2010 on 04/23/2012:
Directly from UPS website:
5. Claim Paid
Once a claim has been approved, the payment will be processed. UPS will pay the lesser of purchase or replacement costs, up to the declared value. Typically, claim checks are mailed to the shipper's billing address on file three to five business days after UPS receives the required documentation.

In the event the claim is not approved for payment, UPS will contact the shipper.

Note: All claims are subject to the terms of the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service.
trmn8r on 04/23/2012:
Great catch, raven. Sold for $86 and that tracking number does appear to be lost. I usually check that stuff.

Sounds like the OP got more from UPS than they had to refund the Buyer, which means they made a profit (????) With the cost of shipping from NJ to FL, maybe about break even.
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Lie, Lie, Lie After Another
Posted by on
COLORADO -- On December 21, 2011 I ordered a laptop from Amazon. The purchase included overnight shipping. The package didn't arrive until December 27, 2011. Living in a very small town the local UPS hub knows both my wife and I personally. So in theory, I should have received the package either the 22nd or 23rd. I know the 26th was a holiday for them. But I see no reason why it wasn't delivered at least on the 23rd. Tracking the package online, it was in the local hub on the 22nd. Next comes the LIE part. The laptop from Amazon turned out to have been opened by someone and used as it had 2 large scratches on the screen and 1 on the outside. I contacted Amazon for a replacement, however the model was no longer available so they issued a call tag for UPS to pick up. It was ready for pickup on December 28th. I had a package delivered (at my wife's workplace)and the driver said he didn't have a call tag for the return. I called UPS and they called the local hub and asked why he didn't pick up the package. The hub said the driver made 2 attempts yesterday to pick it up. My wife saw the same driver today and he said he never had a call tag from yesterday. So the phone reps that I talked to yesterday just flat-out lied to me. One went so far as to tell me my wife's phone number where she works wouldn't accept phone calls. Totally false. The phone number takes calls 24 hours a day. If she's on the phone, it will ring to someone else in her office. UPS has no scruples lying to a customer just to get them off the phone. I know it was a busy holiday season, but the local hub is only about 1 1/2 miles to my wife's office. If it was in the hub, how hard would it have been to place on the truck on the 22nd or at least the 23rd?
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/29/2011:
There are two things going on here, which are separate in my mind.

The first one is you state that the package was in your hub on the 22nd, but you gave no status beyond that. What time did it arrive at the hub on the 22nd? Did UPS work on Friday 23rd? Was there any "Out for Delivery" scan that day? What happened when you called the hub and asked why it wasn't delivered on Friday (if it got there on the 22nd it should have been)?

Next, the return. Could this be a internal miscommunications or mistakes on their part? I have never had UPS lie to me - they have always gone out of their way to help when glitches occurred. Are you certain that they lied?

You say that you "know the hub" personally. I have the same relationship with the people at my hub. Have you discussed your concerns with them?
Darrell27 on 12/29/2011:
The package arrived at the hub after the drivers left @ 9:35AM. So I can understand why it wasn't delivered on the 22nd. The local UPS was open on Friday the 23rd and they delivered several packages to where my wife works that same day. We have all packages delivered there because we live 30 miles out of town and they have a habit of leaving packages out on my fence post I keep my gate locked at home,(high crime area). As far as contacting the local UPS hub, the phone number is unlisted and UPS will not give out that information. You have to call the 800 customer number. Why it's top secret, I don't know. I talked to at least 4 people @ UPS (800 number)who told me several different stories. One said the same driver came by twice to pick up the package on the 28th. Another said it was 2 different drivers. I also must point out this town has a population of less than 8700 people. I'm not talking about a large town.
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Delivery Is A Joke
Posted by on
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I ordered a fairly large package online for my mom for her Christmas present. I didn't know that it was going to ship UPS until it was too late. I wasn't able to be home when they deliver the package because I work a normal schedule. I got the first notice on my door on a Wednesday. I left a note for the UPS man to leave the package at my apartment office, that I authorize them to sign for the package. Instead of doing that, the driver put another notice on my door of the package being undeliverable. I then call UPS and they tell me that the sender requests that they try to deliver to the package three times before they hold it at the pickup station. But that after the third attempt, I'll be able to pick up the package myself.

The next day I get a phone call saying that that day is going to be the third attempt to deliver the package and if I don't get it that day, they will be sending it back to the sender. So I call them back and tell them that this is not what I was told the day before and the woman that answered the phone (a call center worker, who probably doesn't have a college degree nor can she read) tells me that this is what is going to happen without even taking my information to actually look at the order.

I get the tracking number and call back and speak to someone that knows what he is talking about. He tells me that the package would be available for pick up on Saturday (the next day) at the pickup center.

The next day, I get the ticket that was left on my door that states that its the final notice and go to the pick up place. I wait for about 10 minutes and they finally come out of the back room and tell me that they don't have the package. That it is still on the truck because the truck came in too late the night before. They assure me that they will hold it and I can get it on Monday. I go home and email the call center, they send me an email back and assure me that the package will be available for pick up on Monday.

I go in on Monday after work. After another 10 minutes of waiting, they come again, out of the back room and tell me that its out for a delivery, again, for the fourth time. They tell me they sent me a postcard telling me that it was going to go out on MOnday for a forth delivery. (Mind you, its Monday afternoon and the mail doesn't go until the afternoon, after people are at work). So she takes down my name and number and tells me that she is going to hold the package at the office.

I go home, I get my mail. There is a postcard that says 'the package was undeliverable on Friday and will be held at the customer service center on the next business day for 5 days'.

I get to my door and there is a fourth notification that says 'final notice'.
I will be taking all of this information, along with the email, into the customer service center and showing the manager all of the b. s. that I've had to go through in order to pick up a package.

Wouldn't it have just been easier for them to leave the package at my apartment front office? It would have saved the company time and money.

This, seriously, has been the worst experience of my entire life and I will NEVER ship anything or buy anything that is shipped via UPS ever again.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/12/2011:
If an adult signature is required (determined by the sender), UPS will not deliver the package elsewhere even if you ask.

It does appear there was a mixup in the fact the truck was not unloaded back at the hub, and you made a wasted trip. That is unfortunate.

I've used UPS for many years, and I like them. I sometimes have had packages sent to the hub (you put the hub address c/o your name, tel # and mark it "Hold at hub for pickup").

The trick is to know ahead of time how a package will be shipped, and if it is UPS know that a sig may be required and you'll have to be home if so. You can't always find out how a package will be shipped, but usually you can and get the tracking number and track it yourself real time.

I know some people like yourself find UPS quite foreign to what they expect, and get turned off. I am on a first name basis with the guy at my hub. Unless they just outsourced their customer service, the 800# is very good in assisting when the problem isn't a local one, or putting you in touch with the hub. Sorry this was such a problem for you. If you live in an apt complex and you aren't going to be there and a sig is required, I can see it causing a problem.
spiderman2 on 12/13/2011:
That sounds like a nightmare! I am so glad I can have packages delivered to my husband's business address. I hope you get your package.
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UPS Doesn't Care
Posted by on
I ordered my medication on WED 08/10 with overnight delivery for Thus 08/11. Everything went smooth with tracking until it reached my city. On 08/11 it stated it was out for delivery, it didn't come. I wait all day, called a few times, they kept saying it will be there. Called at 9pm they still said it will be there, our drivers are just running late. Well at midnight my tracking status changed to ON TRUCK TO BE DELIVERED ON 08/12 the next day FRI. The next day still nothing. I called, they looked it up and told me to contact the shipper and have them start a trace on the package. Later that evening about 745 I checked my tracking # and it changed to ADDRESS CHANGE/ MISSING OR DAMAGED ADDRESS LABEL/ ADDRESS CORRECTED. RESCHEDULE DELIVERY for Monday 08/15. I called to see if I could get Saturday Delivery or pick it up as it was medication that I needed and I was going to be out of town on Monday. I went through 3 different people then got a supervisor which said she contacted the local office here in my city and the supervisor there said I could go pick it up next day on Sat since it was medication I needed. Later that night I checked my tracking # and it said my package departed my city St Petersburg, it went to Olando which is 100 miles from here. I call again, they said they were not sure why it left here and went there. But would be delivered on Mon.

The next day on Saturday they said on the phone it went back to my city and was at the office. So I took a bus which took one and half hours to get there. I got there and they first said it was not there, its in Olando. Then after pleading them to help check they said oh no its here but schehuled to be delivered on Monday. I explained I called several times and was told I could pick it up today Saturday. They said no we can't do that, its on one of the trucks and we don't have another sort until Monday. I went outside and called again spoke to another supervisor who said he called the office that I was at and to wait 20 minutes then go inside and check to see if they located the package.

I went back inside the person at the counter did know anything about it. She went and got the supervisor who said my package was there but on a truck with 1500 other packages and there was no way he could look for it. So I had to leave without my package and take another 1 and half bus ride home and cancel my plans on Monday to again wait for my package.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 08/15/2011:
This is definitely a mess, and you have every reason to be upset. I have no idea how UPS deliveries work, but I'm surprised they didn't have some idea where you package was on the truck, if it's even there at all. I hope you receive it today so you are not without your medication and you can go ahead with your plans.

If you get a chance, let us know what happens.
Old Timer on 08/15/2011:
1. A UPS delivery truck does not have 1,500 items on it. No driver alive can make 1,500 stops in one day. Unless about 1,300 packages were for one stop maybe.

2. A UPS truck is loaded so that the driver can pull the packages in order as he goes. So, they could have found the package without much of a fuss.

The package could have been on a UPS semi truck waiting to be unloaded in which case 1 and 2 above are mute.

Either way UPS really jerked this person around and a couple of heads should roll for it. At this point I would probably demand they re-route the package to the new location. And have your doctor call in a 7-10 day emergency supply to your local pharmacy or a pharmacy where you're going to be just as a back-up plan.

We refuse to use UPS anymore. The people that work for UPS just don't seem to give a crap anymore. I blame UPS management for creating the miserable work atmosphere they have created for their employs. And their prices have gotten way to high. USPS is our preferred shipper now.
Skye on 08/15/2011:
You paid for overnight delivery, and you should have received your pacakge. You've been taken on a wild goose chase, and UPS is the worst when it comes to receiving deliveries.

I don't know what type of medication you were waiting for, but it arrouses my suspicions that its something someone wanted to get their hands on, and now UPS is trying to cover their tracks.

I hope you get your meds today. If not, can you call the shipper and have them resent to wherever you'll be staying, once you are out of town?

Good luck, because using UPS you will need it.
trmn8r on 08/15/2011:
The main problem here, in my opinion, is the address was wrong on the package. That isn't UPS' fault - the question is, how to recover from that problem.

Re: sent to Orlando - Is it possible this overnight package was being returned to the sender because the address was wrong, and then you calling gave them the correct info?

They did get it back to your hub, but it sounds like it is still on a tractor trailer, not the delivery truck. I've never known UPS to go onto a truck to retrieve a pacakge, but it may be possible.

I have had medicine go missing with UPS because the address to another street in my town. In that case, they called the truck driver, and he made a special trip to pick it up where it was delivered, and get it to me. Unfortunately they didn't do as well with you.

There are a few unknown critical details in this story. I hope you get the meds today.

Were you able to determine the error in the address?
Skye on 08/15/2011:
UPS caused this damage, ruined the address label and started this nightmare for the op.

The op needs their package, plus a refund for the overnight delivery charge, because we all know that's costly, and the OP did not get what they paid for.

I avoid UPS< and prefer Federal Express.
trmn8r on 08/15/2011:
Skye, how do you know that UPS damaged the label?
This could be several things, couldn't it? I agree that if UPS damaged the label, all of the things you suggested are in order. I see other possibilities though.
Old Timer on 08/15/2011:
trmn8r on 08/15/2011:
OK, I see the point. Once the package is received this can be verified.
Old Timer on 08/15/2011:
Sorry, I was not shouting, just C&P from above.
Cwazychicken on 08/15/2011:
That is why I never order my medication online. It seems to be a hassle. I hope you get refunded for this mess, am sorry you had to go through it. Nothing is fun about not getting medication you need. I have been there and it stinks.
madconsumer on 08/15/2011:
"That is why I never order my medication online."

some policies state tis is a must. mine is.

sure does sound like a mess. next time see if they can send it usps.
Anonymous on 08/15/2011:
You are right. Unfortunately UPS does not care and FedEx really isn't any better.

Please be sure to let your insurance company know what you experienced with this ordeal so the information can be passed along to the pharmacy benefit management company. They do keep track of mishaps such as this.
Cwazychicken on 08/15/2011:
Oh I didn't know that, I usually just get my medication at a local pharmacy. That sure does bite if you can only get them online :(
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"I'm Sorry" Syndrome
Posted by on
I put the word Service in quotes because there is none. And trying to resolve an iussue with "Customer Service" is futile because there is nothing UPS will do.

I am waiting for delivery of a platform bed which I ordered on-line through Overstock.com. I had also ordered a Dyson Vacuum cleaner from the same company, which UPS delivered and left on my front porch. I discovered this at 10 pm when I let the cat out. Apparently there was no problem in leaving it.

However, the platform bed - which does not require a signature - was not left. I went on-line to reschedule delivery for another day when I could be here. UPS is more than willing to charge for a changfe of date, but does NOT offer the option of a specific time - making another day pointless since I am not around for the entire day.

There was a number to call (none on the UPS notice), so I called. I was told I cold pick it up - four pieces on a bicycle didn't work for me - have it delivered to a neighbors - I'm sure everyone would love a platform bed sitting in their driveway - have it delivered to where I'll be - on Bernal Hill walking a dog but still with a bicycle - stay at home all day or have it returned.

There are NO options to have it delivered at a particular time because it would impact other customers who have deliveries scheduled for a particular time. The "customer service" representative couldn't explain why that option wasn't available since they charged to rechedule delivery, nor could he explain why they were unable to call the driver to see about anything - approximat4e delivery time, possibility to come at another time, etc. It wasn't that I was unwilling to pay an additional charge to have it delivered at a future date at a specific time, UPS did not offer the solution.

My repeated inquiries as to exactly what kind of customer support UPS could offer me ended up with the acknowledgemnt - after about 15 frustrating minutes - that there was nothing, but of course my referring to this situation as being screwed was denied. I'm not sure what they cll it, but the result is the same.

I even went back to Overstock.com and had their Customer Service representative call UPS. No quotes here because they actually tried to help. They got the same answer with one possible exception. Even though a signature is not required, my signing the back might get it left.

I am sure that this non-required signature - which I thought meant something would be left as they did with the vacuum cleaner two days earlier - would guarantee its being left. I guess that my "non-required" signature actually will be required. The UPS "Customer Service" representative indicated that non-delivery had to do with product safety. I guess he could envision someone coming down the dead-end street and loading four large boxes into a car when that same person would take the time to load a singl box into a car. I surmise, however, that my non-required signature - which might get actual delivery without my having to be there - has more to do with the fine print, which features the catchword "liable". I'm glad to know UPS has my best interesat at heart.

Peter Holm
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clutzycook on 04/15/2011:
that's totally ironic. As a person who recently purchased a Dyson and had it delivered via UPS, I could almost guarantee you that said Dyson probably cost you more than the platform bed, too.
Anonymous on 04/15/2011:
Synchrome... That's French I believe.
Mrs.Cole on 04/15/2011:
Could it be because the bed packages are larger? If something can be seen very easily, there is more of a chance of theft. Or, maybe there isn't enough cover to keep a large package out of the elements. If you came home and your package had been rained on you'd probably be upset. Just a thought, best of luck!
Anonymous on 04/15/2011:
Peter, they gave you 4 or 5 options. It seems like the only option you will accept is that they make an appointment to deliver it which UPS just cannot do. It impacts the delivery of the rest of our packages. I ordered a set of furniture from Overstock and they delivered it inside of my house. Can't beat that for $2.95. Methinks you ask too much of them.
trmn8r on 04/15/2011:
I understand UPS. I have used them for many years, and have used several modes of delivery (hold at hub, deliver to work address, deliver to neighbor, deliver to me).

No, they do not in any manner advertise delivery at a certain time. It just isn't something that they do.

This boils down to why they won't leave an item that doesn't require a signature, in my opinion.
Anonymous on 04/15/2011:
UPS, Fed Ex, and my local postal service regularly leave packages on my doorstep. I can only recall one instance where a notice was left of attempted delivery.
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50 percent failure rate
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50 percent failure
6 boxes shipped to potential investors, each containing a prototype that took us weeks to build. I personally packed each as if it was nitroglycerin.
Box 1 arrived with no external damage, although a well-protected part was broken in half. I did not file a claim on this one.
Box 2 arrived with no external damage, although the packing material was missing, the product had been disassembled and its parts were scattered throughout the box.
I filed a claim but their making me jump through hoops, asking for pictures, the invoice, a packing list, their tracking number, my account number and my shipper ID, all of which I’ve been mailing one at a time because each time they get what they asked for they ask for something more. I’m mailing these because after spending an hour trying to send it using the electronic link they emailed, I called only to find out it doesn’t work.
Box 3 arrived looking like a used piñata, the bubble wrap I personally wrapped around and taped to the prototype was gone, the prototype disassembled and its parts were scattered threw out the box.
I filed a claim and UPS sent a driver out to inspect it. A couple days latter a UPS customer service representative called, she said, “I’m sorry your box was damaged in shipment, unfortunately your claim has been denied because the box you used does not meet UPS standards.” The confirmation email stated the box was not strong enough to hold the 8-pound item.
The other 3 arrived without damage.
A few days latter they emailed 4 credit card adjustment notices, 3 dimensional weight adjustments ($22.16, $13.00 $16.22), and 1 address correction charge ($10.00).
All 6 boxes were clearly marked 18x18x16, but UPS measured 19x18x17, 18x17x17 and 19x18x17. After several back and forth emails they issued credits on 2, they’re not retuning my emails regarding the other 2.
Concerned that one of their employees was stealing my invention, I called customers service, after telling my story, the representative said “Sorry your boxes were damaged in shipment, you can file a claim on line or if you like I can help you.” Sensing I was upset he transferred my call to a higher-up. After telling her my story she said, “Sorry your boxes were damaged in shipment, you can file a claim on line or if you like I can help you.”
UPS gets away with this because they can, if one of my customers complains I fix it, when theirs complain they say “Sorry…can’t do anything for you, it’s OK if you fire us, our system is set up to make more money with less customers.
If only there was law firm willing to after these crooks and make them pay back the millions they’re stealing from us with their fraudulent measurements and insurance fees for claims they deny at their discretion.
Isn’t it a crying shame our only recourse is posting UPS Sucks stories, I’m posting mine hoping it will help me get over it and go on to more important matters, like finding a few potential investors to replace the ones UPS lost.
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trmn8r on 01/22/2011:
When I see a "UPS sucks" story (your words), I can't relate. I have been using UPS for 25 years, and there was one problem in that time that in fact was the shipper using an inappropriate box (shipper admitted it).

I have never had UPS open a box - I don't understand that part or your complaint. If your item was packed properly, I don't understand internal damage if there was no external damage. UPS does not drop boxes in handling the way USPS does (from 6 feet!). Internal damage is usually improper packing.

Those are large boxes for an 8 pound item - was it fragile?
oldisgood on 01/23/2011:
Excuse me trmn8r. USPS does not drop boxes from 6 feet. I am tired of the rap the USPS gets from people. Blaming USPS constantly is just like blaming Bush for everything.
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UPS Damaged 1 Pkg & Didn't Deliver Remaining 4
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- My biggest mistake EVER was ordering my entire New Year's Eve outfit 2 days before New Year's Eve and expecting that overnight delivery via UPS would actually work out for me. *sighs* UPS is the WORSE DELIVERY SERVICE. I had 5 packages that were to be delivered via UPS. I placed my orders on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 with Victoria's Secret and Amazon.com. I chose one day shipping so my packages would arrive the next day on Thursday, December 30th. Everything seem to be going well. When I checked all my UPS tracking numbers the morning of Thursday, December 30th all packages were out for delivery.

Well except one. 1 package out of the 5 total there was an exception given to it.."DAMAGE REPORTED / DAMAGE CLAIM UNDER INVESTIGATION
MERCHANDISE IS MISSING. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH ADDITIONAL DETAILS. / ALL MERCHANDISE MISSING, EMPTY CARTON WAS DISCARDED. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE" Goodness gracious!!! So already 1 of my UPS packages would not be delivered to me. Thank goodness that was just a bracelet and not a major factor to me. And Amazon immediately issued me a full refund for both the item price and shipping charge. Such a shame that Amazon had to clean up UPS's mess.

So OK.. on to the remaining 4 packages. I kept checking all day regarding status. They all kept the status out for delivery. I live in Brooklyn, NY where the major blizzard hit. And granted, there is difficulty navigating the streets due to lack of snow removal, etc.. I will admit that. However, I don't know how Dominos pizza delivery guys driving little Toyota Corollas, Cablevison technicians, FED EX delivery guys, ordinary people driving, navigates the streets just fine but UPS with their huge, big, brown trucks can't. They are the only ones that seem to have issues with delivering anything. Yeah, OK.

So anyway.. after calling UPS about 5 times threw out the day regarding my delivery and them assuring me it will definitely be delivered today, I just felt something wasn't right. But UPS kept telling me, driver is still out with the package, it's peak season, drivers can deliver until very late (even said as late as 10:30PM). ROTFL!! What a JOKE! But I indulged all the bs UPS was feeding me even though I knew better. I have dealt with UPS's horrible delivery service for more than 10 years. I KNOW better. I am used to their ridiculousness.

Finally around 8:30PM EST I just knew that UPS was not coming. After being lied to and given the run around and me questioning UPS, etc.. I was finally told that there was an EXCEPTION for my 4 packages. "EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL".. Oh how did I already know UPS was going to use the weather and snow as an excuse not to deliver?

So I was so livid at this point because I paid for next day delivery and UPS just would not give me a straight answer about delivery! They knew they was not able to deliver to me today for whatever bs reason they gave! So then I spoke to a William at UPS who told me my packages would be out for delivery tomorrow. I just don't trust UPS to even deliver tomorrow. If there are "supposed" emergency conditions today beyond UPS's control, how is that going to change by tomorrow? I asked the UPS representative can I just pick up my own packages. Its quite funny that UPS can't deliver to me, but I can get to them to pick up my packages. There are no emergency conditions beyond my control stopping me. *eyeroll* This representative William is going to tell me that yes I can pick up my packages and gave me the address of 10401 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236. That is my local UPS horrible facility. I asked him what time I can pick up my packages. He
tells me that first thing in the morning someone from UPS will call me to confirm a time. But then he tells me that the local facility is closed tomorrow (Friday, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve). I asked him how the heck will I be able to pick up my packages if the local facility is closed then? He said no worries I will still be able to and someone will contact me. That made NO SENSE to me. I just said whatever. I didn't believe ANYTHING he told me. William sounded like he was just saying anything to try to pretend to give good customer service.

After I hung up with the UPS representative William, unsatisfied with his bs service I called both shippers, Victoria's Secret and Amazon.com. Victoria's Secret provided me a full refund for this horrible UPS non-delivery. Again, Victoria's Secret cleaning up UPS's mess. And then I called Amazon.com and told them what a horrible UPS experience I was having with their packages being delivered. Amazon did a 3-way conference call with me and UPS. I spoke to yet another UPS representative (a woman this time) who said the conditions beyond UPS's control could be weather related. It could be that they are back logged with deliveries due to the weather. But ummmm, can someone please tell me how that is my problem when I paid for next day delivery? If UPS is back logged why are they even accepting more next day packages to deliver?! But also, this representative told me she is going to change the packages status back to just me waiting on delivery tomorrow. She said the facility is indeed closed tomorrow (Friday, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve) and the next available pick up would be for MOnday, January 3. So why did William give me different WRONG information? So she changed it back to me taking the chance for delivery tomorrow. Being that my packages are all
Next Day Air Savers, those packages are the ones being delivered on December 31. But I am 99% sure my packages won't be delivered. And if they aren't, whenever UPS does decide to deliver I will just refuse the order and send the packages back to Victoria's Secrets and Amazon being that they were not delivered when I needed them and therefore are of no used to me anymore.

I am so sick of UPS's horrible service and will avoid them as a delivery service at all costs. I will try and stick to Fed Ex, DHL, even USPS. And again.. the local UPS facility at 10401 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236 is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I won't even attempt to speak to a supervisor at that location in the morning as I was advised. I am sure the supervisor won't give a damn either about my packages.
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leet60 on 12/31/2010:
If you have ever tried to navigate a box truck in hazardous weather conditions you might undedstand what happened.
Anonymous on 12/31/2010:
I had the same problem with FedEx deliverying a package due to a snowstorm a couple of years. They couldn't get up our street because of all the snow/ice. I never did get the package!
trmn8r on 12/31/2010:
The pictures on the news today of what New Yorkers are still dealing with showed snow everywhere. You should not have expected one day delivery, in my opinion, if you ordered on Dec 29. That was a few days after the storm, but the mess is still present.

What UPS told you is true. They do attempt to deliver until the late hours. But if the street conditions are not favorable, you will not get delivery. A box truck is not a pizza delivery car with front wheel drive.

As far as your broken open package, did it occur to you that the shipper may have used a flimsy box? The last time UPS delivered a broken open box to me was in 1989 - turns out the manufacturer admitted their boxes were not up to shipping. Two different $500 speakers ruined and replaced by the shipper.
Venice09 on 12/31/2010:
Your biggest mistake was not only ordering two days before New Year's Eve and expecting overnight delivery, but ordering and expecting delivery in the aftermath of a blizzard. It would seem obvious that UPS was dealing with a backlog of deliveries due to the weather. I do agree, however, that UPS should not promise delivery knowing that it is not probable.

I've had dozens of UPS deliveries over the years and can't recall one problem. I'm sorry your experiences with UPS have been so dreadful.
Anonymous on 12/31/2010:
cmon now, if this OP is a woman, I'm sure she will be able to find something to wear on New Years Eve!!!!
Skye on 12/31/2010:
My cousin is not too far away from you, and they are still waiting for their street to be plowed.
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