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Destroyed Shipped Box
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ASBURY, NEW JERSEY -- I shipped a vintage computer and monitor from NJ to Conn. which is not very far. The main box was brand new. The computer was wrapped in bubble wrap. The monitor was wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in a separate box and placed in the larger box with packing around it. The box looks like it fell off the truck going 60 mph. the monitor was completely destroyed. They had to put tape around the whole box to keep it together. UPS said I did not pack it well enough. Check out the photos. Think twice about using UPS.

UPS Are Idiots (Literally)
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- UPS informed me that my package would be delayed after it arrived in Jacksonville, FL due to "adverse weather". But Jacksonville wasn't having any bad weather! UPS routed my package back to Greensboro, NC, from whence it had come (and which *was* experiencing bad weather), and then to West Columbia, SC (which was also experiencing bad weather), before sending it back to Jacksonville again. Why not just let it sit in Jacksonville? The answer clearly is that UPS are idiots!! There is no other rational explanation. UPS are idiots!!!

I would upload a picture, but this web site doesn't allow it. So here is the text of UPS's announcement to me, which demonstrates that they are idiots (the most recent entries are near the top):

Shipment Progress

Next Scheduled Event: Monday,02/17/2014 by 11:59 P.M.

Location Date Local Time Activity
Jacksonville, FL, United States 02/15/2014 5:19 P.M. Departure Scan
02/15/2014 9:54 A.M. Arrival Scan
West Columbia, SC, United States 02/15/2014 3:38 A.M. Departure Scan
West Columbia, SC, United States 02/14/2014 9:49 P.M. Arrival Scan
Greensboro, NC, United States 02/14/2014 6:26 P.M. Departure Scan
Jacksonville, FL, United States 02/12/2014 8:00 P.M. Adverse weather conditions.
Greensboro, NC, United States 02/12/2014 11:46 A.M. Arrival Scan
Roanoke, VA, United States 02/12/2014 9:14 A.M. Departure Scan
United States 02/11/2014 11:56 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

I have a nice formatted picture of this, but this website won't allow me to post it. So this website sucks also.

UPS bent my Bike
By -

Hello. I just wanted to inform everyone what a poor shipping company that UPS is. I recently purchased a motorized bike from EBAY from a very nice seller that packaged the bicycle in a bicycle shipping box and sent it to me by UPS. That cost me $244 dollars since it was shipping from Canada to California. After waiting for 4 days they sent me a message that it had been misdirected to the wrong location... after a total of 13 days the bike was delivered in a box that looked like it had been dragged through a war zone. I had the delivery person wait while I opened what remained of the box to take a look at the bike.

Unfortunately I did not completely un-box the bicycle at that time and it looked in passable shape from what the driver and I could see. Later that evening when I went to assemble the bike I discovered that the damage was all on the bottom half of the bicycle which I could not see from my previous vantage point. I immediately contacted UPS and they told me that since I had destroyed the packaging opening the box they would make an appointment to view it on sight. No call was forthcoming. I called back and was informed that the claim was refused because the packaging was destroyed by me.

I don't care how the bike was packaged... the amount of damage done was intense. The back forks where the wheel is mounted was bent into two 90 degree "L" brackets. The crank sprocket was bent and the front springer front end forks were bent as well.

I told them that I could probably be made whole with $150 but was put through the contact the seller game. I had been in constant contact with the seller and told him to contact his local UPS and they directed him back to me... these guys are slick as slime. I am currently filing through EBAY resolution center to have them pressure UPS. In the Whole I would not send an anvil through UPS because I am sure they could damage it!

UPS - Deny All Claims - Crawford Insurance Here to Screw You
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SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I have been through this song and dance with UPS claims before, so I knew from the beginning what I was in for. Previously, I shipped items when I was an employee of a big company, and they would not spend the time and energy to appeal this claims process that UPS and Crawford Insurance want's you to go through. However, I am now self employed, and I am going to go the distance on this just on principal alone. Enough is enough.

We need national exposure on this scam, and ultimately a class action lawsuit as this is a clear cut case of defrauding the customer. This is because UPS and Crawford Insurance conspire to either deny every claim, or undervalue every claim. It is a conspiracy to defraud and needs to be prosecuted as such, both at the criminal level, and civil process.

I prepared 2 shipping labels where I paid for the "insurance" at an amount that was clearly under what it would take to replace the items if lost or damaged. And, I was fully willing to accept that amount when UPS lost my package. However, Crawford Insurance, as usual undervalued my claim, and did not "make me whole" as required under the law. Then they jump you through hoops when you try to appeal the decision in hopes you will just go away, and most people do. That's why they get away with it.

I finally get a return call from a "supervisor" with Crawford & Co. by the name of ** with a caller ID of **. She was snotty sounding from the start and talked down to me like I was stupid. (I'm not by the way). She tried explaining that this was NOT "insurance" that I purchased, but rather "declared value". (Semantics). This person sounded like she is like 12 years old.

I declared the value of that package at only $195 (trying to be fair and reasonable) even though the items could never be replaced for $195. Crawford went ahead and processed a payment for like $101 total! I was given the amount over the phone, and have not received the check yet. My total claim amount was only $231.59 which I WAS fully willing to accept, but now, that offer is off the table. I reside and do business in Florida, which to the best of my knowledge (from past experience) is a "make whole" state which means they are required to pay me at least the declared value OR they must actually replace what I lost.

I am now going for nothing less than full replacement of my lost items, as that cannot be done for less than $1000. These idiots think that just because I paid a certain amount for something, that is all they are required to pay. The part these mental midgets cannot comprehend is that the lost items cannot be replaced for what I paid for them. BUYER BEWARE!! When you purchase "insurance" from UPS you need to understand that they have no intention of paying you the declared value that you are paying for.

I must now proceed against the seller on Ebay on this although he did nothing wrong, just so there is another party involved against UPS... Although I purchased the UPS labels on my UPS account and sent them to the seller (that makes me the shipper, legally).

These lowlife already tried using that angle..."well you are not the shipper"... WRONG! Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance/UPS will do whatever they can to get out of paying a legitimate claim. These arrogant fools are willing to go to court and possibly have a legal precedent set over a measly $130.00!! How stupid is that! We really do need a class action lawsuit on this of every single person who has ever been shorted on a claim with UPS or any claim that Crawford ever processed and shorted. Any lawyers out there want to tackle this? If not, I have enough experience to prepare and file my own complaint and it will be filed in FEDERAL COURT.

It will be filed against UPS as they are the ones who actually lost my items, and then they can deal with Crawford so they can see how they like it!

UPS CLAIM# 3675228201A
UPS Tracking# 1ZT449V24392180833
Ebay Item# 190650237437

I printed the labels on 3/19/2012. The Ebay seller dropped them at a UPS Store on 3/26/2012 in Edison NJ. My package never made it past that location as per the tracer. 3/31/2012 UPS declared the package lost and this nightmare claim process began.

UPS - Claims Processing Center
P. O. Box 1265
Newport News, VA. 23601-1265
Fax: 888-458-7703
Tel: 877-524-4498

Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance "Claims:

They lie, lie, and lie some more
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Here's the short version of my bad experience with UPS. UPS missed my first delivery. I called to arranged same day pick up. They called the driver and said the driver will deliver a second attempt same day. I waited, waited, and waited. The driver never showed up. My online status at the last minute showed I agree to a pick up which I never did. The time stamp showed I agree to this the same time when the will-call was closed. Moral of the story, there is no such thing as "same day second delivery". They will lie to you to waste time until its too late.

No Package
By -

My Ups driver always delivers our packages to the wrong house. This has happened multiple times. Sometimes I'm lucky and the neighbor will bring me my package or I have to go door to door which is very inconvenient when you have like 30+ houses on a street or I'm Sheer outta luck. Again today a package says delivered "front door step" but nothing is there.

You call the 800 ups # (a mission to speak to a human) and are told they can't contact the driver or the center where all these drivers go but I would have to have the company where I bought the item contact UPS and they would place a trAcer on the package. Yeah thanks for wasting my time... I'll talk to my UPS driver in person tomorrow and get it resolved. So sick of customer service!!!

Did Not Deliver My Package & Supposedly Left Down By Gate
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Rating: 1/51

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS -- I have made many orders & my regular driver (UPS) always comes to my front porch @ MY HOUSE AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO! However, some punk driver left it allegedly down by my gate which is way down from my house. My road was not muddy, UPS has been told several times NOT to do this. However they have a couple of times & I received my pkg & had to go down to the gate, if its after the postman runs, if I do not know it was delivered, it would set out there all night. Wonder what happened. I sometimes have a lot to track!

I made this purchase on Dec. 31st, The postman had already brought my mail, so I decided that afternoon to track this pkg. Jan 13th (SHOEBUY.COM) It said delivered, I looked on the porch, because that's where they usually are supposed to leave it! If they have one grain of sense & are NOT LAZY! They have been told 2 or 3 times to NEVER leave at the gate. Unprofessional.

So, I called UPS & guess what, they said they left it @ the gate. So, I go to the gate & usually if they screw up the pkg. is @ least there. Not this time. Now, I do not know if this person left it @ another place, or it was stolen or he took it! For every person that is too LAZY to do their JOB, there are 14 more out there that will. Now today is the Jan 21st. I have no pkg. no refund & still having it out with them. All because SOME IDIOT did NOT want to do their job!

So, I am calling them (UPS) everyday, & the place (SHOEBUY. COM) of purchase. If I do not get a refund by Friday, I make a complaint w/ the B.B.B. transportation, consumer affairs & every place on this internet! Its more than the money, its the principle of it. DO YOUR DAMN JOBS. Now, I have called back to speak with a supervisor & it went straight to comments - 1 being worst & 5 being good - guess what # I left on ALL of them & I will keep calling!

UPS Delivery With Signature - Worst Customer Experience Imaginable.
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I ordered a $200 present from www.mrporter.com. They shipped it out via UPS - signature required. That's when the trouble started. 1st attempt of delivery: the UPS driver does not use the intercom and does not ring the bell - he leaves a slip. I contact the customer service, give them my phone number and arrange a time for pick-up. (not really annoyed yet as misunderstandings happen).

2nd attempt of delivery: the UPS driver does not use the intercom, does not ring the bell and does not call me - he just leaves a second slip. I contact customer support and ask them why the driver didn't at least give me a call. The lady responds that drivers are not given a work phone and that they are not required to use their personal phone.

At this point I get annoyed and ask them if I can pick up the package at my nearest UPS store. This was not an option and they told me to go to Watertown which is about an hour away from me. I work every day and I don't own a car. It is standard practice for USPS and FedEx to leave packages that are not picked up at the closest location so it is convenient for the customer to pick it up when they can.

3rd attempt: I planned my entire day around the pick up - They called me in the morning and I specifically asked what time they were to come by my apartment and she repeated twice 6-7 pm. I finish work at 5 so this gave me enough time to rush home to be there for this package. But of course UPS decides to come at 5:20 pm instead - **.

In future I will go out of my way to avoid using UPS. I have wasted 3 days on them and the worst customer support where they just act like puppets and don't work to resolve any problems. Useless and utterly disappointed by their incompetence - everything from the drivers to customer service.

UPS Damaged 1 Pkg & Didn't Deliver Remaining 4
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- My biggest mistake EVER was ordering my entire New Year's Eve outfit 2 days before New Year's Eve and expecting that overnight delivery via UPS would actually work out for me. *sighs* UPS is the WORSE DELIVERY SERVICE. I had 5 packages that were to be delivered via UPS. I placed my orders on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 with Victoria's Secret and Amazon.com. I chose one day shipping so my packages would arrive the next day on Thursday, December 30th. Everything seem to be going well. When I checked all my UPS tracking numbers the morning of Thursday, December 30th all packages were out for delivery.

Well except one. 1 package out of the 5 total there was an exception given to it.."DAMAGE REPORTED / DAMAGE CLAIM UNDER INVESTIGATION. MERCHANDISE IS MISSING. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH ADDITIONAL DETAILS. / ALL MERCHANDISE MISSING, EMPTY CARTON WAS DISCARDED. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE" Goodness gracious!!! So already 1 of my UPS packages would not be delivered to me. Thank goodness that was just a bracelet and not a major factor to me. And Amazon immediately issued me a full refund for both the item price and shipping charge. Such a shame that Amazon had to clean up UPS's mess.

So OK.. on to the remaining 4 packages. I kept checking all day regarding status. They all kept the status out for delivery. I live in Brooklyn, NY where the major blizzard hit. And granted, there is difficulty navigating the streets due to lack of snow removal, etc.. I will admit that. However, I don't know how Dominos pizza delivery guys driving little Toyota Corollas, Cablevison technicians, FED EX delivery guys, ordinary people driving, navigates the streets just fine but UPS with their huge, big, brown trucks can't. They are the only ones that seem to have issues with delivering anything. Yeah, OK.

So anyway.. after calling UPS about 5 times throughout the day regarding my delivery and them assuring me it will definitely be delivered today, I just felt something wasn't right. But UPS kept telling me, driver is still out with the package, it's peak season, drivers can deliver until very late (even said as late as 10:30 PM). ROTFL!! What a JOKE! But I indulged all the ** UPS was feeding me even though I knew better. I have dealt with UPS's horrible delivery service for more than 10 years. I KNOW better. I am used to their ridiculousness.

Finally around 8:30 PM EST I just knew that UPS was not coming. After being lied to and given the run around and me questioning UPS, etc.. I was finally told that there was an EXCEPTION for my 4 packages. "EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL".. Oh how did I already know UPS was going to use the weather and snow as an excuse not to deliver?

So I was so livid at this point because I paid for next day delivery and UPS just would not give me a straight answer about delivery! They knew they was not able to deliver to me today for whatever ** reason they gave! So then I spoke to a ** at UPS who told me my packages would be out for delivery tomorrow. I just don't trust UPS to even deliver tomorrow. If there are "supposed" emergency conditions today beyond UPS's control, how is that going to change by tomorrow? I asked the UPS representative can I just pick up my own packages. Its quite funny that UPS can't deliver to me, but I can get to them to pick up my packages.

There are no emergency conditions beyond my control stopping me. *eyeroll* This representative ** is going to tell me that yes I can pick up my packages and gave me the address of 10401 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236. That is my local UPS horrible facility. I asked him what time I can pick up my packages. He
tells me that first thing in the morning someone from UPS will call me to confirm a time. But then he tells me that the local facility is closed tomorrow (Friday, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve). I asked him how the heck will I be able to pick up my packages if the local facility is closed then?

He said no worries I will still be able to and someone will contact me. That made NO SENSE to me. I just said whatever. I didn't believe ANYTHING he told me. ** sounded like he was just saying anything to try to pretend to give good customer service.

After I hung up with the UPS representative **, unsatisfied with his ** service I called both shippers, Victoria's Secret and Amazon.com. Victoria's Secret provided me a full refund for this horrible UPS non-delivery. Again, Victoria's Secret cleaning up UPS's mess. And then I called Amazon.com and told them what a horrible UPS experience I was having with their packages being delivered. Amazon did a 3-way conference call with me and UPS. I spoke to yet another UPS representative (a woman this time) who said the conditions beyond UPS's control could be weather related. It could be that they are back logged with deliveries due to the weather.

But ummmm, can someone please tell me how that is my problem when I paid for next day delivery? If UPS is back logged why are they even accepting more next day packages to deliver?! But also, this representative told me she is going to change the packages status back to just me waiting on delivery tomorrow. She said the facility is indeed closed tomorrow (Friday, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve) and the next available pick up would be for MOnday, January 3. So why did ** give me different WRONG information? So she changed it back to me taking the chance for delivery tomorrow.

Being that my packages are all Next Day Air Savers, those packages are the ones being delivered on December 31. But I am 99% sure my packages won't be delivered. And if they aren't, whenever UPS does decide to deliver I will just refuse the order and send the packages back to Victoria's Secrets and Amazon being that they were not delivered when I needed them and therefore are of no used to me anymore.

I am so sick of UPS's horrible service and will avoid them as a delivery service at all costs. I will try and stick to Fed Ex, DHL, even USPS. And again.. the local UPS facility at 10401 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236 is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! I won't even attempt to speak to a supervisor at that location in the morning as I was advised. I am sure the supervisor won't give a damn either about my packages.

Damaged goods, refused claim
By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- On Sept. 9 2001 I shipped an antique diving helmet (1 of more than 30 I have shipped over the last 5 years). To a Russ in Texas. The box was hand delivered to the UPS office in Concord CA. The UPS agent inspected it and I requested it be insured for $5000.00. The helmet was delivered on Fri. afternoon Oct.5 in a rain storm and left on the porch at his office. When he left the office he took the box home and opened it in his garage. The box was approx. 3 ft. by ft. square and contained a lot of soggy wet packing material. He took the box and packing material and put it in the trash and then called me and told me the helmet was badly damaged.

I said there should be no problem it is insured. UPS office was not open on Sat. and he attempted to contact someone on Mon. Oct. 8. He was told that someone would get back to him. He tried again on Wed. and on Fri. to get someone to at least look at the helmet and each time he was told someone would get back to him.

On Mon. Oct. 15 he finally was able to talk with someone about the damage and he was told then that they would not cover it because he did not save the original packing material. He made several attempts to at least have someone look at the helmet because he told UPS that he would take them to court. He got no response except they said he could not do anything because he was not the one that paid for the insurance. ** hand delivered this helmet to DESCO in Oregon who are the only ones in the country that repairs this type of helmet.

The repair estimate was $1800.00 plus his airfare of $850,00. Since he could not initiate a court action on his end I contacted UPS on Oct. 25 and waited all day for someone to return my call. This went on for 3 days. Finally on Oct.29, I was able to get through to someone from UPS and they told me that it was not covered because ** did not save the original packing material and box and that it had been turned over to their insurance carrier.

I got the same run around from their insurance carrier. It took more than a week for them to return my calls and to tell me they would not cover claim and that a letter was being sent to that effect. I told them that I intend to take this matter to court and their reply was "we been there before". I had to make numerous calls to their office because they did not send the letter denying the claim. On Nov. 26, I received a letter that was post dated to Nov. 12.

I have shipped more than 30 helmets with UPS over the last 5 years and insured every one of them. Not one time was I ever informed of the provisions of their policy or that in the event of a claim the original packing material must be retained.

This package was soaking wet when delivered and it took more than a week for someone to get back to ** and tell him he was supposed to keep the box and contents. I would not keep a wet smelly cardboard box and all that packing material either. Because I purchased the insurance I am the one that has to go to court to try to collect damages. How am I supposed to save the packing material and box when I am the shipper? I paid for insurance to make sure it arrived in the same condition it left in. It is completely out of my control was it was delivered to UPS.

There is nothing in the UPS office, on the shipping invoice or on the box that says anything about their policy. Until recently there was nothing on their website that stated this either and the only thing I have seen that states this is a General Tariff that I had to download and it has an effective date of Jan. 7, 2002. This incident occurred in 2001 but I am still going to court with them. UPS is self insured so it does no good to complain to the insurance commissioner although I did talk with him and he said that anyone who brokers or sells insurance is obligated by law to inform the insured of the policy provisions.

All the helmets and other equipment I have shipped and not once was I ever told of these provisions. Apparently this law does not apply to UPS because they are self insured. I believe they are making a great deal of money by writing insurance and then not paying on claims.

From what I have seen on the Internet there is a tremendous number of people that have been defrauded this way. Even small claims court is an expensive process and most people do not want to go to court. On July 20, 2002 I appeared in small claims court and was awarded a judgment of $2928.00 because UPS failed to appear.

The trial was set for 1:30 and they called the court at 1:45 and said they were going to be late because they were coming From Richmnd. A 30 minute drive at the most. At 3:00 they still had not showed up so the Judge heard my case. I thought that would be the end of it. A week later I went out of town to work for 3 weeks. During this time UPS filed a motion to vacate the judges decision.

This means we start the whole thing over again. I just obtained a copy of the transcript from the hearing to vacate his decision. I was supposed to be notified by mail and by phone about this hearing so I could also appear. I did not hear about it until after it had been granted. ** the UPS representative from UPS flat out lied to the judge to get him to vacate the judgment.

The transcript states that when ** called the court that the clerk told him if he couldn't make it that he could file a motion to vacate. The bailiff told the judge that they would be there that is on record. Unfortunately ** appeared before another Judge. ** went on to say that that is what he decided to do because he didn't think he could make it on time. I sat for 2 hours waiting. He then goes on to state that he came to the court house the next day and filled the motion to vacate. That is another lie. The motion to vacate was not filed until 7/5/02. The Judge ask ** if he sent proof of service or notice to me saying he was filing this motion.

His reply was no because the clerk was going to mail a copy and that I should call him and so I did call twice but was unable to get a hold of him so I left 2 messages. This is another lie. I work out of town and check my answering service every day. There was never a message from him. If I had known about the motion to vacate I sure would have been there or had someone to represent me. The motion to vacate was granted on 8/1/02. I returned from out of town on 8/4/02.

** is an adjuster for UPS insurance and he has been to court many times so he knows how to play the game and how to delay everything. I believe his underhanded dishonest tactics of delaying this and refusing to pay is a very poor reflection on UPS and their customers. They have gotten away with ripping off a lot of people for a great deal of money and nothing is being done about it. UPS should be forced to inform the public of their polices regarding insurance and to post in their offices a notice stating same. They should also be forced to stamp a package when it has been insured.

I shipped that package to Texas and nothing was written on it regarding insurance. Even when the UPS drivers deliver a package that is obviously damaged they don't inform the recipient of their insurance polices. Most people can't afford to take the time off work to go to court to fight for a claim especially when it is only for a few hundred dollars or a couple of thousand. I insured the package for $5000.00. When it was delivered it had $1800.00 damage to it. ** had to hand deliver to DESCO for a repair estimate.

Originally all I ask for was that the helmet be repaired. When they refused and we went to court I ask for the cost of repairs plus ** plane fare. I was awarded $2928.00 before it was vacated. I was satisfied with that. So far I have had to take 4 days off work, (small claims will not let you sue for lost time) attended small claims seminars and court and probably spent 40 hours writing letters and making phone calls. I can see why people give up on a UPS claim.

Cost so far: Balance due on helmet - 2500.00; Plane fare to DESCO - 850.00; Time off work - 1746.00; Filing and paper work? Total: $5096 plus. This mess has already exceeded the max. amount you can go for in small claims and I still have not got anything. We are scheduled for court again on Sept. 9, 2002.

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