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UPS Lost Package, Not Taking Responsibility for It
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I contacted UPS to have the package held at the facility in order for me to pick it up first thing in the morning and not having to wait for the driver to deliver it by the end of the day since I needed the package to arrive before 12 noon. See UPS Note below: "08/15/2013, 4:20 P.M., A Delivery Change Request for this package will be processed. As requested, the receiver will pickup at a UPS facility at their convenience. This must be within 5 business days."

The following day, the note from UPS read: "08/16/2013, 7:56 A.M., The Delivery Change Request for this package has been completed. As requested, the receiver will pickup at a UPS facility at their convenience. This must be within 5 business days."

Per UPS comments, the package arrived to the facility at 6:38 am on 8/16. I noticed there was another note added that read: "08/16/2013, 9:39 A.M. The business was closed today. A delivery attempt will be made on the next business day. Package will be delivered next business day."

So I immediately contacted UPS Customer Service because my business opens at 7:00 am and no UPS driver had been there. The first agent was not helpful at all, repeating the same notes in the tracking system, so I asked to speak to a Supervisor.

The Supervisor contacted the UPS facility in Miami, FL and spoke to **, they contacted the driver and he said he didn't have the package in his truck. They looked for the package at the facility and they couldn't find it anywhere. After about 3 hours on the phone, trying to resolve this, the Supervisor said the only thing left to do was to request an "investigation" to try to find the package and if they couldn't find it they will then forward the request to the claims department to request a refund on the delivery charge plus UP TO $100 ON THE PACKAGE PRICE!!!

I paid $460 for this merchandise. I have to re-order the merchandise because my client needs it as soon as possible. I have to pay $460 again, plus a Rush Delivery (hopefully with FedEx, never UPS again, ever, ever) and they will only refund me $100 plus UPS shipping charge, and that's only if they can't find the package. If they finally find it, they will only refund me the delivery charge. Even though I will have to re-order the merchandise, no matter if the package is found or not, because my client needs it right away.

Not to mention the horribly stressing situation this problem has caused me, I had to call the client and explain them UPS had lost the package they had been waiting for 5 days, even though it's not our fault, I still have to go through this terrible stress and deal with an unhappy customer. UPS is simply washing their hands on this problem.

I asked to open an investigation, as recommended by the Supervisor herself, and she said the investigation needs to be requested by the SHIPPER, not the receiver, even though I am telling her that the Shipper is not responsible for this mess, that the package was lost by the UPS facility in Miami and that this had been confirmed by the facility staff. I asked her why are you treating your customers like this, why are you making them suffer like this, there's no excuse, no reason for this.

I will make sure every person I know knows about how terribly awful UPS service is. I will place a complaint on every website I can find. I would like a refund on all the expenses caused to my business because of UPS. That includes shipping charges plus the cost of replacing the merchandise and the Rush Delivery request. In total, that's $550 and I can send all the receipts as proof of my expenses.

Above and Beyond Customer Service
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VESTAL, NEW YORK -- UNITED PARCEL SERVICE - CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT COUNTS. On Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th, 2010 **, my step-dad was the happiest man on earth. Thanks to the very special employees and executives of UPS. A brief biography of **'s struggles - For the past 2 years he has been fighting colon cancer (i.e. multiple treatments and surgeries) and just an overall subpar quality of life. My husband being a HUGE Colt's fan sent him an Authentic Colt's Jersey via UPS Ground on Monday, February 1st from Ft. Lauderdale to Horseheads, NY scheduled delivery was Friday, February 5th.

Much to our dismay we checked the tracking on Friday and the website said “Incorrect Routing at UPS Facility- VESTAL, NY", scheduled delivery was for Monday (after the Super Bowl)! AAARRRGGH! I contacted all the appropriate channels and was basically given no alternative. The horror! For once, give ** a lucky break and let him have some happiness! That jersey was going to make his day and Super Bowl! I would not take "no" for an answer. I researched the email addresses of all the top executives at UPS hoping that someone would read this story and help!

Did I forget to mention that when we tracked this package it was after 7 pm, no way we could have bought another one and send it for Saturday delivery or have one purchased in or around Horseheads being it is a small town with no stores selling any Colts Jerseys. On Saturday morning, February 6th at 10:39 am, I receive a call from a guardian angel, ** of the Customer Support Center. She not only guaranteed that this jersey was going to be delivered to ** that day but they will give me an update every thirty minutes until it is hand delivered to him.

The logistics to make this happen was incredible. The package was delivered at 1:27 PM on Saturday, February 6th, to **! He was overwhelmed with emotion and for once looking forward to his next couple of days! For someone that does not know what the future holds for him or if this Super Bowl could be his last, it was an amazing surprise! The UPS EMPLOYEES responsible for this unbelievable act of kindness are ** AND ** BOTH FROM THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER, **, ** AND ** FROM THE VESTAL, NEW YORK BRANCH.

A very special thank you to the EXECUTIVES of UPS for facilitating this! I am still unaware of which executive started the ball rolling but it brings hope to the implications of present that the corporate structure has become removed from the public. It proves that in the end we are all humans with feelings. Words cannot express how amazing this was! God Bless UPS and all that participated! If you know any of these employees, give them a hug or high five for my husband, myself and **.

Apparently Ground Shipping is Faster than Next Day Air...
By -

I shipped out a package via Next Day Air on 2/11 and it wasn't delivered until over a week later. When I realized on 2/12 that it wasn't going to be delivered that day, I called to figure out an alternative. I offered to pick it up at the facility and hand deliver it for them, but was told it was a security risk. The recipient offered to go pick it up and she was told that she couldn't until they made the first attempted delivery, and they didn't know when that would be. Each time I inquired about the status of the package, and if/when it would be delivered, I was fed excuses about the weather.

I was even told that they weren't making deliveries in that area due to adverse conditions – and I knew it wasn't true because the recipient received a package shipped via Ground on that Monday! I filed a complaint with the BBB and UPS' response was a very generic canned response about the weather and that there was adverse weather conditions during the week of 2/13. This wasn't true! The blizzard we had happened about a week prior to me shipping out the package and a UPS spokesperson (in a Washington Post article) said that services were only shut down on 2/10, and that they were back up and running on the 11th – the day I shipped out the package.

My rebuttal was about how disappointed I was in their response, and pointed out that the adverse conditions they mentioned happened a week prior (so no excuse), and that if they couldn't deliver when promised, then they shouldn't accept those types of packages (along with the hefty payments to ship them!). I would have been happy with a sincere apology, and even if the package was delivered a few days late, I would have even accepted that! Taking over a week to deliver a Next Day Air package is beyond reasonable.

Unfortunately, I received their rather snarky rebuttal today that basically said I wasn't lied to (not true), and that it looks like we won't see eye to eye on this one. Talk about crappy customer service!!!

Twelve (12) transit days from Los Angeles to Corpus Christi
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Rating: 1/51

CORPUS CHRISTI -- I recently shipped my Nikon D2X digital camera to the Nikon Service Center in Los Angeles for overhaul. The service center held the camera for approximately eight (8) weeks and shipped back to me using UPS Ground. Please note that Nikon does not offer customers an alternate means of having their equipment returned. The package was picked up in Los Angeles on December 12, 2013. The package made it from Los Angeles to Mesquite, TX in 4 days, it arrived at 11am on December 16, 2013. The package has been sitting in Mesquite, TX since December 16 and has not moved.

It is now December 20, 2013, and the package has finally had a scan to update the delivery. The comment posted indicates, "Your package has encountered a delay and delivery has been delayed by one (1) day." Above that comment, the new expected delivery date is December 24, 2013 by the end of the day. It boggles the human mind why on earth it takes eight (8) days to move roughly 419 miles. I realize this is the holiday season but, UPS has been doing this business for more than 100 years and if you haven't figured it out by now, cast your lot along with that of the USPS and put us all out of your misery.

Horrible, Lazy
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Rating: 1/51

I have a huge problem with the fact that I ordered something about a week ago. It only showed me 3 arrival and departure scans, last one in Illinois was on a Friday. I get that they don't ship on weekends so I patiently waited to see if the location would be updated for me on Monday. And lo and behold, IT WASN'T. Every time I got onto chat to chat with an employee they all told me THE SAME THING. That my delivery would be there and they have no more info.

EXCUSE ME? I have been waiting. SO I give an extra day thinking, maybe it'll update tomorrow and guess what?!?!? IT NEVER DID. UPS employees are lazy and give you info you already know instead of really wanting to HELP you. I'm still left in the dark as to where my package is.

Lost Veterans's Hat
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Posted on May 29th, 2013 at 12:57 pm. I left a Korea Veterans Army hat at my nephew's home in CA. I asked him to ship it back to me so I could wear it on Memorial day. He sent in on May 20, 2013 from San Pedro, CA and it arrived in Doraville, GA on May 23, 2013 (Great). It is now May 29 and it is still not delivered. I live 16 miles from Doraville. They now say it will take up to 8 days to trace it.

How is that for treating a veteran. They wouldn't even call the Doraville location to check on it. I asked for the phone number of the Doraville Facility and Deborah in the lost and found department refused to give it to me. Initially they did not want to listen to me but said I needed to call the shipper. No one should use UPS. They do not know the meaning of the words - customer service.

Drop It Off Anywhere Is Fine. :(
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Merchandise I ordered was shipped via UPS. Even though the address was correct and clearly marked on the package, it was delivered to the wrong address in a completely DIFFERENT CITY. Really, UPS? Also the address they did deliver it to was a U.S. Post Office. Plus the original delivery was two days late. Oh well, any port in a storm I guess is UPS's motto.

International Distribution Manager ranks UPS as worst service provider
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I am The Director of Distribution for an international business consulting organization. I make the decisions with which freight carriers we conduct business. I have been with the organization for 14 years and started out as a shipping clerk with this organization. I am very well educated in domestic and international shipping standards and regulations.

During my 14 years of employment with this organization I have worked with Federal Express, DHL (formerly Airborne Express), UPS, Kuhne & Nagel, and a few other lesser known carriers as well as United States Postal Service. DHL is now almost exclusively my carrier of choice. I conduct tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shipping with UPS per year. I have been using DHL, Federal Express and UPS for my entire tenure at this organization.

I stopped using UPS approximately 7 years ago due to major delays in deliveries and some very seriously wrongly routed shipments -- one shipment of 5 packages to Thailand ended up in 5 different cities/countries over a two week period. While every freight carrier does experience problems with damage, UPS is the worst at settling claims. And, when it comes to losing packages, UPS is hands down the worst freight carrier. DHL and Federal Express (and all the other carriers I have used) have never lost a package in the 14 years I have been conducting business with them.

I have shipped with UPS 8 times this year using their ground service and standard service to Canada. They have lost two packages out of those eight shipments. Their attitude, when it comes to lost packages and claims against damage, is pathetic. They will almost always deny damage claims and in the case of lost packages without insurance they cough up the minimum $100 that is required by law.

The kicker on this 2nd lost package is that they lost it even though I used a large marker and wrote the tracking number in large characters directly onto the double-walled box! At this point, even if UPS did contact me to try to make this right, I couldn't continue to conduct business with them. They have exhausted every last grace I could give.

Department of Customer Deflection
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- A couple weeks ago, I had a string of exchanges with UPS customer service that persuaded me never to use that company again so long as I have the chance to choose another. Recently it took three days for UPS to actually deliver a package, although someone was home on each of those days and the bell works (just got a FedEx delivery this morning, on time and cheerfully).

As for the UPS delivery, for two days running, the drivers did *not* ring the bell. On the third day, the delivery woman rang the bell but refused to walk up the stairs. This is New York City and we live 4 flights up in an apartment building without a doorman. (Perhaps UPS figures that we are low-grade customers?)

The really galling thing about dealing with them is that it is useless to call customer service, or to rely on their web tracking service. After two failures, I called to request that they hold the package because I didn't trust them anymore. It was amazing to me that UPS couldn't manage to do that. They told me that the request (a request made in "a message" sent by the customer service agent at the 800 number) was done incorrectly. So they put it on the truck and there was no way to retrieve it until 9 p.m. that night. When I found out about that, I was really mad.
This is their error on top of their refusal to deliver for two days, and all I got was a customer service agent yelling at me.

I demanded to talk to a supervisor, and was finally put on hold for more than 10 minutes, and when a person answered, I realized I was sandbagged. The customer service person put me through, not to a supervisor, but to the New York delivery facility, where the person who knew nothing of the situation, got an angry customer and immediately started yelling at me for my tone of voice. I don't really blame the person in the New York office -- because she had no idea how I had been sandbagged by the 800-number woman.

I am writing a paper letter to Kurt Kuehn, the senior VP for marketing at UPS, but I don't expect it to do any good. I'll send in the names of the customer service people, the one who messed up my request to hold the package and the other who sandbagged me by dumping my call on the local office. I'm afraid they will be rewarded for their methods of deflecting angry customers. As for me, I've got the post office, which is much, much better than it used to be, and FedEx and DHL.

UPS insurance claim denied after damage
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MOBILE -- 10/15/07 I shipped 11 packages from the UPS Store 5319 Hwy 90 Suite 102 Mobile, AL. 36619. Ground shipment all with insurance. One package contained a computer. Immediately upon arrival of computer, I found that the system would not boot up. I called UPS, filed a claim, UPS arranged p/u for the computer to be checked out, p/u took place and per the damage call tag it was shipped to 3419 Crocker Ave. Sheboygan, WI 53081 for inspection. Upon inspection UPS denied the ins. claim of $400.00 stating improper packaging. The computer was sent back to the UPS Store Mobile, Al. where I had sent it from.

I was completely unaware of this until I tracked the package a few days later hoping to get an update on the computers status. 1st the computer was shipped in its factory shipping box. If it's good enough to be shipped from the factory in said packaging why is it deemed unacceptable for UPS shipment? Next I learned that I have to pay for reshipping the package back from where I had it shipped from! UPS policy? If the packaging wasn't as needed for shipping via UPS ground I should have been told that by the shipping agent, as they knew the contents. I will not ship UPS again.

I am searching other websites to share my story. I just posted a sign outside my business UPS pickup NEVER! Usually Pathetic Service runs vertically.

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