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Lie, Lie, Lie After Another
By -

COLORADO -- On December 21, 2011 I ordered a laptop from Amazon. The purchase included overnight shipping. The package didn't arrive until December 27, 2011. Living in a very small town the local UPS hub knows both my wife and I personally. So in theory, I should have received the package either the 22nd or 23rd. I know the 26th was a holiday for them. But I see no reason why it wasn't delivered at least on the 23rd. Tracking the package online, it was in the local hub on the 22nd. Next comes the LIE part.

The laptop from Amazon turned out to have been opened by someone and used as it had 2 large scratches on the screen and 1 on the outside. I contacted Amazon for a replacement, however the model was no longer available so they issued a call tag for UPS to pick up. It was ready for pickup on December 28th. I had a package delivered (at my wife's workplace) and the driver said he didn't have a call tag for the return. I called UPS and they called the local hub and asked why he didn't pick up the package. The hub said the driver made 2 attempts yesterday to pick it up.

My wife saw the same driver today and he said he never had a call tag from yesterday. So the phone reps that I talked to yesterday just flat-out lied to me. One went so far as to tell me my wife's phone number where she works wouldn't accept phone calls. Totally false. The phone number takes calls 24 hours a day. If she's on the phone, it will ring to someone else in her office. UPS has no scruples lying to a customer just to get them off the phone. I know it was a busy holiday season, but the local hub is only about 1 1/2 miles to my wife's office. If it was in the hub, how hard would it have been to place on the truck on the 22nd or at least the 23rd?

UPS Doesn't Care
By -

I ordered my medication on wed 08/10 with overnight delivery for thus 08/11. Everything went smooth with tracking until it reached my city. On 08/11 it stated it was out for delivery, it didn't come. I wait all day, called a few times, they kept saying it will be there. Called at 9pm they still said it will be there, "our drivers are just running late." well at midnight my tracking status changed to on truck to be delivered on 08/12 the next day fri. The next day still nothing. I called, they looked it up and told me to contact the shipper and have them start a trace on the package.

Later that evening about 7:45 I checked my tracking # and it changed to address change/ missing or damaged address label/ address corrected. Reschedule delivery for Monday 08/15. I called to see if I could get Saturday delivery or pick it up as it was medication that I needed and I was going to be out of town on Monday.

I went through 3 different people then got a supervisor which said she contacted the local office here in my city and the supervisor there said I could go pick it up next day on Sat since it was medication I needed. Later that night I checked my tracking # and it said my package departed my city St Petersburg, it went to Orlando which is 100 miles from here. I call again, they said they were not sure why it left here and went there. But would be delivered on Mon. The next day on Saturday they said on the phone it went back to my city and was at the office.

So I took a bus which took one and half hours to get there. I got there and they first said it was not there, it's in Orlando. Then after pleading them to help check they said, "oh no it's here but scheduled to be delivered on Monday." I explained I called several times and was told I could pick it up today Saturday. They said no we can't do that, it's on one of the trucks and we don't have another sort until Monday. I went outside and called again spoke to another supervisor who said he called the office that I was at and to wait 20 minutes then go inside and check to see if they located the package.

I went back inside the person at the counter did know anything about it. She went and got the supervisor who said my package was there but on a truck with 1500 other packages and there was no way he could look for it. So I had to leave without my package and take another 1 and half bus ride home and cancel my plans on Monday to again wait for my package.

Overnight Shipping
By -

I ordered a package from an online store. I got overnight shipping because we were having Christmas in my family the next day (right now). So, from my little trusting heart, I thought that I would have the package the next day as I was promised. The package was to come to New Mexico. Instead, it flew from Dallas, Texas... to Louisville Kentucky... THEN to Albuquerque New Mexico. And when is it going to get here? Four days from now!!!!! I will NEVER use UPS willingly again. This is the crappiest customer service I've ever been given. If they say it's overnight shipping, OVERNIGHT IT. Especially when overnight shipping costs an arm and a leg to get.

Overnight Service Spotty
By -

Once reliable UPS overnight service is no longer reliable. Twice in the last month - once when I sent a package overnight, and once when I was awaiting receipt of a sensitive medical device overnight - UPS failed to deliver. The first time, a birthday present was sent within TX overnight. It was left at a shipping vender in Frisco, TX and, according to that vender, UPS failed to pick up packages that day from the site.

The second time, a sensitive medical device needed by a patient was sent from Dallas to near Nashville with overnight delivery guaranteed. Sent on a Thursday, it arrived the following Monday. The explanation was that it was "missed" in the Fort Worth UPS center. Then it sat in a truck all Sat & Sun in Nashville. UPS is no longer a reliable shipper, and joins the ranks of the USPS. Oh, and good luck trying to talk to a human being when you call in for help finding your delivery.

Dead Maine Lobsters
By -

GREENBANK, WASHINGTON -- An intimate New Year's Eve celebration centered around live Maine lobsters was ruined by UPS's inability to do the one thing for which they exist. The lobsters had been shipped (at an outrageous cost) for overnight delivery and the status was "out for delivery" from 9:00 A.M. till 10:30 p.m., at which time it changed to "rescheduled" for delivery 2 days later. My guests' celebration was ruined, the lobsters arrived dead and the shipper (who HAD done their job) is out a ton of money. Hopefully the shipper will change another shipping company.

UPS Lost My Laptop
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I rented a laptop with a retail value of $2000 USD and wanted to ship it back to the company I rented it from. I went to the UPS store on 134 East 43rd street NY NY 10017 to get help filing out the shipping documents. The owner filled the label for me and I signed it, at no moment did she tell me to declare a value on the laptop. Little did I know that if the item you're shipping gets lost and you haven't declared a value to it when shipping you will not be reimbursed for the value of the item. Guess what!? The laptop was "lost" and now I'm filing complaints everywhere and anywhere that I can to get the money back!!!

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