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Awful Quality
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Rating: 1/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I purchased a $3,000 five piece bedroom set back in 2010 and the bed frame has split and fallen apart. Quality of this set is awful. A piece of furniture that cost $700+ should last more than 3 1/2 years. NEVER again will I shop at Value City Furniture.

Horrible Customer Service
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GREENBROOK, NEW JERSEY -- Back in September, I placed an order with Value City Furniture for a bedroom set for my daughter. We wanted to get it for her for Christmas. We were told that it would take about 4-6 weeks to come in. The day before the scheduled delivery, they called to say that it had not come in yet and that it would be in by the end of November. In November I called the store, and they still didn't have the furniture. I was then told that it would not be in until mid-December if we were lucky. So I waited. Mid December, my daughter's bed and the mirror came in, but her dresser was still on back order. I refused to take delivery on the bed and mirror until all of my furniture was in.

This took several phone calls to the store, and a few trips in to get it across to the staff. I was still receiving phone calls almost every day to take delivery on these items. Finally, in January, my furniture came in. A couple days after it got delivered, I noticed that the paint was chipping off of the headboard. I called customer service, and they said that they would send out a tech. The tech came out on Feb 1st, and said that he would order me a new headboard.

It has now been 4 weeks, and the customer service manager has still not reviewed my file to see if they should indeed place the order for a new headboard. My 3-year-old is sleeping in this bed. There are paint chips falling off of the bed. This is very disturbing to me, and they don't seem to want to do anything about it. As per my conversation with them yesterday, when the manager finally reviews my case, it could take another 4-6 months to get the headboard in. This is insane. I work for a large retail company, and if I ever saw one of my staff treat a customer the way that I have been treated they would be fired on the spot.

Will Never Buy Again at Value City
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Purchased a bedroom set from Value City and was very excited. First-time buying new furniture for my house. I had to wait for 2 months before the furniture would be delivered. When it finally came the furniture had been previously put together because there were screws and parts already semi-attached! I seriously think they didn't get the furniture in and just gave me the floor model. The furniture was terribly scratched and even the delivery guys (after they tried to pull a fast one) said that the furniture looked used. They then took all the furniture back to the store and said that they would call us.

I called them and told them about how nice it was that they gave us the floor model when we had been waiting for two months for our NEW furniture to come in. Well no one wanted to help us and basically didn't care that they gave us crap. All they could do would be to reorder the furniture and take $100 off. Well after talking to everyone I could I finally got 250 taken off, but I still had to wait 2 more months for the new furniture to come in. Also we got new carpet throughout our house and they tracked mud throughout the house and when we asked the hillbilly delivery guy to take his shoes off he said "no I can't do that".

Finally 2 months later the furniture comes in. They say they are going to call to set up a delivery date, but they already took the liberty of setting one up by themselves. Then they tell me the truck has already been loaded and our time frame cannot be changed. By this time I am entirely frustrated with Value City and have already paid them so I just wanted my bedroom set. I get my mother to let them inside my house to deliver the furniture. After they leave I notice they have snagged my brand new carpet and the delivery guy was standing on it hiding it while talking to my mom!!!

I am in tears right now and would like to see this company burn for all the wrong business it has done with me. I will be sure to let everyone I talk to know how terrible Value City Furniture was to me!!! I would love to talk to someone at corporate, but from the way I have been treated and serviced at my home store I highly doubt that they would help! Don't waste your time pay the extra $ for the service at a better more professional store. When something goes wrong (which is will) no one is willing to help you they just want to give a cover up and that is terrible business!!

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS -- I bought a white Plantation Cove bedroom set from Value City Furniture. It was delivered dirty and damaged. They sent someone out to patch it up even the mattress had dirt spots on it. The bed pole had a big crack in it and the serviceman stated he would report. I waited nearly a month & no one called regarding the replacement.

The headboard starting turning yellow and the bed posts. The manager offered to replace the headboard but before it was done front of the bed started turning yellow. The servicemen came to replace the headboard and put up the canopy. The canopy was badly damaged and the new replacement pole had a crack in it. The other pole that came with it was yellowing. The manager agreed to have the furniture picked up the next day. He also agreed to take it off my account. I just received my statement and it is there. "I don't even have the furniture!"

Great Experience
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COVINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I recently made a purchase of the Valencia Canopy Poster Bed at the Value City Furniture store in Covington, KY. The Sales associate was friendly and informative, and the transaction went on with no problems. Customer Service informed me the day the products would deliver in the next week and the delivery folks came at the agreed upon time. The delivery folks were extremely professional and skilled in the unloading and assembly of my Queen Bed and Dresser with Mirror.

The quality of the Furniture that was delivered was well above my expectations, with no damage, and very well built and very solid furniture. I would recommend Value City Furniture as an excellent option to explore for any furniture needs. I am very pleased and will shop for Furniture at their Store again.

By -

ILLINOIS -- I purchased this furniture March 27, 2009 and they told me April 10, 2009 that everything would be delivered. They called me back and said only the chairs were in and no kitchen tables. they would only have that in April 30. They called me about 6 to 7 times saying that something wasn't in stock. I wanted to have everything in for easter because I was having dinner. Then they called me back and said that some of my furniture wouldn't be out until mother's day.

I was so upset that my hair started coming out and I couldn't sleep and my nerves are very bad. My doctor wants to know what's the matter? They gave me 4 delivery dates, they wanted to charge me $99.99 for each delivery. Then they confiscated me and gave me $109 and some cent because they couldn't bring the furniture out when they said it. Then they gave me $250.00 and I got another call saying that the furniture wouldn't be out. I got so upset until I went out there and got my money back.

I really love the furniture and would love to have it. I'm taking nerve pills now because they upset me and I have no furniture. I told them that they need to close this store down. ** I'm waiting on a response give me a call. Location: 83rd Cicero, Burbank IL.

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