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Value City Furniture
4300 E. 5th Ave.
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GREAT Experience!
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My husband & I shopped at Value City Furniture last Sunday (6 days ago) and found our new couch and loveseat. It was a great experience all the way around. We were sort of "hounded" by the sales reps in the store a bit, but I guess that's their jobs so we're not really complaining about that- very helpful if you need them for sure. We must have sat on EVERY SINGLE potential couch/loveseat/sectional that the store has- and it's not a small place! We really liked the "Matera" couch from the first time we sat on it, but wanted to make sure so continued throughout the store and tried a LOT of other options, but kept coming back to it again and again.

In the store it was in the red, which is really nice, but we knew that the brown would be a better match for our colors, so after much sitting and sitting we finally decided to make our purchase. It had to be ordered so it took from Sunday to Tuesday or something for it to come in from the warehouse, and we opted to have it shipped to us (we live about 40 mi from the store location) so we chose to have it delivered on Friday.

I wondered about the brown since we hadn't seen it in the store in anything but the red, but I absolutely LOVE our new couch & loveseat! I love sitting on it, and definitely fell asleep on it for a few hrs before dragging myself to bed last night. It is SO comfortable, but not in a way where you sink in and can't get up- it's just right.

It came with 4 throw pillows that match the brown, so we got some additional throw pillows at Target tonight, and it looks great. I couldn't be happier with our selection and Value City's service. This is our first big furniture purchase and we were a little nervous about where to go and what to choose, but I think that for the $ these items are an excellent value. Thanks VCF! :)

Junk Leather Couches
By -

My wife and I purchased two real leather couches along with the extended leather warranty for $200.00. After 5 months of normal use the dye from the leather is wearing off the cushions on both couches and the ottoman. We contacted Value City and they inspected the couches and agreed that the dye was wearing off. Value City said that it wasn't covered by the normal warranty and the extended warranty also said it was not covered under the expanded leather warranty. I can only conclude that we were misrepresented when selling us the couches stating it was high-quality leather.

It obviously is junk when the dye wears off in only 8 months. This isn't the cheap bonded leather they sell but supposed to be good quality leather which it isn't. Beware, when buying any leather couches from this company as they appear to be selling junk.

Stainsafe is a waste!
By -

NORTHLAKE, ILLINOIS -- I have had two miserable experiences with Value City Furniture! They are terrible when it comes to warranties on their furniture! My husband (before we were married) had bought a leather couch from them, purchased a warranty that would cover the couch in the event of damage to the couch - no matter what was wrong. The center cushion ripped along the seams, we called the warranty company only to find out that they severed ties with Value City Furniture! We could not have the couch fixed & the warranty was void!

We called Value City Furniture and of course all they would say is they apologize but there is nothing they can do. So we were out a couch, the holidays were nearing (Thanksgiving 2006) and we were entertaining. So stupidly, in desperate need for a couch and trying to save a few pennies we look around the store & find what we need in our price range. We explain to the numerous "helpful" sales people that we do not want to get burned again!

Oh no they tell us they have a contract with a new warranty company and that they have a great relationship. I explain I need something that will withstand an active 11-year-old, two poodles, a parrot, babies and just altogether the wear and tear of everyday use. Well I was talked into a MicroSuede sectional. I tell the sales people that I need to make sure that if something happens to the couch that it can be cleaned. They tell me absolutely, just call the warranty company, no questions asked they will be out to clean the couch.

Cut to current day - I had my two-year-old niece staying with me for a period of time. The couch has encountered some staining. I call the warranty company to be asked exactly where is the stain? I explain there are multiple stains and I cannot pinpoint the exact location. They want to know when that occurred, I explained recently, I am told to hold on they will process my claim - in about two minutes I am told they cannot process my claim because the stains are over five days old.

I tell them no they are not - well they held against me I said I have my niece for a month! I explained that my puppy knocked a can of pop on the couch just as I was speaking with them & they said no way that they could not come out because their technician cannot tell what stain is new or old. I ask what's the difference? The couch is going to be cleaned by them anyway... (so I thought)... at this point I am told they only treat the stain! I was like "EXCUSE ME - you're going to clean the stain and leave the rest of the couch?" They said that is what they would do. I got into an argument with the company.

In the meantime my mother-in-law calls the store the couch was purchased from. She is told by an associate that yes they only clean the spot. Well I hung up on the stain company & got on the phone with VCF - I asked who cleans a stain - so that now a small section of my couch is the original color and the rest is looking dingy?! I said "so I am going to have to pay someone to come in and clean the rest of the couch?" I am told I cannot do that because it will void my warranty! So - is that not a double edge sword?

So I explain I want to speak with the store manager - of course the manager is not in. I leave my name & number for a call back the next day. The next day no call, my mother-in-law calls the store on my behalf to find out the manager called in sick. At this point I find the email address on the website sending the company a letter to tell them all about the fraud. I have been called back two or three times by ** who was told on the first two occasions the best time to reach me Monday through Friday. Well - he calls when I am not in... so this has not been resolved.

We have received a call from the store manager who said there is nothing they can do that my warranty is void because it is so stained! It's funny the store and warranty company have made this assumption without making it out to my house!

Could I get my couch this year please??!
By -

NILES, ILLINOIS -- I bought a couch from Value City Furniture in Niles, IL on 10/2/10 and paid an additional 60 dollars for the shipping. The salesman was what I thought very helpful, he wasn't pushy and was very nice to us. After running the Credit Card through he told us the couch wouldn't be delivered until 10/19/10 (which I thought was a while to wait seeing as how we lived 10 minutes away from the store). A week later I received a call telling me the delivery had been pushed back to the 27th of the month, when I called to ask why, all the customer service girl could tell me is that they hadn't received it from the warehouse.

Then just yesterday I received another call telling me the delivery date has been pushed back to 11/9/10!! When I called back, the person I talked to explained that the couch is being shipped from somewhere out of district and if I wanted to look at another couch I could. She did take the delivery fee off of my credit card, but that doesn't get my couch here any faster.

Basically I'm upset, because when I bought the couch it was NEVER explained to me that this couch was coming from so far away. I don't work in the furniture business, but you would think any GOOD business would have that information and be upfront with you about it. I guess they really don't care when or if you get your furniture just as long as they have their money! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE, not even to my worst enemy!!

Their warranty is a SCAM and their Furniture material falls apart!!!
By -

FLINT, MICHIGAN -- My boyfriend and I bought furniture from them year and half ago. We bought the warranty for it. Fabric protection and it covers it for 7 years. My pillows came apart at the seam and the material shredded and they said they don't cover it, which is messed up because the material shredded causing the seam to fall out. Then my cat had an incident with the couch, I know this isn't their fault but when they tell me it covers everything including animal damage you would think this would be covered, or at least they told me this when I bought the additional coverage for over 200.00 dollars.

But now the sale is complete they want to say it doesn't cover it. My furniture should not be falling apart the legs are already falling off of it and we don't rough house or anything on our furniture. Don't buy your furniture from here you will not be happy in the long run trust me!!!

You Get What You Pay For
By -

HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- It's true when they say you get what you pay for. I bought a couch and loveseat for VCF two years ago (with a three-year replacement warranty) and have had the cushions replaced on both two times and need to have it done a third time. I was promised by the Hagerstown store that I would have the replacement cushions on the Saturday after Christmas, it is now the first week in February. The manager ** keeps telling me the cushions are in customs as they had to come from Mexico. Regardless of where they are coming from don't tell me I will have something in December and I still don't have them in February.

I was also told by ** that I had no right to complain of the service as I had a two-year-old couch that had cushions replaced twice. His attitude reflects the attitude of the whole company, get people's money, promise them great service and quality furniture at a reasonable price and then screw them to the wall if they actually need something from you. I will never buy anything from these criminals again and I will tell everyone I can to stay away from VCF.

I can only hope that someone from VCF that has some sense to them will read these reviews and make some changes in the store and the people that they have working for them, but I don't expect it. Never again VCF never again!

Couch That Keeps Coming Apart
By -

Some months ago, through another person, a loveseat was purchased for me. Within a month, it was coming apart at the arms so that the staples could be felt if someone grabbed underneath the arms. VCF was called and after weeks of calling, they finally said that they could come and pick up the couch and take it in to repair it. That took a month and a half to get that done. Now, the couch is coming apart again at the same places plus, where they stuffed the back cushions from the top, the seam they used is coming apart.

When VCF was called again and told about this they came to check and said that it would have to be taken in, again, to be repaired! They have put it off until in Sept. I have called the area store and they tell me that they will continue to repair it until it is right, or exchange it for a new couch. When I asked for a possible exchange for another product (futon) or for the money back they tell me that they cannot do this due to it waiting so long.

Since this has been going on since a month after purchasing I don't understand why they are not allowing a product exchange for another item (futon) or money back. I would prefer the money to come back to the person that purchased this couch for me and for them to come and remove this couch from my house! I will never deal with this company again! They say the customer is always right but, in this situation they seem to running the program and not listening to what THIS CUSTOMER has to say!

If I were able, I would stand outside the store and tell anyone that tries to enter the store that they are making a big mistake and if I had a printer, I would print out all the reviews of this store to hand out to people. Of course, it might be a good thing to print them out and put them on the windshields of all the cars in the parking lot at the store site. Maybe that would draw attention to the way VCF handles their complaints and business.

Horrible Service
By -

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- A year and a half ago, I purchased a sectional couch from the store along with their 'stainsafe' 10-year stain protection. My son got the flu all over my couch (May 2006). Stainsafe had an independent representative come and evaluate the damage two months later(July 2006). Another 3 months go by (It is now October) and I get a phone call from the Customer Service Rep. at my local store, **. She explained to me that the couch I have was no longer sold. So, she asked if there was anything wrong with the other part of the sectional. I said that there was.

So, I filed a claim. ** told me that she would be keeping my paperwork on file and if the other piece of the sectional was damaged out then we would find a replacement that I liked. Otherwise, she would give me store credit towards a new couch. I received a letter at the end of October from Stainsafe, letting me know that my couch was damaged out and replacement issued. I filed my claim for the other piece in the meantime. That piece was not damaged out - I received word about it in January. So, I called my local store about it. The Customer Service Rep. was out for the day. She would call me back. I never received a phone call.

Another couple months go by and I go into the store (March or April). I spoke with the new Customer Service Rep. She called Stainsafe and had them fax over paperwork. I stood there until she received it. She said that she had to talk to her manager (who was in a meeting) about it and would call me when the replacement was ready for delivery. I of course thought it was all settled. Well I walked in today (October 4, 2007) to see what was going on and to demand my couch be delivered to me by the end of the month and they don't have any paperwork on me (convenient, huh?), but have me in the computer that I have been contacting them over this since January.

The Customer Service Rep. calls Stainsafe to see if there is actually a claim for me. They said yes, but it is now expired. The store rep says that if I come back in with my paperwork that they might honor it. Well I am going back in guns blazing today. So, more later.

By -

FLINT, MICHIGAN -- In March of 2006 I took my entire income tax and looked for furniture to buy. My existing furniture was fine but opted for new. We traveled around and found a lovely set at Value City Furniture in Flint. We bought the furniture and also took out a warranty. When my furniture arrived I noticed my throw pillows were terribly frayed.

Not soon after, my BIG pillows on the furniture 'which are also the back of the couch and loveseat' started falling apart. Literally falling apart. I called Value City Furniture and they sent a person out to my house to look at them. He said he didn't know what he could do about that but he would go outside and call his Boss. Well, he went outside alright and he NEVER returned. Yes that's right. He just left. I wouldn't be so frustrated but the color of my furniture is Pecan and very hard to match up.

The entire set is ruined now, because the pillows are just getting worse and worse. I will NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS go back to Value City Furniture. I've told all of my friends and family to NEVER go there. I live in the Clarkston MI area and have a lot of friends with money. I have had numerous conversations with them and instructed them to ban that furniture store. These people refused to help and honestly they don't care. I'm sure of it.

Nobody has ever called me and did a follow-up call on my complaint or anything. I'm so disgusted with that store I almost took them to small claims court. But I've learned my lesson. Nobody should have to plop down that kind of money for JUNK.

Cheap A$$ Furniture
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I debated how should I title this review, but I figure I might as well come out and tell it like it is. If you don't like your money or getting a good value for your dollar then your store is Value City Furniture. The details is not important, but for the price you pay at Value City you can research and find a furniture store that use good, solid wood and materials. Unless you just like Cheap Ass Furniture.

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