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Delivered "old" sectional and had the nerve to charge delivery fee!
Posted by Pharmaqueen on 07/23/2010
MARYLAND -- Spent close to $4000 on a sectional and dining room set (table, chairs, hutch), had my dad drive down from another state to let delivery guys in b/c couldn't accommodate morning delivery. Well thank goodness my dad had the sense to examine the $1000+ sectional, not only was it NOT encased in plastic, the fabric was WORN, esp the armrest where the metal was almost poking out! Everything was sent back. This is where it gets interesting: the sales person said first it was a "defective" sofa, and another one was getting ready to be sent; THEN she called back to say that they take the plastic off at the store to check for any damages from the warehouse!!! I guess they forgot to inspect the dining room items, b/c they were still in plastic! But when I asked for a refund, they refuse to refund me the delivery fee! Even though it was THEIR error! Talk about shady! Def reporting to BBB! I don't care if I have to spend more at another store, will NEVER give my money to a untrustworthy company like Value City Furniture. Please be warned, wish someone told me.

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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-23:
But you kept the dining room set they delivered, right? That's probably why they refused to refund the fee. If you're happy with the dining set, why not give them a second chance with the sofa, assuming of course that delivery is free?
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-23:
OP stated ALL of it was sent back. If they sent you a used sofa trying to pass it off as new they should refund the shipping fee.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-23:
Oh, I thought they meant all the sections of the sofa were sent back. But you could be right. I would have kept the dining room set if nothing was wrong with it. There's no excuse for the sofa, but I probably would have let them bring another one as long as there was no delivery fee.
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-23:
I would probably had them try a second time to deliver as promised.... But catch me on the wrong day and who knows.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-23:
I hear ya, Sa. I once had a chair with a wicker seat delivered. Before I got a chance to unwrap it, the delivery guys disappeared. Lo and behold, the seat was completely caved in. It was obviously that way when it was wrapped because the plastic wasn't damaged at all. I was furious but after calming down decided to let them bring another one because I really wanted that particular chair. If it had been something I could have easily bought somewhere else, I probably would have been less forgiving.
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-23:
I wonder if they think you won't notice.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-23:
I would have had to been six feet under not to notice. That's probably why they ran out before I had a chance to unwrap it. If the store had just told me the chair was damaged, I would have waited for a new one. Instead it cost them an extra delivery.
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Still Waiting for Bedroom, Sectional Wont Connect
Posted by Lakeya_davis on 09/03/2013
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Please do not buy from these people. Not only did she get our order wrong after we specifically pointed out and even sat on the bedroom set of choice, but had the nerve to catch a serious attitude with us like we were wrong. She put in a WHITE bedroom set when they weren't even any white ones on display. Then it took 3 weeks to arrive (that's when we noticed it was not the right color). So she offered us to pick out another as if we were going to get that one in a few days...but they all were scheduled for another month!! I was outraged but had no choice but to wait.

We went in August 6 2013...wrong stuff came on the 25th. Then they said it would be here September 20....and I just got a phone call saying October 2!! We spent our money and had sold the bedroom set we had a week before shopping with them thinking we would be ok in no longer than 2 weeks! It's just a disgrace!! The manager did not care AT ALL!! Instead of trying to make it a little better on us for THEIR inconvenience he simply offered our money back and looked and talked to us with no respect, remorse, commonness sense, or even basic manager skills. I would advise no one ever use them!!!!

We also got a sectional from them which is nice but the piece that connects the two is bent and not holding them evenly. They came out to "fix" it but made it worse! The quality of the furniture is cheap and poorly built. I also purchased the fabric protector but nothing was don't to the furniture. So I'm going to see what lies and excuses they have for that is something were to happen to the couch. They have the absolute worst customer service I've seen in my life. We used the Winchester store and everyone seemed mentally challenged! And there was a salesman selling hair weave trying to sell me some! So unprofessional!
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Warehouse Deception Not Store Deception
Posted by Ohtasteansdseelord on 10/26/2012
OHIO -- I purchased a white 5 piece sectional as well as a recliner when the sectional was delivered 3 of the pieces were partially covered. Later on the night I noticed that 2 of the pieces didn't appear to be new. I called the warehouse and told them about my concern. A date was set for the 2 new pieces to be delivered to the be delivered to me. The night before the delivery was to be made I moved the furniture around and noticed that 2 more of the pieces of the sectional was damaged. I went to the store and began to talk to the manager and a two other employees. I told them that I wanted my money back the furniture was less than a week old. The manager was kind and apologetic as the other man tried to assure me the plastic was often taken off at the warehouse to inspect the merchandise. The comment of the man made me angrier because that meant that they knew what they had sent out to me was inferior. Then he told me they may have taken the plastic off in the truck. I assured him that that wasn't the case I saw the furniture uncovered there was no signs of any plastic on 2 of the pieces. I showed the manager the pictures in my camera some of the pictures didn't come out as well. I told the manner that my social he coordinator had also took pictures and she would have them ready asap. The manager assured me that he believed me and the warehouse should have caught the damages. The manager tried to make it right withe but I told him that my trust with the warehouse was destroyed. They insulted me [by] trying to pass of something that wasn't worth what I had paid for. O told the manager that I didn't want anything in the store I jut wanted my money back. The manager made sure that I wouldn't have to wait another week for me to get my refund. The manager called me later on in the evening and told me that refund was ready. A credit was issued back to mu card and the rest of the large refund was given to me in cash. My problem wasn't with the manager the cashier-secretary my sales person they were great my problem is with the warehouse. God worked it out for me may he bless those who were a blessing to me. Shame on the people at the warehouse who authorize the inferior merchandise to be sent out to people who deserve better treatment and better merchandise...All this happened 10/26/12 I told the manager that I wouldn't bash the store and I meant that some of the stores get blamed for what the warehouse does or doesn't do...If I could deal with the store only and never have to deal with the warehouse I would purchase other items from the store. How sad for vcf the losses are piling up...
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Posted by Value City Furniture on 2012-10-30:
I am so sorry you had this experience, and we want to help. Please email us at vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com so we can work with you to resolve this!
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HORRIBLE Customer Service / Products BEWARE!
Posted by Whiteprose on 07/11/2012
LAGRANGE, ILLINOIS -- We bought a nice looking "leather" sectional 3 years ago and they look like crap now! It started craking, peeling and sinking within this time period. We went to VCF to ask if they could do something about it and the guy said since our warranty just expired, bring it in on Monday and they will replace the cushions as a courtesy. On Monday we hauled 1 of the pieces and went in to speak to their "customer service" dept. They said that they couldn't help us and they don't know who said we could come in. We gave them the receipt with the guys name on it (which was just printed out 2 days ago) and their response was they didn't know who the guy was. Are you kidding me. You don't know your own co-worker?!? Finally after 20 minutes they told us to bring it to the back to unload. We told them that we will bring in the 2nd piece the next day.

The next day we bring in the 2nd piece and guess who's there...The original person we spoke to 3 days before. He then pretended for a while that he didn't remember our conversation. We brought the 2nd piece around to the back. After we unloaded it they told us our 1st piece was finished. We thought that was awesome. We saw all the other people picking us their fixed items all nicely wraped, but ours was on a little rolling "dolly" with the middle of the sofa looking like it was on steriods! They didn't replace the cushion as promised, they just over stuffed the middle of the sofa! The sofa piece looked worse than when we dropped it off. We asked for a manager. Keith was the RUDEST person I have EVER came across. Right off the back he came in with an attitude. We started to explain to him that the cushion of the sofa was raised so high that it was higher than the rest of the sectional and that the sofa was peeling even more now that it was over stuffed. His response was since you are complaining about the 1st piece they will not accept the 2nd one. WOW! Seriously they did more harm than good. We will NEVER EVER go into another VCF or ANY of their other stores.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-11:
It sounds like the sofa is of a low quality, "leather" as you referred to it. I know how this works - I bought some Natuzzi junk years ago and it is sagging as you describe.

So, they have some trickery where they stuff some filling in to mask the problem and send you on your way. Marvelous. This is a good warning for others to consider before buying at this place.
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Sectional sofa set bad condition
Posted by Mayra_yronellys on 04/04/2012
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a sectional sofa set at the beginning of February at Value City Furniture in my city Grand Rapids mi. Right the way, the cushons estarting deforming, one pice was delaided almost a month after ordered and paid for.
The Otamon was broken and it was replaced also a month after and now is broken again not even a month after.
I complained about it right the way and it took them a long time to send a person to look at it and see what was weong. After that I went back to the store and the manager was very rude and not willing to help.

The service person that came home explained the cushon top where you seat down were bad and was going to inform the store to have it replaced of retured. No one called me so I went back to the store. The manager explained that it should had been replained with in the 1st 7 days and no they were not responsable for it. I have a warranty, but he said that it anly covers for it to be fixed, but this is a bad furniture. I requested to switch it for a different sofa or the money back, but they don't want to help.

They just didn't care. What options do I have? No one explained the warranty and the return policy, the sales person just said that if anything happened they will take care of it and come back to the store if any problem.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-06:
Tell Value City you've had a problem at this location using the link: http://www.vcf.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/contactus_10155_-1_10052
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Beware Bad Business Practices, Lied And Con Artist, Sells Junk
Posted by Hgopaul on 03/22/2012
MEMPHIS ON WINCHESTER AVE, TENNESSEE -- I purchased a sectional on Sunday March 11th and I cancelled my ordered the next day before anything left the warehouse or before the store was opened. The manager at the Winchester Ave. store in Memphis, TN lied to me and told me that he did cancelled my check $3031.73 and everything was ok. He mentioned he called telecheck and cancelled it.

On March 12, Tuesday, my check for $3031.73 was cashed by the store. When I called telecheck they mentioned to me they did not received a call or fax on Monday to cancelled my check, so he lied. He called telecheck on Tues. After my check was cashed and cancelled it.

Beware of this store, they are selling junk furniture, not fully built and they will rip you off. It's march 22nd and I still haven't receive my money back into my account. I've called Joe the manager of the store and he will not return my call. I've called headquaters and they were very rude, they are no help. They promised me that I will receive it back into my account on Thursday March 22nd, now it's going to be March 27th then after that I'm not sure.....Do not buy anything from this store.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-22:
Why did you cancel? How do you know they sell junk? How do you know they sell furniture not fully built? How do you know Value City lied and not Telecheck?
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Issue not resolved I was blown off and didn't even realize it
Posted by KJB3 on 12/30/2010
DUBLIN, OHIO -- In late November I purchased a sectional sofa from Value City Furniture in Dublin OH. I specifically asked when I examined the showroom sectional about the seam where the two pieces connected, I was told that they bolt together. I tugged on the two pieces to ensure that this was the case, they where definitely bolted together. We purchased the sectional sofa and arranged for delivery on the following Tuesday. My disabled husband was home when the sectional was delivered. He called me to say that they had dropped it off and did not connect it together. I called the store to explain that the sofa had not been connected together and was told by the store manager that this particular model was not suppose to be connected. I explained to him that I specifically asked and was assured when I purchased it that it bolted together and even tugged on it to make sure. He explained that on carpet it will not slide, I explained that I have hardwood floors and something that does not bolt together will slide and would not be acceptable and that he would need to have his driver return to pick up the sectional. He then stated that It's not suppose to bolt together however that doesn't mean that they can't bolt it together, (obviously he at this point was saying anything to get me off the phone.) He stated that he would order a connect kit and have a technician call me to connect the two pieces together. That was at the end of November, this is the end of December. I 100% certain that there is no such thing as a connect kit and that he was just trying to get me off the phone.
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Do Not Buy!!!!
Posted by K-Dash on 11/17/2010
GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a section sofa on 11/13/2010 for $1800. I was told that they would call me 48 hours before the delivery date for the delivery window time. I never received a call so I called the employee who sold the sofa and then he informed me that they should call. They called the day of the delivery saying they are 30 minutes away. Luckily I work 10 minutes away from my house. The workers were so rude and took 2 out of 3 sofas up and then when the last piece didn't fit into the elevator they said they couldn't take it up the stairs. Immediately I'm like WHAT??? What would you have done if I didn't have an elevator you would have found a way to bring it up somehow. Their response is we can take it all back! And before I could think I started screaming at them.. 1st I have no other furniture because I was told that I need to have the old furniture out so the workers have a clear path. 2nd I'm sure you have delivered furniture to customers who didn't have access to an elevator. 3rd the employee specifically asked what floor I was on and if it was a problem then he should have spoken up then. So I call the store and the workers already gone the store manager informs me they were in fact supposed to bring it up. So they refunded me the delivery charge but I still end up paying more because I had to pay $200 to a moving company to come and bring it up the stairs. I have to say the workers for Golan were amazing they didn't ask any questions and carried the sofa up the stairs within 10 minutes. Never shop at value City Furniture they are horrible. Finally the store manager calls me and apologize and I politely explain to him that I will never shop there again and I surely will be telling everyone about my experience.

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Posted by stefani7 on 2011-01-14:
you should not have allowed another company to move the sofa. you should have demanded they do it. Of course the moving company was wonderful. They were paid $200. for a ten minute job
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I wish I had read reviews before I purchased furniture
Posted by Mimmie on 09/05/2010
MANSFIELD, OHIO -- I bought over $3,000.00 worth of furniture in Nov. 2009 and by Feb. 2010 I was seeing a default in one of the cushions. So I called VCF and told them about it and they sent a serviceman out to look at it, He said that it was a defect from the factory and he would order a new one. I waited 4 weeks for delivery like they had promised and I called and they said it usually took 6 to 8 weeks, so I waited 8 weeks and called again and was told it was at a factory in Cleveland or Columbus and it should be here in about a week so I waited a week and called again and was told it was here and they would deliver in a few days. When they came to repair it the guy said " this is not going to fit, your cushion is attached" This is the same guy who came out originally. I was told by their very unprofessional service manager that it could not be replaced because it was a discontinued model and I could have 100.00 dollars off or I could have the sectional replaced. I went to the store to pick out another sofa and was told I had to pay an additional 400.00 for a new warranty and delivery fee again so I took the 100.00 off. Now that I'm coming close to having it paid off, they have added additional hidden charges that add up to almost 500.00 more than I thought. I will never ever buy anything from them again and I will tell everybody I know how I was treated. I'm not finished with them yet, I'm going to call the better business bureau tomorrow. There too many other places to buy furniture to have to put up with crap like this! Their stuff is of very poor quality and their service is even worse!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-06:
The warranty isn't worth a thing if they won't back it up.
Posted by Jesika0925 on 2010-10-07:
I'm about to call the BBB as well...this place is seriously a joke. Talk about a scam...Once you've paid for your furniture they don't care one bit about you.
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Double Discount Guarantee is FALSE -- NO GUARANTEE
Posted by Rryanr on 06/30/2010
NILES, ILLINOIS -- The Double Discount Guarantee at Value City Furniture is not a guarantee at all. I purchased a sofa at Value City Furniture -- the two-piece chocolate bonded leather sectional called the Austin for ~$1089 total for the sofa to be delivered inside of my apartment.

View this sofa at http://www.vcf.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&Ntk=si_all&Nao=0&referrer=searchResultsPage&catalogId=10153&partNumber=1320572&ref=OSSearch&Ntt=austin&storeId=10001&numberOfResultsPerPage=12&Ntx=mode+matchall&y=0&N=0+4294967163&x=0

After purchasing, but while still waiting for delivery, I viewed an identical product online at A.M. B. Furniture Design called the 2 pc dark brown bonded leather sectional sofa with tufted seating for ~$1019 total for the sofa to be delivered inside of my apartment.

SKU S366P11 at website http://ambfurniture.com/catalog/2-pc-dark-brown-bonded-leather-sectional-sofa-with-tufted-seating-p-23682.html

I faxed a copy of this information to the manager Joe at Value City Furniture (I later spoke with the general manager Jesse). First, Joe said that the sofa did not resemble the one I faxed him. Take a look at the two products and judge for yourself. He said that the product I faxed him more closely resembled the Sloan, which you'll see is ridiculous.

View the Sloan here.

I was then told by Jesse that it doesn't matter if the total paid is different. I needed to subtract any sales tax from his order. He said that I also needed to consider that the two sofas were several inches different.

At this point, you may be wondering, "Well, what does their guarantee state?" Here it is: Guarantee: If you find a similar item (with similar qualities, features and benefits) with the same services, offered for less, within 30 days of purchase, we will gladly offer you a refund of twice the difference between their price and ours.

This is what I found. I found a similar item delivered inside my apartment for $70 less than Value City Furniture. I also found a staff at Value City Furniture intent on not standing behind their Double Price Guarantee. Shame on you Value City Furniture!

And, to top it all off. The zebra print pillows were supposed to come with the sofa as stated on-line, I was told prior in-store that they didn't, and got clearance pillows instead. WTF! I don't appreciate this deception by the Value City Furniture sales staff!

If I were to add both of these complaints up, I could easily say that Value City Furniture does not deliver on advertised statements!
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